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September 14, 2012


WSJ: Romney Says World Needs ‘Strong America’
WaPo: Romney team sharpens attack on Obama’s foreign policy
WaPo: Romney’s attacks on Obama foreign policy show neocons’ dominance
WTimes: GOP: Embassy attacks give Romney chance to tie Obama to Carter
Fox: Romney set to start getting intelligence briefings
Dan Balz: Foreign policy’s moment in Campaign 2012
Byron York: Romney will be judged on actions, not coverage
Kim Strassel: Mr. Romney, Trust Your Pants
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Copies Jimmy Carter Again

NYT: Anti-American Protests Over Film Enter 4th Day
WSJ: Who is 'Sam Bacile'?
WTimes: Writer of inflammatory film a Coptic Christian with a checkered past

NY Post: Romney trying to shift campaign's focus back to economy

WSJ: Obama, Ryan Plan to Address AARP
Rasmussen: 50% Now View Paul Ryan Favorably; 43% Say He Was Right Choice

WSJ: Controllers Boost Giving to Democrats
WTimes: Not all Obama bundlers are on his public list
Detroit News: Hoffa compares GOP to Cambodian dictator

Fox: White House indicates Sebelius won't be punished over Hatch Act violation

NYT: Fossil Fuel Industry Ads Dominate TV Campaign

NYT: Poll: Obama Holds Narrow Edge Over Romney
Rasmussen: Ohio: Obama 47%, Romney 46%
Rasmussen: Florida: Obama 48%, Romney 46%
Rasmussen: Wisconsin: Romney 48%, Obama 47%
Rasmussen: Missouri: Romney 48%, Obama 45%
Politico: Poll: Obama up five in Colorado
WSJ: Obama Holds Lead in Three Key States
Gallup: Married Voters Are Romney Voters
Charlie Cook: Obama’s a Good Bet

Michael Gerson: Clinton and Bush, challengers to party orthodoxy


WTimes: House passes stopgap bill at Democrats’ spending level
Politico: Paul Ryan, House Republicans OK spending increase
WSJ: Ryan Returns to Capitol, Creates Buzz

Hill: GOP lawmakers want Romney to stay fuzzy on tax reform details

Roll Call: Mitt Romney Pitches for NRCC


WSJ: Fed Acts to Fix Jobs Market
WTimes: Dow climbs 206 after Fed stimulus
WSJ: Timing Raises Bank's Political Profile
WTimes: GOP sees Fed move as a ploy in the election
Human Events: The Fed goes political
NYT: Editorial: The Fed Makes Its Move
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Bernanke buys time
Rush Limbaugh: QE3: Bernanke's Obama Bailout

Paul Krugman: The iPhone Stimulus


Fox: Pennsylvania Supreme Court hears arguments on voter ID law
WSJ: Pennsylvania Voter-ID Ruling Due This Month
Norm Coleman: Voter ID laws preserve democracy


Examiner: Romney courts Asians in Northern Virginia


Human Events: Johnson challenges IRS Obamacare gimmick


NYT: Primary Results Close for 2 G.O.P. Legislators Who Voted for Same-Sex Marriage


Daily Caller: Why the Conn. Senate race is so surprisingly competitive



September 13, 2012


WTimes: Romney hammers Obama over response to assaults on diplomatic missions
WaPo: Romney repeats sharp criticism of Obama after Benghazi, Cairo attacks
Hill: Aggressive Romney hits at president
Human Events: Romney: ‘Apology for American values is never the right course’
WSJ: Obama, Romney Spar Over Attacks
NYT: A Challenger’s Criticism Is Furiously Returned
Human Events: Romney advisers: Why not call Russia our no. 1 foe?

NatJ: As Economy Sags, Romney Talks Libya, Egypt, Medicare, and God

RT: Ongoing clashes in Cairo as police blanket US embassy protesters in tear gas

AP: Protesters storm US Embassy in Yemen
WaPo: Protesters angered by an anti-Islam film storm U.S. Embassy in Yemen

WaPo: Al-Qaeda-linked suicide bombers target Somalia’s new president

WSJ: Libya Attack Sparks Crisis
NYT: Libya Attack Brings New Challenges for U.S.
American Spectator: The Shores of Barbary
National Review: Arab Harvest
WTimes: U.S., Libya to probe violence after slaying of ambassador
Fox: Gunfire, then a missing ambassador -- officials describe chaotic scene at Benghazi post
WaPo: Libya attack represents challenge for Obama
WaPo: U.S. officials: Attack on consulate in Libya may have been planned
Fox: US officials investigate whether strike on Benghazi post 'coordinated,' timed for 9/11
Weekly Standard: In Service of the Blind Sheikh?
Fox: Navy ships sent to waters off Libya coast
NYT: Editorial: Murder in Benghazi

WSJ: YouTube Blocks Anti-Islam Video In Egypt, Libya
NYT: Egypt May Be Bigger Concern Than Libya for White House
WSJ: Behind Video, a Web of Questions
AP: California man confirms role in anti-Islam film
WaPo: Anti-Muslim film director in hiding, following Libya, Egypt violence
WTimes: Anti-Islam film called flimsy pretext for mob violence

WSJ: U.S. Policy in Mideast Challenged by Assaults
NYT: Struggle for Ideological Upper Hand Seen as Factor in Attacks

James Taranto: Suddenly Obama's foreign policy does look feckless
Liz Cheney: Cairo, Benghazi and Obama Foreign Policy
William Kristol: Romney Is Right
Rich Lowry: Romney is right: Libya debacle belongs in debate
Ann Coulter: Libya Commemorates 9/11
Rush Limbaugh: Romney's Presidential Response to Terror
Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Regime's First Reaction was to Sympathize with the Attackers
Rush Limbaugh: Media & Dems Try to Make Obama's Foreign Policy Disaster About Romney
Rush: "Coordinated" Al-Qaeda Attack in Libya Had Nothing to Do with Mohammed Movie
Jen Rubin: Who’s to blame for the original Cairo apology?
Dana Milbank: Mitt Romney has mess to clean up after falsely accusing Obama on Libya
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Romney’s rhetoric on embassy attacks is a discredit to his campaign

WSJ: Romney Gets Heat From Some Republicans
WaPo: Romney takes hits from fellow Republicans
Peggy Noonan: Noonan: 'Romney Looked Weak Today'
Weekly Standard: 'Romney Offends the Pundits'

Karl Rove: Airbrushed History and Dusted-Off Promises

NYT: Obama Grows More Reliant on Big-Money Contributors

Fox: Feds: Sebelius violated federal law by campaigning for Obama
WSJ: Health Secretary Broke Law That Limits Campaigning
WaPo: HHS chief Sebelius runs into Hatch Act trouble
WTimes: Pro-Obama speech ruled Hatch Act violation, Sebelius repays travel costs

Dan Henninger: The Obama Democrats

Fox: Fox News poll: Obama ticket has edge after conventions wrap up
NYT: Social Networks Can Affect Voter Turnout, Study Says
WSJ: Three Factors That Could Change the Race
NatJ: What if There Is a Wave?
American Spectator: The Problem With Obama's Polls


WaPo: House set to pass spending plan to fund government through March
NatJ: No Drama Spending Bill Glides Through Rules

NYT: Deal on a Farm Bill Appears Unlikely
WTimes: Farm bill has hard Hill row to hoe

WaPo: House votes to renew controversial surveillance law
Fox: House renews surveillance law for 5 years

WTimes: Cantor warns against defense cuts, says U.S. national security at stake

Roll Call: Mitt Romney Needs to Surge for GOP to Nab Senate

Politico: A Pete Sessions power play at the NRCC


Fox: Many expect bold action from Federal Reserve at close of meeting
Hill: Republicans question whether Fed carrying water for Obama

WTimes: Poverty rate doesn’t rise in 2012
WSJ: Grim Census 'Progress' - Middle class incomes fall by 1.5%
NYT: U.S. Income Gap Rose, Sign of Uneven Recovery
WaPo: Census: Middle class shrinks to an all-time low

George Will: A different kind of inflation problem


Examiner: Romney struggles to break through in Florida, despite sour economy
NYT: After Mistakenly Purging Citizens, Florida Agrees to Let Them Vote


WaPo: Challengers of voting-law changes win some battles, but outcomes still unsettled
NYT: Editorial: Pennsylvania’s Bad Election Law
WTimes: Voter-ID laws’ impact blunted, Democrat says

OHIO (18)

NatJ: Ryan Sharpens Criticism of Obama


SF Chronicle: Republicans End Michigan Ads as Focus Shifts to Wisconsin


Politico: Christie to stump for McCrory


WTimes: Kaine contrasts record with Allen in new ad


NYT: Ryan Plays Up Wisconsin Pride as Obama TV Ads Begin in State

Roll Call: Wis. Senate Race Steers Clear of the 'L' Word


Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: McCaskill (D) 49%, Akin (R) 43%
WaPo: Todd Akin returns to campaign trail


WaPo: Suburbs are key to victory in Colorado


Politico: DSCC adds half-mil in Nevada TV


WaPo: It's Hassan vs. Lamontagne for governor in N.H.


NatJ: Ann Marie Buerkle, Dan Maffei Tied in New Poll
NatJ: Outperforming His Party, Bishop Leads Altschuler on Long Island


NYT: Labor Fight Poses Risks to Coalition for Obama


WSJ: Connecticut Senate Race Tightens


NatJ: When Will Warren Go Negative?



September 12, 2012


Fox: Romney calls Obama administration's early response to attacks a disgrace
WTimes: Romney condemns attacks, says Obama goofed on response
NatJ: Romney Blasts Obama on Cairo Embassy Apology
Byron York: Romney: Obama administration response to embassy attacks 'disgraceful'
Fox: US ambassador to Libya and 3 embassy staff members reportedly killed in Libya
Hill: Truce over: Romney assails Obama on response to embassy attacks, death
Byron York: Gingrich: Mideast attacks coordinated attempt to 'humiliate' US
DC: Former dep natl security adv: US response to embassy attack ‘bizarre and unacceptable’
American Spectator: A Black Flag Day for America
William Kristol: ‘The President's Turf’

WaPo: Mitt Romney talks about Afghanistan, Sept. 11 attacks at Reno event
NatJ: Romney Talks About Troops, Afghanistan at National Guard Conference
WaPo: Obama, Romney return to campaigning after Sept. 11; new jockeying in Wisconsin
NYT: After Criticism of His Convention Speech, Romney Thanks Nation’s Armed Forces
WTimes: Selling health care law tricky on campaign trail
Jen Rubin: Romney needs to beef up his speeches and his message
Politico: So -- what should Mitt Romney do?
Politico: Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney: Make attacks 'personal'
CNN: Romney campaign buys $8 million in ads

WSJ: Romney Team Preps to Fill a Cabinet

WSJ: Romney's Transition Team

Ross Douthat: The Elephant in the Room

WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Romney eludes specifics on his tax plan

WTimes: Ryan not adding fuel to Republican ticket

NYT: Dissecting Romney’s Vietnam Stance at Stanford

NYT: Embracing Role as Surrogate, Clinton Hits Campaign Trail

Examiner: Polls show Romney soars with independent voters
Fox: Poll Reveals Dangers of Intensity Gap for Obama
Gallup: Obama Gets Three-Point Convention Bounce
Hill: Gallup poll: Obama holds 6-point lead after Democratic convention bounce
HE: Poll panic ends: WaPo/ABC shows Obama 49, Romney 48
Hill: GOP lawmakers fretting over darkening outlook
DC: Poll: Obama holds 10-point lead over Romney among Catholic voters
Hill: Romney losing lead among men
National Review: Romney’s Losing Strategy
Hill: Polls: Ryan beats Biden in popularity
Dick Morris: Why Mitt will win
Rush: Drive-By Media Uses Phony Polls to Concoct False Notion of Obama's Inevitability


Fox: US credit rating under fire again, Moody's warns lawmakers on debt
WaPo: Moody’s says US govt debt rating would be cut if no federal budget deal is reached
WTimes: Boehner fears nation may fall off ‘fiscal cliff’
WSJ: Shutdown Is Unlikely; Fiscal Cliff Still a Risk
Politico: Freshmen give in to business as usual on CR vote

Hill: Senators seeking $55 billion debt repayment to delay automatic cuts

Michael Barone: Obama could be the odd man out on tax reform

Fox: Republicans move to block Obama administration from changing welfare reform

WTimes: Russian trade bill lacks full support

Dana Milbank: The Republicans’ You-Know-Who


NYT: Whistle-Blower Awarded $104 Million by I.R.S.
WaPo: UBS whistleblower gets $104M from IRS for helping in Swiss bank probe

NatJ: Dismal Jobs Data Could Prompt Fed Action

WSJ: President Pushes to Extend Surveillance Law

Fox: Pentagon unlikely to recommend criminal prosecution for bin Laden book author

NYT: Quick Start to Program Offering Immigrants a Reprieve
DC: Obama acknowledged releasing illegals who didn’t fit ‘priority’ for deportation

WSJ: OpEd: How Public Unions Became So Powerful

Phil Gramm & John Taylor: The Hidden Costs of Monetary Easing


WSJ: Bill Clinton Rallies Young Voters in Florida

OHIO (18)

National Review: Mitt Romney’s Ohio Obstacle


WTimes: Political-ad tsunami swamps southeast Virginia


Roll Call: Wisconsin: Paul Ryan Goes on Air to Boost His House Race
NYT: Obama Plans Wisconsin Advertising, Signaling the State Is Now in Play
Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin could be a unique presidential battleground this fall


Politico: GOP leaders on Todd Akin: 'We’re done'


Hill: Obama, Romney locked in tight race in Nevada


WSJ: New Hampshire Governor's Race Is Set
Foster's: Hassan, Lamontagne triumph in New Hampshire governor's race
WaPo: Open seat makes NH governor’s race most watched; Rhode Island, Del primaries
AP/Ramer: N Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware hold primaries


Fox: Chicago Public Schools offer 16-percent raise to teachers seeking 35-percent hike
WSJ: Class Warfare, Without Class
NYT: Editorial: Chicago Teachers’ Folly
WaPo: Chicago teachers strike places Obama at odds with key part of political base


Fox: Conn.'s McMahon claims Murphy violated House ethics rule, in tight Senate race
Roll Call: Connecticut: DSCC on Air; Linda McMahon Gets Independent Line


Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren may retool TV ads


Politico: League of Conservation Voters poll: 1-point Senate race in Arizona



September 11, 2012


Hill: Romney vows US ‘will never forget those who perished’ in Sept. 11 attacks
Fox: Romney says US 'united' in effort to halt terrorism on 9/11 anniversary
Fox: Both Romney and Obama campaigns eschew politics on 9/11 anniversary
WSJ: Obama, Romney Won’t Make Joint 9/11 Appearance
Dana Milbank: On 9/11, Washington as usual

WTimes: Romney warns of looming defense cuts
Politico: Defense firms confirm layoff warnings
WSJ: Romney Pledges to Protect Military
Fox: Romney, Ryan sound bipartisan tone on taxes, health care
WSJ: Romney Makes a Push for Ohio's Hamilton County, Which Backed Obama in '08
LA Times: Romney pledges to be 'back a lot' to crucial swing state Ohio
Plain Dealer: Romney campaigns near Mansfield, tells supporters he 'can count on Ohio'
Toledo Blade: Romney returns to Ohio, promises economic rebound, no military cuts
WaPo: Mitt Romney tries at once to appeal to moderates and to rally conservatives
AP/Beaumont: Crucial Ohio at the heart of presidential campaign
American Spectator: Oracle: Obama -- Owing to Ohio
WSJ: Romney's Nine-State Strategy
NYT: Romney Suggests ‘Forewarned’ as Obama Slogan
WSJ: OpEd: Massachusetts Lessons About a President Romney
Weekly Standard: An Open Letter to Mitt Romney
NYT: It Will Be Tricky for Romney to Keep Best of Health Law While Repealing It

Peggy Noonan: Everyone Will Watch the Debates

WaPo: Among likely voters, Obama-Romney close
National Review: Editorial: Fear Not the Bounce
NYT: Polls: Slight Post-Convention Bounce for Obama
Hill: Poll: Obama gets Dem convention bounce, up 6 points over Romney
Examiner: Mitt Romney would lead eight in unskewed data from newest CNN/ORC poll
TIPP: Race Tightens As Obama Advantage Narrows To 2 Points
NYT: Romney Camp Seeks to Head Off Post-Convention Anxieties
NYDN: Don’t panic, Romney pollster tells supporters in memo
Hill: Romney campaign pins victory hopes on cash advantage, late ad blitz
WSJ: Planned Parenthood PAC Buys Battleground Ads
Rush Limbaugh: An All-Out Media Onslaught to Dispirit You
Rush Limbaugh: Some Presidential Poll History
Michael Gerson: Mitt Romney’s uphill challenge
Dick Morris: Obama Thugs Rough Up Gallup For Polls They Don’t Like
Rich Lowry: Team Romney isn’t buying the ‘bounce’ narrative
Charlie Cook: Why Romney Is Falling Behind
Byron York: With GOP jittery, Romney faces test of resolve
Politico: The Kerry-ization of Mitt Romney

NYT: Clinton Summons Spotlight for Obama (and Himself)
NYT: Politics and the Pizza Man

Dallas MN: Are Republicans staying too far removed from George W. Bush?

NYT: Nominees Leave Congressional Candidates to Stump Alone

Politico: Janna Ryan stays under the radar

James Taranto: Heroes Are Not Infallible

WSJ: Chuck Norris Tops Political Video Charts


WTimes: Congress to take up a stopgap spending bill
Hill: Appropriators release 6-month spending bill
NatJ: Paul Ryan Expected At CR Vote
Politico: Paul Ryan returning to House of Representatives on Thursday
Hill: Ryan returns to Washington Thursday for spending vote
WSJ: Ryan Likely to Vote to Extend Federal Spending Levels
Politico: Fiscal cliff: All talk, no deal-making
Politico: Spending-deal vote could be Thurs.
Hill: Lawmakers set to leave Washington early to get on the campaign trail

WTimes: Budget deficit tops $1 trillion for fourth time

Hill: Senate Democrats take aim at Ryan budget

Hill: Oversight Chairman Issa forced to delay 'Fast and Furious' hearing

Fox: Sen. Paul vows to press vote on Pakistan aid cutoff after jailed doc speaks out

NYT: Missteps and Surprises Turn Battle for the Senate Into a Guessing Game

Roll Call: Battle for the House Engages
WSJ: Democratic House Hopeful Quits Amid Voter Fraud Allegation
Politico: Wendy Rosen, Maryland congressional candidate, out


Bret Stephens: Eric Holder's Gritted Teeth

WSJ: Politics and the U.S. Armed Forces

Human Events: 6 ways to keep our nation secure and streamline the defense budget

NYT: As Low Rates Depress Savers, Governments Reap Benefits
Gallup: Many Key Indicators Better Than When Obama Took Office


WTimes: Crist tops Florida Dem primary poll


Daily Caller: Bachmann in danger of losing House seat, poll finds


Politico: Todd Akin: ‘I’m not getting out’


NYT: Cuomo Is Open to ‘Tweaks’ in Ethics Panel



September 10, 2012


Staunton NL: Romney campaigns in Virginia Beach
WSJ: Romney Uses Defense Cut Threat to Sway Voters in Virginia
WTimes: Romney, in Va., pledges no military cuts
Examiner: Mitt Romney promises Va. a God platform plus 340,000 new jobs
Politico: Mitt Romney's Virginia speech heavy on religion
NPR: Romney Hopes To Swing Va. Back To GOP

WaPo: Romney would keep key parts of health-care reform
NYT: Romney, Easing, Says Health Law Isn’t All Bad
Boston Globe: Romney says he would keep parts of Obama health care law

Slate: Romney Says Monetary Easing Won't Help
NYT: Romney’s Tax Plan Leaves Key Variables Blank

Fox: Romney flexes foreign policy stance, calls again for 'crippling sanctions' on Iran
WTimes: Romney promises to get tough with Iran

Fox: Flush with cash, Romney moves into Obama territory, upper Midwest states

WSJ: Mitt and Ann Romney Get Personal
WaPo: Ann Romney says Mitt Romney has been ‘demonized’

WSJ: Romney Raised $111.6 Million in August
WaPo: Romney raised record $111.6 million in August

William Kristol: Speak Up, Mitt!
Robert Samuelson: Romney’s 12 million jobs pledge
Jed Babbin: Who's Better Off?
Salena Zito: Presidential election swing voters just want answers, say experts

WSJ: Ryan Defends Foreign Policy Credentials
WTimes: Ryan was once a big backer of federal auto loans
NYT: Ideological Opposites Prepare to Meet in Debate

Fox: Obama launches Medicare attack, bypassing unemployment news
NYDN: Obama in ‘uplifting’ campaign stop at Fla. pizza joint
WaPo: Obama campaign gets a lift in Florida
WSJ: Obama Gets Bear Hug in Tour of Florida’s I-4 Corridor
WTimes: Obama uses Medicare study to court Florida seniors
NYT: Obama, Stumping in Florida, Tries to Turn Focus to Medicare From Jobs
Fox: Team Obama reports 700,000 more donors, latest news in race for campaign cash
NYT: Obama Campaign Says It Beat Romney in Fund-Raising for August
Examiner: Obama raises nearly $3 million more than Romney in August
Roll Call: Dash to Finish Line Begins

WSJ: Campaigns Duel Over Early Voting, ID Laws

WSJ: Romney Struggles to Gain Traction in Battlegrounds
EJ Dionne: Obama’s advantage, Romney’s openings
Rasmussen: Swing State Daily Tracking: Obama 46%, Romney 45%
American Spectator: Omens of Doom?

NYT: A Tight Election May Be Tangled in Legal Battles
NYT: Five Crucial Factors to Watch, Just 58 Days From the Election
WaPo: Obama’s approval rating hits highest point since killing of bin Laden, poll shows

Gallup: Democratic Convention Rated Slightly Better Than GOP Convention
Chris Cillizza: The five best speeches from the two political conventions


Fox: Congress returns for short pre-election session
Roll Call: Congress Seeks Action on Stopgap
WTimes: Budget compromise doable but with big ‘ifs’
Paul Krugman: Obstruct and Exploit

NYT: Congress Comes Back to a Face-Off With Angry Farmers

WSJ: The True History of Simpson-Bowles

Bob Woodward: Obama’s struggle to keep Congress from controlling debt ceiling crisis


WSJ: Young Immigrants Pause on 'Deferred Action' Offer

Charles G. Koch: Corporate Cronyism Harms America


Herald Tribune: Florida Senate race a tough one to assess


Pittsburgh PG: Romney campaign not expected to invest much in Pa.
Patriot-News: Voter ID law set for review by state Supreme Court
Philadelphia Inquirer: Camps see fight to the finish
Pittsburgh TR: Republicans setting trap in Pennsylvania, Rendell says

OHIO (18)

Hill: Brown ad in Ohio Senate race accuses Mandel of dishonesty


Ann Arbor News: Upbeat GOP says Mitt Romney is running strong in Michigan
USA Today: Pro-Romney ads not running in Michigan, Pennsylvania
Detroit News: Romney: Obama wasted billions on auto bailout

Detroit News: Michigan GOP picks Oakland's O'Brien for Supreme Court race


WaPo: Keeping NC in the Dem column may be harder for Obama than winning it the 1st time
LA Times: Polls show North Carolina as Romney's best pickup opportunity


WSJ: Romney Camp Releases First Ad in Wisconsin
Wausau DH: Presidential battleground brews in Wisconsin


WaPo: With Senate at stake, GOP waits on Akin’s next move, McCaskill goes on offense
Roll Call: In Missouri, Claire McCaskill Opts for Low-Key Campaign Swing


NYT: Attorney General and Comptroller Play Down Their Roles in Settlement


DC: Harvard law dean cited ‘affirmative action’ in 1993 Elizabeth Warren hiring



September 7-9, 2012


McClatchy: The fall brawl begins in 10 battleground states
WSJ: Romney Blasts Obama on Jobs, Economy
WTimes: Romney releases 15 ads in eight battleground states
WTimes: Romney predicts Obama will ask for 'reset' on 2008 promises
WTimes: Obama, Romney trade political blows on the stump
Miami Herald: Obama, Romney open post-convention campaign with barbs
WSJ: Economy Claims Campaigns' Focus

Des Moines Register: Faith and family on center stage at Romney event
Boston Herald: Mitt Romney, fans agree: Why give Obama another shot?
Fox: Obama, Romney battle over jobs numbers as candidates cross paths
WaPo: Obama, Romney embark on post-convention drive to Election Day
NYT: A Day After the Party, It’s Still the Economy
NYT: Democrats Face a Juggling Act Over Economy Message
AP: Romney, Obama in battle for working-class whites
WTimes: Unemployment falls to 8.1 percent; jobs up 96K; 368K drop out of market
NYT: Editorial: Jobs and Politics
IBD: Editorial: Obama's Four Years Of Failure On Jobs Must End
Mort Zuckerman: Those Jobless Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Look
Paul Krugman: Cleaning Up the Economy
Rush Limbaugh: Sick and Tired of This "Fair Share" BS

Dallas MN: Romney to attend Sept. 18 fundraiser at Dallas’ Hilton Anatole

AP: Fall's must-see political TV: Obama-Romney debates

WaPo: Paul Ryan to begin debate prep on Sunday in Oregon

Peggy Noonan: The Democrats' Soft Extremism
Charles Krauthammer: The empathy gap
Dana Milbank: Obama the demigod comes down to Earth
Larry Kudlow: Obama's Same Old, Same Old
Rush: There's Nothing Obama Could Have Said That Would Change What He Has Done
Rush: Eastwood Speaks: Obama is Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on the American People

NYT: Conventions Draw Crowds but Sway Few Voters
Kathleen Parker: Introducing President MSNBC
AJC: What Charlotte & Tampa had in common: Overshadowed candidates and lousy weather

NYT: Private Sector Role Is at Heart of Campaigns’ Split on College Costs

NYT: Eastwood Says He Balked at Sharing Speech With Romney Campaign

NYT: Obama Makes Case for 2nd Term: ‘Harder’ Path to ‘Better Place’
NYT: Joblessness May Undermine Obama Convention Bump
Michael Gerson: Obama fails in Charlotte, revealingly
Rush: It's Uncanny! Obama Copied Carter's Convention Acceptance Speech from 1980
Rush Limbaugh: Media in Crisis: The Thrill is Gone
Rick Moran: Verdict is in: Obama speech a flop - even with Democrats
Victor Davis Hanson: The Obama Hare Is Losing The Race To Romney The Tortoise
Drew Westen: The candidates’ message: I might be so-so, but the other guy is terrible
Andrew McCarthy: Double-Minded Republicans
Rush: GOP Calls Out Clinton's Bony Finger Wag as Character Reference for Obama
Daily Caller: Profiles in cowardice: the 2012 Obama platform

Bloomberg: Democrats Said to End Convention $15 Million Short

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Count on Voter Fraud

WSJ: Parties Weigh Convention Revamp

NYT: Looking Past November for a Preview of 2016


WSJ: White House Refinancing Plan Advances
LA Times: Refinancing deals for homeowners vary widely

WTimes: GOP senators ask Panetta to make sure troops can vote

Reuters: Report to detail $1.2 trillion in spending cuts
Fox: White House fails to meet deadline on detailing proposed defense cuts


NYT: Record Number of Foreigners Were Deported in 2011, Officials Say

Fox: Mexico arrests suspect in Fast and Furious killing of Brian Terry

Robert Rector: How Obama has gutted welfare reform


Miami Herald: In FBI probe, Rep. David Rivera’s pal goes on lam, has computer seized


Columbus Dispatch: Ex-Mandel aide tied to ad campaign


Des Moines Register: Obama seeks to inspire Iowa faithful


WTimes: McCaskill touts centrist Senate ranking


Stephen Moore: Northeastern Republicans Show (More) Signs of Life


WNYC: Special Prosecutor’s Probe Widens from Lopez Harassment to Silver Payout


NYT: School Year Just Begun, Teachers Strike Looms in Chicago
Chicago ST: No deal yet to avert strike by Chicago Public Schools teachers
Chicago Tribune: Teachers, CPS gird for 'intense' weekend talks

WaPo: Jesse Jackson Jr. back in D.C.
Fox: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. returns home after treatment at Mayo clinic, aide says



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Hill: Al Gore calls for an end to the Electoral College
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NY Post: Navy SEAL’s firsthand account of Osama Bin Laden's death

NYT: A SEAL’s Own Story, Bin Laden and All

Rush Limbaugh: Stanley Kurtz's New Book Examines Obama's War on Suburbia

Rush Limbaugh:
Obama's Plan to Eliminate Suburbs

Stanley Fish: Intention and the Canons of Legal Interpretation

WSJ: Scalia Offers Up 57 Varieties for Interpreting Legal Texts

WSJ: Jonathan Haidt:
He Knows Why We Fight

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