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Charles Schott:
Senate Math for 2014
Optimism tempered by experience!

Roll Call: 3 Key Factors Each Party Is Banking On for a Senate Majority

Karl Rove: Can the Democrats Retake the House in 2014?



August 21, 2013


Hill: House Republicans might call for vote on ‘clean’ hike to borrowing limit
NYT: Editorial: Republicans Retreat From a Shutdown

WSJ: Health Overhaul Targets Hispanics
Fox: Administration missing dozens of ObamaCare deadlines
Hill: DeMint: Republicans unwilling to defund ObamaCare ‘need to be replaced’

WTimes: 4 sent back to work after missteps on Benghazi
Hill: State: Employees criticized on Benghazi 'served honorably'
Fox: Krauthammer: Kerry's Benghazi decision 'surely is a Clinton protection operation'
Rush Limbaugh: Benghazi a Year Later: The Cover-up Continues

Dick Morris: Be united on border security

James Taranto: Partisanship and 'Voting Rights'

NYT: Roberts Varies Pattern in Choice for Spy Court

WaPo: Summers, Yellen allies wage behind-the-scenes effort to win Federal Reserve nod
NYT: OpEd: Wanted: A Boring Leader for the Fed

Hill: House Republican says he’s met with lawyers about impeaching Obama

WTimes: Hillary Clinton is winning the name game for the 2016 presidential election
Ex: Waiting on Hillary Clinton: Dem presidential contenders defer to the ‘inevitable’ nominee


Detroit News: State has 10 days to vote to certify tumultuous Detroit mayoral race
Detroit FP: Each vote cast in Detroit primary counts, so recount them to get tally right


Roll Call: Virginia Foxx Says No to Senate Bid in North Carolina


Politico: Virginia poll: Terry McAuliffe leads Ken Cuccinelli
WSJ: McAuliffe Picks Up Support From GOP Operative


Politico: Scott Walker’s stealth 2016 strategy
WTimes: Rand Paul, Chris Christie doing disservice to the party, Wis. Gov. Scott Walker says


NatJ: Northeastern Colorado Is Getting Ready to Secede


NYT: Nonprofits Are Balking at Law on Disclosing Political Donors


Examiner: California GOP chair rebuilding the party from scratch


NYT: Amid Talk of White House Run, Texas Senator Targets Obama’s Health Plan
WaPo: What Ted Cruz could mean for the 2016 presidential race
Hill: Ted Cruz downplays citizenship talk as a ‘silly’ distraction


Hill: Immigration reform stance could sting Graham in primaries


WSJ: Jindal Lambastes ‘Radical Left’ For Keystone XL Pipeline Delays

Examiner: Mary Landrieu leads GOP challenger by 10 points in new poll


WSJ: Lamar Alexander Draws Primary Challenge
WaPo: Republican Lamar Alexander calls out the Tea Party
Daily Caller: Alexander draws a challenger from the right
WTimes: Sen. Lamar Alexander gets primary challenger in Joe Carr
Fox: Tennessee state legislator to challenge Sen. Alexander


Daily Caller: McConnell says challenger lied about past on LinkedIn
Hill: Trump says he would have fired McConnell challenger for LinkedIn page
Roll Call: EMILY’s List Endorses Mitch McConnell’s Opponent in Kentucky Senate Race


WSJ: Lonegan Gets Backing of Christie in N.J. Senate Race
North Jersey: Christie endorses Lonegan, a onetime rival, in Senate race


Boston Globe: Ad barrage heats up in Boston’s mayoral race


Idaho Statesman: Our View: Simpson wisely skips a showdown



August 20, 2013


Hill: As Benghazi anniversary nears, Boehner pressed for new probe on attack

James Taranto: The ObamaCare Prisoner's Dilemma
Rush Limbaugh: If Obamacare is Defunded, Why Would Obama Shut Down the Govt?

Charlie Cook: Republicans Need to Get Real to Reach Fiscal Deal With Democrats
Roll Call: Van Hollen Slams 'Boehner Rule,' 'Hastert Rule' and Eyes Sequester Deal

NYT: Obama Presses for Action on Bank Rules

WSJ: The Die Harder States: Minnesota has increased the incentive to move to Florida

Examiner: Chris Christie: GOP needs to focus on winning, governing

Hill: Rubio keeps distance from August push for immigration reform

WT: Donald Trump: GOP needs ‘perfect’ candidate to beat Hillary Clinton — maybe himself

Politico: Scott Brown on 2016 run: 'I am curious'

Austin AS: Ted Cruz will renounce Canadian citizenship
WaPo: Cruz to renounce Canadian citizenship
WSJ: Cruz Tries to End Citizenship Debate
WTimes: A possible candidate is born: Sen. Ted Cruz a ‘wild card’ for GOP presidential bid

Politico: Rick Perry to headline Calif. GOP convention

Hill: Issa tops The Hill's 50 Wealthiest


Politico: Ohio Governor: Kasich Approval Drops


WSJ: Pension Funds Dispute Math in Detroit Bankruptcy


WaPo: Editorial: The fuzzy math of Ken Cuccinelli’s economic plan
Daily Caller: McAuliffe fundraising with former co-conspirator in union contribution scheme


WaPo: Scott Walker's GOP vision: No is not enough


Hill: Ken Buck announces Senate bid in Colorado


Roll Call: Braley Hires Top Operative as Senate Race Campaign Manager


NYT: The Ad Campaign: De Blasio Speaks Against Stop-and-Frisk Tactics


Fox: Embattled San Diego mayor in settlement talks with accuser


Politico: Jindal at 50 percent in internal poll


Politico: Kentucky Senate: McConnell Hits Bevin In Six-Figure Buy


NYT: Christie Signs Bill Outlawing a Gay ‘Cure’


Roll Call: Washington Republicans Have Turnover at the Top


Roll Call: Republicans Wait on Daines’ Decision in Montana Senate Race


Roll Call: Mike Simpson Hires Ex-Romney Aides for Re-Election Bid


Daily Caller: Kristol: Palin could ‘rehabilitate herself’ with 2014 Senate win



August 19, 2013


NYT: U.S. Workers Are Grounded by Deep Cuts

WaPo: Republicans increasingly eager to get the word out — en Español
WTimes: Republicans miss chance to reach out to Hispanics with immigration resolution

Fox: Republicans welcome a Christie-Paul debate, but internal GOP rumblings continue

WSJ: Confident Biden Team Sows Seeds For 2016

NYT: Questions on the Dual Role of a Clinton Aide Persist
Byron York: If Hillary is a lock, what’s a Democrat to do? Campaign for veep

Daily Caller: Scott Brown considering presidential run


WaPo: Attorneys for McDonnells to meet with prosecutors as key phase opens in gifts probe


WTimes: Colorado Democrats battle to remain in power


Politico: California Republicans turn to immigration to fight extinction

SacBee: Half of California voters report difficulty paying for health care, poll finds


AJC: At 'kickoff' of political season, a taste of things to come


Politico: Lone Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor hangs on


NatJ: Manchin Unapologetic on Guns (But Still Playing Defense)


Politico: Chris Christie to back GOP Senate nominee


NYT: McCain Takes His Work Home to Arizona, Promoting an Immigration Bill



August 18, 2013


WaPo: RNC votes to exclude CNN, NBC from 2016 presidential primary debates
WTimes: GOP votes to bar CNN, NBC from hosting primary debates
Daily Caller: RNC officially bans Republican candidates from CNN and NBC primary debates

WSJ: Reince Priebus Tightens Grip Over GOP Campaign Apparatus
Politico: RNC, Ron Paul backers seek peace

NYT: Christie’s Re-election Engine Gets in Gear for a Bigger Race
Albany TU: 2016 campaign checklist: Who's doing what
Frank Bruni: The Past’s Future Republican (Jeb)

Mark McKinnon: American Way: The inside story of DC's professional political class
WSJ: Russell Moore: From Moral Majority to 'Prophetic Minority'

Salena Zito: Things looking up for GOP down-ballot

WaPo: Who would the public blame for a government shutdown?
WaPo: New Web site allows easy salary spying on federal workers

Fox: Feds announces release of $67 million to help Americans go 'shopping for' ObamaCare
Hill: Many 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls agree: Defund ObamaCare
NatJ: The Defund Obamacare Movement Falls on Hard Times

WSJ: Sunday Talk Preview: Stop and Frisk
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Judge Blocks State Voter ID Law


Roll Call: Dave Camp Not Running for Senate in Michigan


WTimes: Terry McAuliffe poised to let Virginia Democratic Party sling mud for him


WTimes: New GOP ads hit Obamacare ‘exemption,’ Iowa congressman


Daily Caller: Mark Steyn a candidate for US Senate?


NYT: Brown Cheered in Second Act, at Least So Far

Fox: Effort to recall San Diego mayor launches Sunday


Hill: Davis set to explore gubernatorial bid


Daily Caller: Alabama GOP purges pro-gay marriage member


Dan Balz: In Illinois, a Democratic family feud in gubernatorial race


Hill: Democrats, for once, are rooting for McConnell in Senate primary


LA Times: Chris Christie supports allowing medical marijuana for children


Hill: Begich goes local in a bid to save vulnerable Dem Senate seat



August 15-17, 2013


WSJ: Confident Consumers Step Up Their Borrowing
Fox: California economist says real U.S debt $70 trillion, not $16.9 trillion the Govt claims

WSJ: Government Shutdown Blame Game
Politico: Poll: Shutdown blame would be split
Daily Caller: Obama’s furlough apocalypse fails to materialize

Fox: Is ObamaCare a stepping stone to government-controlled health care?
Fox: Summertime Blues: Polls show ObamaCare support eroding amid roll-out problems
NYT: The Challenge of Helping the Uninsured Find Coverage
Politico: Newt Gingrich: No GOP health care plan
George Will: Obama’s unconstitutional steps worse than Nixon’s

WTimes: Obama’s immigration test run raises cheers, alarm
Hill: Poll: Majority oppose more foreign workers under immigration reform
Politico: Immigration reform's whipping boy: Kevin McCarthy

Fox: More 'Fast and Furious' weapons appear at Mexico crime scenes

Karl Rove: Can the Democrats Retake the House in 2014?

James Taranto: Hagel's Science of Logic

Ann Coulter: Racism Card Looking A Little Dog-Eared

WSJ: The Priebus Ultimatum: A misguided warning to pro-Hillary TV networks

Fox: Early attacks on Clinton part of new Republican playbook, Dems warn plan could backfire
Daily Caller: ‘Ready for Hillary’ bumper stickers are a thing now
Politico: Hillary Clinton considering academic options
Hill: Republicans fear 2016 free-for-all will only boost Hillary Clinton

Hill: GOP presidential hopefuls seek to distance themselves from Romney

Rush Limbaugh: It's Too Early to Know About 2016


Hill: Critz opts out of House rematch


WSJ: An Ohio Prescription for GOP: Lower Taxes, More Aid for Poor


NatJ: Michigan GOP Poised to Botch Senate Pickup Opportunity


Daily Caller: It’s official: Hickenlooper is running for re-election in 2014


NYT: Spitzer Has Big Lead Over Stringer, Poll Finds
WaPo: Spitzer takes 19-point lead in New York City comptroller primary


Politico: Wendy Davis, filibuster and a run for gov
Politico: Wendy Davis in heels and in Vogue


Roll Call: Senate Republicans Duck Hunt in Louisiana


WSJ: Former Rep. Jackson Sentenced to 2½ Years
NYT: Jesse Jackson Jr. Gets 30 Months, and His Wife 12, to Be Served at Separate Times
WaPo: What Jesse Jackson Jr. meant to politics


WSJ: Conservatives to Sen. Alexander: Time to Retire


Hill: McConnell challenger pushes him to take stand on ObamaCare


Examiner: Clintons plan to campaign for Mark Pryor in Arkansas


Politico: Chris Christie confronted on medical pot

NYT: New Jersey Court to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Case


Politico: Mike Enzi attending New York Meeting



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Charles Schott:
Senate Math for 2014
Optimism tempered by experience!

Byron York: Republicans look to change structure of campaign debates

WaPo/Dan Balz: How the Obama campaign won the race for voter data

NatJ: Why Democrats Are Laughing at Republicans' Digital Strategy - And Why They Shouldn't Be

WaPo: GOP’s new tech strategy leads to Silicon Valley in quest to ‘leapfrog’ Democrats

Roll Call: Walden Pledges Improvement for GOP Online Fundraising

Politico: NRCC chief Greg Walden vows to fix polling flaws

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