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WaPo The Fix’s top 15 gubernatorial races of 2014



December 14, 2013


WSJ Senate GOP Gives Budget Deal Chilly Reception
NYT Bipartisan Budget Deal Forged in House Faces Opposition in Senate
WTimes House budget bargain faces Senate filibuster; Republicans line up to oppose
WaPo Budget deal in Congress raises White House hopes on other priorities
Rush Limbaugh They Sucked Me into This Budget Deal

NYT Boehner’s Jabs at Activist Right Show G.O.P. Shift

WSJ Senate Gets a Weekend Break From Recent Late-Night Votes

WSJ Congressional Negotiators Reach Deal on Fast-Track Trade Bill, Aides Say

NYT Huckabee, an Eye on 2016, Sees ‘a Real Opportunity’
WaPo Mike Huckabee might run for president in 2016. It’s hard to imagine he can win.

WTimes Dr. Ben Carson disavows efforts at presidential draft

Hill White House move seen as sign of growing power for Senate Dems

AP Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows
Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT Protests Aim at One Man Who Moved North Carolina to the Right

Roll Call GOP Field for North Carolina House Seat Continues to Grow


Fox Wis. governor offers a way around ObamaCare problems

Politico Is Paul Ryan the GOP's Next Jack Kemp?


Fox Nevada health exchange still plagued by problems after just 1,500 enroll


NYT With Affordable Care Act, Canceled Policies for New York Professionals


WaPo Californians are turning on labor unions, poll shows


Politico Texas Senate primary race poll 2014: John Cornyn way up on Steve Stockman


NatJ Democrats Already Riding to Landrieu's Aid


WTimes TN Senate candidate Brenda Lenard says she is the only sensible choice


WSJ Christie Aide Quits Over Traffic-Jam Controversy
NYT Christie Views Lane Closings on George Washington Bridge as Overblown
NatJ Washington Insiders Say Chris Christie Won 2013



December 13, 2013


Fox House overwhelmingly approves two-year budget plan on a bipartisan vote
Hill House approves budget deal, handing major victory to Boehner
WSJ House Passes Budget Agreement in 332-94 Vote
NYT House Passes Budget Pact and Military Abuse Protections, but Not Farm Bill
WTimes House pushes through two-year Ryan-Murray budget deal
WTimes GOP hopes taking shutdown off the table with budget deal will pay dividends
WaPo Boehner attacks tea party groups as House approves budget deal
WSJ GOP Senators Raise Red Flags Over Budget Deal’s Procedural Change
WaPo Who voted for the budget bill?

WTimes House budget bargain faces Senate filibuster; Republicans line up to oppose
Hill GOP Senate hopefuls defect on budget vote
Roll Call Senate GOP Opposition To Budget Deal Grows
NatJ The Budget Deal Is a Godsend to GOP Senators
Politico How Patty Murray won over Dems on budget fight

WSJ Editorial: A Small Step in the Right Direction
Paul Krugman The Biggest Losers

ABC Republicans and Tea Party Activists in 'Full Scale Civil War'
Politico GOP's private war goes public
Business Insider Here's Why John Boehner Is Ready For A GOP Civil War
Gallup Democratic Party Maintains Favorability Edge Over GOP

Rush Limbaugh Shell-Shocked GOP Still Fears Obama
Charles Krauthammer Krauthammer: Obama the oblivious
Charlie Cook Americans Won't Be Easily Reassured About the Economy

NYT Tempers Flare as New Rules Strain Senate
Politico Senators prep for more all-nighters
WaPo After all-nighter, Senate to continue with confirmation fight through the weekend

WSJ House Approves Short-Term Farm Bill Patch

NYT Health Plans Urged to Extend Enrollment
WaPo Administration will give some consumers more time to buy, pay for health insurance
Byron York GOP rank-and-file quietly builds an Obamacare alternative

NYT Jobless Fear Looming Cutoff of Benefits

Kim Strassel IRS Targeting: Round Two

WSJ Presidential Task Force Recommends Overhaul of NSA Surveillance Tactics

James Taranto Statistics and Other Taboos

William Taft IV Reveal what U.S. torture cost us

Doug Schoen Mastering the Bill and Hillary Two-Step

NYT Huckabee Open to Joining 2016 GOP Presidential Field
WaPo Huckabee says he may make another run for GOP presidential nod

Daily Caller GOP 2014 strategy: Attract minority votes, reinforce red state strongholds


Jen Rubin Rubio’s fecklessness alienates supporters


WaPo In Virginia, McAuliffe chooses two Kaine administration veterans for Cabinet posts


NatJ Ryan Takes a Step Toward House Speakership


Politico Liberals needle Scott Brown on Massachusetts plates


LA Times California population grows by 332,000 to 38.2 million


Politico Ted Cruz opposes budget deal


WaPo Grand jury looking into ethics complaint against Ga. governor
AJC Governor questions timing of FBI inquiry involving his 2010 campaign

AJC How they voted: The Georgia delegation and the budget deal


Roll Call Senate Majority PAC Set to Air TV Ad in Louisiana



December 12, 2013


WSJ Budget Deal Picks Up Steam
Hill House to vote on budget deal
WaPo House Republicans appear to be rallying behind $85 billion budget deal
Examiner House Republicans say votes are there to pass budget compromise
WTimes All-out war breaks out in GOP over budget pact
Fox 'Ridiculous': Boehner blasts conservative groups over budget complaints
NatJ With Noses Held, GOP Senators Say Budget Will Pass
WSJ U.S. Budget Deal Puts Ryan in Spotlight Once Again
NYT Bipartisan Budget Deal Puts Ryan Under Fire From Fellow Conservatives
NYT Editorial: The Minimalist Budget Deal
Rush Limbaugh GOP Suffers Shutdown Shell Shock

Hill Dems threaten budget deal over lack of benefits for unemployed
Hill Reid: Senate won’t vote on unemployment benefits this year
WSJ Jobless Aid Splits Parties, Experts

WSJ White House Works to Draw Younger Health-Plan Users
WSJ Juking the ObamaCare Stats
Karl Rove Democrats Face a Day of ObamaCare Reckoning

NYT No Farm Bill in Sight as Recess Looms for Congress

WaPo Gun-control groups are shifting efforts and resources to handful of states

NYT Senate Confirms Georgetown Law Professor to Powerful Appeals Court

WaPo Senate panel approves ATF nominee B. Todd Jones on party-line vote

WaPo Controversial nomination at Department of Homeland Security goes to Senate floor
WTimes Despite questions, Senate panel backs top Homeland nominee
Fox 'Under a cloud': Dems advance DHS pick despite claims of political favors

WSJ House GOP's Ties to Conservative Groups Show Signs of Strain

Ann Coulter Words With Fiends

Rachel Maddow How George W. Bush failed the GOP


Roll Call ‘Price Is Right’ Legend Endorses Jolly in Florida Special Election
Politico Bob Barker endorses Jolly in Fla.


WaPo In Ohio, momentum favors gun rights movement


Detroit News Michigan abortion coverage will require rider


Politico North Carolina's choice


NYT De Blasio Says He’ll Move to Gracie Mansion


NYT A Popular Noncandidate Keeps His Options Open and the Voters Guessing


Dallas MN Lawmakers on right aren't flocking to help Stockman unseat Cornyn
Allysia Finley Cornyn's Challenger
Jen Rubin Stockman is a laughing stock


Hill Sen. Sessions balks at budget deal


NOLA Rep. Scalise ousts executive director of House GOP's conservative caucus
WaPo House GOP leader Steve Scalise fires top aide, Paul Teller, citing breach of trust

Roll Call Landrieu’s First TV Ad Highlights Her Obamacare Fix


WSJ Top Aide to Sen. Alexander is Arrested for Child Porn
NYT Aide to Senator Is Arrested in Child Pornography Case
WaPo Lamar Alexander’s chief of staff arrested on child pornography charges


Roll Call Super PAC Ad Ties McConnell Opponent to Obama on Coal



December 11, 2013


WaPo House, Senate negotiators reach budget deal
WSJ Budget Deal Includes $12 Billion in Pension Changes
NYT Capitol Leaders Agree to a Deal on the Budget
WSJ Deal Brings Stability to U.S. Budget
NatJ Budget Deal Unveiled, but Can They Sell It?
WTimes New budget accord saves $23 billion — after $65 billion spending spree
Politico Budget agreement reached
WaPo Budget deal protects current feds, while new workers will pay more toward retirement
WSJ Absent From the Budget Deal: Benefits for Long-Term Unemployed
Fox George Will: McConnell may be roadblock to budget deal
William Kristol Good Deal
Rush Limbaugh GOP Congressman: We're Scared of Another Shutdown, Will Make Budget Deal

WSJ Poll: Health Law Hurts President Politically
Examiner Poll: Disapproval of Obama hits new high amid Obamacare woes
James Taranto Those Unattainable Invincibles

Fox Obama's tanking approval rate pulls down Democrats, poll finds
NYT Despite Improving Indicators, Poll Finds Harsh View of Obama on Economy
NYT Obama Sees a Rebound in His Approval Ratings
LA Times Obama's approval ratings stabilize in latest poll
Dick Morris Obama’s phony populism

WSJ Senate Confirms Millett and Watt
WaPo Senate confirms Patricia Millett, Mel Watt using new majority rules
Fox Senate Dems use new power to confirm nominee, tilt appeals court
NYT With Filibuster Threat Gone, Senate Confirms Two Presidential Nominees
Politico Senate’s ‘nuclear’ fight isn’t over

WSJ Lawmakers Say Farm Bill Won't See a Vote in 2013
WTimes Farm bill negotiators disagree on one-month extension
Bloomberg Extension of Farm Subsidies Rebuffed by Senate Democrats
NYT Political Fight on Farm Aid and Food Stamps Hits Home in the Delta

NYT Justices Hear Case on Cross-State Pollution Rules

Kathleen Parker Teaching Republicans how to talk to women

Politico Tea partiers line up to tackle GOP senators


Newsmax Rubio Opposes Budget Deal, More 'Irresponsible Decisions'

NBC6 Florida Governor Rick Scott Officially Starts Re-Election Campaign


Politico Ohio lieutenant governor candidate Eric Kearney quits ticket


Roll Call Watt Confirmation Kicks Off North Carolina Special Election


NYT Cuomo Backs Plan to Ease Array of Tax Burdens and Faces a Fight


NYT Texas Conservative Steve Stockman to Challenge Senator John Cornyn
CBS Far-right Texas Rep. to challenge conservative Sen. John Cornyn
Roll Call 6 Texas-Sized Primary Hurdles for Steve Stockman
WaPo Tea party threat again hangs over Republicans’ efforts to take Senate
Dana Milbank Stockman steps forward as Republicans step back


Fox Democrat Clark wins Mass. congressional special election
Roll Call 7 Things to Know About Katherine Clark

WSJ Warren's Way or No Way: Liberal Democrats try to silence two of our op-ed writers



December 10, 2013


WaPo Congress, with the clock ticking, nears deals on defense and budget bills
WSJ Budget Deal Would Hit Air Passengers
Examiner Budget deal hinges on fee increases that some say are tax hikes in disguise
WSJ Permanent Fix for Medicare Fees Seen
WaPo Expiring sales tax deductions could cost taxpayers big in these states
NYT Negotiators Reach Compromise on Defense Bill
Hill Clock is ticking on $607B defense bill
NatJ GOP Discord Leaves Defense Spending Bill in Limbo
NatJ As Budget Tension Builds, Conservatives Hint at Revolt
WSJ Conservative Group Opposes Budget Deal-in-Progress

NYT Health Care Exchange Is Vastly Improved, Users Say
WSJ Republicans Shy Away From Their Own Health Plan

WaPo The GOP civil war just got worse
WaPo Why Sarah Palin is here to stay
Charlie Cook To Attract Millennials, GOP Must Dial Back the Social Conservatism

Rush Limbaugh Wealth and American Exceptionalism


Fox Florida Democratic congressman loses $18 million in scheme


Detroit News Don't count on Team Snyder to aid in Detroit pension rescue


WSJ Gillespie Weighs Virginia Senate Bid
WaPo 3 reasons to believe Gillespie vs. Warner probably won’t happen in Virginia


Politico Democrat divide on South Dakota race highlighted


Nebraska Democrat Drops Challenge for House Seat


NatJ Republicans to Scott Brown: Oh, You're Serious?


NYT Joel and Cuomo: Piano Man and Friend
Politico Andrew Cuomo in 2016? Think again


WSJ California Presses On With Water Project


Fox GOP Rep. Stockman surprises by challenging Cornyn in Texas US Senate race
Roll Call Stockman Files to Challenge Cornyn in Texas Senate Primary

Roll Call Five GOP Candidates File for Stockman’s House Seat


James Taranto What's the Matter With Alabama?


Examiner National GOP raising cash for Montana Senate run by Rep. Steve Daines


WaPo Oregon’s Kitzhaber wants a 4th term



December 9, 2013


WSJ Congress Readies a Year-End Dash
Fox 5 Days Left: Congress races against deadlines as doc cuts, price spikes loom
Exam Week ahead in Congress: House in final push to seal budget agreement this week
Fox Budget deal expected to be completed this week, report says
WaPo Budget deal expected this week amounts to cease-fire as sides move to avert standoff

WSJ Lawmakers: Jobless-Benefits Fight Won’t Derail Budget Deal
WTimes As the unemployed wait, lawmakers debate about extended benefits

Paul Krugman The Punishment Cure
Robert Samuelson America’s clash of generations is inevitable

FT New Affordable Care US health plans will exclude top hospitals
WSJ High Deductibles Fuel New Worries of Health-Law Sticker Shock
NYT Amid the Uproar Over the Health Law, Voices of Quiet Optimism and Relief
John Fund There’s No Obamacare Comeback Yet
Fred Barnes Poll Position: Obama’s collapsing numbers

WSJ Bradley A. Smith: The Latest IRS Power Grab

NYT Three Senators Try to Hold Off a G.O.P. Surge in the South

WaPo Eric Cantor on how Republicans can win again
NatJ Guess Who's Funding the Republican Civil War
NatJ Can Democrats Make 2014 About the Minimum Wage?


NYT In Shepherding Detroit Bankruptcy, Lawyer Tackles a Job He Didn’t Ask For


Politico Ex-RNC chair Ed Gillespie weighs Mark Warner challenge in Virginia

Politico Cuccinelli makes surprise speech, rules out another run
Exam Ken Cuccinelli hits GOP establishment for abandoning him and the party's principles
Politico No soul-searching for Virginia GOP after losses


Human Events Empire State gun owners bracing for Cuomo’s confiscation scheme

Hill Gillibrand sees assault vote slip away


Fox Sen. Paul knocks call for more long-term jobless aid, says creating perpetual unemployed



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