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October 14, 2012


Fox: Romney-Ryan ticket hits Obama admin on Ohio made tanks
WTimes: Romney stumps in Ohio as Obama hunkers down for second debate
LA Times: Romney and Ryan bask in newfound momentum
Daily Mail UK: Crowds surge at Romney events as he rides the wave of momentum
WaPo: Obama, Romney face a truly crucial week
WSJ: Closing Arguments Hit Airwaves

Larry Kudlow: Ryan’s Benghazi Surprise
Ross Douthat: The Mystery of Benghazi
Mark Steyn: Who’s ‘Politicizing’ Benghazi?
Andrew McCarthy: Denying the Libya Scandal
Stephen Hayes: The Benghazi Scandal

Hill: Timeline of Libya attack reveals administration contradictions

NYT: Romney’s Go-To Economist
NYT: That Blurry Line Between Makers and Takers
WTimes: Romney counters with his own NFL star, Bengals' legend Anthony Munoz
Boston Globe: In twist, evangelicals now backing Mitt Romney
NYT: As Massachusetts Governor, Romney Was Often Away

WaPo: In Ohio Democratic stronghold, Paul Ryan hits Obama on China currency
Fox: Ryan: Obama soft on 'cheating' China, which is hurting U.S. manufacturing
Hill: Ryan criticizes Obama on Chinese currency manipulation label
WaPo: Win or lose, Paul Ryan is likely to have a big role in GOP’s future

NYDN: Joe Biden’s laugh-filled debate wasn’t so funny on national security

Hill: Obama campaign paints Romney defense strategy as path to war

WaPo: Five things Obama can do to win

Jonathan Chait: How the 2012 Election Is Stacked for the GOP
Nate Silver: G.O.P. Senate Hopes Fade, Even as Romney’s Rise, Polls Show
Michael Barone: Biden and Obama run a campaign fit for the 1980s
Fred Barnes: Obama Didn’t Save Us

NYT: Campaigns Mine Personal Lives to Get Out Vote
NYT: Colleges Take a Leap Into Voter Registration

WaPo: Vendors finesse law barring ‘coordination’ by campaigns, independent groups


WaPo: Industry trade groups investing big in positive political messages

Roll Call: Harry Reid Says He Will Revisit Cybersecurity Legislation in Lame Duck
Hill: Reid vows fresh effort to pass stalled cybersecurity bill in November
NYT: U.S. Suspects Iran Was Behind a Wave of Cyberattacks


WaPo: Forget the fiscal cliff: U.S. has other possible economic threats looming

WaPo: OpEd: It’s time to end the bailout of Fannie and Freddie. Here’s how

Hill: Romney’s plan to dump Bernanke sparking anxiety on Wall Street

WaPo: A U.S. platoon awaits the end of Afghan war
NYT: Editorial: Time to Pack Up (and leave Afghanistan)

Linda Chavez: Racial preferences for the privileged
NYT: Rethinking Affirmative Action

Jonathan Turley: Shut up and play nice: How the Western world is limiting free speech

NYT: OpEd: The Self-Destruction of the 1 Percent

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (10/14/12)


NatJ: Poll: Romney Rise in Fla. Helps Mack Close the Gap


Philly: 'Obama's Wars' - 4 key issues - could lead to his losing Pa.

Pittsburgh PG: Smith ready to leave retirement to bring conservative agenda to Washington

OHIO (18)

LA Times: Romney surge in Ohio tests both campaigns' strategies
NYT: G.O.P. Ticket Focuses on Crucial Ohio Votes
Columbus Dispatch: Obama, Romney campaigns: Pieces to victory
Dallas MN: In bellwether state Ohio, government’s role in economy a complex issue
Politico: PPP Ohio poll: Obama 51, Romney 46
Hill: Poll finds Obama up 5 in swing-state Ohio

Human Events: Ohio coal miners rally against Obama’s ‘absolute lies’

Robert Barnes: Ohio voting dispute makes its way to the Supreme Court


Detroit News: Ann Romney hits the campaign trail in Michigan

Detroit News: Prop 2 a referendum on Snyder


Examiner: With the White House at stake, Virginia is back to a nail-biter

WaPo: In Senate race, Northern Virginia seniors look beyond Medicare, Social Security


WTimes: Thompson: Romney hit a 'grand slam' in debate
Milwaukee JS: State No. 2 in outside spending for Senate race


Daily Caller: Gingrich calls out Rove super PAC, NRSC for abandoning Akin


Politico: Bob Kerrey's last stand to mend Washington


Denver Post: Poll: GOP presidential hopeful Romney sways voters in Colorado


NatJ: Nevada Polls May Understate Democratic Support


Hill: Maine Dem Dill: I haven’t spoken to party leaders in months


Rochester D&C: Recent poll shows Maggie Brooks closing gap on Rep. Louise Slaughter


Dan Walters: Jerry Brown's tax hike in jeopardy

Hill: High gas prices roil House races

NYT: A Grand Experiment to Rein In Climate Change (cap-and-trade)

Fox: Los Angeles mayor wants ID card for immigrants


Nate Silver: Oct. 13: Arizona and the Spanish-Speaking Vote


CST: Despite federal probe, mental illness, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. expected to be re-elected



October 13, 2012


WSJ: Debate Renews Focus on Libya
NYT: New Front in Campaign as G.O.P. Seizes on Libya Attack
Politico: Romney continues Benghazi stump attacks
Daily Beast: Are Budget Cuts to Blame for Benghazi Attack, as Biden Suggested?
WaPo: Romney says White House is ‘doubling down on denial’ about Libya attack
NYT: After Benghazi Attack, Private Security Hovers as an Issue
WaPo: Political chaos in Libya hampers U.S. probe of deadly Benghazi attacks
NYT: Focus Was on Tripoli in Requests for Security in Libya
Fox: NYT scolded by public editor for keeping Libya hearing coverage off front page
Rush Limbaugh: Biden's Infuriating Benghazi Lies

WaPo: Romney tries to bury Obama in ads

Hill: GOP weekly address: Mitt Romney ‘gets it’ on small biz, regulations

WTimes: Investors say Romney win is better for the economy

WSJ: Sowing Doubts About Romney Pivot to Center
NYT: Editorial: The ‘Moderate Mitt’ Myth

NatJ: Meet the Shady Corporation That Allied With Romney While Scamming Customers

NYT: Show of Teeth Spurs a Debate Over Biden
WSJ: Biden's Intelligence
WTimes: White House defends Biden's debate demeanor
Hill: Cheney 'disturbed' by Biden's performance at vice presidential debate
James Taranto: Dr. Strangelaugh
Kathleen Parker: Smile when you say that
Byron York: Dems: Biden wasn't rude, he was passionate
Rush Limbaugh: Mean Joe: The Face of the Democrat Party
Rush Limbaugh: Young People Turned Off by Biden's Act?
YouTube: RNC Web Ad: "Laughing at the Issues"

Fox: Biden's debate 'facts' prompt White House clarifications
WTimes: Bishops blast Biden on his debate claims
WaPo: Vice-presidential debate reveals two camps’ slim divide on foreign policy
WaPo: Biden 2016? It could happen, my friend
Fox: Biden delivers double-edged debate performance
Salena Zito: VP, Ryan combative in debate
Gail Collins: Veeps Go Yeep! Nation Nods.
NYDN: Joe Biden's spirited debate performance lauded by friends and laughed at by foes
Politico: Nielsen: 51.4 million watched VP debate

WaPo: On abortion, Paul Ryan articulates position different from earlier one

David Maraniss: Obama’s way with words

Hill: Race tightens for swing states
WSJ: The Electoral Map's States of Play
Examiner: Romney has solid edge in 269-269 electoral vote tie scenario
Examiner: How Biden could become Romney’s VP
Nate Silver: Oct. 12: Romney Debate Gains Show Staying Power
Rush Limbaugh: Polling Data Breaking Big Toward Mitt

WaPo: Direct mail still a force in campaigns


Hill: House ethics panel opens investigation of Democratic Rep. Reyes


WSJ: Budget Deficit Again Tops $1 Trillion
Fox: Federal deficit tops $1 trillion for fourth year
Hill: Geithner defends Obama as deficit again tops $1 trillion

George Will: Break up the big banks

Fox: As some businesses look for ways around ObamaCare, others attack the law directly

WSJ: Unraveling of Affirmative Action

Hill: US ambassador: Internet fee proposal gaining momentum

NYT: Voter Registration Rolls in 2 States Are Called Vulnerable to Hackers

Politico: Sunday shows: Colbert to 'Press'


Rasmussen: Florida: Romney 51%, Obama 47%


NatJ: Casey and Smith to Debate in Pa. Senate Race

OHIO (18)

Boston Globe: Battle for Ohio heats up
Roll Call: Springsteen to Campaign for Obama in Ohio With Clinton

Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 47%, Mandel (R) 46%

Fox: 15 states back Ohio in early voting case


Rasmussen: Michigan: Obama 52%, Romney 45%

WSJ: Ballot Measures Test Michigan's Governor


Rasmussen: Virginia: Romney 49%, Obama 47%

Politico: Senate 5: Millions flood in to Kaine-Allen race


NatJ: Biden Pounds Away on Debate Themes at Wis. Rally


WaPo: Michele Bachmann raised $4.5 million in the third quarter


WTimes: Duggars clan to stump for Akin
NYT: Missouree? Missouruh? To Be Politic, Say Both


Roll Call: Shot Fired Into Obama’s Denver Campaign Office


Politico: Poll: Romney leads Obama in Maine congressional district

WaPo: Chamber ad attacks independent Maine Senate candidate Angus King


WSJ: Gillibrand Offers a Helping Hand

NYT: Espada Speaks Softly as He Pleads Guilty to a Single Tax Charge
Albany TU: Cuomo gives Espada ‘the last word’ (guess what it is)


NYT: Editorial: South Carolina’s Voting Rights Act


Chicago ST: Feds probe ‘suspicious activity’ in Jesse Jackson Jr.’s finances: sources
WaPo: Report: Feds investigating Jesse Jackson Jr.’s finances
Roll Call: Jesse Jackson Jr. Under Federal Scrutiny, Reports Say


Politico: Rand Paul gets in the 2012 game



October 12, 2012


NYT: Romney Offers Sharp Criticism of Obama’s Handling of Libya Terrorist Attacks
WTimes: Romney, Obama trade barbs over Benghazi attack
WTimes: Romney dogs Obama with response to Libya attack

Charlie Cook: There's No Question, Romney Changed the Game

NYT: Romney’s Pledge Puts Focus on Public TV
Charles Krauthammer: The Big Bird counterattack

Gallup: Americans' Views of Obama More Polarized as Election Nears

WTimes: Mitt Romney prays with Billy Graham
Fox: Romney meets with Rev. Billy Graham at North Carolina home
AP: Mitt Romney meets with Rev. Billy Graham
WTimes: Priebus defends Romney as pro-life


WSJ: Sharp Jabs Dominate Combative Vice-Presidential Debate
WSJ: Between Interruptions, a Debate Broke Out
WSJ: Political Veterans: A ‘Real’ and ‘Testy’ Debate
WSJ: Inside Paul Ryan’s Health-Insurance Number
WSJ: Paul Ryan Sounds Radical to Linguists
WTimes: Biden, Ryan go head to head, but they can’t see eye to eye in vp debate
Human Events: Ryan scores decisive blows over Biden in Veep debate
Fox: Sparks fly as Biden, Ryan face off in feisty vice presidential debate
Fox: Biden says wasn’t told about security requests in Libya, despite State Dept testimony
Examiner: VP candidates come out swinging in showdown
NYT: Biden and Ryan Quarrel Aggressively in Debate, Offering Contrasts
NYT: Bipartisan Spin on Medicare Plan
NYT: On Foreign Policy, Rivals Differing in Style but Often Similar in Substance
NYT: Biden vs. Ryan: No Shy People Onstage
NYT: Night of Withering Ripostes, Mostly Delivered by Biden
NYT: The No. 1 Rule When No. 2s Meet in Battle? Be Memorable. In a Good Way
NYT: Editorial: A Debate With Clarity and Fervor
NYT: Debating Points, Vice Presidential Edition
WaPo: Biden, Ryan trade sharp words on foreign policy, economy during vp debate
WaPo: In VP debate, Biden seeks to repair damage from Obama’s stumble
WaPo: Biden, Ryan talk abortion, Catholic social teaching in vice-presidential debate
WaPo: Editorial: The Biden-Ryan show: Good TV but a dull debate
NatJ: Joe Biden Clears Barack Obama's Low Bar in Debate with Paul Ryan
Roll Call: Joseph Biden, Paul Ryan Spar in Spirited Debate
Daily Caller: GOP, Democrats catalog errors by Biden, Ryan after VP debate
HE: Ryan asks Biden: Was it a good idea to spend taxes on electric cars in Finland?
Human Events: Angry Joe and Martha vs. that nice Ryan fellow from Accounting
Human Events: Grassroots activists still behind Wisconsin’s ‘favorite son’
Politico: Joe Biden, Paul Ryan clear the bar -- barely
Politico: Romney congratulates Ryan by phone
Hill: Sharp barbs but no clear winner in testy Biden-Ryan VP debate

Human Events: Joe Biden: Mr. Malarkey
Hill: Biden's 'malarkey' and laughter drive online reaction during veep debate
Daily Caller: Krauthammer: Biden’s ‘disrespectful,’ ‘hugely condescending’ demeanor
Kim Strassel: Filiblustering Joe: He talked over Paul Ryan, the moderator and even himself
WSJ: The Bully vs. the Wonk: The Veep's strategy: Show contempt for your opponent
Fox: Biden accused of being disrespectful in vice presidential debate with grins, laughs
Examiner: Brit Hume: Biden ‘looked like a cranky old man’
NYDN: Between smirks, Joe Biden takes the fight to Paul Ryan in vice presidential debate
SF Chronicle: 2012 Vice presidential debate

Fox: Transcript of vice presidential debate

Peggy Noonan: Confusing Strength With Aggression
Michael Barone: Thoughts on the vice presidential debate
David Brooks: The Generation War
Dana Milbank: Biden rattles Ryan
Matt Miller: Joe Biden and the ‘seniors enigma’
EJ Dionne: In vice presidential debate, Biden puts Ryan on the defensive
Ed Rogers: A debate that won’t change the race
Charles Hurt: Biden cracks up at the vice presidential debate

CNN: CNN/ORC Poll: Ryan 48% Biden 44%
Chris Cillizza: Winners and losers in the vice presidential debate
Nate Silver: In Polls, Biden Gets a Hold

Paul Krugman: Triumph of the Wrong?

Bloomberg: Democrats Keep Voter Registration Lead in 4 Key States

WTimes: Democrats ready for GOP advertising avalanche

James Taranto: Truth or Consequences


WTimes: Senate candidates looking for a lift on Romney’s coattails


Examiner: GOP Rep. Gowdy on Benghazi terror attack: 'I want to know why we were lied to'
Rush Limbaugh: Rep. Trey Gowdy's Rebuke of the Regime
NYT: White House Appoints Veteran Retired Diplomat to Serve as Senior Envoy in Libya
WaPo: Editorial: Benghazi flap is obscuring real issues
Fox: Rep questions State Department's green energy spending amid security concerns
Rush: Mother of American Slain in Benghazi Tells CNN How the Obama Regime Lied to Her
Rush: Obama's "Blame America First" Ideology on Display in Response to Libya Attack

Michelle Malkin: The deadly disgrace of Obama’s pro-terrorist lawyers

Pat Buchanan: Stay out of the Syrian maelstrom

WaPo: Marijuana legalization on ballot in 3 states, but Justice Department remains silent

WTimes: Voter turnout for 2012 statewide primaries was lowest on record


Tampa Bay Times: Florida poll: Romney 51, Obama 44


Human Events: Romney isn’t giving up on Pennsylvania

Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate: Casey (D) 49%, Smith (R) 45%

OHIO (18)

Rasmussen: Ohio: Obama 48%, Romney 47%

WaPo: Appeals court tells Ohio to count ballots tainted by poll worker mistakes
WSJ: Sixth Circuit: Ohio Must Count Votes Cast in Wrong Precinct


Detroit News: Poll: Voters leery of proposals
Detroit News: Poll: Michigan split on how Snyder has handled Detroit


Rasmussen: North Carolina: Romney 51%, Obama 48%
Rush Limbaugh: Is it Over for Obama in North Carolina?


NYT: Ex-Aide to Governor Walker Pleads Guilty in Wisconsin
Pioneer Press: Ex-aide to Wisconsin governor pleads guilty to 1 felony count


WTimes: On education, McCaskill, Akin learn they’re far apart
WTimes: Women rule in Missouri Senate race


Rasmussen: New Mexico Senate: Heinrich (D) 52%, Wilson (D) 39%


Albany TU: Long: Gillibrand’s positions hurt jobs

NYT: Espada to Plead Guilty to Remaining Charges After Being Convicted of Theft
NYDN: Disgraced ex-pol Pedro Espada and his son to plead guilty


Fox: California House race with veteran Democrats turns physical during debate
Roll Call: California: Things Get Touchy at Berman-Sherman Debate
Politico: Berman touts GOP support


Roll Call: Oklahoma House Candidate to Deliver GOP Address


Politico: Personal finances dominate Murphy-McMahon faceoff


Boston Globe: or Scott Brown, politics and military entwine
Rasmussen: Massachusetts Senate: Warren (D) 49%, Brown (R) 47%



October 11, 2012


Fox: Fox News poll: Romney erases Obama's lead nationally after first debate
Fox: Fox News poll: 53 percent say Obama failed on economy, Libya 'troubling'
CBS: Poll: Romney edges Obama in Colo., narrows gap in Wis.
WSJ: Romney Takes Lead in Poll Benchmark
NatJ: Polls Show Small Romney Bump in Swing States
NYT: Voters Give Romney Better Grades for Leadership, Polls in 3 States Find
Politico: Pollster calls Florida and Virginia for Romney
Politico: 2012 polls: Swing state races tighten, Obama keeps Ohio edge
Hill: Poll finds Romney gaining in Fla., Ohio, Va.
WSJ: Romney Gains Among Independent Voters and Men, Post-Debate Surveys Show
NYT: Romney Campaign Looks to Capitalize on Image Voters Saw in Debate
WP: Romney shifts to more moderate stances on taxes, immigration, health care, education
Hill: Romney moves to center, shows new ease on campaign trail
Politico: Battleground Tracking Poll: Dems less enthusiastic
WaPo: Obama and Romney face most narrow electoral map in recent history
LA Times: Obama vs. Romney -- prepping for a presidential debate rematch
Hill: Sensing win, Republican kingmakers closing ranks behind Romney
Karl Rove: The Dividends of Romney's Debate Victory
Politico: Angst grows among President Obama's supporters
Charles Blow: Premature Desperation

WSJ: Romney's Ad Buy Tops President's
WTimes: American Crossroads makes $7 million ad buy

WSJ: Romney: ‘I’ll Be a Pro-Life President’
NYT: Romney Refines Message on Taxes and Abortion
NYT: Obama Campaign Says Romney Is Misleading Voters on Abortion
WTimes: Obama tries to win back women voters, hits Romney on abortion
Hill: Obama fights erosion of female voters with attacks on Romney over abortion
WaPo: Romney appears to pivot on abortion
Politico: Romney reiterates defunding Planned Parenthood

WTimes: Romney backs Syrian rebels, stops short of promising troops

WSJ: On ABC, Obama Talks Roe v. Wade, Debates
WaPo: Obama vows more aggressive debate approach against Romney
Fox: Obama admits having 'bad night' but denies debate changed race's 'fundamentals'
WSJ: Obama's Disappearing $5 Trillion
Dorothy Rabinowitz: Obama's Big Bird Campaign
Rich Lowry: Obama's bird-brained attack
Dan Henninger: Obama and the L-Word
James Taranto: The Emperor's New Tone: Hey, whatever happened to civility?
Ann Coulter: Got Racism?

WSJ: Biden and Ryan to Take Center Stage
Daily Beast: Which Joe Biden Will Show Up for Thursday’s Debate?
NYDN: A high bar for Joe Biden
WTimes: Biden’s debate aim: Reclaim edge after Obama’s subpar showing
WaPo: VP debate’s No. 1 rule: If chatter’s about Biden and Ryan, they’re doing it wrong
WSJ: Pew Poll: Biden Is Viewed More Unfavorably Than Ryan
Reuters: Biden seeks to reclaim campaign momentum in debate with Ryan
NYT: Six Things to Watch For in Biden-Ryan Debate
Politico: 5 things to watch in VP debate
Human Events: Four things Paul Ryan must do to win Thursday’s debate
WaPo: Debate Prep: Karen Tumulty’s tips for Biden and Ryan
Nate Silver: Biden's Debate Mission: Whip Up Democrats to Blunt Romney's Gains
Matt Miller: How Biden can win the vice presidential debate
Gallup: Pre-Debate, Biden, Ryan Share Lackluster Favorable Ratings
Gallup: Vice Presidential Debates Rarely Influence Voters
CBS: VP debate impact may be more personal than electoral
American Spectator: Reagan on Biden: 'Smooth But Pure Demagogue'

WSJ: Voter ID Validation: The critics go zero for two

George Will: Obama’s selective defense of the Constitution

Roll Call: Parties Prepare for Post-Election Legal Battles


WSJ: Poll: Democrats Still Lead in Key Senate Races

WSJ: DeLay's Attorney: Money-Laundering Law Misconstrued
WTimes: DeLay’s political-funds funneling appealed as legal


Reuters: Masked gunmen kill U.S. embassy employee in Yemen
CBS: Yemen security chief at U.S. Embassy killed
Boston Globe: Security officer at US Embassy in Yemen killed

WSJ: Security Cut Before Libya Raid
NYT: Official Tells Panel a Request for Libya Was Denied
WaPo: State Dept. acknowledges rejecting requests for more security in Benghazi
Hill: Officials to House panel: State denied requests for more security in Benghazi
Fox: Ex-security officers testify about frustration at State Department over Libya security
WSJ: Botched in Benghazi: New evidence on the Libya debacle and false White House spin
Weekly Standard: ‘Dozens’ of Terrorists, Zero Protesters
Hill: Issa wants classified briefing on Libya intel
WTimes: Republicans blast security, response to Libya attack
WaPo: Libya attack covered up by Obama administration, asserts Heritage Foundation
WTimes: OpEd: Obama puts politics before national security
Politico: Poll: Most troubled by Libya claim
Hill: Chaffetz accuses State Department of revealing classified information
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Libya Lies: Worse Than Watergate
Rush Limbaugh: Consulate Security in Libya was a Casualty of the Liberal Worldview
Dana Milbank: Letting us in on a secret

Fox: VP debate moderator hosted Obama at '91 wedding, candidates say no worries
Daily Caller: ABC fails ethics test
Rush Limbaugh: Nothing to See Here! Obama Attended the VP Debate Moderator's Wedding

WSJ: OpEd: Medicaid Is Broken—Let the States Fix It

NYT: This Election, a Stark Choice in Health Care

Fox: Former GE CEO Welch defends jobless stat tweet; says Obama aide made same claim

Fox: Mississippi joins lawsuit against Obama administration over illegal immigrant policy

WSJ: Justices Clash on Affirmative Action
WTimes: Justices ask sharp questions on race-based admissions
WaPo: Supreme Court divided over affirmative action in college admissions
NYT: Schools Brace for Decision on Affirmative Action
NYT: Editorial: Race-Conscious Admissions in Texas

Dick Morris: Stop UN regulation of the Internet


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania: Obama 51%, Romney 46%
Politico: Pennsylvania poll: Obama up 8

Politico: Senate 5: A sleeper in Pennsylvania?

OHIO (18)

Politico: Chris Christie, Mitt Romney together in Ohio
WSJ: Wooing Ohio, Biden-Ryan Debate
Major Garrett: Obama's Ohio Silver Lining

NatJ: Ohio's Brown Increases Lead in New Poll
EJ Dionne: Sherrod Brown’s lessons for Obama

Roll Call: Ohio Fights on Early Voting, Provisional Ballots

Fox: Republicans look for edge amid redrawn congressional maps


Detroit News: Poll: Obama lead in Michigan narrowing


WTimes: Internal poll: Allen up 3 points over Kaine; Romney up 7 in Va.
NatJ: Polls Diverge in Va. Senate Race


NatJ: Poll: Tied Race in Wisconsin Senate
NYT: Wisconsin, a Republican Haven, Finds Itself Split
Rasmussen: Wisconsin: Obama 51%, Romney 49%


Daily Caller: New Akin ad hits ‘Corrupt Claire’ for $40m in govt funds received by husband
Fox: McCaskill hits Akin with ads featuring raped women
Politico: McCaskill ads feature assault survivors


Politico: In Nevada, Johnson draws mostly from Obama

Rasmussen: Nevada Senate: Heller (R) 48%, Berkley (D) 45%


Rasmussen: New Mexico: Obama 54%, Romney 43%


Rasmussen: New Hampshire: Romney 48%, Obama 48%


Allysia Finley: Molly Munger's War


WSJ: Court Blesses S.C. Voter ID Law But Halts Enforcement Until 2013
WaPo: Court approves South Carolina voter-ID law but delays it until at least 2013


Politico: Richard Mourdock rakes in $3 million in Indiana Senate race


Boston Globe: Brown, Warren hit hard on policy in third Senate debate
Boston Herald: Gloves stay on in debate
WTimes: Sen. Brown, Warren spar in 3rd Mass. debate
NYT: A Feisty Debate Crystallizes Differences in Tight Massachusetts Race
WaPo: The third Brown-Warren debate: Four takeaways
Daily Caller: Elizabeth Warren links Scott Brown to national Republicans
Jeff Jacoby: Warren tries to have it both ways

Fox: Newest Kennedy politician poised to win Frank's seat but not without a debate


Hill: Contradictions in Ariz. Senate debate
Roll Call: Arizona: NRSC IE Poll Shows Jeff Flake Ahead

Fox: Arizona pays state workers for cost-cutting ideas


WTimes: Montana’s Tester says he’s not Obama’s ‘twin’ in tight Senate race



October 10, 2012


WSJ: Romney Targets Obama Voters
WSJ: Romney Puts Personal Stamp on Stump Speech
WSJ: Lessons From a Father's Campaign
WSJ: Romney Says He Won’t Pursue Abortion Legislation
NYT: Romney Pledges to Keep Tax Deductions for Mortgages

WSJ: After Debate, Polls Bounce Romney’s Way
Fox: Romney makes gains in battleground, national polls
WTimes: Obama loses lead on key voter issues: Economy, national security
AJC: Romney family intervention altered campaign, polls
National Review: Tagg Steps Up
WTimes: Romney to build on debate boost
Rush Limbaugh: Debate Built Momentum for Mitt

Hill: Gallup: Romney takes lead nationally
NYDN: New Gallup poll shows Mitt Romney vaulting into lead over Obama
Gallup: Romney 49%, Obama 47% Among Likely Voters
Rasmussen: Swing State Tracking: Romney 49%, Obama 47%
Rush Limbaugh: If Romney Wins, the Economic Uptick Will be Quick and Dramatic

Michael Barone: Cascading polls?
Charlie Cook: How Good Are Romney's Postdebate Odds?
Nate Silver: Oct. 9: Romney Erases Obama’s Convention Bounce in Forecast
Peggy Noonan: Put a Chair Out
James Taranto: Tears of a Clown
Ross Douthat: Liberalism’s Glass Jaw
Dick Morris: Bipartisanship: A new winning issue
Maureen Dowd: Barry Trails Off . . .
Kathleen Parker: What women voters want
Chris Cillizza: How the 1st debate changed the campaign (and what it didn’t change)

Dick Morris: Obama’s foreign donors
Erick Erickson: The Obama campaign processed this donation

Dick Morris: Obama’s second-term plan: Let the UN tax Americans

NYT: Networks Like Split-Screens in Debates, Even if the Candidates Don’t

Politico: Mitt Romney’s unusual in-house ad strategy

NYT: As Romney Repeats Trade Message, Bain Maintains China Ties

WSJ: President Test-Drives a New Tone
WTimes: Obama turns up intensity on stump
Politico: Angst grows among Obama supporters
NYT: Obama Campaign Tells Supporters: Steady On
Fox: Obama camp challenged on push to label Romney 'dishonest'
Hill: Ann Romney accuses Obama of showing 'poor sportsmanship'
Hill: Done with fundraising, President Obama hits the campaign homestretch

HE: Obama campaign in denial over Romney’s rise in polls, pledges to fight for ‘Big Bird’
NYT: Obama Ad Features Someone Big, Yellow and Feathery
WSJ: 'Sesame Street' Asks Obama Team to Pull Its Attack Ad Over Big Bird
WTimes: ‘Sesame Street’ firm calls on Obama to pull ‘Big Bird’ ad
WSJ: Big Bird, Small President
Rush: Mr. Hope & Change: Romney is a Lying Sack of You-Know-What - Wants to Kill Big Bird
Rush Limbaugh: PBS Doesn't Need Government Money

Reuters: Vice presidential debate could be a tale of two Ryans
CNN: Stakes get higher in upcoming Biden-Ryan debate
Roll Call: Congress Takes Center Stage in VP Debate
Hill: Editorial: Biden vs. Ryan
WaPo: Ryan v. Biden, the Catholic ‘Thrilla in Manila’
Human Events: What Biden and Ryan should debate: Stagnation to 2018
Hill: Team Romney looking for knockout by Ryan
Politico: Eat crow and pray for Joe
American Spectator: Old Smirkin' Joe
Dan Balz: Big stakes for Biden and Ryan in VP debate
DC: ABC News scrambles to cover up Obama’s attendance at VP debate moderator’s wedding
Armstrong Williams: Paul Ryan's Moment
Rush Limbaugh: Middle Class Joe and the 47%
NatJ: Pressure Is on Ryan to Show He Can Lead the Nation
ABC: Mitt Romney Misstates Paul Ryan’s Debate History
WaPo: The six most memorable moments in vice presidential debate history

Tennessean: Kid Rock helps Paul Ryan, risks irking fans
LA Times: Kid Rock comes out for fellow hunter and rock fan Paul Ryan

WaPo: Jill Biden steps up involvement in Obama-Biden reelection campaign


Fox: Top Senate Democrat pushes tax hikes on wealthy
NYT: Schumer Shakes Up Deficit Talks With Call to Raise Taxes on the Rich
WaPo: Schumer: Tax reform should cut deficits, not tax rates
WSJ: Kicking the Tires on Schumer’s New Tax Model

WTimes: ‘Fiscal cliff’ fight already a drag on U.S. economy
NYT: Fiscal Cliff May Be Felt Gradually, Analysts Say
NYT: Q&A: Understanding the Fiscal Cliff

Sen. Joe Lieberman: The dangers of delaying heightened cybersecurity

Fox: Top Republican lawmakers seek removal of VA's chief of staff

WSJ: Judges to Hear Appeal of DeLay’s Conviction

Politico: 10 nastiest House races

Hill: Democrats believe they can hold the Senate even after Romney debate win


Fox: Records show calls for more protection in Libya, 230 'security incidents' before strike
Hill: State Dept. officials contradict claims on deadly Libya attack
Weekly Standard: State Department: No Protest Outside Benghazi Consulate
ABC: Attack on Benghazi Consulate 'Unprecedented,' State Department Official Says
DC: State Dept.: Susan Rice, Obama administration completely wrong on Libya attack details
WTimes: State Department creates own board to look at Libya security query
WaPo: Benghazi attack may cloud Clinton’s legacy
Hill: Rep. Issa closes in on Clinton
NatJ: Dems Accuse Issa of 'Extremely Partisan' Libya Investigation
Hill: GOP lawmaker launches PR offensive on eve of hearing on Libya Consulate attack

Jack Welch: I Was Right About That Strange Jobs Report
NYT: Editorial: Conspiracy World

Fox: Supreme Court takes up affirmative action case
WTimes: High court to again consider racial quotas
WSJ: Eyes on Justice Kennedy in Affirmative-Action Case
WSJ: The Texas Race Case
WaPo: Editorial: Why the high court should back race-based college admissions

NYT: Number of Protestant Americans Is in Steep Decline, Study Finds
American Spectator: A Secularizing America?

WaPo: Polls in Fla., Ohio and Va. see same-sex marriage support


Miami Herald: Obama’s campaign makes massive Florida push for absentee votes


WTimes: Poll: Romney surges in Pennsylvania

Politico: Libertarians accuse GOP of offering bribes in Pennsylvania ballot case

OHIO (18)

WaPo: Obama and Romney campaign hard for Ohio’s key votes
WDTN: Romney targets Ohio with Shelby County stop
NBC: Could Romney retake Ohio?
WaPo: Unions widen Ohio ground game on Obama’s behalf
Examiner: Romney, Obama battle in a suddenly competitive Ohio
NatJ: CNN Poll: Obama Clinging to Ohio Lead

Roll Call: Rand Paul to Expand Foreign Aid Push Into Ohio
Roll Call: Rand Paul Launches Ad Blitz Against Foreign Aid

WSJ: Ohio to Appeal Voting Case to Supreme Court
Fox: Ohio appealing to Supreme Court on early voting
WaPo: Ohio asks Supreme Court to overturn early-voting ruling
NYT: Ohio Official Will Take Early Voting Decision to Supreme Court
Fox: Ohio official calls feds early voting expansion an intrusion


WSJ: Michigan Judge Fight


NYT: Obama Looks to Rally Blacks in North Carolina


WTimes: Romney signs defaced with excrement in Virginia


Macon Telegraph: Paul Ryan hasn’t delivered Wisconsin to GOP ticket

Milwaukee JS: Former Walker aide reaches tentative plea deal


Roll Call: Missouri: NRSC Blasts Claire McCaskill Without Mentioning Todd Akin


Denver Post: Coffman, Miklosi spar over social issues, Medicare in debate

IOWA (6)

Sioux City Journal: Romney, in Iowa, chides Obama record on rural issues
Politico: Mitt Romney goes rural
Hill: Romney blames Obama for Congress’s failure to pass new farm bill


Rasmussen: Nevada: Romney 47%, Obama 47%
LA Times: Bill Clinton works Las Vegas crowd, mocking Mitt Romney

Politico: Senate 5: A Monica Lewinsky attack in Nev.


Politico: Kelly Ayotte takes up-and-coming role on Armed Services


Politico: Cold calculus of Maine's 3-way race


NYT: Cuomo Picks Communications Chief With NBC Ties

Albany TU: How close is NY-19? Dem poll says two points

Buffalo News: Outside groups injecting millions into Hochul-Collins race


SacBee: Bill Clinton makes the case for Democratic congressional candidates at UC Davis


Dallas MN: Ted Cruz says Paul Sadler more liberal than President Obama


Chicago ST: Walsh, Duckworth square off in raucous Super Bowl of debates
Chicago Tribune: Walsh, Duckworth boil over in heated debate


WSJ: Connecticut Senate Race Polling Shifts
Rasmussen: Connecticut Senate: Murphy (D) 51%, McMahon (R) 46%

Rasmussen: Connecticut: Obama 51%, Romney 45%


Boston Globe: Brown, Warren focus on Boston media market


Roll Call: Hawaii: Linda Lingle Invokes Elizabeth Edwards During Senate Debate



October 9, 2012


WSJ: Romney Pushes Activist Role in Mideast
WTimes: Romney lays out vision for Mideast
NYT: Romney Speaks Harshly but Treads Fine Line on Foreign Policy
NYT: Romney Says White House Botched Response to Benghazi Attack
WaPo: In speech, Romney criticizes Obama on foreign policy
Fox: Romney calls for arming Syrian opposition, as part of Middle East course change
WaPo: Attack on U.S. mission in Libya presents legal, policy dilemma for Obama
WSJ: Romney's World: A contrast with Obama on the benefits of U.S. global leadership
Michael Gerson: From Romney, a change in tone, not policy
NYT: Editorial: In Search of Answers From Mr. Romney
WaPo: Editorial: Talking tough — without specifics — on the Middle East
Dana Milbank: A scrubbing on foreign policy

WSJ: Romney Leaps Past Obama in Pew Poll
NYT: Pew Poll Shows Romney Advancing
WaPo: Pew poll: Romney takes four-point lead among likely voters
WaPo: 8 takeaways from the new Pew poll
WTimes: Round of polls shows tight race after Obama-Romney debate
Fox: Romney surging nationally after biggest debate win in recorded history, polls show
Examiner: Romney closes gap with Obama with debate performance
Nate Silver: Oct. 8: A Great Poll for Romney, in Perspective
Nate Silver: Amid Volatile Polling, Keep an Eye on Election Fundamentals
Weekly Standard: Barack Obama: Liberal

WTimes: Romney family rebeled against campaign advisers

NatJ: Romney Edges Obama in Presidential Optics

WaPo: GOP’s move to downplay Paul Ryan’s debate skills isn’t sticking in Ohio
WTimes: Voters say Ryan will stomp Biden
NatJ: Biden-Ryan Debate Likely to Draw Sharp Contrast on Medicare

Bill McGurn: Never Mind the Snark, Lehrer Got It Right

Fox: NRA launches new anti-Obama ad campaign in battleground states

WSJ: Goldman Turns Tables on Obama Campaign

WSJ: Obama Is Urged to Get Tough
WSJ: Obama to Donors: I ‘Intend to Win’
WSJ: Obama Dedicates Cesar Chavez Memorial
NYT: Obama Campaign Hits Back on Romney Foreign Policy Speech
American Spectator: Obama's Jobs Flimflam

Breitbart: Owned by Bundler in Shanghai with Business Ties to Chinese Govt
Fox: Study cites security flaws in Obama online donation system

Ben Stein: A Reason to Be Republican


Fox: House panel to hear from security officer who claims State rebuffed pleas in Libya

Commentary: Post-Debate Polls Show Senate Back in Play
WaPo: Across the electoral map, a mixed picture for candidates down the ballot
WaPo: Top 10 Senate races to watch

WaPo: Some of the 2012 House races to watch

NYT: New ‘Super PACs’ Alter Landscape for House Races

NYT: Exits of centrists weigh on Congress

National Review: Violating the WARN Act


NYT: U.S. Panel Cites Risks in Chinese Equipment

NYT: Race and College Admissions, Facing a New Test by Justices
James Taranto: The Houston Chronicle's despicable smear against a young woman
Charles Lane: Will the GOP again compromise on affirmative action?

WaPo: One in five Americans reports no religious affiliation, study says
WaPo: Politics and religion of voters

WaPo: In 2012, 11 states face governor’s races

WTimes: Jindal, Christie picked to lead GOP group


WTimes: Polls vary widely in Florida Senate race
Rasmussen: Florida Senate: Nelson (D) 52%, Mack (R) 41%


Daily Caller: Pat Toomey predicts Romney win in Pennsylvania

OHIO (18)

Daily Caller: Polls, ballot requests suggest Romney overtaking Obama in Ohio
NYT: With a New Vigor, Romney Resets Ohio Campaign
Daily Caller: Source: Romney to pull resources out of Pennsylvania, focus on Ohio


Detroit News: Ryan: GOP has 'good chance' to win Michigan
NatJ: Poll: Romney Closes Deficit in Native Michigan
Detroit FP: Poll shows Mitt Romney closing gap with Barack Obama in Michigan after debate
National Review: Ryan Gets Ready

Detroit News: Poll: Crime drives Detroiters out; 40% expect to leave in 5 years


WTimes: Allen, Kaine take off gloves in Va. Senate debate
WaPo: Virginia Senate debate: George Allen, Tim Kaine face off in Richmond
Weekly Standard: Kaine Won't Say If He'll Support Reid for Majority Leader
Weekly Standard: Va. Senate Candidates Debut Ads Ahead of Second Televised Debate

WaPo: Our endorsements in Northern Virginia’s congressional races


WaPo: In Missouri, clergy in the fray of Akin race


Rasmussen: Colorado: Obama 49%, Romney 48%

IOWA (6)

Rasmussen: Iowa: Obama 49%, Romney 47%

WTimes: Vote on Iowa Supreme Court justice seen as test
WaPo: High-profile vote for Iowa Supreme Court


WaPo: Why California’s gas prices are going haywire
Victor Davis Hanson: Bankrupt California


WSJ: Texas Pushes $10,000 Degree


Roll Call: Indiana: New GOP Poll Gives Richard Mourdock 3-Point Lead


Fox: Murphy, McMahon clash in first Connecticut Senate debate
WTimes: For McMahon, WWE role wrestled to mat?


NatJ: Brown Leads Warren in New Poll
HC: Charles Fried’s Conviction of Elizabeth Warren


Fox: Dems seek Arizona Senate upset with Carmona candidacy


WTimes: Dem Heitkamp pulls even in North Dakota Senate poll



October 8, 2012


WaPo: In Virginia, Mitt Romney to call for change of course in Middle East
Weekly Standard: Romney's Foreign Policy Address: 'The Mantle of Leadership'
Fox: Romney to deliver foreign policy speech amid big questions on Libya, global economy
Politico: Mitt Romney to tackle President Obama on Libya
Jed Babbin: CSI Benghazi
NatJ: Romney Proposes New Sanctions on Iran, New Help for Syrian Rebels
Hill: Romney to call for more engaged foreign policy, vow to ‘change course’ in Mideast
WTimes: Romney to slam Obama on warfare
WSJ: Campaigns Play Up Foreign Policy
NYT: Romney Strives to Stand Apart in Global Policy
Hill: Romney campaign takes risk with focus on foreign policy address

Fox: Rasmussen Poll: Romney ahead 49-47 percent in first, full post-debate survey
Gallup: Romney Narrows Vote Gap After Historic Debate Win
NatJ: Obama Approval Falls in Post-Debate Gallup Poll
Politico: Gallup: Mitt Romney debate win biggest ever
Politico: Battleground Tracking Poll: Dems less enthusiastic
CNN: Trending: Romney riding high post-debate
Politico: 6 keys to a Mitt Romney revival
NYDN: Why he's falling apart (Obama)
UColoBoulder: Updated election forecasting model still points to Romney win
NYT: Romney and G.O.P. Make Inroads in Silicon Valley
WSJ: OpEd: A '47%' Solution for Romney
Gordon Crovitz: 'Trickle-Down Government' and Internet Freedom
John Fund: Parsing the Plethora of Polls

Daily Mail: Romney's new ad showing off 'greatest hits' of his performance against Obama
NYT: With Biden Up Next to Debate, Obama’s Aides Plot Comeback
WTimes: Campaign surrogates still dissecting Obama-Romney debate
NatJ: Mitt Romney: Too Much Style?
Fox: Dems, Republicans fight to define post-debate opinion, closing weeks of race

WSJ: Labor Widens Its Vote Push
WSJ: Obama Opens L.A. Event With Debate Joke
WSJ: Obama to Raise Money in L.A.; Romney Campaigns in Florida

WSJ: Obama Quickens Fundraising Pace
WaPo: Obama close to raising $1 billion after near-record September tally
NYT: Editorial: The Cacophony of Money

NYT: Wives Take the Campaign to Newsstands

WSJ: The Math Behind Obama Camp’s Tax Charges
NYT: Romney Ad Says Obama Distorts Tax Cut Plan
Boston Globe: Voters unaware of President Obama’s tax cuts
Miami Herald: Romney, Obama tax plans require some sacrifice

Milwaukee JS: Romney favors health care competition, gives few details

WTimes: Romney adviser says jobless report ‘damning’

Ross Douthat: It Could Be His Party (Romney)
Byron York: Liberals fret: Is Obama bored? Does he even want a second term?
John Podhoretz: The president has no clothes
Jen Rubin: Romney: Where is Obama’s economic plan?
Chris Cillizza: Is Obama overrated as a candidate?
EJ Dionne: The campaign’s moral hole
Salena Zito: Romney’s next test: Sustain the momentum
Salena Zito: Real America still believes
Nate Silver: Oct. 7: National Polls Show Signs of Settling

Townhall: Rumors Swirl: How Bad Will The Obama Foreign Donor Scandal Be?

Fox: Ryan: Obama trying to 'muddle and confuse' voters

WSJ: Bigger Bang Expected From Ryan-Biden Bout
WaPo: Expectations run high for Biden-Ryan debate
Politico: A veep debate that could really matter
Weekly Standard: Biden Takes 6 Days Off Campaign Trail
Louisville CJ: Paul Ryan, Biden prepare to take Centre stage in Danville for VP debate
NatJ: Expectations Run High for Ryan, but Biden in Good Position Ahead of Debate
WSJ: Priebus Talks Up Biden’s Debating Skills

Chicago ST: Paul Ryan nets $2.5 million at O’Hare fund-raiser

WTimes: Pentagon, Panetta make late push for military voters

Fox: Letterman suggests Romney didn't pay taxes, calls him a "felon"

NatJ: Schwarzenegger: Presidential Race is 'Wide Open'


Fox: Republicans hammer on ObamaCare, debt to win Senate races
Juan Williams: Republicans facing longer odds in bid to gain Senate control

WaPo: Editorial: Time to end a tax break (payroll tax cut)

WaPo Congress members back legislation that could benefit themselves, relatives


Telegraph UK: Obama’s jobs report figures are debatable and the recovery is dubious
Paul Krugman: Truth About Jobs
Robert Samuelson: The Great Reversal

HE: Calls for more reform at Veterans Affairs amid wasteful spending scandal

Robert Barnes: Supreme Court receives outpouring of conflicting views on affirmative action

NYT: Still a Conservative Provocateur, Tucker Carlson Angles for Clicks, Not Fights


NYT: Romney Works to Build Momentum in Florida, a State Critical to Victory
WaPo: Romney, in Florida, says Obama team making ‘excuses’ after debate
NatJ: Confident Romney Predicts He Will Win Florida and White House

OHIO (18)

Columbus Dispatch: Romney to keep busy in Ohio
Politico: Voinovich pitches 'across-the-aisle' Romney in Cleveland
Cleveland PD: George Voinovich blasts Obama in Romney radio ad
Cleveland PD: Early voting adds intensity & pageantry to Obama & Romney ground games
Politico: Strickland bets DeWine that Obama will win Ohio
Stanley Kurtz: Obama’s Plan for OH: Making suburban taxpayers prop up failing Dem cities

Human Events: Republican Josh Mandel tied up in Ohio Senate race
Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 46%, Mandel (R) 46%
Cleveland PD: Ohio's U.S. Senate race draws millions in outside money; will it work?

Columbus Dispatch: GOP expects to pick up seats


Detroit FP: Kid Rock will support Paul Ryan's appearance at OU

Detroit News: Final push on to register Michigan voters


Politico: PPP: Obama up 3 in Virginia
American Spectator: Counting on Coal Country


Milwaukee JS: Tommy Thompson has come a long way financially

Roll Call: Wisconsin: New GOP Poll Gives Sean Duffy an 11-Point Edge


Politico: Democrats nationwide run against Todd Akin

IOWA (6)

WaPo: Iowans exhausted by campaign overload


Las Vegas RJ: Editorial: For president: Mitt Romney


WTimes: In Maine’s 3-way Senate race, party lines blurred


NYT: Two Paths That Started at Dartmouth Converge in U.S. Senate Race

NatJ: Hochul, Collins Remain Tied in Poll

Albany TU: Polls: Grisanti well ahead, Addabbo within margin
NY Post: Poll finds tight Queens state Senate race


SacBee: Brown calls for state action that could lower gas prices
LA Times: Gov. Brown takes emergency action to try to reduce gas prices
NYT: California Moves to Reduce Gas Prices
WSJ: California's Green Gas Shortages
Mercury News: As California gas prices hit new high Brown orders emergency action

San Diego UT: Democratic voter advantage hasn’t paid off in mayoral races in San Diego


Fox: Arkansas GOP distances itself from candidates' comments on slavery, Muslims


Politico: Democrat Heidi Heitkamp puts North Dakota Senate seat in play


NYT: A Feisty Debate Between Candidates in Connecticut Senate Race
Politico: Chamber survey: McMahon leads Murphy


Boston Globe: Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren keep on marching
Hill: Poll: Warren maintains lead over Brown
NatJ: Poll: Warren Holds Slight Lead Over Brown in Mass.



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A Tale of Two's not just R's giving President Obama a tough time!

Hill: Al Gore calls for an end to the Electoral College
Schott: Gore, Soros & Chaos Theory

Toledo Blade: Authors claim to reveal Obama’s 2nd-term agenda

Rush Limbaugh: John Fund's New Book on Voter Fraud is Well Worth Your Time

NY Post: Navy SEAL’s firsthand account of Osama Bin Laden's death

NYT: A SEAL’s Own Story, Bin Laden and All

WTimes: Impact of ‘2016’ on 2012 presidential race uncertain

Rush Limbaugh: Stanley Kurtz's New Book Examines Obama's War on Suburbia

Rush Limbaugh:
Obama's Plan to Eliminate Suburbs

Stanley Fish: Intention and the Canons of Legal Interpretation

WSJ: Scalia Offers Up 57 Varieties for Interpreting Legal Texts

WSJ: Jonathan Haidt:
He Knows Why We Fight

Human Events: “The Amateur” climbs to #2 on New York Times bestseller list

Rush Limbaugh: The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

American Spectator:
The Great Destroyer

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