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RCP: GOP's Senate Prospects Look Rosy, but Perils Lurk

Ed Rogers: The Insiders: GOP election prospects are good and getting better

WSJ: Senate Map Favors the GOP in 2014

Politico: Stakes high in 2014 governor battles

Charlie Cook: Here’s How Republicans Can Take Over the Senate



August 14, 2013


Govt Exec: Nearly Every Major Agency Has Reduced Furloughs
WSJ: Federal Workers Try New Ways to Protest the Sequester

WSJ: Health-Law Delays Starting to Pile Up
Examiner: GOP basks in latest Obamacare delay
Peggy Noonan: The High Cost of ObamaCare

WaPo: IRS drumbeat continues with Congress on break
WTimes: IRS letting questions, applications languish; few fixes after abuses revealed
Fox: House: IRS probe shows Lerner used personal email account for official business

WaPo: Immigration-overhaul advocates make big August push
NYT: Study Offers a Picture of Young Immigrants Seeking a Reprieve From Deportation
Fox: Rubio warns Obama could act to legalize immigrants if Congress fails to pass reform

Examiner: Wolf renews call for special Benghazi panel after new questions surface

WSJ: Problems With Authority: Lawless regulators and the White House earn a judicial rebuke

WSJ: Senate Pressure on Fed Pick Irks White House

Kim Strassel: Behind an Ethanol Special Favor

WaPo: GOP governors and legislatures: divided by a common party

WSJ: AFL-CIO to Focus on Governors' Races
USA Today: AFL-CIO eyes GOP governor races as 2014 priority
Politico: AFL-CIO aiming at GOP governors in 2014
Fox: AFL-CIO tries to regroup as American support for unions declines

NYT: Unease at Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Goals
T: Groundhog Day: If Mrs. Clinton sees her shadow, it'll be 39 more months of campaigning
Kathleen Parker: Hillary Clinton power in 2016
Jen Rubin: Seven Hillary Clinton fallacies

WaPo: Why Chris Christie should stand up to Sarah Palin


WSJ: Hagan and Voter ID
Politico: Kay Hagan to DOJ: Review voter ID law
ABC: Reality Check: Voter I.D. Will Impact Students
Charlotte Ob: Opponents of new NC voting laws prepare suits, proponents hone arguments
NYT: North Carolinians Fear the End of a Middle Way
Daily Caller: Krauthammer, Juan Williams battle over voter ID laws


WaPo: Editorial: Terry McAuliffe’s former car company is signaling problems in gov’s race


Fox: Porno-penning candidate seeks millions from Colorado GOP for outing erotica past


NYT: New Poll Suggests That de Blasio Is Now First Among Voters
NYDN: Bill de Blasio surges ahead of Democratic mayoral candidates in new poll
NatJ: Is Bill de Blasio the Real Deal?


Fox: San Diego mayor banned from Hooters


WaPo: Democrats have their eye on Nikki Haley. But unseating her won't be easy


WSJ: Mississippi Wrangles With Open-Carry Gun Law


Fox: 'Duck Dynasty' star reportedly eyed by Republicans as potential House candidate


WaPo: LaHood lands post-Cabinet gig


Roll Call: Second Republican Enters Race to Replace Cotton


Roll Call: Two More Republicans Move Toward Running for Capito Seat


WSJ: Booker, Lonegan to Face Off for Senate
Fox: Booker, Lonegan win primaries to face off in New Jersey special Senate election
NatJ: Christie Won't Help Cory Booker’s GOP Opponent In Senate Campaign


Roll Call: Ex-Congressman Says No to Montana Senate Bid



August 13, 2013


Reuters: Top Senate Republican seeks delay in 'Obamacare' insurance exchanges
NYT: A Limit on Consumer Costs Is Delayed in Health Care Law
Politico: Karl Rove, Mike Lee spar on Obamacare

WaPo: Obama will exempt military personnel if sequester continues

WSJ: U.S. Budget Deficit Shrinks as Revenues Rise
WTimes: Budget battle ends up with slashed deficit, no recession

WSJ: Fed's Yellen Says Stance on Banks Hardened

WaPo: New flashpoint: Push to legalize children of illegal immigrants
Austin AS: Immigration debate renews debate over border fence

WSJ: NLRB Gears Up With New Members

WT: WH’s daily emails use tax dollars to boost Obama’s image, stretch bounds of ‘franking’

Jen Rubin: The Heritage Foundation’s steep decline
Greg Sargent: Can the GOP avoid a government shutdown debacle?

Marc Thiessen: GOP needs to shed ‘squishy hawk’ image

WaPo: The Insiders: Clinton’s peg as 2016 front-runner
Rush Limbaugh: Democrat Presidential Strategy: The Firsts
Fox: What about Joe? In Hillary's shadow, Biden takes steps toward possible 2016 bid
Politico: Rove on 2016: Biden ‘gets in’

WaPo: Sarah Palin is on ‘Team Rand’. Two reasons why it matters (video)

NYT: A Former Engine of the G.O.P., the Town Hall Meeting, Cools Down
Byron York: House at risk in 2014 unless GOP offers agenda

Charlie Cook: 'Collision 2012' Opens Wider Window Into Race Between Obama and Romney


WaPo: North Carolina governor signs extensive Voter ID law
Atlantic: What North Carolina's New Voter ID Law Does for the GOP
Fox: North Carolina's sweeping voter ID law faces legal challenge


NYT: Poll Shows Modest Rise in Cuomo’s Popularity

NYT: The Ad Campaign: ‘Serious’ Lhota Tries to Stand Out From Circus
NYT: Weiner on a Roommate, Therapy and the Clintons

NYT: Stringer Goes After Spitzer During a Blistering Debate


Fox: California Gov. Brown signs transgender-student bill


HChron: Analysis: Ted Cruz turning into Rick Perry’s worst nightmare in Iowa


Politico: Aide: Nikki Haley running for reelection


Chicago Tribune: Jesse Jackson Jr. gives prison preferences
Allysia Finley: The Real Democrats of Illinois


WaPo: The most expensive Senate races ever — and where Kentucky might fit in


WaPo: Gansler said rival Brown relying on race in Maryland governor’s contest


WSJ: Candidates for Senate in N.J. Make Final Push
NYT: In New Jersey, Short Senate Primary Race Ends With Final Appeals to Voters

Bloomberg: Christie Won’t Renominate N.J. Supreme Court Justice Hoens



August 12, 2013


WSJ: White House Sifts Fiscal Ideas With Band of Senators
Politico: Next fiscal fight: Why Wall Street should worry
Stephen Moore: The Budget Sequester Is a Success

WaPo: Hillary Clinton’s theme, pre-2016: Women who break barriers

USA Today: William P. Clark, Former Reagan Aide, Dies at 81

NatJ: Are Seniors Souring on the Republican Party?


NatJ: Wait, Marco Rubio Would Shut Down the Government Over Obamacare?


Detroit News: Michigan becomes Obamacare battleground


WTimes: McAuliffe’s overstated production levels for GreenTech mar business-savvy image
Fox: Libertarian trying to shake up Va. governor's race gets tough on top candidates


WSJ: Ted Cruz, Other Republicans Already Are Visiting Iowa
CT: Ted Cruz Steals Rick Santorum’s Thunder Among Iowa Evangelicals
Fox: Cruz hits ObamaCare at Iowa event
Byron York: Is Ted Cruz the 2016 GOP frontrunner? In Iowa, maybe

Fox: Santorum says Republican Party must appeal to working class

NYT: Biden, Hinting at 2016, to Speak at Iowa Event


Fox: Congressman Peter King 'serious' about 2016 GOP presidential bid

NYT: Quinn Leads Democratic Rivals in Money Race


Fox: Tea Party returns to more solid ground, midterm challenges to Dems and Republicans


Hill: GOP anxiety grows over Ga. Senate race


Politico: GOP poll: Tom Cotton has edge over Mark Pryor


WTimes: Grassley’s patience with Delaware wears thin in O’Donnell tax snooping case


WSJ: Latest N.J. Senate Race Tactic: Handshakes


August 11, 2013


NYT: For Freshmen in the House, Seats of Plenty


WaPo: McAuliffe’s GreenTech car company launched with high hopes, reality dogs campaign



August 10, 2013


Fox: Obama defends health care legislation, plans to overhaul surveillance programs

WSJ: In Misstep, Obama Discusses Sealed Indictment on Benghazi

NYT: Fox May Produce Clinton Biopic Reviled by G.O.P.

Roll Call: Internal Email Names 17 House GOP Targets for Recess

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Hopeful’s Connections Jolt Bitter Virginia Race
WaPo: Cuccinelli says he would ‘just write a check’ to repay gifts from donor if he could


NYT: In Iowa, Hopes That a Clinton Can Close a Gap


Daily Caller: Christie leads in early New Hampshire primary poll


WaPo: Meet Scott Stringer, the man standing in the way of Eliot Spitzer’s comeback


WTimes: Perry hits fix for Hill staffers on health law


Roll Call: Third Congressman Backs Republican in Louisiana Special Election


WTimes: Scarborough: Paul-McConnell relationship is ‘marriage of convenience’
NatJ: 'Nosegate' Is Good News for Mitch McConnell's Tea-Party Challenger


WTimes: Delaware officials stonewalling IRS snooping probe, Grassley says



August 9, 2013


WaPo: Departure of GOP operatives could imperil debt-limit talks

WSJ: Businesses Push for More Low-Skill Visas

WaPo: FEC chair requests probe of agency’s ties with IRS

WTimes: House GOP: State Dept. must say who ordered Benghazi changes

WTimes: Inside RNC, a rules fight brews over lawyer’s tactics

Gallup: Immigrant and U.S.-Born Hispanics Tilt Democratic
WTimes: Hispanics favor Democrats more than 2-to-1: Gallup

Peggy Noonan: How Obama Wooed the Middle Class
Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s war by wordplay

Michael Gerson: America’s bubble of complacency

Paul Krugman: Phony Fear Factor


NYT: Woes of Detroit Hurt Borrowing by Its Neighbors


WaPo: Va. doctor who lent governor’s firm $50,000 was offered medical board appointment


Fox: Colorado prosecutor adds name to list looking to unseat Senator Udall
Roll Call: Ken Buck Back in Colorado

WTimes: Libertarians throw a curve at Colorado recall elections
Daily Caller: Colorado Dem: Don’t recall me because it’s ‘better to be safe than sorry’


WaPo: 2016 is well underway in Iowa. Just look at this weekend.


NYT: Quinn Leads Democratic Candidates for Mayor, Poll Finds
Examiner: New York City mayoral poll: Weiner not recovering from latest sexting revelation
NYT: Among Blacks, Spitzer and Weiner Find a More Forgiving Crowd


WSJ: McConnell Campaign Aide’s Comments Draw Fire
WaPo: McConnell’s campaign manager says he’s ‘sorta holding my nose’ while doing job


WTimes: Maryland's attorney general proposes giving prisoners iPads


NYT: Opponents in New Jersey Senate Race Struggle to Match Booker’s Star Power



August 8, 2013


WSJ: House Republicans Widen IRS Probe
WaPo: FEC chair requests probe of agency's ties with IRS
Hill: Issa investigating alleged collusion between IRS and FEC
Examiner: Darrell Issa says FEC coordinated with IRS on tax-exempt groups

NYT: Obama, Before a Military Audience, Vows to End Across-the-Board Cuts
Fox: Republicans revive 'Penny Plan' as sequester alternative to balance budget
NatJ: McCain May Be Our Only Hope for Forging Fiscal Deal
Examiner: Republicans debate who would get blame in government shutdown
Greg Sargent: Dragging Republicans towards the government shutdown abyss

WSJ: Some Democrats Waver on Immigration
WTimes: Wolf at the door: Immigrant rights issue follows lawmakers home

WSJ: New Rules for Lawmakers, Staffs to Buy Health Insurance
NYT: Higher Costs Seen for Some in Congress on Health Plans
WSJ: How the White House is weaseling Congress out of ObamacCare

Hill: ObamaCare cost-cutting board faces growing Dem opposition
Hill: Norquist urges GOP leaders to seek one-year delay of ObamaCare

Robert Samuelson: The health-care spending mystery

James Taranto: Great Orator Gaffes Again

Ann Coulter: Bill O'Reilly Is Smarter Than Lawrence O'Donnell

WTimes: Weiner, McAuliffe are ‘headaches’ for Clinton, GOP says
Politico: Poll: 30 percent of Democrats back Chris Christie

Hill: Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign accused of bribing state senator

Politico: Issa’s gavel up for grabs as jockeying begins

Politico: 5 House primaries to watch
Human Events: New crop of GOP challengers rise at RedState Gathering


NYT: Ruling Revives Florida Review of Voting Rolls


Politico: Gay marriage issue entangles Gov. Tom Corbett


George Will: The one who would reinvent Detroit


NatJ: What Virginia Voters Really Think of Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli
Politico: The battle for the new Virginia


Fox: Firearms maker blames New York gun law for move to Pennsylvania

WSJ: Cuomo Hires Writer, Moves Book Ahead


Roll Call: Rodney Alexander Will Take Post in Jindal Administration


Roll Call: Rand Paul Backs RNC on Primary Debates


WaPo: When freshmen run for Senate: Tom Cotton joins select group


Gail Collins: Chris Christie: Loud Is a Losing Proposition



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WaPo/Dan Balz: How the Obama campaign won the race for voter data

NatJ: Why Democrats Are Laughing at Republicans' Digital Strategy - And Why They Shouldn't Be

WaPo: GOP’s new tech strategy leads to Silicon Valley in quest to ‘leapfrog’ Democrats

Roll Call: Walden Pledges Improvement for GOP Online Fundraising

Politico: NRCC chief Greg Walden vows to fix polling flaws

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