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November 30, 2012


WSJ: Obama's Cliff Offer Spurned
NYT: G.O.P. Balks at White House Plan on Fiscal Crisis
WaPo: Obama makes fresh demands on ‘fiscal cliff’
Hill: Obama shifts, focuses more on tax hikes
Hill: Boehner, House GOP reject debt deal offer from White House
Examiner: GOP flatly rejects latest administration deal to dodge 'fiscal cliff'
LA Times: Obama and Boehner seem to hit wall as 'fiscal cliff' looms
Weekly Standard: McConnell 'Burst Into Laughter' as Geithner Outlined Obama's Plan
Examiner: Obama, GOP open second front in fiscal feud
Fox: Boehner says negotiations over looming fiscal crisis 'not a game'
NatJ: Boehner Calls Fiscal Cliff Progress 'Disappointing'
NatJ: Confident Senate Dems Predict Victory on the Fiscal Cliff
WTimes: Tax increases vs. spending cuts remain stubborn sticking points
Kim Strassel: The president makes the GOP a fiscal-cliff offer he knows they will refuse
Charles Krauthammer: Cliff-jumping with Barack
Daily Caller: Congress should dive headlong off fiscal cliff
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Objective is Transforming an Unjust America
Rush Limbaugh: Just Walk Away, Republicans
National Review: Editorial: The Fiscal Cliff: Don’t Be Lemmings

Sen. Rand Paul: The Real Danger From the Fiscal Cliff
Michael Gerson: Austerity and morality
WSJ: Obama's Real Fiscal Problem
Peggy Noonan: The Drawn-Out Crisis: It's the Obama Way
Pat Buchanan: Americans are already seceding from one another
John Fund: Conservatives vs. the GOP

WSJ: Charities Fight to Keep Tax Break on Donations
NYT: Complaints Aside, Most Face Lower Tax Burden Than in 1980

Paul Krugman: Class Wars of 2012

NYT: For Secretary of State, G.O.P. Pushes Old Hand

Hill: Reid must wrestle with undecided Dems to reform filibuster rules

NatJ: She'll Be Back: House Dems Pick Pelosi to Lead Them


WaPo: Mitt Romney has lunch with President Obama at the White House
WTimes: Romney, Obama discuss ‘leadership’ over lunch
Rush Limbaugh: Why Mitt Lunched at the White House

Charlie Cook: The One Pollster Republicans Should Listen To

WTimes: GOP activists target Priebus: Party split on re-election bid

American Spectator: Could Obamacare Go the Way of McCain-Feingold?

James Taranto: Civil Rights Reactionaries

Victoria Toensing: Pro-choice Republicans go public


WSJ: Rubio and the Age-of-Earth Question


Denver Post: Fiscal cliff: Colorado stands to lose $2.1 billion without a deal


Hill: Rep. Steve King: Thoughts on possible Senate bid 'not consuming me'


Buffalo News: State Senate control tied up in court case over close race
Albany TU: Court will oversee 877 Amedore-Tkaczyk ballots


Dan Walters: California's 70-plus Democrats hang on to power


Politico: Ted Cruz speech stokes 2016 speculation


Politico: Most unpopular governor: Pat Quinn
Chicago ST: Poll: Pat Quinn “most unpopular governor,” would lose to Rutherford, Dillard

Chicago Tribune: Field grows in contest to replace Jesse Jackson Jr.
Chicago ST: Candidates angle for party backing in race for Jackson’s seat


Fox: Arizona Gov. Brewer sued over license policy for immigrants



November 29, 2012


WSJ: Geithner to Meet With Boehner on Deficit Talks
WSJ: Obama Is Flexible on Highest Tax Rates
NYT: Obama Tilts Tax Debate Away From Spending Cuts
Examiner: Obama enlists public, businesses in fight for tax cuts
WaPo: ‘Fiscal cliff’ talks bogged down by dispute over cost of retirement programs
WaPo: Mortgage-interest deduction could be on the table in ‘fiscal cliff’ debate
Examiner: House Republicans testing support for tax increase
Hill: GOP: Forget tax rates in talks on the deficit, let’s look at spending
Daily Caller: Gingrich: House Republicans should stop negotiating with President Obama
Politico: Inside the talks: Fiscal cliff deal emerging
WTimes: Are parties hurtling toward ‘fiscal cliff’?
NYT: Editorial: Health Care Entitlements

George Will: A cliff of their own choosing

Karl Rove: The Outlines of a Budget Deal Are Obvious

WSJ: OpEd: The Trouble With Susan Rice
WaPo: Fight over Susan Rice holds political risks for White House
Hill: Republican split on Rice could yield her enough votes if nominated for State

Hill: Report: Chuck Hagel being vetted for top State, Defense posts

NYT: Resistance on Method for Curbing Filibuster

WSJ: Hensarling to Lead Financial Panel
Roll Call: Walden Taps Liesl Hickey to Be NRCC Executive Director

NatJ: 2014 Senate Picture Promising For GOP, With Right Candidates
NatJ: Senate Democrats Face Another Daunting Numbers Game
Roll Call: Inside the 2014 Senate Races
Roll Call: McConnell's Unseen Hand at the NRSC


WSJ: Fed Stimulus Likely in 2013
WSJ: The Great 2012 Cashout

Ann Coulter: Make the Democrats Own the Obama Economy

Dan Henninger: The Racializing of American Politics

Nate Silver: In Silicon Valley, Technology Talent Gap Threatens G.O.P. Campaigns

Hill: Conservative activist threatens to steer donors away from RNC


WaPo: Narrowing field could leave stark choice in Va. governor’s race
NatJ: Party Bases Colliding in Virginia Governor's Race
Examiner: Volume suddenly rises in Virginia governor's race
Politico: GOP hangs hopes on Cuccinelli
Examiner: The ‘anti-business’ knock on Ken Cuccinelli


Milwaukee JS: Walker urges GOP congressmen not to raise taxes


NatJ: New York State Senate Control Update


Hill: Chambliss brushes aside concerns about primary challenge from right
GaTipSheet: Erickson considering challenge to Chambliss



November 28, 2012


WaPo: Chris Christie: The most popular Republican in the country
Politico: Poll: Chris Christie rating sets record
Human Events: Chris Christie’s secret storm

WTimes: Rubio jumps to the head of GOP’s class

WTimes: Jeb Bush hammers teachers unions at education summit
NatJ: Jeb Bush Talks Education, But Politics Comes to Mind


WTimes: Bypassing Republicans, Obama makes tax argument directly to public
Fox: Republicans rip Obama for campaign-style approach to fiscal talks
Hill: GOP lawmakers tap Bowles to gain clout ahead of deficit talks
WSJ: Democrats Harden Budget Positions
WaPo: Obama public relations effort aims to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’
WaPo: Obama, Republicans launch rival ‘fiscal cliff’ campaigns
Fox: Republicans say raising tax rates alone will hardly put dent in budget, deficit
LA Times: Top Democrat urges progressives to deal on 'fiscal cliff'
NYT: Now Touring, the Debt Duo, Simpson-Bowles

Fox: Norquist and influential anti-tax pledge at center of Washington fiscal debate
Human Events: Norquist: Pledge wavering Republicans are Democratic pawns
Grover Norquist: Showdown at the fiscal cliff

WTimes: Battle for wind subsidies looming

Hill: Retailers confident online sales tax has votes to pass

WSJ: GOP Senators Remain Critical After Susan Rice Meeting
NYT: G.O.P. Senators Not Satisfied as Rice Concedes Error on Libya
WaPo: Susan Rice, CIA director meet with GOP critics on Libya
WTimes: Rice’s Hill meeting fails to assuage Republicans’ concerns over Benghazi
WSJ: Senator Vows to Block Any Clinton Successor

WSJ: Reid, McConnell Keep Up Fight Over Filibuster
WTimes: Support grows for curbing filibuster
WaPo: Filibuster fight reignites partisan sparring in Senate
WTimes: Reid, McConnell open tiny window for compromise during filibuster exchange
Hill: Filibuster reform may sway debt talks

WaPo: Senators introduce GOP alternative to Dream Act
WTimes: Senators in GOP propose migrant reform
Examiner: Republicans strike first on immigration reform
Tom Tancredo: Border control is primary problem

NatJ: Rep. McCaul Tapped to Chair Homeland Security Committee
Miami Herald: Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to wrap up term as foreign affairs committee chair
Human Events: Boehner releases list of committee chairmen

NYT: House Republican Urges Party to Yield on Tax Cuts for Most Earners


WTimes: More states set up exchanges for health insurance
WSJ: The feds blame the states for refusing to become ObamaCare subsidiaries

Dick Morris: Stop UN control of the Web


NatJ: Hagan Will Seek Reelection


Politico: Bolling to exit Va. gov race


NYT: Top Breakaway Democrat Favors G.O.P. Coalition in State Senate


NYT: California Finds Economic Gloom Starting to Lift


Chicago ST: Feds believe Jesse Jackson Jr. got tip about probe into his finances


Human Events: Conservatives question Capito’s credentials


Politico: Coons: Not taking any chances in 2014


Boston Globe: Mass. sets record turnout of 73 percent in 2012 general election



November 27, 2012


National Review: Jeb Bush Meets with Former Aides near White House
WTimes: Jeb Bush buzz grows over possible 2016 run

Politico: Santorum on the Hill but won't talk 2016

Bill McGurn: How Obama's 'Life of Julia' Prevailed
Charles Lane: Republicans a victim of safer streets
Michael Gerson: Politics with a purpose

WTimes: Romney loss: Big bucks, but less bang: Personal ties faulted in outlays

Dick Morris: Don’t Be Sad; We’ll Be Back


USA Today: Despite talk of compromise, fiscal deal elusive
WTimes: McConnell blames radicals for fiscal-cliff impasse
Hill: House, Senate Republicans split over next moves on ‘fiscal cliff’
WTimes: ‘Fiscal cliff’ negotiations stall — again — on question of raising tax rates
WSJ: Obama Steps Up Effort to Rally Support for Fiscal Plan, Will Meet With CEOs
WaPo: On ‘fiscal cliff,’ both sides lay groundwork for debate’s next phase
WSJ: 'Cliff' Wranglers Weigh Medicare Age
NYT: Mortgage Interest Deduction, Once a Sacred Cow, Is Under Scrutiny
NYT: Efforts to Curb Social Spending Face Resistance

WSJ: Republicans and the Tax Pledge
WaPo: Will the fiscal cliff break Grover Norquist’s hold on Republicans?
Examiner: Republicans warned not to break anti-tax pledge to avoid 'fiscal cliff'
Emily Miller: R.I.P. Grover Norquist?
Frank Bruni: Is Grover Finally Over?
Eugene Robinson: Breaking Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge

Examiner: After victory, liberals want income redistribution

Nate Silver: Congressional Proposal Could Create ‘Bubble’ in Tax Code

Cox & Archer: Why $16 Trillion Only Hints at the True U.S. Debt

WSJ: Susan Rice Set to Meet GOP Critics
Fox: Rice to meet with top GOP senators after their objections to her replacing Clinton
CBS: Susan Rice to meet with McCain on Benghazi

WTimes: Reid threatens filibuster change
NJ: GOP warns of shutdown over filibuster

Rep. Chris Smith: House Republicans must check Obama

Human Events: Did Libertarian Party cost GOP 9 races?


WSJ: SEC Chief's Exit Opens Void
WTimes: Obama to appoint Walter as SEC chairwoman

Hill: Federal officials take down 132 websites in 'Cyber Monday' crackdown

James Taranto: Most-Racial America: Antiwhite bigotry goes mainstream


WSJ: Toronto Mayor Ousted from Office


Albany TU: Cuomo tabulates $42B Sandy bill

NYT: Ethics Panel to Scrutinize Congressman From S.I.


Roll Call: California Republicans Optimistic About '14 Chances
Human Events: CA GOP says McCarthy endorsed gerrymandering that lost 4 seats


Roll Call: Speculation Churns on Chambliss Challenger


Chicago Tribune: Illinois sets March election to replace Jesse Jackson Junior
WTimes: Former Rep. Halvorson to seek Jackson seat
Roll Call: Jackson Resignation Spurs Crowded Race for the House in Chicagoland


Jen Rubin: Why is Shelley Moore Capito a target of the far right?
Politico: GOP split resurfaces after Shelley Moore Capito announcement
Hill: Capito takes friendly fire on day one


Boston Globe: 45,000 in Mass. set to lose jobless benefits



November 26, 2012

We're back from our South American trip...


Sen. Bob Corker: A plan to dodge the ‘fiscal cliff’
WaPo: ‘Fiscal cliff’: Consensus on increasing tax revenue, a wide gulf on how to do it
WaPo: Lindsey Graham, Peter King break with Grover Norquist
NYT: States Want to Have Say During Talks Over Budget
NYT: Seeking Ways to Raise Taxes but Leave Tax Rate As Is
Jed Babbin: Fiscal Cliff Diving

Robert Samuelson: Why the recovery is feeble

NYT: The Senate’s Long Slide to Gridlock

WaPo: Republicans face unexpected challenges in coastal South amid shrinking white vote

NYT: Jeb Bush in 2016? Not Too Early for Chatter
WaPo: How Hillary Clinton’s choices predict her future

Fox: King steps down as House Homeland Security chairman

Fox: House to consider limited immigration bill


NYT: Pennsylvania Could Be a Path Forward for G.O.P.


WaPo: Rep. Shelley Moore Capito will run for Senate


LA Times: Jesse Jackson Jr. resigns, acknowledges federal investigation


Fox: Republicans reportedly losing stronghold on Orange County, California



Gone to South America - Back on November 26th...

November 8, 2012


WSJ: How Race Slipped Away From Romney
NYT: How a Race in the Balance Went to Obama
WSJ: Republicans Differ on Why Party Fell Short
NYT: G.O.P. Factions Grapple Over Meaning of Loss
WTimes: Reeling conservatives face ‘recalibration’ at their core
WTimes: Tea partyers say GOP must learn from defeat
Daily Caller: Romney blasted after loss for not campaigning as a conservative
Hill: Conservatives lambast Romney, vow to take over Republican Party
WaPo: Election Day indicates nation’s political divide is deepening

WSJ: Vote Data Show Changing Nation
Fox: Fox News exit poll summary: Obama's key groups made the difference
WSJ: Bellwether Counties Lived Up To Billing
WSJ: Pollsters Won, Too, With Accurate Numbers
NYT: Election Result Proves a Victory for Pollsters and Other Data Devotees
WaPo: Faulty predictions for Election 2012
Gallup: Improving National Outlook Key to Obama Victory in 2012
NYT: Rove’s On-Air Rebuttal of Fox’s Ohio Vote Call Raises Questions About His Role

Fred Barnes: The Survivor in Chief
Ann Coulter: Don't Blame Romney
Rush Limbaugh: In a Nation of Children, Santa Claus Wins
Rush Limbaugh: What a Shame: Mitt Romney's Life of Traditional American Achievement
Rush Limbaugh: The Reality We Face
Rush Limbaugh: We're Outnumbered by People Who Don't Care
Juan Williams: Obama's Daunting Demographic Message for the GOP
WSJ: ¡Estimados Republicanos! The GOP's immigration and Hispanic debacles
James Taranto: The emerging Democratic majority and the enduring Republican one
Karl Rove: The President's 'Grand Bet' Pays Off
Michael Gerson: A GOP that’s off-track
Charles Lane: A reality check for the ages
Nicholas Kristof: Can Republicans Adapt?
George Will: And the winner is: The status quo

NYT: Demographic Shift Brings New Worry for Republicans
Politico: Republicans ponder painful way forward
NatJ: Obama Voters Shake GOP Vision of Electorate
WaPo: Republicans face murky political future in increasingly diverse U.S.
Examiner: The brutal truth for the GOP and the conservatives: The electorate has shifted

NYT: A Record Latino Turnout, Solidly Backing Obama
WaPo: Growing share of Hispanic voters helped push Obama to victory

WaPo: Black electorate responds mightily to perceived voter-intimidation efforts

NYT: Little to Show for Cash Flood by Big Donors
WTimes: Big PAC donors find cash isn’t king
WaPo: Spending by independent groups had little election impact, analysis finds

WSJ: What Obama's Victory Means for Business

Fox: Chris Matthews on Obama win: 'I'm so glad we had that storm'
Exam: Michael Moore thanks ‘Mother Nature’ for sending Hurricane Sandy to help Obama
Rasmussen: 12% Made Their Presidential Pick Within The Last Week

WaPo: Life after defeat for Mitt Romney: Public praise, private questions
NYT: For Mormons, a Cautious Step Toward Mainstream Acceptance

Rasmussen: 56% Favor Eliminating the Electoral College

WaPo: Handicapping the 2016 presidential field
Hill: Speculation starts swiftly on 2016 White House race


WSJ: Democrats Gain in Congress
Hill: Geographic shift seen in House races
Human Events: GOP House majority smaller, but still intact
WSJ: GOP Leaders Weigh Changes as Insurgents Lose
NYT: Senate Races Expose Extent of Republicans’ Gender Gap
WTimes: Moderates will have a voice on the Hill
Human Events: Gingrich: Boehner needs to claim split mandate

WSJ: Ryan Plots His Next Steps in the House
NYT: Ryan in Republican Forefront, but Loss May Bring Blame
NatJ: Ryan Emerges From Campaign With Higher Profile, 2016 Options
Politico: 2016 looms over Paul Ryan's return to House

WTimes: Reid vows renewed push for Dream Act

WTimes: Reid moves to limit GOP filibusters
Daily Caller: Harry Reid says he plans to change Senate filibuster rules

NatJ: Gang of Eight Regroups Post-Election

Roll Call: Who Will Take the Reins of Senate Campaign Committees?
Hill: Race brews for NRSC chairmanship, as Portman weighs bid
NatJ: Portman Weighs NRSC Chairmanship; Moran Aims to Head Off Race
Politico: Jerry Moran touts support for NRSC post


WSJ: Focus Shifts to 'Fiscal Cliff'
WTimes: ‘Fiscal cliff’ nudges deal-making talk
WSJ: Boehner offers a fiscal olive branch to the White House
Hill: Boehner pivots on taxes after President Obama’s reelection
WaPo: After Obama’s reelection, overtures from Republicans on debt negotiations
WaPo: Boehner, GOP leaders take new tone, pledging compromise
WaPo: McConnell to Obama: Move to center
Fox: Gridlock as usual or new era of compromise? Washington stares down 'fiscal cliff' crisis
NYT: Back to Work, Obama Is Greeted by Looming Fiscal Crisis
Examiner: Postelection forecast is for more gridlock
Dana Milbank: Republican leader Boehner may be ready to bargain
Erskine Bowles: Make a deficit deal now

WaPo: Obama’s changing Cabinet

WaPo: Who won in all 50 states

NatJ: The New Faces of the 113th Congress
NatJ: The Outgoing Members of Congress


NYT: Florida’s Votes Go Unclaimed, but This Time Less Depends on Them

Fox: Florida Rep. Allen West falls short in re-election bid, but isn't giving up yet


WaPo: Obama, Kaine wins again put Va. ‘in the purple zone’


Examiner: Pro-life group vows changes after Akin debacle


NYT: New York Senate Makeup Is Unclear, but Talk Turns to Which Party Will Lead


SF Chronicle: Democrats gain supermajority in Calif. Senate

WSJ: California Voters Approve Higher Taxes


NYT: With Storm Response, Christie Earns Scorn, Praise and Much Attention
Politico: Christie says no 'embrace' of Obama: 'I did my job' for Romney
WTimes: OpEd: Excommunicating Christie
Rush Limbaugh: Will Chris Christie Pay Any Price?


Human Events: Brown disappoints conservatives


NatJ: Tester Wins Montana After Tough Challenge from Rehberg



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