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NatJ: Poll: Which Senate Incumbents Are Most Vulnerable?

NYT: Midterm Elections Unlikely to Alter Party Balance

Dick Morris: GOP Senate chances good

WaPo: The Fix’s top 5 races of 2013

Nate Silver:
Retirements Contributing to Largest Senate Turnover in Decades

WaPo: The country’s voter ID laws, in 1 map

WaPo: The Fix’s top 15 gov races

Sabato & Kondik: The Early Line on the 2014 Midterms

Stu Rothenberg: Is the House in Play? A District-by-District Assessment

Politico: What Republicans need to win Senate in 2014

Roll Call: 5 Races to Watch in 2013

WaPo: The Fix’s
Top 10 Senate races of 2014

NatJ: Sorting the Senate by Ideology

WaPo: The states with the highest and lowest turnout in 2012, 2 charts



April 7, 2013


WSJ: House Republicans Press Bid to Prioritize Treasury Payments
Hill: House Republicans prepare contingency plan for debt hike
Examiner: Obama, Republicans see entitlement reform very differently
Dan Balz: The summer question: Can Washington govern?

Hill: Secretary Hagel faces uphill fight in trimming Pentagon’s budget

Examiner: Fisker lays off 75 percent of workforce as bankruptcy looms
Fox: Fisker issues big layoff, employees hire firm that sued Solyndra

Fox: Americans discouraged by economic recovery leave labor force
Human Events: Four more years of pain
Clarice Feldman: J-O-B-S

Politico: 12 GOP senators back Rand Paul on gun-control filibuster

Hill: ObamaCare takes friendly fire

WaPo: Piercing the secrecy of offshore tax havens

Ross Douthat: The Secrets of Princeton

Maureen Dowd: Can We Get Hillary Without the Foolery?

WaPo: Democrats push problem solvers in House contests

Politico: Libertarianism goes mainstream


Salena Zito: Deepening disconnect


Star Tribune: At Capitol, around state, Minnesotans wrestle with gay marriage


Denver Post: Oil, gas bills see a statehouse divided in Colorado


Des Moines Register: Legislative session's top issues remain unresolved


NatJ: Scott Brown Would Face Obstacles in N.H. Senate Bid


NY Post: Dirty pols sink Andy

Fox: Former Rep. Weiner reportedly considering NYC mayor run


NYT: Union Views Loom Large as Los Angeles Picks a Mayor


Dallas MN: Obama won’t get much Texas help if bold House prediction proves true


AJC: Why campus carry could become law in Georgia next year


Hill: GOP may give Pryor cover with Arkansas embrace of ObamaCare


Hill: Outside spending in race for John Kerry's Mass. Senate seat hits $1.25M
Fox: Keystone pipeline opponents biggest spenders in Massachusetts Senate race

Boston Globe: Bill Walczak jumps into race for Boston mayor


NYT: Tax Lobby Builds Ties to Chairman of Finance Panel



April 6, 2013


WSJ: Obama Budget Draws Fire
WTimes: Obama's budget preview draws attacks from both flanks
WaPo: Obama budget would cut entitlements in exchange for tax increases
Detroit FP: Obama's budget to curb benefits growth while insisting on more taxes
Fox: Boehner pans Obama’s offer to trade Social Security change for tax hikes
Politico: For GOP, Obama budget offer too little, too late
Politico: Boehner rejects Obama cuts-revenue proposal
Human Events: Obama budget: Seriously, how about some more tax increases
NYT: Obama Budget Is Dismissed by G.O.P. and Attacked by Left
LA Times: Obama's budget plan draws fire from both sides
Hill: Right, left pan Obama budget plan
Hill: Budget proposal 'not my ideal plan,' Obama says in weekly address
NatJ: Why Obama's Entitlement Compromise Could Fail
Politico: Obama budget: Why now?
Fred Barnes: Obama’s War on Growth
PowerLine: Will Demographics Doom the Dems’ Demagoguery on Entitlements?

Hill: In budget proposal rollout, Obama to meet Republican senators next week

NYT: F.A.A. Delays Closings of Airport Towers Forced by Cuts
NatJ: Why Isn't Joe Biden Giving Some Salary Back?
Human Events: The sequestration cancer scare

WaPo: Hiring slowed to 88,000 jobs in March; unemployment rate drops to 7.6 percent
Fox: Dismal Jobs Numbers Add Urgency to Obama’s Budget Bluff
WSJ: Payroll-Tax Rise, Not Sequester, Blamed for Jobs Weakness
Hill: Both parties point fingers over sequester after dismal jobs report
WSJ: Making Work Not Pay: The jobless rate falls because the labor force shrinks
NatJ: America's Chronic Disease
Rush Limbaugh: We Are Living in a Dying Country

Hill: Rubio to brief GOP on immigration talks
NYT: Rubio, Amid Planning, Is Yet to Commit on Immigration Bill
Daily Caller: Rubio calls for debate on amnesty and guest-worker bill
Fox: Republicans accuse colleagues of 'secretly' drafting immigration bill, urge 'transparency'
Roll Call: GOP Members of Immigration 'Gang of 8' Pressured by Fellow Republicans
WSJ: Green-Card Path Seen for Farm Workers
WSJ: Employer Demand Soars for Skilled-Worker Visas
Fox: Stats show surge in illegal immigrant border traffic despite Napolitano claims

WSJ: Sen. Coburn Drafts His Own Gun Bill
WSJ: Republican's Careful Case for New Gun Laws
WSJ: Politics Counts: The Cultural Divide Over Guns
Hill: Gun control may have to wait
WaPo: NRA tactics erode post-Newtown support for gun-control measures
Time: Democrats Ready To Deal On Gun Control?

NYT: Veterans’ Programs Are Set for Raise in Spending Plan

National Review: Beyond Obamacare
Rush Limbaugh: Nobody Knows What Obamacare Requires

WTimes: Judge strikes down age restrictions on ‘morning-after’ pill
NatJ: With Morning-After Pill Ruling, the FDA Gets What It Wanted All Along

Roll Call: Reid Hints at Using 'Nuclear Option' on Judges

James Taranto: The Crimson Canaries: Does the Socratic method keep women down?

George Will: Johns Hopkins’s and Planned Parenthood’s troubling extremism

Charles Blow: The Young are the Restless

Roll Call: Rules of the Game: Lame-Duck FEC Invites Scofflaws

WaPo: Hillary Clinton’s every public move generates buzz about 2016 presidential campaign
NYDN: Hillary Clinton: Women's rights unfinished business of the 21st Century
WaPo: Clinton decision not likely until after midterms, Carville says
Washington FB: Why Hillary is less ‘inevitable’ than you think
New Republic: Hillary Clinton Would Not 'Clear the Field' for 2016
WTimes: Hillary Clinton’s book advance hovers at $14M

Rand Paul: Authority of judges: Mandatory sentencing pre-empts individual consideration
NatJ: Rand Paul Will Be the First Presidential Contender to Visit All Three Early Primary States
Roll Call: Rand Paul Gets Presidential Profile Treatment From CBN
Hill: Rand Paul: Defense of Marriage Act defenders are going to 'lose that battle'

WTimes: Rick Santorum hints another White House run likely

National Review: Never-Ending Newt

Byron York: Will immigration reform kill Rubio's presidential chances?

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Miami Herald: U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia’s $550K campaign haul sends GOP a message


Politico: Democrats reach out to Pat Toomey on guns


CPD: Sherrod Brown's role in Strongsville teacher strike unusual, runs small risk, big upside


Politico: Debbie Dingell tests support for Senate in Michigan

Detroit News: State rep sues to overturn Snyder-Canada bridge deal


Fox: North Carolina lawmaker backtracks on push to allow state religion


Politico: Terry McAuliffe left controversial car firm in December
Examiner: Cuccinelli steps away from case involving company he invests in


Examiner: Wisconsin public sector unions report drastic membership declines


Hill: Brownback touts Kansas tax reform as model for nation

Fox: Kansas lawmakers pass measure banning sex-selective abortions
USA Today: Sweeping anti-abortion bill goes to Kansas gov.


NYT: Salazar Looks Back on a ‘Joyful Run’ as Interior Secretary


Des Moines Register: Appel 'seriously considering' running for Congress


Fox: Nevada Legislature refuses to release report on ousted lawmaker


NYT: Ex-Senator Is Tempted by Neighbor
Boston Globe: N.H. voters OK with Brown, but perhaps not in Senate run
Roll Call: New Hampshire: Local Republicans Skeptical on Scott Brown
Roll Call: New Hampshire: Democrats Use Brown to Fundraise
Stuart Rothenberg: Why Scott Brown Running in N.H. Is a Really, Really Bad Idea


Fox: New York crackdown shines spotlight on festering corruption problem at state level
NYDN: Assemblyman Eric Stevenson ‘was reading the Bible' when busted for taking bribe
NY Post: Councilman busted in bribery probe was flogged by leaders of his Pagan religion
Gail Collins: A New Era in Political Corruption

NYT: Cuomo Picks Judge in City to Fill Spot at Top Court
Albany TU: Abdus-Salaam nominated for Court of Appeals

WSJ: The Political War on the NYPD

Politico: NYT Mag lands Weiner, Huma Abedin


WSJ: California’s Gov. Brown Could Face Maldonado
SacBee: Abel Maldonado secures a key donation for a governor's race
SacBee: Abel Maldonado moves closer to 2014 run against Jerry Brown

NYT: Obama Apologizes for Praising Attorney General’s Looks
Politico: Kamala Harris lets Obama off the hook
WaPo: What’s next for Kamala Harris?
NatJ: Well, Looks Still Matter in Politics
Politico: James Carville quips about Kamala Harris flap

Fox: Feds retain control of California prison mental health
SacBee: Judge rejects California's bid to end U.S. court control of prison mental health care


WSJ: Deep in the Red of Texas, Republicans Fight the Blues

Dallas MN: Texas House, Senate panels to take up private school tax credits


WSJ: Leak of ‘Too Big to Fail’ Draft Bill Riles Sen. Vitter


Chicago ST: Rauner, exploring gubernatorial bid, sells stake in Sun-Times’ parent company


National Review: Kentucky’s Runaway Pensions
Roll Call: Kentucky: Bourbon and a Ballot?


Roll Call: Pryor Still 'Undecided' on Gay Marriage
NatJ: Why This Democratic Senator Won't Support Same-Sex Marriage


Politico: Frank Lautenberg Hill return unclear


NYT: In Connecticut, Gun Curbs Had Difficult Path



April 5, 2013


WSJ: Common Ground on Medicare Emerges
WSJ: Plan to Cap Tax Breaks Is Gaining Steam
NYT: Obama Budget to Include Cuts to Programs in Hopes of Deal
Hill: Reports: Obama ready to deal on entitlements in budget next week
Fox: President Obama's upcoming budget to spare Medicaid from deep cuts
Rush L: Sequester (GOP) Blamed for Medicare Woes, Not Obamacare Cutting $714 billion
WaPo: Editorial: Obama must take the lead on Medicare reform

WaPo: Eric Holder to take voluntary pay cut in solidarity with federal workers
WaPo: Kerry and Napolitano join officials taking voluntary pay cuts
WaPo: IRS may close around holidays to fulfill sequester furloughs
NYT: Self-Sacrifice Is All the Rage as Federal Furloughs Loom
WTimes: White House tells agencies to protect priorities in sequester

Daily Caller: Immigration bill would import 1 million workers per year
Politico: Conservative groups back immigration reform
Hill: First key fight in immigration battle is what to name the reform bill
NYT: Path to Citizenship Divides Congress and, Polls Show, Confuses Country
Fox: GOP estimates immigration bill could cost taxpayers billions, Rubio challenges claim
WSJ: Study Finds High Economic Cost of Immigration System
NYT: Schumer’s New Brief: Turning Foes Into Friends
Hill: Groups worry Schumer, Manchin watering down gun control bill
Politico: Mark Zuckerberg immigration group’s status: Stumbling
Rush Limbaugh: Amnesty Will Turn All 50 States into California
Charles Krauthammer: The trigger and the poison pill

WSJ: GOP Senators Pushed to Join Gun Filibuster
WaPo: Senator wants to let federal prosecutors carry guns on the job
NatJ: Poll: Even Democrats Say the NRA Is Beating the White House on the Gun Debate
NYT: OpEd: Rewrite the Second Amendment
NYT: Editorial: The Damage Wrought by the Gun Lobby
Hill: Obama 'optimistic' on immigration reform; gun control 'tougher'

Roll Call: McConnell’s Obamacare Tax Repeal Stalls in House
Examiner: Democrats have doubts about Obamacare too
NYT: Paper Offers Options on Limiting Higher Health Rates
WT: GOP walks fine line on taking fed money for Medicaid; must weigh stigma vs practicality

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Regime Wants to Bring Back Subprime Mortgages

NYT: Obama Tells Donors of Tough Politics of Environment

NYT: Obama Administration Seeks to Overhaul International Food Aid

Gallup: Americans Say U.S. Should Aid South Korea if Attacked

Charlie Cook: The Second-Term Jinx
Gallup: Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval 47% Disapproval 48%

James Taranto: A liberal journalist is merely panicked when he should be filled with dread
NatJ: Why the Culture Wars Now Favor Democrats
Politico: Newt Gingrich: Bring GOP to black districts

Chris Cillizza: It’s Hillary vs Marco!
NatJ: Hillary Watch: Her Book, the Mark Penn Test, and James Carville Signs On
Hill: Hillary’s active life as a private citizen
Human Events: Of course Hillary Clinton is going to run for president

WTimes: Obama raises cash in push for Nancy Pelosi to become House Speaker again

NatJ: Poll: Which Senate Incumbents Are Most Vulnerable?


Miami Herald: Sen. Bill Nelson reverses opposition to gay marriage
Fox: Florida Sen. Bill Nelson supports gay marriage
Roll Call: Bill Nelson Is 51st Senator to Back Gay Marriage


Roll Call: Pennsylvania: Fitzpatrick Gets Democratic Challenger


NYT: Doubts and Downloads in Ohio After Portman’s Shift on Gay Marriage


Detroit News: EM's biggest task: Tackling Detroit's pension obligations


Weekly Standard: McAuliffe Tight-Lipped on Child Sodomy Case

Examiner: Virginia Democrats targeting GOP House, Senate majorities


Fox: Former Massachusetts GOP Sen. Scott Brown not ruling out run in New Hampshire
Daily Caller: Scott Brown not ruling out run for Senate in New Hampshire


NY Post: Bronx pol accused of accepting bribes to introduce legislation in Albany
NYT: In 2nd Alleged Bribe Scheme, a Legislator Was in on the Case
NY Post: State Sen. Malcolm Smith will not step down amid scandal
Fox: Federal authorities announce corruption charges against two NY assemblymen
NatJ: How the New York Mayor's Race Scandal Comes Off Like a Cheesy Gangster Movie


WaPo: Top Obama campaign aides join primary bid against Dem incumbent Mike Honda

Human Events: To the left, California is now the model for America


WSJ: Deep in the Red of Texas, Republicans Fight the Blues


Politico: Elizabeth Colbert Busch's primary opponent endorses Mark Sanford
Politico: Elizabeth Colbert Busch: Spring training over for rookie


Daily Caller: Tony Perkins floated as possible candidate for Louisiana Senate seat
Roll Call: Louisiana: Fleming Opts Out of Senate Race


Fox: Indiana advances first-in-nation proposal to require arming school officials


Examiner: Bill forcing nonunion workers to pay union fees heads to O'Malley
WaPo: Maryland’s leftward swing


WTimes: Conn. Gov. Malloy signs into law the nation’s strictest limits on guns
WaPo: Conn. governor signs sweeping gun law, seen as model for Congress and other states
Politico: Wayne LaPierre rips new Connecticut gun laws



April 4, 2013


Roll Call: Goodlatte: House Could Overhaul Immigration in ‘Pieces’
Politico: Business balks at immigration deal
Hill: NAACP pushes for 'diversity' visas
Examiner: As immigration fight approaches, Republicans watch Leahy
Examiner: White House encourages Democrats to rush immigration bill through Congress
National Review: Beware Schumer’s Latest Pose
WSJ: OpEd: Judges For Lax Border Security

WSJ: Obama Steps Up Push for Gun-Control Bill
WaPo: Obama in Denver in bid to regain gun-control momentum
WSJ: Pro-Gun Laws Gain Ground
National Review: Editorial: Costs, Benefits, and Background Checks
Campbell Brown: The President Gives Hollywood a Pass on Violence

Karl Rove: The Return of the Mediscare-mongers
WaPo: Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients. Blame the sequester

Politico: Chuck Hagel calls for major Pentagon shakeup
Hill: Hagel: No budget cuts off-limits
NYT: Budget Constraints Forcing an Overhaul in Military Operations, Hagel Says
Dana Milbank: Hagel pulls rank — with caution — on thinning the ranks

NYT: Misperceptions of Benefits Make Trimming Harder
Star Tribune: Federal cuts slow travel at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Weekly Standard: $423,500 Stimulus Program on 'Correct Condom Use' Yields Zero Jobs
NatJ: Sequestration Didn't Stop a 13-Day Overseas Congressional Trip

WSJ: Obama to Return 5% of Salary, Citing Sequester
NYT: In a Budget Gesture, Obama Will Return 5% of His Salary
Time: Barack Obama Will Return Five Percent of Salary Due to Sequestration
WaPo: Obama to take pay cut to draw attention to plight of federal workers facing furloughs
Chris Cillizza: Obama’s purely symbolic sequester strategy — and why it might work
WaPo: HUD officials, others follow President Obama in giving up portion of salaries
Hill: Few senators sacrifice pay amid cuts

WTimes: Taxes heat up battle against ‘Obamacare’; focus turns to partial repeals
American Spectator: Get Ready for Obamacare Premium Defaults
Rush L: I Don't Think Obamacare Can Work, & Obama Doesn't Care If It Does or Not

Daily Caller: HUD report: Nearly $700 million Katrina rebuilding funding missing

WSJ: State Gas Taxes Head Higher

Rush Limbaugh: Punkin Limbaugh, Welfare, and the War on Poverty

Ann Coulter: Don't Knox This 'Serious Network'

WSJ: The Science on Same-Sex Marriage
James Taranto: A supporter of same-sex marriage resorts to sophistry
NYT: Daughter Speculates on Reagan’s Gay-Rights Views

Politico: A viewer's guide to Hillary Clinton Fever
Hill: Poll: Support rising for Hillary Clinton in 2016

NYT: Midterm Elections Unlikely to Alter Party Balance
Politico: Obama expects to win back the House
Tom Edsall: The G.O.P.’s Digital Makeover
Milton Wolf: Shaking the moss off the GOP

Politico: Old Romney hands do battle


Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott raising big bucks at rapid rate


Detroit News: Detroit minister puts his passion into protests of emergency manager law


Fox: North Carolina resolution rejects authority of federal courts


Fox: Virginia lawmakers approve measure to bar abortion coverage

Examiner: AG Cuccinelli fights court to keep Virginia's anti-sodomy law on books

WaPo: Editorial: Virginia’s campaign finance law needs more teeth


Milwaukee JS: A conservative victory run in Supreme Court races in Wisconsin

George Will: Schools push a curriculum of propaganda


American Spectator: The Borking of Michele Bachmann


Fox: Nebraska lawmakers debate reducing early voting days


Fox: Colorado sheriffs push back against calls for more gun control
Human Events: Home invader shot at Colorado prosecutor’s house


Roll Call New Mexico: Democrat Considering Challenge to Pearce


Concord Monitor: 2-yr $11B state budget clears Dem-led House, heads to GOP-led Senate


Stuart Rothenberg: Why Isn’t Maine’s Susan Collins Vulnerable?


NY Post: Smith blew $2M in elex cash
NYDN: Moses ‘Mark’ Stern, witness who wore wire in Smith bribery case, is $126M in debt
Albany TU: Cox wants implicated chairs to resign
NYT: Editorial: More Rot in Albany

NYT: Councilman’s Boast Revives Question of Quinn’s Oversight


Politico: Rick Perry: Border security key in Texas DA slayings
WTimes: Perry wants secure border, then immigration reform deal


WSJ: Will Mark Sanford’s Fiancée Help or Hurt Campaign?
NYT: Final Round Set for Parties in S. Carolina House Race
Politico: Mark Sanford: Stephen Colbert not running
Gail Collins: Remembering the Affair to Remember
NatJ: 6 Big Questions About Mark Sanford and Elizabeth Colbert Busch


AJC: A U.S. Senate race may wake slumbering Democrats in Georgia


WSJ: Abortion Clinics Face State Curbs


Roll Call: GOP Race to Take On Landrieu Could Get Crowded


AP: Republican Sen. Rand Paul to speak in NH


WTimes: Maryland House passes gun-control package
WaPo: Maryland House passes strict gun-control measure crafted after Newtown massacre


Roll Call: West Virginia: Capito Raises $915,000 for Senate Bid


NatJ: Chris Christie's Popularity With Women Voters Thwarts Female Opponent


WSJ: Connecticut Lawmakers Pass Gun-Control Bill
Fox: How Connecticut gun bill compares to new New York, Colorado laws


Boston Globe: Editorial: Legislature’s tax plan lets opportunity pass


Fox: Washington state officials to eye rules to ban pot at bars


WTimes: Anti-amnesty group targets Mark Begich in immigration debate



April 3, 2013


F: Despite guest worker deal, path to citizenship looms as key divide in immigration debate
NYT: House Immigration Bill Is Said to Offer 3 Paths
Fox: Leahy says Senate must act 'quickly' on immigration, offers Republicans 1 hearing
WTimes: Sen. Schumer’s prison lobby ties alarm immigrant advocates
WaPo: Editorial: Marco Rubio sits on the immigration fence
Michelle Malkin: The reporters who banned “Illegal Immigrant”

Hill: Key provision of gun bill could be stripped after NRA opposition
NYT: Background Checks Are Still Stumbling Block in Gun Law Overhaul
WSJ: Obama Tries to Jump-Start Gun Push
Fox: Obama criticized for using dated, disputed gun stat to sell background checks

Hill: NRA task force recommends armed staff in every school
Examiner: National Rifle Association calls on nation's schools to arm teachers, staff
NYT: Report Sees Guns as Path to Safety in Schools
Dana Milbank: The NRA’s disarming plan to arm schools

Pew: Keystone XL Pipeline Draws Broad Support
WSJ: OpEd: About Those Tax Breaks for Big Oil . . .
Ed Rogers: The Insiders: Voters are cool and the planet is too
Rasmussen: 61% Say Finding New Energy More Important Than Fighting Global Warming

Daily Caller: First Couple hosts celeb-filled concert amid sequestration
WSJ: Hagel to Forgo Part of His Salary
Hill: Hagel to take pay cut in solidarity with DOD furloughed workers
Hill: Few senators sacrifice pay amid budget cuts
Hill: Defense company stocks have soared since sequester’s ax fell

WSJ: Fannie's Windfall Blurs Debate Over Its Fate
LA Times: Fannie Mae posts record annual profit of $17.2 billion
WaPo: Obama pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit
Dly Caller: Progressive ‘Dump DeMarco’ campaign gives Obama administration a headache

Rush L: Another Obamacare Goal Missed: Small Businesses Won't Have a Choice Option
Rush Limbaugh: Who'll Get the Blame When Obamacare Fails?

WaPo: Obama seeks to shift conservative tilt of key court
WT: Obama falls behind on key federal court; faltering nominations set a dubious record

James Taranto: Those Courageous Racists: Left-wing bigots pat themselves on the back

NYT: Clinton Speaks Up for Women’s Issues

Dick Morris: GOP Senate chances good


Roll Call: Pennsylvania: Leach Announces Candidacy for Schwartz’s Seat


WSJ: A Man to Watch in Michigan (for the Senate race, Rep. Justin Amash)
Roll Call: Michigan: Ronna Romney McDaniel Will Not Run for Senate


MJS: Patience Roggensack defeats Edward Fallone for second term on state Supreme Court


Star Tribune: ‘Man of mystery’ is behind Michele Bachmann campaign cases


Denver Post: President Obama in Colorado on Wednesday to push national gun-control

Fox: Colorado House approves bill to set pot limits for drivers


NYT: Lawmakers in New York Tied to Bribery Plot in Mayor Race
NYT: Bribery Case Unsettles a Coalition in Albany
NYT: For Albany, Yet Another Corruption Case
NYT: A G.O.P. Candidate Heard His Party’s Message: To Run, You Pay
NYT: Wilson-Pakula, Obscure to All but Ballot-Hopping Politicians
NatJ: Behind the Bribery Indictment in New York City


SacBee: Assembly panel approves bill to restrict ammunition sales in California

Rush Limbaugh: Stockton Declares Bankruptcy Despite a Booming Economy
Victor Davis Hanson: Krugman’s California Dreaming

Roll Call: California: Khanna Will Challenge Fellow Democrat Honda in Silicon Valley
Hill: Former Obama aide defies Democrats to challenge Rep. Honda in Calif.


State: Sanford rises again
WaPo: Mark Sanford wins Republican runoff in South Carolina
Fox: South Carolina's Mark Sanford wins GOP primary for old House seat
Roll Call: South Carolina: Sanford Wins GOP Nomination for Special
Hill: Mark Sanford wins South Carolina House GOP primary runoff
Politico: Mark Sanford wins, to face Elizabeth Colbert Busch next
American Spectator: Sanford Resurrected in Carolina
NatJ: Why Stephen Colbert’s Sister Could Defeat Mark Sanford
Politico: GOP frets Mark Sanford could blow it


AJC: David Perdue about to enter U.S. Senate race?


Fox: Alabama lawmakers pass measure to tighten rules for abortion clinics


Roll Call: Louisiana: Cassidy Challenging Landrieu
Politico: Louisiana Senate 2014: Bill Cassidy to challenge Mary Landrieu

Politico: Poll: Bobby Jindal approval rating plummets


WSJ: GOP Sen. Kirk Backs Gay Marriage
CST: Kirk backs gay marriage: ‘Life comes down to who you love and who loves you back’
Lynn Sweet: Sen. Mark Kirk ‘unshackled since he came back from his stroke’

Roll Call: Illinois: Obama Endorses Robin Kelly in Special Election (Finally)


Charlie Cook: In Tennessee, a Really Bad Idea


Politico: Rand Paul-backed group attacks Republicans


Examiner: O'Malley's gun bill heads into final vote unscathed


WaPo: Newark’s problems weigh on Cory Booker’s potential Senate bid


Fox: Customers rush to Connecticut gun stores ahead of vote on ban


Fox: Hawaii Senate committee votes on shield law



April 2, 2013


Byron York: Border security doubts could kill immigration plan
NYT: Senator’s Bid to Fix Immigration Starts in His Backyard
Jen Rubin: The forces who would undermine immigration reform
Rush Limbaugh: Just Amnesty? Why Not Also Cave on Obamacare to Woo Hispanics?

WaPo: Pentagon favors reductions in force if sequester continues next year
WaPo: Border agency postpones furloughs and overtime cuts for its employees
Fox: Furlough notices sent to presidential budget staff

WTimes: Stimulus funds fed minority businesses that served as middlemen

WSJ: Caroline Kennedy Seen as U.S.'s Next Japan Envoy
NYT: Caroline Kennedy Is Seen as Likely Choice for Japan Envoy
WaPo: Caroline Kennedy, following in her grandfather’s footsteps

NYT: Small Firms’ Offer of Plan Choices Under Health Law Delayed
WSJ: First Peek at Health-Law Cost

WaPo: Firearms advocates target gun-control measures

WSJ: OpEd: Wind-Power Subsidies? No Thanks

WTimes: Abortion bills at state level reveal pro-life split

James Taranto: Meet the feminist pioneer today's feminists hate

Chris Cillizza: The Republican brand problem — and why fixing it won’t be easy
Human Events: GOP Hispanic outreach runs afoul of ObamaCare

WTimes: With eyes on White House, liberal governors push left
Stuart Rothenberg: Democrats’ Prospects in 2014 Are Worth an Honest Debate


Politico: What Marco Rubio is thinking


Hill: Dem Sen. Bob Casey supports gay marriage, urges repeal of DOMA


WaPo: What kind of state is North Carolina? Democrats and GOP make high-stakes bets


Politico: Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign starts with Terry McAuliffe’s Virginia governor race
Examiner: Terry McAuliffe: Virginia community colleges key to job creation

American Spectator: Murder in the Old Dominion


Hill: Sen. Mark Udall raises $1.5 million, compiling war chest of $2.5 million


WaPo: Christie Vilsack lands USAID job


NYT: Criticism of Cuomo Over Plight of Cities Raises Syracuse Mayor’s Profile

NYT: Lhota Turns Up Heat on Quinn for Supporting Police Monitor

NY Post: State Sen. Malcolm Smith, city Councilman Halloran arrested in 'bribery plot' to rig mayor race


Fox: Judge allows California city to enter bankruptcy, largest municipality to go bust


Hill: Perry doubles down against ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion
Politico: Rick Perry: White House holding states 'hostage' with Medicaid expansion


Hill: Inhofe pledges no filibuster of possible immigration deal
Politico: Inhofe: 'Heart bleeds' for immigrants


Fox: South Carolina becomes battleground in immigration debate

Roll Call: South Carolina: Sanford Poised for Comeback in GOP Runoff
Daily Caller: Sanford, Bostic square off in South Carolina runoff
State: Sanford, Bostic spar again in runoff forum
Politico: Stephen Colbert to host fundraisers for his sister
Hill: Five reasons why Colbert Busch could beat Mark Sanford


Fox: Small Georgia town passes law requiring residents to own guns


Michael Gerson: In Indiana, a big win for school choice


Examiner: Mitch McConnell mocks Kentucky Democrats for failing to find a challenger


NYT: Legislators in Connecticut Agree on Broad New Gun Laws
Fox: Ban on high-capacity magazines part of deal struck on strict Connecticut gun laws


Roll Call: hairman Race Infighting Stymies Rhode Island GOP


Boston Globe: Scott Brown to guest-host ‘O’Reilly Factor’


Fox: Arizona GOP Rep. Salmon says he doesn't support same-sex marriage despite gay son


Fox: Dozens participate in dance to protest Washington state tax on dance venues


Dana Milbank: Rep. Don Young faces backlash for ‘wetback’ slur



April 1, 2013


WSJ: Sen. Rubio Says Immigration Measure Not a Done Deal
NYT: Rubio Says Immigration Bill Still Has a Way to Go
WTimes: Schumer says immigration deal imminent; Rubio says not so fast
Fox: Hill leaders agree about progress on immigration reform, final deal still in the making
Roll Call: 'Gang of Eight' Forecasts Immigration Bill Next Week
Daily Caller: Lindsey Graham on immigration: ‘I think we’ve got a deal’ [VIDEO]
Examiner: Sessions on immigration deal: Dem’s timeline “unacceptable”
WaPo: Rubio among senators working on immigration, but he also stands apart
Politico: Next immigration hurdle: The legal fine print
NYT: New Attitude on Immigration Skips an Old Coal Town
WaPo: Sunday show roundup: Immigration reform in the spotlight
NYT: Editorial: The Immigration Spring

WTimes: Senators have doubts about universal background checks for gun transfers
Fox: With ban on semi-automatic weapons out, universal background checks
WSJ: Path Opens for Gun-Control Bill to Reach Senate Floor
WSJ: Sen. Graham Won't Join GOP Effort to Block Gun Measure
Hill: Graham: Senate gun bill ‘going nowhere’
NYT: As Views Shift on Guns, Reid Corrals Senate
Hill: Biden lobbies GOP senators to support gun control legislation

NYT: Hagel warns of big squeeze at the Pentagon
WSJ: Sequester Impact Remains Elusive
WaPo: Beef with the sequester? At least one federal program was able to beat it
WaPo: Cuts in overtime are painful for federal agencies, workers
American Spectator: Dick Morris’ Bad Entitlements Advice

Hill: Students look for Obama's help as deadline looms on college loan rate hike

WaPo: Woman among those under consideration to lead FBI

WSJ: The Senate Gets Dynamic: A 51-48 vote to consider the growth effects of tax changes

WSJ: OpEd: The Skinny on Anti-Obesity Soda Laws

WTimes: Lawsuit over health care tax could kill ‘Obamacare’

NYT: OpEd: The Tar Sands Disaster

WSJ: States Harden Views Over Laws Governing Abortion

LA Times: Healthcare an obstacle as Republicans court Latinos
American Spectator: Why Obamacare Offers Voter Registration

Politico: Romney adviser: Traditional marriage OK for GOP in 2016

Politico: Social conservatives fight back

Hill: Report: Clinton to give first paid speech since leaving State Dept.

NatJ: Family Ties a Mixed Blessing for Red-State Democrats
Juan Williams: No sign of a break to Washington’s dismal deadlock

WT: Critics see post-mortem as GOP sellout for votes, balk at ‘elite’ group’s push for change
Gallup: Americans' Top Critique of GOP: "Unwilling to Compromise"


Detroit News: Michigan GOP explores further limits on unions


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin's lawmakers a force in national budget battles


Star Tribune: Young undocumented dreamers find doors opening in Minnesota


NY Post: GOP licking chops at gov’s poll slide
NYT: New Ads to Press Albany on Campaign Financing
NYT: On and Off the Debate Stage, Candidates Spar in the Mayoral Race


Fox: Judge to announce if Stockton will become most populous US city to enter bankruptcy

Paul Krugman: Lessons From a Comeback


NYT: Gunfire Claims 2nd Prosecutor in Texas County


Hill: Sanford holds edge ahead of Republican runoff in South Carolina
Politico: Mark Sanford-Elizabeth Colbert Busch showdown expected


Roll Call: When Does 'Appropriator' Become a Dirty Word? Perhaps in Georgia's GOP Primary


WSJ: Bay State Senate Showdown
Daily Caller: Massachusetts Senate contender talks about plan to race the Boston Marathon


WTimes: Sen. Jeff Flake sees GOP presidential contender backing gay marriage
Fox: Flake: Republican presidential candidate supporting gay marriage 'inevitable'



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.....and the challenges ahead

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet

Tom Edsall: The GOP’s Digital Makeover

Milton Wolf: Shaking the moss off the GOP

Gallup: Americans' Top Critique of GOP: "Unwilling to Compromise"

WTimes: Critics see post-mortem as GOP sellout for votes, balk at ‘elite’ group’s push for change

WTimes: GOP looks to match Democrats on cybercampaigns, avoid mistakes of ‘12

WSJ: An Insider’s Look at the GOP-Democrats Tech Race

George Will: The Republican ‘reformation’

Andrew Kohut: The numbers prove it: The GOP is estranged from America

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Michael Gerson: The Republican Party’s shortcomings

Charlie Cook: Rebuilding the GOP

Rich Lowry: Where Is Today’s Jack Kemp?

Karl Rove: Closing the GOP's Election Data Deficit

WaPo: Book review: ‘Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution’ by Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick

Rush Limbaugh: Left in Uproar Over Chafets Book on Ailes

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