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February 28, 2013


Politico: Dual Senate sequester votes expected to fail
Hill: Republicans settle on sequester alternative
Human Events: Inhofe-Toomey sequester alternative takes shape
WSJ: Jockeying Stalls Deal on Cuts
NYT: Parties Focus on the Positive as Cuts Near
Hill: Sequester cuts are here to stay
WaPo: Sequester spin gets ahead of reality
NYT: White House Counts on G.O.P. to Bend as Cuts’ Effects Are Felt
NYT: Fight Over Spending Cuts a Prelude to Budget Battles Ahead
WSJ: Tax Stances Harden in Wake of Last Deal
NatJ: Some Republicans Think They Can’t Lose on Sequestration
WaPo: Obama to meet with congressional leaders on ways to avoid sequester
Fox: House report says 'big-ticket' conferences cost taxpayers $340M
Weekly Standard: Budget Cuts Could Force Army and Marines to Cut 200,000 Troops
Fox: Fiscal hawks say government waste, unspent funds could offset sequester
Politico: Republicans fear sequester gives Obama upper hand
National Review: Editorial: Sequester Means and Ends
Karl Rove: How the GOP Can Call the President's Bluff
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Sequester Strategy Shows Awareness of the Limbaugh Theorem
Jen Rubin: Sequester fabrication revealed
Byron York: Does Obama have power to avoid painful cuts?
Rush L: Spoiled-Brat President Does Intentional Harm to the Country in Order to Beat GOP

NYT: White House Says It Was Not Involved in Detainee Release
Hill: White House says it didn't approve release of illegal immigrants
WaPo: Release of 300 illegal immigrants from federal custody in Arizona stirs up debate
WTimes: White House: ICE to blame for release of illegals
Examiner: DHS official resigns after immigrants are freed
DC: Homeland Security official resigns after illegal immigrants released ahead of sequester
Politico: ICE: AP report on official's resignation 'inaccurate and misleading'
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Denies Responsibility for Prisoner Release

WSJ: Lew Wins Confirmation to Become Treasury Secretary
NYT: Senate, in a More Affable Mode, Backs Treasury Nominee

NYT: Hagel, in First Day on Job, Warns of Challenges Cuts Pose for the Military

WSJ: Voting Act Under Scrutiny: Justices Weigh Challenge
NYT: Voting Rights Law Draws Skepticism From Justices
WaPo: Supreme Court conservatives express skepticism over voting law provision
WT: Conservative court justice: Voting rights law perpetuates ‘racial entitlement’
NatJ: High Court's Conservatives Cast Doubt on Key Voting Rights Act Provision
NatJ: The Supreme Court Seems Ready to Send Voting Rights Issue to Congress
NYT: Editorial: Congress’s Power to Protect the Vote
Charles Blow: Vulnerability of the Vote
Dana Milbank: Sotomayor, Kagan ready for battles

NYT: House Republicans Clear Path for Renewal of Violence Against Women Act
WaPo: House to vote on Violence Against Women Act measures

WSJ: Labor Leaders Gear Up to Pass Voter Registration Bills

Gov. Bobby Jindal: President Obama’s Legacy: Government Greed

Grover Norquist: Don’t Forget the Death Tax

George Will: The Federal Reserve’s not-so-golden rule

Politico: ‘3 Amigos’ make life difficult for Mitch McConnell

Rich Lowry: The unpopular party

James Taranto: Liberal Racists Warn of Chaos

Ann Coulter: Why does anyone need to read about celebrities?

American Spectator: GOP Elites and the Abolition of Marriage


Roll Call: Competitive Florida Field Shrinks in '14

Miami Herald: Suspect in Rivera campaign-finance probe to change plea to guilty


Nolan Finley: Abortion focus will cost GOP Michigan


Fox: North Carolina bill would add Bible study at public schools


NatJ: Why Republicans Are Worried About the Party's Civil War in Virginia


Milwaukee JS: Senate approves mine bill, sends it to Assembly


Fox: Colorado Republicans bristle as White House meddles in state's gun control debate


Des Moines Register: Latham says he won't run for Senate
WaPo: For Iowa GOP, it’s looking like Steve King or bust
WaPo: Latham not running for Senate in Iowa
Roll Call: Latham Not Running for Senate
NatJ: Tea Party Victory: Latham Won't Run for Senate in Iowa


Albany TU: GOP pounces on Eldridge’s NY-19 house


LA Times: Divergent views on illegal immigration emerge in state GOP
Examiner: California's green jobs bust
SacBee: Field Poll: Same-sex marriage support climbs sharply, hits 61%


Dallas MN: Karl Rove says GOP needs to vet primary candidates to weed out losers


AJC: Johnny Isakson serves notice that he's not leaving in '16


Chicago Tribune: In 2nd District Republican squeaker, ex-convict looks to be winner


Roll Call: Arkansas: Club for Growth Launches Ad Tying Pryor to Obama


WSJ: Christie on CPAC Snub: ‘That’s Their Prerogative’
NJ: Christie on CPAC snub: 'I can't sweat the small stuff'
Nate Silver: Christie’s Love Affair With Conservatives Is Over
NatJ: Why Chris Christie’s Troubles With the Base Won’t Hurt His Presidential Prospects
Politico: Mitt Romney ponies up max to Chris Christie
Weekly Standard: Chris Christie Caves on Obamacare, Offers False Defense
Rush Limbaugh: Christie's Obamacare Cave is No Surprise

NYT: As Casinos Struggle, New Jersey Tries New Ways to Bet


NYT: Massachusetts Primary Battles Heat Up
Boston Globe: Markey says abortion shift was personal



February 27, 2013


WSJ: Boehner: Senate Needs to Act on Sequester
WTimes: Speaker John Boehner tells senators to 'get off their ass' on sequester
Examiner: Reid insists that any sequester solution include tax hike
Hill: Senate Republicans divided on own sequester replacement plan
Politico: Obama, Boehner talking but not to each other
WSJ: New Spate of Acrimony in Congress as Cuts Loom
NYT: Austerity Kills Government Jobs as Cuts to Budgets Loom
WaPo: Impact of budget cuts depends on where you live and who you are
WaPo: Sequester will sock a vulnerable economy
National Review: Obama’s Fear of Spending Cuts
Rasmussen: 45% Think Deficit Should Be Reduced By Spending Cuts Alone
WSJ: The Sequester Revelation: Obama has the legal power to avoid spending-cut damage
NatJ: How (And Why) Obama and Boehner Should Strike a Spending-Cut Deal

Phil Gramm: Obama and the Sequester Scare
Byron York: Budget hawks question doomsday scenarios
Dick Morris: Sequester: A secret plan
Rush Limbaugh: Putting Sequesteria in Perspective

Fox: DHS releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants, blaming budget cuts
WSJ: Detained Immigrants Released Ahead of Sequester
NYT: Release of Immigrants Is Tied to Impending Cuts
WaPo: As sequester nears, immigration detainees are released
WTimes: Illegal immigrants set free from detention centers as sequester approaches
Hill: GOP blasts decision to release illegal immigrants due to sequester

WSJ: McCain, Graham Upbeat After Obama Immigration Meeting
Roll Call: McCain, Graham Positive After Immigration Meeting With Obama
WaPo: McCain, Graham say Obama understands border security’s link to immigration reform
WTimes: Immigrant advocacy may not help GOP; study shows no candidate reward
Gallup: Democrats Enjoy 2-1 Advantage Over GOP Among Hispanics
Rush Limbaugh: Amnesty Won't Help the GOP Win Hispanic Votes

WSJ: Hagel Is Confirmed as Defense Secretary
WTimes: Hagel wins confirmation to be new defense secretary
NYT: Hagel Approved for Defense in Sharply Split Senate Vote
Fox: Senate approves Hagel for Defense secretary after historic nomination fight
WaPo: For Chuck Hagel, confirmed as defense secretary, now the hard work starts
Dana Milbank: A filibuster fit for McCarthy

NYT: Senate Panel Backs Treasury Choice
WSJ: Senate Panel Backs Lew Nomination

NYT: Obama’s Nominee for S.E.C. Tries to Allay Skepticism

NYT: Justices Turn Back Challenge to Broader U.S. Eavesdropping
WSJ: Court Rejects Challenge to Wiretap Rules
Robert Barnes: Supreme Court dismisses challenge to surveillance law

NYT: Voting Act Challenge Hinges on a Formula
WaPo: Editorial: The Voting Rights Act’s work isn’t finished
Politico: The GOP's Supreme Court hangover

WTimes: Republican attorneys general see Obama misuse of power
JTaranto: Why a Duck? Now that he's lame, Obama sells himself at an exorbitant price

WSJ: WSJ/NBC Poll: Rubio’s Early Asset Is Name Recognition
Politico: Marco Rubio courts Wall Street

Weekly Standard: How to Win in 2014

Roll Call: Senate's Democratic Class of '08 Faces New Challenges

Politico: Club for Growth targets Republicans

Politico: Mike Shields tapped as RNC chief of staff


Miami Herald: South Florida would feel squeeze from federal cuts

Politico: Poll: Rick Scott no pushover vs. Charlie Crist in Florida

Fox: Court rejects Florida law requiring drug testing for welfare recipients

Fox: Florida foils web-based voter fraud plot, but next attempt could be more elusive


Detroit News: Opposition growing to possible appointment of Detroit emergency manager


Fox: NC lawmakers join growing push to eliminate state income tax


NYT: G.O.P.’s Ideological Split Appears in Virginia Governor’s Race
Examiner: Democrat Terry McAuliffe running in Virginia on record of Republican governor
Examiner: Ken Cuccinelli joins Virginia leaders in denouncing federal budget cuts
Politico: Terry McAuliffe attacks Ken Cuccinelli on transportation plan


Milwaukee JS: Top earners get much of Scott Walker cut but pay more in income tax


Star Tribune: Big giving by wealthy shaped Minnesota's ’12 campaigns


Denver Post: Gov. Hickenlooper details $22.1 million in requests to improve child protection


NYT: Rivalries Begin to Emerge in a New Seat of Power

Dan Walters: California bullet-train financing still shaky

SacBee: Field Poll: California voters favor legalizing pot for recreational use


Daily Caller: Three steps: How the Dems plan to make Texas a battleground state by 2016

DMN: Jeb Bush says it’s harder to watch son George P. prepare to run for political office than to run yourself


AJC: New poll puts Casey Cagle at top of GOP potentials for Senate


Fox: Alabama Republicans not happy with Sen. Shelby vote for Hagel


Chicago Tribune: Kelly easily wins Democratic race to replace Jackson Jr. in Congress
Chicago ST: Robin Kelly romps in 2nd Congressional District, says “message” sent to NRA
Roll Call: Illinois: Kelly Wins Democratic Primary to Succeed Jackson
NYT: Candidate Who Backs Gun Control Wins Race
WaPo: Democrats nominate Robin Kelly in Illinois special election
Politico: Illinois special election 2013: Kelly wins special Ill. House race
WSJ: Kelly Wins Primary In Illinois


Hill: Anti-McConnell group apologizes for tweet directed at senator's wife
Fox: Republicans urge Dems to condemn PAC's comments on McConnell's 'Chinese' wife
DC: McConnell campaign calls out liberal PAC for ‘race-baiting’ tweets about McConnell’s wife
Politico: Group under fire for McConnell tweets also faces FEC questions


Fox: Arkansas governor to veto 20-week abortion bill


WaPo: West Virginia: A Senate GOP model that’s difficult to replicate


WSJ: Internet Gambling Scores Its Biggest Win

NYT: Christie Says He’ll Take U.S. Money to Expand Medicaid
Fox: Chris Christie's $32.9B New Jersey budget expands Medicaid
Politico: Chris Christie’s Obamacare move risky for 2016 election

WTimes: CPAC: Chris Christie snubbed for criticizing GOP on Sandy relief
NatJ: The Real Reason Why Chris Christie Wasn't Invited to CPAC
NatJ: Chris Christie is a Republican Without a Party



February 26, 2013


Hill: Dems, GOP tee up rival sequester bills in Senate as deadline nears
NYT: G.O.P. Drafts Plan to Give Obama Discretion on Cuts
WSJ: On Spending Cuts, the Focus Shifts to How, Not If
Politico: John Boehner's big bet
Politico: Lindsey Graham: Sequester ‘going to happen’
WSJ: Naval Hub Readies for Big Budget Hit
WaPo: In Newport News shipyard, looming budget cuts create anxiety and anger
NYT: Reduced Spending Would Limit Park Services and Revenue, Interior Secretary Says
Hill: Blame and fear as sequester looms
WT: White House raises terror threat, warns illegals could flood borders after sequester cuts
WSJ: Obama Goes to Public for Leverage
WaPo: GOP pushes back on Obama sequester warnings, says he should seek deal
Fox: Republicans urge Obama to end 'road show,' work with Senate to avert automatic cuts
Fox: Sen. Coburn urges White House to freeze hiring, curb traveling to ease budget pain
Examiner: Senate Democrats propose raising taxes as part of deficit-reduction deal
WaPo: Editorial: Sequester offers President Obama a time to lead
NatJ: Obama's Budget-Cut Strategy: Wax Reasonable and Sound the Alarm
Politico: Obama’s sequester strategy: Divide and conquer
Roger Simon: Sequestration: Bring it on!
Jed Babbin: Happy Sequester Week
Rush: Sequester Will Be Nothing Compared to the Next Budget Crisis at the End of March

NBC NY: Senate to Vote on Moving Ahead on Hagel
NYT: Senate Set to Test Support for Vote on Defense Pick

NYT: Treasury Pick Tries to Cast His History as Right for the Job
WSJ: Lew Confirmation Vote Could Come Wednesday

WSJ: A Battle Brews Over CIA Pick

NYT: What if the Republicans Had Won the Senate?

NYT: States Can Cut Back on Medicaid Payments, Administration Says

WSJ: The GOP's Immigration Dilemma
Daily Caller: Gallup report: GOP unlikely to gain much traction with Latinos

WTimes: No open door: White House denies selling access to Obama to wealthy supporters

Oliver North: Obama stands by while world goes nuclear

WSJ: America's Red State Growth Corridors
David Brooks: Our Second Adolescence

WSJ: Supreme Court to Tackle Voting-Rights Case
WSJ: Justices Won't Review Campaign-Finance Appeal
Roll Call: Supreme Court Won’t Hear Contribution Limits Case
Hill: Lobbyists fear shakedown if Supreme Court lifts campaign contributions cap
WaPo: Sotomayor chides prosecutor for ‘racially charged’ question

NYT: Republicans Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage
James Taranto: Journalism That Dare Not Speak Its Name

WaPo: Chris Christie will not be invited to CPAC
Al Hunt: A Struggle for Control of Republican Party

Stuart Rothenberg: Can Obama Put the House In Play in 2014?

WaPo: C. Everett Koop, former surgeon general, dies at 96


Miami Herald: Poll: 7 in 10 back Florida medical-marijuana plan
Miami Herald: Crist to speak at Hollywood Chamber luncheon


NatJ: It's Not Just the Penn State Scandal That's Hurting Pennsylvania's Governor


Columbus Dispatch: Here’s what the federal budget cuts mean
Cleveland PD: Federal cuts will affect Northeast Ohio if budget stalemate continues


Detroikt FP: Mike Duggan expected to make Detroit mayoral bid official Tuesday
Detroit News: Duggan's running, EM or not in Detroit
Detroit FP: Detroit mayoral candidate Mike Duggan says city needs turnaround expert


Politico: Virginia elites seek savior in governor's race

Politico: Virginia Republicans: Stop sequester

WaPo: Editorial: Virginia shows Maryland how transportation funding can be done
WaPo: OpEd: Va.’s transportation bill is unconstitutional
National Review: Editorial: McDonnell’s Bad Transportation Deal


NatJ: Toned-Down Walker Predicts Less 'Intense' Reelection Campaign


Star Tribune: Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says prospects for sequester deal appear dim


Human Events: Brownback moves forward to phase out income tax


Des Moines R: Sequestration budget cuts could cost Iowa 3,570 jobs, says ISU economist


NYDN: Andrew Cuomo's Schedules Show Heavy Focus On Post Hurricane Sandy Efforts
Capital: Nothing to see in Cuomo's high-profile fund-raising schedule


Examiner: The California spending rush

LA Times: California braces for impending cuts from federal sequestration

Dan Walters: Sen. Michael Rubio's departure stirs California's Capitol

SacBee: Field Poll: More women than men want to crack down on guns in California


Politico: 'Battleground Texas' effort ramps up
DMN: Voting-restrictions battle in Texas Legislature begins with low turnout


AJC: House passes ethics bill


Roll Call: Illinois: Voters Head to Primary Polls to Replace Jackson
NatJ: Snow Could Affect Tuesday's Ill. House Primary
Politico: 5 things to watch in crowded Illinois primary
Hill: Race for Jackson Jr.'s seat becomes proxy for gun control debate


DC: Ashley Judd tests political waters with speech about women’s reproductive health
National Review: Ashley Judd a Sporadic Voter, According to Records
Politico: Yarmuth: Judd likely to run
Daily Caller: Ashley Judd’s biggest problem: Her history of bizarre comments
Roll Call: Kentucky: Liberal Group Launches Second Spot Targeting McConnell on Guns


Roll Call: Steep Slog for Democrats to Win Back Arkansas


Roll Call: West Virginia: McKinley Opts Not to Run Against Capito


Politico: Robert Menendez invokes MLK Jr.


WTimes: Health law doubts impacting Massachusetts Senate race

Boston Globe: John Connolly to run for mayor of Boston
Boston Herald: John Connolly ready to take on Menino



February 25, 2013


Boston Globe: Deal on automatic spending cuts is unlikely
Politico: Dim sequester outlook: Cuts before compromise
NYT: Budget Impasse Signals a Shift in G.O.P.’s Focus
Hill: White House details state-by-state impact of looming sequester cuts
WaPo: White House releases state-by-state breakdown of sequester’s effects
Politico: White House rolls out details of sequester losses
Fox: Lawmakers, officials list problems cuts would bring, but appear no closer to compromise
NYT: As Governors Meet, White House Details Cuts for States
WTimes: Governors join White House to fight automatic cuts
Politico: GOP govs to Hill: Get back to bargaining table
Human Events: Governors consider Inhofe’s sequester plan
Politico: The GOP's sequester messaging muddle
WaPo: The state-by-state impacts of sequestration
Hill: Jindal: Delaying Obama healthcare law could help offset sequester
WaPo: White House estimate spells out tough road for Washington region economy
WSJ: Fresh Front in Budget Battle
Hill: Health world braces for sequester
NYT: A Complex Role for Medicare in the Standoff in Washington
Politico: Defense industry finds few old friends on Hill
NYT: Editorial: Defense and the Sequester
Robert Samuelson: The true national debt

NYT: Panel on Health Care Work Force, Lacking a Budget, Is Left Waiting

Politico: Chuck Hagel appears headed to embattled Pentagon
Politico: McCain predicts Hagel confirmation this week
Hill: Coburn: Hagel will be weak secretary
Hill: Dems urge Reid to reconsider filibuster deal if GOP continues to block Hagel

Fox: Senate panel plans Tuesday vote on Lew nomination
Hill: Finance to vote on Lew nomination on Tuesday
WSJ: Jack Lew's Golden Parachute
Michael Barone: Jack Lew's sweet deal at Citigroup

WaPo: McCain renews threat to hold up Brennan confirmation to CIA post

Hill: McCain: Backing immigration reform won’t hurt GOP lawmakers in primaries
WSJ: The Virtual March on Washington for Immigration

Roll Call: Messaging Ramps Up Before Key Voting Rights Case

Stuart Stevens: The GOP revival must go beyond joining Twitter

Roll Call: Priebus Traveling West to Meet With Minorities and Tech Experts

Politico: Romney to Fox for first post-election interview next Sunday


MiamiH: When it comes to Citizens, property insurance costs, Gov. Rick Scott keeps mum


WSJ: Detroit's Race for Mayor Offers Uncertain Prize
Detroit News: Financial pinch forces Detroit suburbs to scramble


Politico: Transportation plan a big win for McDonnell


Human Events: Walker talks political climate, gun control, state budget
MIlwaukee JS: Scott Walker sees little Wisconsin impact from federal cuts
Milwaukee JS: Much of tax savings from Scott Walker's proposed cut would go to top 20%
Milwaukee JS: Scott Walker defends his plan to end residency rules


Politico: Dave Heineman wary of Senate run


Denver Post: Colorado braces for impact of $90 million in sequestration cuts


Politico: Terry Branstad prefers Tom Latham for Senate race


NYT: Governor of New Mexico, and Now an Envoy for Republicans


NYT: In Impasse, New York Would Face Steep Cuts
Politico: Andrew Cuomo’s new problems: Bad headlines, Hillary Clinton


George Skelton: California GOP faces steep road back
LA Times: Brown's school funding plan draws mixed reactions
Dan Walters: School finance plan creates coalitions


Dallas MN: White House cites sequester's blows to Texas jobs, border security, children
Fox: Texas 'Cruz Missile' -- Senator standing by his principles, ready to take the heat


Politico: Jindal pitches Obamacare delay


NYT: Crossed Paths: Chicago’s Jacksons and Obamas


Daily Caller: Long-time escort confirms Senator Bob Menendez paid her for sex


Hill: Ariz. Gov. Brewer: Border security a 'stumbling block' for immigration reform



February 24, 2013


Examiner: Republicans, Democrats agree they may miss Friday's sequester deadline
LA Times: Neither side blinks in federal budget standoff
WaPo: The big sequester gamble: How badly will the cuts hurt?
NYT: Fault-Finding in Washington Grows Intense as Cuts Near
NYT: Hard Realities as Agencies Prepare to Detail Reductions
Byron York: How defense spending will grow under sequester cuts
WaPo: Governors express frustration with Washington gridlock, sequestration
Human Events: McCrory: Let Obama and Congress deal with sequester
AJC: Governors: Looming cuts threaten economic gains
NYT: As Cuts Loom, Governors Seek More Control of Federal Funds to Lessen the Pain
WaPo: Some federal workers, including senior officials, would escape possible furloughs
WaPo: The Sequester: Absolutely everything you could possibly need to know, in one FAQ
WaPo: Why Republicans have embraced the sequester — in one chart
Roll Call: Senate's Sequester Bills Look Toward Compromise
Politico: Bob Woodward: Obama owns sequestration
Hill: GOP struggles in public relations battle over budget sequester
Hill: Hoyer to GOP: People are with Democrats on sequestration fix
Hill: Business fears sequester ax will cut through profits
NatJ: What Would President Romney Do?

WSJ: McCain ‘Guardedly Optimistic’ on Immigration Deal
WTimes: McCain, Obama to meet on immigration Tuesday

NYT: Congress Set to Consider Tighter Rules on Firearms
WaPo: Senators near a deal on background checks for most private gun sales

WaPo: Senator may block Interior nominee if road through wilderness area is not approved

WaPo: Obama’s new political group to lure unlimited donations
Ex: Obama selling White House access to wealthy donors who support Organizing for Action

Ross Douthat: A World Without Work

Robert Barnes: Supreme Court considers South’s legacy and progress on voting rights

Fox: Obama urges Supreme Court to strike down federal Defense of Marriage Act
WTimes: Republican Jon Huntsman endorses gay marriage

WTimes: GOP hoping for Senate gains tread carefully around Tea Party
Fox: GOP senators are treading carefully with Tea Party
Salena Zito: Party dominance doesn’t last
Dick Morris: Capturing the Reagan center

WTimes: Republican N.J. Gov. Chris Christie picks up more backing from Democrats
WSJ: 2016 Preview? O’Malley Takes Shots at Christie

Salena Zito: Many obstacles for House Democrats


Miami Herald: The case of the phantom ballots: an electoral whodunit

Miami Herald: The faces of Florida’s Medicaid system
NRO: Jeb Bush Privately Told Florida Republicans to Oppose Medicaid Expansion


Pittsburgh TR: Medicaid expansion could fuel GOP split in Pa.
Philly: Area Republicans in Congress walking a tightrope


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich implores GOP to expand Medicaid


Detroit News: Mich. GOP pushes on with electoral vote plan; re-elected Schostak urges unity
Detroit News: Chairman Johnson seeks to heal Mich. Democratic Party


Fox: Proposed design of NC illegal immigrant licenses sparks concern


WaPo: Virginia lawmakers approve sweeping transportation plan
Examiner: Va. lawmakers OK historic plan to build and fix roads


Milwaukee JS: Why Wisconsin is a hotbed of political participation


Star Tribune: Minnesota could feel fury of federal budget cuts


Denver Post: GOP on the hunt for Colorado Sen. Udall's opponent


Human Events: Branstad backs Latham for Senate


USA Today: Nevada's governor signs online gambling bill


Dan Walters: Medi-Cal history may be repeating


Daily Caller: Cornyn draws primary challenger

Hill: Cruz: Harvard Law did have Marxists

WSJ: Gov. Rick Perry: Texas Will Never Go Blue


NatJ: Sources: Gingrey to Enter Senate Race as Broun Ramps Up Fundraising

AJC: On whether Democratic DeKalb will accept governor's school board intervention


NatJ: Gun Issue Propels Kelly to Frontrunner Status in Ill. House Primary


Boston Globe: 2 Democrats in US Senate race seek support, signatures
Daily Caller: Markey compares Citizens United decision to Dred Scott



February 23, 2013


WSJ: Lengthy Impasse Looms On Cuts
NYT: Critical Differences Belie Hopes for a Grand Bargain
Roll Call: Does Boehner Even Have the Votes to Replace the Sequester?
WSJ: How Federal Spending Would Be Cut Under the Sequester
NYT: White House Uses Air Delays as Budget Prod
WaPo: White House warns of flight delays if sequester is not averted
WaPo: Air Force chief: Sequester might ground lawmakers
Hill: Sequester plan could derail Afghan postwar plans, says Defense secretary
WTimes: White House sequester warnings fall on deaf ears
Examiner: A series of unfortunate events, courtesy of sequestration
WaPo: As furloughs loom, unions try to soften sequester blow for federal workers
WSJ: Roundup: The Proposed Alternatives to the Sequester
NYT: Fear of U.S. Cuts Grows in States Where Aid Flows
Hill: Obama: Time for GOP to compromise on looming sequester
Hill: Obama: 'Hope springs eternal' for deal on avoiding automatic cuts
Charles Blow: Dire Consequences and Denial
Gail Collins: Sequester for Dummies
Bob Woodward: Obama’s sequester deal-changer
George Will: The manufactured crisis of sequester
Rush Limbaugh: What Makes Me Ashamed of My Country
Rush Limbaugh: Let's Just Freeze Spending
WTimes: Rush Limbaugh on sequester talks: ‘I am ashamed of my country’
Human Events: Limbaugh: GOP must not cave on sequestration

NYT: Obama’s Backers Seek Big Donors to Press Agenda

NYT: Seeing Citizenship Path Near, Activists Push Obama to Slow Deportations
Hill: Bipartisan House immigration group reports ‘incredible progress’

WSJ: ObamaCare and the '29ers'
NYT: Editorial: Too Good a Deal to Pass Up

Sen. Rand Paul: Why an education system to leave everyone behind?

Fox: Oregon senator to ask for GAO probe of Hanford nuclear site
Politico: Washington governor: 6 underground Hanford nuclear tanks leaking

NatJ: What’s in the Secret Drone Memos
Fox: Government plans for drastic expansion of domestic mini-drones
Andrew McCarthy: How Should We Treat American Jihadists?

Charlie Cook: Why Obama Should Sit Down and Keep Quiet
James Taranto: Charlie Cook Has a Problem

Glenn Reynolds: The Hollywood Tax Story They Won't Tell at the Oscars

NatJ: Sorting the Senate by Ideology

Politico: Battered GOP governors change tune ahead of 2014

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Miami Herald: Florida task force says no major changes needed to Stand Your Ground law
Fox: Task force backs Florida's 'stand your ground' law


American Spectator: A True Conservative in Virginia: Ken Cuccinelli

Examiner: Transportation deal stalls in Virginia Senate


Politico: Scott Walker supports path to citizenship


Boston Globe: 44,000 to lose Medicaid coverage in Maine


NYT: In Mayoral Bid, Thompson Hopes for Jewish Votes


Daily Caller: Cornyn draws primary challenger


WaPo: With campaign, Mark Sanford goes from Appalachian Trail to comeback trail


Politico: Bill Haslam: GOP needs message fix


Daily Caller: Rand Paul returns surplus operating budget


WTimes: O’Malley gun bill, death penalty repeal advance to Senate floor


LA Times: Arizona's governor bucks expectations again



February 22, 2013


WSJ: The GOP Splits Over Pressure to Slash Defense Budget
WaPo: Military service chiefs warn budget cuts will undermine readiness
WSJ: Republicans Seek to Ease Spending Reduction's Blow
WSJ: Sudden Spending Cuts Likely to Bleed Slowly
NatJ: If the Sequester Happens, What's Getting the Ax?
NYT: Federal Spending Cuts Threaten Delays in Air Travel
Fox: Budget impasse could mean travel nightmare for fliers
Hill: Dems, experts warn of economic and social fallout of sequester
WSJ: Obama Speaks With Boehner, McConnell
Hill: Obama reaches out to Boehner, McConnell as sequester cuts loom
WTimes: Obama, congressional Republicans look to soften landing of budget cuts
NYT: For Obama Team, Calm, Not Crisis, in Latest Fiscal Battle
Politico: Is Obama overplaying sequester hand?
WTimes: Polls show urgency of looming cuts gets a shrug
Politico: Sequestration poll: Republicans to be blamed most
NYT: Editorial: Why Taxes Have to Go Up
Peggy Noonan: Obama's scare tactics aren't much of a long-term strategy
Paul Krugman: Sequester of Fools
David Brooks: The D.C. Dubstep
Pat Buchanan: Cut commitments, not muscle
Stuart Rothenberg: Democrats' Economic Narrative Still Trumps GOP's
Rush Limbaugh: For the First Time in My Life, I Am Ashamed of My Country

WSJ: Payroll Tax Whacks Spending
WTimes: Gas prices top $4 per gallon, fuel sticker shock
NYT: OpEd: The Case for a Higher Gasoline Tax

NYT: Governors Fall Away in G.O.P. Fight Against More Medicaid

WSJ: Hagel Nears Finish Line With New Support
WTimes: Richard Shelby’s switch has Chuck Hagel on verge of confirmation
WaPo: 15 GOP senators call for withdrawal of Hagel nomination
NYT: 15 G.O.P. Senators Urge Hagel’s Withdrawal as Democrats Push Toward Vote
Hill: Inhofe pushes against proceeding to final up-or-down vote on Hagel
Examiner: Nasty confirmation process could leave Chuck Hagel weak defense secretary

Hill: Front-runner to lead EPA vows more action on climate change

Hill: Rumored Energy pick stirring fears on left

WTimes: Paul to hold up Brennan’s CIA nomination over drone strikes

Examiner: AFL-CIO, Chamber reach accord on immigration reform
WTimes: Accord paves way for immigrants to legally take ‘lesser-skilled’ jobs
WSJ: Business, Labor Groups Find Little Accord on Immigration
Politico: Ted Cruz doubts President Obama on immigration
WaPo: Obama’s revamped image among Hispanics should worry the GOP, big time
DC: Sen. Jeff Sessions slams immigration pact supported by GOP House majority leader
Ann Coulter: Hispanicked GOP Elite: They'll Respect Us In The Morning
Charles Krauthammer: Immigration — the lesser of two evils
Chris Cillizza: What if Ted Cruz is right (on immigration)?

Michael Gerson: The Republican Party needs a reality check
Rush Limbaugh: I'm Not Your Problem, GOP

Human Events: Supreme Court may further reduce limits on political campaign donations

WaPo: Same-sex marriage group agrees to drop Laura Bush commercial

NatJ: Republicans Say They Have Almost Even Odds of Taking Control of the Senate

Politico: Conservative magazine Human Events up for sale, could close


Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott’s new ideology? ‘Getting re-elected,’ some say
National Review: Editorial: Sunshine Shakedown

Miami Herald: In speech, Crist says he’s the same guy — with a new political party

MH: Suspect in David Rivera campaign-finance scandal to be charged with federal crimes


Detroit News: Snyder to Detroit: Time to act


Politico: Ken Cuccinelli opposes Virginia transportation bill
Politico: Bill Clinton to fundraise for Terry McAuliffe

John Fund: McDonnell Tarnishes His Legacy

Fox: Virginia community braces for impact of defense cuts

Politico: Virginia House OKs voter ID bill


Milwaukee JS: Ron Johnson, Tammy Baldwin: No pair of senators are further apart


Roll Call: Blunt Urges Discretion in Applying Sequester Cuts


NatJ: Vote Ratings Show Large Gap Between King, Latham


Roll Call: Running Again in 2016? Reid Says, ‘Sure, Why Not?’


NYT: Top Cuomo Aide Delivers Public Rebuke Of State Worker Who Talked to the Press
Albany TU: Cuomo aide hits back at engineer

NYT: Editorial: What Gov. Cuomo’s Budget Needs


LA Times: Brown may forge alliance with GOP governors on health plan


NatJ: Facing Primary Threat, Graham Rated 33rd Most Conservative


Hill: GOP sources: Gingrey will run for Senate
NatJ: Broun Logs Surprisingly Moderate Score in Vote Ratings


James Taranto: A Chicago official's bizarre and wrongheaded constitutional theory


Roll Call: Governor Says Ashley Judd Would Make ‘Very Serious Candidate’ for Senate
Politico: Kentucky governor: Ashley Judd ‘serious candidate’


WaPo: Is Md. Gov. Martin O’Malley running for president or not?


WSJ: Voters Sour on New Jersey Senator
Roll Call: Survey Shows Menendez’s Popularity Sliding


WSJ: Connecticut Governor Pushes for Gun Laws


Weekly Standard: MA Republican Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez Hits the Trail



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Roll Call: 5 Races to Watch in 2013

NatJ: Sorting the Senate by Ideology

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