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WaPo Democrats currently have a 1 percent chance of retaking the House

WaPo The Fix’s top 10 fish-out-of-water House incumbents

WaPo The Fix’s top 15 gubernatorial races of 2014



December 21, 2013


WSJ Small Budget Deal Makes Bigger One Less Likely

WSJ Flurry of Tweaks to Affordable Care Act Leaves Insurers Rattled
NYT New Health Law Frustrates Many in Middle Class
WSJ Obama Repeals ObamaCare: President partly suspends the individual mandate

WT Dems use new filibuster rules to approve DHS nominee Mayorkas under investigation
Fox Senate confirms Mayorkas to Homeland Security post despite probe

Examiner Senate invokes new filibuster restrictions to confirm IRS chief

Exminer Poll: Obama ends year at all-time low

Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet


SacBee Bill Whalen: Putting California’s GOP back together


NatJ Florida Becomes the Front Line in the War on Christmas


WaPo Walker signs bill rolling back road blocks on Indian team names
DC In Wisconsin, Big Chief Walker signs new Indian mascot bill


NYT De Blasio’s Tale of 2 New Yorks Inspires Liberals Beyond City

NYT 3 Aides Say Assemblyman Sexually Harassed Them
Buffalo News Court papers detail ‘dozens’ of Gabryszak improprieties
Albany TU Assemblyman accused of sexual bullying


Examiner David Vitter mulls run for governor in Louisiana


Examiner Small biz group launches anti-Obamacare ad campaign targeting Sen. Mark Pryor


WaPo Chris Christie just took a big risk on immigration


NYT Federal Judge Rules That Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal in Utah
Deseret News Gay couples wed after federal judge overturns Utah's same-sex marriage ban
WaPo Utah’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional, judge rules



December 20, 2013


WaPo Obama administration relaxes rules of health-care law four days before deadline
WSJ White House Will Allow Some To Buy Catastrophic Health Plans
WSJ Last-Minute Health-Site Enrollment Proves a Hard Sell
NYT Another Rule in Health Law Is Scaled Back
WTimes Sebelius adds yet another exemption for Obamacare
LA Times Administration opens first hole in health law mandate
Charles Krauthammer Story of the year

WSJ Obama Commutes Sentences of 8 Jailed on Cocaine Charges
NYT Obama Commutes Sentences for 8 in Crack Cocaine Cases
WSJ Case Studies: The 21 People Getting Clemency From Obama
Politico Obama commuted sentence of Deval Patrick kin

Roll Call Now the Hard Part: 3 Weeks to Apportion $1 Trillion

NYT Senate Passes Pentagon Bill After Compromise on Voting on Obama Nominees
WTimes Congress sends sweeping defense bill to Obama

Politico Senate reaches deal on Obama nominees
WSJ Sen. Reid Gets Agreement For Yellen Confirmation Vote in January

Examiner Even Republicans praise incoming Democratic Finance Chairman Ron Wyden

Fred Barnes The Lucky House Republicans

Rush Limbaugh Obama Falls to 41% in Fox Poll

Michael Mukasey The wrong ruling on NSA data collection

NYT OpEd: John Boehner’s Betrayal

Politico Christie campaign guru to join RGA


Fox Rep. Trey Radel won't resign despite cocaine arrest
Roll Call Radel Exits Rehab, Plans Return to Congress


WT Congressman Justin Amash’s campaign receives more than $100k in 48 hours


Fox Scott Walker signs bill making it harder to change 'racist' school mascots


WaPo New Mexico Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage
Fox New Mexico Supreme Court: Same-sex marriage legal


Roll Call Scott Brown: New Hampshire Move Is ‘Strictly Personal’


Buffalo News Astorino comes to Buffalo with aspirations


WaPo Tim Scott treads carefully through South Carolina and DC political thicket


Kim Strassel Mary Landrieu and All That JAZZ


CNN Christie reaches immigration deal with N.J. Democrats
NYT Christie Agrees to In-State Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants
Philly Deal clears way for N.J. 'Dream Act'
Politico Chris Christie joins immigration fray


Boston Globe Patrick’s cousin gets presidential clemency


WSJ Baucus Speculation Scrambles Montana Senate Race
WaPo What Max Baucus’s departure means for the Montana Senate race
Roll Call The Democratic Escape Plan in Montana
Politico The Baucus backstory


Fox Official who oversaw development of Oregon health exchange resigns



December 19, 2013


Politico Senate passes budget deal
WaPo Senate passes bipartisan budget agreement
WSJ Nine GOP Senators Back Budget Bill in Final Passage
NYT Budget Vote Passes the Details to Two Panels
WTimes President gets budget win — but only by staying out of negotiations
Dallas News: Senate OKs budget accord; debt limit fight next

NYT Uninsured Are Skeptical of Health Care Law in Poll

WaPo Obama to nominate Sen. Baucus as ambassador to China
NYT Baucus, Conflicted Architect of Health Overhaul, Is Obama’s Pick for China

NYT Obama Panel Recommends New Limits on N.S.A. Spying
WaPo Panel urges new curbs on surveillance by U.S.
NYT Editorial: Turn Off the Data Vacuum
Karl Rove How Obama Can Save the NSA

George Will Obama’s extreme use of executive discretion

Ann Coulter Mental Health Laws Are Trouble For Democrats

Robert Samuelson Is the West retiring early retirement?

NatJ Tea Party Candidates Shunned by Senate Idols
EJ Dionne The GOP’s fight has just begun

Hill House retirements: Who’s next?
Roll Call The 4 Types of House Retirements to Come


NYT Pennsylvania Governor Supports Anti-Bias Bill
Politico Poll: Tom Corbett behind Democrat challengers


Examiner Health care could be obstacle for GOP Ed Gillespie if he enters VA Senate race

WaPo In probe of Va. Gov. McDonnell, prosecutors agreed to delay decision on charges

NYT Republican Concedes in Virginia, Ending Recount in Attorney General Race


Politico Scott Walker mulls striking income tax


NYT Minnesota Becomes Fourth State to Lose Chief of Exchange


Roll Call Poll: Braley Leads in Iowa Despite Disapproval for Obama


Examiner New Mexico GOP wins campaign finance case


John Fund Governor Moonbeam Dreams Big


Daily Caller Top dog in Rick Perry’s prez campaign could earn big bucks for dramatic weight loss


Politico Nikki Haley chops her way to a black belt


Roll Call 6 Things to Know About Rep.-Elect Bradley Byrne


HE Mississippi toss-up: Cochran v. McDaniel tied at 40% in Human Events/Gravis poll


Examiner Mary Landrieu poised to lead Energy Committee in Senate musical chairs
NatJ To GOP's Chagrin, Energy Companies Pump Money Into Landrieu's Campaign


WSJ McConnell Declares War on ‘War on Coal’


Fox Matheson's exit gives GOP's Mia Love an opening for Utah congressional seat


NatJ How Baucus's Retirement Helps Democrats Keep the Senate



December 18, 2013


Politico Senate poised to pass budget deal
WSJ Parties' Budget Haggling Shifts to Specifics
NYT Budget Deal Offers a Reprieve From Capital’s Paralysis
NatJ As Budget Deal Heads to Passage, Senators Are Already Eyeing Changes

WSJ U.S. Lawmakers Discuss $8 Billion Cut to Food-Stamp Funding

NYT Ex-Microsoft Executive to Take Over Health Site Repairs
James Taranto (Almost) Everyone Loses

Byron York In post-nuclear Senate, Obama nominee thumbs nose at lawmakers

WSJ Ryan Seeks to Head Ways and Means in 2015
Politico Paul Ryan wants House tax-writing gavel in 2015
NYT 3 House Retirements Complicate Outlook for Midterms
WTimes House retirements creating pickup opportunities for Democrats and Republicans

WaPo Feeling besieged, tea party groups prepare for policy battles
Examiner Ted Cruz launches dramatic new Tea Party video for 2014
Rush Limbaugh How the Consultant Class Views the Tea Party

Politico Poll: Chris Christie tops Hillary Clinton in Iowa
Hill Liberal group touted access to Hillary Clinton for $250,000
Hill Ryan won’t run for White House in 2016, his GOP colleagues say


Politico Internal Rick Scott poll: Charlie Crist up in Florida

NYT House Opens Inquiry After Republican’s Cocaine Conviction


WSJ Rep. Wolf Says He Won’t Run in 2014
WTimes Longtime Republican Congressman Frank Wolf will not seek re-election
WaPo Frank Wolf to retire after 17 terms in Congress; N.Va. seat will be battleground in 2014
NatJ Wolf's Retirement Opens Another Battleground District for Democrats


WSJ Rep. Latham Is Latest Lawmaker to Say He Won’t Run in 2014
WaPo Rep. Tom Latham (R-Iowa) won’t seek reelection
Sioux City Journal Latham won't seek re-election in 2014


WSJ Scott Brown’s House Sale Fuels Fundraising for N.H.’s Shaheen
Jen Rubin Scott Brown can run and win on Obamacare


Capital New York Trump ally: Vote for Don in 2014!


WaPo Republican Bradley Byrne wins Alabama special election
Roll Call Bradley Byrne Wins Alabama Special Election for House
AL Bradley Byrne cruises to landslide victory over Burton LeFlore in congressional race


Roll Call Cochran Hires Campaign Manager for Tough Re-Election


WSJ Utah Surprise: Jim Matheson to Leave House
Fox Utah Democrat Rep. Matheson won't seek 8th term
NatJ Matheson's Exit Likely to Result in GOP Pickup
Examiner Jim Matheson retires, clears conservative star Mia Love's path to Congress
Daily Caller Mia Love weighs in on Matheson retirement



December 17, 2013


Hill Senate poised to approve budget
NYT Budget Deal Heads for Senate Approval as More Republicans Give Support
National Review Republican Senators Weigh In on Ryan-Murray
Examiner Sen. Orrin Hatch says he will back budget deal

WSJ Republicans Gird for Debt-Ceiling Fight
Examiner White House: Obama won't negotiate on debt ceiling

Fox Pentagon lawyer confirmed as Homeland Security secretary
Politico Jeh Johnson OK’d for Homeland Security
WSJ Jeh Johnson Confirmed as Homeland Security Chief
NYT Senate Confirms New Homeland Security Chief
Examiner Senate confirms Jeh Johnson as Homeland Security chief, Anne Patterson in State Dept

WTimes OBAMASCARE: Huge premium hikes rock employer-insured workers
Rush Limbaugh The Obamacare Stack: It's Scary, Folks

HE Gingrich: “Every major city which is a poverty center is run by Democrats”

HE John Boehner’s successful year on policy and politics

Time House Republican Strategy for 2014 Victory: Think Small, Do Little
KC Star RINOs put the Republican Party on the horns of a dilemma

WaPo The good, the bad and the ugly of the Des Moines Register 2016 poll
Townhall 2016 Poll: Paul Ryan Most Popular Republican in Iowa

Rush Inside-the-Beltway Crowd is Missing the Big Government Backlash Bubbling Out There

WaPo Obama suffers most from year of turmoil, poll finds
WaPo Post-ABC poll: Obama, Republicans, Health care and 2014 midterm

Charlie Cook Fallout From the 'Me Generation' Fuels Crisis in Congress


WSJ House Ethics Panel Investigates Rep. Radel After Cocaine Arrest


Politico Virginia starts recount in attorney general race


Politico Mark Jacobs to air TV ad in Iowa Sen. race


WaPo In Nevada, the Republican governor who doesn’t completely hate Obamacare


Hill Former Sen. Brown preps move to New Hampshire

Fox Ayotte: 'No' on Ryan-Murray budget deal


NYT New York Archdiocese Wins Ruling on Contraception
Fox New York Religious Groups Get Win vs. ObamaCare Contraception Mandate

NYT Still Undecided on Fracking, Cuomo Won’t Press for Health Study’s Release


Politico Pro-Mitch McConnell ad links him to Rand Paul
Hill McConnell, challenger neck-and-neck in poll


Star-Ledger Gov. Chris Christie stars in new video highlighting Republican infighting
Politico Democrats cross Chris Christie over bridge



December 16, 2013


WSJ Budget Set for Tighter Vote in Senate
WTimes Ryan pleads with conservatives as budget deal heads to Senate
WaPo After Senate budget vote, few hopes for a productive 2014
WSJ Budget Negotiators See Tax Overhaul Up Next
Hill Packed Senate schedule to test bipartisan relations in final week

WSJ Ryan Says GOP to Make Debt-Ceiling Demands in Early ’14

WSJ GOP Incumbents Lean on Donors to Beat Back Primary Foes

WSJ The Hidden Danger in Public Pension Funds

Robert Samuelson The luxury of muddling through
Paul Krugman Why Inequality Matters
Larry Summers Stagflation is not our fate — unless we let it be


Hill GOP lawmakers: Radel's time is short


Roll Call The Most Expensive Senate Race of the Cycle — So Far


Politico Walker: Win in 2014 for stronger budget


NYT Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce New Laws on Gun Control


Des Moines Register Iowa Poll: What Iowans think about 2016 Republicans
Des Moines Register Iowa Poll: What Iowans think about 2016 Democrats


Fox The next Bush says he’s more like Gingrich than presidential uncle, grandfather


NYT G.O.P. Firebrands Tone Down Their Message and Run Again



December 14-15, 2013


WSJ Senate GOP Gives Budget Deal Chilly Reception
NYT Bipartisan Budget Deal Forged in House Faces Opposition in Senate
WTimes House budget bargain faces Senate filibuster; Republicans line up to oppose
WaPo Budget deal in Congress raises White House hopes on other priorities
Rush Limbaugh They Sucked Me into This Budget Deal

NYT Boehner’s Jabs at Activist Right Show G.O.P. Shift

WSJ Senate Gets a Weekend Break From Recent Late-Night Votes

WSJ Congressional Negotiators Reach Deal on Fast-Track Trade Bill, Aides Say

NYT Huckabee, an Eye on 2016, Sees ‘a Real Opportunity’
WaPo Mike Huckabee might run for president in 2016. It’s hard to imagine he can win.

WTimes Dr. Ben Carson disavows efforts at presidential draft

Hill White House move seen as sign of growing power for Senate Dems

AP Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows
Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT Protests Aim at One Man Who Moved North Carolina to the Right

Roll Call GOP Field for North Carolina House Seat Continues to Grow


Fox Wis. governor offers a way around ObamaCare problems

Politico Is Paul Ryan the GOP's Next Jack Kemp?


Fox Nevada health exchange still plagued by problems after just 1,500 enroll


NYT With Affordable Care Act, Canceled Policies for New York Professionals


WaPo Californians are turning on labor unions, poll shows


Politico Texas Senate primary race poll 2014: John Cornyn way up on Steve Stockman


NatJ Democrats Already Riding to Landrieu's Aid


WTimes TN Senate candidate Brenda Lenard says she is the only sensible choice


WSJ Christie Aide Quits Over Traffic-Jam Controversy
NYT Christie Views Lane Closings on George Washington Bridge as Overblown
NatJ Washington Insiders Say Chris Christie Won 2013



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