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October 7, 2012


Fox: Republicans, Romney ride debate wave into 'Super Saturday' voter-contact effort
Hill: Mitt Romney seizes momentum with 30 days left before election
NYT: Romney, Buoyed by Debate, Shows Off His Softer Side
WaPo: Once-reluctant Mitt Romney opens up on the campaign trail
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney shifts tone to try to win over women
NYT: Romney’s Goals on Environmental Regulation Would Face Difficult Path

NatJ: New Romney Ad Disputes Obama Claim on $5 Trillion Tax Cut

WTimes: Romney raises $12 million in under two days post-debate

WTimes: Romney vows U.S. renewal; Obama has big money month
WSJ: Obama's September Campaign Take: $181 Million
NYT: Obama and Democrats Raise $181 Million in September
WaPo: Obama close to raising $1 billion after near-record September tally
Reuters: Obama and Democrats raise record funds, poll holds steady

WTimes: New polls show Romney overtakes Obama in Colorado, nationally
Politico: Poll: Obama loses ground
Hill: Obama's edge narrows in latest polling
Weekly Standard: Rasmussen: Romney Takes the Lead
NY Post: Mitt Romney bounces in polls after successful debate
Dan Balz: Did past week’s events change Romney’s, Obama’s fortunes?
Michael Barone: Romney's debate win opens cracks in Obama fire wall
MIchael Barone: Sharp uptick for Romney in Rasmussen tracking
Dick Morris: How the media are trying to spin the first presidential debate

WaPo: Expectations run high for Biden-Ryan debate
NatJ: Expectations Run High for Ryan, but Biden in Good Position Ahead of Debate

NYT: Error and Fraud at Issue as Absentee Voting Rises

HE: Origin of ‘Obama phone’ was 1984 with goal of service to low-income Americans

NYT: Stewart and O’Reilly Share Stage in Political Joust
WaPo: Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly rumble, and zingers fly


Politico: Boehner wary of lame-duck deficit deal
Hill: Temporary tax deal no easy fix

Fox: Republican-led House committee subpoenas US security leader in Libya

WaPo: Congress’s wealthiest mostly shielded from effects of deep recession

Hill: Coal exports could face roadblocks if Democrats maintain Senate control


LA Times: Obama's healthcare law: Historic reform and signature failure

NYT: OpEd: How the G.O.P. Became the Anti-Urban Party

NatJ: Federal Worker Retirement Claims Surge in September

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (10/7/12)
NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows


Miami Herald: Rep. Allen West projects softer tone in television campaign ads

NYT: Voters in Florida Are Set to Weigh in on Two Contentious Ballot Questions

Miami Herald: Fla. Supreme Court justices fight back to retain seats
NYT: Editorial: Impartial Justice at Risk

OHIO (18)

Politico: Citizens United poll claims tight race in Ohio
Cincinnati Enquirer: Romney coming back to Ohio


Detroit News: Snyder finds voice on ballot proposals
Detroit News: Editorial: Best choices for Michigan Supreme Court


Examiner: Fear of defense cuts could help Romney in Virginia


Milwaukee JS: Swing voters to watch in WI: those who approve of both Walker and Obama


WTimes: Bachmann's bid for re-election no longer a lock?


NYT: Some in G.O.P. Choose to Return to Akin’s Corner
NatJ: New McCaskill Ad Hammers Akin on Rape Views
Gwen Ifill: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Todd Akin?


Fox: Bloomberg contribution adds to Maine's fiercely independent Senate race


Buffalo News: House Speaker Boehner boosts Collins in WNY visit
Buffalo News: Hochul-Collins race a dead heat


LA Times: Gas prices set a record in California
LA Times: A Democratic supermajority for California's Senate?


Dallas MN: Romney, Obama visions on Medicaid could have vastly different impacts on TX


AJC: Congressman calls evolution lie from 'pit of hell'
WTimes: Georgia Rep.: Big Bang theory, evolution are 'lies straight from the pit of hell'
Hill: Republican says evolution, Big Bang theory 'lies straight from the pit of hell'


Fox: Arkansas GOP calls candidates' slavery statements 'offensive'


Fox: $1.4 trillion in state pension fights foreshadowed in Rhode Island


NYT: Democrats Bet on Shift in Hispanic Numbers to Win Arizona Race
Roll Call: Arizona: Bill Clinton to Campaign for Carmona



October 6, 2012


WSJ: Romney Gets a Post-Debate Jolt
Fox: Battleground polls tighten as Romney surges out of debate
WSJ: Politics Counts: Where Romney Can Find Votes
WSJ: Romney Highlights His Jobs Plan in Coal Country
Politico: Mitt Romney intensifies EPA attacks
WTimes: Romney debate attack on green energy, says Obama picks ‘losers’

Hill: Polls show Romney making headway in swing states
Rasmussen: Florida: Romney 49%, Obama 47%
Rasmussen: Virginia: Romney 49%, Obama 48%
Rasmussen: Ohio: Obama 50%, Romney 49%
Rasmussen: Rasmussen: Obama 271, Romney 267

NYT: Romney Claims of Bipartisanship as Governor Face Challenge

WSJ: Campaigns Seize On Jobs Report
Hill: Romney calls new unemployment figures deceiving, hammers Obama on jobs
WTimes: Romney: Jobs growth not enough to re-elect Obama
WaPo: Mitt Romney: ‘This is not what a real recovery looks like’
WaPo: Jack Welch accuses Obama of cooking jobs numbers
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Manipulates the Jobless Number Below 8% by Election Day
Hill: Unemployment report could help turn tide for Obama campaign
NYT: Drop in Jobless Figure Gives Jolt to Race for President
WaPo: Fall in jobless rate strips Romney of an argument

James Taranto: Not the Man He Thought He Knew
Kathleen Parker: KO’d in Denver
Dick Morris: How the media are trying to spin the first presidential debate
Andrew McCarthy: Obama Unfiltered
WTimes: Priebus: Midway thru debate, Obama 'realized he's been president for past 4 yrs'

WaPo: It’s Jim Lehrer’s turn to respond to the debate

WTimes: Obama offers cautious optimism, presses Congress in weekly address
Hill: Obama touts latest unemployment report in weekly address
WSJ: Obama Camp Attacks on Debate ‘Dishonesty’
Hill: Dems say Romney lied during debate — and it will cost him
WSJ: Obama Embraces Big Bird as New Ally
WSJ: Obama Camp Tries to Keeps Heat on ’47%’


WTimes: Feds end 2012 with $1.1 trillion deficit
WSJ: Another Year, Another $1 Trillion-Plus
Fox: Congressional analysts put 2012 deficit at $1.1 trillion, as GOP pounces

WTimes: McCain, Graham tell companies to ignore White House on layoff notices
Fox: Amid anxiety about defense cuts, states brace for the other $500B hit

Sens. Jim Inhofe & Roger Wicker: Lifting Obama’s gag order on military chaplains

Fox: Lawmaker wants probe of EPA experiments on humans


WSJ: Hiring Notches Modest Gains
Examiner: U.S. unemployment below 8 percent, first time since 2009
WSJ: You don't need a conspiracy to know the job market is still lousy
WaPo: Editorial: Jobs report shows an economy on the move
Examiner: The McJobs report

Holman Jenkins: Will Shale Gas Save Obama?

WTimes: Scalia says abortion, gay rights are easy cases

Politico: Sunday shows: The Governator


WSJ: Romney Focuses on Personal Stories in Florida Event
WTimes: Romney tries personal touch on campaign stump

Miami Herald: Voter fraud complaint filed against Fla. Democrats

OHIO (18)

Human Events: Debate bump puts Romney within a point of Obama in must-win Ohio
WSJ: Cleveland Shop Owner: Big Day Until Obama Showed Up

Fox: Federal appeals court reinstates in-person early voting in Ohio
Cleveland PD: Fed appeals court puts early voting back in hands of local boards of election
NYT: Early Voting Is Restored in Ohio
WaPo: Early voting reinstated in Ohio
WSJ: Sixth Circuit Blocks Ohio Early Voting Measure
Youngstown Vindicator: Final 3 days of voting restored


WaPo: Obama hits Romney on women’s issues in Virginia

Examiner: Rasmussen: Virginia senate race now leans Democrat


Politico: Priebus: We're committed to Wisconsin


Examiner: At CPAC Colorado, conservatives in love with Mitt Romney


WSJ: Outside Ads Recast Maine Senate Race


SacBee: Sudden spike in gas prices shocks California
LA Times: California gas prices may hit record


NYT: Leading Maryland and Virginia, With Stars on the Rise


NYT: In New Jersey Senate Race, Sticking Close to the Script


NYT: For Woman in Senate Race, a Fight for Female Votes



October 5, 2012


Fox: Romney camp tries to seize momentum following debate
WSJ: Romney Presses Edge After Obama Stumble
Examiner: Romney moves swiftly to capitalize on debate success
WTimes: Romney energizes GOP base with debate showdown
Boston Globe: Romney’s side recharged; Obama team recalculating
Weekly Standard: Romney Ad: 'It's Time for a New Path'

WTimes: Romney hailed as conquering hero at conservative conference
NatJ: Romney Basks in Debate Afterglow in Surprise Visit to Conservative Group
Fox: Romney takes foreign policy swipe at Obama, calls Libya attack 'tragic failure'
Fox: Romney to give foreign policy speech at Virginia Military Institute on Monday
WaPo: In turnaround, Romney backs off ‘47%’ remarks, calls them ‘just completely wrong’
WTimes: Romney says he was ‘completely wrong’ on ‘47 percent’
Politico: Romney: '47 percent' remarks 'wrong'
Chicago Tribune: Mitt Romney says his '47%' remarks were 'completely wrong'
Hill: Romney says he was 'completely wrong' on '47 percent' comment
NatJ: Romney on the 47 Percent: ‘I Said Something Completely Wrong’
NatJ: Romney: Debate Let Voters 'Listen To Substance'
Miami Herald: Mitt Romney to hold rally in St. Petersburg on Friday

NYT: After Debate, Obama Team Tries to Regain Its Footing
NYT: Campaign Gains a New Intensity in Debate’s Wake
NYT: Debate Praise for Romney as Obama Is Faulted as Flat
Chicago ST: Obama camp licking wounds, rethinking strategy
WaPo: Obama plans to change approach before next presidential debate with Romney
WaPo: Romney benefits from rigorous defense of tax plan
WaPo: After sluggish presidential debate, a more combative Obama appears at Denver rally
WTimes: Reeling from round one, Obama goes back on attack
Examiner: Obama comes out swinging after debate flop
WTimes: New Obama ad: Romney debate claims can't be trusted
Daily Caller: Obama campaign relaunches character attack on Romney: ‘Devoid of honesty’
Fox: Obama campaign conducts damage control after debate, as jobs report looms
NatJ: Obama's Missing Piece: A Second-Term Agenda

Examiner: Was Obama rattled by developing donor scandal story?

American Spectator: Another Obama Tape Surfaces

WSJ: Romney's triumph came from exposing the President's campaign illusions
NYT: Before a Broader Audience, Romney Changes His Tone
NYT: Entering Stage Right, Romney Moved to Center
WaPo: Mitt Romney must prove that debate performance was the real him
WSJ: Tough to Build on First Debate Win

Charles Krauthammer: Romney by two touchdowns
Peggy Noonan: Romney Deflates the President
George Will: Romney hits a trifecta in Denver
James Taranto: Honey, I Shrunk the President
Pat Buchanan: Romney: Best debate performance in 52 years
Pat Buchanan: Folks, we have a brand new ballgame
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Delivered One of the Best Debate Performances in My Lifetime
Rush Limbaugh: Dems Don't Know What Hit 'Em
Rush Limbaugh: Jim Lehrer Couldn't Save Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Conservatism Trounces Liberalism in the Arena of Ideas
Rush Limbaugh: RNC Video Sums Up Debate Brilliantly
Rush Limbaugh: Obama: That Wasn't the Real Romney
Rush Limbaugh: The Media Freak Out is Fun to Watch
Rush Limbaugh: Snap Poll Heartbreak for Blitzer
Rush Limbaugh: Will Leftists Riot If Romney Wins?
Jonah Goldberg: The Undoing of Storybook Man
Laura Meckler: Two Visions of Patriotism Collide
Paul Krugman: Romney’s Sick Joke
David Brooks: Moderate Mitt Returns!
Dana Milbank: Obama pays price for ducking the questions
Emily Miller: Romney’s knockout performance
WTimes: Sununu: Unprepared Obama was 'lazy and disengaged'
Charlie Cook: Mitt Romney Breaks His Losing Streak
William Kristol: The Beginning of the End?
NatJ: Mitt Romney's Unobstructed Leap to the Center
Examiner: Debate was Americans’ first glimpse of Romney the overachiever
Politico: Inside the campaign: Reinventing Romney
Politico: Moderate Mitt returns – but conservatives cheer
Politico: Romney messaging: Obama will raise taxes
NYDN: The pivotal moments that sealed debate win for Mitt Romney
Miami Herald: Analysis: Romney’s debate performance reshapes presidential race
American Spectator: Mitt's New Momentum
National Review: Romney’s Playbook

WTimes: Editorial: Obama, the god who bleeds

WaPo: About 67 million people watch first presidential debate
WTimes: Debate viewership up from '08; Fox tops cable networks

WSJ: Transcript of the First Presidential Debate

Kim Strassel: Get Ready for Chicago Rules

Donald Rumsfeld: Obama is wrong for America on Election Day

Hill: NRA endorses Romney as ‘only hope’ for firearms freedom

WSJ: Romney’s Nuanced Debate Attack on Dodd-Frank

WSJ: Candidates Ignored Some Big Economic Issues in Debate

NYT: Presidential Debate Is a Feast for the Punditry

NYT: After a New-Look Debate, a Harsh Light Falls on the Moderator
Fox: Jim Lehrer's philosophy on moderator's role tested
Fred Barnes: Jim Lehrer, Model Debate Moderator
American Spectator: Can the Press Rescue Obama?

Fox: AARP objects to Obama invoking group's support during debate

Fox: Gore blames Denver altitude for Obama's debate performance

Ted Nugent: Democrats prescribing perpetual poverty
Robert Samuelson: The $5 trillion tax-cut myth
WaPo: Editorial: The $5 trillion man

WTimes: Debate on green-energy ‘losers’ vs. fossil fuels heats up

WSJ: Caps on Tax Deductions Find Favor in Both Parties

WSJ: Obama Sets Monthly Fundraising Record

WSJ: A Glimpse at the Sacred Heart of Mormonism

Fox: Ann Romney slated to guest-host 'Good Morning America'

WTimes: Biden says he’s ready to rumble with Ryan
NatJ: Biden Chomps at Bit for His Turn at Debate
Hill: Dems hope Biden can blunt Romney momentum post-debate
Examiner: Biden: We want to raise taxes by $1 trillion
Fox: Biden acknowledges he, Obama want to raise $1 trillion in taxes on wealthy


Roll Call: Race Rating Changes: House Map Jells; Senate Still Fluid
Human Events: Democrats don’t think they will take the House

NatJ: Capitol Hill Offices Lagging in Staff Diversity


Fox: Jobless applications rise to 367,000, consistent with modest hiring

NYT: F.B.I. Agents Scour Ruins of Attacked U.S. Diplomatic Compound in Libya
Fox: FBI investigators make brief visit to Benghazi attack site after weeks-long delay
Fox: Obama aides internally disputed terrorism finding for several days, sources say
Hill: State Department downplays failure to secure Benghazi crime scene
Fox: Militant group claims Ambassador Stevens killed by 'Lions of Islam'

WSJ: Race and the Law at the Supreme Court
NYT: OpEd: Moving Beyond Affirmative Action

NatJ: Generational Warfare: The Case Against Parasitic Baby Boomers


NYT: G.O.P. Operative Long Trailed By Allegations of Voter Fraud

OHIO (18)

WSJ: Cheers, Questions at a Viewing Party


Rasmussen: North Carolina Governor: McCrory (R) 54%, Dalton (D) 38%


Examiner: Virginia GOP banking young voters will stay home


Denver Post: Obama, Romney get last digs in before leaving Denver

IOWA (6)

NYT: In Iowa and Beyond, Redrawn Districts Test Favorites of Tea Party


NYT: 11 Sexual Harassment Settlements Cost the State $5 Million


Bloomberg: California Gas Stations Shut as Oil Refiners Ration Supplies


WSJ: Conn. Senate Race Tightens
Politico: Senate map turned upside down


Politico: Flake courts Hispanics


Rasmussen: Washington Senate: Cantwell (D) 57%, Baumgartner (R) 37%



October 4, 2012


WSJ: Candidates Spar Over Taxes
Fox: Obama, Romney battle over economic policies in first presidential debate
NYT: Obama and Romney, in First Debate, Spar Over Fixing the Economy
NYDN: Presidential debate: Romney delivers unexpectedly strong performance
Chicago Tribune: Romney sharp and steady in first presidential debate
Denver Post: Romney repeatedly lashes Obama in presidential debate at DU
NY Post: Romney turns in strong performance in his first debate with Obama
Human Events: Obama’s amateur hour
NatJ: On Economy, Romney Blurs Contrast
Examiner: Romney goes on attack in presidential debate
Examiner: GOP candidate finally shows passion his party wanted
Pittsburgh TR: Obama, Romney face off
Politico: Mitt Romney wins a reprieve
Hill: Romney lands punches against subdued Obama in first debate
Hill: Listless Obama helped boost Romney's night
Hill: Obama fails to mention Bain, '47 percent'
Politico: Not debatable: Obama stumbled
Chicago ST: Obama on defensive in first debate with Romney
WaPo: Romney goes on offense, forcing Obama to defend record
WTimes: Romney attacks Obama’s ‘trickle down government’ in first debate
Roll Call: Mitt Romney Tweaks Plans, Lands Punches Against Barack Obama
WSJ: Night's Big Dispute Hinges On Tax Cuts and Deficit
Human Events: Debate exposes Obama’s ridiculous tax myth
WSJ: A Debate Aimed at the Center, Minus the Fireworks
HuffPost: First Presidential Debate 2012: Full Replay (video)
ABC: Presidential Debate Transcript
WSJ: Recap: The First Obama-Romney Debate
WSJ: Post-Debate Analysis: ‘The Game Is On’?
WSJ: Turning Points: Top Debate Moments

WSJ: Romney Takes the Stage: The Republican dominates the first Presidential debate
Denver Post: Romney had the best night of campaign, Obama "fell flat," experts say
National Review: The First Debate
Dallas MN: Analysis: Debate gave Romney new shot at connecting with voters
WaPo: Analysis: Romney finds his voice on economy
NYT: Editorial: An Unhelpful Debate
WaPo: Editorial: In presidential debate, Obama, Romney evaded the hard truths
Miami Herald: A relaxed Romney rolls by out-of-sync Obama in first presidential debate
American Spectator: Mitt's Biggest Turnaround Yet
Chicago Tribune: Analysis: Romney's aggressive debate cheers GOP
CNN: CNN Poll: Most watchers say Romney debate winner
Daily Caller: Obama surrogates can’t quite spin a win after Denver presidential debate
Hill: Liberal pundits disappointed with Obama’s performance on debate night
Daily Caller: Post-debate, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews lapses into panic mode [video]
WaPo: Behind debate scenes, Romney’s team reenergized by Republican’s performance
NatJ: Post-Debate Polls of Voters Declare Romney the Winner
NatJ: Romney's Test: Sustaining Momentum From Strong Debate
Fox: Pundits on both sides give Romney edge in first debate as campaigns look to round 2

Dan Henninger: The Romney Reboot Arrives
Nate Silver: Polls Show a Strong Debate for Romney
Michael Barone: Thoughts on the first presidential debate
William Kristol: ‘A Terrific Debate’
Fred Barnes: Romney Wins Big
Stephen Hayes: Romney Goes Bold, Aggressive
Chris Cillizza: Winners and losers from the first presidential debate
Dana Milbank: Mitt Romney holds his own — and then some — in first debate
EJ Dionne: Romney’s personality shift
Ed Rogers: Curse for Obama: Good gets better, bad gets worse
Charles Hurt: Obama the debater: Making Jimmy Carter look awesome
Brett Decker: Romney’s silent majority
Major Garrett: The Unsinkable Mitt Romney
Nolan Finley: Mitt Romney surges back to life in debate
Jeff Jacoby: A clear knockout for Mitt Romney
Joan Vennochi: An ineffective Obama falls flat
Dick Morris: Romney Debate Win
Roger Simon: Obama snoozes and loses
John Gizzi: Grassroots to Romney: Take the ball and run
Rush: It's Obama, Not Romney, Who Can't Relate to the American People
Rush Limbaugh: Why Mr. Roads and Bridges Hates Suburbia
Daily Caller: Krauthammer: Romney ‘won by two touchdowns’
Daily Caller: Carville: ‘Mitt Romney came with a chainsaw’
Daily Caller: George Will: Romney stopped GOP demoralization ‘in its tracks tonight’
WT: Michael Moore to Obama - 'This is what happens when u pick Kerry as your debate coach'

NYT: A Clash of Philosophies
WTimes: Debates not last word on presidential race
WSJ: Post-Debate Press-Van Confusion in Denver

Karl Rove: Can We Believe the Presidential Polls?

WSJ: Romney Team Provides Details on Tax Options

Fox: Romney would end Obama immigration policy

NYT: Resurfaced ’07 Talk by Obama Renews Questions on Race
WTimes: Obama 2007 Katrina speech sparks fresh controversy
James Taranto: That '07's Show: Everything old is new again
Rush: 2007 Video Shows the Real Obama: Angry, Race-Baiting, Fear-Mongering Liberal

Ann Coulter: MSNBC's Motto: 'Lean Racist'

WTimes: Group makes largest-ever, super-PAC ad buy
NYT: Priorities USA Action Pulls Ads From Florida and Wisconsin
NatJ: Obama Super PAC Expands Advertising to Nevada

WTimes: Military absentee ballot requests plummet from 2008


WSJ: Democratic Backers Steer Cash to Congressional Races

WaPo: 8 Senate candidates whose third quarter reports matter

Roll Call: House, Senate Leaders Hit Trail


WSJ: U.S. Fertility Rate Hits Lowest Level on Record

WaPo: Supreme Court: Must government pay compensation for dam’s temporary flooding?

OHIO (18)

Hill: GOP takes new tack: Romney can still win while losing Ohio
WaPo: Ohio Democrats rally around home TVs for Obama
NYT: At Debate-Watching Party in Suburban Ohio, Voters Are Less Than Thrilled


Rasmussen: North Carolina: Romney 51%, Obama 47%


Patch: Obama Lead Shrinks in Virginia, New Poll Shows

Roll Call: Virginia: Another Poll Finds Tim Kaine in Front


Politico: Poll: Obama leads by 11 in Wisconsin

WTimes: Baldwin's lead narrows in Wis. Senate race


WTimes: Two polls have McCaskill up 6 points over Akin
Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: McCaskill (D) 51%, Akin (R) 45%
WaPo: Akin defends remark about abortions on non-pregnant women

IOWA (6)

WaPo: Iowa veterans see a leader in Romney


Boston Globe: After debate, undecided N.H. voters remain on fence


NYT: Competitive Races Put New York State in Thick of the Fight for Congress

NYT: Espada’s Lawyer Tries, and Fails, to Quit Tax Evasion Case

Roll Call: Kathy Hochul Proving Herself as a Retail Politician in New York
Bob McCarthy: Big names, big money, big stakes in Collins-Hochul race


Fox: Rep. Jackson Jr.'s wife unsure when he will return


NatJ: Q Poll: McMahon, Murphy in Dead Heat


Hill: Warren showed softer side to Wall Street behind the scenes as Obama aide
NatJ: On the Trail, Warren Rails Against Corporate Lobbyists. In DC, She Hired Them


NYT: Tester and Rehberg Fight Over Outsider Label in Montana



October 3, 2012


WSJ: WSJ Guide to First Romney-Obama Debate
WSJ: One Debate Goal: Sway the Swayable
WSJ: In Final Hours, Romney, Obama Debate Their 'Stand-Ins'
WTimes: Presidential debate ritual is a great equalizer for incumbent, challenger
WSJ: Romney's Middle-Class Tax Sale: How he can win debate he's now losing by default
Examiner: First debate may be Romney's last chance to overtake Obama
Gallup: Romney Maintains Economic Edge Heading Into Debates
Human Events: The stakes at risk in the first presidential debate

Dick Morris: Mitt must debate big issues
Fred Barnes: Romney's Dangerous Game of Playing It Safe
Holman Jenkins: Obama, Romney and the Hail Mary
David Brooks: The Opening Statement
Ross Douthat: What Mitt Should Tell the 47 Percent
George LeMieux: Romney’s Debate To-Do List
Michael Barone: Quips, slips and gaffes in presidential debates
Newton Minow: A Glimmer in the Vast Wasteland
Kathleen Parker: Obama and Romney ready to enter the ring
Dana Milbank: The Zinger candidacy — all sugary platitudes, no protein
Matthew Dowd: Much at Stake for Romney With Debate Audience
Charles Hurt: Romney’s game-changer: Run for only one term
WTimes: OpEd: Markets want Mitt Romney
Donald Lambro: Romney’s debate target: Obama’s economy
Rush: George Will on President Barack Obama, America's Affirmative Action Hire

Rush Limbaugh: Libya Mess Should Open Millions of Eyes
Rush: Regime Engaged in Libya Cover-Up Because They Wanted You to Think Al-Qaeda Died with Bin Laden

Rush Limbaugh: John Elway Endorses Romney

Fox: Romney seeks extended deadline for overseas voters

Hill: Romney goes on the offense on eve of first presidential debate
WSJ: Romney Floats Idea of Itemized Deduction Cap
Hill: Romney floats limit on deductions

WTimes: Romney won’t deport illegal immigrants with temporary legal status

NYT: Ann Romney Takes Bigger Role on Behalf of the Man She Knows
Politico: For Ann Romney, it's personal

WTimes: Romney campaign fundraises off 'Fast and Furious'
WTimes: Court dismisses RNC’s contribution-ceiling challenge
Hill: Romney increases efforts to win over Hispanic voters

WaPo: Moderating presidential debates: harder than it looks

NatJ: Debate Stakes: Empathy, Likability, and Winning Over Voters
WaPo: 8 questions about the first presidential debate
WaPo: A prime-time chance for candidates to discuss the future

National Review: Editorial: Obama’s Middle-Class Tax Hike

NYT: Stark Backdrop as Obama Prepares for Fall’s First Debate
NYT: In 90-Minute Debate, 2 Candidates Stand on Equal Footing
WSJ: Obama Visits Hoover Dam Amid Debate Prep
WSJ: Michelle Obama: Husband Is ‘Good Debater’
WSJ: Polls: Obama Is Expected to Win Debate
Politico: Mitt's 'W' problem

NYT: Obama Outspending Romney on TV Ads
WTimes: Financiers fund new anti-Romney ads
NYT: Ads Attack Wall Street Ties, No Matter How Flimsy

Fox: Video of Obama in 2007 suggesting racism slowed aid to post-Katrina New Orleans
American Spectator: Hannity, Daily Caller: Bombshell Obama Race Tape
DC: In heated ’07 speech, Obama says feds ‘don’t care’ about New Orleans
NatJ: Obama's 2007 Video: 'Bombshell' or Old News?

Fox: Biden says middle class 'buried' the last 4 years, Republicans pounce
WSJ: Biden: Middle Class ‘Buried’ for Past Four Years
Hill: Biden tells audience middle class has been 'buried' last four years
WTimes: Biden: Middle class 'buried' over the last four years
WaPo: Biden says middle class has been ‘buried’ in past four years, and Republicans agree
Roll Call: As Debate Nears, Mitt Romney Plays Defense on Taxes, Offense on Joseph Biden

WSJ: Poll Shows Slim Obama Lead
Hill: Race narrows ahead of first presidential debate
NatJ: Obama, Romney Tied Among Likely Voters
Hill: Rise in support from independents helping Obama gain in polls
Rush Limbaugh: As Predicted, the Corrupt Polls "Tighten"
Weekly Standard: This Race Has Just Begun

NYT: Voter ID Rules Fail Court Tests Across Country

James Taranto: When 'Gullible' Isn't in the Stylebook

WaPo: For election losers, many paths through the political wilderness


Hill: Senate leadership wants distance from deficit discussions

WaPo: In congressional races, underdogs abound, but why?
Politico: 5 most-expensive House races

WTimes: Grassley, Ayotte want answers on OMB promise to cover defense layoff costs
Fox: McCain vows to shield tax dollars from fallout over defense layoffs

Fox: Lawmakers claim administration opening door to Gitmo transfer with Illinois prison buy


WaPo: DHS ‘fusion centers’ portrayed as pools of ineptitude, civil liberties intrusions

Fox: Average American household now owes $137,000 as share of national debt

NYT: Editorial: Justice Under the Law of Nations


NatJ: Poll: Obama Has Slim Edge in Florida
Examiner: Poll: Obama leads Romney 46-43% in Florida

NYT: G.O.P. Aims to Remake Florida Supreme Court


WSJ: State Judge Blocks Voter-ID Legislation
WTimes: Judge blocks Pa.’s new voter ID requirement
NYT: Editorial: Temporary Voter Relief in Pennsylvania
Robert Barnes: Pennsylvania voter ID law shouldn’t be enforced this time, judge rules

OHIO (18)

WSJ: Race Tightens in 2 States as Ohio Gap Widens
Politico: Rush Limbaugh: John Elway to hurt Romney in Ohio?


Examiner: Allen says state must pay more for Dulles Rail
WTimes: Kaine buys $3 million more in ads


Hill: Kerrey’s candidacy looks bleak in Neb.


Human Events: Romney saturates Colorado with ads, appearances


Rasmussen: New Mexico: Obama 51%, Romney 40%


NatJ: Poll: Hassan, Lamontagne Tied in N.H. Gov. Race


NYT: Our Next Stop, Governor: Another Development Site Helped by Your Policies


NYT: In Illinois, Jackson Runs Unseen

Fox: Doctor seeking Illinois Senate seat offers brutal diagnosis of ObamaCare in viral video


Fox: Brown, Warren seek momentum off 2nd Senate debate


Politico: Love-Matheson race puts Utah district on map


Examiner: Is the Obama campaign running ads in Oregon?



October 2, 2012


WaPo: Romney, in debate preview, says ‘We’re not seeing the real recovery’
WSJ: Look for Duel on Energy in Debates
NatJ: Energy Could Take Center Stage in Debate
ABC: Presidential Debates Rarely Change Votes, But Stakes Remain High
Hill: Obama, Romney face similar debate test: Staying cool under fire
Boston Globe: In ’02, Mitt Romney capitalized on debates
National Review: Ringside with Romney: Five things to watch at the first debate
National Review: Editorial: Debating Health Care
Rush Limbaugh: Debate Preview: Obama Will Lie
WSJ: Strike Looms at ABC Ahead of Debate
NYT: During Debates, Moderators Are Both Referee and Target
WaPo: Debate Prep: Six lessons for President Obama
Politico: 10 quotes that haunt Barack Obama

Hill: GOP seizes on Obama backpedaling over attack on US Consulate in Libya
Sen. John Cornyn: The Downside of Obama’s Foreign Policy
Bret Stephens: Benghazi Was Obama's 3 a.m. Call
Michael Hayden: When intel meets the political debate

Hill: 'Obama phone' video puts spotlight on FCC
Union Leader: Editorial: Romney’s point, made The ‘Obamaphone’ electorate
James Taranto: The 'Obamaphone Lady'
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Create Permanent Underclass
YouTube: Original Obamaphone Lady video
Beaufort Observer: Everybody's got an ObamaPhone

Fox: Romney says he won't revoke young illegal immigrant visas under new Obama program

Examiner: The Denver Broncos’ John Elway endorses Romney
Hill: Former NFL star John Elway endorses Romney
Weekly Standard: John Elway Endorses Romney
Chicago Tribune: Romney arrives in Denver for debate, wins Elway's endorsement
Toronto Sun: Romney arrives in Denver for debate, wins John Elway’s endorsement

Daily Caller: Survey: Doctors choose Romney over Obama

WTimes: New Romney ad ties Obama to Pelosi
Hill: Romney ad: Obama health law raised taxes on the middle class

Hill: Ann Romney gets tough on critics

Michael Gerson: Romney forced to play defense

Wes Pruden: Once more, Stupid: It’s the economy

Peggy Noonan: The Big Mix

Hill: Romney campaign's new strategy: emphasize candidate contrasts
NYT: Romney Broadens Focus as Economic Argument Sputters
NYT: Offshore Tactics Helped Increase Romneys’ Wealth
NYT: Whistle-Blower Lawyers Throw Support Behind Obama
WSJ: Obama Ad Revives Bain Attack
WaPo: Romney’s ‘47 percent’ comments aren’t going away, and they’re taking a toll
WTimes: 49 percent say Romney's '47 percent' comments got too much coverage
WSJ: OpEd: The Case Against a CEO in the Oval Office

WSJ: Obama Keeps Edge in Polls
NatJ: Polls Align With Obama Narrowly Leading Romney
Gallup: Obama Beats Romney as Better for Middle-Income Americans
Nate Silver: New Polls Raise Chance of Electoral College Tie
American Thinker: Which Polls Count
George Will: Can Romney turn this contest around?
Tucker Carlson & Neil Patel: Romney can win
Rush Limbaugh: They Want You to Think the Election is Over

Fox: Military ballot requests down in key battleground states

Politico: Crossroads launches $16 million buy in Senate, presidential contests

WaPo: Selling votes is common type of election fraud


MSN: Senate leaders at work on plan to avoid 'fiscal cliff'
NYT: Leaders at Work on Plan to Avert Mandatory Cuts
WSJ: IRS Could Buy Time on Fiscal Cliff
WTimes: After White House assurances, Lockheed won't send out layoff notices
Hill: After Obama guidance, Lockheed won't issue layoff notices this year

Hill: States bristle at Reid’s push to legalize online poker in lame-duck session

Hill: Speaker Boehner uses Rove-like strategy to hold House majority

WaPo: Editorial: Paul Ryan’s budget flimflam


Daily Caller: Univision uncovers more deadly, heart-wrenching Fast and Furious details
Rush: Univision Exposes Massive Audience to Fast and Furious Scandal for First Time
Fox: 'Furious' guns tied to 2010 Juarez massacre, other murders in Mexico

Fox: Probe slams VA over $6M conference tab including parody video, official resigns
Politico: IG hits VA spending, top official resigns
Hill: Official resigns after report finds VA spent $6.1M on lavish conferences

WaPo: Many states not prepared for health-care law

NYT: Distress Deepening, Postal Service Defaults on $5.6 Billion Benefits Payment

Fox: Obama administration held dozens of meetings on food stamps with Mexican officials

WSJ: OpEd: How Public Unions Exploit the Ruse of 'Official Time'

Robert Barnes: Supreme Ct ponders US lawsuits over corporate abuses committed abroad
Human Events: Supreme Court still doubtful its role in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum
WTimes: High court returns to social, political cases
WTimes: Supreme Court opens big term with new human rights case
Fox: Supreme Court opens door to another challenge to Obamacare


WTimes: Poll: Nelson, Mack tied in Florida Senate race


WTimes: Pa.’s tough voter-ID law awaits appellate judge’s ruling
WaPo: Deadline nears for Pa. judge to rule on law requiring voters to show photo ID

OHIO (18)

Politico: Poll: Sen. Sherrod Brown opens lead in Ohio


Hill: Cantor's rival gets harsh in sole face-off
NatJ: What Happened at the Cantor-Powell Debate
Politico: Eric Cantor campaigns -- for himself

Examiner: Kaine renews war-on-women attack on Allen


WTimes: N.J. Gov. Christie to campaign for Thompson in Wis. Senate race


WTimes: Akin gets support from anti-earmark group
Politico: McCaskill leads Akin by 9, according to internal polling
Human Events: Christie says GOP should not support Missouri’s Akin

IOWA (6)

Politico: Jindal heads to Iowa county GOP dinner


Rasmussen: New Mexico Senate: Heinrich (D) 52%, Wilson (R) 39%


NatJ: Poll: Obama Opens Up Large Lead in New Hampshire


Politico: Or maybe Angus King still has a big lead?


Albany TU: Get your court appointments here


NYT: California Is Latest Stage for Election Battle Over Unions


Gov. Phil Bryant: The truth about Obamacare in Mississippi


WaPo: Americans for Prosperity puts big money on legislative races in Arkansas


WSJ: Brown, Warren Spar in Massachusetts Debate
Boston Globe: Brown, Warren clash in second debate
Boston Globe: Brown, Warren fire away over voting, work records
NatJ: Brown, Warren Trade Barbs in Second Debate
AP: Second Brown, Warren debate in the books
Hill: Brown-Warren second debate echoes the first
Politico: In debate, Scott Brown veers away from GOP
Boston Herald: Brown’s edge on status quo
WaPo: 6 takeaways from the second Brown-Warren debate

Politico: Banks picking up donations to Scott Brown
Politico: Menino goes all in for Warren
Hill: Warren win might affect Kerry’s future
Human Events: Cousy to Brown for the assist
Weekly Standard: The Natural ­Versus the Phony


Politico: Boom: DSCC going up in Arizona


Fred Barnes: Washington state’s Republicans might get some ­satisfaction this year


WTimes: Strong Republican a Senate long shot in Hawaii



October 1, 2012


Mitt Romney: A New Course for the Middle East

WTimes: Outrage growing on U.S. response to consulate attack
WSJ: GOP Again Slams Obama on Libyan Attacks
NYT: As Candidates Drill for Debates, More Jousting on Libya
Fox: Romney camp joins in calls for clear Libya explanation
Hill: McCain calls Obama 'inept' and 'ignorant' in reaction to Libya attack

Examiner: Debate gives Romney, Obama chance to woo undecided voters
NatJ: Romney's Best Debate Strategy: Make Contact
NatJ: Barbour: Romney Should Focus on Issues
Hill: Christie sees Wednesday's debate as game-changer for Romney
NatJ: Howard Dean on Debates: Obama Should 'Avoid Being Irritable'
NYT: Debates Can Shift a Race’s Outcome, but It’s Not Easy
NatJ: Why Incumbents Lose Presidential Debates
Dallas MN: As presidential debates begin, onus is on Mitt Romney to change the race
Denver Post: Obama, Romney making final preparations for Denver debate
Boston Globe: Obama, Romney hunker down for debate prep
Examiner: Obama to supporters: Romney is a better debater than I am
Chris Cillizza: First presidential debate: What to expect from Obama and Romney on Wed.

WSJ: Campaigns Search for Elusive Early Voters
John Fund: The Disappearance of Election Day
NYT: Flooding the Dance Floor With Political Pitches

NYT: Now Entering the Month of Surprise
Hill: What will be this year's October surprise?

Fox: Ryan says Obama's foreign policy 'unraveling,' Romney's will be about US 'strength'
Human Events: Ryan: We are seeing Obama’s foreign policy unravel on our TV screens
Hill: Ryan: Obama running on division, distraction and distortion
Fox: Ryan confident about victory, says debates will offer voters 'very clear choice'
WTimes: Paul Ryan: ‘We’ve had some missteps’ in the campaign
Roll Call: Paul Ryan Downplays Mitt Romney's Debate Performance, Admits to 'Missteps'
WSJ: Ryan: Voters Will Back Romney Despite ‘Missteps’
Hill: No agreement within GOP about best path for Romney campaign

WaPo: Tight race nationally as first debate approaches
Politico: Battleground Poll: Race still tight
Hill: The Hill Poll: Voters switch, saying Obama is set to win second term
Gallup: Obama Beats Romney as Better for Middle-Income Americans
WTimes: Economic signs point both ways for presidential election result
WTimes: McCain: 'A glimmer of hope' over economy plus friendly media puts Obama ahead
American Spectator: Indefatigable: Don't underestimate Mitt Romney's staying power
WTimes: Obama widens lead, confidence against Romney
Politico: The parallel universe where Mitt leads all polls
WTimes: Electoral College math seen as favoring Obama
WaPo: Public opinion ahead of first debate
WTimes: Poll finds most think Obama will win first debate
Jed Babbin: Back-Footing Mitt
Joe Curl: Obama wins first debate, says everyone in world
Paul Krugman: The Real Referendum
Robert Samuelson: The truth deficit from both campaigns
Michael Barone: Mystery: Democratic registration is down, but Dem-party identification is up
Robert Barnes: The Supreme Court, absent from the election debate


WTimes: Simpson, Bowles say their debt panel plan is still the best option

NYT: Payroll Tax Cut Is Unlikely to Survive Into Next Year

Fox: Republicans launch new ads focusing on economy for 13 House races
Juan Williams: Dems pine for House majority
Judd Gregg: Future looks bright for America


Fox: Defense cuts poised to deal billions of dollars in damage to contractor-heavy states
NatJ: White House Moves To Head Off Sequester Layoffs
WSJ: Facing 'Fiscal Cliff,' Obama Would Quickly Fill Treasury Job

Fox: DeMint joins national effort to keep feds from bailing out state pension systems

Fox: Report claims to have found 57 more guns tied to Operation 'Fast and Furious'
Human Events: Fast and Furious Scandal: How the U.S. government armed Mexican cartels

DC: As college student, Eric Holder participated in ‘armed’ takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office

Hill: Controversial cases await justices

OHIO (18)

Detroit News: Ohio emerges as key presidential battleground
WaPo: Canvassers always knock twice
Politico: PPP on Ohio: Obama 49, Romney 45


WSJ: The Next Battleground in the State Labor Wars


Thomas Edsall: Who’s Afraid of Virginia?


Milwaukee JS: Thompson's pro bono board work short-lived
National Review: Tommy Thompson Trudges On

Milwaukee JS: New judicial panel appointee called case against Prosser unfair


WTimes: Minnesota to vote on gay-marriage ban


NatJ: Blunt: Akin Can Win
WTimes: Missouri's Blunt: Voters want change in Senate; Akin could win
Roll Call: Roy Blunt: Missouri Senate Race Is More About Senate Majority Than Todd Akin
Roll Call: What to Expect From a Sen. Todd Akin

IOWA (6)

Nate Silver: As Iowa Goes, So May Go Romney’s Chances


Hill: High stakes in rough-and-tumble Nevada


NYT: Shift by Cuomo on Gas Drilling Prompts Both Anger and Praise

National Review: Senator Wendy, if You Please

Hill: Tea Party-backed GOP freshman aims to strike ideological balance (Rep. Nan Hayworth)


Fox: California to become first state to ban gay teen 'conversion' therapy
Fox: Some illegal immigrants may get drivers licenses under new California law
Fox: California governor signs bill giving juvenile prisoners a second chance
Human Events: Why are people fleeing California?


NYDN: Lindsay Lohan tussles with congressional staffer
Chicago Tribune: Charges dropped against Illinois ex-congressional aide in Lohan dispute


NYT: ‘North Dakota Nice’ Plays Well in Senate Race


Boston Globe: Scott Brown paints win as key for GOP
WaPo: Native Americans chafe at Brown-Warren race
NatJ: Mass. Senate Poll: Warren Holds Slight Lead Over Brown
Weekly Standard: Poll: Warren 43, Brown 38

Boston Globe: Richard Tisei leads Rep. John Tierney in poll


Rasmussen: Washington: Obama 52%, Romney 41%



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The Reasons for Romney

Hill: Al Gore calls for an end to the Electoral College
Schott: Gore, Soros & Chaos Theory

Rush Limbaugh: John Fund's New Book on Voter Fraud is Well Worth Your Time

NY Post: Navy SEAL’s firsthand account of Osama Bin Laden's death

NYT: A SEAL’s Own Story, Bin Laden and All

WTimes: Impact of ‘2016’ on 2012 presidential race uncertain

Rush Limbaugh: Stanley Kurtz's New Book Examines Obama's War on Suburbia

Rush Limbaugh:
Obama's Plan to Eliminate Suburbs

Stanley Fish: Intention and the Canons of Legal Interpretation

WSJ: Scalia Offers Up 57 Varieties for Interpreting Legal Texts

WSJ: Jonathan Haidt:
He Knows Why We Fight

Human Events: “The Amateur” climbs to #2 on New York Times bestseller list

Rush Limbaugh: The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

American Spectator:
The Great Destroyer

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