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May 14, 2012


WSJ: Romney Advances With Evangelicals
Human Events: Mitt Romney's Plan of Attack
American Spectator: Common Cause

WTimes: House GOP works with Romney on health care
Hill: GOP lawmakers: Romney should shame Obama with Israel trip

WTimes: Gay marriage gives Romney chance to fire up base
Fox: Social conservatives claim Obama's gay marriage endorsement could unite right

Politico: Mitt's mantra: Avoid McCain's mistakes

WSJ: Gay-Marriage Cases Pose Legal Tests for Administration
NYT: After Obama’s Decision on Marriage, a Call to Pastors
NYT: Unions That Divide: Churches Split Over Gay Marriage
WaPo: D.C. area churches grapple with president’s stance on same-sex marriage
Fox: Newsweek calls Obama 'The First Gay President' on cover
NatJ: Think Obama Had Tricky Footing on Gay Marriage? Meet Tony Verga
Examiner: Gay marriage shows how social issues pay for Dems
American Spectator: Green Is a Color in the Rainbow
EJ Dionne: I’m not quitting the church
Jed Babbin: Obama's Media-Contrived Courage

WSJ: Obama's More Modest Campaign Pitch
Fox: Obama seeks to undercut Romney's record on jobs
NatJ: Obama Ad To Attack Romney On Bain Years

Fox: White House pushes ObamaCare-themed e-cards for Mother's Day

WaPo: In military-rich battlegrounds, Obama targets new group: veterans

Fox: New GOP Super PAC hopes to woo younger voters
WaPo: New ‘super’ PAC hopes to woo younger voters, unease about jobs, student loan debt

WTimes: Poll shows Obama’s chief edge is enthusiasm factor


WaPo: Ryan budget still an issue in congressional races

WaPo: Senate to call Secret Service director to testify on prostitution scandal

WTimes: Lawmakers: Probe, punish ‘bomb’ leak
Fox: Feinstein: Bomb plot leak must be 'prosecuted'

Hill: Fight looms over detainee provisions

Examiner: Domestic violence bill now political battleground

Human Events: Congress Looks to Rewrite Act That Led to Gibson Guitar Raid

NYT: Actions in Congress Resonate in the Race for the White House

Hill: Conservatives grumble at GOP leader Cantor’s bipartisan legislative efforts

Politico: Right wants more from John Boehner

Judd Gregg: Opinion: Tax hikes will exact steep price


Hill: Report says 230,000 unemployed losing benefits over weekend

WaPo: Editorial: What the Keystone pipeline won’t do

LA Times: Amid criticism, TSA finds weapons in walker and stuffed animals

Robert Samuelson: The boom on the farm

National Review: Obama’s Sunny Predictions

Paul Krugman: Why We Regulate


Fox: GOP congressmen demand Dem apology over vote 'against' NYPD

Politico: Charlie Rangel mired in primary

NYDN: Gov. Cuomo's best chance of taking White House in 2016

NY Post: Obama leads Romney by 20 points in NY: poll


WSJ: Brown Says More Cuts Needed in Californi


HChron: Early voting for primary gets under way


Daily Caller: Mitt Romney supporters, Ron Paul partisans brawl at OK GOP convention


St. Augustine's Record: The Senate race in Florida is off to a slow start


American Spectator: Jindal Goes Mobile


Indy Star: Hoosier Republicans tilt right but say they're still mainstream


Milwaukee JS: Walker vs. Barrett: Strangely familiar but altogether different


NPR: Republicans Zero In On Nebraska's U.S. Senate Seat
Sioux City Journal: Nebraskans will settle Republican senatorial primary Tuesday
Omaha WH: Senate race will go down to the wire
Lincoln JS: Chasing Jon Bruning to the wire


LA Times: Sen. Rand Paul rebuked on Sunday shows for gay marriage remark
Politico: Priebus on Rand Paul


Politico: George Allen to NYC conservative confab


AJC: Past lobbying becomes issue in Arizona Senate race


Denver Post: Colorado legislators reconvene today, but little may happen
LA Times: Will Colorado special session on civil unions even address them?


May 13, 2012


WTimes: Romney backs traditional marriage at Liberty University
Breitbart: Romney Defends Marriage, Judeo-Christian Values At Falwell's Liberty University
Reuters: Romney seeks evangelical votes; opposes gay marriage
McClatchy: Romney courts evangelicals' favor in speech at Liberty University
Fox: Romney addresses gay marriage issue at Liberty U, saying 'one man and one woman'
WaPo: Mitt Romney delivers deeply spiritual address, but avoids his Mormonism, at Liberty U
WaPo: Romney shows his sense of humor in Liberty University speech
NYT: Romney Tells Evangelicals Their Values Are His, Too
WSJ: Romney Speaks of Values, Gay Marriage at Christian College
NatJ: Romney Courts Christian Conservatives at Liberty U
Hill: Romney only touches on gay marriage in graduation speech at evangelical college
Politico: Evangelicals: Mitt Romney hit right note

Rasmussen: Romney 50% Obama 42%
Powerline: Is Romney Pulling Away?

Fox: Gingrich campaigning for Romney

Hill: Santorum: Marriage a 'potent weapon'

Politico: Mitt Romney uses Jimmy Carter as campaign weapon

Weekly Standard: How Romney Should Respond to the JP Morgan News

Salena Zito: The Average White Guy Vote
Michael Barone: Three different ways to look at the 2012 campaign
Bill O'Reilly: Still making waves

NY Post: The ‘bribe’ to silence Wright
Breitbart: Wright: Obama Tried To Bribe Me To Keep Quiet in 2008

WTimes: Obama pushes billion-dollar stimulus plan
WTimes: Obama urges Congress to help homeowners

NYT: After Divisive Primary, Shifting to the Center

Daily Caller: Obama ignores gay marriage issue on Saturday as Romney surges ahead
Ross Douthat: Winning the News Cycle, Losing the Race
Maureen Dowd: Seeking Original Bliss
DC: Buchanan: Obama has ‘put his presidency in peril’ with gay marriage declaration
HE: Editorial: President Resets Political Game Board With Same-Sex Marriage Position

David Maraniss: Obama is his mother’s son

Politico: Betty White endorses Obama

Fox: Johnson gets Libertarian nomination but still faces debate challenge


Salena Zito: Election will be all about economy, House speaker says
Hill: As Romney drifts, Boehner stays focused on economic message

NYT: Tea Party Focus Turns to Senate and Shake-Up
Clarice Feldman: Attack of the Tea Party Zombies

Hill: Vulnerable Democratic senators balk at Obama's gay marriage endorsement

Hill: GOP presses Treasury on foreign bank reporting requirement

Hill: FEC to Congress: Expand ban personal use of political committee funds

Hill: Hoeven predicts highway bill by June 30, with Keystone included

Human Events: In Congress this week: Spending to dominate


Odessa American: Labor force participation enters spotlight

WSJ: Insurers Must Credit Rebates to Health Law
WaPo: Republican state officials stall on setting up health insurance marketplaces

Powerline: We Are Swimming In Oil

BIns: It's More Clear Than Ever That If Romney Loses, The Economy Is Going To Implode

Thomas Friedman: This Column Is Not Sponsored by Anyone

American Thinker: Naomi Schaefer Riley and the Corruption of the Academy

Arianna Huffington: Greek Tragedy

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows


NYDN: Estranged husband and wife are running against each other for a state Assembly seat

NY Post: Editorial: Say goodnight, Charlie (Rangel)


SacBee: Brown: California budget deficit rises to $16 billion
LA Times: California deficit has soared to $16 billion, Gov. Jerry Brown says
NYT: Shortfall in California’s Budget Swells to $16 Billion
WTimes: California facing higher $16 billion shortfall
Fox: California budget deficit has swelled to $16 billion, governor says
Human Events: California Deficit Soars to $16 Billion - Governor Wants Tax Hikes


NYT: New District in Texas Promises a Scramble for Congress


Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott’s embattled chief of staff resigns

WaPo: Senate campaign in Florida off to a sluggish start

Miami Herald: Noncitizen voter hunt targets Hispanics, NPAs but not GOP, whites


AJC: George Hooks, ‘dean’ of the state Senate, calls it quits


Politico: Michele Bachmann blasted by right blogs

Star Tribune: Mortgage shy: Ranks of buyers dwindling


Milwaukee JS: In the Walker-Barrett do-over, how many will re-do their votes?


Detroit News: Snyder urges Congress to let Michigan collect sales tax on online purchases

Hill: Poll: Obama holds 5-point lead over Romney in Michigan


Politico: Outside group airs $200k in anti-Bruning ads in Nebraska


Politico: Rand Paul: There's a 'sickness' in the country
Hill: Sen. Rand Paul mocks Obama, says his views couldn't 'get any gayer’


News & Observer: Democratic Party chairman resigns, then unresigns
WRAL: NC Democratic party chairman resigns but gets vote to stay
WaPo: NC Dem Party chair submits resignation - then opts to stay after activists back him
Daily Caller: NC Dem Party chair resigns, unresigns, throws Tarheel Dems into disarray
Politico: North Carolina Democrats drag out party mess
WTimes: North Carolina a political headache for Democrats
Fox: North Carolina a political headache for Democrats

WaPo: John Edwards endures two-pronged trial, testing his morals and his actions


Examiner: Allen's record on earmarks draws fire from Right and Left


CFP: Elizabeth Warren: Senate Candidate, Marxist Author & Shameless Race Grifter
Breitbart: New Media Shames MSM in Elizabeth Warren Saga

Boston Globe: Between Brown, Romney, support but little chemistry


WTimes: Will Arpaio’s popularity continue amid lawsuit?

American Thinker: Why Obama Challenged Arizona's Immigration Law

Arizona Republic: Arizona Ron Paul supporters boo Romney's son off stage


Politico: Hatch dinged for debate dodging


Hot Air: Obama only up 4 in SurveyUSA poll in … Oregon?
Politico: Oregon competitive? Really?
Oregonian: SurveyUSA says Obama leads by 4% in OR but poll understates Democratic vote


May 12, 2012


Charlotte Observer: Mitt Romney rips Barack Obama on economy
Winston-Salem Journal: Romney, in Charlotte, rips Obama on economy
Hill: Romney makes play for North Carolina

WSJ: Romney Offers Peek at Liberty University Speech
WTimes: Stakes are high for Romney speech at Christian college
Politico: 10 essential facts about Liberty U.

Rasmussen: Romney 50% Obama 43%
Hill: Poll: Romney opens up big lead over Obama
Rasmussen: Wisconsin: Obama 49%, Romney 45%
Detroit News: Poll: Obama leads Romney in Michigan

NYT: In New Ad, Defense of Ann Romney and Motherhood
Fox: Ann Romney: MS created challenge to my identity
WSJ: Ann Romney Staying Out of VP Decision

DC: Newt: Romney endorsement ‘very positive,’ ‘very aggressive,’ joint appearances planned
American Thinker: Mitch Daniels: Here's How to Trounce Obama

NYT: Romney to Avoid Same-Sex Marriage in Commencement Speech, Aides Say
WSJ: Gay Marriage: Wedge Issue in Wealthy Suburbs?
WaPo: Obama gay marriage endorsement mobilizes Christian conservatives
WaPo: Conservative students split on Romney
WaPo: Obama’s gay marriage position could be problematic, poll shows
Weekly Std: Gallup: Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement Hurts Him More Than It Helps
Daily Caller: Poll: Obama’s gay marriage push hurts him with independents

NatJ: Romney Backs Away From Gay Adoptions

James Taranto: In search of a Romney scandal, WaPo reaches back 47 years
Rush Limbaugh: What Mitt Romney Hasn't Done...
Politico: Will young Mitt hurt candidate Mitt?

Kathleen Parker: A gay marriage proclamation? Bullying? Much ado about the wrong things.

NYT: Romney’s Adversarial View of Russia Stirs Debate

WSJ: Trouble in Coal Country for Obama

TMZ: Beach Boys singer: 'Obama's a Socialist A-Hole'

US: Bristol Palin Slams Obama's Support of Gay Marriage

Rush Limbaugh: Regime Intimidates Romney Contributors

Fred Barnes: He’s No Pragmatist: Obama doesn’t play well with Republicans

NYT: Obama Returns to Topic of Economic Recovery
Chris Cillizza: President Obama’s tough sales job on the economy

WSJ: Democrats' Fund Taps Corporate Donors for Convention


WaPo: Defense spending plan puts Rep. Buck McKeon, Leon Panetta at odds

Hill: House GOP issues second subpoena over planned coal-mining rules

Fox: TSA faces Capitol Hill pressure for new leadership, security measures

WaPo: The 10 House districts that might surprise you


Weekly Std: Obama Warned that His Policies Would Bankrupt Coal Power Plant Owners
Human Events: Top 10 misguided energy policies

Andrew McCarthy: Western Sharia: Muslim Supremacists partner with the Lawyer Left

William Kristol: Obama's Choice: He did the right thing, picking Petraeus

George Will: The American dream in an automobile

National Review/John Fund: Censoring Naomi Riley

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: $12 Million to Help Cuomo Came From Just 20 Donors

WSJ: Espada Jurors End 2nd Week Undecided


Chicago ST: In first debate, congressional rivals Walsh and Duckworth tangle over Medicare


Human Events: Meet Richard Mourdock, Indiana's affable 'Hoosier Headache'


Examiner: Scott Walker camp to Barrett: You're a hypocrite
Milwaukee JS: Walker 'divide and conquer' video becomes campaign fodder

Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Thompson (R) 50%, Baldwin (D) 38%

Milwaukee JS: Three justices miffed over rejected Judicial Commission appointment


WaPo: Legislature approves bill to bar use of Islamic law, other foreign codes, in Kansas


Fox: Judge denies request to dismiss charges in Edwards' trial
NYT: Motion to Dismiss Charges Against Edwards Is Denied
WSJ: Judge Denies Bid to Dismiss Edwards Charges

NYT: In North Carolina, Beliefs Clash on Marriage Law


WaPo: Allen stands up to challengers’ criticism in second debate for Va. GOP Senate race


WaPo: Chris Christie tames the New Jersey political beast


LI: Genealogist for Warren 1/32 Cherokee claim goes silent, source document shown false
Fox: New documents fuel controversy over Warren's characterization of her heritage
Hill: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck to host fundraiser for Elizabeth Warren


Fox: Colorado appeals court declares Day of Prayer unconstitutional


May 11, 2012


USA Today: Romney likely to use Liberty U. speech to woo evangelicals
Bloomberg: Romney Woos Social Conservatives with Liberty Speech
WTimes: Romney’s graduates
Byron York: What Romney can accomplish at Liberty University

Weekly Standard: Romney Defense Spending Proposal a Return to Normal

NatJ: Will Economy Give Romney The Electoral Edge?
David Limbaugh: Time for Republicans to take the offensive

WTimes: Romney’s team starts to look like Bush’s

Politico: Poll: Rob Portman no GOP boost in Ohio

WSJ: Romney Apologizes for His High School Pranks
NYT: Bullying Story Spurs Apology by Romney
WaPo: Mitt Romney apologizes for high school hijinks
Detroit News: Romney apologizes to Cranbrook classmates for 'hijinks'
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling incidents
AmPundit: Whoa: Family of Romney’s Alleged Bullying “Victim” Says Story Inaccurate
WS: Washington Post Changes Romney Bullying Story Without Issuing a Correction
Fox: Romney apologizes for high school 'pranks,' says doesn't recall hair-cutting incident
CSM: Romney denies bullying students for being gay in high school
Detroit FP: Romney says he's a different person since Cranbrook days
Telegraph UK: Mitt Romney apologises for 'stupid' school pranks
Rush Limbaugh: WaPo Digs Deep, Forces Mitt Romney to Apologize for High School Pranks

WaPo: GOP treads lightly on gay marriage issue
WSJ: Romney Backs Gay Couples’ Right to Adopt

NYT: Obama Campaign Pushes the Issue of Gay Marriage
WaPo: For Obama, gay marriage stance born of a long evolution
James Taranto: Why Obama Flipped
Michael Gerson: A generational shift in cultural attitudes
Daily Caller: Coulter: Obama gay marriage revelation ‘a sign of desperation’
Pat Buchanan: The Antietam of the culture war
Rich Lowry: Gay Marriage: Not Inevitable
Rush Limbaugh: Much Ado About Doing Absolutely Nothing

Kim Strassel: Trolling for Dirt on the President's List

Fox: Obama raising Hollywood cash on heels of gay marriage endorsement
WTimes: Obama campaigns for cash at George Clooney’s house

Politico: Obama gay marriage decision a possible game-changer in N.C.
Rush Limbaugh: Did the Regime Write Off North Carolina?

US News: Poll Shows Florida Voters Warming to Obama


WaPo: House passes bill to shield Pentagon from automatic spending cuts
LA Times: House approves Republican plan for spending cuts
Hill: House votes to replace Pentagon cuts mandated by debt deal
WTimes: House shifts pending budget cuts from defense to entitlements
NYT: House Approves $310 Billion in Cuts, but Passage in the Senate Is Very Unlikely
Chicago Tribune: Obama threatens to veto Republican's shield of defense cuts
Stephen Moore: Ryan for the Defense

WTimes: House bill reins in Census Bureau, Justice

Hill: GOP says Obama too soft on China when it comes to human rights

WSJ: CEOs Press Congress on Debt

WSJ: Asked About Gay Rights, Boehner Sticks to Economy

Hill: Sen. DeMint knocks Obama as 'hypocritical' on energy tax breaks

Roll Call: NRCC Loads First Round of Young Guns
Roll Call: Steve Israel Projects Dem Gains, Says Gay Marriage Not Relevant in House Races


Fox: Shrinking US workforce masks an otherwise sky-high jobless rate
Paul Krugman: Easy Useless Economics
Michelle Malkin: White House lied, jobs died

NYT: Subsidies Aid U.S. Manufacturing Rebirth

WTimes: Documents withheld in GSA scandal

NYT: Many Americans Abroad Surprised by Tax Code's Nasty Bite


NYT: In Reversal, Espada Jurors Indicate a Verdict Is Near


LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown warns more budget cuts are coming
SacBee: Jerry Brown submits tax petitions, says 'difficult' budget cuts next

Politico: FEC deadlocks on Dianne Feinstein


Dallas MN: Sarah Palin, husband back Ted Cruz in Senate race
Ted Cruz: Governor Sarah Palin Endorses Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

NYT: G.O.P. Candidates Run for Ron Paul’s Old House Seat, but Not in His Image


Politico: Ex-GOP congressman eyes Fla. Senate bid
Miami Herald: U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson says gay marriage 'should be left to the states'


AJC: Saxby Chambliss: On a likely primary challenge


NPR: Mourdock's Demeanor Masks Conservative Fervor
Charlie Cook: Lugar’s Downfall: It's more complicated than the Tea Party


Star Tribune: Bachmann backs away from Swiss citizenship
WSJ: Bachmann Renounces Swiss Citizenship


Human Events: Walker pulls ahead in Wisconsin
Rasmussen: Wisconsin Recall Election: Walker 50%, Barrett 45%
Politico: Armageddon in Wisconsin
Milwaukee JS: In film, Walker talks of 'divide and conquer' union strategy

Milwaukee JS: Walker's team expects $154.5 million surplus by 2013
Weekly Standard: Wisconsin Republicans to Barrett: Show Us Your Budget


Hill: Both parties brace for tight Senate race in Ohio: Mandel closing on Brown


WTimes: Republican infighting stalls remapping in Kansas


NYT: Prosecution Rests After Presenting Video of Edwards’s Lies About His Affair
WaPo: John Edwards sought to seal political future while campaign fizzled, ex-aide testifies
WaPo: OpEd: John Edwards and Harry Thomas Jr.: They didn’t think anyone would notice?


WSJ: N.J.’s Christie Vetoes Creation of Health-Insurance Exchange


Boston Herald: Elizabeth Warren went native at Penn, too
WaPo: University of Pennsylvania also listed Elizabeth Warren as a minority
Hill: Warren found listed as a minority professor at second law school
Boston Globe: Records shed more light on Elizabeth Warren’s minority status
WSJ: Warren Listed as White in School Records
Breitbart: Time for Elizabeth Warren to Fess Up

Roll Call: Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown Close in New Poll; Catholics Favor Brown


Fox: Justice Department files suit against Arizona sheriff Arpaio
WTimes: Feds pick legal fight with Sheriff Arpaio
WaPo: Justice sues Ariz. sheriff Joe Arpaio, saying he violated Hispanics’ rights
NYT: Lawsuit Says Sheriff Discriminated Against Latinos


Denver Post: Colorado legislature returns Monday for 2nd round on civil unions
Denver Post: Colorado politicos see few woes for governor in special session


May 10, 2012


Fox: Romney stands by his opposition to gay marriage
Chicago Tribune: Romney reiterates opposition to legalizing gay marriage
NYT: Romney Reaffirms Opposition to Marriage, or Unions, for Gay Couples
Hill: Romney opposes gay marriage, says Obama 'changed his view'

Rove & Trippi: Rove and Trippi: Hispanic Voters, Virginia Are Keys to 2012

Denver Post: In northern Colorado, Romney drills home plans to step up oil, gas

WaPo: Pete Sessions: ‘100%’ of GOP House candidates would campaign with Mitt Romney

Hill: With 180 days to go, election up for grabs
NatJ: Obama Leads Romney in New National Poll
NatJ: Ebbing enthusiasm among Obama’s base points to the possibility of a decisive defeat
Michael Barone: Long, hard slog ahead in presidential race
Rush Limbaugh: America Doesn't Want Any More of Obama
Rush: Eight West Virginia Counties Vote for Federal Inmate Over Obama in Dem Primary

NatJ: For Romney, Words of Wisdom on Winning Michigan
NatJ: Another Ohio Poll Shows Obama, Romney Tied
NatJ: Poll: Obama, Romney in Dead Heat in Florida
Rasmussen: Massachusetts: Obama 56%, Romney 35%

Politico: Rick Santorum explains late Mitt Romney email

Roll Call: Marco Rubio Prepared for Role as Mitt Romney Surrogate
Hill: Votes on immigration policy could hurt VP chances for Sen. Portman, Rep. Ryan

Dallas MN: Romney aide Beth Myers learned GOP politics in Texas

WaPo: Ron Paul campaign: Will his delegates influence Republican National Convention?

WTimes: Obama buckles on gay marriage
Fox: Obama backs gay marriage, answering speculation on 'evolving' position
IBD: Obama 'Evolves,' Marriage Dissolves
WaPo: Obama endorses gay marriage, says same-sex couples should have right to wed
WaPo: Obama’s gay-marriage stance brings uncertain political fallout
WaPo: Obama decision on gay marriage divides local residents
Jen Rubin: Obama takes the plunge on gay marriage
WSJ: Obama Backs Gay Marriage
WSJ: President Plants His Feet on Rapidly Shifting Terrain
WSJ: Obama's Marriage Act: Congratulations
NYT: Obama Says Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal
NYT: News Analysis: A Watershed Move, Both Risky and Inevitable
NYT: Obama’s New Courting of Hollywood Pays Off
LA Times: Joy, disbelief greet Obama's gay-marriage stand
Miami Herald: Obama’s embrace of gay marriage makes it a big campaign issue
Chicago Tribune: Obama's family influenced his gay marriage shift, aides say
WS: Obama Bundler: Raising Money 'Immeasurably Easier' After Gay Marriage Reversal
AJC: Barack Obama gambles on gay marriage
NatJ: Biden With the Assist: Veep Again Dumb Like a Fox
NatJ: On Gay Marriage Politics, Obama Can Find Silver Lining
Politico: Barack Obama's seven states of grief over gay marriage
Hill: Obama gay marriage stance could win younger voters, lose others
National Review: Editorial: The Devolution of Marriage
Rush Limbaugh: Bam Comes Out of Closet on Gay Marriage
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Declares War on Traditional America

Politico: Dems: 'The convention is staying in Charlotte'
American Spectator: Will Democrats Move the Charlotte Convention?

NYT: Change to Ballot Request Form Angers U.S. Expats


WaPo: House to vote on GOP plan that would forestall Pentagon cuts
Hill: House Armed Services vote bans gay marriage on military bases

Fox: GOP House now wants to cut Justice payroll in gun documents fight

Fox: Hatch calls on IRS to probe whether staffer leaked anti-gay marriage group's files

Hill: House approves Export-Import bill in bipartisan vote despite fire from right

WSJ: After Lugar, Conservative Activists Pick New Targets
Examiner: Tea Party defeat of Lugar a warning for others

WaPo: Democrats have real chance to hold on to Senate majority
Kim Strassel: Lugar Loss Puts Senate Seat in Play
Hill: The Hill's Senate ratings: Democrats favored to keep control of the Senate

WTimes: Republicans say they’ll hold House
Roll Call: Pete Sessions Confident GOP Will Expand House Majority in November
Politico: NRCC looks to put Dems on defense


NYT: Fannie Mae Posts Profit; Seeks No Aid
LA Times: Fannie Mae posts $2.7-billion profit, biggest since 2007

WSJ: OpEd: Stimulus Spending Keeps Failing
WSJ: OpEd: The FDR Lesson Obama Should Follow
George Will: Taxing jobs out of existence

WTimes: Health care law’s prevention money called ‘slush fund’

WaPo: Medicaid payments to primary care doctors will rise under new regulation

Boston Globe: F.T.C. and White House Push for Online Privacy Laws

WSJ: Postal Doors Staying Open
NYT: Postal Service Holds Back on Closings
Fox: Postal Service floats plan to keep open rural post offices
WaPo: Postal Service drops plans to close thousands of post offices, proposes reduced hours

WaPo: In foiled bomb plot, AQAP took bait dangled by Saudi informant
Fox: Congressman claims press leak interrupted Al Qaeda bomb plot investigation

NYT: OpEd: Game Over for the Climate

NYT: Nicholas Katzenbach, 90, Dies; Policy Maker at ’60s Turning Points

Politico: Framing the gubernatorial races


NYT: Senator Who Backed Gay Unions Won’t Run (Alesi)

Albany TU: Pedro Espada’s jury deadlocks
NYT: Espada Jurors Cite Impasse, but Judge Says to Keep Working
NYT: After a Rebellion That Shook Albany, Three Falls From Grace


Austin AS: Tea party sets sights on Texas after big victory in Indiana
Dallas MN: Experts: Too soon to say tea party wave will engulf Dewhurst


Roll Call: Florida: Connie Mack IV Gets Rand Paul Endorsement

Miami Herald: Florida finds nearly 2,700 non-U.S. citizens on voting rolls

Hill: Ethics investigation of Buchanan extended
WaPo: House ethics panel won’t launch full probe into Vern Buchanan
WSJ: House Ethics Committee Reviews New Rep. Buchanan Allegation
NYT: Report Casts Harsh Light on Lawmaker’s Fund-Raising (Vern Buchanan)


NYT: With Primary Over, a New Battle for Indiana Senate Seat Begins
Roll Call: Democrats Still Have Tough Road in Indiana
Politico: Sorry, Democrats: Mourdock a seasoned foe
NYT: Many Pursuits, but Bipartisanship Isn’t One of Them
WTimes: Senators stunned by defeat of Lugar in Indiana primary
Politico: Dick Lugar staffers go from job security to job search
WaPo: Why Dick Lugar lost
NatJ: In Shadow of Lugar Defeat, Style Not Centrism is the Issue
WaPo: Dick Lugar, poor loser?
WSJ: Lugar's Ungraceful Exit
Weekly Standard: No Labels Fundraises Off Lugar Defeat
James Taranto: Sore Lugar: For a "statesman," he's sure acting childish
Rush Limbaugh: Dick Lugar Became Part of the Problem


Politico: Michele Bachmann: Swiss citizen since 1978

Star Tribune: House passes stadium deal; Senate up next


Milwaukee JS: Walker, Barrett begin sprint to historic vote
Fox: Wisconsin girds for final stretch of Walker recall battle
Chicago Tribune: Wisconsin voters fiercely, evenly split over recall
LA Times: Wisconsin voters fiercely, evenly split as recall vote looms
WSJ: Wisconsin Gubernatorial Hopeful Aims to Unify Party


WSJ: Former Detroit Mayor Hit With New Charges


NYT: Edwards Jury Is Told How Wife Was Torn
Fox: Edwards' wife spent final days tormented by wounded heart, confidant testifies
Fox: Obama aide to testify in Edwards case


WaPo: Why felon Keith Judd did so well against Obama in West Virginia


Roll Call: Massachusetts: Scott Brown Launches First TV Ad
Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren fights the ‘out of touch’ charge
Politico: Mass. Dems file ethics complaint against Brown (Updated)
American Thinker: Learn from Elizabeth Warren

Ann Coulter: Elizabeth Warren dances with lies


WaPo: US Justice Dept. plans to sue Ariz. sheriff Arpaio over civil rights allegations
Fox: Justice Dept says they plan to sue Arizona sheriff Arpaio over alleged racial profiling


NYT: Call for Legislature to Revive Colorado’s Civil Union Bill
Denver Post: Gov. Hickenlooper to call special legislative session after civil unions bill fails


May 9, 2012


Detroit News: Romney promises U.S. manufacturing revival
Detroit News: Romney in Lansing: 'This is a time for new ideas'
WaPo: Romney says he, not Obama, offers the nation a path ‘forward’
Fox: Romney goes after Obama's core campaign message
WSJ: Romney Targets Obama Strongholds
Examiner: Romney tells voters Obama is no Bill Clinton
Ed Rogers: The short-sighted GOP purists still remain

WaPo: Trio of wins inch Romney toward officially securing nomination
Human Events: Romney Wins Indiana, West Virginia, North Carolina

Dick Morris: A Romney landslide
Rasmussen: Romney 49% Obama 44%
Rasmussen: Three-Way Race: Romney 44%, Obama 39%, Ron Paul 13%
WSJ: Polls Show Obama’s Leads Holding in Iowa, Ohio
NPR: Enthusiasm For Romney Runs Low In Fla. Panhandle
American Spectator: Mitt Romney, Conservative Cultural Icon

WSJ: RNC Hits Snag on Romney’s Immigration Stance
WTimes: ‘Still deciding’ does damage to Romney’s Hispanic reach
WaPo: RNC Hispanic outreach director: Romney is still deciding his position on immigration
Fox: Romney could beat Obama, if he courts Hispanics
Politico: What Romney must do to win the Hispanic vote

Hill: Voter concerns about Iran might provide Romney opening on foreign policy
Hill: GOP plans East Coast missile defense shield

Greeley Trib: Romney to stop in Fort Lupton today as part of campaign swing through CO

American Spectator: Veep, Veep: The How and the Why
National Review: Huckabee for Veep?

National Review: Paul’s Delegate Scramble
NewsMax: Rasmussen: Ron Paul Presidential Bid Would Hurt Obama

WSJ: Obama, in Albany, Outlines Economic Proposals
NYT: Aggressive Ads for Obama, at the Ready
NYT: Editorial: Campaigning Beyond Inspiration
NatJ: N.C. Vote to Ban Gay Marriage a Warning for Obama and Democrats
Ross Douthat: Obama’s Marriage Maneuvers
Major Garrett: Undaunted Tactics: The Strategy of Silence for Obama and Romney
Michael Barone: Neck and neck, Obama and Romney gird for hard slog

Hill: 1 in 3 West Virginia Democratic primary voters choose felon over Obama

NYT: Liberal Donors’ Plan Worries Top Democrats
Chris Cillizza: What George Soros’ donations tell us about 2012
Roll Call: Democrats Far Behind in Super PAC Money

Michelle Malkin: Scytl: Voter fraud facts and fiction


Hill: Boehner: House will act before election to extend all tax rates

Hill: GOP lawmakers split as House votes down $1.4B in spending cuts
WaPo: Republican-led House panel considers higher 2013 defense spending plan

WTimes: Democrats withdraw Trayvon amendment
WTimes: House to vote on Trayvon amendment

WaPo: Student loan plan fails in the Senate
NYT: Senate Republicans Block Bill on Student Loan Rates

NYT: Republicans Seek Independent Investigation of MF Global

WTimes: Domestic-violence law advanced by House panel

WaPo: Issa sets hearing on inspector general vacancies

WTimes: NRC selection sets up battle with Senate

Daily Caller: Inhofe wants Senate to confirm EPA regional administrators
Fox: Environmental groups collecting millions from federal agencies they sue, studies show

Politico: House chaos may play into Obama’s hands


WSJ: Borrowers Face Big Delays in Refinancing Mortgages
Charles Lane: The ‘folly’ of the U.S. housing bubble

WSJ: Bomb Plotter Was U.S. Informer
NYT: Bomber in Plot on U.S. Airliner Is Said to Be a Double Agent
Examiner: Double agent hands al-Qaida its 3rd failed bombing
WaPo: CIA unraveled bomb plot from within
WTimes: Wily bomb maker fast in race with technology; informant ID’d device
Fox: Rep. King suggests administ may have misled public on bomb plot, calls for review

Weekly Standard: Blogger Fired for Questioning 'Black Studies'
WSJ: Naomi Schaefer Riley: The Academic Mob Rules
WSJ: Editorial: The Cravenness of Higher Education
Chronicle of Higher Education: The Most Persuasive Case for Eliminating Black Studies
James Taranto: The Comical of Higher Education

Politico: Primary results: 5 takeaways


AP/Gormley: Obama visits Albany high-tech center with NY gov
Albany TU: Obama hits Congress, lauds region

CapitalNY: As Cuomo waits for Obama, NY GOP Chairs scramble for 2013

NY Post: Super PAC to back Espaillat over Rangel


LA Times: California Republican plans new think tank

Arnold Schwarzenegger: GOP, take down that small tent


HChron: Dewhurst wins?


Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott’s top advisor arranged $5 million no-bid contract in Senate


WSJ: In Video, Mark Kirk Thanks Doctors, Voters
ABC: Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois releases powerful video of recovery from stroke
Politico: Mark Kirk details his rehabilitation process

Chicago Tribune: Republican Party chairmen pick 4 finalists to replace Johnson on ballot


Hill: Mourdock defeats Sen. Lugar in Indiana Republican primary
WTimes: Tea party favorite topples Lugar, Indiana’s 6-term senator
WSJ: Veteran Indiana Senator Ousted
NYT: Lugar Loses Primary Challenge in Indiana
WaPo: Lugar loses Indiana GOP primary to tea party challenger Mourdock
WSJ: Tea-Party-Backed Winner Emerged as Bailout Foe
Roll Call: The Downfall of a Statesman
National Review: Why Lugar Lost
Rush Limbaugh: Tea Party Fights for Conservatism in Indiana

NWI Times: Phelps wins Republican primary for region's U.S. House seat 1st Dist.
NatJ: Brooks Defeats McIntosh in Indiana 5th District GOP Primary
Indy Star: Messer conquers crowded Republican field in 6th District
NatJ: Bucshon Survives Primary in Indiana's 8th District
NWI Times: Fine apparent winner in Republican primary for 12th Indiana House District


Detroit FP: Auto rescue remarks haunt Romney in Michigan


Star Tribune: Senate approves Vikings stadium with a raft of changes, differences

Politico: Michele Bachmann claims Swiss citizenship


LaCrosse Tribune: Barrett will face Walker in June 5 election
Milwaukee JS: Barrett wins Democratic primary, to face Walker in June
Politico: Tom Barrett wins Wisconsin recall primary
Fox: Wis. recall is rematch of 2010 governor's race
NYT: Wisconsin Democrats Choose Challenger to Run Against Governor in Recall Race
WSJ: Milwaukee Mayor to Face Governor In Recall Election

Chicago ST: Scott Walker easily wins GOP primary in Wisconsin recall


Politico: McCaskill ups security after tea partier comments


WTimes: N.C. votes to not allow same-sex marriage
NYT: North Carolina Voters Pass Same-Sex Marriage Ban
WaPo: N.C. approves constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

AP/Robertson: McCrory, Dalton win NC governor's primaries
Shelby Star: McHenry wins Republican U.S. House primary
Roll Call: North Carolina Picks Primary Winners

Politico: Aide: Edwards falsely claimed ignorance of cash
WaPo: Former speechwriter testifies Edwards knew donor had given cash to mistress & child
NYT: Speechwriter Recounts Edwards’s Decision to Come Clean About Child From Affair
Fox: Witness says he warned Obama campaign in '08 about Edwards affair


WaPo: Poll: Kaine, Allen still tied in much-watched Senate contest
Roll Call: Tim Kaine: Barack Obama Link a Wash Politically


Weekly Standard: West Virginia Democrats: Obama 59.4%, Federal Inmate 40.6%

Charleston DM: Republican Hall to challenge Perdue for state treasurer


WSJ: Chris Christie Scores High Approval Ratings

WSJ: Rabbi Boteach Goes to Washington?


NYT: For Connecticut Governor, a Less-Willing Legislature


Bangor DN: Maine Republicans expect convention results to be challenged on national stage


Breitbart: Elizabeth Warren Ancestor Rounded Up Cherokees For Trail of Tears
Daily Caller: Law professor: Warren’s ancestor rounded up Cherokees before Trail of Tears

WSJ: Brown to Warren: Release Job Records
Boston Herald: Scott Brown calls on Warren camp to ‘come clean’
Boston Globe: Scott Brown personally calls on Elizabeth Warren to release law school records
NYT: Brown Calls On Warren to Release Law School Records
WaPo: Scott Brown pushes Elizabeth Warren on Native American issue
Hill: Sen. Brown's campaign calls on Warren to release her law school applications
NY Post: Elizabeth Warren, fraudster
Rasmussen: Rasmussen: Brown 45, Warren 45

Boston Globe: US Sen. Brown votes against student loan rate bill


Colorado Springs Gazette: Civil unions bill dies without a vote
Fox: Colorado lawmakers reach impasse on civil unions
Denver Post: Civil unions bill killed along with 30 other bills


May 8, 2012


WSJ: Santorum Endorses Onetime Rival Romney
WaPo: Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney
WTimes: Romney wins Santorum endorsement
Fox: Santorum endorses former rival Romney as GOP presidential candidate
Boston Globe: Santorum endorses Romney, asks supporters to help
NatJ: Rick Santorum Endorses Mitt Romney in Note to Supporters
Daily Caller: Santorum focuses on Obama in lukewarm Romney endorsement

WSJ: Romney Tries to Keep Focus on the Economy and Budget
WTimes: Romney hits at Obama on jobs
American Spectator: Meet the Real Mitt Romney
National Review: Beyond Boston: Team Romney bulks up
LA Times: Romney campaign has awkward moments in Ohio

AJC: GOP Primary Tuesday

NatJ: Romney Strategist: Politicizing bin Laden Death "A Mistake" By Obama Team

Politico: Romney's EPA would look familiar

WaPo: Mitt’s Mormon moment — when asked about Obama’s ‘treason’

Weekly Standard: The Rise of Rubio
Weekly Standard: Younger GOP Voters Are Eyeing Romney’s V.P. Choice

Hill: Ron Paul continues fight for nomination, to the befuddlement of observers

WSJ: Obama’s Record Debated in Week’s Top Web Ads
WSJ: Obama to Spend $25 Million on Positive Ads

WaPo: Europe’s elections offer economic, political risks for Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Takers Overwhelm Producers in France

Politico: Big labor falls in line with Obama reelection campaign
Hill: Union cash floods states to combat Republican agendas
Politico: Empty seats haunt Obama
Rush: Obama Launches Campaign to Empty Seats; Unveils Ad Should be Called "Just Go"
James Taranto: 'We're Not There Yet': It's 2008 again in America
Michael Gerson: Obama’s lost cause
Byron York: In new biography, Obama asks: Am I an American?
David Limbaugh: Truth is major obstacle to Obama's re-election

NYT: Liberals Steer Outside Money to Grass-Roots Organizing
WSJ: Soros Makes 2012 Splash With Big Donations
Fox: Major donors prepare to inject $100M into independent groups supporting Democrats

WSJ: The Race to Build Enthusiasm Among Voters Is On
Charlie Cook: Silence Is Golden

WSJ: Campaign Text-Donation Plan Gets a New Push

Gallup: Obama-Romney Race Competitive in 2012 Swing States
NatJ: Swing-State Poll Shows Obama, Romney in Virtual Tie
Hill: Polls: Obama, Romney in dead heat
Politico: Hard vs. soft swing states
NY Post: Independents’ day: Mitt off and running with 1-point lead
Rush Limbaugh: Poll Numbers, Voter Registration Stats Look Bad for Obama and Democrats

NatJ: Will Toxic GOP Governors Infect Romney?

Human Events: GOP's new 'Victory Center' Facebook page falls flat


WaPo: House opens debate on how to replace Pentagon cuts
NYT: House Bill Offers Aid Cuts to Save Military Spending
Politico: GOP: Shield Pentagon, cut poverty programs
WSJ: House Bill Shields Defense From Cuts
Hill: GOP forges ahead with budget cuts
Fox: House panel unveils $608 billion defense bill

NYT: Congress Returns to Full Agenda Awash in Election Year Politics
LA Times: Congress returns to fight for the presidency

Hill: Insiders pessimistic about highway bill talks

Politico: House GOP on panel question Jaczko’s testimony

Fox: Obama to reveal his 'to do' list for Congress
NYT: Obama Hands Congress Economic ‘To Do’ List

HE: Raising the capital gains tax will not lead to 'fairness,' but only slam U.S. job creation

WaPo: Getting ugly: GOP vs. GOP races due to redistricting are both personal and political

Fox: House members blast Vanderbilt for policy 'hostile' to religious groups on campus

NatJ: DSCC Spends Big To Protect Three Key Battlegrounds


WSJ: Jetliner Bomb Plot Is Foiled
WaPo: Al-Qaeda airline bomb plot disrupted, U.S. says
NatJ: Bomb Plot Underscores Terrorist Threat From Yemen
Politico: Underwear bomb plot marking bin Laden’s death stopped by CIA
LA Times: FBI analyzing new explosive from Al Qaeda
NYDN: U.S. drone strike kills Al Qaeda chief who was plotting a new underwear bomb attack

WSJ: The KSM Trial Spectacle
Rush Limbaugh: Mockery Made of 9/11 Tribunal

WSJ: As Gas Prices Fall, a Sigh of Relief
WTimes: Deficit streak ends: Obama sees first monthly surplus
David Brooks: The Structural Revolution

WSJ: Child Immigration Is Rising
Fox: Perry accuses Obama administration of fueling 'surge' in illegal immigrant children
Dallas MN: Perry blasts Obama over rise in illegal immigrant children entering U.S.

NYT: 2 Bills and Comments by Officials Stir Debate Over Same-Sex Unions
NYT: Education Secretary Embraces Same-Sex Marriage
WSJ: Gay Marriage Back on Radar
Politico: Obama's marriage muddle
NatJ: Obama and the Politics of Gay Marriage: It's Complicated
WaPo: Biden comments on same-sex marriage expose internal White House divisions
NYT: For a Blunt Biden, an Uneasy Supporting Role
WTimes: Obama zigs as Biden zags on gay marriage
Dana Milbank: Vice President Biden’s gay-marriage gaffe is mess for White House
Jonah Goldberg: Joe Biden: Big &#%!ing Joker

WTimes: GOP foiled as funds flow to Planned Parenthood

WaPo: Senate approves FCC nominees after months-long political tangle


Politico: The Nevada GOP's Ron Paul culture clash


NYT: Signs of Support as Cuomo Outlines Plan on Disabled Abuse

Albany TU: State jobs down 18.4%

NYT: Challenger to Rangel Lands a Prominent Endorsement
NY Post: Sorry, Charlie! Dems like rival
NY Post: House pals $tiff Rangel
Politico: Charlie Rangel returns to Hill

Buffalo News: Albany's power people


WaPo: Mary Bono Mack juggles new roles, on and off the Hill

WaPo: Remember Gary Condit? He’s back in politics


Dallas MN: GOP candidates for Texas’ U.S. Senate seat differ on taxes, immigration


Roll Call: Republicans Expect Ugly Florida Primary


Roll Call: Illinois: GOP Leaders Narrow Field to Replace Tim Johnson to Four Candidates


Fox: Indiana's Lugar faces tea party rival in primary
National Review: Mourdock Closes In
WaPo: Richard Lugar faces conservative threat in Indiana Senate race
NYT: On the Eve of Voting, a Senator Fights On
Examiner: Still the one? Tea Party flexes clout vs Lugar
Politico: Photos: Dick Lugar through the years
Hill: Tea Party sees gains in Senate
Hill: Weak campaign, green staff blamed in Lugar’s likely primary loss


ECM: Republican House passes Vikings stadium bill
Star Tribune: Stadium plan clears House on 73-58 vote; Vikings would pay more

Star Tribune: Minnesota GOP lays out 'serious concerns' about financial management


Politico: Rep. Kristi Noem earns her bachelor's degree


Fox: Barrett leads Democrats in Wis. recall primary
Politico: Labor’s second choice may face Walker
Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin recall candidates winding up campaigning


Roll Call: Kentucky: Alecia Webb-Edgington Gets NRA Endorsement


Fox: Edwards sought another $3M from benefactor after affair, witness claims
WaPo: Lawyer: Heiress’ money meant as gift to help Edwards, not campaign contribution
NYT: Patron’s Contributions and Their Intent Are Focus at Edwards Trial
Politico: John Edwards donor tells of secret mission with Rielle Hunter

Fox: North Carolina voters take up amendment banning gay marriage

Charlotte Observer: NC Republicans to pick presidential candidate


WTimes: Maryland GOP gives voters the last word: Referendums can reverse legislation


WVNS: West Virginia Could Help Romney Reach Goal


Politico: Brown to Warren: Answer the questions
DC: Harvard prof who sided with Warren on Native American heritage also a campaign donor
WSJ: Affirmative Action's Stigma
National Review: Elizabeth Warren: Minority Crusader?


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RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

George Will: The constitutional right to be left alone

Politico: Coburn’s book criticizes both parties on debt woes

WaPo: ‘The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan’ by Timothy Stanley

Daily Caller: Inside the mind of General Petraeus

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The New American Divide

Human Events: Uncommon Knowledge interview with Charles Murray

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