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February 21, 2013


WSJ: Federal Furloughs Would Hit Around April 1
NYT: Pentagon Warns of Widespread Civilian Furloughs
Fox: Pentagon notifies Congress of likely civilian furloughs over budget cuts
WTimes: Budget cuts would force Navy to shut down four active aircraft carriers
NYT: Budget Cuts Seen as Risk to Growth of U.S. Economy
NYT: G.O.P. Is Resisting Obama Pressure on Tax Increase
Examiner: Obama pushes $50 billion stimulus plan as automatic budget cuts loom
Hill: Democrats demand Boehner call the House back to deal with sequester
NatJ: The Good Side of Sequestration
Rep. Kevin Brady: What Kind of Cuts Grow the Economy?
Karl Rove: A Better Republican Sequester Strategy
Martin Feldstein: A Simple Route to Major Deficit Reduction
EJ Dionne: Republicans run out the clock
Dick Morris: Sequester in the wrong place
Rush Limbaugh: Will the Sequester Kill Us All?
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Sequester Flip-Flop
Rush Limbaugh: What is Speaker Boehner Thinking?

WaPo: Federal Reserve unlikely to end stimulus efforts soon, minutes signal

WSJ: Senators in Immigration Talks Mull Federal IDs for All Workers
NYT: Editorial: Immigration Reform and Workers’ Rights
NatJ: The Hidden Obstacles to Legal Immigration Reform
Hill: More than half of Congress has never debated immigration reform

WTimes: Gina McCarthy emerging as likely pick for EPA chief
Human Events: Obama’s picks for EPA, Energy all about climate change

Ron Rotunda: Blaming Hollywood for gun violence doesn’t work

WSJ: ObamaCare's 'Baby Elephant'

Nate Silver: Can Republicans Win the Senate in 2014?

Fox: Romney to address conservative conference in March
WTimes: Report: Romney to address CPAC gathering in March

Politico: 2016 poll: Hillary Clinton leads GOP in Georgia
NY Post: NJ Loves Chris, but likes Hill more
CBS Philly: Governor Christie’s Popularity Soars To New Heights


Miami Herald: Florida Gov. Rick Scott supports Medicaid expansion
WTimes: Fla. Gov. Scott will expand Fla. Medicaid program
WSJ: Florida Governor Now Supports Broader Medicaid
NYT: In Reversal, Florida to Take Health Law’s Medicaid Expansion
NatJ: Rick Scott's Medicaid Decision is a Big Win for the White House


Detroit News: Half of Detroit property owners don't pay taxes
Detroit News: Why Snyder is in no hurry to grab Detroit


Examiner: Poll: Terry McAuliffe, Ken Cuccinelli tied in Virginia governor race
Weekly Standard: Could Bill Bolling play the spoiler?


Milwaukee JS: Scott Walker's budget to lower income tax rates, freeze local aid


Roll Call: Nebraska: Senate Conservatives Fund Warns Against Fortenberry Bid
Roll Call: Nebraska: Former State Treasurer Osborn Interested in Senate Run
National Review: ‘Kumbaya’ in Nebraska


WSJ: Domenici Discloses Child From Extramarital Affair
WaPo: Former senator Pete Domenici kept son secret for decades


Politico: Olympia Snowe joins Bipartisan Policy Center


NYT: $500 Million Chasm Opens in Proposed State Budget


SacBee: CA in sunnier mood, lifting public approval rating of Legislature, Jerry Brown
NatJ: Poll: Brown's Approval Rating Soars in Calif.


Daily Caller: Sen. Ted Cruz heads to Ohio ahead of possible presidential run
Politico: Ted Cruz defends his blunt style


WTimes: For South Carolina’s Mark Sanford, House bid is a race for redemption


AJC: Advocates urge Georgia governor to reconsider Medicaid expansion


Roll Call: Brewing GOP Primary Could Spoil Landrieu Challenge


WSJ: Illinois Democrat Jackson Guilty in Misuse of Funds
Chicago Tribune: Jacksons' guilt a tale of excess
CST: Red-eyed, sniffling, Jackson Jr. answers ‘ultimate’ question: ‘I am guilty, your honor’
NYT: Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty: ‘I Lived Off My Campaign’
Dana Milbank: For Jesse Jackson Jr., the rules do apply
Politico: Jackson Jr. faces 47-57 months

Roll Call: All Signs Point to Kelly Victory in Illinois Special Election


NatJ: Who Is Mitch McConnell's Mystery Tea-Party Rival?
Hill: Challenger must battle for Tea Party support to face off with McConnell

NatJ: The Latest Signs Ashley Judd Is Preparing Run Against Mitch McConnell
Politico: Ashley Judd meets with DSCC
Hill: Ashley Judd meets with DSCC and Kentucky donors on potential Senate bid


NYT: Amid Questions on Ethics, Battle-Tested Senator Digs In
NatJ: Menendez's Poll Numbers Take a Tumble Amid Scandal


NYT: Arizona Senators Return to Fray on Immigration
WaPo: Republican senator John McCain is still raising questions and hackles



February 20, 2013


Speaker John Boehner: The President Is Raging Against a Budget Crisis He Created
WSJ: Rhetoric Turns Harsh as Budget Cuts Loom

WaPo: Sequester just over a week away, but blame game has already begun
NYT: With Cutbacks Days Away, Obama Tries to Pressure G.O.P.
Politico: Obama's sequestration strategy: Shame
Human Events: Obama blames GOP — again — for sequestration
Hill: On the sequester, White House, Republicans play political chicken
Examiner: President Obama ramps up scare over looming budget cuts
NYT: Obama’s Forecast on Cuts Is Dire, but Timing Is Disputed
Hill: Who's afraid of the sequester's ax? Not us, say Republican lawmakers
Human Events: Taking the meat axe to national security

NYT: Supreme Court Takes Case on Overall Limit to Political Gifts
Roll Call: Supreme Court to Take Up Contribution Limits Challenge
Hill: High court to look at unlimited campaign contributions
WSJ: High Court to Review Caps on Individuals' Total Donations
NYT: Editorial: Campaign Donations and Political Corruption
NatJ: Why Campaign Finance Laws Are Under Fire

WSJ: Obama Calls GOP Senators on Immigration
Politico: Obama reaches out to Senate Republicans
Hill: Obama seeks to repair rift with Republicans on immigration reform
NYT: Obama’s Plan Sees 8-Year Wait for Illegal Immigrants

Sen. Rand Paul: Who’s next on Obama’s drone hit list?

Byron York: Obama is caught between friends in Keystone pipeline fight

NYT: 2 Senate Opponents Vow to End Bid to Block Hagel
NatJ: Chuck Hagel, Strategic Thinker

WTimes: Obama’s liberal agenda seen as risky for red state Democrats
NYT: Democrats’ Man for Battles Will Lead New Senate Charge
Michael Barone: Republicans struggle to agree on candidates who can win

Nate Silver: Marco Rubio: The Electable Conservative?

Joe Scarborough: Tearing down the conservative echo chamber
Kathleen Parker: RINOs need to take back the Republican Party


National Review: Ohio Officials: Poll Worker May Have Voted Six Times


NYT: Republican Senator From Nebraska Won’t Run in 2014
Human Events: Heineman likely to succeed Johanns
Hill: Sen. Johanns’s retirement could grow Republican Party's internal conflict
Roll Call: Heineman, Fortenberry Considering Senate Run in Nebraska


Fox: Detroit is in financial emergency, state-appointed review finds
Detroit News: Review team: Detroit faces financial crisis, has no plan to fix it
WSJ: Michigan Weighs Detroit Takeover


Roll Call: Despite Rumors, Wolf Plans Re-Election in NoVa


National Review: Andrew Cuomo’s Radical Abortion Regime


SacBee: Field Poll: Obama's approval rating climbs to 62 percent in California


NYT: OpEd: Lone Star Blues


WSJ: Sanford Ad Tries to Keep Momentum Going
NatJ: Sanford Invokes 'God of Second Chances' in First Ad
Roll Call: South Carolina: A Contrite Sanford Insists He’s Always Stood by Taxpayers


Fox: Alabama House passes bill tightening restrictions on abortion clinics


Politico: Mitch McConnell ad slams Ashley Judd, Kentucky Dems
Hill: Tea Party favorite confirms interest in McConnell's seat


Roll Call: West Virginia: Goodwin Forgoes Senate Bid in 2014


Roll Call: Markey: From 22 Percent to Anointed Senator


Politico: Senate immigration draft rejected by Arizona Republicans



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