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(May 26 - 31 gone fishing in northern Ontario, Canada)

May 25, 2012


WSJ: Romney Takes School Message to West Philadelphia
WaPo: Romney campaign begins quiet push for African American voters
WTimes: Romney downplays value of small class size

WSJ: Obama Hits Romney’s Business Experience, Taxes
NYT: Both Campaigns Seize on Romney’s Years at Bain
NYT: Obama Takes Early Leap Into the Campaign Fray
Daily Caller; Obama national co-chair works in private equity, like Romney
Kim Strassel: Vulture Capitalism? Try Obama's Version
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Says Rush is Right: Obama is Running Against Capitalism

WTimes: In campaign twist, Romney camp plays Clinton card against Obama

Peggy Noonan: Mitt Romney's Moment
John R. Bolton: The choice is clear: Romney will keep us safer

WSJ: Union, Liberal Coalition Pushes Obama Tax Plan

WSJ: Poll Finds Small Lead for Obama in Battlegrounds
WaPo: Romney holds key advantages among financially struggling white voters
NatJ: Romney Slow to Engage in the Battle for the Hispanic Vote
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney lags with N.H. independents
NYT: Romney's Massachusetts Woes: A Bad Omen?
Politico: Obama stumbles out of the gate
James Taranto: The Ultimate Dark Horse

NatJ: Gingrich: Romney Might Be 'Surprisingly Good President'
Hill: Romney, Gingrich, Trump will appear together at Las Vegas fundraiser

Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama: The Spending King
Paul Krugman: Egos and Immorality
EJ Dionne: Conservatives used to care about community. What happened?

Byron York: Obama, Rubio birthers should read the law

NatJ: Obama's and Romney's Key Fiscal Policy Advisers

WSJ: Common Ground: Obama, Romney Camps Support Text Donations


NYT: An Often Procrastinating Congress Is Raring at the Gate on Tax Cuts

NYT: Senate Backs Bipartisan Bill to Speed Drugs and Avert Shortages
WTimes: Senate wants patients to buy American meds

Fox: Senate rejects dueling plans on student loan rates
WaPo: Senate fails to agree on student-loan-rate freeze
WTimes: Senate defeats bills to reduce student loan rates

Hill: Senate panel moves $631B Defense bill

Hill: Obama's campaign manager huddles with Senate Democrats

Washington FB: Senate Democrats pay female staffers less than male staffers


WSJ: OpEd: The Liberal Legal Meltdown Over ObamaCare

WTimes: Key figure in lavish Vegas junket leaves GSA

NYT: Justices Allow Retrial on Rejected Charges

Fox: Justice Department: Misconduct by 2 in Stevens case
Hill: Report rips DOJ attorneys in botched Stevens' case

DC: Petition to change dictionary’s definition of marriage attracts over 65,000 signatures

Robert Woodson: Afr-American political power didn’t protect civil rights, it robbed us blind


Examiner: Obama's 2008 magic past, Iowa all-out battleground


Daily Caller: SC congressional candidate arrested for drunk driving with co-ed in the car


NYT: Cuomo Says His Record Will Help Elect Democrats Across New York
Politico: Cuomo tried to keep New York public labor heads off DNC delegate list

NYT: Primary Election Challenge to Rangel Turns Into a War of Dueling Endorsements


WSJ: Judges in California Join to Stop Courts Cuts


Daily Caller: Santorum endorses Cruz for Texas Senate
Politico: Rick Perry tests his strength in Texas
Weekly Standard: In Texas, Cruz Fights for Runoff


WSJ: Patrick Fitzgerald's Chicago Way


Fox: Republicans claim advantage in Walker recall, as early voting heats up
NYT: How Did Wisconsin Become the Most Politically Divisive Place in America?
Hill: Unions angry with Dems over lack of help in Wisconsin recall
Milwaukee JS: Walker joins call for outside audit of flawed crime data
Milwaukee JS: Walker, Barrett pick up national endorsements


Politico: Joe the Plumber calls Biden 'asinine'


Bloomberg: Half of Detroit’s Streetlights May Go Out as City Shrinks


Michael Gerson: Kerrey’s case for entitlement reform


WaPo: Edwards jury wants second look at all the evidence
NYT: On Day 5, Edwards Jury Plows Through the Exhibits
Fox: Jury in Edwards trial reviewing all evidence, suggesting litany of questions
Politico: First sign of progress from John Edwards trial jury


NYT: Christie Accepts Monitoring of Muslims

NYT: New Jersey Mayor Hacked Opponents’ Web Site, U.S. Charges


WSJ: Poll: Brown and Warren Tie Up Race in Massachusetts
Boston Globe: Filings add to questions on Warren’s ethnic claims
Weekly Standard: Warren Fights Media Questions about Heritage
Daily Caller: Warren gets frustrated with press asking her to prove heritage


Hill: Arizona Senate race has personal ties for Mitt Romney
American Spectator: Age and Kyl


Politico: Baucus faces the biggest campaigns of his career


May 24, 2012


Karl Rove: Rove: Romney's Roads to the White House

Fox: Romney proposing voucher-like education overhaul
CSM: Mitt Romney unveils education reform plan heavy on 'parental choice'
Human Events: Romney calls education the 'civil rights issue of our era'
NYT: Romney Calls Education ‘Civil Rights Issue of Our Era’ and Urges Shift
Detroit News: Romney says vouchers will fix America's 'third-world' education system
WaPo: Mitt Romney promotes school vouchers in attack on Obama’s education policy
WTimes: Romney sees D.C. school vouchers as model for U.S.
Examiner: Romney turns focus to education, assails unions

NatJ: Romney: I'll Get Unemployment Down to 6 Percent or Less
Hill: Romney vows to lower unemployment rate to 6 percent by end of first term

American Thinker: Romney Must Focus on Value-Creation, not Jobs

WaPo: Rob Portman said to be on short list for Romney vice president
American Thinker: Romney's Veep Pick
Politico: What Romney's vice-presidential prospects are saying
Miami Herald: Poll: Sen. Marco Rubio would help Mitt Romney build lead in Florida

Rasmussen: Pennsylvania: Obama 47%, Romney 41%
Hill: Rocky path for Obama in Colorado
Weekly Standard: Quinnipiac: Romney-Rubio Leads Obama-Biden by 8 Points in Florida
Dallas MN: Romney to get Rick Perry blessing in joint call with Perry donors

NYT: Attacks on Rival’s Career Hold Pitfalls for President
NYT: Political Ads Don’t Tell Full Story on Private Equity
Examiner: Obama's war on private equity is all rhetoric
Rush Limbaugh: Romney's Response to Bain Assault
Rush: Obama's Attack on Bain Capital Backfires: The President is Campaigning Against Profit

WSJ: Romney Faces Latino Challenge

NatJ: Public Sour on Biden
Politico: Joe Biden favorability in the negative, poll says

NYT: New Obama Ads Focus on Medicare and Veterans

Politico: Obama's region of doom

Martin Frost: Seniors could be Obama’s Achilles’ heel

WaPo: On gay marriage, Obama’s critics and supporters alike think he may shift again

EJ Dionne: The battle among Catholic bishops

James Taranto: Obama's Permanent Emergency: How to disguise a spending binge
Ann Coulter: Figures Don't Lie: Democrats Do


WaPo: Secret Service director apologizes as senators detail new misconduct allegations
NYT: Secret Service Chief Sees No ‘Systemic’ Problems
WTimes: Secret Service prostitute scandal reveals pattern, senators contend
Fox: Senators concerned Secret Service prostitution scandal was part of a ‘culture’
Dana Milbank: Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan sees no cause for alarm

WSJ: Pelosi Pushes Tax Hike for Those Making $1 Million or More
Hill: Pelosi asks Boehner for immediate vote on middle-class tax cuts
WaPo: Editorial: Nancy Pelosi’s risky pander on taxes

WTimes: High-level officials partied with GSA in Vegas

Hill: House, Senate launch inquiries into Facebook's IPO debacle
Fox: Senate panel to launch review of Facebook IPO

Fox: Senate committee to investigate charity it suspects may be exploiting veterans

Hill: Republicans bristle at vote on sea treaty during lame duck

Roll Call: Senate Democrats Make Play on Equal Pay
Politico: Dems push 'paycheck fairness' bill

Hill: With his eye on 2013 majority, McConnell lets Boehner lead
Roll Call: NRSC Welcomes Deb Fischer, Richard Mourdock With Fundraisers and Cash


WTimes: Obama makes case for defense cuts: Speaks at Air Force Academy
NYT: Military Will Remain Strong With Cuts, Obama Tells Cadets
NatJ: Channeling Reagan, Obama Offers Robust Defense of Foreign Policy
Politico: Democrats stiffen spine on sequester

CBS: Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones

WaPo: Pakistani doctor who helped CIA hunt for bin Laden sentenced to prison for treason
Fox: GOP Rep. King says Obama officials disclosed identity of jailed Pakistani doctor

Examiner: Hollywood insiders got unusual CIA, Pentagon help with bin Laden flick

Weekly Standard: Gallup: 'Pro-Choice' Americans at Record-Low 41%
Politico: Poll: Record low are 'pro-choice'
Human Events: Support for abortion slips again

National Review: Editorial: Pressuring the Chief Justice


Roll Call: Charlie Rangel’s Career Might Be in Peril

DC: NY Republicans propose ‘clearly unconstitutional’ ban on anonymous online comments

Albany TU: In Nixon mask, Ed Cox searches Cuomo’s files, then sings


WSJ: Judges in California Lobby Against Cuts
Law: Court Officials Air Concerns About Budget Cuts, with Few Solutions Seen

SacBee: Approval of Gov. Jerry Brown slips in public opinion poll


Dallas MN: Texas Republican leaders miffed at lack of attention from Romney
HChron: TX GOP chair Steve Munisteri on Mitt Romney: ‘I think he takes Texas for granted’

Fox: Upstart Dem presidential candidate Wolfe vows to take Obama challenge to Texas


American Spectator: Big Mack Attack: Can Eric Holder straighten out Florida Republicans?

NatJ: Rubio Slams Life in Polarized Senate

Miami Herald: Political ad wars get underway in Florida


Chicago Tribune: Fitzgerald to step down after record nearly 11 years as U.S. attorney
WaPo: US Atty Patrick Fitzgerald stepping down after more than a decade in Chicago post
Chicago ST: Who’s next for U.S. attorney? May the speculation begin

Chicago Tribune: Illinois House approves major gambling expansion


Examiner: Vikings pillage taxpayers


Milwaukee JS: Obama keeps a low public profile in Wisconsin recall fight
Milwaukee JS: Absentee voting for recall already far exceeds that of primary
Weekly Standard: Fourth Poll in Two Weeks Shows Scott Walker at 50% in Recall Race
Politico: Has recall election turned Scott Walker into GOP hero?
Politico: Scott Walker declares 'Donald Driver Day'
Weekly Standard: Tom Barrett Touted False Crime Statistics


WTimes: Snyder shapes up Michigan


WaPo: John Edwards trial: Jurors seek information on ‘Bunny’ Mellon’s role
Fox: Jury silent on fourth day of deliberations in Edwards trial, as verdict awaits
AJC: As Edwards jury deliberates, speculation grows
NYT: How Judge Views Law Might Sway the Jurors at the Edwards Trial


Politico: Christie rips budget wonk


Roll Call: Maine GOP Finds Hope in Independent Angus King


WSJ: Poll: Brown and Warren Tie Up Race in Massachusetts
Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren pulls even with Scott Brown in new poll
NYT: Voters Shrug at Revelations of Ethnic Claim in Senate Race
NatJ: Poll: Warren Surviving Heritage Controversy
Hill: Mass. voters shrugging off Warren’s claims of Cherokee heritage
George Will: Elizabeth Warren’s identity politics


Fox: Hawaii verifies Obama's birth records to Arizona
WaPo: HI verifies Obama birth records to Ariz. official who said he’d keep president off ballot
WaPo: Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett satisfied Obama was born in United States


American Spectator: Greg Sowards Battles Queen RINO


Weekly Standard: Obama a 'Little Flat' in Denver


WSJ: Hatch Scores Tea Party Points With Palin Endorsement
WTimes: Tea-party target Hatch gets Palin’s endorsement
National Review: How Hatch Wooed Palin, and the Right
Roll Call: Dan Liljenquist Works to Breach Orrin Hatch’s Stronghold


May 23, 2012


USA Today: Ky., Ark. primaries push Romney toward inevitable nomination
Philadelphia Inquirer: With Kentucky and Arkansas wins, Romney shy of just 89 delegates

Hill: 4 in 10 Democrats desert Obama in Arkansas, Kentucky primaries
WaPo: Obama’s narrow primary wins indicate party unrest
Boston Globe: Drop-off in gifts to Obama in Mass.

WSJ: Obama, Romney in Dead Heat
MSNBC: NBC/WSJ poll: Obama, Romney locked in tight contest
Breitbart: WaPo/ABC Poll Assumes Lowest GOP Turnout in Decades to Boost Obama
Hill: Romney rocks the independent vote
NatJ: Obama Trails Romney in Florida Poll
Politico: GOP discovers that Mitt Romney could win
Human Events: No Apologies
American Spectator: A Romney Survival Guide

Fox: Obama Stakes His Re-Election on Bain Attacks
WSJ: WSJ Poll: Dim Views of Big Business, Government
NYT: In One Corner, a Champion of Government. In the Other, Its Foe
CSM: Romney's Bain problem: Private equity has bad rap with public
NYT: ‘Super PAC’ Continues Attacks on Bain With New Video
WaPo: Editorial: President Obama wants it both ways on private equity
Fox: Obama's anti-Romney Bain ads dividing Dems
NatJ: The Emerging Democratic Divide
Hill: Democrats balk at Obama campaign’s sustained attack on Bain Capital
Roll Call: Democrats Close Ranks on Bain

Dick Morris: Negatives won’t kill Romney

WaPo: Romney sets out to frame campaign themes with weekly speeches

ABC: Romney Rakes in $3 Million at Connecticut Fundraiser, Supporter Says
Hill: Romney opens wallet for GOP lawmakers

Reuters: Romney begins to stir in fight for U.S. Hispanic votes

NYT: Black Mormons and the Politics of Identity

NYT: Powell Holds Back on Endorsing Obama

WaPo: The anti-Obama Democrats

WSJ: Gay Marriage Has Limited Impact on 2012 Votes

Weekly Standard: Watching the Democratic Party Collapse in Dixie

NYT: After Paul Falters, Backers Push Agenda in Party and Other Races

Michael Barone: Life in a cocoon dulls political responses

Politico: Nancy Reagan suffers broken ribs


WSJ: CBO Sees 2013 Recession Risk
WTimes: Congress staring over edge of ‘fiscal cliff’
Fox: CBO says US likely to fall off 'fiscal cliff' if Bush-era tax cuts allowed to expire
WaPo: CBO: Taxmageddon would throw U.S. back into recession
NYT: Recession Possible if Impasse Persists, Budget Office Says
Hill: CBO: Recession in 2013 unless Congress acts on fiscal issues
Examiner: Reid delaying tax cut vote until after election
WSJ: OpEd: How the Recovery Went Wrong

WaPo: Senate panel votes to extend government’s broader surveillance authority

Hill: GOP senator accuses Obama, Dems of setting tax trap for after the election

Politico: Paul Ryan expects mandate for GOP
Dean Clancy: Washington’s new divide: Paul Ryan Optimists vs. Rand Paul Federalists
Hill: Boehner tops Pelosi with $70M

Hill: Gillibrand a strong candidate to become next head of DSCC

Dana Milbank: Senators put federal regulators, not JPMorgan, on the hot seat

Fox: Judges under fire for Maui conference have history of tropical getaways


NYT: Plane Diverted After Passenger Claims an Implanted Device
Hill: Senate Dems back increase in air travel fee to close funding shortfall at TSA

Hill: Blunt predicts contraception mandate lawsuits to be decided by Supreme Court
James Taranto: ObamaCare vs. the First Amendment
Ross Douthat: Obama vs. Catholics, Catholics vs. Obama

Kathleen Parker: The public trial of Justice Roberts

Fox: Obama’s war on coal hits your electric bill

Rasmussen: 40% Now Say Trayvon Martin Shot in Self-Defense; 24% Say It Was Murder

WSJ: Fort Hood Bomb-Plot Trial Begins For Soldier

Fox: 4 Secret Service agents to contest dismissals over prostitution scandal
Fox: Sen. Collins claims Secret Service prostitution scandal wider than believed

Michelle Malkin: Jaczko the Jerk: Harry Reid's sexist crony gets the boot


NYT: With Ex-Aide’s Plea Deal, Clouds for Washington Mayor
WTimes: Gray under cloud in campaign fraud case


ABC: South Carolina AFL-CIO Leader Bashes Nikki Haley Pinata


NYT: Cuomo Picks 2 to Lead State Democratic Party

NYT: Even When His Latino Roots Might Help Politically, Rangel Keeps Them Buried

Politico: Why Democrat Kathy Hochul is bucking her party


Contra Costa Times: GOP chairman offers views on the state of CA under Dem leadership
Roll Call: Outside Money Flows to California


WTimes: GOP race in Texas has echoes of Indiana


Hill: GOP eyes swing state Florida with attack on Castro government visas

TBT: Mild-mannered George LeMieux's bare-knuckled campaign for US Sen appointment
TBT: Hyperventilating Mack campaign wants feds to investigate George LeMieux


Chicago Tribune: Away from presidential race's glare, battles for Congress rage

Chicago ST: Cubs Tom Ricketts on defense over dad’s anti-Obama plan


Milwaukee JS: As election nears, Walker, Barrett seek to capture momentum
WaPo: Could Scott Walker help Mitt Romney win Wisconsin?
WaPo: Internal Democratic polling shows dead heat in Wisconsin recall
American Spectator: The Wisconsin Turning Point


Politico: Fred Davis gone from Pete Hoekstra campaign


MO Watchdog: Missouri’s McCaskill late on her taxes, again


WSJ: Kansas Governor Signs Tax-Cut Bill


Lex18: Massie Wins Republican Nomination In 4th District


Weekly Standard: Cotton Wins Arkansas House Primary Race
Human Events: Political outsiders take GOP nominations in AR, KY House primaries


ABC: John Edwards Jurors Make Little Progress in Three Days of Deliberations
NYT: Waiting for an Edwards Verdict, and Getting Acquainted With Greensboro
Politico: Jury's long faces at Edwards trial


WaPo: Artur Davis reportedly considering Republican House bid in Virginia
Politico: Party switch, new bid for ex-Rep. Artur Davis?


National Review: Christie Is One of Us
National Review: Red-Hued New Jersey? Kyrillos is within striking distance of Menendez


Politico: Elizabeth Warren's whereabouts


Fox: Hawaii verifies Obama's birth records to Arizona

Daily Caller: ‘Liberal bias’ blamed for media not covering Carmona harassment allegations


Examiner: Obama fighting for GOP-friendly Colorado


NYT: Leader of ’76 Insurgency Is Now a Target of One


May 22, 2012


NYT: Fund-Raising for Romney Eats Into Obama’s Edge
WaPo: Mitt Romney joins forces with RNC to boost fundraising
WSJ: Dick Cheney to Raise Money for Mitt Romney

ABC: Obama Campaign Does Damage Control After Dems Question Anti-Bain Strategy
NYT: Facing Criticism, Obama Defends Ads Attacking Romney’s Record at Bain Capital
WaPo: Obama defends his attacks on Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital
WSJ: Obama Keeps Bain in His Cross Hairs
WTimes: Obama: Bain Capital is the issue in 2012
Fox: Obama defends Bain ads, singles out Romney at NATO summit
NatJ: Why Obama Is Doubling Down on Bain Capital Attacks Against Romney
NatJ: Booker Blunder Highlights Democratic Divide
Politico: Sarah Palin: ‘Shame’ Cory Booker backed down
Rush: Cory Booker Tells Truth About Bain, Then Recants After Bullying by Obama Regime

WaPo: Poll: Obama, Romney in dead heat on economy
Hill: Aide: Romney created more jobs as governor than Obama did as president

Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney’s Schooldays
Weekly Standard: WaPo Attacks Romney for 'Mormon Militia' Action 150 Years Ago

National Review: Romney and the Right

Daily Caller: Nevada Gov. Sandoval a mixed bag as potential Romney running mate

Weekly Standard: Biden Getting Ever More Nervous?
Rush Limbaugh: Will Bam Dump Bite Me for Hillary?

Daily Caller: Will Donald Trump give keynote speech at RNC convention?

Hill: Obama campaign turns to Rahm Emanuel, the ‘Dems’ Karl Rove’

NYT: Subtler Entry From Masters of Attack Ads

Byron York: New allegation from Rev. Wright deserves answer
American Spectator: Mitt's Mistake

NYT: Swing Voters and Elastic States
Newser: Introducing 'Elastic States'

WSJ: ‘Justice for Sale’ Nabs Top Political Ad Spot

Frank Bruni: Second Acts for First Ladies


NYT: Boehner's Latest Budget Gambit

WaPo: As Congress funds itself, winners and losers emerge

Sen. Jim Inhofe: Global warming alarmism, anyone? The public is cooling to the rhetoric

Politico: GOP closer to holding Eric Holder in contempt
Hill: Rep. Issa might not have the votes to push forward Holder contempt charge

Hill: Democratic senators facing tough 2014 re-election fights low on money

WTimes: GOP senators slam federal judges’ plan for retreat at Maui resort
Fox: Judges' plans for lavish $1 million Hawaii conference bring scrutiny
Daily Caller: Ninth Circuit court takes million-dollar trip on taxpayer dime
Examiner: Federal judges enjoy taxpayer-funded junkets, too
WTimes: More images, videos reveal GSA fun at 2010 Vegas conference


Fox: Catholic organizations across the country file suit against contraception mandate
CBS: Archdiocese Of NY, Other Catholic Institutions Sue Obama Over Birth Control Mandate
NYT: Catholics File Suits on Contraceptive Coverage
WSJ: Dioceses, Schools Sue Over Birth-Control Mandate
WaPo: D.C. archdiocese, other Catholic groups file suit against birth control mandate
WTimes: Archdioceses, Catholic schools sue over Obama contraception plan
WTimes: Catholic leaders take aim at Obama contraception plan
Weekly Standard: Three Years After Honoring Obama, Notre Dame Sues Obama
American Spectator: The Irish Sue the Feds
American Spectator: Catholic Institutions Revolt En Masse Against HHS Mandate
WSJ: Notre Dame: Why We’re Suing Over Birth-Control Mandate
Notre Dame: Complaint and Demand for Jury Trial (.pdf) (Hat Tip: Paul Jones)

Michael Gerson: Catholics won’t go quietly
EJ Dionne: Did the Catholic organizations have to sue over the health care mandate?
Rush Limbaugh: The Intolerance of Liberalism

Hill: Dem law may be downfall of mandate

Hill: HHS signs $20M PR contract to promote healthcare law

WTimes: Embattled nuclear chief sets exit strategy
NYT: Gregory Jaczko to Resign as N.R.C. Chairman After Stormy Tenure

Fox: Supreme Court denies benefits to twins conceived after father's death
LA Times: Supreme Court rejects widow's claim in Social Security case
WSJ: High Court Denies Benefits to Parent of Child Born Through IVF
NYT: Children Not Entitled to Dead Father’s Benefits, Justices Rule

NYT: Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Surveillance Case
WaPo: Supreme Court agrees to hear case on electronic surveillance

Roll Call: Scene Set for Kentucky, Arkansas Primaries Today


WaPo: Iowa GOP takes shot at Obama with ‘natural-born citizen’ requirement


Politico: In New Hampshire, 2012 is the new 2004


NY Post: Judge tells Soundview to sue Espada for looted cash


SacBee: California pay commission to consider 5 percent cut for state elected officials

Politico: Arnold: Things with Maria are 'great'


Dallas MN: As Cruz claims momentum in TX U.S. Senate race, Leppert and Dewhurst attack
HChron: Cruz, Leppert each project runoff with Dewhurst
Weekly Standard: Texas Poll: Dewhurst 40, Cruz 31


Politico: Democrats limp to finish line in Wisconsin
Weekly Standard: Tom Barrett: A Man Without A Plan
Milwaukee JS: Absentee voting begins for recall election


Roll Call: Ohio Senate Race Evolves Into Battleground
Cleveland PD: DOJ probing campaign donations to Rep. Renacci, Josh Mandel
Fox: Feds probe campaign contributions to two Ohio officials


Roll Call: Rand Paul Tests Political Influence
Hill: Kentucky House race pits GOP old guard against Tea Party, Rand Paul


Hill: Club for Growth favorite leads in Arkansas


NYT: North Carolina: Edwards Jurors Continue Talks
Fox: Handwritten notes may hold key to Edwards trial verdict as jury deliberates

Fox: NC teacher reportedly suspended after telling student not to criticize Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Lib Teacher Bullies Student About Obama


Rush Limbaugh: Elizabeth Warren Plagiarized Recipes


WND: Hawaii Five-O: Sheriff Joe sends detectives to Honolulu
WaPo: Editorial: In Arizona, more birther buffoonery


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NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

George Will: The constitutional right to be left alone

Politico: Coburn’s book criticizes both parties on debt woes

WaPo: Sen. Tom Coburn, part one: Defusing the debt bomb

WaPo: ‘The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan’ by Timothy Stanley

American Spectator:
The Devil Is in the Details

Daily Caller: Inside the mind of General Petraeus

Charles Murray:
The New American Divide

Human Events: Uncommon Knowledge interview with Charles Murray

Weekly Standard: Mind the Gap

David Brooks: The Great Divorce

Bradford Wilcox: Values Inequality

Rush Limbaugh: Charles Murray on Cultural Inequality

Robert Samuelson: Murray’s ‘Coming Apart’ misses our history

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