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May 7, 2012


WSJ: Romney Plays Up Past Laurels: Regales Voters with Olympic Stories
Weekly Standard: Romney's Latest Web Ad
Hill: Romney ad: Millions ‘suffering in silence’ from Obama’s economy
Philadelphia Inquirer: Republicans rally around Romney
WSJ: Newt Embraces Romney, More or Less

Fox: Romney slowly but surely racking up GOP convention delegates
American Spectator: Mitt's Men Don't Plan to Fail
American Thinker: Mitt Romney Will Do Just Fine, Thank-You
Weekly Std: Fox News Sunday Panel on Obama's Reelection Campaign and Foreign Policy

WTimes: Romney needs to get small donors hooked

NPR: Romney's 1994 Senate Loss Left Lasting Marks

Fox: Gingrich: Romney has 'earned the right' to be GOP nominee
WTimes: Gingrich goes to bat for Romney, ‘can’t imagine’ being veep

WSJ: Rubio Talks Up His Qualifications
Weekly Standard: Vice President Marco Rubio?
Fox: Rubio says Obama of 2008 is 'gone,' makes case for Romney amid VP buzz

National Review: Chris Christie Goes National: Romney's Running Mate?

LA Times: Ron Paul wins 21 of Maine's 24 Republican delegate spots
AP/Adams: Paul wins majority of delegates from Maine GOP
WaPo: Ron Paul wins majority of Nevada delegates
HChron: Ron and Rand Paul rally with tea party in Austin
NYT: Ron Paul, Still in the Race, and Plotting a Path to the Convention

NatJ: Goolsbee: Obama Faces 'The Fight of His Life'

Hill: AFL-CIO’s super-PAC to begin running ads targeting Mitt Romney

Chris Cillizza: Can Obama win Arizona and its 11 electoral votes?

WSJ: Biden Appears to Back Gay Marriage
NYT: A Scramble as Biden Backs Same-Sex Marriage
WaPo: Biden: I’m ‘absolutely comfortable’ with gay couples having same rights
Fox: Biden says ‘absolutely comfortable’ with gay marriage rights, cites ‘Will & Grace’
WaPo: Former President Clinton opposes NC amendment that would ban gay marriage

Politico: Republican poll analysis: The race to November begins
NatJ: Swing-State Poll Shows Obama, Romney in Virtual Tie
Politico: Battleground Poll: Obama, Romney in dead heat
Gallup: Romney Retakes Lead

Judd Gregg: Vote in French presidential election should be a warning for America


Hill: 2012 contest for Senate control headed toward a photo finish
Al Hunt: The Battle for Control of Congress

Hill: Week Ahead: House returns to budget battle

Human Events: Hill grapples over Keystone XL pipeline
Hill: Trumka: Labor wants Keystone pipeline, environmental issues can be resolved

Examiner: Wind lobby strives to adapt to Tea Party era
WSJ: Windy Republicans: GOP Congressmen sign up for energy crony capitalism

Hill: House members pitch for Senate postal bill


Reuters: House Republicans target social cuts to shield military
WTimes: Defense budget casualties light on civilian side
Jed Babbin: Irreconcilable Budget Differences

NYT: Retired Military Officers Teaching at Ivy League Schools

NYT: 9/11 Defendants Were Protesting ‘Unjust System’ at Hearing, Lawyers Say
Fox: Atty in hijab defends call for other women at 9/11 hearing to wear 'appropriate' clothing

NatJ: Al-Qaida Leader Killed in Yemen
NYT: Militant Tied to Ship Bombing Is Said to Be Killed
WaPo: Al-Qaida militants kill 20 soldiers in surprise attack on army base in south Yemen

Human Events: Inspector General report ends myth that TARP 'turned a profit'

WSJ: OpEd: Don't Worry (About GDP), Be Happy

Jon Huntsman: How to Manage the China Relationship

WSJ: OpEd: 'Paycheck Fairness' Will Mean a Pay Cut for Men

Robert Samuelson: ‘Battle of the beards’: Paul Krugman vs. Ben Bernanke

WSJ: OpEd: Why Colleges Don't Teach the Federalist Papers


Politico: Ayotte blasts Obama on Iran


Politico: The Nevada GOP convention from hell


Roll Call: South Carolina: André Bauer Launches Ad in New District


NYT: Cuomo Seeking New Agency to Police Care of Disabled


Politico: Schwarzenegger: GOP too narrow, rigid


Austin AS: Ron Paul gives a boost to U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz


Republic: Growing number of Okla. GOP incumbents facing right-wing challenges in primary


Politico: Marco Rubio: Dividing Cubans from Hispanics 'offensive'
Miami Herald: New Marco Rubio faces key test

Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott’s biggest failure: his chief of staff


National Review: Dick Lugar Fights for His Political Life
Republic: Lugar makes last push to avoid primary defeat
Politico: Dick Lugar's political twilight?
NPR: Big Money, Free-Marketers, And The Fight Of Sen. Lugar's Career
Chicago Tribune: Nuking Dick Lugar
American Spectator: Lugar's Last Stand


Star Tribune: Monday is D-Day for the stadium
NFL: Minnesota pols in tough position as stadium vote approaches


WSJ: Economy Reshapes Wisconsin Recall Vote

Milwaukee JS: U.S. Senate candidates jockeying for delegates


Politico: Strickland: Obama 'pretty well-positioned' in Ohio


Detroit News: Crunch time for Senate hopefuls


Hill: Boozman reaches across the aisle for help on his Senate initiatives


WTimes: North Carolina to vote on gay marriage
WSJ: State Ban on Gay Nuptials Leads in Polls


WaPo: Law-and-order McDonnell sets record pace for restoring civil rights of former felons


NYT: Independent Senate Run in Maine Puts Parties in a Pinch


MassLive: MA GOP chairman asks Harvard to investigate Elizabeth Warren's minority status
Boston Globe: Mass. GOP chairman assails Warren, Harvard
Boston Herald: State GOP big rips Liz claim, urges Harvard investigation
Politico: Elizabeth Warren’s Native American roots no surprise in Oklahoma
WaPo: Elizabeth Warren: Can a liberal champion win over the center in Massachusetts?
American Thinker: Elizabeth Warren's Whiter Shade of Pale

Boston Globe: New Yorkers open their wallets for Brown
Boston Globe: In tight votes, Brown often loyal to party


Politico: Liz Cheney sidesteps talk of launching political bid


May 6, 2012


Fox: Romney will now need independents but still tilts conservative
DC: Ted Turner doesn’t endorse, but praises Romney: ‘He’s a real gentleman’

Hill: Santorum adviser: A Romney endorsement could come soon

McClatchy: Polls show limits of Rubio's appeal to Hispanic voters

Breitbart: Obama Launches Campaign in Empty Arena
NYT: Obama Formally Kicks Off Campaign in Ohio and Virginia
WSJ: Obama Takes On Romney in Virginia, Ohio
Daily Caller: Obama’s kick-off rallies downplay record, slam GOP
WTimes: Obama at kickoff rally hits Romney as blast from the past
Fox: Obama goes hard after GOP in official start of re-election campaign
NatJ: Obama: It's Not About the Economy, (Stupid), It's About Romney
WTimes: Obama again serves up contested claims on loans, women’s health
Dan Balz: Obama launches campaign against Romney, but real opponent is the economy
Salena Zito: Each key voting block seen as complex, multifaceted
IBD: Obama's Memoir A Tissue Of Lies
Ezra Klein: If Obama wins, what would he do in a second term?

Ross Douthat: The Party of Julia

Hill: RNC responds to Obama with Web video saying country is 'not better off' now

Examiner: Keystone pipeline controversy returns to dog Obama

WSJ: Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Nod for President

NYT: 9 Swing States, Critical to Fall Contest, Are a Mixed Lot
Boston Globe: Democrats doubling down on swing states


Hill: House lawmakers plan return to deficit battle following recess
NYT: Many G.O.P. Freshmen Who Stormed the House Find It Harder to Stay Seated

WaPo: Chen Guangcheng case: Republican senators urge asylum despite deal

WaPo: Dem Senate hopefuls don’t shy away from Obama in Virginia, Ohio

Fox: Washington wants to raise skyline, turns to Issa

DC: Dick Morris: WH will spin Holder contempt proceedings as racism for political gain


WSJ: Guantanamo Judge Grapples With Disruptive Terror Suspects
NYT: At a Hearing, 9/11 Detainees Show Defiance
Fox: Outbursts, silence by 9-11 defendants delay Guantanamo arraignment
WaPo: 9/11 detainees work to disrupt opening of arraignment at Guantanamo Bay
NYT: Via Video Feed, Families Watch 9/11 Case and Seethe
NYDN: 9/11 trial: Al Qaeda's court tactics anger families of victims
NY Post: How we broke KSM

IBD: Labor Force Shrinks As Jobless Swell Disability Ranks
Weekly Standard: What Is the Real Unemployment Rate? 11.1 Percent?

WaPo: Five myths about America’s decline

Fox: National Christmas Tree has died near White House


Des Moines Register: Iowans picked for convention have backed Paul in past


Las Vegas Sun: The Nevada Republican convention: a train wreck waiting to happen?


Albany TU: Monserrate pleading guilty to fraud


Dan Walters: Population slowdown will bring big shift to California


DMN: After a life of overcoming obstacles, Craig James faces another big one in Senate race


Miami Herald: As Gov. Scott’s gatekeeper exerts control, heads roll


AJC: Democratic political director sues Georgia bloggers for libel


LA Times: In Indiana, tea party rattles a career of political pragmatism
AJC: GOP rival hopes to end Indiana Sen. Lugar's career
Indy Star: Where are moderates? Missing in action


Star Tribune: 11th-hour stadium rally led by Dayton


Green Bay PG: Republican ads dominate Wisconsin TV airwaves
Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin politics amid the recall wars: a participatory sport


DC: DNC downplays sexual harassment, HIV infecting scandal


Examiner: Virginia holds key to the White House


Register-Herald: 3 men in running to be Republican state chair


NYT: Connecticut Passes a Marijuana Bill


WaPo: Elizabeth Warren says she’s Native American. So she is.
Michael Barone: Warren ancestry claim puts light on corrupt system
Clarice Feldman: Clueless: Kim Kardashian and Elizabeth Warren


May 5, 2012


WSJ: Romney Says Jobs Report Shows Obama Missteps
NatJ: Romney: Jobless Rate Is Double What It Should Be
WSJ: Romney’s Lofty Job Goals Look Tough to Hit
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Orwellian Unemployment Numbers

WSJ: Santorum Meets With Romney: No Staff, No Media, No Endorsement
MSNBC: What Santorum sought in Romney meeting
Reuters: There's a chill in the air as Romney, Santorum talk
Pittsburgh PG: Romney, Santorum trying to mend ties
Politico: Santorum urges Mitt to address 'economic and family issues'
Chicago ST: Will Mitt Romney give Santorum a top speaking spot at convention? You bet
NatJ: Romney Drops Challenge Over Ohio Delegates

WaPo: Romney says he wanted openly gay spokesman who recently resigned to stay on

Politico: Tagg Romney has twin boys through surrogate

Hill: Report: Romney’s 2012 health plan could weaken his Massachusetts reforms

LA Times: The race to define Mitt Romney is on
William Kristol: Let Romney Be Romney

Miami Herald: Would Rubio appeal to Hispanic voters as Mitt Romney's running mate?

WSJ: Anti-Obama Ads Take Elegiac Tone
NYT: On Sundays, Tight Obama Circle Sizes Up Election
Weekly Standard: Biden Left Out of Top Campaign Meetings
NYT: Has Obama’s Magic Jobs Number Changed?
NYT: Job Numbers Become Instant Campaign Fodder
WaPo: April jobs report: Obama’s time grows short on the economy
WaPo: Obama to showcase technology at kickoff rallies Saturday
Hill: President's reelection campaign looks to revive vintage Obama
Bill O'Reilly: It's boring, people
Politico: Obama 2012: Less aspiration, more function
WaPo: If Obama wins, what would he do in a second term?
WaPo: Obama’s military connection
WaPo: George Clooney fundraiser could be a $12 million blockbuster for Obama

Fred Barnes: His Fulltime Job: Obama’s shameless electioneering
Andrew McCarthy: Compulsory Blindness

Examiner: Obama slams Congress during Virginia visit

NatJ: Republicans Redefine 'Julia' in Their Image
Hill: Paul Ryan: Obama's 'Julia' website 'creepy' and 'demeaning'

WSJ: Swing States Could Hinge on College Towns
WaPo: Voter registration down among Hispanics, blacks
NatJ: Will Hispanic Immigration Trends Hurt Obama in 2012?

NYT: Group Planning Protest at Dem Party Convention Rankles Some With Name Change

WSJ: Robert Caro: Political Power—How to Get It and Use It (LBJ)

Rush Limbaugh: Where are the Bushes?


Fox: House leaders reach deal to increase export lending
Hill: Hoyer, Cantor have a deal to extend Export-Import Bank

Rep. Charles Rangel: Congress and Drug Control

George Will: Taking a scythe to the Bill of Rights


Fox: US hiring slows sharply with just 115K jobs added
WSJ: Jobs Engine Sputters Again in April
WTimes: Unemployment falls to 8.1 percent in April, but Dow drops
WSJ: The Vanishing Workers
WaPo: The incredible shrinking labor force
NYT: Reasons Abound for Ebb in Job Growth
NYT: Editorial: A Clear Warning From the Jobs Numbers
WaPo: Chris Christie urges politicians to treat Americans ‘like adults’ by telling truth

Don Luskin: The 2013 Fiscal Cliff Could Crush Stocks

NYT: Government Getting Smaller in the U.S.

NYT: New Proposal on Fracking Gives Ground to Industry
Hill: Interior floats new draft rules to regulate oil-and-gas ‘fracking’
Dallas MN: Federal government sets new rules for fracking on public land

NYT: New Application Is Submitted for Keystone Pipeline
Fox: TransCanada resubmits Keystone application, says no oil flow until 2014
WTimes: Obama to get do-over on Keystone pipeline
Denver Post: TransCanada reapplies for Keystone XL oil pipeline with new route
Hill: Republicans say Obama is running out of excuses to delay Keystone pipeline

NYT: U.S. to Restart Tribunal, Aiming to Show It’s Fair
WSJ: Sept. 11 Suspects Face Gitmo Hearing
Fox: 9/11 'mastermind,' co-conspirators back before Guantanamo judge

James Taranto: The 'Good People': What affirmative action actually affirms

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Mayor Offers Few Details on Romney's New York Visit

NYT: Slowed Physically, Rangel Promises to Go Full Speed in Primary Fight

NYT: Ethics Panel Fines Espada $80,000
Albany TU: Leg Ethics Panel hits Espada with $80K fine


WSJ: California's Budget Gloom

LA Times: Some California legislators bring arrest records to their campaigns


Austin AS: Tea party evolves from protests to partisan politics

Dallas MN: Appeals court reinstates, for now, Planned Parenthood in Women's Health


Miami Herald: Fat salary of Florida Coaltion Against Domestic Violence irks Gov. Rick Scott


AJC: Governor vetoes 'sunset' bill, angering tea party activists


WSJ: Indiana Upset? Lugar Is Down 10 in Pre-Primary Poll
Louisville CJ: Poll: Richard Mourdock 10 points ahead of Lugar in Senate race
WaPo: Richard Mourdock up ten points over Dick Lugar in new Indiana Senate poll
Roll Call: Indiana: New Independent Poll Gives Richard Mourdock a 10-Point Lead
Politico: Joe Donnelly looks past Richard Lugar to Richard Mourdock
Dana Milbank: Taking out Dick Lugar


Star Tribune: Veto lengthens odds on Vikings stadium


Weekly Standard: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Taxes & Fees Rose 43% Under Tom Barrett
Milwaukee JS: Democrats state final cases in debate


Hill: Sen. Corker: Obama 'robbing' young Americans


NYT: Liaison Says Heiress Rued Edwards Donations
WaPo: Lawyer for wealthy heiress says John Edwards knew money was for him
Fox: Prosecutors in Edwards trial now following the money
Politico: John Edwards trial: Rachel “Bunny” Mellon said he used her
NYDN: Heiress was OK with John Edwards’ affair, but didn't want to pay for it

WSJ: Ripples of Redistricting


Fox: Virginia's profile as battleground state rises in presidential contest
NYT: Virginia, a State in Flux, Is Also a State in Play

Roll Call: Virginia: Majority PAC Follows Crossroads GPS On the Air


Boston Globe: Bad week may haunt Warren
WSJ: Play of the Week: Elizabeth Warren Stumbles
Boston Globe: Menino plays hard to get in Senate race
Weekly Standard: Warren May Still Be Registered as a Native American at Harvard
Politico: Rush raps Warren, plays ‘Half Breed’
Rush Limbaugh: Warren's Campaign Goes Up in Smoke
Mark Steyn: Composite Americans: Elizabeth Warren's Cherokee thirty-second

WSJ: Same State, New Stab at Health Care
Boston Globe: House targets health spending


WSJ: Traffic Stop Highlights Arizona Law

Arizona Republic: Arizona abortion-services bill signed into law
Fox: Arizona governor signs Planned Parenthood funding ban
WaPo: AZ gov. signs bill to prohibit funding for Planned Parenthood for non-abortion services


Politico: Lamborn going up against GOP challenger in Colo.


Politico: Liz Cheney eyes the political stage


Rasmussen: Montana: Romney 51%, Obama 44%


May 4, 2012


WSJ: Math Challenge for Romney
WaPo: Romney faces a narrow path to 270 electoral votes, but his team remains optimistic
Politico: An Electoral College tie scenario
Rush Limbaugh: Electoral Landscape Looks Bleak for Obama

NYT: Romney Assails Obama on Handling of Chen Case
WaPo: Chen Guangcheng case draws Republican criticism

WaPo: Romney battles for women voters, conservatives

WSJ: Jobs Report Will Provide Fodder for Campaigns
WSJ: Mixed Battleground Polls Ahead of Friday's Jobs Numbers
Hill: Obama, Romney brace for April jobs report; slow growth expected

Chicago Tribune: Romney pulls into tie with Obama in Ohio, Florida: poll
Chicago Tribune: Poll: Romney catches Obama in Ohio, Florida but trails in Pa
WaPo: Washington Post poll: Obama leads Romney as campaigns converge on Virginia
NatJ: Poll: Obama Leads Romney in Va.

Matthew Dowd: Romney Needs a Better Brand

WSJ: Bachmann Says Romney an Easy Choice vs. Obama
WTimes: Romney wins Bachmann backing on Va. swing
Examiner: Romney in Virginia touts military, energy plans

WSJ: Romney Camp Touts $2.3 Million Haul
WTimes: Romney super PAC donors put at credit card risk

Politico: The very public race for veep
Hill: GOP voters want Santorum, Rubio for VP

NYT: Obama's Ex-Girlfriend Details Their Relationship
WaPo: What we might learn -- but can’t know -- from a candidate’s wife and girlfriends
Rush Limbaugh: Okay, We'll Talk About Obama's "Compressed" Girlfriend

WTimes: Obama tries to rally a jobless generation

WaPo: ‘The life of Julia’ and the new frontiers of presidential politics
James Taranto: The Lonely Life of Julia
Rush Limbaugh: Cradle-to-Grave Obamaism Slideshow: "The Life of Julia"
Rich Lowry: A Nation of Julias
Michelle Malkin: Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up

LA Times: Obama campaign tailors message for key states and voters

Charles Krauthammer: Divider in chief

Byron York: With his serious talk, Gingrich elevated GOP race

NYT: 4 Years Later, Race Is Still Issue for Some Voters


WSJ: Draft Resolution in House Accuses Holder of Contempt
WaPo: Lawmaker circulates proposal to hold attorney general in contempt of Congress
WTimes: Contempt resolution drafted on Holder
Fox: Issa sends out draft contempt order vs. Holder, says 'Furious' response 'cannot stand'
Examiner: House GOP threatens Holder with contempt charge
Daily Caller: Contempt citation details documents Holder has refused to give Congress

LA Times: Analysis: Pivotal congressional races six months ahead of election
Fox: Democrats getting top candidates in GOP-leaning House races may help Obama
John Fund: Incumbency Shakers

WTimes: Club for Growth targeting ‘establishment’ GOP candidates

WaPo: House Democrats plan to pounce again on GOP budget


WSJ: U.S. to Set Rules for Fracking on Federal Land
Fox: US to issue sweeping fracking rules on federal land
WaPo: Editorial: The EPA is earning a reputation for abuse

Examiner: GSA accused of charging contractors 'kickbacks'

Michael Gerson: America’s remote-controlled war on terror
John Yoo: Litigating for Terrorists

NYT: Tired of ‘Tainted’ Image, Lobbyists Try Makeover

WaPo: Drop in weekly jobless claims is bright news ahead of April unemployment report

Paul Krugman: Plutocracy, Paralysis, Perplexity
Rush Limbaugh: Real Facts About the Obama Economy

WTimes: Web put off-limits to Social Security claims judges


State: Up to 100 S.C. candidates ordered off June ballots


NYT: Broken Leg Adds Hurdle to Her Quest, at 82, for 14th House Term

NYT: New Bribery Charges Filed Against Ex-Senate Leader Bruno
Albany TU: Another round for Bruno

NYDN: Judge declines to put wrap on Pedro's yap


SacBee: GOP vows to fight Jerry Brown's tax measure


Dallas MN: In debate, Cruz blasts Dewhurst over ads, ‘wishy-washy’ record

NYT: Two Legislators Strive to Out-Conservative Each Other for a State Senate Seat


Miami Herald: Poll: Florida up for grabs in November election

Roll Call: FEC Questions Donations to Marco Rubio’s PAC

American Spectator: Allen West and His Critics


WSJ: Sen. Mark Kirk Continues Recovery From Stroke
WaPo: Sen. Mark Kirk heads home to continue recovery


Indy Star: Some Indiana Democrats may vote in Republican primary
Bloomberg: Lugar’s Statesmanship at Risk in ’Surly’ Election Contest
Weekly Standard: Chamber Lobbies Hoosiers for Lugar
Peggy Noonan: The Case for Dick Lugar


Star Tribune: Dayton vetoes overhaul of teacher tenure rules, a top GOP priority


WSJ: Why aren't Democrats running against Scott Walker's union reforms?
Fox: Wisconsin recall theme turns from unions to jobs
Politico: Walker polls 'freakishly fixed in place'
Milwaukee JS: The good news/bad news for Gov. Scott Walker


Hill: Ohio is a hot battleground for Obama, Romney and Boehner


Human Events: Michigan welfare recipients get hundreds for car repairs, clothing allowance


Fox: Missouri GOP lawmaker comes out as gay, denounces 'don't say gay' bill


Roll Call: Nebraska: Rick Santorum Backs Jon Bruning for Senate
Daily Caller: Santorum endorses Bruning in bitter Nebraska GOP Senate primary


NYT: Go-Between for Heiress Details Link to Edwards
Fox: Tabloid offered to nix story on Edwards affair, ex-aide claims
NYDN: Rielle Hunter told John Edwards aide: ‘We’re in love’
AJC: Designer details scheme to funnel money to Edwards
American Spectator: Private Edwards' Court-Marital

WaPo: Black North Carolina voters and gay marriage: Will the issue affect Obama’s chances?


WaPo: Elizabeth Warren struggles with response to Native American questions (again)
Daily Caller: Elizabeth Warren still scrambling to explain her Native American minority claim
Politico: How Elizabeth Warren bungled first controversy
Rush Limbaugh: Warren's Depiction of Native Americans Demonstrates Liberal Bigotry

Boston Globe: State GOP prepares for center stage at convention

Boston Globe: Romney’s plan may undercut Mass. law


Denver Post: Colorado House panel approves civil unions bill


Rasmussen: Montana Senate: Rehberg (R) 53%, Tester (D) 43%


Fox: Washington state courting Kucinich to move, run for Congress again


May 3, 2012


WSJ: Romney Wages War on Class Warfare
WaPo: In Virginia visit, Romney says Obama policies are ‘backbreaking’ for small businesses
Examiner: Romney, Obama storm Virginia to kick off campaigns
Politico: Virginia, the state both parties want
WTimes: Romney blasts Obama for opposing D.C. voucher program
Hill: Romney turns focus back to economy
Rush: The Preezy of the United Steezy Wants to Distract You from His Dismal Economy
WSJ: Romney Super PAC Plans Ad Blitz in Battleground States
Hill: With GOP nomination assured, Mitt Romney shifts to the center
NYT: Romney Confronts the Power of the Presidency
NYT: Romney Team May Have Stirred Storm Over Gay Aide

Weekly Standard: Romney's Latest Web Ad

WSJ: Gingrich Drops Out, Delays Romney Endorsement
WTimes: Gingrich exits campaign, gives tepid nod to Romney
Human Events: Newt Gingrich suspends his campaign
Fox: Candidate Gingrich ends campaign but vows to keep fighting as 'Citizen' Gingrich
NYT: After Primary Losses, Legacies of Debt and Strained Reputations
WaPo: The end for Newt Gingrich or just another new beginning?
Jen Rubin: Gingrich exits, formally
Dana Milbank: Newt Gingrich may have ended campaign, but he will remain out of this world

NatJ: Bachmann to Endorse Romney
Fox: Bachmann to endorse Romney at Thursday campaign stop

WaPo: Ron Paul’s stealth state convention takeover
Hill: State party wins by Ron Paul backers could hurt Romney in general election

Fox: Three Categories of Candidates For Romney’s Running Mate

NatJ: Poll: Romney Ties Obama in Two Big Swing States
Rasmussen: Core Four States: Obama 46%, Romney 43%
Politico: Obama widens lead over Romney in Wisconsin, poll suggests

NYT: Obama's Ex-Girlfriend Details Their Relationship
David Maraniss: Becoming Obama
WSJ: Meet Obama’s Long-Ago Girlfriend, Minus Photo
WaPo: Obama's ex-girlfriend Genevieve Cook’s journal featured in new biography
NYDN: New book reveals Obama's dating life during years he spent in New York City
NY Post: NY flame dishes on Obama's romantic ways when he was 22
WaPo: Obama’s ex-girlfriends from his New York years share stories, letters in new biography
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Admits Fabricating Girlfriend Character in His Autobiography

WSJ: Obama Recalls ‘Most Important Single Day’ of Presidency
Karl Rove: Victory Laps and Double Standards
William Kristol: A war that’s bigger than Afghanistan

Hill: GOP seeks to portray President Obama as nation’s divider-in-chief
American Spectator: Obama Steals Mao's Slogan

Dan Henninger: What's in an Obama vote for young Americans?
James Taranto: Beware the Demagogues

Ann Coulter: Deport the GOP Establishment

WSJ: Democrats in Convention Box

WSJ: Voter Turnout: Three Scenarios for 2012

WaPo: The Influence Industry: Text to donate to your favorite candidate


NatJ: Grassley Wants 'Open and Transparent' White House Review of Colombia Incident

HE: Rep. Buck McKeon accuses Obama of doing 'nothing' to stop automatic defense cuts

Rush Limbaugh: You Can't Blame GOP House for Dems' Massive Spending Since 2007

Gail Collins: Changing the Subject: The Senate Campaigns


LA Times: Convicted terrorist can't sue ex-Justice lawyer, court rules
NYT: Court Throws Out Suit Against Bush Lawyer
SF Chronicle: UC Berkeley's John Yoo torture suit tossed out

Robert Samuelson: The fallacy of blaming oil ‘speculators’
Hill: Industry official: Interior to release ‘fracking’ rules by Friday

Fox: Private survey shows US hiring slowed dramatically in April

NatJ: Usual Suspects Not to Blame for High Health Costs, Report Says

Politico: Jury is out on states’ voter ID laws


Rasmussen: Nevada: Obama 52%, Romney 44%


Fox: South Carolina Gov. Haley cleared of ethics violations


NYDN: Hillary Clinton would crush Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a presidential race

NYT: Dolan and Bishops Urge Albany to Raise Minimum Wage

NYT: G.O.P. Leaders in City Seek Candidate for Mayor


Politico: Tampa rebuffed on guns during Republican National Convention
Fox: Gov. Scott rejects request to ban concealed weapons outside GOP convention in Tampa

Rush Limbaugh: Allen West and the GOP Establishment


Chicago Tribune: Illinois Senate panel votes down pension measure


WTimes: Republican conservatives in Indiana gunning for Lugar
Bloomberg: Anti-Tax Advocate Norquist Endorses Lugar's Opponent
Examiner: Lugar is moderate except when chasing PAC money
National Review: Lugar the Unknown
WSJ: Sen. Lugar Looks to Independents
Politico: Poll: Lugar clinging to small lead


Star Tribune: Minnesota House has already spent more than budgeted for per diem


Milwaukee JS: Walker stands by bargaining bill, jobs promise
Milwaukee JS: Walker, Barrett in dead heat in recall showdown, poll says
Politico: Poll: Walker, Barrett tied in recall race
Ann Althouse: Marquette poll shows Barrett leads Falk in recall primary


Hill: Ohio Gov. Kasich concerned by climate change, but won’t ‘apologize’ for coal


Roll Call: Missouri: Claire McCaskill Up With $300,000 TV Ad Buy


NYT: Former Edwards Aides Tell of Affair’s Impact on Wife and Campaign
WaPo: Former campaign body man to John Edwards to retake witness stand at corruption trial
Ft. Wayne JG: Aide: Edwards’ wife had known of affair, bared her chest
Fox: Edwards' daughter leaves courtroom in tears over testimony on Elizabeth Edwards
Politico: John Edwards’ daughter flees courtroom
Fox: Edwards lawyers try to strike salacious testimony from record

Politico: Billy Graham joins N.C. political battle


WaPo: Editorial: Mr. McDonnell faces a quandary with voter ID bill


WSJ: Top W.Va. Democrats Cool to Obama


Roll Call: Pennsylvania: NRCC Goes Up Early Against Mark Critz


Boston Globe: Warren says she called herself a minority to connect
Ann Althouse: Warren says she claimed minority in hopes she would get lunch invitations
Weekly Standard: Warren Identified as Native American to Get 'Invited to a Luncheon'
Boston Herald: Warren’s embattled campaign: Cherokee tie found 5 generations ago
Weekly Standard: Warren: My Grandfather Had High Cheekbones 'Like All the Indians Do'
Politico: Obama appears in ad for Warren


WaPo: Arizona Senate race: Ten questions for Rep. Jeff Flake
WaPo: Arizona Senate race: Ten questions for Richard Carmona

Roll Call: Arizona: DCCC Ad Buys Reach Almost $500K for Special Election


May 2, 2012


WSJ: Romney, Giuliani Say Obama Playing Politics
MSNBC: Romney, Giuliani eat pizza, visit NYC firehouse on anniversary of OBL death
Gothamist: Photos: Romney, Giuliani Bring Joe's Pizza To Firefighters
Hill: Romney heckled at event with Giuliani
Politico: Romney and Bloomberg meet in NYC

WaPo: Romney allies launch $3.7 million ad campaign
Politico: Romney upset at high gas prices? His donors aren’t
Hill: Lights, camera, action: Romney fights Hollywood's take on big business

Dorothy Rabinowitz: Voters Might Appreciate the Serious Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Campaign Advice for Mitt Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Dick Morris: Obama Will Lose Big

NatJ: Romney 'Pleased' With Obama's Afghan Trip

Politico: Mitt Romney’s primary problem now a plus

Free Beacon: Jewish Voters Leaving Obama

American Thinker: Romney and the '60s

NYT: Romney Foreign Policy Spokesman Quits
ABC: Richard Grenell, openly gay Romney aide, resigns after backlash
WaPo: Gay Romney aide steps down, citing backlash over sexuality

Human Events: Newt Gingrich to endorse Mitt Romney
WTimes: Gingrich to end turbulent presidential bid
WaPo: Newt Gingrich tells supporters in a video that he’ll end his campaign on Wednesday
WSJ: Gingrich Urges Supporters to Defeat Obama, but Doesn’t Mention Romney
National Review: Goodbye, Newt

Newt Gingrich: Sacred beliefs in Afghanistan and America

WTimes: Paul supporters create delegate mischief
Fox: Paul campaign ignored Army inquiries on soldier who endorsed, records show

WaPo: Bin Laden death presents Romney with a challenge in hitting Obama’s security record
American Spectator: Spiking the Bin Laden Football
James Taranto: Obama manages to turn the killing of bin Laden into a political liability
Michael Barone: Obama's Chicago politics: Thuggery, not civility
Rush Limbaugh: Obama: Low Character in High Office
Weekly Standard: Obama's Vulgarization of the Presidency
Rush Limbaugh: Clinton Couldn't Pull Trigger on Osama
Rush: Rodriguez: Pelosi is Confused or Lying; Enhanced Interrogations Led to Bin Laden

Gallup: Election 2012 Trial Heat: Obama vs. Romney
Politico: Obama April approval highest since bin Laden death

Daily Caller: Blogger offers $10,000 bounty for Obama college transcripts

WSJ: Attack Ads Make Early Entry

Chicago Tribune: Conservative group seeks FEC approval to keep donors secret


NatJ: Senate Race Rankings: Straightening Out the Field
Politico: Top Senate races: Va., Mass. lead list
Human Events: Gizzi on Politics: Senate Race Update, April 2012

Hill: Ryan offers bill to end sequester in bid to stop automatic defense cuts

NYT: Fate of Postal Service Awaits Action in House
WaPo: Senators to Postal Service: Don’t close post offices until after Congress acts
WSJ: The Senate's Pony Express

Hill: Vilsack: House GOP food stamp cuts top obstacle to passage of 2012 farm bill

Dana Milbank: Our do-almost-nothing Congress


WSJ: OpEd: Exposing the Medicare Double Count
WTimes: GOP: Bosses could pay fine, drop health insurance
Fox: Employers could save billions by dropping workers from health plans, report shows
Dr. Scott Atlas: Obama policies threaten the most vulnerable

WaPo: Secret Service employees paid 10 of the 12 women involved in Colombia sex scandal

WTimes: Coal, gas exports meet tough environmental resistance

John Fund: The Reality of Voter Fraud


Rasmussen: Nevada Senate: Heller (R) 51%, Berkley (D) 40%


NYT: In Pursuit of Mayor Bloomberg, the Reluctant Endorser

Roll Call: New York: Michael Grimm Kicked Off Independence Party Line

NYT: Top Judge Makes Free Legal Work Mandatory for Joining State Bar
NYT: Editorial: A New Lawyer’s Duty


Star-Telegram: Appeals judge swiftly slams door on Planned Parenthood
Austin AS: Planned Parenthood funding in limbo again, thanks to latest court ruling

Dallas MN: Campaigns to qualify new citizens are rolling out across Texas


WaPo: Marco Rubio on Florida GOP credit card: ‘I shouldn’t have done it that way’

Roll Call: Florida: Herman Cain Endorses George LeMieux for Senate


Chicago Tribune: How Daley beefed up his pension payouts

WaPo: Aaron Schock gets ripped


Weekly Standard: Lugar Camp: Mourdock Weak on Defense
Politico: FreedomWorks mails against Lugar
NYT: Lugar Loss Could Provide Pickup Opportunity for Democrats
Daily Caller: Another spelling mishap for Dick Lugar?


Star Tribune: Republicans throw a big curve with 'roof-ready’ stadium plan


Milwaukee JS: Walker and Barrett duel over job trends in Wisconsin, and Milwaukee
Milwaukee JS: Spending on Walker recall already surpasses previous record
Fox: Wisconsin lieutenant governor facing her own recall fight


NYT: Edwards Defense Team Makes Few Inroads With Ex-Aide’s Wife on Witness Stand
Fox: Ex-aide's wife details quirks of John Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter


NatJ: McMahon Up On TV In Connecticut
Weekly Standard: McMahon Launches First TV Ad
Hartford Courant: Tong Drops Out Of U.S. Senate Race, Supports Murphy


Fox: Tax-exempt Brown University to pay Providence $31.5M anyway
Allysia Finley: Providence's Pension Shakedown


Examiner: Dems' Senate hopes dim in Massachusetts race
Hill: Warren’s heritage is questioned in her race with Scott Brown
WaPo: Elizabeth Warren’s Native American problem
NYT: Candidate for Senate Defends Past Hiring
Daily Caller: Former Native American senator reacts to Elizabeth Warren’s minority claim
Michelle Malkin: "Sacaja-Whiner": Elizabeth Warren and the oppression Olympics

Boston Globe: A second committee raises funds for Brown
NYT: A Shot Is Sunk, and Taken, in Massachusetts Race
Jeff Jacoby: What Brown’s and Warren’s tax returns show
Politico: Scott Brown benefits from health care act


WaPo: Richard Carmona, former Bush surgeon general, best hope of turning AZ blue


May 1, 2012


Daily Mail UK: SEALs slam Obama for his bid to take credit for bin Laden killing
WSJ: Romney: Even Carter Would Have Ordered Bin Laden Strike
Hill: Romney: Bin Laden hit was easy call
NYT: Obama and Romney Spar Over Death of Bin Laden
WSJ: Obama, Romney Jab Over bin Laden
WTimes: Obama insists he’s not trumpeting bin Laden’s death for votes
Fox: Obama defends bin Laden ad, denies using anniversary for 'excessive celebration'
NatJ: Obama Attacking Romney on Bin Laden Decision
NYT: Role of Torture Revisited in Bin Laden Narrative
WSJ: Obama's Ron Burgundy Campaign: Stay classy, Chicago
Michael Mukasey: Obama and the bin Laden Bragging Rights
Jose Rodriguez: The path to bin Laden’s death didn’t start with Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Revisiting Jose Rodriguez and Lesley Stahl

WSJ: Ayotte to Reporters: Who Me, VP? Couldn’t Be
Hill: VP talk trails Ayotte after Romney rally

WSJ: GOP Insiders Back Portman for VP
BuzzFeed: Republican Insiders Have A Favorite For Veep: Senator Rob Portman
Chris Cillizza: Rob Portman is the insider’s VP pick. That’s a bad thing

Hill: Chris Christie on being VP: Romney 'might be able to convince me'
Politico: Christie on VP: Romney 'might be able to convince me'
National Review: Chris Christie’s Islam Problem

Bret Stephens: Anyone But Condi: A tempting but unwise choice for Romney's vp

Boston Globe: Mitt Romney striving to win over the right
Weekly Standard: Dangers Lurking for the Romney Campaign

NYT: Ties to Romney ’08 Helped Fuel an Equity Firm

National Review: Santorum’s Meeting with Romney ‘About More than an Endorsement’
Byron York: Will Mitt and Rick inhale when passing peace pipe?

Dallas MN: Gingrich ends GOP bid with debt, other woes, but observers say he’ll be fine

WSJ: Ron Paul Supporters Focus on State Delegations
Hill: Ron Paul, Paul Krugman face off in economic debate

WaPo: Obama campaign puts Bo on the trail
Dana Milbank: Obama, campaigner in chief
WTimes: Obama pays a few women big bucks
WTimes: Obama woos unions for election drive
NatJ: Obama's New 'Swiss Bank Account' Ad Slams Romney
Hill: GOP thinks attacking Obama as celebrity will be effective in 2012
American Thinker: Obama's Chicago-Style Campaign

Politico: Romney closes gap with Obama, poll shows

Daily Caller: Colin Powell undecided on Obama or Romney endorsement [video]

David Brooks: Warfare or Courtship in 2012?


Hill: House Republicans: No offsets for extending Bush-era tax rates

HE: Paul Ryan: 'Meet this moment, & bring about change from the debt-laden welfare state'
Bill McGurn: Paul Ryan's Cross to Bear: House budget chairman challenges the religious left
Michael Gerson: Why Reform Conservatism deserves a chance

WSJ: Capital Journal: Visa Plan Poses Bipartisan Test
Politico: Marco Rubio works both sides on immigration
WaPo: Editorial: A Dream Act that Republicans should take up

Hill: Obama goes Round Two with Boehner, this time over highway spending bill

DC: House GOP: Under Holder, ‘Justice Department has become more partisan than ever’
HChron: Lamar Smith criticizes U.S. Justice Department for partisan politics

Cass Sunstein: The White House vs. Red Tape

WaPo: Postal workers are luke-warm to Senate proposal

NYT: Rematches Are Theme of Many House Races
Politico: Buzz builds over who will lead the NRCC

Hill: GOP money floods battlegrounds, threatens Dems' hold on Senate


Fox: Top EPA official resigns after 'crucify' comment
WSJ: EPA Official Resigns Over Comments
WaPo: EPA official who compared enforcement to crucifixion resigns

WaPo: Secret Service scandal: Watchdog planning separate probe

NatJ: Report: Concerns Grow Over Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae Departures

WTimes: Farm subsidy reform could backfire

Weekly Standard: New Poll: One in Four Democrats Favors Obamacare’s Repeal

George P. Schultz & Eric Hanushek: Education Is the Key to a Healthy Economy

Charles Lane: Sometimes the death penalty is warranted

American Spectator: Soros Election-Rigging Project Dies?


NYT: Cuomo Forms Panel to Make 'Action Plan' for Education
Albany TU: Cuomo introduces education reform commission


Human Events: California to middle class: drop dead


NYT: E.P.A. Official in Texas Quits Over ‘Crucify’ Video

Hill: Federal judge halts Texas law against Planned Parenthood
NYT: Texas: Judge Prevents Ban on Funds to Planned Parenthood

Star-Telegram: Dem precinct chairwoman candidate indicted in voter fraud case in Ft Worth


Politico: Florida gets hotel smackdown from GOP


WSJ: Rep. Bachus Cleared Of Ethics Allegations
WaPo: Congress ethics office clears Bachus of insider trading
NatJ: Ethics Office Clears Bachus of Insider-Trading Violations


Roll Call: Tactical Errors, Lack of Message Plague Dick Lugar
Hill: For Sen. Lugar, GOP primary defeat could be ticket to K Street career
National Review: The Charm Offensive


NYT: In Fight Over Obama Health Law, a Front in Minnesota

Weekly Standard: Races to Watch: Minnesota Senate Primary

Star Tribune: Minn. GOP reaches deal with landlord to avoid eviction


Milwaukee JS: Walker raises $13 million since January
Politico: Gov. Scott Walker raises $13M for recall
Politico: Wisconsin heads top gubernatorial races


WSJ: Ohio Union Fight Shakes Up Race


Human Events: Nebraska Senate primary a war within GOP


NYT: Wife of Aide to Edwards Testifies About Lies
Fox: Wife of ex-aide says Edwards' love-child paternity scheme made her 'mad'


Gov. Bob McDonnell: Virginia Could Be an Energy Power—If Washington Would Let It


James Taranto: Going Native: Warren benefited from racial preferences & white privilege
Boston Globe: Document ties Elizabeth Warren kin to Cherokees
NYT: Candidate for Senate Defends Past Hiring
WSJ: Latest Issue in Massachusetts Senate Race: Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Roots
Daily Caller: Native American group: Warren ‘better be able to defend’ ancestry claim

WSJ: Downtown Scottie Brown
American Spectator: Scott Brown's Balancing Act

Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren had key role in asbestos court case

WaPo: Massachusetts payment-reform bill would overhaul how health-care providers are paid


Denver Post: Mitt Romney to resume campaign buildup in Colorado


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The Overall Outlook for 2012

NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

WaPo: GOP freshman class turned into ‘a monster’ for Boehner, other House leaders

George Will: The constitutional right to be left alone

Politico: Coburn’s book criticizes both parties on debt woes

WaPo: ‘The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan’ by Timothy Stanley

Daily Caller: Inside the mind of General Petraeus

Charles Murray:
The New American Divide

Human Events: Uncommon Knowledge interview with Charles Murray

Weekly Standard: Mind the Gap

David Brooks: The Great Divorce

Bradford Wilcox: Values Inequality

Rush Limbaugh: Charles Murray on Cultural Inequality

Robert Samuelson: Murray’s ‘Coming Apart’ misses our history

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