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September 7-9, 2012


McClatchy: The fall brawl begins in 10 battleground states
WSJ: Romney Blasts Obama on Jobs, Economy
WTimes: Romney releases 15 ads in eight battleground states
WTimes: Romney predicts Obama will ask for 'reset' on 2008 promises
WTimes: Obama, Romney trade political blows on the stump
Miami Herald: Obama, Romney open post-convention campaign with barbs
WSJ: Economy Claims Campaigns' Focus

Des Moines Register: Faith and family on center stage at Romney event
Boston Herald: Mitt Romney, fans agree: Why give Obama another shot?
Fox: Obama, Romney battle over jobs numbers as candidates cross paths
WaPo: Obama, Romney embark on post-convention drive to Election Day
NYT: A Day After the Party, It’s Still the Economy
NYT: Democrats Face a Juggling Act Over Economy Message
AP: Romney, Obama in battle for working-class whites
WTimes: Unemployment falls to 8.1 percent; jobs up 96K; 368K drop out of market
NYT: Editorial: Jobs and Politics
IBD: Editorial: Obama's Four Years Of Failure On Jobs Must End
Mort Zuckerman: Those Jobless Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Look
Paul Krugman: Cleaning Up the Economy
Rush Limbaugh: Sick and Tired of This "Fair Share" BS

Dallas MN: Romney to attend Sept. 18 fundraiser at Dallas’ Hilton Anatole

AP: Fall's must-see political TV: Obama-Romney debates

WaPo: Paul Ryan to begin debate prep on Sunday in Oregon

Peggy Noonan: The Democrats' Soft Extremism
Charles Krauthammer: The empathy gap
Dana Milbank: Obama the demigod comes down to Earth
Larry Kudlow: Obama's Same Old, Same Old
Rush: There's Nothing Obama Could Have Said That Would Change What He Has Done
Rush: Eastwood Speaks: Obama is Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on the American People

NYT: Conventions Draw Crowds but Sway Few Voters
Kathleen Parker: Introducing President MSNBC
AJC: What Charlotte & Tampa had in common: Overshadowed candidates and lousy weather

NYT: Private Sector Role Is at Heart of Campaigns’ Split on College Costs

NYT: Eastwood Says He Balked at Sharing Speech With Romney Campaign

NYT: Obama Makes Case for 2nd Term: ‘Harder’ Path to ‘Better Place’
NYT: Joblessness May Undermine Obama Convention Bump
Michael Gerson: Obama fails in Charlotte, revealingly
Rush: It's Uncanny! Obama Copied Carter's Convention Acceptance Speech from 1980
Rush Limbaugh: Media in Crisis: The Thrill is Gone
Rick Moran: Verdict is in: Obama speech a flop - even with Democrats
Victor Davis Hanson: The Obama Hare Is Losing The Race To Romney The Tortoise
Drew Westen: The candidates’ message: I might be so-so, but the other guy is terrible
Andrew McCarthy: Double-Minded Republicans
Rush: GOP Calls Out Clinton's Bony Finger Wag as Character Reference for Obama
Daily Caller: Profiles in cowardice: the 2012 Obama platform

Bloomberg: Democrats Said to End Convention $15 Million Short

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Count on Voter Fraud

WSJ: Parties Weigh Convention Revamp

NYT: Looking Past November for a Preview of 2016


WSJ: White House Refinancing Plan Advances
LA Times: Refinancing deals for homeowners vary widely

WTimes: GOP senators ask Panetta to make sure troops can vote

Reuters: Report to detail $1.2 trillion in spending cuts
Fox: White House fails to meet deadline on detailing proposed defense cuts


NYT: Record Number of Foreigners Were Deported in 2011, Officials Say

Fox: Mexico arrests suspect in Fast and Furious killing of Brian Terry

Robert Rector: How Obama has gutted welfare reform


Miami Herald: In FBI probe, Rep. David Rivera’s pal goes on lam, has computer seized


Columbus Dispatch: Ex-Mandel aide tied to ad campaign


Des Moines Register: Obama seeks to inspire Iowa faithful


WTimes: McCaskill touts centrist Senate ranking


Stephen Moore: Northeastern Republicans Show (More) Signs of Life


WNYC: Special Prosecutor’s Probe Widens from Lopez Harassment to Silver Payout


NYT: School Year Just Begun, Teachers Strike Looms in Chicago
Chicago ST: No deal yet to avert strike by Chicago Public Schools teachers
Chicago Tribune: Teachers, CPS gird for 'intense' weekend talks

WaPo: Jesse Jackson Jr. back in D.C.
Fox: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. returns home after treatment at Mayo clinic, aide says



September 6, 2012


NYT: Romney Focus Is on Preparing for the Debates
Hill: Romney: DNC a 'celebration of failure'
Politico: Romney to 'Meet the Press' this weekend

Rice, Baker, Shultz & Kissinger: Romney for recovery

Karl Rove: The President's Fountain of Youth Is Drying Up
George Will: Obama: the real radical
WSJ: Desperately Seeking Middle-Class Taxes
NYT: Obama Faces Test From Voters Who Drifted Away
WaPo: Generation Obama grows up and moves on
Politico: Young Democrats still believe in President Obama
Rasmussen: Swing State Daily Tracking: Romney Maintains Modest Post-Convention Bounce
Gallup: Obama's Challenge: Higher Likability Than Approval
Rush Limbaugh: Poll: Obama Losing Ground with Women

WaPo: Secret Service investigates reported theft of Romney tax files, $1M extortion threat
Fox: Secret Service probing claimed theft of Romney tax records, $1M hush money demand
Politico: Feds look into alleged theft of Mitt Romney tax returns

Fox: Putin says Russia can work with Romney if he is elected

WSJ: Clinton Makes Case for Obama
WTimes: Clinton returns to back Obama at DNC
Human Events: Vintage Clinton — a good story, plenty of policy, a lot of ‘sharing’
Examiner: Bill Clinton: Give Obama time to finish the job
NYT: Clinton Delivers Stirring Plea for Obama Second Term
Fox: Bill Clinton delivers emphatic endorsement of Obama, saying America is better off
WaPo: Bill Clinton offers forceful defense of Obama’s record
NYT: In Clinton and Warren, Competing Messages for the Middle Class
Fox: Transcript of Bill Clinton's speech at the DNC
Fred Barnes: Clinton Delivers Bang-Up Address
Michael Gerson: Clinton’s political brilliance a mixed blessing
Jen Rubin: Bill Clinton’s long, long speech about the meanie Republicans
Dana Milbank: Obama willing to stand in Bill Clinton’s shadow — for a night
Gail Collins: Bill, Barack and Us
Carter Eskew: Bill Clinton’s powerful case for a second Obama term
Ben Stein: Bill Clinton's Sham Night

Fox: Elizabeth Warren to middle class: 'The system is rigged'
Hill: Elizabeth Warren casts 2012 as battle against 'rigged' economy
Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren pushes consumer agenda at Democratic convention
Examiner: Warren makes blue-collar pitch at DNC, rails against Wall Street
Politico: Warren gives fiery defense of Obama, blasts Romney
Fox: Transcript of Elizabeth Warren's speech at the DNC

WTimes: Young face put on illegal migration at DNC: Noncitizen takes convention stage

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Cancels the Stadium Speech
Examiner: Dems cancel Obama's stadium appearance
Hill: Dems move Obama to smaller venue
Roll Call: Obama Venue Change Means Different Backdrop, Little Else
Politico: DNC 2012: Obama’s stadium stumble

NY Post: Dems trotting out H'wood beauties to introduce President Obama tonight

NYT: 4 Years Later, Scarred but Still Confident
Politico: The not-so-great communicator
National Review: Decline and Fall: The Tragedy of Barack Obama
Michael Barone: Four More Years of the Same Thing?
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Must Focus on Obama's Record

WSJ: Unusually for Democrats, Terror War Is a Talking Point
WSJ: Democrats Push Clean Energy Economy
NYT: Gay Democrats Celebrate a Newfound Visibility
WSJ: Hopefuls for 2016 Press the Flesh With Key Deciders
WSJ: Texas Delegation Chafes at 'Boonies'
Peggy Noonan: The Democrats Rally
James Taranto: 'Who They Love' - The Democrats stealthily fight the culture war
Chris Cillizza: Democratic National Convention Night 2: Winners and Losers
Ann Coulter: Matthews a Few Race Cards Short of a Full Deck
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Know They're Losing

WSJ: Jerusalem Language Restored by Democrats
WaPo: Democrats restore to party platform language on Jerusalem
WTimes: Democrats scramble to restore Jerusalem plank to platform
NYT: Pushed by Obama, Democrats Alter Platform Over Jerusalem
National Review: The Democrats’ Israel Problem
Fox: Convention floor erupts as Dems restore references to God, Jerusalem in platform
Hill: After three votes, Dems put Jerusalem, God back into party platform
Politico: Atheists bummed by Democrats' God flip
Politico: Division over platform at DNC
Elliott Abrams: What Is Israel's Capital? Democrats Have Trouble Saying

Hill: White House goes all in on gay rights

Fox: Mother of Dem convention star Castro called Alamo defenders 'drunks,' 'crooks'

Fox: GOP uses personal story to make case against Obama's welfare changes

Rush: Michelle's Masterfully Delivered Speech Weaved Total Myth of Personal Struggle

NYT: Emanuel Takes On New Role as a ‘Super PAC’ Wrangler
WaPo: Worried Democrats scramble to close fundraising gap with GOP
Politico: Democrats lower sights on donors

WaPo: Union leaders support Obama despite tension with Democratic Party

WaPo: Kerry plays Romney in mock debates with Obama

NYT: Editorial: The Better Economic Question


Fox: Senior FAA officials accused of telling workers 'job security' at risk if GOP wins

NYT: Voter ID Wars

Politico: Hannity to debut in 'Atlas Shrugged: Part II


Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott orders execution of mass killer in Miami-Dade


Detroit News: Supreme Court orders 3 issues on ballot
Fox: Michigan Supreme Court orders three election ballot measures

Detroit News: Racial makeup of jury stirs up Kilpatrick trial


WTimes: Missouri Democrats: Akin-McCaskill race will be a 'dogfight'

IOWA (6)

WaPo: Iowa delegation draws possible 2016 Democratic presidential candidates


Politico: Ex-Senate aide Doug Hampton gets probation

Fox: Nevada's 'none of the above' voting option not dead yet


Fox: NH cleared by feds to implement new voter ID law

Fox: New Hampshire city to close schools, bill Obama campaign over visit


NYT: Excluded From Democratic Convention List, Liu Tours Asia

NYT: Republicans Use Lopez Case as a Weapon

Albany TU: Thruway truck toll hike: ‘It’s another tax, people’


SacBee: New generation of California Democrats take their turn in the national spotlight


Rush Limbaugh: South Carolina Democrat Compares Nikki Haley to Eva Braun


Hill: Maine Dems: King may not caucus with party


WSJ: Senate Candidate Comes Out Swinging
NYT: For Warren, Bad Blood Over Ethnic Claims


Politico: Judge to allow Arizona to enforce key part of anti-illegal immigration law
Fox: Federal judge OKs allowing police to question status of suspected illegals
WaPo: Police face legal minefield when they implement Ariz. immigration law



September 5, 2012


Detroit FP: Paul Ryan hammers President Barack Obama's economic record
WTimes: Ryan: Obama’s record is worse than Carter’s
NatJ: Obama Didn’t Stop the Middle-Class Free-Fall
Des Moines Register: Ryan makes connections between Iowa, Wisconsin
ABC: Ryan Calls Hitting $16 Trillion Debt Mark ‘Little Bit of a Downer’
WaPo: Paul Ryan rebuts claims he made misleading statements in convention speech
NYT: Ryan Carries Load While Romney Readies for Debates
Hill: Romney hunkers down for debate prep

WaPo: RNC boosts Romney among the GOP women
WTimes: Poll: Romney did not get post-convention bump
Gallup: Romney Gets No Bounce From Last Week's GOP Convention
Human Events: Pollster Zogby on who will win: ‘I have no idea’
NatJ: Obama vs. Romney Starting to Look More Like Carter vs. Bush
WTimes: Romney campaign, RNC raise $100 million in August
Tom Friedman: It’s Mitt’s World

Kathleen Parker: The cowboy and the empty chair
Rasmussen: Republican Voters Love Eastwood, Democrats Not So Much
Rush: Clint Eastwood's Empty Chair Routine Reverberates Because It was So Effective

WSJ: Democrats Push to Rebut GOP
NYT: ‘Are You Better Off?’ The Answer Is Less Clear Than It Was in 1980
Rush: Democrats Struggle with Question: Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Can't Make a Case for Obama
American Spectator: Ending the Economic Error

NYT: At the Democratic Convention, the Words Being Used
NYT: Editorial: Words Not Spoken
Roll Call: Behind the Scenes, a Tightly Scripted Affair in Charlotte

NYT: Michelle Obama Tops Opening Night for Democrats
WTimes: Michelle Obama hails husband as ‘man we can trust’
Examiner: Michelle Obama delivers loving tribute to her husband
WaPo: First lady Michelle Obama lauds husband’s values, vision
Roll Call: Mother-in-Chief Michelle Obama Highlights Humble Beginnings
Fox: Michelle Obama touts husband's humble roots, asks for time to see 'change' through
NYT: Heartfelt Testimonial as First Helpmate
NatJ: Michelle’s Night Caps an All-Out Blitz for Women
WaPo: Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention (Full text)
EJ Dionne: Michelle Obama’s speech: Both apolitical and politically masterful
Human Events: Michelle wows delegates, but what about voters?

Hill: Castro defends Obama’s economic record in keynote
Fox: Julian Castro defends Obama, casts Romney as candidate of 'no' in DNC keynote
Roll Call: Julian Castro Steps Onto National Stage, With Brother Not Far Behind
NYT: New Democratic Voice Challenges Republican Vision
Fox: Transcript of Julian Castro's speech at the DNC

Fox: Rahm Emanuel says election will shape nation's future in DNC speech
Fox: Transcript of Rahm Emanuel's speech at the DNC

Roll Call: Harry Reid Slams Mitt Romney on Taxes Again in Convention Speech

Fox: Booker rallies Dems to kick off convention, saying platform will move America forward
NatJ: Democrats Sideline Booker. Was It A Mistake?

Fox: DNC protestors attract police at Charlotte intersection

Roll Call: Kennedy Tribute Sets Tone for DNC’s First Night
WTimes: Kennedy political torch passes to a new generation of Democrats
Byron York: ‘Forward’ looking Democrats look back to Ted Kennedy

WSJ: Bill Clinton to Take Center Stage
WaPo: Obama finds key asset in Bill Clinton’s support
WSJ: Of Bill and Barack
Human Events: Even before the speech, Clinton won Democrats’ hearts

WSJ: Biden to Depict Close Obama Partnership

WTimes: After the ‘better off’ gaffe, O’Malley seeking to make amends
Examiner: Attack dog O'Malley rips Romney on Swiss accounts

WSJ: At the Convention, Mayoral Politics
Fox: List of Democratic convention speakers for Wednesday

WaPo: America’s wars, military feature prominently at Democratic convention

WaPo: Obama, Democrats will stress administration’s track record on energy, environment

WSJ: Platform Change on Jerusalem Sparks Debate
WaPo: Democratic Party platform: An uneven progression over the years
WTimes: Abortion issue sets tone for attracting women at DNC
DC: In 2011, Sandra Fluke argued for sex-change-operation insurance mandate
CBN: Democrats Drop 'God' From Party Platform
Rush Limbaugh: The Democrat War on God

Peggy Noonan: Waiting for Sinatra
Michael Barone: Day one of the Democratic Convention

Dana Milbank: A media lovefest in Charlotte
WaPo: When news organizations party with the political parties

WSJ: Not All Attend Party's Party
NBC: Some big-name Democrats will be skipping Charlotte

WaPo: Charlotte convention offers Democrats a glimpse of a post-Obama generation
Ross Douthat: The Obamas' Party

WSJ: A Symposium: Democratic Advice for Obama's Second Term
WaPo: What is Obama’s second-term plan?

Caddell & Schoen: A Campaign in Need of a Clintonian Pivot


WTimes: House panel wants details of stimulus ad campaign on MSNBC

WSJ: Welfare Shift Should Be Put Before Congress, GAO Says

Charlie Cook: Durable Democratic Momentum Is an August Mirage in the House


Fox: Lawsuit alleging 'frat house' at ICE moves into settlement talks after official quits

James Taranto: The Pinocchio Press: The bizarre rise of "fact checking" propagandists


WSJ: State's Demographic Mix Poses Challenge to Obama
Examiner: In N.C., undecideds abandon Obama but still doubt Romney
Hill: Facing wipeout, North Carolina Dems put on brave faces at Charlotte convention


WSJ: Romney Is Tested By Virginia Ballot
WSJ: Ruling Could Hit Romney Vote Tally
NYT: Candidate on Virginia Ballot Poses Worry for Romney

Examiner: Kaine hitches political wagon to Obama


Fox: New York high court to decide whether a lap dance is tax-exempt art

Roll Call: New York: Tim Bishop Fights ‘Criminal’ Tag

Albany TU: Ethics panel won't talk


WSJ: North Dakota Senate Seat Isn't Cinch for GOP


Boston Globe: Judge orders Mass. to pay for inmate’s sex-change surgery


September 4, 2012


WSJ: Romney Preps for Debates, Leaving Counterpunch to Others
Human Events: Romney picks up 5 points from convention
Rasmussen: 11 Swing States: Mitt Romney now attracts 46%, Obama 44%
Politico: Source: Romney camp says it raised $100 million in August
Albany TU: Romney will raise in Manhattan next week

Hill: Ryan compares Obama's record on economy to Jimmy Carter's
WaPo: Obama, Romney campaigns clash on Labor Day over whether Americans are better off
NYT: Democrats Say U.S. Is Better Off Than Four Years Ago
Hill: Hill Poll: Voters say second term undeserved, country is worse off
Hill: Asking voters to look ahead, not backward, is a tough sell for Obama
Miami Herald: Obama’s 2nd-term agenda: Global warming, immigration, taxes
NatJ: 'Better Off' Fumble Dogs Democrats
WTimes: Republicans plan attack on Obama’s economic record during Dems’ convention
Politico: Record-high Labor Day gasoline prices greet Democrats in Charlotte

Fox: Republicans set up anti-Obama HQ on sidelines of Charlotte convention
Byron York: New experience for Obama: GOP attacks and mockery
Jed Babbin: Obama's Ideological Convention
American Spectator: Taking Down Taibbi
John King: To win, Obama must make history again
John Fund: The Crack Hotels of the DNC

WSJ: The Charlotte Democrats
WSJ: Obama to Press Case For Four More Years
Examiner: Obama looks to convince America to renew his contract
Examiner: Democrats kick off 'most open' convention in Charlotte
ABC: Top Democrats to Skip Party's Convention
NYT: Spirit of ’08 Gone, Democrats Reunite Against G.O.P. Threat
WSJ: President Targets Tar Heel State
WSJ: 'Hispanic Obama' Is Set to Take the Big Stage
WSJ: Obama's Political Challenge Is Personal

WSJ: First Lady's Goal: Show Her Husband's Softer Side
Dallas MN: Texan Julián Castro brings life of contrasts to Democratic convention speech
WSJ: Tuesday’s DNC Speaker Schedule: O’Malley, Castro, Michelle Obama

WTimes: No longer a novelty, Obama still sells
Examiner: Obama must mislead in order to defend his record
Fox: Dems bring in crowds by the busload to fill stadium for Obama speech

Fox: Team Obama works to mend fences with labor as convention begins
LA Times: Teachers unions' alliance with Democratic Party frays
Hill: Unions dig in for Obama despite disappointment with his record
Human Events: Can unions deliver for Obama in 2012?

Human Events: Jewish Democrats make their case for Obama
Michael Barone: Jewish Democrats on the defensive

WTimes: They really, really like Obama, but not sure they’ll back him
WTimes: ‘Extremists’ chase some Republicans toward Obama
Fox: Dems reveal platform backing gay marriage, abortion rights
Hill: Dems back global climate deal in platform
NatJ: Who's Partying at the Democratic National Convention

WaPo: Obama finds key asset in Bill Clinton’s support
Politico: November thaw for Clinton, Obama

NatJ: Obama’s Scant Democratic Bench

Fox: Bain employees to speak at Democrats' convention, officials confirm
DC: Blast from the past: Dukakis to attack Romney’s gubernatorial record at DNC
Fox: California delegate leaves convention after trying to impersonate member of Congress
Human Events: Calif. Democrat likens Ryan to Nazis
NYDN: CA Democrat John Burton calls Paul Ryan a liar, comparing his tactics to those of Nazi

Alan Colmes: How Democrats Made America Exceptional

Michael Gerson: Joe Lieberman, party of one

WSJ: Lost in Translation: GOP Struggles With Hispanics

WTimes: Poll: Obama trails in North Carolina as convention kicks off
WTimes: Poll: Obama ahead in Florida
Nate Silver: FiveThirtyEight: In Looking Back, Voters Have Short Memories
WTimes: RNC Chair Priebus: Romney would win today
Hill: GOP Chairman Priebus: Mitt Romney has momentum, not Obama
Politico: Nicki Minaj raps: I'm voting for Romney
Politico: Report: Bill Clinton aide voting Romney

NYT: On Labor Day, Obama Talks Up Auto Bailout in Ohio
Fox: Obama to rally supporters in Ohio, then tour Gulf damage
WaPo: In Louisiana, Obama breaks from campaign to tour damage from Hurricane Isaac
NYT: Obama Makes Detour to Visit Hurricane Site
Hill: Obama takes swipe at Bush during Gulf trip

Charles Lane: In America — and politics — race still matters

NYDN: ‘2016: Obama’s America’ shocks film industry after becoming a box office success


Hill: Dems confident about holding Senate despite being outspent by Republicans


Peter Schiff: The real fiscal cliff: Low interest rates will rise

Ted Nugent: McNugent rule: Automatic death penalty


Politico: DNC begins Charlie Crist’s latest campaign

OHIO (18)

NYT: Ohio Unions Battle Conservative Super PACS for Votes


Detroit News: Obama, Biden bring key message to swing states
Rochelle Riley: What the Democrats should do


WaPo: Mitt Romney has a slim edge in North Carolina


WaPo: Kaine’s leadership of DNC could have repercussions in his Senate campaign


Milwaukee JS: Feingold, other Democrats hit Ryan on eve of party's convention


Politico: Todd Akin's punching bag: Charlie Crist


NatJ: Dem Super PAC Looks to Put Coors on Ice in Colorado


NYT: New York Speaker Says He Asked Assemblyman to Resign
Albany TU: Silver sought Lopez resignation

Rochester D&C: N.Y. GOP hopes to bring convention excitement home


Dan Walters: Three races could tip the balance in the California Senate


Daily Caller: Former Alabama governor laying groundwork for Obama pardon at DNC


Weekly Standard: Mass. Dem Chair: Scott Brown an 'Honorary Girl'
Politico: Elizabeth Warren DNC speech: Charlotte star, Massachusetts underdog


September 3, 2012


WTimes: Romney preps for debate as Democrats convene
NatJ: Romney Hunkers Down For Debate Prep
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Romney 48 Obama 44
Gallup: Obama Job Approval Drops to 43%
Gallup: GOP Convention, Romney Speech Evoke Lukewarm Reactions

WSJ: Fellow Mormons Praise Romney
NYT: Mormon Says Romneys Are Leading Church Into Mainstream
WaPo: Romney is hailed as ‘ambassador’ guiding Mormonism ‘out of obscurity’
WaPo: Romney casts himself as a disciple of a truly American religion: Success
WaPo: Romney continues to sell business experience as qualification for White House
Fox: Romney camp touts Legion speech, disputing Dems' claims he ignored wars
CNN: Mitt Romney flies U2's plane; Paul Ryan's aircraft is as old as he is
WaPo: Mitt Romney exited Bain Capital with rare tax benefits in retirement
American Spectator: Romney, Bain, and Me
Michael Barone: Inspiring But Not Slick, Romney Showed the Right Stuff

NYT: In Swing State, Ryan Shows His Ohio Chops
NYT: Ryan Admits Misstating Marathon Time
Paul Krugman: Rosie Ruiz Republicans

ABC: Clint Eastwood Gets Cut From Romney RNC Video
WTimes: Late-night comics: Eastwood makes their day
WTimes: Eastwood’s speech: ‘Classic improv’ or ‘bizarre’?
Fox: Obama to Eastwood: No hard feelings
NYDN: Obama still a fan of Clint Eastwood despite chair speech

Fox: Democrats gear up for the Charlotte convention
Hill: Dems arrive in Charlotte confident of Obama’s second term chances
Fox: New Obama ad makes appeal to middle class before convention

NatJ: Hundreds Protest Coal, Bailouts, Wars—and Obama
LA Times: One Calif. delegate hospitalized, another threatened with arrest
Charlotte Observer: 800 march through Charlotte, decrying financial system
Fox: Protesters stage sit-down near Democratic convention site but are ignored by cops
NYDN: NY Speaker plans major role at DNC despite sex scandal rocking state's delegation
NatJ: Tech Firms to Court Democrats With Trendy Parties
Politico: Democratic National Convention 2012: 5 landmines
Dan Balz: 8 Questions on the Democratic National Convention
Weekly Standard: What to Watch for in Charlotte
WaPo: Villaraigosa: Democratic convention will set up clear choice
Examiner: Villaraigosa: Obama ‘doesn’t want to cut taxes for the middle class’
WaPo: Tampa defines the Charlotte Imperative for Obama

WaPo: Obama facing mounting questions over ‘you didn’t build that’ remark
NatJ: How Obama Can Defend the Stimulus
Robert Samuelson: Grading Obama’s economics
Ex: Obama struggles with question “are voters better off now than they were 4 years ago?”
Fox: Maryland's Democratic governor acknowledges Americans not better off 4 years later
Politico: Dems continue to dodge 4-years-ago question
Miami Herald: Obama after four years – change or more of the same?
Charlie Cook: Obama’s Enthusiasm Deficit Could Soon Haunt Him
Albany TU: Five steps for Obama to break the deadlock
NatJ: Retaking the Narrative From the Republicans
Major Garrett: Chasing Romney, Losing Himself

Fox: Dems defend Obama on debt, say balancing budget now a bad idea
WTimes: Debt to reach $16 trillion in time to crash Democrats’ convention
Fox: Debt set to pass $16 trillion as Dem convention opens

Hill: Obama turns to Bill Clinton, the old pro, to help win reelection
NatJ: Clinton, as Ever, Offers Risk and Opportunity
NY Post: Bill Clinton made insensitive 'race jab' about Obama in 2008: report

LA Times: Obama aims to tie Romney to far-right Republicans

Hill: Charlotte delegates get a peek at potential 2016 standard-bearers

WSJ: Obama Campaign Promises Policy Details
NYT: Obama Plays to Win, in Politics and Everything Else
Tom Edsall: The Cost of Living Blues

WaPo: Obama campaign targets early voters
NatJ: Obama, Romney Bet on Waning Sliver of Undecideds

NYT: Parties Do Some Convention Spin on Sunday Talk Shows

WaPo: Swing states beware: It’s the latest attack of the nonstop attack ads

WTimes: Taxpayer funding for campaigns all but dead
John Fund: Dinosaur Conventions

Fox: Late court decisions may impact 2012 election


NYT: A House Speaker Proves a Mighty Fund-Raiser


Detroit FP: Weak jobs rate in Michigan may be 'the new normal'


Salena Zito: Virginia Moves Toward Romney
Examiner: Virginia Gov. McDonnell to campaign in Charlotte during Democratic convention


Daily Caller: Pawlenty emerges as potential secretary of state, but stays mum on possibility

Star Tribune: Legislature gets the upper hand


Albany TU: New York looks for role as Democrats convene


LA Times: California Legislature's new era may mean more productive Capitol
NYT: Editorial: Trust, Immigrants and Gov. Brown
SacBee: Most California congressional candidates decline convention invitation
Dan Walters: California unions hold power but face peril


DC: Rising GOP star Ted Cruz talks about the media, the convention, federal agencies to axe


Hill: Louisiana visit recalls often strained relationship between Obama, Jindal


Chicago Tribune: Illinois Democrats see changes in convention delegation


Politico: Booker speech has Christie backdrop


National Review: McMahon’s Second Shot

September 2, 2012


NYT: In a Post-Convention Bump, Romney Draws Huge Crowds in Cincinnati
Politico: Mitt Romney builds on RNC message in Ohio
NYT: In a Tactical Test, Romney Stakes Hopes on Ohio
WaPo: Romney promotes agenda to get US back on ‘winning season’
NYDN: In Ohio, Mitt Romney blasts Obama's handling of the economy, vows to create jobs

News4Jax: Jacksonville Landing crowd cheers GOP ticket
Florida TU: Mitt Romney says Jacksonville will help him win
Florida TU: Mitt Romney promises a 'roaring' economy at Landing rally
LA Times: Romney and Ryan hit Obama on jobs, promise tax cuts
WaPo: Romney barnstorms Ohio and Florida; Obama campaigns in Iowa
NBC: Romney, Ryan vow not to cut military budget
WSJ: Romney: GOP ‘Let People Down’ on Budget

WTimes: Republicans active in North Carolina ahead of DNC
Hill: Paul Ryan to campaign in North Carolina ahead of Democratic convention

WSJ: Romney Aide Looks Ahead to Debates
Hill: Report: Romney set to begin his debate prep with Sen. Portman

Ross Douthat: Franklin Delano Romney
Michael Barone: Inspiring but not slick, Romney showed right stuff

Fox: Romney campaign claims to be closing gap in social media battle

Reuters: Romney's bounce from convention looks short-lived: Reuters/Ipsos poll
Nate Silver: Sept. 1: Romney’s Convention Bounce Appears Middling So Far
Examiner: GOP hopeful that convention will close gap with women
LA Times: Between conventions, both sides still looking for a breakout moment
Dallas MN: Obama’s re-election hinges on appeals to women, Hispanics, young voters
Rasmussen: Daily Swing State Tracking Poll: Obama 45%, Romney 45%

NatJ: Painting the Town Red With Grover Norquist

Star Tribune: Romney has work to do with Ron Paul believers

Hill: Ryan favored for next GOP nod after glowing Tampa performance
WaPo: Ryan says he misstated claim of sub-3 hour marathon

Fox: Obama accuses Romney, GOP of offering only outdated ideas
WSJ: Obama Says GOP is So ‘Last Century’
WaPo: Campaign puts Obama in touch with life outside the bubble
Dan Balz: Obama did not change Washington. For each side, it’s clear who’s to blame

AP/Fouhy: Romney, Obama trade jabs as Dem convention looms
WaPo: Democrats hope Charlotte convention can help deliver North Carolina for Obama
Charlotte Observer: DNC activists promise bigger crowds than Tampa
NatJ: Team Obama won’t come out and say it, but it believes the race is in the bag

WaPo: Economic ups and downs of the presidency

Rasmussen: Number of Republicans in America Reaches Record High
WTimes: Rasmussen: GOP voters at all-time high


Fox: ICE chief of staff resigns after allegations of lewd conduct
NYT: Top Official at ICE Quits Over Discrimination Claims
WTimes: Immigration agency’s chief of staff resigns amid misconduct probe
WaPo: ICE chief of staff resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace

NYT: What Comes Next if Fed Action Isn’t Enough

WaPo: If unemployment isn’t structural, what causes it?

WSJ: Entitlements: American Character Is at Stake
WSJ: Entitlements: They're Part of the Civic Compact

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (9/1/12)


NYT: Obama Takes a Page From an Unexpected Victory in Colorado


Albany TU: AG: Secrecy of Lopez settlement ‘wholly inappropriate’

Buffalo News: Politically, Cuomo plays his cards close to the vest


LA Times: Sign or veto? Gov. Jerry Brown faces a stack of dilemmas

SacBee: Villaraigosa's star on the rise as he chairs Democratic National Convention


Fox: Federal judge rules in Louisiana chief justice spat


Fox: Feds close criminal investigation into Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio
LA Times: Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio praises U.S. attorney's office


September 1, 2012


WTimes: Romney changes schedule, visits Louisiana storm damage
ABC: Romney Arrives in Louisiana for Storm Visit
Asbury Park Press: Romney arrives in Louisiana for storm visit
Daily Comet: Romney, Jindal visit Isaac-flooded communities
WaPo: Mitt Romney flies to Louisiana to view storm damage
NYT: Romney Shows Support in Storm-Battered Bayou
Hill: Mitt and Ann Romney make post-Isaac visit to La. to 'draw attention' to victims
IBT: Mitt Romney Tours Hurricane-hit Louisiana Town Ahead of Obama
NYDN: Mitt Romney beats President Obama to hurricane-ravaged Louisiana
WWL: Romney visits Louisiana, Obama to visit Monday
NYT: Obama to Visit Gulf Coast on Monday
LA Times: Romney visits Louisiana flood victims; Obama talks to the troops
WaPo: Harry Reid: Romney visit to La. is ‘hypocrisy’
Examiner: Harry Reid: Romney-Ryan would leave people stranded in storms
American Thinker: In a Kindness Competition, Romney Wins over Obama by a Landslide

Rush: Romney's Convention Calls on Us to Reclaim the American Greatness We Remember

Gov. Scott Walker: Obama’s broken promises

LA Times: Mitt Romney's policy plans short on details
WSJ: Mitt's Speech Gamble: By not explaining his agenda, he left an opening for Democrats
James Taranto: Healthy Ridicule: Some fun at the president's expense

Fox: Presidential tickets compete for attention in convention gap, as Biden swipes at Ryan
NYT: Ryan’s Budget Proposal Is Pitting G.O.P. Troops Against Top of the Ticket

NYT: 2 Campaigns Differ Sharply on Medicaid, Seeking Vast Growth or Vast Cuts

NYT: Before Eastwood’s Talk With a Chair, Clearance From the Top
WaPo: Clint Eastwood shoots from the hip at GOP convention — and gets some blowback
NatJ: Aide: Romney Found Eastwood Speech 'Funny'
Politico: Adviser: Romney found Eastwood 'funny,' chair a surprise
Politico: Ann Romney: Clint Eastwood ‘unique’
Rush Limbaugh: Clint Got Under Obama's Skin
Dan Balz: Clint Eastwood riff distracts from successful GOP convention
Examiner: Normal voters like the Eastwood performance that pundits panned
Human Events: Three reasons Clint Eastwood worked for Republicans

Rush: The American Dream as Described by Marco Rubio is Real -- But It's Under Assault

WTimes: Ann Romney: From lady of leisure to Everymom

Fox: An old Romney friend brings tears to RNC as she recalls his private compassion

Rush: Carville-Greenberg Poll Panics Dems: Romney Leads Big Among Independents
Ezra Klein: What’s ahead if the Republicans win?
Roll Call: Mitt Romney's Congressional Allies Gear Up for First 100 Days
WaPo: The Bushies are back, and playing for Romney
NatJ: Republican Convention Ratings Down from 2008
Buffalo News: 5 key takeaways from the GOP convention

Charlie Cook: What Women Want

George Will: Liberalism, as we know it: Why Liberalism is going out of style

Kathleen Parker: GOP must appeal to African Americans

Fox: Obama speaks to soldiers at Fort Bliss to mark two years since end of Iraq war
Daily Caller: Obama speech to soldiers met with silence

Politico: Obama's new challenge: Disappointment
Weekly Standard: Desperate Democrats
Fred Barnes: Reactionary Democrats

Roll Call: Obama Team Preps for Strong Defense of His Handling of the Economy


WTimes: House panel probing stimulus cash for MSNBC ads
Fox: Republican leaders probing stimulus cash for MSNBC ads

NatJ: Ethics Committee Continues Review of Andrews Matter
Politico: Ethics probe of Rep. Rob Andrews continues


WaPo: Bernanke: Fed will be ‘forceful’ in supporting recovery
NYT: Fed Chairman Makes Case, in Strong Terms, for New Action
Bloomberg: Fed Sets Stage Again for Stimulus
Bloomberg: Bernanke Remarks at Jackson Hole Symposium: Text

Politico: The 3 toss-up gov races

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ: Speech Burnishes Rubio's Prospects

OHIO (18)

NYT: Federal Judge in Ohio Restores Early Voting
WaPo: Ohio ordered to restore weekend early voting in judge’s ruling


Roll Call: In Virginia, Skipping GOP Convention Works Out Well for George Allen
Politico: George Allen scraps ads in Virginia Senate race


Roll Call: In Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson's Struggle to Break Through


Fox: Missouri Farm Bureau reconsiders Akin support
NatJ: Akin Still Has Love For Romney and Ryan
Politico: Akin camp says Rove apologized for murder joke
Hill: Rove jokes: Don't look for me if Rep. Akin 'found mysteriously murdered'


Politico: Feds seek no jail time for ex-Ensign aide


WSJ: Where the Statehouse Often Leads to the Big House (state Sen. Shirley Huntley)

NY Post: ‘Grope-a-dope’ Vito target of criminal probe


SacBee: California Legislature approves public pension changes
LA Times: Legislature sends Brown cost-cutting pension bill
WaPo: Calif. legislature OKs pension changes that will save billions; Brown calls bill historic

NatJ: Jerry Brown Challenges Chris Christie to a Race, Push-Up Contest


Roll Call: In Tampa for Mitt Romney, Scott Brown Offers Nuanced Endorsement


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Forward...into the "tidy bowl!"

Hill: Al Gore calls for an end to the Electoral College
Schott: Gore, Soros & Chaos Theory

NY Post: Navy SEAL’s firsthand account of Osama Bin Laden's death

NYT: A SEAL’s Own Story, Bin Laden and All

Rush Limbaugh: Stanley Kurtz's New Book Examines Obama's War on Suburbia

Rush Limbaugh:
Obama's Plan to Eliminate Suburbs

Stanley Fish: Intention and the Canons of Legal Interpretation

WSJ: Scalia Offers Up 57 Varieties for Interpreting Legal Texts

WSJ: Jonathan Haidt:
He Knows Why We Fight

Human Events: “The Amateur” climbs to #2 on New York Times bestseller list

Rush Limbaugh: The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

American Spectator:
The Great Destroyer

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