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NYT: Donations From Colleagues Identify Vulnerable House Incumbents

WSJ: Obama’s Nominations: How the Senate Has Voted

Stuart Rothenberg: The Most Vulnerable House Incumbent(s) of 2014

WaPo: The Fix’s top 15 gubernatorial races

Charlie Cook: The Republican Advantage (in the House)

Karl Rove: Obama Gears Up to 'Flip the House' in 2014

Roll Call: Top 5 House Rematches to Watch (So Far)

WaPo: How every state voted in every election since 1796 — in 1 chart!

NYT: Early Line for 2016 Shows a Vice President Who’s Not the Favorite

NYT: Which Governors Are Most Vulnerable in 2014?

NatJ: Poll: Which Senate Incumbents Are Most Vulnerable?

NYT: Midterm Elections Unlikely to Alter Party Balance

Dick Morris: GOP Senate chances good

WaPo: The Fix’s top 5 races of 2013

Nate Silver:
Retirements Contributing to Largest Senate Turnover in Decades



April 21, 2013


WSJ: Focus Turns to Hunt for Bombing Motive
NYT: Bombing Inquiry Turns to Motive and Russian Trip
Fox: Investigators explore possible link between Boston bombing suspect & extremist group
Boston Globe: FBI was warned of alleged bomber’s radical shift
Allen West: Can we investigate radical Islamic terror now?

Fox: Republican lawmakers urge Obama to use 'combatant status' for bombing suspect
Politico: Lindsey Graham: ‘Enemy combatant’
Hill: Graham, McCain: No criminal trial for captured suspect
AJC: Saxby Chambliss: Treat Boston suspect as enemy combatant
WSJ: GOP Lawmakers: Switch Bombing Suspect to Military Custody
WT: GOP wants bombing suspect treated as enemy combatant, sparking Miranda debate
NatJ: Boston Suspect's Legal Status A Test Case
NYT: Legal Questions Riddle Boston Marathon Case
Hill: ACLU calls for Miranda rights for Boston bombing suspect
WTimes: FBI had interviewed bombing suspect two years ago

NYT: Bombing Suspects’ Immigration Story Adds Layer to Debate on Overhaul
Byron York: On immigration, the Gang of Eight security promise that wasn’t

Hill: Dems scramble to change the subject after collapse of gun bill

Hill: Pessimism grows over prospects for bipartisan tax reform deal

Hill: Murkowski, Wyden set to unveil bipartisan campaign finance reform bill

Daily Caller: Obama’s chief fundraiser attended WH meeting with Progress Kentucky leader

Examiner: Senate to open debate on charging national sales tax on online purchases

Sen. Rand Paul: An ill-advised Internet tax mandate

NYT: Rewinding History, Bush Museum Lets You Decide

NYT: Conservative Koch Brothers Turning Focus to Newspapers


Salena Zito: Why can’t we just all get along?


Fox: Debbie Dingell decides against 2014 US Senate run

Toledo Blade: Michigan lawmakers back changes to welfare benefits


Examiner: Cuccinelli sees no need to investigate his own possible conflict


Star Tribune: Bachmann's legal troubles rooted in presidential campaign divisions


Des Moines Register: Harkin endorses Braley for Senate seat


Buffalo News: Cuomo’s opaque style leaves public in the dark

NYDN: Anthony Weiner's former foes warn that he's a bully on the campaign trail


NYT: California Tries to Regain Fuller Control of Prisons



April 20, 2013


Boston Globe: Second Marathon bombing suspect captured
WSJ: Manhunt Ends With Capture of Boston Bombing Suspect
NYT: 2nd Bombing Suspect Caught After Frenzied Hunt Paralyzes Boston
WaPo: Second Boston Marathon bombing suspect arrested after day of lockdown
WTimes: Police capture Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Watertown
Examiner: Rep. King: Boston bombers planned ‘second round’ of attacks
NYT: Boy at Home in U.S., Swayed by One Who Wasn’t
WSJ: Life in America Unraveled for Brothers
Fox: Officials comb travel and electronic records of Boston suspects, find Russian trip
Fox: Ties between Islamic extremist groups and Chechnya well-documented
Charles Blow: The Mind of a Terror Suspect

WSJ: House Group Close to Deal on Immigration Proposal
NYT: Immigration Fight Could Define Leahy’s Legacy in the Senate
WaPo: GOP authors defend need for immigration reform
Fox: Rubio defends immigration bill ahead of hearing, critics cite enforcement concerns
WSJ: Bill Bars Health-Care Cost Assistance for Immigrants
WSJ: Boston Attacks Complicate Immigration Debate
WTimes: Boston bombing drama hits immigration debate
NYT: Senator Says Boston Attack Should Factor in Immigration Debate
Fox: Boston bombing enters immigration bill debate as lawmaker cites 'gaps' in system
Pat Buchanan: Will the GOP Embrace Amnesty?

NYT: Gun Victims Vow to Press On in State Legislatures and Political Campaigns

WaPo: Airlines want court to block furloughs for air traffic controllers
Fox: Airlines, pilots sue FAA over furloughs as Republicans say agency inflicting 'pain'
WaPo: IRS sets five specific furlough dates

WaPo: House oversight committee requests study of federal pay scale

WaPo: Boy Scouts’ board recommends allowing gay Scouts but not gay leaders

WaPo: OpEd: George W. Bush is victim of a rush to judgment

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


George Will: Justin Amash, one to watch from Michigan


WaPo: Editorial: Bob McDonnell’s vacation-home gifts


NYT: Editorial: New York Reform = Public Financing

Albany TU: Weiner polls at 15% of Democrat votes


Dana Milbank: Scary Cruz control


WSJ: Bombing, Manhunt Put Mass. Senate Race on Hold



April 19, 2013


NYT: One Suspect in Boston Bombing Is Dead
WTimes: FBI still searching for suspect who wore white hat at Boston Marathon bombing
Politico: Reports: Boston bombing suspects came from abroad
WTimes: Police warn Boston suburbanites: Lock your doors, suspect with explosives on body
Boston Globe: One Boston Marathon bombing suspect killed, another at large
WSJ: Boston Bombing Suspect Killed in Shootout, Second Man Still at Large
WaPo: Police kill one suspect in Marathon bombing, manhunt underway for second
WSJ: FBI Releases Photos of Two Boston Marathon Suspects
WaPo: Victim in iconic photo says he saw bomber
Charles Krauthammer: The language of terror
Charlie Cook: How Long Can the Post-Boston Unity Last?

WaPo: Suspect in ricin-laced mailings charged
WTimes: Mississippi man charged in ricin-tainted mailings to Obama, senator
Fox: Suspect arrested in connection with poison letters, tests show substance 'absolutely' ricin
WaPo: Man accused in case of poison-laced letters has history of legal and other troubles
WTimes: Suspicious letter sent to Senate office false alarm

WSJ: Senators Unveil Immigration Bill
LA Times: Immigration proposal, and its small GOP opposition, is unveiled
Human Events: What’s in the Gang of Eight immigration bill?
WSJ: Rubio: Economy Will Benefit From Immigration Bill
Politico: Democrats find much to like in immigration bill
Fox: Rubio defends immigration bill ahead of hearing, critics cite enforcement concerns
WaPo: Rubio’s support for immigration overhaul puts him at odds with fellow conservatives
NYT: Unveiling Immigration Measure, Senators Seek Distance From Effort on Guns
Fox: ICE union claims immigration bill 'does nothing' to resolve enforcement concerns
WTimes: Obama’s immigrant deportation numbers tell different stories in interior, on border
David Brooks: The Second Wave
Rush Limbaugh: EIB Interview: Why, Senator Rubio?
Rush Limbaugh: This Immigration Bill Just Makes No Sense
National Review: The Deportation Lie

WSJ: Democrats Try to Regroup on Guns
WSJ: Manchin Describes the Effect of an NRA ‘Score’
Politico: Pat Toomey moves on to ‘other issues’
WSJ: Gabby Giffords Poisons the Well
NYT: For Gun Bill Born in Tragedy, a Tangled Path to Defeat
Nate Silver: Modeling the Senate’s Vote on Gun Control

US News: Labor nominee Perez pledges open mind
NYT: Obama’s Labor Nominee Faces G.O.P. Critics in Senate
Fox: Labor nominee Perez pressed on 'secret deal' at confirmation hearing

Hill: Bowles, Simpson release new debt plan

WaPo: House approves controversial cybersecurity bill

Examiner: Flight delays: Furloughs begin at airports Sunday

Fox: Lawmakers grill TSA official over $50 million uniform order amid sequester

WSJ: House Bill Would Boost Federal Authority Over Workplace Safety

Examiner: Top Obamacare jobs vacant for months at HHS, Issa demands docs

NYT: Senate Committee Approves Nominee for Energy Secretary

James Taranto: Back-Alley Abortion Never Ended

WSJ: Obama’s Nominations: How the Senate Has Voted

NYT: Donations From Colleagues Identify Vulnerable House Incumbents

Roll Call: NRCC Raises $8.1 Million in March but Trails DCCC


WaPo: Donor gave McDonnell and family a lake-house vacation


Politico: Former Michele Bachmann aide to testify in ethics probe


NYT: A Bid to Limit Each Candidate to One Ballot Line Is Stirring Debate

NYT: City’s Jobless Rate Dips as Many People Stop Looking for Work
NYT: City Council’s Outreach Unit, Run by Quinn, Also Benefits Her Campaign


Dan Walters: Jerry Brown's big issues have stalled


Fox: House Dems ignore history of troubled candidates in Sanford slam
Roll Call: South Carolina: DCCC Makes TV Buy in Sanford Special Election
AJC: Elizabeth Colbert Busch fundraiser in Atlanta on Friday


Examiner: Vitter: Why do Dems get 3 times as many Obama stimulus grants as GOP?


Roll Call: Delaware: The Return of Christine O’Donnell?



April 18, 2013


WSJ: Senate Scuttles Gun Limits
NYT: Senate Blocks Drive for New Gun Control
WaPo: Gun-control overhaul is defeated in Senate
Hill: Senators reject expanding background checks in devastating blow to Obama
Fox: Background check plan defeated in Senate, Obama rips gun bill opponents
WSJ: Gun Control Meltdown
NYT: Gun Control Effort Had No Real Chance, Despite Pleas

Boston Globe: Boston Marathon bombing suspect shown on camera, official says
NYT: Suspicions in Boston Attack Turn to Man Seen in Videos
WaPo: Security video may show Boston Marathon bomb suspect; report of arrest premature
American Spectator: From Boston to Haymarket to Bill Ayers
Fox: Poll: Boston Marathon bombings spark more anger than fear among Americans
WT: Sharpton attacks CNN’s John King for ‘dark-skinned male’ report on Boston bombing
James Taranto: The Privilege of Not Belonging: A theory of white racism against whites
Limbaugh: Media Gets It All Wrong, Tiptoes Around Sensitivity of Boston Suspect's Race
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Hope the Boston Bomber is a White, Right-Wing American

WSJ: Man Is Arrested in Ricin Scare
NYT: Arrest Is Made Over Letters Believed to Carry Poison
WTimes: FBI arrests Mississippi man in ricin-tainted mailings to Obama, senator
WaPo: Arrest made in ricin case; mailings are an eerie echo of 2001 anthrax attacks

WSJ: Obama Now Takes the Lead After Attacks on Americans
Hill: Obama in 'terrific form' during intimate dinner with Democratic senators

Hill: Positive reviews greet debut of Senate bill on immigration reform
Hill: Immigration bill calls for slew of regulations, new bureaucracy
WT: Bill offers deported illegals a pathway to citizenship, seeks balance for workers, families
NYT: With a Bill Now in the Senate, Immigrants Weigh the Possible Impact
NYT: Conservatives See a Turning Tide on Immigration
Hill: Rubio, White House seek to calm their bases on compromise immigration bill
Politico: No amnesty: Marco Rubio’s toughest crowd
Thomas Sowell: Immigration Sophistry
Ann Coulter: If Rubio's Amnesty Is So Great, Why Is He Lying?

Fox: Top Dem Sen. Baucus warns of 'train wreck' for Obama health law
WTimes: Sen. Max Baucus: Health law heading for ‘train wreck’
Karl Rove: Steaming Toward the ObamaCare 'Train Wreck'

Politico: Progress Kentucky director visited White House
Examiner: Report: McConnell bugger met with liberal group in White House in December
Politico: John Dean: Mitch McConnell taping no Watergate

Fox: Conservatives concerned Boehner could build coalition with Dems on hot-button bills

WaPo: USPS losing $25 million daily, waiting for Congress to fix ‘broken business model’

WSJ: The Ambitious Mr. Perez: Will Senate GOP wave through this tainted Labor nominee?
Examiner: Congressional GOP report: Thomas Perez tried to cover up quid pro quo

Fox: Senate panels endorse Obama budget nominee Burwell

WTimes: Secretary of State John Kerry promises GOP answers on Benghazi
Fox: Kerry vows Benghazi liaison to Congress within 24 hours, amid lingering questions
Hill: Lawyer up, Issa warns CIA staff

Arthur Laffer: Tax Internet Sales, Stimulate Growth

George Will: What's behind the funding of the welfare state

WSJ: Rand Paul Says He Is Mulling White House Run
Fox: Rand Paul says he's considering a 2016 presidential bid
Examiner: Rand Paul opens 2016 bid, plans primary trips
Hill: Paul: White House bid would give me 'larger microphone' to influence nation

NBC: Bush is back -- but not his popularity

Daily Caller: Republicans hire veteran political consultants to modernize digital strategy


Miami Herald: Bipartisan bill could help 740,000 undocumented immigrants in Florida

Fox: Florida lawmakers pass bill restricting drone use


NYT: In Dark Humor and Stiff Drinks, Albany Finds Relief From Scandal
NYT: In Poll, Most New Yorkers Say Corruption Is a Big Problem

NYT: For Quinn, Weiner Is the Possible Candidate Who Must Not Be Named
Nate Silver: Why Weiner’s Mayoral Bid Is a Long Shot


LA Times: Jobless to feel pinch of federal cuts


Fox: Sanford: I was at ex-wife's home to be with son
Politico: Mark Sanford responds to trespassing complaint
State: National GOP drops Sanford like hot potato
Roll Call: Mark Sanford Deserted by Entire GOP Calvary
NYT: Mark Sanford Won’t Get Money From G.O.P. for House Bid
WaPo: Mark Sanford’s campaign stumbles as ex-wife’s allegations lead GOP to abandon him
NatJ: Mark Sanford Attacks Elizabeth Colbert Busch in First General Election Ad


AJC: Ralph Reed becomes Marco Rubio’s wingman on immigration


WTimes: Rising GOP star ponders another run in Utah



April 17, 2013


WaPo: Letter sent to Miss. senator believed to be laced with poison
WSJ: Ricin Suspected in Senate Mail
Politico: Letter with ricin sent to Roger Wicker
NYT: Ricin Detected in Letter Sent to Senator Roger Wicker
WTimes: Mail addressed to Sen. Roger Wicker tests positive for deadly ricin
Fox: Envelope containing ricin sent to Sen. Wicker, lawmakers say
CBS: Some early tests on letter to Miss. senator show ricin, a toxin
Daily Beast: Ricin-Filled Envelope Addressed to Senator Wicker an Eerie 9/11 Echo

Boston Globe: A grim hunt for answers in wake of Marathon attack
WSJ: Boston Bomb Clues Surface
NYT: Boston Bombs Were Loaded to Maim
WaPo: Boston Marathon bombs had simple but harmful design, early clues indicate
WTimes: Boston bombs used nail-packed pressure cookers, officials say
NYT: Obama Calls Blasts an ‘Act of Terrorism’
NatJ: Experts Skeptical Homegrown Terrorists Were Behind Boston Bombings
NatJ: Without a Suspect in Boston Marathon Bombing, Obama Has a Heavy Burden
Daily Caller: Limbaugh: If Boston bomber a Muslim, ‘media will circle the wagons’
Hill: Homeland terror attack shifts Obama agenda at crucial moment
Human Events: Democrats link Boston bombing to sequestration
Rush Limbaugh: The Left Politicizes the Boston Bombing
Rush Limbaugh: Isn't This How Bill Ayers Got His Start?
Rush Limbaugh: Ban Pressure Cookers and Ball Bearings!

WTimes: Senators put final touches on plan for immigration; border security is key element
Examiner: Immigration compromise adds border security, grants citizenship
WSJ: Immigration Bill's Price Tag an Issue
Fox: Immigration bill authors defend package amid security concerns
WaPo: Immigration measure’s opponents hope delays will kill bipartisan bill
NYT: Beside a Path to Citizenship, a New Path on Immigration
WaPo: Facebook flexes political muscle with provision in immigration bill
LA Times: Immigrants in L.A. guardedly optimistic about Senate bill
NYT: Unlikely Friendships, Stalemates and a Pizza Apology
WaPo: Editorial: John McCain’s sage counsel on gun control
Weekly Standard: On Immigration, Rubio Has Lots of Communicating to Do
National Review: Gang of Eight Bill Opens Door to Bigger Amnesty
Fox: How does immigration bill compare with failed 2007 proposal?
Dick Morris: Make noise on immigration
Betsy McCaughey: Unhealthy Immigration Reform

NatJ: Senate Sets Wednesday Gun Vote
Hill: Sen. Reid rolls dice on gun bill
WaPo: Senate reaches deal on amendments to gun bill
NYT: Senate Sets Flurry of Crucial Votes on Gun Measures, Some Expanding Rights
WTimes: Short of 60, senators hunt for votes on gun background checks
Fox: Gun bill supporters struggling to round up Senate votes
NYT: Seeking Gun or Selling One, Web Is a Land of Few Rules
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Works the Phones -- For Gun Control

James Taranto: The Banality of Bias

Roll Call: First-Quarter Fundraising: Winners and Losers


Roll Call: Gary Peters Posts Strong Fundraising Ahead of Senate Race Decision


Examiner: Outside groups pumping cash into Virginia governor's race


Fox: North Dakota governor signs strict abortion measure


Stuart Rothenberg: Steve King’s Cash Raises Eyebrows, Doubts About Senate Bid


NYT: Cuomo Adds Election Law Office to Anticorruption Proposals
Albany TU: Cuomo won’t give AG election enforcement powers
NY Post: Cuomo holds steady in poll but fares poorly on corruption

NYT: Weiner Hasn’t Joined Race for Mayor, but a Poll of Democrats Puts Him in Second


AJC: Mark Sanford caught sneaking around ex-wife’s house
ABC: Mark Sanford's Ex-Wife Says He Trespassed
State: Ex-wife says former SC Gov. Sanford trespassed
State: Jenny Sanford on trespass complaint: Ex-husband’s race ‘not my concern’
WSJ: Jenny Sanford: I Didn't Leak Report on Ex-Husband


AJC: Georgia Senate fundraising: Gingrey remains in front


Politico: RGA aide Mike Schrimpf heads to Illinois


Politico: Ark. House OKs Medicaid proposal


Roll Call: GOP Recruit Concerned About State Party Turmoil



April 16, 2013


Boston Globe: 3 killed, more than 130 hurt by bombs at Marathon
WaPo: Boston Marathon bomb blasts kill at least three, leave scores injured
WSJ: Terror in Boston: A reminder of how vulnerable the U.S. homeland still is
NYT: Bombs at the Marathon
Politico: Person of interest's apartment searched
Andrew McCarthy: Boston Marathon Explosion -- Two Things to Bear in Mind

W: As debate begins, Senate background check proposal for gun sales lacks necessary votes
AP: Close vote seen on background checks on gun buyers
Examiner: Gun background check deal in jeopardy in Senate
Hill: Manchin-Toomey background-checks bill faces uphill path to secure 60 votes
NYT: Senators, Seeking Support, Weigh Revisions to Background Check Bill
WTimes: Senators draw line at private gun sales; compromise to test ideals
NYT: Senator’s Absence Worries Democrats as Gun Votes Near

WaPo: Senators to release immigration plan, including a path to citizenship
WTimes: Allowing illegal immigrants to stay gains support, led by Republicans
Hill: Gang of Eight to delay rollout of immigration bill after Boston blasts
WaPo: Key provisions expected in immigration legislation proposal
Hill: Immigration — five things to watch for
LA Times: Immigration bill would be largest such effort ever attempted
WSJ: Immigration Bill Opens Wider Path for Foreign Workers
WSJ: What Senate Bill Means for Different Immigrants
Fox: Senate Dems allow extra hearing on immigration bill in bid to ease opposition
NYT: Senate Immigration Proposal Is Likely to Ignite Fierce Debate
NatJ: 5 Roadblocks to Immigration Reform

Gallup: Few in U.S. See Guns, Immigration as Nation's Top Problems

WaPo: Republicans embrace Obama’s offer to trim Social Security benefits
Charlie Cook: Dems Risk Alienating Young Voters by Opposing Cuts in Entitlement Spending
Larry Kudlow: Obama’s Growth-busting Budget

WaPo: GOP issues critical report of labor secretary nominee Perez
WTimes: Obama’s Labor pick Thomas Perez abused power, GOP lawmakers say

Hill: Congressional GOP warming up to Hagel

WSJ: Tax Refunds Fall Due to Fiscal-Cliff Deal

James Taranto: From Roe to Gosnell

David Brooks: What You’ll Do Next

WaPo: Herman Cain returns to spotlight with American Black Conservatives group

Roll Call: Senators Raise Big Bucks Early to Combat Super PACs

Stuart Rothenberg: The Most Vulnerable House Incumbent(s) of 2014


Roll Call: Rubio Raises $2.28 Million in First Quarter


American Spectator: Senator Arlen Toomey?


Detroit News: EM Orr moves closer to transferring city services


Examiner: Terry McAuliffe doubles Ken Cuccinelli's fundraising haul in Virginia
WaPo: Editorial: Terry McAuliffe faces scrutiny for electric car company
Charles Lane: EB-5 visa immigration program is flawed


Star Tribune: Senate: Time to raise pay for Minnesota's lawmakers


NYT: Justices Refuse Case on Gun Law in New York


Dan Walters: California Senate gets dose of realism


Dallas MN: Rick Perry calls for $1.6 billion of cuts in business taxes


NatJ: Inside Elizabeth Colbert Busch's Private D.C. Fundraiser


AJC: Isakson, Chambliss again targeted for gun bill votes
AJC: With Senate race in mind, Jack Kingston shows off $843k in GOP names, connections
AJC: Jody Hice enters GOP race to replace Paul Broun


Roll Call: Kentucky: Capitol Police Assisting FBI With McConnell Recording Probe
WaPo: Curtis Morrison starts legal defense fund
Breitbart: Alleged McConnell Bugger Starts Legal Defense Fund
Politico: Reading the Corn leaves: NRSC continues push to link Dems and Progress KY


Fox: Democratic reps in Massachusetts Senate race suspend campaigns after explosion


Roll Call: Tumultuous Alaska GOP Could Affect Senate Race
Politico: Joe Miller weighs Alaska Senate run



April 15, 2013


WSJ: Immigration Pitch Dialed Up
WTimes: Immigration draft lays out contentious points plan to reward, select immigrants
NYT: Rubio Offers Full-Throated Support for Immigration Bill
Politico: On immigration, Marco Rubio is everywhere
Examiner: Rubio: Illegal immigrants won’t get welfare
Hill: Rubio: Immigration plan ‘not amnesty’
Fox: Rubio says immigration plan not amnesty, amid conservative scrutiny
WaPo: With immigration plan, Rubio makes first major policy gambit of his career
Examiner: Republican Rubio pushes immigration reforms his party opposes
WSJ: Rubio Says No Thoughts About 2016 Yet

NatJ: Why a Messed Up Immigration Bill Could Still Pass
Politico: Sessions, Schumer spar on immigration reform
Chris Cillizza: Five senators to watch on immigration bill

WSJ: Race for Support Before Key Gun Vote
WSJ: ‘Open Question’ if Gun Plan Will Pass
Hill: Wind shifts in gun-control debate
Hill: Manchin-Toomey bill inching closer to 60 votes in the Senate
Fox: Senate leaders: Too close to say if gun control bill has the votes to pass
WT: Senators uncertain how vote on gun bill will swing; co-sponsors look for GOP support
NYT: Rifts in Both Parties Complicate Odds for Gun Measure
WaPo: Gun rights group endorses Manchin-Toomey background-check bill
John Bolton & John Yoo: Obama's United Nations Backdoor to Gun Control

Fox: Democrat changes story of Progress Kentucky members taping McConnell meeting

Fox: Labor secretary nominee accused of 'quid pro quo' deal

Fox: Cornyn says Obama budget makes only 'modest progress' toward entitlement reform
NatJ: It's Easy to Fix Social Security
Politico: Barack Obama, class warrior
Politico: Mitch McConnell in no mood for bipartisanship
Judd Gregg: The good, bad and ugly in President Obama’s new budget

WSJ: OpEd: America Needs an Alternative Maximum Tax

WaPo: House bill would fire tax-delinquent federal workers

WaPo: Border Patrol agents offer plan to avert furloughs while cuttings costs

Gallup: Fewer Americans Now View Their Income Taxes as Fair

WSJ: OpEd: The President's Free-Trade Path to Prosperity

American Spectator: The Wheels Come Off Obamacare

Robert Samuelson: Family meltdown

Paul Krugman: The Antisocial Network

ABC: GOP Super Donor Bob Perry of Texas Dies at 80
Dallas MN: Bob Perry, mega donor to the Texas GOP, dies in his sleep
Fox: Prolific Texas GOP donor and businessman Bob Perry dead at 80
Houston Chronicle: Perry, backer of GOP causes and Houston builder, dies at 80
Wikipedia: Bob J. Perry

WaPo: Jenna Bush baby born: It’s a girl

Jen Rubin: Republicans making mistakes


Miami Herald: FL’s Dems fret about a reinvented Charlie Crist’s possible run for governor


Detroit FP: Michigan taxpayers take their anger out on Gov. Rick Snyder


National Review: With Cuccinelli, Door to Door
Examiner: In Va. election year, accountability is lacking


NYT: A Missouri School Trains Its Teachers to Carry Guns, and Most Parents Approve


Daily Caller: Santorum cancels Iowa trip after hospitalization


NYDN: Gov. Cuomo will pass on proposing special corruption panel, source says

NYT: Weiner, Exploring Possible Mayoral Bid, Issues Policy Booklet With Familiar Ring
WSJ: Schumer Has ‘No Comment’ on Weiner for Mayor
Politico: The Anthony Weiner-Mark Sanford comeback playbook

Fox: NRA affiliate vows fight as key measures of New York's tough new gun law take effect


SacBee: California Democrats push voting laws that could broaden their reach


Chicago ST: Police union boss on payroll of big Rahm Emanuel campaign donor


Roll Call: For McConnell, 2014 Is Well Under Way


NatJ: In Rhode Island, A Battle for the Democratic Party's Future


Roll Call: Alaska: Joe Miller Launching Senate Exploratory Committee



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Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet

Daily Caller: Republicans hire veteran political consultants to modernize digital strategy

WaPo: Book review: ‘Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution’ by Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick

Rush Limbaugh: Left in Uproar Over Chafets Book on Ailes

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