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October 31, 2012


WSJ: Race Is Back On After Storm Hiatus
Michael Barone: Romney pressures Obama by expanding electoral map

WSJ: Romney Rally Turns Into Hurricane Relief Effort
CBS: Romney turns Ohio rally into "storm relief event"
WaPo: Romney's Ohio campaign event focuses on relief efforts for Sandy’s victims
Hill: Romney proves his mettle as a candidate
Fox: Obama, Romney stay public during storm, but with focus on victims, not politics
CBS: Romney's challenge: How to campaign after Sandy
Fox: Romney stays in public eye minus political talk in wake of Sandy

Politico: Mitt Romney's campaign rally playlist

Dick Morris: Here comes the landslide
Examiner: Some see GOP voting tsunami coming
Rush: Romney Urges Ohioans to Vote Early as Mittmentum Surges into Blue States
NYT: Obama and Romney in Exceedingly Close Race, Poll Finds
Bloomberg: Romney Ohio Fate Tied to 47 Percenters Along Appalachians
WTimes: Poll: Obama enjoys 17-point edge on Romney among voters under 30
Pete DuPont: Romney's Good Month

Fox: Gallup suspends daily presidential poll for second day, citing impact of Sandy
Ross Douthat: The Polling Bias Debate
Gallup: Americans Still Give Obama Better Odds to Win Election
Gallup: U.S. Voter Turnout Will Likely Fall Short of 2004, 2008

WSJ: Fair-Weather Voters
WSJ: Third-Party Hopefuls
Rush Limbaugh: Left Wants Obama to Postpone the Election

Rush Limbaugh: Ultra-Lib Richard Cohen Eviscerates Obama
WTimes: Down ticket, few reach for Obama’s coattails

NYT: Obama Promises Speedy Aid as Storm Takes On Added Political Weight
WaPo: Storm provides Obama with a commander-in-chief moment
Daily Caller: Obama to tour New Jersey, after rebuff by New York mayor
James Taranto: A Big Storm Requires Big Bird?
WSJ: Did you know Hurricane Sandy favors higher marginal tax rates?

WTimes: RNC left with hoards of cash but little time


Roll Call: House Majority PAC Airs Final Spots in Nine Races

Hill: Late surges shake fight for Senate


NYT: Distribution of Billions in Aid to Storm Victims Will Test FEMA
WSJ: Federal Agencies to Reopen on Wednesday

WSJ: OpEd: ObamaCare's Costs to the Working Class

WSJ: Hug a Price Gouger


Miami Herald: Mitt Romney to campaign in Tampa, Coral Gables and Jacksonville
Human Events: Mason Dixon: Romney has pretty much nailed down Fla.
WaPo: Republicans target three Florida Supreme Court justices


WSJ: Romney Airs Ads in Pennsylania
USA Today: Romney launches Pa. ad campaign
Human Events: Romney expands the map, buys ad time in Pennsylvania
Hill: Romney makes feint at Pa.
WSJ: OpEd: Pennsylvania's Fading Presidential Blue

OHIO (18)

WaPo: Romney and Ryan plan major kick-off rally Friday in Ohio
Hill: Romney to launch final campaign blitz with major Ohio rally Friday
American Spectator: Ground Troops in Ohio

WTimes: Romney balances sympathy, politics in Ohio
Toledo Blade: Mitt Romney asks Kettering, Ohio crowd to aid in hurricane relief efforts
Rush Limbaugh: Report from Romney Rally in Ohio
NYT: Ohio Working Class May Offer Key to Obama’s Re-election
Columbus Dispatch: Obama maintains 5-point lead in Ohio
Weekly Standard: A Polling Quandary—in the Buckeye State

Byron York: Romney team sees Ohio numbers moving their way
Human Events: Gingrich: If media is right that Ohio is key, Romney wins

Columbus Dispatch: Mandel courts coattails more than Brown

Columbus Dispatch: Should Ohio voters approve State Issue 2?


Detroit News: Poll: Romney closes gap on Obama in Michigan


CNN: Romney set to return to Virginia Thursday
WaPo: In Virginia, Obama and Romney camps mount furious final push for votes

Examiner: Allen pushes jobs to carry him across finish line in Virginia


Milwaukee JS: Obama, Romney to resume campaigning in Wisconsin
Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin: a different kind of battleground

Human Events: Wisconsin Senate race a ‘bellwhether’ for Romney, Ryan
Janesville Gazette: Ann Romney in Wis. to urge Red Cross donations
Milwaukee JS: Ryan, Ann Romney make low-key stops in WI to encourage Sandy relief


WSJ: Clinton's Minnesota Visit Brings Cheers, Worries
Star Tribune: Obama, Romney send last-minute stumpers to Minnesota
AP: Romney, GOP suddenly plunging onto Democratic turf
Thomas Friedman: Minnesota Mirror

Star Tribune: Bachmann, Graves tangle at Sixth District debate


Fox: Akin relying largely on Gingrich in final days of Senate race with McCaskill


Huff Post: American Crossroads Hitting Bob Kerrey With Ad Buy In Nebraska Senate Race


Human Events: Could military voting turnout win Colorado for Romney?

IOWA (6)

Des Moines Register: Ann Romney campaigns for husband, Mitt, in Des Moines
Des Moines Register: Paul Ryan to campaign in Cedar Falls on Friday


Human Events: Now Electoral College fans: The Maine event


NYT: Money Flows Into Queens to Cultivate a G.O.P. Star

Fox: New York congressman's Queens home burns down during storm (Rep. Bob Turner)
Politico: Rep. Bob Turner's Queens home burned during hurricane


Dan Walters: What to do if Proposition 30 fails?

NYT: In San Diego, Gay Republican Finds He Can’t Count on Gay and Lesbian Vote


Roll Call: Illinois: Democrats’ Redistricting Crown Jewel Not as Royal as Expected
Roll Call: Changed Politics and District Haunt Judy Biggert in Illinois


Evansville CP: Controversy over Mourdock comments evident at Indiana GOP dinner
Politico: Richard Mourdock, party buzzkill


WSJ: Gov. Christie Praises Obama’s Response
NYT: In Wake of Storm, Christie Breaks From Attacks to Praise Obama
WSJ: Obama to Visit New Jersey on Wednesday
Maureen Dowd: The ‘I’ of the Storm


Boston Globe: Storm’s damage marks out trail for Brown, Warren
NYT: Senator Scott Brown Pulls Out of Debate
Fox: Final Brown-Warren debate canceled, as poll shows tie
Bloomberg: Brown, Warren Tussle Over Storm-Delayed Debate
Boston Herald: Scott Brown frees TV stations from a sticky situation
Roll Call: Massachusetts: New Poll Has Elizabeth Warren Up 7 Points Over Scott Brown


WTimes: Top Arizona Republicans rebuff Democrat Carmona with pro-Flake ad


NYT: Utah Mayor Mia Love Hopes Star Turn, and Romney’s Star Power, Lift Her to the House



October 30, 2012


Breitbart: Gallup: Romney Up 52-45% Among Early Voters
Gallup: In U.S., 15% of Registered Voters Have Already Cast Ballots
Gallup: Likely Voters: Romney 51% Obama 46%
Hill: Gallup: Romney extends lead over Obama to 5 points

Rasmussen: Ohio: Romney 50%, Obama 48%
Rasmussen: Swing State Tracking: Romney 50%, Obama 46%
Weekly Standard: Rasmussen: Romney 279, Obama 243
Pew: Presidential Race Dead Even; Romney Maintains Turnout Edge
WaPo: WaPo-ABC track: All tied up at 49 percent
Rush Limbaugh: The Undeniable Pro-Romney Surge
GOPAC: Why Romney will win

WSJ: Romney Moves Ahead With Condensed Pitch
WTimes: Romney devotes day to Sandy relief efforts
Hill: Romney and Ryan announce 'storm relief' efforts for Tuesday
Fox: Romney scraps Monday night, Tuesday campaigning

NYT: G.O.P. Turns Fire on Obama Pillar, the Auto Bailout

Rush Limbaugh: Bengazi: Tyrone Woods Painted a Target, But the Missile Never Came
Bill McGurn: The Fog of Obama's Non-War
WTimes: Romney embraces executive authority

Rush Limbaugh: Disgusting Pro-Obama Ad Exploits Kids

WSJ: Obama Suggests ‘Secretary of Business’ in a 2nd Term
WSJ: Secretary of Say What?
Rush Limbaugh: Clueless Obama Wants to Create "Secretary of Business"

David Brooks: The Upside of Opportunism
Richard Cohen: The president who seems not to care

WSJ: Clinton: Obama Is ‘Man With Plan’ on Economy
Bret Stephens: Barack Obama and Other Has-Beens

Rick Santorum: Standing up for marriage and families

Daily Caller: Romney backs away from opposition to ending wind tax credit

WSJ: Obama Camp Steps Up Response Over Jeep

WSJ: Storm Upends Campaign Plans
NYT: Early Voters, and a Hurricane, Change the Rhythm of the Campaign
Politico: Poll: Neither has edge in early voting
WTimes: Obama advisers say president leads early voting in Iowa, Nev.
Fox: Democrats' Ground Game Hasn’t Closed Enthusiasm Gap
NYT: Storm Roils Campaign as Obama Cancels Appearance
Rush Limbaugh: Left Prays the Storm Helps Obama
NYT: Editorial: A Big Storm Requires Big Government

WTimes: Rust Belt finding no shining knight in White House joust

James Taranto: Off to the Races

WSJ: Medicare Fails to Sway Senior Voters

WaPo: Election lawyers ready to challenge alleged illegal voting activity


WSJ: Fiscal Cliff Forces All Sides to Jockey

Fox: Issa-Grassley report links Fast & Furious to 'widespread' Justice Department failures
Hill: Second 'Fast & Furious' report flays management at Department of Justice

Rasmussen: 2012 Senate Balance of Power
Roll Call: Senate Battle Remains Close; Democrats Set for Small House Gains
NatJ: Why Republicans Will Keep the House


WSJ: Washington to Stay Shut Tuesday

WSJ: Putting a Face on Welfare Spat

WSJ: Why the U.S. burns 40% of its corn, despite a global food shortage

WTimes: Quarter-billion-dollar stimulus grant creates just 400 jobs

Fox: ObamaCare mandate big on state ballots that also include gay marriage, marijuana


NYT: In Political Sign Battle, Thievery, Acid and Jelly

Fox: Florida Sen. Rubio's daughter released from hospital


NYT: Pro-Romney Group Makes Big Ad Buy in Pennsylvania; Obama Campaign Follows

OHIO (18)

Fox: Poll gives Romney edge in Ohio as battleground contest tightens
Human Events: Staff, volunteers confident of Romney victory in Ohio
Cleveland PD: Gov. John Kasich thinks Mitt Romney has Ohio in the bag

Politico: GOP's Senate hope may hinge on Ohio
NYT: The Jews of Cuyahoga County


Rasmussen: North Carolina Governor: McCrory (R) 54%, Dalton (D) 35%


WaPo: Storm throws a wrench into the works of Va. campaigns, voting efforts

WaPo: Poll: Kaine maintains lead over Allen as Senate race nears climax


WaPo: Minnesota moves from ‘solid Obama’ to ‘lean Obama’
WaPo: Minnesota poll shows Romney within margin of error
Human Events: Will Minnesota go for Romney?

Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: Klobuchar stretches lead over Bills


Roll Call: Nebraska: Bob Kerrey Touts Endorsements From Alan Simpson, Erskine Bowles


Denver Post: "Minor-party" candidates may be spoilers in Colorado's 7th CD
NYT: Colorado Race Turns Fierce After Republican’s Anti-Obama Remark

IOWA (6)

Des Moines Register: Ann Romney to visit three Iowa cities today


Chicago Tribune: Could blueberry state Maine be a slice of Romney's presidential pie?


Allysia Finley: Jerry Brown vs. the 99%


Rasmussen: Connecticut Senate: Murphy (D) 51%, McMahon (R) 45%


Boston Globe: Poll shows Warren, Brown deadlocked with week to go
WaPo: Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren agree final debate should be cancelled


Roll Call: Arizona: Barbs Turn Personal Among Richard Carmona, Jon Kyl and John McCain



October 29, 2012


WSJ: Ohio Race Plows Ahead on Stump, Airwaves
Hill: Tight polls, looming storm shake campaigns down the homestretch

NYT: In Middle of a Messy Election, a Nightmare Makes Landfall
WaPo: Hurricane Sandy makes whirlwind campaigns even more turbulent
Fox: Hurricane Sandy forcing changes in campaigns, early voting

WSJ: OpEd: Here's Johnny—the Campaign Oracle
NYT: Unconventional Wisdom
Robert Samuelson: Pollsters’ moment of truth

Gallup: Likely Voters: Romney 50% Obama 46%
Rasmussen: Swing State Tracking: Romney 50%, Obama 46%
WaPo: WaPo-ABC track: 49 Romney, 48 Obama, three days running
Weekly Standard: New Poll Projects: Romney 52, Obama 47
NatJ: Polls: Obama Holds Slight Leads in Virginia, Ohio

Gallup: Americans See Different Strengths in Obama and Romney

Boston Globe: Late moderate turn carrying Mitt Romney far
Boston Globe: Romney’s shift to middle throughout his campaign
LA Times: As Romney edges toward moderation, Ryan takes a lower profile
Politico: Rove sees slow movement toward Romney

WTimes: Lack of strike force impeded Benghazi response
WTimes: McCain slams Obama on Libya: 'Nobody died in Watergate'
Fox: McCain, Portman press to see videos, other evidence from Libya terror attacks
HE: Sen. Portman: We need to find out if Obama ever issued order to secure Benghazi
Hill: Congress gangs up over Libya
Fox: Republicans keep focus on Libya storm, as Sandy scrambles campaign plans
Jed Babbin: Benghazigate: Chapter Two
National Review: Benghazi: Obama Emerges from the Fog of War
Weekly Standard: Was Obama in Charge—or Not?
Weekly Standard: Ten Questions for the White House

WSJ: Activists Pour Cash Into Voter Turnout
NYT: Obama Is Even in TV Ad Race Despite PACs
Human Events: In race for White House, Republicans on track to outspend Democrats

WSJ: Spanish Lessons
Michael Barone: Changing Demographics and the GOP

NYT: As Obama Accepts Offers, Late-Night Television Longs for Romney

WaPo: Obama struggles to balance African Americans’ hopes with country’s as a whole
WaPo: At end of trail with Plouffe on Obama's 48-hour fly-around campaign marathon
WTimes: Obama believers wait and wonder
Chicago Tribune: Newspapers weigh in on election; Obama loses support since 2008

Paul Krugman: Medicaid on the Ballot
Bill Keller: The No Agenda Myth
EJ Dionne: The heartland election
Chris Cillizza: Obama’s independent problem


WSJ: Harry Reid's Graveyard: Senate Democrats are promising pre-emptive gridlock for 2013
WTimes: Reid would test Romney vow of bipartisanship

Steve Forbes: The Lame Duck Congress's Fiscal Duty

Fox: New England shapes up as Dem firewall for Senate

NatJ: Why Republicans Will Keep the House

NatJ: October Surprises Hit Up And Down The Ballot

NatJ: The Bully Pulpit Won’t Help Obama Get a Grand Bargain

WSJ: Death Tax: The estate levy will rise to 55% in 2013 if Congress does nothing


WSJ: OpEd: America's Capsizing Naval Policy

WSJ: Stopping 'Predisposed' Terrorists

Robert Barnes: Supreme Court to consider copyrights, resales

WSJ: The Battle for State Legislatures
WTimes: Republicans ready for governor gains


American Spectator: Romney Soars in Pensacola

WSJ: Sunday Sermons in Florida Push Early Voting
NYT: With Less Time for Voting, Black Churches Redouble Their Efforts

WTimes: Rubio returns home to care for daughter who was in an accident


Human Events: Pennsylvania GOP aims to deliver state for Romney

OHIO (18)

WTimes: Kasich: Romney opening a lead in Ohio
Columbus Dispatch: Romney, Ryan urge backers to go to polls
Toledo Blade: Romney adds stops in northwest Ohio
LA Times: Romney courts Ohio's undecided voters
Chicago Tribune: Romney courts Democrats in Ohio
NYT: Rural Ohio Is Startled Host to Diverted G.O.P. Ticket
WSJ: Romney, Obama Tied in New Ohio Poll
LA Times: Romney and Ryan barnstorm Ohio as new poll shows tied race
Fox: New poll shows Romney, Obama appear tied in Ohio
American Spectator: Is the Ohio Trend Romney’s Friend?
Politico: PPP Ohio poll: Obama 51, Romney 47

WSJ: Romney Campaign Ad Escalates Auto Controversy
Hill: Romney under fire for ad claim that Jeep brand moving to China
Hill: Gov. Kasich downplays role of auto bailout in Ohio’s recovery

Columbus Dispatch: Brown keeps slim lead on Mandel
Toledo Blade: Mandel slices Brown’s lead, but still trails


Examiner: Sandy scrambles campaign schedules in Virginia
Roll Call: K Street Lobbyists Hit the Campaign Trail in Virginia

WaPo: Poll: Kaine maintains lead over Allen as Senate race nears climax

Hill: Virginia Gov. McDonnell: Sandy won’t affect readiness for election day


Examiner: Dem warning: Obama could lose Wisconsin
Fox: Emails shed light on Ryan, Walker relationship

Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Thompson (R) 48%, Baldwin (D) 47%
DC: Thompson ad attacks Tammy Baldwin for vote against funding for troops’ body armor
Politico: The history-making Senate bid no one’s talking about


Star Tribune: Romney, Ryan or both coming to Minnesota?
Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: Obama leading, but Romney sees gains
WaPo: Minnesota poll shows Romney within margin of error


NYT: Famous for Gaffes, a Candidate in Missouri Learns to Watch His Words

IOWA (6)

Des Moines Register: Mitt Romney’s Monday stop to feature wrestling legend Dan Gable
Des Moines Register: Mitt and Ann Romney coming to Des Moines for rally Tuesday
Dallas MN: Social issues could make difference in presidential race for Iowans


Rasmussen: New Hampshire Governor: Lamontagne (R) 48%, Hassan (D) 46%


Daily Caller: Democrats go dark in Maine, stop advertising in Senate race


WSJ: Brown's Tax Problem
WTimes: Rich siblings rattle Gov. Brown
George Skelton: Some thoughts on four ballot measures
Dan Walters: Prop. 37's labeling requirements are especially perplexing


Chicago Tribune: Suburbs key battleground for control of Illinois Senate


WTimes: Priebus: It's Benghazi and the economy, not Mourdock


Politico: Kerrey closes in on Fischer


NYT: Editorial: Dark Money in Montana



October 28, 2012


WSJ: Romney Pushes Bipartisanship in Pensacola Stop
WTimes: Romney’s bipartisanship vow: He and Ryan will ‘reach across aisle’
WaPo: Campaigning in Florida, Romney calls for cooperation in politics
Palm Beach Post: Romney in Kissimmee promises ‘big answers, big change’
Naples News: Romney tells Florida crowd: Chant for Obama should be '10 more days'

LA Times: Romney highlights defense while stumping in Florida
Hill: Romney hits Obama on looming defense cuts

Detroit News: New Romney ad: 'Italians' plan to build Jeeps in China

Byron York: How Team Romney sees the polls
Rasmussen: Swing State Tracking: Romney 51%, Obama 45%
Gallup: Likely Voters: Romney 51% Obama 46%
Hill: Romney keeps Gallup lead; Obama up in latest Reuters poll

Columbus Dispatch: Hurricane blows Romney to Ohio, will campaign with Ryan all day

NYT: A Troubleshooting ‘Wingman’ Plotting Romney’s Trajectory

WSJ: Campaigns Plan Around Sandy
NYT: Potential Natural Disaster Plays Havoc With Candidates’ Plans
WaPo: After East Coast rallies, Obama, Romney campaigns alter plans to avoid Sandy
Fox: Hurricane Sandy scrambles campaign schedule, Romney cancels Virginia rallies

Fox: Battleground issues drive the campaign message in final stretch

Human Events: Mitt Romney closes the deal

Fox: Obama avoids question on whether Americans in Libya were denied requests for help
Col. Ken Allard: Obama knew about the attack, ignored three requests for help
Michael Barone: Playing the Petraeus card

WSJ: Obama Zeros In on Romney’s Record as Governor
WSJ: Obama Campaign Raises Volume on Forward Slogan
NYT: Editorial: Barack Obama for Re-Election
Frank Bruni: Obama’s Squandered Advantages
Ross Douthat: President in Shining Armor
Maureen Dowd: Of Mad Men, Mad Women and Meat Loaf
Thomas Friedman: Why I Am Pro-Life

Nate Silver: State Poll Averages Usually Call Election Right

Fox: Survivors: Top officials weather Obama's rocky term

Hill: Local TV stations in swing-states cash in on deluge of political ads


WaPo: House elections spell a Republican story and victory
NYT: Ex-Outsiders, Running on Record in Congress

Hill: White House: No 'specific proposal' to replace expiring payroll tax cut

Hill: Fiscal cliff is now the best shot for farm bill, agriculture lobbyists say


WaPo: ‘Schism’ among millennials: Recession sways the newest voters to fiscal conservatism

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (10/28/12)


WSJ: Big Early-Voting Crowds in Florida
PNJ: Mitt Romney in Pensacola: 10 more days for Obama
NYT: Groups in Florida Look to Highlight Changes as Early Voting Begins
ABC: State of the Race in Florida, According to Marco Rubio

Florida Today: We recommend Mitt Romney for president
Tampa Bay Times: Fla Insider Poll: Romney heavily favored to win Fla

Miami Herald: Poll: Riding Romney’s coattails, Connie Mack IV edges closer to Nelson
Miami Herald: Connie Mack IV says he’s a “proud, mainstream conservative”
NYT: Playing Hardball Runs in the Family

Politico: Marco Rubio's daughter in golf cart accident
Hill: Rubio's daughter hospitalized in Miami
Miami Herald: Sen. Marco Rubio’s daughter recovering from concussion
WSJ: Sen. Rubio's Daughter Injured in Accident
NYT: Rubio’s Daughter Hurt in Accident
WTimes: Rubio returns home to care for daughter who was in an accident
Fox: Sen. Rubio's daughter hospitalized after Miami car crash
Politico: Storm, accident cloud Romney’s Sunshine State visit


Hill: Poll: Obama dips below 50 percent in Pa.
Philadelphia Inquirer: Poll: Obama still ahead in Pa., but Romney up

NatJ: Inquirer Poll Shows Casey With 7-Point Lead

OHIO (18)

Akron Beacon Journal: Presidential race tied in Ohio newspaper poll
Toledo Blade: Ryan blasts Obama in Ohio coal country
WTimes: Ryan aims pitch at blue-collar voters in Ohio stop
Fox: Ryan: "As Ohio goes, so goes America"
LA Times: Ryan kicks off Ohio bus tour in manufacturing plant
ABC: In Battleground Ohio, Ryan Hits Obama on the Auto Bailout
LA Times: Ryan bus tour aims at Ohio women
Boston Globe: Ryan: Obama hasn't made case he deserves new term
TR: Ryan touts Romney economic plan in New Phila
DC: Paul Ryan campaigns in Ohio, telling swing state voters to reject Washington ‘red tape’
CBS: In Ohio, Ryan says deficits now will be taxes tomorrow
NatJ: Ryan Seeks to Put Negative Spin on Auto Bailout in Ohio
WaPo: Ohio, the Bull’s-eye State: Obama, Romney aim full arsenals at vital electoral prize
WSJ: Still Little Clarity in Ohio
NYT: In Final Days of the Race, Fighting County by County


Rasmussen: North Carolina: Romney 52%, Obama 46%


Examiner: Romney: Virginia shipbuilding jobs on the line in election
WTimes: Romney postpones all Sunday events in Virginia
WaPo: Obama clings to slim lead in Virginia, according to poll


Politico: A tight race in schizophrenic Wisconsin

HE: Guiliani: Baldwin’s attacks on Thompson betray her left-wing alternative reality


Hill: Bachmann faces strong challenge


Politico: Akin unveils harshest attack ad yet
Daily Caller: Missouri Senate race statistically tied
Roll Call: Competing Polls as Missouri Senate Race Enters Final Week

IOWA (6)

Des Moines Register: Endorsement: Mitt Romney offers a fresh economic vision
WaPo: Des Moines Register endorses Mitt Romney
Hill: Des Moines Register endorses Romney
Politico: The first time DMR has endorsed a Republican since 1972
Michael Barone: A newspaper endorsement that may matter


NYT: In Nevada Senate Race, Ethics Inquiry Looms Large
WTimes: Despite ground support, Berkley struggles to soar in Nevada
Roll Call: Early Voting in Nevada Makes Democrats Optimistic


Salena Zito: Mitt at home in New Hampshire


Dan Walters: California's economy is still shaky


Dick Morris: Don't count Mourdock out


Roll Call: Rhode Island: GOP Poll Shows Brendan Doherty Leading David Cilcilline


Boston Globe: Scott Brown works to maintain everyday-guy appeal
Daily Caller: Warren up by six points over Brown in Massachusetts



October 27, 2012


Fox: Romney calls for 'real change' in economic address
Boston Globe: Romney on economy: Obama 'made the problem worse'
NYT: Romney Tries to Take Up the Mantle of ‘Change’
WaPo: In Iowa, Romney calls on Americans to shift course
LA Times: Romney and Ryan team up in battleground Ohio
AJC: Romney makes case in Iowa speech
Des Moines Register: In Iowa, Romney argues he’ll bring ‘real recovery’ to economy

Rasmussen: Swing State Tracking: Romney 50%, Obama 46%
Gallup: Likely Voters: Romney 51% Obama 46%
WaPo: Post-ABC tracking poll: Romney 49, Obama 48 — the power of campaign contacts
WSJ: Economic Model Predicts Narrow Romney Victory
WTimes: Gallup poll predicts 'wave election' for GOP
WSJ: GOP Pollster Says Economy Top Issue for Women
CBS: Polls: Swing states deadlocked, Romney tied or ahead nationally
Weekly Standard: Gallup Shows an 11-Point Swing in Party Affiliation Since 2008
Hill: Poll: Obama and Romney statistically tied in Ohio, Colorado and Virginia
Jen Rubin: Romney rising, Obama overwhelmed

Hill: Romney holds national poll lead, but key swing states favor Obama
WaPo: Romney, Obama could split popular and electoral college vote, polls suggest
Ezra Klein: Will Romney win the popular vote but lose the presidency?
WSJ: Both Sides Declare Victory
Fred Barnes: Botching the Debates

Fox: Romney stands by concerns about shrinking Navy fleet, after 'bayonets' zinger

WSJ: On Romney, Obama and the Supreme Court
Canton Rep: Where Romney and Obama stand on the Supreme Court

James Taranto: The "adult in the room" is running the most immature campaign ever
Kathleen Parker: Still fighting the same old culture war
Rush Limb: War on Women? Obama Ad Compares Voting for Obama to Losing Your Virginity
Examiner: Would Obama show his daughters 'Your first time?'

USA Today: Romney magazine to appear in swing-state papers

NYT: Here’s a Memo From the Boss: Vote This Way

Rush Limbaugh: With All the Polling Data Trending to Romney, Bite-Me Goes to Wisconsin!

Fox: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say
Rush: Obama Regime Denied Requests for Help from CIA Heroes During Benghazi Attack
Rush: What Biden and Hillary Told the Father of Former SEAL Killed in Consulate Attack
Rush Limbaugh: We Don't Need Conspiracy Theories to Explain What Happened in Libya
Byron York: Obama twice dodges Benghazi question
Andrew McCarthy: The Real Foreign-Policy Failure
Mark Steyn: The Incredible Shrinking President
William Kristol: Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus

AP: Absentee ballots may have been destroyed in crash

WaPo: White House considering new tax cut

LA Times: Obama campaign strives to revive black voter enthusiasm of 2008

WaPo: Clinton won’t leave til successor in place

NYT: A Romney Son Follows in His Father’s Footsteps, but Probably Not Into Politics

WSJ: Meet One of the Super-PAC Men ( Rex Sinquefield)

NYT: Fears of Storm Disrupting Final Days of Campaign

Dana Milbank: Hillary Clinton in 2016? Behind the Clinton ‘bromance,’ a stealth campaign


WaPo: Meet the fiscal cliff-divers, who think jumping off could be our best bet
WaPo: Editorial: The looming fiscal cliff
George Will: Mugging our descendants

NYT: Races for House Offer Little Suspense but Lots of Odd Back Stories


WaPo: GDP rises 2 percent, showing a slow but durable recovery
WSJ: Chronic Fatigue Economy
NYT: Slow but Steady Improvement

WTimes: Supreme Court to determine legality of reselling iphones, cars, textbooks

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Rasmussen: Florida: Romney 50%, Obama 48%
Miami H: Obama, Romney campaigns push FL voters to cast ballots by absentee, early vote


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate: Casey (D) 46%, Smith (R) 45%
NatJ: Casey Holds Double-Digit Lead in DSCC Poll
Roll Call: NRSC Investing in Pennsylvania Senate Race
Daily Caller: NRSC jumps into increasingly competitive Pennsylvania Senate race
Weekly Standard: Casey Pushed for Millions in Stimulus Dollars for Shoddy Public Housing

OHIO (18)

Toledo Blade: Oak Ridge Boys opening act as Mitt Romney returns to Ohio
Cleveland PD: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan feed off Americana vibe at rally in North Canton
NatJ: Patricia Heaton, Meat Loaf Bring Humor to Romney-Ryan Rallies
WTimes: Romney makes economic case against Obama

WSJ: Politics Counts: Spotlight on 5 Ohio Counties
CNN: CNN Poll: Obama 50%-Romney 46% in Ohio
NatJ: Obama Holds Onto Ohio Lead in New Poll
Politico: Romney’s road to Ohio victory

Human Events: Is voter fraud being committed in Ohio?


Richmond TD: Ann Romney tends garden at St. Joseph's Villa
Patch: Sen. John McCain Campaigns for Romney in Fairfax City
NYT: In Virginia, Romney Scours Coal Country for Edge Over Obama
WaPo: Romney cancels Virginia Beach rally because of storm
Salt Lake Tribune: Cantor: Romney will win Virginia

Rasmussen: Virginia Senate: Kaine (D) 49%, Allen (R) 48%

Examiner: Va. election officials to probe fraud charges against Moran


Rasmussen: Wisconsin: Obama 49%, Romney 49%
Hot Air: Wisconsin: Romney 49, Obama 49

Milwaukee JS: Baldwin, Thompson duel over health care, economy and 9-11
Roll Call: Wisconsin: Feisty Senate Debate Boils Over on 9/11 Exchange
Star Tribune: Baldwin calls herself progressive, Thompson says he's moderate


WTimes: GOP has edge in early Colo. voting
Human Events: Obama not secure in Colorado, says former Democratic Party chair

IOWA (6)

NBC: Romney delivers 'real change' speech in Iowa
Politico: Mitt Romney delivers economic closer in Iowa
National Review: Romney’s Gay-Marriage Boost in Iowa


Dallas MN: Frugal New Hampshire voters concerned about soaring U.S. debt


Roll Call: Maine: NRSC Pulls Out, Outside Groups Stay In


NYT: Obama and Gillibrand Are Poised to Win New York, Poll Finds
NYT: Cuomo Hits Campaign Trail for New York Democrats in Tight House Races
NYT: Editorial: For New York State Senate
NYT: Eyeing ’13 NYC Mayoral Bid, de Blasio Focuses on Small-Business Issues


Fox: Republican Senate hopeful releases virtual debate on YouTube

NYT: California Redistricting Fuels Competitive Races That Lure Outside Funds
Politico: GOP’s California dreams dashed


Rasmussen: Massachusetts Senate: Warren (D) 52%, Brown (R) 47%


Weekly Standard: Kyl on Carmona: ‘Concerned About the Perks of the Office’



October 26, 2012


PNoonan: When Americans Saw the Real Obama: Why Denver debate changed everything
Charlie Cook: If Obama Loses, Blame the Debates
Rasmussen: Who Won the Debates? 49% Say Romney, 41% Obama

Rasmussen: Swing State Tracking: Romney 50%, Obama 46%
WaPo: Post-ABC tracking poll: Romney 50 percent, Obama 47
Weekly Standard: WaPo/ABC Poll: Independent Voters Moving to Romney
Gallup: Likely Voters: Romney 50% Obama 47%
ABC: Romney Hits the 50 Percent Mark, With a Clear Edge on the Economy
Gallup: 2012 U.S. Electorate Looks Like 2008
Politico: Newt Gingrich: 300 electoral votes for Mitt Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Close Polls Don't Jibe with Mittmentum Vibe

Kim Strassel: A Chronic Case of Obamnesia
James Taranto: Blame Early and Blame Often
Charles Krauthammer: Obama stoops, doesn’t conquer
David Brooks: What Moderation Means
Michael Gerson: An appeal to America’s heart
Jonah Goldberg: Holes in the Hull

WaPo: In Ohio, Romney pushes message of ‘big change’
Hill: In Ohio stump, Romney compares his 'big-change path' to Obama’s ‘status quo’
NY Post: In Ohio, Romney says he'll bring 'big change' to Washington
WTimes: Back in Ohio, Romney promises big changes
Hill: Working-class voters could be the key to Romney's chances in Ohio

WaPo: Meat Loaf endorses Romney in Ohio
NYT: Rocking the Vote, Meat Loaf Endorses Romney
ABC: Meat Loaf Endorses Mitt Romney in Rocker’s First Political Endorsement Ever

WSJ: Romney Receives Surge in Donations
WTimes: Romney raises nearly $112 million in first half of October
WaPo: Romney outraises Obama by $21 million in first half of October, officials say
NYT: Obama, Romney and Their Parties on Track to Raise $2 Billion

CBS: Will white men sink Obama?
WaPo: Poll shows widening racial gap in presidential contest
Dallas MN: Voting in Obama-Romney race may reveal sharper racial divide
WTimes: President struggles to be a strong voice for women
Major Garrett: Does Mitt-Mentum Signal a Surge to a Romney Win?

WaPo: Judge releases Romney testimony from Staples founder’s divorce trial

WSJ: Obama Casts Vote Amid Eight-State Campaign Blitz
NYT: Obama Campaign Endgame: Grunt Work and Cold Math
NYT: On a Frenetic Day, Obama Votes and Romney Is for Change
WaPo: Washington Post endorsement: Four more years for President Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Campaign in Panic Mode

Reuters: Obama votes, picks up Powell endorsement amid swing state push
NYT: Sununu Suggests Powell’s Endorsement of Obama Was Based on Race
WaPo: Top Romney aide Sununu suggests Powell endorsed Obama because he’s black

Examiner: Obama thinks John Roberts made a political decision in Obamacare case

AP: Election oddities mean a very few voters will decide deadlocked presidential race

WaPo: Liberal bloggers, groups worry about possible Romney link to Ohio voting machines

WSJ: Oil Firms Fund Political Outreach to Employees


NYT: Business Leaders Urge Deficit Deal Even With More Taxes
WaPo: ‘Fiscal cliff’ already hampering U.S. economy, report says
CNS: 8,803,335: Another New Record for Disability—Up 975 Per Day Under Obama

Fox: Lawmakers press administration for Libya answers after email release
Rush Limbaugh: Media Ignores Obama's Libya Scandal

NYT: Bad Luck and Missteps Make G.O.P.’s Senate Climb Steeper
Roll Call: Senate GOP Leaders Spread the Love in Race for Majority

Politico: President Obama's October hurts House Dems


WSJ: OpEd: The Anatomy of Government Failure
Paul Krugman: Pointing Toward Prosperity?

Sen. Joe Lieberman: My Line on Defense—No More Cuts

WTimes: Inhofe: Obama delaying environmental regs until after election

Bradley Smith: The Dangers of an Informed Electorate

WSJ: OpEd: America's Religious Past Fades in a Secular Age


WSJ: Authorities Look at Suspicious Fla. Voter Mailings


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania: Obama 51%, Romney 46%

OHIO (18)

WSJ: Romney Team Goes All-Out in Buckeye State
NYDN: Obama, Mitt Romney battle for votes in crucial swing state of Ohio
WSJ: On One Ohio Street, Voters Weary of Election Promises
Cleveland PD: Obama follows Mitt Romney's Ohio swing with rally at Burke Lakefront Airport
WTimes: Obama auto-bailout strategy running on fumes in Ohio
USA Today: Campaigns focus on Ohio this weekend

WTimes: Rivals let barbs fly during Ohio Senate debate
WDTN: Brown and Mandel trade barbs in final debate


NatJ: Poll: Romney Erases Obama's Lead in Virginia
Fox: Fox News poll: Romney up by two points in Virginia
Rasmussen: Virginia: Romney 50%, Obama 48%
CNN: Battlegrounds: Suburban Virginia likes Obama but still has doubts
American Spectator: In Virginia, Turnout Matters

WTimes: Virginia Senate race tops in outside spending
Weekly Standard: Is Allen Able . . . To beat Kaine?

Fox: Criminal probe opened over video showing Va. rep's son discussing vote scheme
Politico: Moran's son faces criminal probe


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin sees more Obama ads despite GOP spending edge

WSJ: Return to Fray Is Uneasy For Former Governor
Fox: With Wisconsin Senate race neck and neck, tone gets nasty
Politico: Senate 5: Tammy Baldwin on defense
Milwaukee JS: Baldwin backs Obamacare, won't push for single-payer system


AP: Romney places TV ads in Minnesota


WSJ: Poll: Colorado Race Deadlocked
Boston Globe: Even unfriendly turf vital to Obama in Colo.


NatJ: Poll: Heller Has Slight Edge in Nevada Senate Race
Rasmussen: Nevada Senate: Heller (R) 50%, Berkley (D) 45%


WTimes: Poll sees rising resistance to California tax hike
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown's tax boost is in trouble


Chicago Tribune: Duckworth has 10 percentage point lead over Walsh


Politico: Mourdock’s survival plan: Lean on national GOP
Human Events: Unlike with Akin, national GOP continues its support of Mourdock


WaPo: Some West Virginia Democratic politicians separating from Obama


WTimes: A familiar fading feeling for McMahon in Connecticut


Rasmussen: Arizona: Romney 52%, Obama 44%

Rasmussen: Arizona Senate: Flake (R) 50%, Carmona (D) 44%



October 25, 2012


WSJ: Romney's Calls for Change Prompt an Obama Warning
Hill: Romney pushes momentum, housing recovery at Nevada rally
WTimes: Romney fights for Iowa, Nevada

Weekly Standard: Ryan on Poverty in America: 'We Deserve Better'
Human Events: Paul Ryan: ‘Upward mobility is the central promise of life in America’
Hill: Paul Ryan in Ohio: ‘In this war on poverty, poverty’s winning’
WTimes: Ryan: Government rules crippling social safety net
NYT: Paul Ryan’s Poverty Play
WaPo: Paul Ryan emphasizes private charity in poverty speech

Karl Rove: Strategies for the Stretch Run to Nov. 6

Rush Limbaugh: Barbara Walters Explains How the Debates Changed Mitt Romney's Image

WTimes: GOP on attack over new Benghazi emails
Fox: Sources say counterterror chief reprimanded for calling Libya attack terror, WH denies
American Spectator: Obama Knew
Sen. Rand Paul: Where were the Marines?
Dan Henninger: Benghazi has damaged voters' willingness to believe in Barack Obama

WSJ: For Clinton as Top Diplomat, Tumultuous Closing Chapter

NYT: How Bill Clinton May Have Hurt the Obama Campaign

Hill: Trump offers Obama $5 million for his college, passport records

NYT: Obama Kicks Off Eight-State Campaign Tour
WaPo: Obama says he’ll renew pursuit of ‘grand bargain,’ offering specifics on agenda
WTimes: Obama says Latino vote is key to victory, vows immigration reform in 2013

WTimes: AP-GfK poll: Romney erases Obama lead among women
American Thinker: Why Romney is Winning the Women's Vote
Politico: AP poll: Romney 47, Obama 45
Weekly Standard: Rasmussen: Romney 261, Obama 253
Business Insider: Gallup: Obama Surges, Gets Within 3 Points of Romney
NYT: Crucial Subset: Female Voters Still Deciding
Michael Barone: A Suburban Swing Toward Romney
Nate Silver: Oct. 23: The Virtues and Vices of Election Prediction Markets
NYT: Romney Upbeat, but Math Is the Same
Politico: How Mitt Romney would govern

WSJ: The President Sends His Non-Regrets

Ann Coulter: Half-Black But All Democrat
EJ Dionne: How the right wing lost in 2012


WSJ: Number of Competitive Senate Races Rises
WaPo: As key Senate races get tighter, Republicans’ hopes rise
Hill: Romney’s standing in race adds uncertainty to GOP’s Senate quest

NatJ: House Dems Set Leadership Elections Amid Pelosi Uncertainty


WSJ: OpEd: Consumption and the Myths of Inequality

NYT: Shifting Mood May End Blank Check for U.S. Security Efforts


NYT: Politics Can be a Dirty Business. And Then There Are House Races in Florida ...

OHIO (18)

NYT: In Democratic Stronghold, Ryan Puts Focus on Poverty
WaPo: Ryan says poverty winning in ‘war on poverty,’ urges overhaul to help poor Americans
LA Times: Ryan lays out Romney vision for the poor in Cleveland speech
Cleveland PD: Paul Ryan presents Republican ticket as solution to poverty woes in speech
Toledo Blade: Ryan says Romney has plan to help neediest Americans
Toledo Blade: Ryan says GOP best to help escape poverty
Examiner: In Ohio, Ryan takes on poverty, topic Obama largely avoids

Dayton BJ: New Ohio poll has Obama, Romney in dead heat
NatJ: Early Votes Push Obama to 5-Point Lead in New Ohio Poll
Dayton Business Journal: Husted: 800,000 Ohio voters have cast early ballots

Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 48%, Mandel (R) 44%


FoxDetroit: Michigan Poll: Obama and Romney in dead heat


American Thinker: Democrat Boss Caught on Video Planning Vote Fraud
HE: Congressman Jim Moran’s son caught on tape teaching vote fraud techniques
Richmond TD: Rep. Moran's son resigns from campaign after undercover video
WaPo: Jim Moran’s son resigns from campaign amid video furor
Hill: Rep. Moran's son resigns from father's campaign amid voter fraud scandal
Daily Caller: James O’Keefe video leads to resignation of Patrick Moran
Michelle Malkin: O’Keefe: Jim Moran’s son caught on tape in voter fraud/forgery scam
NYT: Stealth Video on Voter Fraud Ruffles a Race
Examiner: Charges of voter fraud, calls for investigations fly in Virginia


Human Events: Thompson would bring free market health care solutions to Washington

IOWA (6)

NYT: Romney Plans Economic Speech in Iowa


WSJ: In Nevada, Romney Spotlights Families’ Struggles
Fox: Romney looks to pick up Nevada
CBS: Romney promises struggling Nevada he'll get the economy "cooking"
WaPo: Mitt Romney makes a push for votes in Nevada
Politico: PPP Nevada poll: Obama 51, Romney 47

NYT: Reid’s Machine Powers Obama in Nevada Test
Rasmussen: Nevada: Obama 50%, Romney 48%


Rasmussen: New Hampshire: Romney 50%, Obama 48%


NYT: Editorial: The Money Trail in Illinois (Walsh/Duckworth)

NYT: Illinois Debt Takes Toll on Services, Study Finds


WSJ: Indiana GOP Candidate Sparks New Fight Over Abortion
WTimes: Indiana Senate candidate apologizes, explains rape comment
WTimes: Pro-lifers stand with Mourdock in flap over rape
James Taranto: In Defense of Richard Mourdock
Jen Rubin: Richard Mourdock and media misrepresentation
NYT: Obama Weighs In on Mourdock Rape Comments


Rasmussen: North Dakota Governor: Dalrymple (R) 53%, Taylor (D) 39%



October 24, 2012


Rasmussen: Swing State Tracking: Romney 50%, Obama 45%
Gallup: Likely Voters: Romney 51% Obama 46%
Hill: Gallup poll: Romney holding 5-point lead among likely voters
WSJ: Romney 48.0% Obama 47.1%
WaPo: Post-ABC tracking poll: Romney 49 percent, Obama 48
WaPo: Swing-state suburban voters expected to shape election’s outcome
Boston Globe: Winner of popular vote may be denied presidency
Joe Scarborough: A narrow Obama win or a Romney landslide
Human Events: Romney romps on social media post-debate

WaPo: Romney courts Democrats in Colorado campaign stop
NBC: Romney shows confidence at Colorado rally
Denver Post: Romney rally at Red Rocks raises issue of government role in economy
NatJ: Romney Skips Foreign Policy on Campaign Trail
Examiner: Romney takes focus off Libya in election's homestretch

WTimes: Romney says Obama campaign ‘taking on water’

WSJ: Romney, Ryan Attack Obama’s ‘Small Campaign’
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney calls president barren of ideas
WSJ: Candidates Battle to Lock Up Key States
NYT: With Debates Over, Candidates Race to Clinch Vital States
WaPo: Candidates reveal their strategies for the home stretch
WTimes: In homestretch, Obama, Romney begin battleground blitz
Hill: Romney stresses leadership in closing weeks of presidential contest
Fox: Obama, Romney land in battlegrounds to replay debate, convince most crucial voters
NYT: Obama and Romney Offer Competing Visions in Dueling Ads
NYT: Strident Anti-Obama Messages Flood Key States

WSJ: Visions Differ on Fleet Size

WSJ: Beneath the Fog of Debate, Agreement
Rush: Romney's Brilliant Debate Strategy Eroded Obama's Carefully Crafted Aura of Likability
Rush: Mitt Used the Debate to Demonstrate His Knowledge of the World and Ability to Lead
WTimes: Why Romney took Monday debate risk in base to win undecideds
Rush Limbaugh: The Regime Failed to Disqualify Romney
Dick Morris: Debates within the debate
WTimes: Debates boost Romney favorables

USA Today: World reaction mixed to U.S. presidential debate

Fox: State Department emails from day of Libya attack show Al Qaeda-tied group on radar

NYT: Among Americans in Israel, More Forceful Backing for Romney
NYT: OpEd: Who Threw Israel Under the Bus?

WSJ: Nielsen: Final Debate Drew Smallest TV Audience
NYT: Final Debate Draws Nearly 60 Million Viewers

Hill: New Crossroads ad features Clint Eastwood

WSJ: Romney Adviser Lifts His Profile (Ed Gillespie)

Politico: President Obama's 11th-hour strategy shift

WSJ: Obama Emphasizes Second-Term Plans
WSJ: A Second First Term: Meet Obama's new agenda, same as the old agenda, only less
Hill: Labor unions, liberal groups fear lame-duck betrayal by Obama

WTimes: Obama could achieve stacked Supreme Court in a second term

NYT: In Post-Debate Rally, Obama Says Romney Has 'Stage 3 Romnesia'

NYT: Editing Bolsters Obama’s Role in SEALs Film

Fox: Tagg apologized to Obama for 'take a swing' comment, Romney camp says

WaPo: Sheldon Adelson: Casino magnate, mega-donor is a man of many motives

Politico: Donald Trump’s ‘very big’ news coming Wednesday
Daily Mail UK: Donald Trump to reveal ‘divorce papers of Michelle and Barack Obama’

Boston Herald: Mitt leaves prez speechless

Victoria Toensing: Obama Overloads a Tale of Equal Pay
Holman Jenkins: Good Businessman, Bad President?
George Will: America, finally home?
James Taranto: Insane Anglo Warlord: The left was easily confused by Reagan, too
Kathleen Parker: Mitt Romney’s ‘peace’ strategy
Dan Balz: Aggressive Obama, cautious Romney reveal current state of presidential race
Thomas Friedman: Our Secret Sauce
Maureen Dowd: My Mitt Fantasy
Ruth Marcus: What the debates told us
Charlie Cook: Will Third Debate Change the Electoral Math?


WaPo: ‘Fiscal cliff’ warning: Senators urge financial industry not to sit on sidelines
WaPo: Obama’s vow on ‘fiscal cliff’ offers hope
Politico: Obama’s big sequester gamble
WTimes: ‘Sequestration’ would weaken borders, lawmaker warns

WTimes: Payroll-tax break has bleak future
Hill: Democrats say they are open to extension of payroll tax holiday

Fox: Top GOP senator backs effort to classify Fort Hood attack as terrorism

NYT: Mauled by Attack Ads, Incumbents Weigh Tighter Rules

Hill: Former Senate staffer pleads guilty to revealing spy's identity

NatJ: Senate Control May Hinge on Presidential Race


NYT: Standard of Living Is in the Shadows as Election Issue

NYT: Energy Policy Forces May Be Bigger Than the Candidates

NYT: Editorial: The Austerity Trap


WaPo: In Florida, Puerto Ricans’ rise gives a key swing state more swing voters
WaPo: Florida races a mixed bag for Marco Rubio

Miami Herald: Florida Republican voters targeted by bogus letters
Fox: Fake voter registration letters raise alarm in Florida with early voting set to begin


Pittsburgh PG: Smith chips away at Casey in Pennsylvania Senate race
Roll Call: Pennsylvania: Bob Casey’s Team Disowns Media Consultant’s Comments
WaPo: Democratic groups build a firewall in Pennsylvania
Allentown MC: In Hershey, Bob Casey goes on the attack
NatJ: Majority PAC's First Pennsylvania Ad
Politico: Senate 5: Saving Bob Casey
National Review: Tom Smith could be this cycle’s most unexpected GOP winner.

OHIO (18)

Nate Silver: Ohio Has 50-50 Chance of Deciding Election
WaPo: How President Obama won Ohio in 2008 — and whether he can do it again


Detroit News: Michigan defense firms brace for job cuts


PBS: Battleground Dispatches: Sequestration a 'Main Street' Issue in Virginia
Fox: Threat of deep govt spending cuts is cloud hanging over towns that rely on defense jobs
WTimes: Cantor decries Obama's 'imperial presidency'

Examiner: Gov. McDonnell takes to campaign trail for GOP's Allen


Politico: Wisconsin Senate: Can Tommy Thompson recapture magic?
NatJ: Thompson Hits Baldwin With Attack Ad ... About 9/11


Rasmussen: Minnesota: Obama 51%, Romney 46%

Rasmussen: Minnesota Senate: Klobuchar (D) 56%, Bills (R) 33%

WSJ: Bachmann Is Battling To Retain House Seat


Roll Call: Missouri: Todd Akin Campaign Publishes Email Exchange With Local Reporter
NatJ: McCaskill's Mother Is Hospitalized; Events Canceled


Durango Herald: Romney, Ryan rock Red Rocks
Vail Daily News: Full house at Red Rocks for Romney
Denver Post: GOP nominees pack Red Rocks Amphitheatre to capacity
Fox31: Romney gets rock star reception at Red Rocks
ABC: Mitt Romney Asks Colorado to Put GOP Ticket Over the Top
AbqJ: Kid Rock, Gov. Join Romney In Colorado

Fox: Colorado finds 300 more suspected noncitizens on voter rolls

IOWA (6)

NYT: Iowa Newspaper Scolds White House for Off-the-Record Caveat

Politico: National forces collide in Steve King-Christie Vilsack showdown


Las Vegas Sun: Sandoval’s political adviser predicts Romney will lose Nevada


NYT: Cuomo’s Medicaid Changes Are at Washington’s Mercy


WTimes: California governor takes risk with proposal to raise taxes


Politico: Walsh's son rebuts 'deadbeat dad' charges


NYT: Indiana Senate Candidate Draws Fire for Rape Comments
WaPo: Mourdock: Pregnancy from rape can be ‘something that God intended to happen’
Fox: God at work when rape leads to pregnancy, Mourdock says


Fred Barnes: A Rising Political Star in Arkansas


WTimes: Maryland opponents confident they can uproot Cardin from Senate


Rasmussen: Connecticut: Obama 52%, Romney 45%

NatJ: Poll: Murphy Takes Lead in Conn. Senate Race


Roll Call: Massachusetts: Scott Brown Hits Elizabeth Warren on Medicare; Warren Hits Back
NatJ: Poll: Warren Holds Apparent Lead Over Brown
Politico: Poll: Elizabeth Warren opens up 6-point lead



October 23, 2012


WSJ: Rivals Duel in Final Face-Off
National Review: The Final Debate
WTimes: Obama, Romney tangle on al Qaeda, foreign policy in final presidential debate
Fox: Romney accuses president of 'weakness' abroad, as Obama calls rival 'all over the map'
Examiner: Obama goes on attack, Romney plays it steady
Roll Call: Barack Obama Attacks, Mitt Romney Moderates in Final Debate
CNN: Obama in command; Romney plays it safe
NatJ: Obama Drives Debate, but Romney Clears Commander Bar
WSJ: Commanders in Chief
WSJ: A Perfectly Plausible President

WSJ: Romney Draws Line at 'Nuclear Capable' Iran
Bret Stephens: Iran's Unrequited War
Bill McGurn: John McCain Saw It Coming

WSJ: Obama Says Scheduled Cuts 'Will Not Happen'
Politico: Obama: Sequestration 'will not happen'
Daily Caller: Obama insists sequestration not his fault, will never come to pass
Hill: Under pressure from Romney, Obama says military sequester won't happen

WSJ: Rivals Seek Points by Going Off-Topic

NYT: Obama and Romney Bristle From Start Over Foreign Policy
NYT: Romney Shifts to Center; Obama Tries to Tie Him to Policies Under Bush
NYT: On offence, Barack Obama says Mitt Romney is 'all over the map'
NYT: Initial Reactions Suggest That Many Viewers Lost Interest the Third Time Around
NYT: Editorial: The Final Debate

WaPo: Obama keeps Romney on his heels in last debate
WaPo: Final debate leads Romney to some common ground with Obama
WaPo: Editorial: In third debate, candidates agree on more than you’d think

Star-Telegram: Candidates disagree on little in foreign policy debate
NatJ: Obama, Romney: No Major Differences in Foreign-Policy Debate
Pittsburgh TR: Obama, Romney tangle in final debate of campaign
Dallas MN: Obama, Romney clash over foreign policy and more in final debate
Toledo Blade: A combative Obama finds Romney determined to show tones of moderation
St. Louis Beacon: Obama, Romney face off on foreign policy but divert to domestic issues
NYDN: Presidential debate: Mitt Romney's 'do no harm' strategy worked as far as it went
MinnST: Done debating: Obama, Romney now dash to the finish, flush with cash
WSJ: Recap: The Final Obama-Romney Debate
Hill: Obama hits Romney hard in final presidential debate showdown
LA Times: Obama reverses roles, comes out swinging at Romney in final debate

WSJ: Instant Polls Say Obama Won Final Debate
Daily Caller: Post-debate quick polls show near-draw for Romney, Obama
American Spectator: 'Not Obama' Wins Again
ABC: Who Won? Political Analysts on the Final Debate
LA Times: Presidential debate: Times opinionators divided on Monday's winner
Miami Herald: Why President Obama won the debate — and why it might not matter much
CBS: Poll: Decisive win for Obama in final debate
NatJ: Obama Wins Third Debate but Romney Wins Debate Season
AT: Voters Decide on President by Body Language: Romney Won the Presidency Last Night
Gallup: U.S. Foreign Policy Data Roundup: Candidates and Issues

Fred Barnes: Romney Passed the Test
William Kristol: President Romney
Joe Scarborough: Mitt Romney wins debate season
Michael Barone: Thoughts on the final presidential debate
Charles Hurt: Exceptionalism Obama versus Bowing Obama
Jonathan Bernstein: Romney undermined by the policy gap
Jen Rubin: Obama and Romney duke it out on foreign policy
EJ Dionne: The first debate in reverse
Nate Silver: Obama Unlikely to Get Big Debate Bounce, but a Small One Could Matter

WaPo: 2012 presidential debate: full transcript
Daily Caller: Obama received more speaking time at all three debates

CBS: Christie: ‘What The Hell Is Obama Doing Asking For Another 4 Years?’

NatJ: The Debates Are Over and It's Still a Coin Toss

WSJ: Romney Supporters Make Push for Evangelical Voters

WTimes: Donald Trump says he'll drop political bombshell on Obama
NYDN: Donald Trump teases ‘very big news’ about Obama on Wednesday

Gallup: Likely Voters: Romney 51% Obama 45%
Rasmussen: 47% See Better Economy With Romney, 35% With Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Business World Waits for Romney Economy
Rush Limbaugh: Polls Show Mittmentum Everywhere
Nate Silver: Uncertainty Clouds Polling, but Obama Remains Electoral College Favorite
National Review: Nate Silver’s Flawed Model
Fox: Barbra Streisand asks for emergency contribution: Are Hollywood Democrats panicking?
NYT: Campaign Moods Shift as Contest Tightens
Wes Pruden: Waiting for a blowout election to settle the dust for Romney
NatJ: Midwestern Blue-Collar Whites Could Be Obama’s Last Line of Defense

Atlantic: Revenge of the Soccer Moms: Why Are Women Abandoning Obama?

Rush Limbaugh: Iran Leak Previews Obama Second Term

NYT: Unseen, but Looming Over the Race (George W. Bush)

James Taranto: Decency and Division


Human Events: House Foreign Affairs Republicans call Romney ‘Reaganesque’

American Thinker: Romney Rescues GOP Battle for the Senate

NatJ: Debates That Could Matter


NYT: Presidential Election Weighs on the Federal Reserve

American Enterprise Institute: The Tragic Demise of Fannie Mae

WTimes: Pentagon will not label Fort Hood shootings as terrorist attack


Politico: Democrats face 'fight of our lives' to win Florida
Human Events: Poll: Romney outpolling McCain among Florida Latinos


Fox: Republicans bring back Obama 'bitter' remarks in Pa. ad

WaPo: In Pennsylvania, Sen. Robert Casey gets unexpected Republican challenge

OHIO (18)

WTimes: Obama leads by 5 in Ohio, down from 10 last month
Cleveland PD: Biden comes out swinging at rally in Lorain
Akron BJ: Vice President Biden takes stage in Canton
Dayton DN: Big crowd, bad traffic expected for Obama visit

Roll Call: Age More Than Just a Number for Mandel, Brown in Ohio Battle


Hill: Begala: Obama's given up on NC, Romney 'likely to carry' the battleground


Examiner: Senate candidates target military voters in Virginia


Milwaukee JS: Early voting begins in Wisconsin


Roll Call: Missouri: Todd Akin Calls Controversial Comments ‘Distractions’
Politico: Akin camp doubles down on ‘dog’


NatJ: Ryan, Boehner Trade Memories at Colorado Rally
CBS: Ryan, Boehner trade memories at Colorado rally
Durango Herald: Crowd respects Ryan’s focus on debt

Rasmussen: Colorado: Romney 50%, Obama 46%

IOWA (6)

Rasmussen: Iowa: Obama 48%, Romney 48%
Des Moines Register: Iowa’s political minds weigh in on debate performance
Des Moines Register: Romney will campaign in Cedar Rapids on Wednesday


NatJ: Obama Widens Lead in New Hampshire


NYT: As a Long Island Congressional Race Tightens, Its Pace Becomes More Harried

Rochester D&C: Gov. Cuomo to local governments: Fix your own problems


Fox: With schools as rallying cry, Gov. Brown wants high-taxed Californians to pay more
Dan Walters: Is Jerry Brown worried about Proposition 30?


WTimes: Poll: Jesse Jackson Jr. has huge lead
Chicago Tribune: Davis, Rush call for patience with Rep. Jackson


NatJ: Donnelly Internal Poll Shows Dead Heat in Indiana
Roll Call: Indiana: Internal Poll Shows Joe Donnelly Holds 2-Point Lead


Fox: Bloomberg suggests Warren wants to 'bring socialism back'
Boston Globe: NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg uses strong rhetoric against Elizabeth Warren


National Review: Jeff Flake’s Non-Supporters



October 22, 2012


Gallup: Economy Is Dominant Issue for Americans as Election Nears
Gallup: Likely Voters: Romney 52% Obama 45%
Human Events: Romney expands lead: Up 7 points in Gallup polling
Rasmussen: Swing State Tracking: Romney 50%, Obama 46%
Politico: Battleground Tracking Poll: Mitt Romney takes lead
NatJ: Gallup Editor Defends Polls
WSJ: Romney, Obama in Dead Heat
NBC: NBC/WSJ poll: Presidential contest now tied
AJC: Swing state polling snapshot
WTimes: Obama leads in latest poll as Romney loses bounce
American Spectator: Has the decisive shift toward Mitt Romney already happened?

WSJ: Romney, Obama Backers Spar Amid Tight Polls
Fox: Romney camp claims Obama devoid of ideas, has resorted to small-minded attacks
NYT: Sharpening the Message for the Final Push
Politico: Obama vs. Romney: How they plan to win
Miami Herald: Paths to presidential victory for Obama, Romney
Wikipedia: Comparison of United States presidential candidates, 2012

Dorothy Rabinowitz: The Unreality of the Past Four Years

Fox: Obama, Romney look for foreign policy edge in final debate
LA Times: Obama, Romney aim for swing vote in final debate in Florida
WSJ: Debate to Lay Out Tonal Differences, Some Policy Ones
WTimes: Romney gets another chance to sketch out centrist views
Politico: Presidential debate: 5 things to watch Monday
Fox: Romney's job at final debate -- convince Americans he will keep them safe
WaPo: In final debate, Obama & Romney to offer differing views of America’s role in world
Hill: Third Obama-Romney debate sets stage for final campaign push
NatJ: Third Presidential Debate: Last Best Chance to Show Vision, Likability, Command
NY Post: Obama loses advantage in foreign policy ahead of tonight's debate with Romney
Examiner: Obama faces rising Libya scrutiny in final presidential debate
Politico: Mitt Romney’s toughest debate
Chicago ST: Debate could make or break election for candidates
Human Events: The last presidential debate: A wish list
Jed Babbin: Romney's Must Win Situation
National Review: Countdown to the Last Debate
WaPo: Romney’s situation ahead of debate recalls his race for governor

Dallas MN: Israel expected to be a major topic in final Romney-Obama debate

WSJ: The Iran Talks Gambit: Someone seems to be playing politics with national security
NYT: Iran Denies Plan to End Nuclear Standoff
WTimes: White House denies any deal to hold nuke talks with Iran

NYT: Two Campaigns Skirt Talk of Tough Choices in Afghanistan
NYT: After Benghazi Attack, Talk Lagged Behind Intelligence
NYT: Benghazi and Arab Spring Rear Up in U.S. Campaign
NYT: Libyan Town Under Siege Is a Center of Resistance to the New Government
WaPo: In close presidential race, foreign-policy debate likely to prove pivotal
Jen Rubin: How the administration got in trouble on Libya

Politico: Bob Schieffer in middle seat at last debate
NYT: Moderator Keeps a Low Profile Before Final Debate

Miami Herald: Presidential debate brings small Lynn University in Boca Raton to big stage

NYT: A Football Draw for Romney’s Staff and the Press
CBS: Romney attends senior staff, press corps flag football game
ABC: Breaking for Staff, Press Football Game, Mitt Romney Ignores Questions

NYT: Campaign Boils Down to Door-to-Door Voter Drives

WSJ: Crossroads Super PAC Raised $11.7 Million in September
NYT: Romney and Republicans Began Month With $34 Million Advantage, Filings Show
WTimes: Romney has $55M cash advantage
WTimes: Late Romney ad surge possible
Politico: Mitt Romney, Republican National Committee had plenty of cash for October

WTimes: Outclassed by Dems in 2008, GOP mobilizes revamped ground offensive

Hill: Sen. Rubio: Obama has ‘given up’ on outlining second term agenda
EJ Dionne: Obama’s not-so-hidden second-term agenda

WTimes: Romney, Obama advisers butt heads over binders, Big Bird and 'Romnesia'

Bill Keller: Presidential Mitt

Hill: Romney picks up endorsements from Ohio, Fla. newspapers
Wikipedia: Newspaper endorsements in the United States presidential election, 2012

WaPo: Poll: Religiously unaffiliated less likely to vote
Nate Silver: ‘Gender Gap’ Near Historic Highs
WaPo: Around the world, perceptions of Obama-Romney contest lag reality


Sen. Tom Coburn: “Wastebook” unearths government excess

Fox: Inhofe: EPA 'punting' regs until after election that 'spell doom' for jobs, economy

Fox: Rep. Rogers calls latest Libya intel disclosures ‘orchestrated defense’ of administration

NatJ: NRCC Releases 13 New Television Ads

Human Events: A Republican-led Senate still within grasp


WSJ: Economy Seems on the Mend, Poll Finds
Paul Krugman: The Secret of Our Non-Success
NYT: Editorial: The Myth of Job Creation
WSJ: OpEd: If Ben Bernanke Sought Advice

Robert Samuelson: Obamacare’s rhetoric vs. its reality

WaPo: Obama’s record: Environmental agenda pushes sweeping attack on air pollution

Joe Scarborough: The truth about the tea party

Politico: Why U.S. foreign aid still makes sense

Hill: Obama faces long odds to close Guantanamo Bay if he tries again


Hill: Poll: Romney holds narrow lead in Florida


WSJ: Pennsylvania: Last-Minute Game-Changer?

Daily Caller: Casey’s lead shrinks to 3 points; Tom Smith leads in grassroots fundraising

OHIO (18)

Columbus Disp: Romney has real-world experience to lead nation out of economic malaise
NatJ: Portman: Ohio 'Trend is in Our Direction'
WaPo: GM is alive in Defiance, Ohio. But Obama’s hopes here may not be.

Roll Call: Ohio: Josh Mandel Internal Poll Shows Tied Senate Race

Roll Call: After ‘Brutal’ Races, Steve Stivers Sits Pretty in Redrawn Ohio District


Rasmussen: Virginia Senate: Kaine (D) 49% Allen (R) 48%
NatJ: George Allen's Pricey 'Skins Ad
Examiner: Region flooded by $170m in campaign ads


Milwaukee JS: Thompson's flub of name helps Baldwin dodge campaign-cash issue


KC Star: At fundraiser, Todd Akin likens Claire McCaskill to a dog
St. Louis PD: Akin comments gain national attention
WaPo: Todd Akin compares Claire McCaskill to a dog
NYT: G.O.P.’s Beleaguered Akin Draws Ire Over ‘Fetch’ Talk
Roll Call: Missouri: Todd Akin Analogizes Claire McCaskill to a Dog Fetching Federal Money

IOWA (6)

ABC: Paul Ryan Tells Iowa Rally Victory Is 'Within Our Grasp'


Politico: Sheldon Adelson-Shelley Berkley feud comes to a head


Roll Call: Maine: Negative Ads Dominate Senate Race


Albany TU: Back in Albany, Spitzer leaves Cuomo, boosts Hillary ’16

Buffalo News: Protection of Grisanti tied to GOP grip on State Senate


WSJ: A House Race Reflects Shift in California


NYT: In Texas, a Legal Battle Over Biblical Banners


Chicago Tribune: Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. due back at Mayo Clinic for more tests
WTimes: Absent Rep. Jackson surfaces, asks supporters for patience


South Bend Tribune: Romney makes appearance in Mourdock ad


Rasmussen: Washington Senate: Cantwell (D) 52%, Baumgartner (R) 37%



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The morning after!.....The two alternative futures that await following the election

Hill: Al Gore calls for an end to the Electoral College
Schott: Gore, Soros & Chaos Theory

Wikipedia: Newspaper endorsements in the 2012 presidential election

Toledo Blade: Authors claim to reveal Obama’s 2nd-term agenda

Rush Limbaugh: John Fund's New Book on Voter Fraud is Well Worth Your Time

NY Post: Navy SEAL’s firsthand account of Osama Bin Laden's death

NYT: A SEAL’s Own Story, Bin Laden and All

WTimes: Impact of ‘2016’ on 2012 presidential race uncertain

Rush Limbaugh: Stanley Kurtz's New Book Examines Obama's War on Suburbia

Rush Limbaugh:
Obama's Plan to Eliminate Suburbs

Stanley Fish: Intention and the Canons of Legal Interpretation

WSJ: Scalia Offers Up 57 Varieties for Interpreting Legal Texts

WSJ: Jonathan Haidt:
He Knows Why We Fight

Human Events: “The Amateur” climbs to #2 on New York Times bestseller list

Rush Limbaugh: The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

American Spectator:
The Great Destroyer

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