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Ed Rogers: The Insiders: GOP election prospects are good and getting better

WSJ: Senate Map Favors the GOP in 2014

Politico: Stakes high in 2014 governor battles

Charlie Cook: Here’s How Republicans Can Take Over the Senate



August 7, 2013


WSJ: U.S. Files Charges in Benghazi Attack
Fox: US files charges against Benghazi attack suspects, official says
WTimes: Under pressure, Obama administration files first charges in Benghazi attack

WSJ: The Other Targeting Scandal: Dems lobbied SEC to limit business political donations

NYT: Tapering of Stimulus Could Start as Soon as September, 2 Fed Presidents Hint

WSJ: Obama Sketches Goals for Retooled Mortgage Market
NYT: Obama Outlines Plans for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
WTimes: Obama supports Senate bill to kill Fannie, Freddie
NYT: Washington Steps Warily on Housing
Fox: Community banks, lenders cast doubt on Obama push to wind down Fannie, Freddie

Fox: Romney warns Republicans against forcing government shutdown over ObamaCare
Examiner: GOP faces challenge getting voters to support shutdown over Obamacare
Rush Limbaugh: You Don't Want Obamacare? Too Bad (Unless You Work in Washington)

NYT: National Push by a Local Immigration Activist: No G.O.P. Retreat

James Taranto: Wetlands Protection: The Labor Department weighs in on workplace crying

WaPo: Race is on to define Hillary Clinton’s potential presidential candidacy
Fox: Republicans open pre-emptive strikes on Clinton, undecided yet formidable in 2016
Politico: David Brock backs RNC's call for NBC, CNN to pull Hillary Clinton films
Hill: Priebus: We will cut networks out
Maureen Dowd: Reince Is Right

WSJ: Poll: Christie Seen as Top Challenger to Clinton

Byron York: Why isn’t Rick Santorum the GOP 2016 frontrunner?

Hill: GOP 2016 hopefuls get familiar with Iowa, New Hampshire voters

WSJ: George W. Bush in Hospital After Heart Procedure


Fox: FBI arrests 2 Florida mayors on corruption charges


Detroit News: Napoleon, Duggan set to face off for Detroit mayor
Detroit News: Ground game appears to pay off for Duggan
Detroit FP: Napoleon, Duggan appear headed for November showdown for Detroit mayor
NYT: Sheriff to Face Hospital Executive in Detroit Mayoral Runoff
WaPo: Duggan, Napoleon look ahead in Detroit mayor’s race
Fox: Write-in candidate advances to runoff in Detroit mayoral race


WaPo: McAuliffe, Cuccinelli race drips with venom
Politico: Ex-Cuccinelli staffer claims retaliation


Hill: Paul Ryan a heavy favorite for Ways and Means Committee gavel in 2015


Fox: Ex-madam, NYC Comptroller candidate released on bail after prescription drugs arrest

Albany TU: Bruno trial is a go
NYT: Court Rules Bruno May Face Fraud Charges
AP: Court: Ex-NY Senate majority leader can face trial


Roll Call: Rodney Alexander to Retire From Congress
Politico: GOP Rep. Rodney Alexander retiring


WTimes: Angry bluegrass roots and strong rivals spell trouble for Mitch McConnell in KY
Hill: Senators build ‘grassroots army’ to pressure McConnell on ObamaCare
NatJ: The Five Rules of Politics


Fox: First-term Republican Rep. Tom Cotton announces campaign for Arkansas Senate seat
Examiner: Rep. Tom Cotton makes his bid for US Senate official
Hill: Path to GOP winning back Senate majority runs through Arkansas


NatJ: Dick Cheney Keeping Head Down in Daughter's Senate Bid



August 6, 2013


WSJ: GOP Blasts CNN, NBC for Clinton Programs
WaPo: RNC accuses NBC and CNN of boosting Hillary, threatens to nix debates
Fox: GOP leader threatens to cut CNN, NBC from primary debates over Clinton specials
WTimes: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus protests Hillary Clinton documentary

WSJ: Obama to Seek Limited U.S. Mortgage Role
Fox: Obama to urge Congress in speech to shutter Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
WSJ: OpEd: Obama's False History of Public Investment

WTimes: ‘Defund Obamacare’ push to challenge GOP candidates; battle cry of primary foes
Byron York: Obamacare or immigration? Recess will test GOP priorities

Examiner: Sequester cuts don’t deter luxury conferences for judges
WTimes: Judges attend lavish conferences on taxpayer dime amid budget cuts

WSJ: Bradley Smith: The IRS Attack on Political Speech

James Taranto: True 'Lies'

Fox: Poll: Christie, Clinton are 'hottest' politicians in country


WSJ: Celebrated Texas State Senator Says Bid for Governor Is Possible
WTimes: Pro-choice hero Davis weighs Texas gov. run


Roll Call: Lindsey Graham’s Primary Strength in Numbers


NYT: Chicago Sees Pension Crisis Drawing Near


NatJ: Newest Republican Senate Recruit a Uniter, Not a Divider


NYT: Senator Amplifies Her Voice to Referee Fiscal Showdown


WaPo: Why you shouldn't underestimate Elizabeth Warren


Roll Call: Yet Another Democrat Declines Montana Senate Bid



August 5, 2013


Fox: House Republican leaders outline agenda for immigration, ObamaCare, budget talks
Hill: Cantor hints at sequester compromise
NYT: G.O.P. Governors Warn Party Members in Congress Not to Shut Government
Politico: Chambliss, Durbin hit Cruz on government shutdown

WSJ: GOP Leaders Signal Health-Care Card Not in Play in Budget Battle
Politico: Ryan: Shutdown not best way to repeal Obamacare

NYT: Health Care Law Raises Pressure on Public Unions
WSJ: Congress's ObamaCare Exemption
Paul Krugman: Republicans Against Reality

WSJ: Immigration Idea Offers Compromise
Ex: No big push for comprehensive immigration reform by Oct., House Majority Leader says
NYT: Demonstration at Arizona Border Divides Supporters of Immigration Overhaul
WaPo: House Republicans might cut off their party's nose to spite its face on immigration
NatJ: Who's Leading Immigration Reform in the House?

WTimes: Newt Gingrich sees Mideast errors, rethinks his neocon views

Fox: Five years later, an evolving Tea Party movement wades into the 2014 elections

WaPo: August recess now high season for interests lobbying lawmakers


Hill: Marco Rubio's new mission: Win back the Republican Party’s base

NatJ: The Making of Allen West Inc.


Politico: Santorum open to looking at 2016 bid

WSJ: Corbett, Kane Lock Horns Over Gay Marriage in Pennsylvania


WaPo: Hillary Clinton watchers keeping their eyes on Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for Va. gov
WT: McAuliffe associate removes car claim from Web; no record of Defense Dept approval
Politico: Billionaire environmentalist goes big in Virginia governor's race
Politico: Bobby Jindal turns up heat on Terry McAuliffe


Fox: Franken faces growing list of Republican challengers for his Senate seat in Minnesota


Fox: GOP Rep. Peter King tests 2016 waters in New Hampshire

NYT: De Blasio Asks City to Address Its Inequalities


NatJ: Mitch McConnell's Team Prepares to Defend His Role in the Coming Fiscal Showdown
NYT: Kentucky Political Staple: Barbs and Barbecue


NatJ: Chris Christie Is So Hot Right Now
Politico: Poll: Gov. Chris Christie the 'hottest'


Daily Caller: Palin would be Republican favorite to challenge Begich



August 4, 2013


WSJ: House Weighs More Guest-Worker Visas in Immigration Bill
Fox: House Republicans feel summer recess heat on immigration
Politico: Bob Goodlatte preps ‘Immigration Resource Kit’

Hill: Republicans flip script on Obama with populist attacks

WaPo: Governors talk 2014 elections outside of meetings in Milwaukee

NYT: Editorial: Republican No-Shows in the Budget Wars

Dan Balz: Which road for the divided GOP?

WaPo: Book review: ‘Collision 2012: Obama vs. Romney and the Future of Elections in America’ by Dan Balz

WSJ: Sunday Talk Preview: Terrorism Threat, Snowden


NatJ: Dave Camp’s Senate Flirtation Puts Tax Reform on Ice

NYT: 16 Vying to Lead Troubled Detroit

Politico: 'Tough nerd’ Rick Snyder takes on Detroit


WaPo: McAuliffe says he didn’t know SEC was investigating his former company

WaPo: Donor Jonnie Williams, Star Scientific are cooperating in probe of Gov. McDonnell


Fox: Franken faces growing list of Republican challengers for his Senate seat in Minnesota


Fox: First female Citadel grad to challenge GOP's Graham in 2014 South Carolina primary
Politico: Nancy Mace makes Senate run official in South Carolina


WaPo: In Kentucky, McConnell and Grimes trade barbs at quirky campaign stop
Politico: Mitch McConnell, Alison Lundergan Grimes face off at Fancy Farm
Hill: Kentucky Senate candidates trade barbs at rowdy Fancy Farms picnic
Fox: Sensing McConnell could be defeated, challengers try to unseat veteran GOP leader


Politico: Martin O’Malley outlines ‘16 candidacy


Hill: Republicans call on Justice Dept. to launch perjury investigation of Corzine



August 3, 2013


NYT: House Votes to Bar I.R.S. Action on Health Law
WSJ: House Passes Bill in Bid to Undermine Health-Care Law
Hill: House votes 232-185 to block the IRS from enforcing ObamaCare
Examiner: Republicans plot strategy to renew Obamacare fight in the fall
Byron York: The guns of August: Left and Right go to war over Obamacare

WTimes: House subpoenas Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew for IRS documents
Fox: Issa subpoenas Treasury for IRS documents, accuses agency of obstructing probe

WTimes: Tea party warns of ‘bait and switch’ on immigration

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Shuts Down Embassies as CIA Works Hard to Cover Up Benghazi

Examiner: GOP hints at hard times ahead as they leave town for summer break
WSJ: Hal Rogers, a Republican Team Player, Chides His Own

WaPo: Five myths about libertarians

Kathleen Parker: The newbie mavericks

Charles Blow: Marriage and Minorities

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


George Will: Kevyn Orr, Motown’s one-man show
Allysia Finley: Kevyn Orr: How Detroit Can Rise Again


NYT: Clouds Spread to Democratic Side of Virginia Governor’s Race
WaPo: Company with ties to Terry McAuliffe is under SEC investigation
WTimes: SEC investigating company co-founded by Terry McAuliffe
WSJ: Fred Barnes: The Obama Campaign Playbook Descends on Virginia


Fox: Wisconsin abortion law blocked by federal judge


NYT: Colorado Presses for Uninsured to Enroll


Hill: Collins tears into ObamaCare during Republican address


Fox: Cruz pushes grassroots effort to deny funding to ObamaCare


Roll Call: Democratic Polls Show Tight Race for McConnell
WSJ: Conservative Bevin Aims to Topple McConnell in Kentucky Primary
Hill: Kentucky Senate candidates test their mettle at rowdy Fancy Farm picnic


Daily Caller: New Jersey governor rallies “ChristieCrats” in new re-election ad
Rush Limbaugh: See? Chris Christie Embraces "Christiecrats"

NYT: Editorial: Cory Booker for Senator


Hill: Baucus staffer quits to explore run for office



August 2, 2013


WSJ: Bill to Fund Transportation, Housing Fails in Senate
NYT: G.O.P. Rifts Lead Congress to Spending Impasse
Examiner: GOP divide over spending cuts weakens chances of getting the budget they want
WSJ: Reid Warns Fellow Democrat on Tax Talks
WaPo: Budget truce seems out of reach as congressional recess looms

NYT: Republicans Refuel Effort to Cripple Health Care Law
WaPo: Congressional Republicans split along lines of seniority, tactics
WaPo: Inside the Obamacare resistance
Excminer: Conservative groups threaten GOP lawmakers to defund Obamacare
WaPo: Groups go door-to-door to encourage enrollment in Obamacare
Charles Krauthammer: How fractured is the GOP?
Michael Gerson: Ted Cruz’s threat of government shut down recalls Custer

Fox: Lawmakers, aides to get ObamaCare exemption
NYT: Deal Keeps U.S. Health Care Contribution for Congress

WSJ: Pentagon Lays Out Ways to Slash Spending
NatJ: Republican Military Hawks Stand Their Ground

Fox: GOP prepares food stamp legislation to cut program by 5 percent
Examiner: House Republicans calls for more food stamp cuts

Fox: Obama pivots back to housing as homeownership slides to 18-year low

WTimes: House issues subpoenas to get Benghazi documents from State Department

Fox: US to temporarily shut down embassies around the world Sunday amid security concerns
WTimes: U.S. embassies in Muslim countries to close amid ‘specific threat’

Kim Strassel: New Links Emerge in the IRS Scandal
NYT: Ex-Chairman of Freddie Mac Nominated to Lead IRS

NYT: Senate Easily Approves Obama’s U.N. Nominee

Paul Krugman: Sex, Money and Gravitas

David Brooks: The Neocon Revival

James Taranto: It's Always Selma Again: On the cheapening of civil-rights history

NYT: OpEd: A Republican Case for Climate Action

WSJ: Freshmen GOP Lawmakers Revel in Maverick Power


Roll Call: GOP Chairman to Discuss Senate Race With Camp


NYT: Coming to an Old Friend’s Aid, With an Eye on the Clinton Image


WTimes: Georgia asks for emergency delay on Obamacare


Daily Caller: Tom Cotton at Harvard: Hated libertarians, loved Bill Clinton


Fox: Coal-state lawmakers fight to save industry



August 1, 2013


AP: House GOP dealt setback on austerity
Hill: Republican fiscal splits erupt; Rogers rips party leadership on spending cuts
WaPo: House Republicans pull spending measure, focus on bills to embarrass White House

WSJ: Eight GOP Senators to Meet at White House on Taxes, Spending

NatJ: Boehner’s Passive-Aggressive Style Heightens Risk of Government Shutdown
Politico: Marco Rubio: Barack Obama pushing shutdown
Hill: Obama gives Dems marching orders for budget fights in fall
Karl Rove: Obama is baiting the GOP to shut down the government in the fall

NYT: Hagel Gives Dire Assessment of Choices He Expects Cuts to Force on the Pentagon
Fox: Hagel: Budget cuts could force Navy to sideline 3 aircraft carriers

WSJ: House Clears Student Loan Bill
WaPo: Congress approves student loan plan

WaPo: Senate confirms ATF director for first time since 2006
Examiner: Senate preserves fragile filibuster deal after Murkowski switches her vote

WTimes: Congress will leave for summer recess with little accomplished

WSJ: Obama to Nominate Raskin for Deputy Treasury Post

WSJ: House Republicans Criticize Holder for 'Deceptive' Testimony
Fox: Republican report concludes Holder misled Congress on reporter targeting

Fox: House panel probing whether IRS-FEC shared confidential tax information

WSJ: Obama Defends Summers in Meetings With Lawmakers
NYT: Weighing Choice for Fed, Obama Offers His Party a Defense of Summers
WaPo: Obama defends Summers to congressional Democrats, says he’s not close to decision

WSJ: Fed Leaves Bond Buys in Place, Moderates Description of Economy

Ann Coulter: O'Reilly: Killing History

WSJ: Crossroads Groups Raise $3.3 Million

WaPo: Libertarians flex their muscle in the GOP

WaPo: The Democrats’ Senate majority firewall
NatJ: Democrats Using Voting Rights Issues to Protect Senate Majority
Roll Call: DSCC Chairman Urges Patience in Senate Race Recruitment

Roll Call: The Obama Paradox for House Democrats


WTimes: Jesse Jackson compares Florida to Selma, Rick Scott to George Wallace
WaPo: Fla. gov. criticizes Jesse Jackson over ‘Selma’ comments


NatJ: Michigan GOP Pushing Dave Camp to Run for Senate

Detroit News: Congressional Democrats seek to boost federal aid for Detroit


Politico: North Carolina's rightward turn could be boon to Kay Hagan


Daily Caller: McAuliffe’s GreenTech company bypassed state law in acquiring land

Fox: Va. Gov. McDonnell says daughter returned $15G wedding gift


WSJ: Weiner Campaign Aide Apologizes for Comments About Intern

Albany TU: Bruno kin accused in no-show


LA Times: Bob Filner may turn out to be Republicans' best friend


DC: Cruz ‘perplexed’ by GOP attacks on him, won’t back down in ‘Defund Obamacare’ fight


Fox: Sen. Paul offers to bury the hatchet with Gov. Christie over a beer
Politico: Chris Christie: I'm too busy for beer with Rand Paul
Politico: Why Rand Paul and Chris Christie went to war
WaPo/Dana Milbank: Rand Paul rebuked by fellow Republicans on foreign aid

Fox: McConnell battles Tea Party challenge, in measure of party rift
Politico: Kentucky Senate election 2014: Poll predicts tight race


Fox: Arkansas Republican Rep. Cotton to run for Senate seat


Fox: Liz Cheney late paying tax on new home


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WaPo/Dan Balz: How the Obama campaign won the race for voter data

NatJ: Why Democrats Are Laughing at Republicans' Digital Strategy - And Why They Shouldn't Be

WaPo: GOP’s new tech strategy leads to Silicon Valley in quest to ‘leapfrog’ Democrats

Roll Call: Walden Pledges Improvement for GOP Online Fundraising

Politico: NRCC chief Greg Walden vows to fix polling flaws

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