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September 30, 2012


WSJ: Making a Difference in the Debate
Detroit FP: Stakes for Denver debate are mile high for Mitt Romney
Fox: Romney urged to pivot from primary debate mentality, strive for knockout vs. Obama
WaPo: Gwen Ifill debunks five myths about presidential debates
WTimes: Curt quips, gaffes and stumbles: Debates have history of memorable moments

WTimes: Romney rips Obama over Middle East

NYT: Romney Shifted Right on Energy as Presidential Politics Beckoned

NYT: The New Stars in Republican Commercials Attacking Obama: Babies

WaPo: For Romney, wealth means both freedom and a trap
NatJ: Romney Faces a Formidable Gender Gap
Politico: Defining moment eludes Mitt Romney
LA Times: Mitt Romney, struggling, makes a new effort to connect

WTimes: Letterman insists he's independent, wants Romney on show

WSJ: GOP Pollster: Romney Within a Field Goal
WSJ: Can the Polls Be Trusted?
Michael Barone: When it comes to polls, readers beware
Byron York: Rasmussen: Yes, Dems likely have 2-4 point advantage in November
Nate Silver: Poll Averages Have No History of Consistent Partisan Bias
Ross Douthat: Why Obama Is Winning
Dan Balz: Romney or Obama? Political scientists make their predictions

Dallas MN: Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

WaPo: After the election, what’s next for the loser?
George McGovern: George McGovern on his 1972 presidential defeat

Union Leader: Ryan, others pound away at Obama at Derry gathering
NatJ: Ryan: Gun Owners Should Fear an Obama Re-Election
WSJ: Ryan Makes Play for Former Obama Voters
Hill: Ryan: 'It's not too late to get this right'
WTimes: Ryan, Biden on stump; Romney, Obama eye Wednesday’s debate
WaPo: Paul Ryan to kick off three-day debate camp in Virginia next week
WaPo: Amid debt crisis, Paul Ryan sat on the sidelines

Hill: Santorum plants seed for possible 2016 White House candidacy


WTimes: Obama urges Congress to help homeowners
Fox: Obama calls on Congress to approve refinance plan

Hill: Corker asks why U.S. officials can't get into Benghazi to investigate attack
Clarice Feldman: On the Road to Benghazi

Hill: House GOP freshmen look for promotions in 113th Congress

Miami Herald: GOP hopes of a Senate takeover fade


Fox: Administration again urges contractors not to warn of layoffs, despite defense cuts

WaPo: Supreme Court faces another high-profile term
NYT: Supreme Court Faces Weighty Cases and a New Dynamic
Star Tribune: Justices face big equality issues in coming term
NYT: Editorial: October Term, 2012
Politico: Supreme Court cases could stir 2012 race

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (9/30/12)


Miami H: Connie Mack battles polls, voter lack of interest in quest to unseat Sen. Bill Nelson


Allentown DC: Are you better off than four years ago?


Politico: Warner on gov race: 'One thing at a time'


Milwaukee JS: Senate race focus turns to health care


Fox: Republican senators to hold Akin fundraiser, keeping alive hope to win chamber
Politico: DeMint, Graham, Coburn, Inhofe host fundraiser for Todd Akin
Daily Caller: Cornyn on Missouri: ‘This is not a winnable race’


NYT: Political and Class Issues Complicate a Colorado Land Dispute

IOWA (6)

Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll: Obama leads Romney by 4 points
NatJ: Obama Leads in New Iowa Poll
Fox: Jindal, Santorum, other Republicans connected to White House aspirations visiting Iowa


NYT: New Mexico Offers Look at Elections of the Future in U.S.


Fox: Former NY Gov. David Paterson and wife split


Dan Walters: Vote tests two big gut issues -- crime and taxes -- in California


LA Times: Despite illness, Rep. Jesse Jackson on track for reelection
WTimes: Questions linger about Rep. Jackson’s Hill future
WaPo: In or out? Rep. Jesse Jackson’s absence from scene is wearing patience in Chicago


Hill: Brown faces a unique challenge
Boston Globe: Poll shows Elizabeth Warren taking slim lead

WaPo: Richard Tisei is a nontraditional Republican vying to represent Massachusetts



September 29, 2012


WSJ: Romney: Debates a Clear Path to Voters
WSJ: Making a Difference in the Debate
WSJ: Romney Memo Seeks to Lower Debate Stakes
NYT: Before Debate, Tough Crowds at the Practice
WaPo: Obama, Romney to break from trail ahead of debate
Fox: Campaigns launch into expectations game ahead of vital presidential debate
Politico: Presidential debate expectations: Great, for the other guy
Weekly Standard: The Real Debate
George Will: Debate questions for the candidates
Matthew Dowd: What Romney Must Do in the Debates
WaPo: OpEd: For Obama and Romney, dos and don’ts from past presidential debates
WaPo: OpEd: How to turn Obama and Romney’s face-off into a real debate

NatJ: Romney Cautiously Eyes Foreign-Policy Opening With Libya
NYT: Shifts on Libya Attack Could Cost Obama Politically
Fox: Top intelligence official backtracks on Libya story, says initial assessment premature
NatJ: Libya Attack Is Still Too Dangerous to Investigate
Daily Caller: McCain mocks idea that Libya attack was ‘spontaneous’
Politico: Peter King calls for Susan Rice’s resignation
Rush Limbaugh: Nobody Cares About Obama's Libya Lies?

WaPo: Romney eyes Obama’s lead in Pa., hits rival on foreign policy, economy
NYT: Romney Continues to Hit Obama on Defense Cuts and Foreign Policy

NYT: Romney Team Tries Hanging a Carter Label on Obama
Hill: GOP bashes Obama on jobs, the economy
Human Events: New Romney ad features Obama’s ‘war on coal’
Rush Limbaugh: Meme of the Day: Forget the Bad Economy

NYT: Romney, Appealing to Wider Audience, Recalibrates Message
Rasmussen: 51% Trust Romney More on Economy, 44% Trust Obama More
Rasmussen: Swing State Daily Tracking: 51% Disapprove of Job Obama is Doing
Rasmussen: 43% Expect Better Economy if Romney Wins; 34% Say Same of Obama

Rush Limbaugh: Study: GOP Women are More "Feminine"

WTimes: Puerto Rico governor lifts Romney's Latin profile

WaPo: Obama, Romney place dueling calls to Israel’s Netanyahu

WaPo: Obama campaign attacks Romney on Chinese investments

Charlie Cook: Romney Risks Becoming Dole
Bob Dole: Bob Dole on life after losing the 1996 presidential election

Hill: Democrats lay out wish-list for a second Obama term

Charles Blow: 40 Days of Night
Dana Milbank: Commiserating with the monied masses

WTimes: Contrarian donors sail against prevailing political wind

NYDN: Politicans holding babies


Hill: Senate hinges on New England
WTimes: Senate power struggle centers on New England

Fox: Defense cuts poised to deal billions of dollars in damage to contractor-heavy states

Fox: Collins presses White House to clear up questions on prostitution scandal

Examiner: Waters tested ethics boundary to hire grandson as her chief of staff

Fox: House lawmaker blocks $450M in US assistance to Egypt
NYT: U.S. Move to Give Egypt $450 Million in Aid Meets Resistance


Daily Caller: Fast and Furious back in headlines as Univision reportedly finds more victims

WSJ: HUD’s Donovan: ‘Not The Time’ for Big Changes to Mortgage Tax Break

Daily Caller: Napolitano doesn’t use email at all. Seriously.

Politico: Sunday shows: Chris Christie in three parts


WTimes: Rep. Allen West attacks opponent for bar fight, arrest
Roll Call: Florida: New Allen West Ad Blasts Patrick Murphy for Arrest

Miami Herald: GOP poll: embattled David Rivera trails Joe Garcia

WSJ: GOP Firm Accused of Voter Fraud
Miami Herald: GOP firm had issues in other counties, states


WTimes: Romney insists Pa. in play in November
NatJ: Romney: I’m Not Giving Up on Pennsylvania
Politico: Mitt Romney's ‘secret': Pennsylvania is competitive
NYDN: Mitt Romney makes a dash for cash in Pennsylvania

OHIO (18)

Byron York: Passed-over Portman shines in Ohio campaign
Human Events: Five things to know about the race for president in Ohio


WaPo: At NC rally, some love Marco Rubio, respect Mitt Romney; others just swell the crowd


WaPo: Along Virginia’s Route 15, the South’s cultural border displays a political divide


Milwaukee JS: Baldwin, Thomson spar on their records, nation's future
Roll Call: Health Care Takes Center Stage in Wisconsin Senate Debate


WaPo: The devastatingly bad candidacy of Todd Akin — and how it could cost the Senate
Politico: Akin speaks about old arrest at abortion clinic


WTimes: Neb. Senate hopeful Kerrey hammers opponent on spending, deficits
Roll Call: Nebraska: Bob Kerrey Targets Deb Fischer on Balanced Budget Amendment

IOWA (6)

WSJ: Iowa Time, Romney Tag, Maine Two-Step


NatJ: Dueling New Mexico Senate Internals
Roll Call: New Mexico: Could Third-Party Candidate Play Senate Spoiler?


Rasmussen: Maine: Obama 52%, Romney 40%


WSJ: Dick Lugar to the Rescue?


WaPo: Everything you need to know about Warren’s claim of Native American heritage

Roll Call: Massachusetts: New GOP Poll Has Richard Tisei Leading John Tierney


Politico: Sign of trouble for GOP in Arizona Senate race?


Rasmussen: Washington Governor: Inslee (D) 46%, McKenna (R) 45%



September 28, 2012


WSJ: Romney Attacks Obama on Defense Spending

NatJ: Mitt Romney's New Ad, 'The Mute Button,' and the Cult of the Presidency

Rush Limbaugh: The Makers Pay for the Takers
Rush: The 47% Speaks: She's Voting for Obama Because He Gave Her a Free Phone
Hill: Romney muddies his tax message

James Taranto: Is Pennsylvania in Play? Or is Ohio lost to Romney?
Rush Limbaugh: Everyone is Talking About Skewed Polls
WSJ: Swing States a Tough Sell for Romney
NatJ: Polls Show Close Races in Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia
Salena Zito: Experts: Presidential campaign in Pennsylvania looks like '04
Rush Limbaugh: Be Confident! The Election is About Obama
David Horowitz: Obama still wants to fundamentally transform America
Ted Nugent: Mitt Romney was right about the 47 percent
Kim Strassel: The GOP's Female Trouble
Charlie Cook: Shades of 1996
Pete DuPont: The Election Isn't Over
Chris Cillizza: Why Mitt Romney isn’t going to get blown out
Charles Krauthammer: Go large, Mitt

ABC: Romney Dubs Jack Nicklaus ‘Greatest Athlete’ of 20th Century
Politico: Romney calls Nicklaus the 'greatest' 20th century athlete
WaPo: Romney, introduced in Ohio by Jack Nicklaus, calls election ‘dramatic choice’

WaPo: Romney adviser raises expectations for Obama in first debate
NatJ: Obama, Romney Camps Agree: The Other Guy Is a Great Debater
Peggy Noonan: 2012 Debates: This Is It, Mitt

Politico: In the end, it’s Mitt

WSJ: Hunting Season Opens: Ryan Aims for Both Deer and Votes

WaPo: Medicare working to boost Obama in swing states, poll finds
WTimes: Ryan’s Medicare plan falls flat with seniors
Juan Williams: Where is Republican anger over Obama’s health-care law?

WSJ: Soros Gives $1 Million to Pro-Obama Super PAC
WTimes: Soros commits $1.5 million to super PACs
NYT: Reversing Course, Soros to Give $1 Million to a Pro-Obama 'SuperPAC'

NYT: Obama Fills in Blanks of Romney’s Plans, and G.O.P. Sees Falsehoods
NYT: An Enduring Ritual of Politics Loud and Close

NYT: Election to Decide Future Interrogation Methods in Terrorism Cases

Politico: Poll: Most say all should pay taxes

LA Times: RNC cuts ties with voter-drive firm accused of fraud


WTimes: Parties cut off campaign aid in House races where going gets tough

Exam: Senate Dems tout ‘deeply destructive’ sequestration bill as their ‘accomplishment’
Detroit News: 'Fiscal cliff' leaves economy hanging


WSJ: Obama: No Interest in Trade War With China

Evan Bayh: ObamaCare's Tax Raid on Medical Devices

NYT: A Flood of Applications, With a Trickle of Approvals (Immigration)

NYT: United States Economy Still Weak, but More Feel Secure
WSJ: OpEd: Financial Recessions Don't Lead to Weak Recoveries

WSJ: Supreme Court to Revisit Ruling on Race and Colleges
LA Times: Supreme Court to revisit affirmative action in Texas case
WaPo: Supreme Court may limit use of race in college admissions
WTimes: Supreme Court cases even more heated this term
Daily Caller: Supreme Court to weigh affirmative action case in busy new term
Gallup: Party Divide Still Evident in Supreme Court Job Approval


Politico: Choosing time for Charlie Crist


Salena Zito: Overcoming spread in Pennsylvania not out of reach for Romney

OHIO (18)

Fox: Drop in Ohio voter registration, especially in Dem strongholds, mirrors nationwide trend
American Spectator: Ground Game in the Buckeye Battleground


NYT: In Virginia, Nominees Reach Out to Military
Examiner: Obama, Romney court military vote in Virginia
Boston Globe: In swing state Virginia, both sides court military vote
WTimes: Obama, Romney move battle to Virginia for military votes
Human Events: Is the Obama administration suppressing the military vote?
Oliver North: From the troops to Mitt Romney
Examiner: Poll: Obama lead in Virginia at just 2 points


Politico: Ryan challenges ‘validity’ of Wis. poll

Daily Caller: Thompson touts himself as conservative, bipartisan in tight Wisc. Senate race


Star Tribune: Bachmann on the move in her toughest race yet


WTimes: Conservative PAC endorses Akin
Fox: The return of Todd Akin? Republicans offer support to embattled Senate candidate
WaPo: Todd Akin: Claire McCaskill was more ‘ladylike’ in 2006
Hill: DeMint’s PAC poised to funnel $290,000 to Akin
Human Events: Will National GOP now aid Akin’s Missouri Senate run?


Denver Post: Coors, Perlmutter differ on tax cuts, regulation in 7th CD debate

IOWA (6)

NYT: September, November: 40 Precious Days to Spend on Early Vote


WSJ: WSJ/NBC Poll: GOP’s Heller Leads Nevada Senate Race


NatJ: N.H. Gov. Race Neck-and-Neck in New Poll


Rasmussen: Maine Senate: King (I) 45%, Summers (R) 33%, Dill (D) 14%


NatJ: Chamber Drops $3.3 Million for California Repubs

Dan Walters: Berman-Waxman grip on California loosening


Politico: DeMint makes nice, sends $100K to NRSC


Chicago Tribune: New Money for Walsh in Race with Duckworth


WSJ: Poll: Indiana Senate Race Is No Easy Win for GOP
WTimes: Donnelly, Mourdock tied as money floods Ind. Senate race
Roll Call: Indiana Senate Moves to Tossup


Hartford Courant: State Supreme Court: GOP Gets Top Ballot Line In November
Politico: Conn. court gives GOP top ballot line

NatJ: McMahon Won't Join Paul Ryan At Three Connecticut Fundraisers


Rasmussen: Arizona: Romney 52%, Obama 42%


Roll Call: Hawaii: Senate Candidates Appropriating Daniel Inouye, Barack Obama



September 27, 2012


WSJ: Electoral Drama Shifts to Ohio
Politico: Romney hits ‘Obamacare’ in Ohio
Dan Balz: Mitt Romney looking to make up ground in Ohio
NYT: Romney Ad Reaches Out to the Working Class
NYT: A G.O.P. Reunion, With Plans for More Togetherness
Hill: Romney brings in famous friends as Obama leads in crucial Ohio
AP: What do Ohio's white working-class voters want?
Examiner: Obama, Romney focus on must-win Ohio
WTimes: Romney, Obama locked in a duel for Ohio’s working-class voters
WTimes: Romney plan puts U.S. in the lead

NYT: Republicans Intensify Drive to Win Over Jewish Voters
Hill: Netanyahu to aim fiery UN address at both Obama, Israeli public
NYT: Republican Committee Seeks to Match Obama Ground Game
Fox: Outside groups making play to help Romney with ads
NYT: Romney Makes Direct Claim of Compassion as '47 Percent' Drives Ads
LA Times: Pro-Obama 'super PAC' uses '47%' comment to strafe Romney
WaPo: Obama, Romney differ on U.S. exceptionalism

Karl Rove: Obama's Biggest Opponent Is the Truth
Rich Lowry: End of the referendum

WSJ: Romney Says Tax Cut Wouldn't Be 'Huge'
WSJ: Romney Tempers Tax Plans
WSJ: Romney Gets Boost From Celebrities
WSJ: Celebrity Endorsements of Presidential Candidates

Fox: Romney fundraiser planned Thursday in Hong Kong

Politico: Denver debate do-or-die for Romney

NY Post: 1960s photo reveals Mitt Romney's love for his wife Ann

NYT: Polls Show Obama Is Widening His Lead in Ohio and Florida
Nate Silver: Sept. 25: Romney's Narrow Path Without Ohio
Gallup: Obama Approval, Vote Support Both Reach 50% or Better
Hill: Gallup daily poll shows Obama stretching lead to 50-44 over Romney
American Thinker: Skewed polls indicate Obama's in trouble - not Romney
Roll Call: Amid Surge, Obama Camp Guards Against Overconfidence
American Spectator: Are We Doomed Yet?
Weekly Standard: How to Make 2012 into 1980

Rush Limbaugh: Don't Let Bogus Polls Depress You
Dan Henninger: It's Always the Economy, Stupid
NatJ: Election Year Economics: All How You Look at It
Rush Limbaugh: What Has Obama Done for You?
Rush Limbaugh: Our People Won't Stay Home
Reid Wilson: How a Romney Loss Would Impact the GOP
WSJ: OpEd: The Mitt Whitman Campaign
James Taranto: Madonna and Obama
National Review: Editorial: Out of the Bushes

Ann Coulter: Liberals Can't Break 200-Year Racism Habit
American Spectator: Mugged: Ann Coulter's Home Run

WSJ: Obama Criticizes Romney on China, Taxes
NYT: In Ohio, Obama Takes On Romney Over China and Jobs
WaPo: Obama and Romney, both in Ohio, press for advantage
Gail Collins: Ohio Gets the Love
Fareed Zakaria: Romney’s tongue-tied eloquence

NYT: Editorial: Mr. Romney Addresses Foreign Aid
Walter Pincus: Romney’s foreign policy offers more rhetoric than content

Rep. Lamar Smith: Obama puts illegals ahead of Americans
Hill: Republicans accuse Napolitano of hiding info on immigration enforcement
WaPo: Editorial: Mitt Romney’s immigration incoherence

NYT: ‘Super PACs’ Finally a Draw for Democrats

WaPo: With more control over campaign cash, Obama gets more discounts on advertising

WTimes: Will anti-Obama ‘2016’ spawn more conservative films?

WTimes: Male voter support boosts GOP candidates


WTimes: Senators join suit over Obama’s constitutional powers

WTimes: Grassley: ‘No more excuses’ after ‘Fast and Furious’ report

Human Events: Stop the lame-duck Congress, avoid a fiscal cliff


Fox: Black Hawk maker cuts jobs as contractors, lawmakers fret over defense cuts

Fox: Household income down 8.2 percent since Obama took office, study shows
NYT: Test for Obama as Deficit Stays Over $1 Trillion

WSJ: OpEd: Easy Money Is Punishing the Middle Class

Hill: Postal Service to default — again


Fox: Fraud concerns swirl around FL's unregulated absentee ballot brokers ahead of election

WTimes: Nelson expands lead in Fla. Senate race
NYT: New Polls Show Ohio and Florida Senators Maintaining Lead Over Challengers

WTimes: It’s a whole new brew for brash tea party hero West

Politico: Crist a contender for gov, not a sure thing


Daily Caller: Pennsylvania Senate race becomes competitive

OHIO (18)

WaPo: Rep. Bob Gibbs: Obama is ‘the most divisive president in our history’


WTimes: Keeping budget vow may unseat tea party favorite Benishek


George Will: Bureaucrats declare war on free advice


Politico: Workers' Voice targets Allen on race


Politico: Tommy Thompson camp: Keep calm, hit hard

WSJ: Unions want liberal judges to overturn Scott Walker's reforms


Roll Call: Missouri: NRSC Expresses Hope Todd Akin Will Defeat Claire McCaskill
WaPo: National Republicans re-open door to spending money on Akin
WTimes: DeMint, Santorum endorse Akin
WTimes: McCaskill opens fire with 'legitimate rape' ad
WTimes: GOP ‘stuck with’ Akin in Missouri
Politico: Todd Akin still has shot in Senate race

NatJ: Missouri Democrats File Ethics Complaints Against Akin


NYDN: Voters in swing state of CO play a key role in hotly contested presidential election

Denver Post: Ed Perlmutter, Joe Coors to hold first of five debates

IOWA (6)

AP: Obama ahead of Romney in Iowa polls as vote starts


NY Post: Cuomo backs gay-OK GOPer


Roll Call: NRCC Buys Cable Time to Help Boost Joe Walsh


Politico: Dick Lugar burnishes legacy as Richard Mourdock struggles


WTimes: Poll: Obama, Cardin up big in Maryland
Examiner: Looming federal budget cuts dampen local economy


Politico: PPP: McMahon behind by 6 in Connecticut


Fox: Maine Senate candidate's campaign edits critical quotes out of profile, admits error


Politico: Brown cracks down on 'tomahawk'
WTimes: Cherokee chief calls Brown staffers 'racist'
Boston Globe: Brown, Warren share centrist view on many foreign policy matters

Rasmussen: Massachusetts: Obama 55%, Romney 40%


Rasmussen: Arizona Senate: Flake (R) 47%, Carmona (D) 41%



September 26, 2012


Fox: Romney: Obama yet to 'level with the American people' about Libyan attack

Hill: Romney says Obama hasn't raised taxes in first term, but will if re-elected

WSJ: Romney, Obama Clash Over Education
USA Today: Obama, Romney clash over teachers unions
UEN: New Point of Clash for Obama and Romney, Teachers Unions

NYT: Romney Urges Attaching Certain Strings to Foreign Aid
WTimes: Romney takes aim at foreign aid, ties future aid to trade
WaPo: Romney calls for foreign aid overhaul at Clinton Global Initiative event

Politico: Ann Romney says electing a Mormon a good signal

James Taranto: The Bump Stops Here
Ross Douthat: Obama Without Romney
Michael Barone: Obama's war on young voters who elected him

Politico: 10 debate questions for President Obama and Mitt Romney
Human Events: How to debate President Obama

WTimes: Ryan says keep policy on gays serving in military

NYT: Polls Show Obama Is Widening His Lead in Ohio and Florida
NatJ: Polls: Obama Holds Big Leads in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania
WaPo: Post polls: Obama has lead in Ohio, edge in Fla., hampering Romney path to victory
LA Times: Mitt Romney's '47%' comment alienated undecided voters: poll
WTimes: Outweighed Republicans skeptical of polls’ left tilt
Fox: Onslaught of polls leaves both sides arguing over results, methodologies
Hill: Why 2012 election isn’t like 1980 or 2004
Charlie Cook: Pollsters Suggest Race Stabilizing in Obama’s Favor
Weekly Standard: Are the Polls Tilted Toward Obama?
Rush Limbaugh: They're Trying to Depress You With Polls
Dick Morris: Romney Pulls Ahead

American Spectator: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the 2012 Presidential Race

Fox: Voter watchdog says it's uncovered absentee ballot fraud in Florida, New York


WTImes: GOP senators berate Obama over looming defense cuts

WSJ: GOP Fight for Control of Senate Hits Snags

Politico: Orrin Hatch may not be a lock for Finance chairman

Politico: House scramble with 7 chairmanships open

WTimes: Ethics panel clears Rep. Waters, reproves grandson
NYT: House Panel Recommends New Rules on Ethics


NYT: Test for Obama as Deficit Stays Over $1 Trillion

Hill: Rising home prices offer hope for President Obama on the economy

WSJ: Health Firms Size Up Election Outcomes
NatJ: Will Health Rebate Checks Help Obama?


NatJ: Two Polls Show Nelson Leading Mack by Double Digits


WSJ: Pennsylvania Relaxes Voter-ID Rules to Pass Muster in Court

NatJ: Casey Holds More Narrow Lead in Pennsylvania

OHIO (18)

NatJ: Romney Ups His Game in Ohio
Hill: Romney, campaigning in Ohio, vows to stop China's 'cheating' trade practices
Marietta Times: Romney, Obama zero in on Ohio, a must-win
CBS: Ohio crucial for Romney to win the 2012 election
CNN: Why Romney is losing must-win Ohio
WaPo: Obama showering Ohio with attention and money
WaPo: Mitt Romney, back in battleground Ohio, tries to make up lost ground
Politico: Romney campaign: Ohio is still competitive

NatJ: Poll: Brown Holds Double-Digit Lead Over Mandel


Rasmussen: Michigan Senate: Stabenow (D) 53%, Hoekstra (R) 37%


Examiner: Kaine, Allen spar over taxes in Va. Senate race


Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: Voters split on health care law


Roll Call: Missouri: Roy Blunt Backs Todd Akin as Deadline for Withdrawal Passes
WTimes: Tea party leader reverses stance on Akin
Politico: Jim DeMint PAC considers donating to Todd Akin
Hill: Sen. DeMint’s PAC: Akin race is winnable
NYT: One Coalition Stays True to Todd Akin: Home-Schoolers
NatJ: McCaskill Attacks Akin for 'Rape' Comments in New Ad
Roll Call: Missouri Senate Race Moves to Leans Democratic as Todd Akin Stays Put


WSJ: Bloomberg Gives GOP Record Gift
WSJ: Unions Find a GOP Ally
Roll Call: New York: House Majority PAC Ad Hits Chis Collins on Tenure as County Executive


Politico: Campaigns in California gold rush

Dan Walters: Dan Lungren fights for his political life


WTimes: In Nebraska district, Obama may lose his one electoral vote


NYT: Supreme Court upholds West Virginia voter map
WSJ: Justices Uphold West Virginia Congressional Redistricting


NYT: In Massachusetts, Brown Attacks Warren’s Character
Fox: Warren faces question over law license in latest accusation to roil Senate race



September 25, 2012


WSJ: Race Focuses on Foreign Policy
WaPo: Sensing an opening, Mitt Romney focuses attacks on Obama’s foreign policy
CNN: Romney on battleground stump jabs Obama on foreign policy
NYT: Republican Team Attacks Obama on Foreign Policy

WSJ: Romney Attacks Obama on ‘Bumps in the Road’
Hill: Romney counterattacks over Obama's ‘bumps in the road’ comment
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Calls Muslim Violence Just "Bumps in the Road"

WTimes: Romney: Lower tax rate 'the right way to encourage economic growth'

NYT: Romney Camp Talks of Dialing Down Fund-Raising
WTimes: Cash-rich GOP super PACs flood blue states with ads

Hill: Ryan says under Obama, Middle East looks like '1979 Tehran'
WaPo: Among some Paul Ryan backers, disappointment at Romney campaign trajectory
WTimes: Ryan: Romney campaign critics are overreacting

WSJ: Ann Romney Sharpens Political Tone

NYT: Conservative ‘Super PACs’ Synchronize Their Messages

WSJ: Ad Attacks Romney on Taxes, Secret Video
Rush Limbaugh: The Left's New Romney Tax Narrative: He Paid Too Much

WTimes: Romney campaign takes friendly fire from within GOP

WSJ: Romney Remark on Emergency Care Draws Rebuke

WSJ: On ‘The View,’ Obama Discusses Mideast Unrest
NYT: In Arab Spring, Obama Finds a Sharp Test
WaPo: Obama’s policy on Iran bears some fruit, but nuclear program still advances

Politico: Veterans retreating from Barack Obama

Fox: ’60 Minutes’ interview causes headache for White House

NYT: Seeking Allies, Teachers’ Unions Court G.O.P., Too

NYT: Editorial: Why Romney Is Slipping
WaPo: Editorial: The Romney approach on taxes: Leading by ducking
Hill: GOP takes aim at ‘skewed’ polls
NatJ: Republicans to Pollsters: Too Many Democrats In Your Surveys
Nate Silver: The Statistical State of the Presidential Race
Charlie Martin: Skewed and Unskewed Polls
Rush Limbaugh: The Emotional Poll Roller Coaster

Human Events: Swing State Report: Weekly Briefing Sept. 24

Politico: Portman: Obama will be 'formidable'

David Brooks: The Conservative Mind
Rush: David Brooks Complains: Mitt Romney is "Non-Ideological Guy in an Ideological Age"

Michael Gerson: Republicans are missing an opening with Hispanic voters


Sen. Roy Blunt: Obama’s one unbroken campaign promise: Energy prices have skyrocketed

Rep. Tom McClintock: Seven steps to restore prosperity

WaPo: GOP House majority looks safe in Fix ratings
NatJ: Kristol: Republicans Could Lose the House
NatJ: House Majority PAC Launching Ads in Four Districts
Roll Call: House Ratings Changes in Florida, New York

Hill: Race to be GOP chairman heats up

Hill: Sen. Moran takes early, and lonely, lead in race for NRSC chairman post


Jeb Bush: Schools’ expectations should be colorblind

Fox: As non-taxpayer ranks grow, so does cost to government


Miami Herald: Obama 48%-Romney 47% in hard-fought presidential race in Florida
Politico: Two polls show small Obama edge in Florida


Pittsburgh TR: Poll: The presidential race is tight in Pennsylvania

OHIO (18)

Columbus Dispatch: Ryan talks defense cuts during stop in Ohio
Fox: Ryan faults Obama on plan to close Ohio tank factory


Rasmussen: Michigan: Obama 54%, Romney 42%


WTimes: Flurry of Romney ad buys targets D.C.


WTimes: Obama, Baldwin lead by double digits in Wisconsin


WTimes: Akin gets some good news as super PAC mulls funding
Politico: Newt Gingrich implores GOP leaders to back Todd Akin
Hill: Akin moves forward with Mo. Senate campaign as deadline to exit race hits


WTimes: Colorado tight despite 3-to-1 Obama spending edge


CNN: Republicans move campaign staff out of New Mexico


Daily Caller: Rep. Grimm on office burglary: ‘An assault on democracy & political process’
NYT: Congressman’s Campaign Office Vandalized
NatJ: Siena Poll Shows Embattled Grimm Leading

NYT: Cuomo Says Private Companies Could Run State Racetracks


NYT: New Rules Upend House Re-Election Races in California

Fox: Californians flee for better-run states, study finds


WSJ: Malloy Urges McMahon 'Jabs'
Daily Caller: Senate candidates battle for Connecticut’s women


WaPo: In Massachusetts Senate race, Warren and Brown take off the gloves
WaPo: Elizabeth Warren in new TV ad: I ‘never got any benefit because of my heritage’
Roll Call: Massachusetts: Dueling Ads About Elizabeth Warren’s Heritage in Senate Race
Politico: Warren responds to Native American ad

Examiner: Dem Warren never licensed to practice law in Massachusetts

Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren assisted mining company


Hill: Senate candidate Carmona has Dems seeing blue in red-state Arizona


WTimes: Candidates adopt contrasting approaches in tight North Dakota Senate race



September 24, 2012


WSJ: Romney Plans Full Slate in Latest Reboot
WSJ: GOP Rite: Speak at Clinton Event
WSJ: GOP Cites Romneys' Charity
American Spectator: Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man

NatJ: Romney, Obama Defend Economic Stances on '60 Minutes'
NYT: Obama and Romney Offer a Possible Preview of Their First Debate
WaPo: Obama, Romney leave some battle lines fuzzy
WTimes: Romney backers try to push aside campaign ‘distractions’
WTimes: Events abroad create opening for Romney
Ex: Romney's path to WH victory: Sharpen economic argument, win over women & Hispanics

Chris Cillizza: Can Romney replicate Bush’s 2004 path to victory?

National Review: Editorial: Romney and Our Broken Tax Code

WSJ: Super PAC Influence Falls Short Of Aims

Milwaukee JS: Ryan: 'We're going to beat him'
WSJ: Ryan at the AARP: He didn't trim his ideas and still won applause
NYT: Conservatives Want to ‘Let Ryan Be Ryan’ on Campaign Trail

Fox: Report: Roughly half of the 2008, first-time youth vote now unsure of registration status

WaPo: Bill Clinton: ‘I don’t know’ whether Hillary Clinton will run for president
WTimes: Bill Clinton: 'No earthly idea' whether Hillary will run again

NatJ: Swing-State Newspaper Polls Show Obama Leading in Ohio, Tied in Florida
Gallup: Swing-State Voters Trust Obama More to Address Medicare

Politico: Sheldon Adelson: Inside the mind of the mega-donor

Miami Herald: Univision anchor: Mitt Romney made demands during UM appearance
Weekly Standard: CBS Doesn't Air Obama Admitting Mistakes in Campaign Ads

Politico: Jewish Dems warn Netanyahu to stay out of US presidential election


Human Events: Hatch fights to repeal medical device tax as companies move overseas

Fox: Rep. Rogers slams State Department for Pakistan ads denouncing anti-Islamic film

NYT: Running as Outsiders, With a Catch: They’re In

Examiner: Romney's drop weakens GOP effort to take Senate


WaPo: Under Ben Bernanke, a more open and forceful Federal Reserve
Paul Krugman: The Optimism Cure
Robert Samuelson: The American Dream’s empty promise

NYT: Liking It or Not, States Are Preparing for Health Law

WSJ: Voters Weigh Eased Pot Laws


Politico: Polls find Romney, Obama in tight race for swing-state Florida
Politico: Florida 2012 elections: Obama, Mitt a tossup in poll


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate: Casey (D) 49%, Smith (R) 42%

Thomas Edsall: What's Wrong With Pennsylvania?

OHIO (18)

Akron BJ: Obama has the lead in Ohio newspaper poll

NatJ: Brown Up 7 In Plain Dealer Poll


WaPo: Virgil Goode campaigns for president against the odds


Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: State voters favor Obama


Fox: Republican Rep. Akin rebuilding Senate bid in Missouri


Denver Post: Romney refocuses on the economy at Jefferson County rally
Fox: Romney in Colorado on Sunday to begin critical swing-state run
NatJ: Colorado Remaining Red Among Blue-Leaning Battlegrounds


NYT: To Sell Agenda, Cuomo Puts Team on the Road

Roll Call: New York: Michael Grimm Campaign Office ‘Vandalized and Burglarized’

NY Post: Silver's male staffer defended boss with online posts from 'female' supporter


LA Times: 'Petty pace' of politics tempers Gov. Jerry Brown's big ideas
Dan Walters: If their taxes go up, will the wealthy go elsewhere?


WaPo: Closing arguments set for South Carolina voting case


Human Events: Indiana’s Lugar backs tea party Mourdock in Senate run


WaPo: Woes in Virginia coal fields, energy policy move to fore in U.S. Senate race
WTimes: House passes five bills to stop EPA from regulating coal


Weekly Standard: Brown Hits Warren on Native American Claims


NatJ: Mason-Dixon Poll: Rehberg, Tester Run Close



September 23, 2012


Dick Morris: Why The Polls Understate Romney Vote
Nate Silver: Little Agreement Among Pollsters on ‘Enthusiasm Gap’
Examiner: White women slow to rally behind Romney

Fox: Debates: Obama camp downplays expectations, Romney looks for game changer

NYT: An Evangelical. Ralph Reed, Back From Exile, Lifting Romney

WaPo: Romney team is both defiant and realistic
WTimes: Romney stands by his campaign

WSJ: Romney’s Taxes: A Window Into Charitable Giving
WSJ: Next Tax Argument: Romney’s Foreign Investments

NatJ: Ryan Courts Cuban-Americans in Miami
NYT: Ryan Criticizes Obama’s Cuba Policy and Explains His Shift on the Issue

WaPo: Obama campaign redoubling efforts amid fears of voter complacency
Fox: Obama appeals to middle class, jabs at Romney in weekend of furious campaigning
WTimes: Obama, in weekly address, rips Congress for leaving town
Fox: Obama accuses Congress of ducking elected duties; he's doing likewise at the UN

WSJ: The Red-Blue Economic Views
WaPo: Growth of early voting transforms electoral strategy
WaPo: Voting laws may deter 10 million Hispanics, report says

NYT: How Perry Lost His Edge in Bid to Be President


WTimes: Sessions unloads on Senate Democrats


NYT: Failed Efforts and Challenges of America’s Last Months in Iraq

NYT: Free Speech in the Age of YouTube

Ross Douthat: Washington Versus America

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (9/23/12)


Fox: Nelson widens lead on Mack in Florida, lessening Republicans’ hopes for Senate control

OHIO (18)

WaPo: In Ohio county, electorate is hardened and fractured


Rasmussen: North Carolina Governor: McCrory (R) 51%, Dalton (D) 38%


NYT: Virginia Republican Adopts Cuts in Defense as His Issue


WSJ: Obama Makes Pitch to Wisconsin in the Rain
NYT: In Ryan Country, Obama Keeps Up Attack Over ‘47 Percent’ Remarks
WaPo: Obama visits Wisconsin as campaign tries to curb Ryan’s influence
WTimes: In Wisconsin, Obama takes jab at Romney’s ‘47 percent’ flap


Boston Globe: Romney heads to Colorado as schedule intensifies


Rasmussen: New Hampshire Governor: Lamontagne (R) 48%, Hassan (D) 44%


NYT: California Takes On the Retirement Crisis



September 22, 2012


WSJ: Debates Already Take Center Stage

WSJ: Romney Proposes Housing-Market Plan

Examiner: Romneys paid $1.94 million in fed taxes for 2011
WSJ: Romney Offers New Tax Details
NYT: Romney Reveals He Paid 14% Rate in ’11 Tax Return
WaPo: Mitt Romney releases tax return for 2011, showing he paid 14.1 percent tax rate
Fox: Campaign says Romney's average effective tax rate was 20 percent over 2 decades
WTimes: Romney tax release appears to undercut Democratic charges
WTimes: Romney doubles Obama's charitable giving
NatJ: Mitt Romney's Taxing Problem

WSJ: Doctors: Romney, Ryan in Good Health
NYT: G.O.P. Ticket Is Picture of Health, Doctors Say

NatJ: Romney's Fundraising Comes Down to Earth

WSJ: Seniors Lobby Is Cool to Ryan Pitch
NYT: Obama and Ryan Trade Blasts Over Medicare at AARP Convention
WaPo: At AARP summit, campaigns joust over Ryan Medicare plan
WaPo: Scott Walker: Unleash Paul Ryan
WTimes: Scott Walker: Romney campaign underutilizing Ryan
NatJ: Ryan ‘Absolutely’ Satisfied With Campaign Role

WSJ: Hiring Fails to Improve in Many Swing States

WSJ: Ann Romney’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing
WTimes: Ann Romney makes emergency landing in Colorado
Rush Limbaugh: I Like It! Ann Romney Blasts the GOP Establishment Critics

Rush Limbaugh: Univision Questions Expose Obama

Rush Limbaugh: Regime Runs Apology Ad on Pakistani TV
James Taranto: Uh, Guys? Obama's Really Sorry!

WSJ: Obama Again Jabs Romney on ’47%’ Comments
WaPo: Five myths about the 47 percent
WaPo: Romney accuses Obama of redistributionism

NYT: Editorial: Voter Harassment, Circa 2012


Hill: Senate passes resolution to keep government funded
WSJ: Senate Passes $500 Billion Funding Bill
Politico: Senate passes stop-gap spending bill
NatJ: Senate Approves Continuing Resolution

Fox: Republicans set to pursue 'Furious' court case despite IG report

WTimes: Defying Obama, House passes bundle of bills to boost coal

ABC: Waters Did Not Violate House Rules, Ethics Investigation Finds
WTimes: Calif. Rep. Waters cleared on ethics charges

NYT: Congress Heads for Home With Rancor Still Evident

George Will: Will Utah send its Love to Washington?

Politico: Sessions makes case for GOP control


WSJ: Pension Crisis Looms Despite Cuts
Human Events: Top 10 bad economic signs for Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Headlines Show Us There is No "Recovery"

NYT: Medicare Bills Rise as Records Turn Electronic

WaPo: Poverty grows in high-income Washington suburbs

WaPo: What is essential health care? Weight-loss surgery? Under Obamacare, states choose
Politico: ACA repeal hinges on GOP victories

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday shows: State of the 2012 race


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania: Obama 51%, Romney 39%

OHIO (18)

Politico: Boehner: Romney hurting in Ohio because of Kasich's success


Examiner: Cuccinelli: Goode can stay on Virginia presidential ballot


Rasmussen: Wisconsin: Obama 49%, Romney 46%

Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Baldwin (D) 49%, Thompson (R) 46%

Rasmussen: 51% in Wisconsin Approve of Governor Walker's Job Performance


Politico: Bachmann: $16 million and counting


KC Star: Akin and McCaskill offer contrasting visions in U.S. Senate debate
WaPo: Claire McCaskill calls Todd Akin’s views ‘extreme’ at first debate
WaPo: Missouri Senate Debate: Few surprises
WTimes: Akin, McCaskill trade barbs in first debate
NatJ: SCF May Back Akin; Akin Will Back SCF Earmark Ban


Las Vegas RJ: Romney says Obama deserves 'F' on economy at Las Vegas rally


NYT: For Ambitious Governor, a Clinton Stands in the Way

NYT: Espada Still Free on Bail, Despite New Accusations
NY Post: Espadas still looting Bx. nonprofit: prosecutors


NYT: U.S. Senate Race in Connecticut Devolves Into Attacks on Personal Finances


Boston Herald: Brown camp scolds Warren over interest-free loan
WSJ: Elizabeth Warren—Liberal Sweetheart, Massachusetts Underdog?



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The Reasons for Romney

Hill: Al Gore calls for an end to the Electoral College
Schott: Gore, Soros & Chaos Theory

NY Post: Navy SEAL’s firsthand account of Osama Bin Laden's death

NYT: A SEAL’s Own Story, Bin Laden and All

WTimes: Impact of ‘2016’ on 2012 presidential race uncertain

Rush Limbaugh: Stanley Kurtz's New Book Examines Obama's War on Suburbia

Rush Limbaugh:
Obama's Plan to Eliminate Suburbs

Stanley Fish: Intention and the Canons of Legal Interpretation

WSJ: Scalia Offers Up 57 Varieties for Interpreting Legal Texts

WSJ: Jonathan Haidt:
He Knows Why We Fight

Human Events: “The Amateur” climbs to #2 on New York Times bestseller list

Rush Limbaugh: The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

American Spectator:
The Great Destroyer

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