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March 14, 2012


WSJ: Wins in South for Santorum
WaPo: Santorum wins Alabama, Mississippi primaries
Hill: Santorum: 'We're going to win this nomination before the convention'
National Review: Santorum’s Big Night
NYT: Santorum Wins Alabama and Mississippi Primaries
Examiner: Santorum routs GOP rivals in Alabama, Mississippi
Daily Caller: The Battle for Dixie: Santorum wins Alabama, Mississippi
Fox: Santorum lands Southern primary wins in Mississippi, Alabama
WTimes: Santorum boosts conservative claims with sweep of Alabama, Mississippi
Hill: Santorum wins Alabama, Miss.; Romney takes third in both states
Boston Globe: Santorum wins Ala., Miss.; Romney takes Hawaii
NYT: Road for Santorum Depends On the Next Move by Gingrich
Jen Rubin: Santorum wins two in the Deep South
Dan Balz: Rick Santorum hoping ideology will trump electability
Kathleen Parker: Southerners deserve better from candidates

WTimes: Romney declared winner in Hawaii’s GOP caucus
Hawaii Reporter: Romney Wins Hawaii's GOP Caucus with High Hawaii Turnout
NatJ: Romney Wins in Hawaii, American Samoa
Mercury News: Romney wins in American Samoa
WSJ: Leader's Delegate Strategy Holds Firm
Politico: Mitt Romney muddles on
Boston Globe: Worst of outcomes for Mitt Romney
NatJ: Romney's Evangelical Problem Not Going Away
WTimes: Romney hits Obama, ignores GOP rivals in Missouri
WSJ: OpEd: Romney vs. Obama on Corporate Tax Reform
Boston Globe: Bain letter defending deals backs Mitt Romney’s assertions

NatJ: Gingrich: Romney 'Not Much of a Front-Runner'
WSJ: Gingrich Is in No Hurry to Bow Out
NYT: South’s One-Two Punch a Heavy Blow to Gingrich
Kim Strassel: The Santorum-Gingrich Stare-Off

NYT: Delegate System Gives Small States Outsize Clout at Convention

Rasmussen: California GOP Primary: Romney 43%, Santorum 23%, Gingrich 15%, Paul 8%
Rasmussen: Texas GOP Primary: Romney 32%, Santorum 30%, Gingrich 19%, Paul 9%

WSJ: AFL-CIO Backs Obama but Cites Tough Landscape
James Taranto: Where's the Afterglow? Sex doesn't sell Barack Obama
Michael Barone: Pundits gasp as economy dents Obama's poll numbers
Rush Limbaugh: Media Shocked by Obama's Big Drop in Polls
Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s Surreal Campaign

WTimes: Obama clashes against states’ rights, this time with Texas voter ID law


Fox: Chu backpedals on call for higher gas prices
Politico: Gas prices: Steven Chu walks back Europe gas prices quote
WSJ: Big Oil, Bigger Taxes: Industry sends more money to Washington than to shareholders
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Continues to Lie About Oil

Hill: Democrats want Senate action on judges before considering Republican jobs bill
Dick Morris: No truth to January job gains

Fox: Congressional Budget Office ups deficit projection for year to $1.2T

WaPo: 15 of 19 U.S. banks pass Federal Reserve stress tests
Politico: Citigroup, 3 others flunk Fed test

WaPo: Senate rejects pay freeze extension

American Spectator: Holder Upholds Voter Fraud
Rich Lowry: Holder’s Identity Problem

WSJ: Birth-Control Rule Debate Intensifying


Reuters: Powerful Alabama Congressman Bachus survives tough primary
Roll Call: Alabama: Spencer Bachus Holds On to Avoid Runoff
John Gizzi: Rep. Bachus secures renomination in Alabama
AJC: 2 House panel chairs from Ala. win primaries
Press-Register: Rep. Jo Bonner wins GOP nomination for 1st Congressional District


Hattiesburg American: Wicker, Gore move on in Senate race
Jackson Clarion Ledger: Miss. incumbents turn back challengers


Hill: GOP contenders turn to Illinois
Dan Balz: Illinois primary could help Romney stake his claim
Politico: Romney's overwhelming force in Illinois


WSJ: Turner Enters GOP Race to Challenge Sen. Gillibrand
Roll Call: New York: Rep. Bob Turner to Run for Senate
NYT: His District Likely to Be Cut, Congressman Eyes Gillibrand's Senate Seat

Roll Call: New York: Redistricting End Is Nigh

Albany TU: Senate Republicans move bills to Rules, Dems cry foul

NYT: In Espada Fraud Trial, a Focus on Politics and Lavish Spending

NYT: New York State Set to Add All Convict DNA to Its Database


Star Tribune: House Committee gives party-line approval to Photo ID bill


Politico: Kasich lobbies Obama during basketball game


Detroit FP: Gov. Rick Snyder's Detroit plan puts board in charge


WaPo: Senate stops voting to attend Susan Collins engagement party

Roll Call: If Angus King Wants Senate Seat, He’ll Choose a Side
Hill: Independent Senate candidate Angus King a mystery to those outside Maine


Hill: Hatch will retire in 2018 if he wins reelection


March 13, 2012


WSJ: GOP Race Tightens in South
Fox: Republican candidates court Southern support before primaries
NatJ: Presidential Campaign Trail Detours Through Mississippi, Alabama for GOP Primaries
Hill: GOP candidates face high stakes in the South’s Tuesday primaries
National Review: Southern Scramble
WSJ: Caucus State Drama Far From Over

WTimes: Who says Romney can’t win in the South?
Boston Globe: Romney gains on eve of Miss., Ala. voting
Byron York: In 'away game' in South, Romney may win big
Politico: Alabama and Mississippi primaries: Mitt Romney could seal deal in Dixie
NYT: Romney Team Sees a Plus in Gingrich’s Persistence
NYT: Romney’s Blue-Collar Birthday Meal
American Spectator: Drenched in Campaign Silliness

NYT: Santorum Says Romney’s Delegate Lead Will Fade as the Contest Continues
Examiner: Gingrich, Santorum fight for survival in South

American Spectator: Newt's Last Stand
WSJ: Gingrich Says Afghanistan 'Not Doable'
NYT: Support for Afghan Fight Drops Among G.O.P. Candidates
LA Times: Gingrich: Obama's spokesman 'attacked me' for gas price promise

WTimes: Paul nets first win, but not in delegates

WaPo: 2012 GOP contest shaping up to be cheapest race in years
Roll Call: Republican Donors in Limbo

NYT: Obama’s Rating Falls as Poll Reflects Volatility
Politico: CBS/NYT poll: Obama's approval ratings upside-down, hits new low
CBS: Obama's approval rating drops to all-time low; Public split on jobs plan
WaPo: Voters blame president for gas prices, experts say not so fast
NYT: President Recapturing Groups Won by G.O.P. in 2010
WaPo: Republicans’ war on the TelePrompter — and its limits

Hill: Longtime GOP lawmaker questions legitimacy of Obama birth certificate


NYT: G.O.P. Split Over a Bid to Revise Budget Deal
WTimes: Many like idea of cutting off Congressional pay for budget inaction

NYT: Solyndra Is Blamed as Clean-Energy Loan Program Stalls

WTimes: Legal precedents to clash as health care law goes to high court
LA Times: New rules aim to ease state-run health insurance exchanges

James Taranto: That 70s Show: Elderly feminists try to turn back the clock


NYT: Albany Redrawing Political Map With Old Lines of Thought

Albany TU: Turner for Senate? At least one county chair thinks so

NatJ: Quinn Leads 2013 N.Y. Mayoral Pack
NYT: Most of City's Voters Back Police's Surveillance of Muslims, Poll Finds


WSJ: California's Greek Tragedy

Fox: California questionnaire asks judges to list sexual preference


San Antonio Express: Feds reject Texas' Voter ID law
WaPo: Justice Department bars Texas voter ID law
WTimes: Justice Dept. halts Texas voter ID requirement
WaPo: Editorial: Voter ID rules: A solution in search of a problem
NYT: Justice Dept. Blocks Texas on Photo ID for Voting
Roll Call: Groups Wage Battle Over Voter ID Laws


Politico: Spencer Bachus faces fight of his career
Hill: Rep. Bachus battles super-PAC in toughest primary challenge of his career
Human Events: Rep. Spencer Bachus to face opponents in Tuesday's Republican primary

Daily Caller: ‘Ten Commandments judge’ to ride his horse to polls in Alabama


Roll Call: Illinois: New Jesse Jackson Jr. Poll Shows Huge Primary Lead


National Review: Hegseth in the Arena


Human Events: Looking beyond Jefferson’s job? Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell


Boston Globe: Immigration divides rivals in Mass. Senate race


Fox: Hawaii Republicans to vote in first ever GOP caucuses


March 12, 2012


WSJ: As Rivals Divide, Romney Gains
Hill: Mitt Romney maintains double-digit national lead in latest Gallup poll
WaPo: For Ann Romney, horses are a lifeline
NatJ: Romney's White Collar Base: It's the Economy, Stupid
NatJ: Does Romney Need a Sister Souljah Moment?
LA Times: In race with Santorum, Romney's got organizational edge
Michael Barone: Romney May Recapture Upscale Whites

Boston Globe: Santorum says Romney untruthful on health law
Politico: Rick Santorum clings to team of pals
WTimes: Santorum not so strong with Pennsylvania folks
WTimes: Santorum: Romney can’t go after health care reform
Roll Call: The Super PAC Paradox

Hill: Gingrich campaign’s survival now depends on Deep South primaries
National Review: Gingrich faces a critical test down south
WTimes: Gingrich predicts a double win in the South
Fox: Gingrich-Perry Pre-Convention Ticket in the Works
NatJ: Gingrich, Perry Deny Report of Joint Ticket Announcement
Milwaukee JS: Callista Gingrich still has ties to Whitehall

AJC: Santorum, Gingrich square off in Deep South
Examiner: Santorum, Gingrich duke it out down south
NYT: Tight G.O.P. Primaries Suggest Unpredictable South
NYT: Rivals Call Romney a Weak Choice for G.O.P. Nomination
WaPo: GOP candidates struggle to connect with conservative Southern voters
WaPo: With neither Romney nor Santorum scoring a knockout, GOP race becomes a crawl

John Sununu: No brokered convention awaits GOP

NYT: Labor Leaders Plan to Apply New Clout in Effort for Obama
NYT: Obama a Frequent Flier to 2012 Swing States
Fox: Democrats pressure Obama to endorse gay marriage
Detroit FP: Obama campaign courts young voters as way to recapture energy of '08
NatJ: Poll: Obama Loses Ground to GOP Opponents
WND: Obama impeachment bill now in Congress

WaPo: Nixon’s romantic side revealed in love letters to his bride in exhibit


WSJ: GOP Loses Sure Grip on Some Senate Seats

Politico: Retiring lawmakers openly eye K Street


Dallas MN: Soaring gas prices create opening on campaign trail
Fox: Survey: Obama's ratings drop as gas price soar
Politico: Poll: Most say Obama tanking on gas
WaPo: Gas prices sink Obama’s ratings on economy, bring parity to race for White House
Gov. Bobby Jindal: Obama's Politicized Energy Policy

Grover Norquist: The taxman cometh

NYT: Latest Stress Tests Are Expected to Show Progress at Most Banks
Paul Krugman: What Greece Means

John Yoo: The Good and Bad in Eric Holder's Drone Defense

Thomas Edsall: The Reproduction of Privilege

EJ Dionne: Catholicism is not the Tea Party at prayer

Boston Globe: Health care overhaul long way from done deal
WaPo: Esteemed lawyer Paul Clement’s next challenge is arguing against health-care law
NYT: Health Care Act Offers Roberts a Signature Case
Hill: Specter says Obama ditched him after he helped pass health law


NYDN: Albany pols moving on redistrict plans
NYT: An Update on New York Redistricting
LoHud: Legislators agree on redistricting for state, but not federal, lines
Syracuse PS: New York legislators fail to make deal for congressional redistricting
Albany TU: New state district lines will be introduced tonight


SacBee: With right or left, Jerry Brown struggles to push through taxes
George Skelton: An escalating war over taxes
American Spectator: Jerry Brown's Toy Train


Human Events: Rep. Spencer Bachus to face opponents in Tuesday's Republican primary


Politico: Illinois poll: Romney 35, Santorum 31

Politico: Blagojevich will find life inside a jolt, ex-inmates say


American Thinker: Democrats Kill Wisconsin Jobs to Spite Governor Scott Walker


Human Events: Rep. Jean Schmidt: Why the four-term Ohio congresswoman lost


March 11, 2012


Chicago Tribune: Poll: Romney slightly ahead of Santorum in Illinois
Chicago Tribune: Romney Super PAC buys nearly $1 million in Illinois TV ad time

WSJ: Santorum Wins Kansas; Romney Takes Wyoming
WaPo: Santorum wins Kansas caucuses, Romney wins Wyoming
Politico: Wyoming: Mitt Romney wins 7 delegates
Weekly Standard: Romney Wins Wyoming, Guam, and Northern Mariana
Fox: Santorum wins Kansas GOP caucuses, gains blunted by Romney's island victories
WTimes: Santorum wins Kansas caucuses; Romney builds delegate lead
WaPo: Romney camp claims victory in Saturday’s delegate count
Politico: Mitt Romney's delegate math begins to add up

NatJ: Ann Romney's Dual Roles: Character Witness and Political Messenger
NatJ: Mitt Romney's Humor: An Appreciation
Boston Globe: For Romney, saying little on Limbaugh said a lot
Hill: Healthcare issue will be a heavy lift for Romney against President Obama

WSJ: Santorum Wins GOP Caucuses in Kansas
LA Times: Rick Santorum wins Kansas caucuses
NatJ: Santorum Wins Kansas
NYT: Santorum Wins in Kansas Caucuses
NYT: Santorum Takes a Decisive Victory in Kansas Caucuses
WaPo: Santorum wins Kansas GOP caucuses
Human Events: The anti-Romney vote

WaPo: Santorum gambles on shifting away from economy amid signs of recovery
NatJ: Santorum: With Economy Improving, Foreign Policy May Be Dominant Issue
Politico: Conservative leaders 'all in' for Santorum

Hill: Gingrich blasts 'anti-Christian' ABC television series
Politico: Gingrich calls new TV show anti-Christian
Politico: Signs of stress in Newt's campaign

Dallas MN: Ron Paul isn’t gaining many delegates, but isn’t leaving the race
WTimes: Paul’s Georgia partisans grab Gingrich turf

WaPo: As GOP waits for dust to settle, party leaders sharpen case for reelection
Ross Douthat: Not-So-Crazy Republicans
Fred Barnes: They’ll Have His Back: What congressional GOP will do for the GOP nominee

Salena Zito: Young voters are engaged and civil
Dayton Daily News: Low voter turnout may carry over to fall election, experts say

NYT: Centrist Women Tell of Disenchantment With G.O.P.
NYT: Obama in Big Effort to Build Support Among Women


Hill: Analysts: White House, Congress have little control over gas prices
Fox: Dems target Wall Street speculators over rising gas prices
David Limbaugh: Big lies on Big Oil

Weekly Standard: It’s Obamacare, Stupid

Hill: Top Dem warns GOP budget moves could block bipartisan deal

Fox: Senators propose new rules to prevent colleges from exploiting veterans for benefits

Hill: Waters, seeking top panel perch, hasn’t donated to Dem campaign committee

LA Times: Labor unions rethinking their role in politics

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (3/11/12): Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum


NatJ: Berkley Gets Pushback on Limbaugh Petition


NYT: Deficits Push N.Y. Cities and Counties to Desperation

NYDN: Redistricting may mean Charlie Rangel has a fight on his hands


Dan Walters: Post-racial politics emerges in California


Star-Telegram: Confusion reigns in Texas election calendar

Austin AS: Latitude widens for withholding records


Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott: the outsider turns insider
SunSentinel: The 2012 Legislative Session: Who are South Florida's winners, losers?
Orlando Sentinel: Session's outcome shows chamber's clout — and limits
Florida TU: State budget passes with First Coast feeling pros and cons


Politico: Illinois Dem race a battle for party's future


Milwaukee JS: In GOP Senate race, Tommy Thompson has early advantages


Cleveland PD: Mitt Romney won Ohio, but he faces challenges in the state against Obama
Thomas Suddes: Rural Ohio's rejection bodes ill for Romney

Columbus Dispatch: Tax cut may start rolling in in 2014
Columbus Dispatch: Candidate: Kasich allies offered a deal if he quit race


NYT: In Charlotte, Hopes for Rental Gold Rush During the Democratic Convention


Examiner: Huge slots casinos proposed for Maryland


Fox: West Virginia sheriff pleads guilty to voter fraud


Denver Post: Spending by super PACs in Colorado is the dominion of Democrats


WaPo: Rep. Jay Inslee to resign to focus on run for governor
LA Times: Rep. Jay Inslee to leave Congress to focus on governor campaign
Roll Call: Washington: Jay Inslee Resigning to Focus on Gubernatorial Bid


March 10, 2012


WSJ: Romney Picks Up Support in South
Boston Globe: Romney’s faith adds an extra obstacle in South
Politico: Mitt Romney's Southern makeover
AJC: Mitt Romney’s awkward day in the South
Rasmussen: Mississippi Primary: Romney 35%, Santorum 27%, Gingrich 27%, Paul 6%
Rasmussen: Alabama GOP Primary: Gingrich 30%, Santorum 29%, Romney 28%, Paul 7%

Fox: Romney wins in Northern Marianas caucus
WaPo: Romney wins in Northern Marianas caucus with GOP chairman’s endorsement
SacBee: Romney picks up 9 convention delegates from Guam
WSJ: Romney Trolls for Votes in the Pacific

WSJ: Romney's Declining Money Edge
RCP: Romney Really Might Not Have the Delegates by June
NYT: Romney Releases His Playlist
NYT: Legislators Recall a Governor Who Didn’t Mingle
Dana Milbank: It’s time to believe: Romney’s a winner

LA Times: Santorum hopes to narrow the field in Kansas
NYT: Solid in Kansas, Santorum Seeks to Build Margin
WSJ: Race Comes to Dark-Red Kansas
WaPo: Who will win rural Kansas?
Hill: Santorum: Republican contest is shrinking to a 'two-man race'
WaPo: Why is Santorum losing the Catholic vote?
Politico: Song about Rick Santorum goes viral
LA Times: Santorum, Gingrich ratchet up conservative rhetoric in the South

WTimes: Gingrich: I won’t quit if I lose Tuesday in South
Hill: Gingrich: I'm staying in the race past Alabama, Mississippi contests
Holman Jenkins: Newt Is Right About Gas Prices

Michael Barone: Will AL and MS clear the field?
Fox: Fears of protracted GOP primary battle echo Dems' concerns in 2008 primary

Hill: Boehner resists temptation, stays out of race for 2012 nomination

NYT: Tea Party Movement Takes the Long View

NYT: Hatch Weighs In on Tax Status of 'Super PACs'

WaPo: Recent debate over contraception comes as GOP loses gains among women
Kathleen Parker: A GOP war on women?


NYT: U.S. Extends Its Run of Solid Job Growth Another Month
WaPo: In improving economy, GOP sharpens its attack against Obama
Daily Caller: Hidden unemployment numbers stymie Obama’s job growth claims
Rush Limbaugh: Media Distortion: The Economy Roars Back

Fox: Obama's emphasis on alternative energy comes with political risks
Hill: Obama: End 'bumper sticker' approach to energy policy
Hill: Gov. Dalrymple: Obama is 'killing energy development'
Human Events: Top 10 Obama energy blunders

Politico: Fannie and Freddie execs to get pay cut
Hill: Bonuses eliminated for Fannie, Freddie bosses

Hill: Mayors descend on Washington to press for highway bill, fight program cuts

Hill: General says cuts leave Army unable to fight two wars at once

NYT: Health Care Exchange Rules to Be Set

NYT: Editorial: A Breach of Trust

James Taranto: The Privilege to Dissent
Politico: Gloria Allred seeks Rush Limbaugh prosecution
Mark Steyn: The Fluke Charade

George Will: Those pesky things called laws

Joe Califano: Why Pat Robertson’s pot plan is a (bong) pipe dream

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Tampa Bay Times: No. 2 official in South Carolina steps down over charges
LA Times: Playstation, iPad purchases help bring down S. Carolina official


NYT: The Uncertain Cost of Helping Illegal Immigrants Go to College
WSJ: Cuomo Crosses Labor


SacBee: California job trend points to gradual growth; Sacramento jobless rate up slightly


Austin AS: Texas to lose federal money for women's health, official says
Fox: Obama to end funding for Texas health program over state's abortion law


NatJ: Prominent Indiana Columnists Boosting Lugar


Milwaukee JS: Walker sets up legal-defense fund
NatJ: Walker Establishing Legal Fund for John Doe Investigation
NatJ: Proposed Walker Recall Election Dates Anger Democrats


Boston Globe: Democratic darling has also been critic
Hill: Brown, Warren compete for points by touting adherence to campaign pact


NYT: Wary but Loyal, Aide Answered Giffords’s Call


March 9, 2012


WaPo: Romney plays up Southern connections
NatJ: Mississippi Governor Endorses Romney
Examiner: Romney focuses on delegates as race heads south
WTimes: Romney facing a skeptical GOP South
WaPo: To Mitt Romney campaign, enthusiasm may be overrated
NYT: The Parallels Between Mitt Romney and George H.W. Bush
NatJ: Don’t Blame Mitt (Entirely)
Politico: Mitt Romney money machine calls in cavalry
Politico: Mitt Romney fights 'loser' label
Rich Lowry: ‘Hire Me’
Kim Strassel: The Romney Divide
Michael Gerson: Romney must solve his stereotype problem
Rush Limbaugh: The Nudging of Mitt Romney
Rasmussen: National GOP: Romney 39%, Santorum 27%, Gingrich 17%, Paul 10%

WaPo: Deep South primaries offer little hope for Romney, opportunity for Santorum
NatJ: Report: Santorum's $2 Million House and Refinancing Deal
Examiner: How Rick Santorum got a $2 million Virginia estate
Boston Globe: PACs fill cash gap for GOP candidates
WaPo: Santorum says he could knock Gingrich out of race quickly
Byron York: With Gingrich on ropes, Santorum tries KO

WSJ: For Gingrich, Win Now or Go Home
Fox: Gingrich campaign on the line with upcoming Southern contests
NYT: Amid Calls to Quit, Gingrich Seems More Subdued
WTimes: RNC’s delegate count shows Gingrich ahead of Santorum
NatJ: Report: Bauer Calls on Gingrich to Leave Race

WTimes: Now is the time for Paul to pick up delegates

NatJ: Four Ways the Republican Nomination Race Could End

NYT: Democrats Are Warming to Obama Connection


WSJ: Hill Has Eyes on Presidential Race
Peggy Noonan: Speaking With the Speaker
Hill: Hoyer: Obama coattails mean Dem House


WaPo: House passes jobs bill with wide bipartisan margins
Hill: House approves JOBS Act in 390-23 vote
NYT: With November in Mind, House Passes a Jobs Bill
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison: Pass the JOBS Act

WTimes: Govt. sets record deficit in February
WaPo: Boehner tries to keep budget from an becoming election year issue
WTimes: House GOP gives ground on legislative agenda to Senate
Hill: Tea Party senators unveil five-year plan to balance the budget

WaPo: Senate rejects expediting Keystone pipeline
Hill: Senate rejects Keystone in 56-42 vote
WTimes: Senate backs Obama in pipeline rejection
HE: Obama lobby of Senate leads to defeat of Keystone pipeline provision
Hill: GOP on Keystone: This isn’t over
Fox: Senate blocks bid to speed Keystone approval but Obama loses Dems despite lobbying
Fox: Gas price fears drive Obama campaign
Daily Caller: Energy Sec. Chu doesn’t own car, but his wife drives BMW gas-guzzler

Hill: Boehner’s effort to move House $260B transportation bill lacks support

NatJ: Senate Approves Retirement-Work Hybrid for Feds

WaPo: Obama unveils new foreclosure measures to resuscitate housing market

NYT: White House Works to Shape Debate Over Health Law
Human Events: The ObamaCare death spiral continues

Condolezza Rice: The promise of Russia’s urban middle class
Charles Krauthammer: Obama vs. Israel

James Taranto: The Unchained Woman

Ezra Klein: Why would Koch brothers want to refine Cato Institute?


NYT: Rising G.O.P. Star From Staten Island Draws on Political Gifts to Fend Off Critics

Daily Caller: Conservative NY congresswoman in redistricting danger — from her own party
NYT: An Update on New York Redistricting


Dallas MN: Dem candidates for U.S. Senate offer optimism, few specifics in Dallas debate


Politico: Super PAC's next target: Spencer Bachus
Politico: Court blocks more of Alabama immigration law


NYT: Highest Court in Mississippi Upholds 9 Pardons


Fox: Wisconsin GOP files complaint over 'bias' of judge who signed Walker recall petition


Hill: GOP primary fight could boost Sen. McCaskill's hopes for reelection


WTimes: Kerrey rival quits Nebraska Senate race


WSJ: King of Maine
Politico: Angus King's ransom: Which side would he join in Senate?
Roll Call: Senate Field Still Scrambled After Snowe’s Exit


NYT: As Stars Rally for Candidate, Rival Objects
WaPo: Scott Brown’s Mitt Romney problem
Roll Call: Brown, Warren Selling Similar Stories to Voters
Weekly Standard: Contraceptive Failure? Elizabeth Warren Is Losing to Scott Brown in Mass.

Boston Globe: Bay State GOP chief taking some heat


March 8, 2012


WSJ: Delegate Math Challenges Romney Rivals
WaPo: Romney campaign urges rivals to back out, saying delegate gap is too big
WTimes: Romney drew GOP faithful; Santorum got crossover help
WTimes: Romney’s prowess in fundraising allowing for superior organization
NYT: Romney Team Ponders How to Rise Above the Fray
NYT: Romney Raises $11.5 Million in February
NYT: Romney Lags in Small Donors as Big Givers Hit Limits
Examiner: How math virtually guarantees Romney's nomination
Politico: Mitt Romney tries to break Southern losing streak
Karl Rove: The Romney Train Rolls On
National Review: Banking the Early Voters
Dallas MN: Delegate math is on Romney’s side, but momentum, party unity aren’t yet
Ann Coulter: Romney Campaign Dragged Down By Huge Haul of Delegates
Paul Gigot: Exit Poll Statistic of the Year
Dan Balz: Mitt Romney marches slowly as party leaders wait and watch
Human Events: Romney's path to the nomination: Survive and advance
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Wins Don't Seem to Satisfy
Sen. John Kerry: Romney’s wrong-headed assertions about Iran

WTimes: Santorum assails Romney’s health care stances
WaPo: Santorum: Romney thinks he’s ‘ordained by God’ to win Republican nod
Fox: Santorum backers pressuring Gingrich to bow out of presidential race
Dan Henninger: Santorum and Freedom

WaPo: Gingrich pumps gas in Alabama, chides Obama on energy policy
NatJ: Gingrich Cancels Kansas Trip to Focus on South
AJC: Newt Gingrich reduced to a Deep South strategy
Hill: Gingrich's future hangs on successful Southern state strategy
NYT: A Bid to Get Gingrich to Give Up Quest

WSJ: Paul Sees Convention Fight as Best Bet

Human Events: March primaries: A look ahead

WSJ: Super PACs Outspent Candidates in Run-Up to Tuesday
Larry Sabato: Six Days on the Road to Tampa

Politico: Ohio win boosts Rob Portman as Mitt Romney veep choice
Human Events: Romney ekes out Ohio victory with Sen. Portman endorsement

NYT: Obama Mines for Voters With High-Tech Tools
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Doubt Me: Obama Can Be Beaten
Weekly Standard: Who Can Beat Obama?


NYT: ‘Super PAC’ Raise Congress’s Sense of Insecurity
WaPo: One super PAC takes aim at incumbents of any party

Roll Call: Rep. Jean Schmidt’s Defeat Serves as Warning

Hill: Republicans fear rough primary could cost them the House and the Senate


WTimes: House faces March 31 deadline on road, infrastructure bill
NYT: Boehner Urges Republicans to Pass Roads Measure
Fox: Senate reaches deal on billion dollar transportation bill
Hill: Reid says Senate has deal on amendments to $109B highway bill
NYT: President Pushes to Add More Credits for Hybrids
Dana Milbank: The GOP’s gasoline alley
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Oil Lies are Rooted in His Contempt for America
Rush: As Gas Prices Rise, Obama Pushes His Green Energy Money Laundering Operation

Hill: President, Cantor are warming up
Hill: Boehner struggling for Republican unity

Charles Murray: Narrowing the New Class Divide

WaPo: New front in birth control rule battle: the courts
James Taranto: Powers Struggle: The cultural contradictions of feminism

NYT: Pat Robertson Says Marijuana Use Should be Legal


NYT: NH Bill Would End Requirement on Contraceptives Coverage Among Some Employers


NYT: Cuomo and G.O.P. Quiet So Far on Tuition Aid for Illegal Immigrants


SacBee: California Republicans see an outside chance for a competitive June primary


NYT: Women in Texas Losing Options for Health Care in Abortion Fight


Reuters: Judge temporarily blocks Wisconsin voter ID law


Politico: Brad Wenstrup was long shot to beat Schmidt


NYT: Mayor of Ailing Detroit Resists Outside Takeover
Detroit News: Bing asks state to help force concessions


Fox: Virginia governor signs bill requiring ultrasounds for women seeking abortions


Hill: Sen. Hatch facing do-or-die caucuses


Roll Call: Hawaii: Linda Lingle Explains Being Wooed to Run


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