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January 7, 2013


WSJ: Battle Lines Drawn on Budget
WTimes: GOP eyes shutdown as ‘fiscal sanity’ jolt
Politico: McConnell: Not at 'shoot the hostage' point
Hill: House and Senate working quietly to avoid government shutdown
WTimes: More taxes: ‘Behind us’ or ‘on the table’?
NYT: McConnell Takes Taxes Off the Table in New Talks
Hill: McConnell: Tax issue ‘finished,’ focus should turn to spending cuts
WaPo: Mitch McConnell: The ‘tax issue is behind us’
Roll Call: McConnell Hits Sunday Shows to Talk Debt Ceiling Clash
DC: Sen. Ron Johnson on federal budgets: ‘I’m happy to start cutting agencies’
Hill: Defense industry fears sequestration delay won't stop Pentagon cuts
Politico: Graham wants equal spending cuts in debt deal
WTimes: Durbin: Include tax reform in budget talks
Hill: Obama to draw on public support in next round of economic battles with GOP
Fox: Democrats, Republicans battle along familiar lines ahead of new fiscal talks
Hill: Democrats look for up to $1 trillion in new tax revenues this year
Hill: Van Hollen: GOP push for cuts without new revenue a 'recipe for more gridlock'
Fox: Pelosi says upcoming fiscal deals should include greater tax increase
Hill: Pelosi: More tax revenues must be part of next deficit deal
DC: Pelosi urges Obama to sidestep Congress, use 14th Amendment to raise debt ceiling
Fox: Budget watchdogs extend campaign, say recent fiscal deal doesn't cut it
Hill: Simpson: 'Fiscal cliff' deal won't do 'anything really' to tackle deficit
NYT: Editorial: The Next Round of Tax Increases
American Spectator: Obama’s Debt Limit Game
National Review: The Budget Battles Ahead

Examiner: Debt ceiling fight will test Boehner's leadership mettle
Roll Call: Boehner Coup Attempt Larger Than First Thought
Politico: John Boehner’s tough road ahead
Human Events: House GOP freshmen condemn fiscal cliff deal; want dramatic spending cuts
Stephen Moore: The Education of John Boehner

Robert Samuelson: If we can’t kill farm subsidies, what can we kill?
Jed Babbin: Bridge to a Higher Cliff
Joe Curl: Obama supporters shocked, angry at new tax increases
Chris Cillizza: Are ‘grand bargains’ still possible?
EJ Dionne: The real deficit argument
Paul Krugman: The Big Fail

WaPo: Editorial: Repairs to Medicare

NYT: For Ryan’s Next Act, Balancing Pragmatism With Politics

WaPo: Lines drawn in gun-control debate
Politico: Cruz says pols exploiting school shooting
Hill: GOP Sen. Cruz calls for strengthening background-check system for gun sales
Politico: Heitkamp scoffs at W.H. gun-control plan
Hill: Heitkamp: Reported Obama gun-control proposals ‘extreme’
WSJ: McConnell: Fiscal Debate Will Delay Work on Guns
Fox: White House reportedly considering gun control measures beyond assault weapon ban
NYT: After Pinpointing Gun Owners, Paper Is a Target
John Fund: Guns for Me but Not for Thee

Politico: Lisa Murkowski drafting revenue-sharing expansion

American Spectator: A Feat of Congressional Bipartisanship: House Ethics Committee


WaPo: Obama to nominate Chuck Hagel for defense secretary
Politico: McConnell: Hagel will get 'fair hearing'
WaPo: McConnell says Hagel should get ‘fair hearing’; Cruz not sold on record
Fox: Hagel to get defense secretary nomination Monday, but little Republican support
LA Times: Critics slam Chuck Hagel's likely nomination as Defense secretary
Daily Caller: Lindsey Graham: Hagel ‘an in-your-face nomination’ from Obama
Dallas MN: Sen. John Cornyn opposes Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary
WTimes: Hagel is in for tough challenge to lead the Pentagon
NatJ: Hagel Pick Pressures Pro-Israel Democrats
Politico: Bill Kristol’s big plans start with Hagel nomination
NatJ: Chuck Hagel's Real Problem May Be Climate Change
WSJ: White House to Go on Offense for Hagel Pick
NYT: Obama’s Pick for Defense Is an Ally, and a Lightning Rod
Elliott Abrams: Mr. Hagel and the Jews
William Kristol: Hagel: War for Oil
Weekly Standard: ABC: Not Enough Democratic Support to Confirm Hagel
Politico: Chuck Hagel: 5 groups that could hamstring the president's defense secretary pick
Politico: OpEd: Don't judge Chuck Hagel by 1998 Comment
NatJ: What Obama's Senate Mafia Means for America
Human Events: Who’s opposing Chuck Hagel: a tally
Politico: Why Barack Obama picked Chuck Hagel
NatJ: Who is Chuck Hagel and Why Is He Being Nominated as Defense Secretary?
Wikipedia: Chuck Hagel bio

Fox: Obama expected to nominate counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan for CIA director
Politico: Obama to nominate John Brennan to head CIA
Wikipedia: John Brennan bio

Daily Caller:, Danny Glover push Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary
Wikipedia: Paul Krugman bio

Detroit News: Clinton scheduled to return to work Monday

Fox: Obama signs bill for Sandy flood insurance claims
Hill: Obama signs $9.7B bill to pay flood insurance claims from Sandy
American Spectator: Sandy Republicans Pig Out

WTimes: States surrender to health care law, set up exchanges

Michael Barone: Dodd-Frank’s Problems — and Potential Solutions

WaPo: Jason Weinstein’s Justice Department career was derailed by ‘Fast and Furious’

WSJ: In GOP, All Eyes on Jeb Bush

Daily Caller: Sen. Rand Paul to fuel presidential speculation by meeting with Israeli leaders


Detroit News: Bitterness lingers as Legislature restarts
DFP: Real work for new Legislature won't start until after Gov. Snyder's State of State address


WSJ: Virginia Governor's Race Highlights a Republican Rift


Milwaukee JS: Bipartisanship key for Vos as new Assembly speaker


Star Tribune: GOP regroups, looking for way back to majority


NYDN: Skelos unveils 'tough' plan on illegal firearms, quickly shot down by Cuomo, Dems
NYDN: Cuomo: Assault on GOP if it holds up his plan for nation’s toughest gun-control laws

NYT: Storm Panel Recommends Major Changes in New York

NYT: Drilling Far From Imminent, but Debate Roils a Region


LA Times: Customers pack Ontario gun show, fearing possible new laws

Dan Walters: Parcel tax changes could be big battle in California Legislature


Human Events: Sen. Ted Cruz pushes ‘Opportunity Conservatism’

NYT: In Texas, Resistance to a Renewed Call for an Annual Roundup of Legislators


NYT: In Race to Fill Jackson’s House Seat, Candidates Court Chicago’s Black Clergy

Chicago Tribune: Guns, medical marijuana drop off as pension fix search continues
Chiago ST: Illinois House plans hearing on pension-reform package Monday

WTimes: Gay-marriage supporters turn focus to Illinois


WaPo: Son of US Sen. Rand Paul arrested at NC airport, faces charges tied to alcohol
Fox: US Sen. Rand Paul's son reportedly arrested, charged with underage drinking


WTimes: Superstorm Sandy teaches N.J. Gov. Christie to be more empathetic



January 6, 2013


Roll Call: Cornyn, Conservatives Say Partial Government Shutdown Possible in Debt Standoff
Politico: John Cornyn: ‘Partial’ government shutdown may be necessary
WTimes: Obama pivots to next budget fight, opens door to deficit reduction
Columbus Dispatch: Next political storm is due soon
WaPo: ‘Fiscal cliff’ crisis barely over, Obama presses for action on raising US borrowing limit
Hill: Obama to draw on public support in new round of economic battles
Politico: Newt Gingrich warns GOP on debt ceiling
Hill: Former GOP Rep. Rehberg says Republicans have no debt-ceiling card

WaPo: GOP dissension over debt-ceiling strategy
NYT: G.O.P. Begins Soul-Searching After Tax Vote
LA Times: Republican Party divide increasingly a matter of region
Hill: Boehner ally calls conservative revolt 'asinine,' 'ridiculous'
Ross Douthat: Boehner, American Hero

Hill: Tax reform more likely after ‘fiscal cliff’ agreement, say House Republicans

Salena Zito: Cliff-deal role boosts Biden

Byron York: Message from Alaska: Our disaster relief isn’t ‘pork’

Fox: Hagel would face uphill battle for Pentagon's top job if picked by Obama


WaPo: White House weighs broad gun-control agenda in wake of Newtown shootings
Hill: Report: White House working group considers broad gun-control measures

NYT: Health Insurers Raise Some Rates by Double Digits
Examiner: Feud over Obama health care reforms to intensify in coming months

NYT: Ex-Officer Is First From C.I.A. to Face Prison for a Leak

WSJ: Have We Lost the War on Drugs?

LA Times: Obama struggles to nominate, confirm federal judges

NYT: Editorial: The Quality of Mercy, Strained (Obama pardons)

Politico: Democrats already looking for the right woman for 2016


Miami Herald: Two years into Gov. Rick Scott’s term, and there’s room for improvement


PhillyBurbs: GOP holds sway over Electoral College future


Cleveland PD: Editorial: Ohio's high-risk legislative to-do list


Detroit FP: Kilpatrick's once-trusted adviser now set to testify against him
Detroit News: Ferguson asks court to delay bid-rigging retrial


Fox: North Carolina's first Republican governor in 20 years is sworn-in


WaPo: More independent Bolling returns to role as tiebreaker in Virginia Senate


Milwaukee JS: Walker contributor Einhorn backs off WHEDA contract


Star Tribune: Dayton faces opportunity and peril in coming year


St. Louis PD: Ed Martin named chairman of Mo. Republican Party


Denver Post: Fresh faces, hot issues when Colorado legislature opens Wednesday


Des Moines Register: Iowa View: Iowa GOP is in fragments


Las Vegas Sun: Nevada Democrats still afraid of the ‘T-word’


WCSH6: Maine legislature to reconvene Tuesday


WTimes: N.Y. Democrat: Republicans who voted no on Sandy storm aid ‘mean-spirited’


Dan Walters: Democratic ownership of Capitol has a price


Dallas MN: Texas Legislature will struggle to tackle big issues this year


WTimes: Oklahoma GOP freshman reaches across the (bus) aisle


Hill: Sen. Chambliss dismisses controversy over 'Zero Dark Thirty'


Chicago Tribune: No pension deal as Quinn, leaders meet
Chicago ST: Madigan: Pension talks ‘productive,’ but no deal

Chicago Tribune: Gay marriage remains a tough sell in Illinois


WSJ: Gearing Up for Re-election, Christie Focuses on Sandy Recovery
Albany TU: Christie: Comments on Obama, Boehner part of job


Boston Globe: Third-party groups may not sit out Senate race
Boston Herald: Top Deval adviser no fan of Barney Frank's Senate bid



January 5, 2013


WTimes: GOP increasingly ready for government shutdown
Fox: “New Normal” Heightens Chances of Government Shutdown
Hill: Republicans call for spending cuts, tax reform in address
LA Times: Obama digs in as debt ceiling fight looms
Hill: Obama sends warning shot to Republicans on debt-ceiling increase
WaPo: White House sees promise in revisiting elements of grand bargain on taxes, spending
Hill: Pelosi favors use of 14th Amendment to avoid another debt-ceiling crisis

WSJ: The Stealth Tax Hike: Why the new $450,000 income threshold is a political fiction
Human Events: McConnell, Boehner saved most of the tax cuts
Politico: Wealthiest places backed cliff deal
WSJ: Politics Counts: How Wealthier Areas Favored Cliff Deal
Rush Limbaugh: Middle Class Got Creamed in Cliff Deal
Gallup: Americans Have Mixed Reaction to Fiscal Cliff Agreement
Mark Steyn: Fiscal-Cliff Mirage: Without meaningful course correction, America is doomed

NYT: Congress Passes a $9.7 Billion Storm Relief Measure
Fox: Congress OKs $9.7B in Sandy relief, as conservatives question call for more aid
WaPo: Congress passes $9.7 billion in Sandy aid, with some House GOP dissent
NBC: House approves $9.7 billion Sandy relief package; 67 Republicans against
NJ: House passes first $9.7 billion in Sandy aid, but remainder could be a debate

Fox: Reid emerges from fiscal crisis talks with fences to mend

Hill: Boehner to GOP: Public is behind us on spending, debt limit fight
Hill: Boehner absolves GOP defectors, seeks to reassert his command
Hill: Republican members wince at Boehner-Cantor ‘palace intrigue’

Nate Silver: Were the G.O.P. Votes Against Boehner a Historic Rejection?
Dana Milbank: In the House, a deck stacked for Republicans

Hill: Ten gun bills on Congress's first day

WSJ: Susan B. Anthony List Taps Rep. Ryan for Keynote at Gala

WSJ: House Call: Democratic Caucus Adds Two Doctors

NatJ: A Visual Look at Today's Congress Compared to 50 Years Ago


WSJ: Hagel Is Likely Pentagon Pick
NYT: Nomination of Hagel Could Come Next Week
Jerusalem Post: 'Obama set to nominate Hagel for defense post'
William Kristol: There’s No Case for Hagel

WSJ: Deeper Troop Cutback Weighed

WaPo: Obama transition may finally pick up steam
Politico: Who’s on shortlist for Obama’s top jobs?

WaPo: FDA begins implementing sweeping food-safety law
NYT: F.D.A. Offers Broad New Rules to Fight Food Contamination
Hill: Obama administration begins major overhaul of food safety rules
WaPo: Editorial: Safer food is on its way

Roll Call: Obama Campaign Fined $375,000
WaPo: Obama campaign to pay $375,000 fine for omitting some donor’s names in 2008

John Fund: E-mail Scandal at the EPA

NYT: Scare Amplifies Fears That Clinton’s Work Has Taken Heavy Toll

WaPo: Rebound in construction hiring offers hope for economy
WaPo: Job creation steady in December, unemployment at 7.8%

Kathleen Parker: The GOP’s future speaks Spanish

WaPo: Al Gore stands to gain about $70 million after selling Current TV to al-Jazeera
Politico: O'Reilly: Al Gore's sale to al-Jazeera 'sleazy and disgraceful'

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Palm Beach Post: Florida GOP gameplan: resurrect the Gipper


Pittsburgh TR: Republicans take a lashing for vote


Daily Caller: Republican establishment slipping in Missouri congressional race


NYDN: Cuomo's plan of passing new gun control measures is a tough task

NYT: Andrew P. O’Rourke, 79, Rival to Mario Cuomo, Dies


WSJ: California Law Blamed for Crime Rise


Dallas: David Dewhurst ‘101 percent’ sure he’ll seek re-election as TX lieutenant governor


Roll Call: South Carolina: State Representative Quickly Moving Toward 1st District Bid


Chicago ST: Quinn says ‘breakthrough’ reached with Madigan on pension reform


NatJ: Hutchinson Intends to Run for Arkansas Governor


Politico: Christie 'straight talk' starts to grate on GOP right


Hartfordite: Foley Setting Stage for 2014 Rematch with Governor Malloy


WSJ: Barney Frank Raises Hand for Temporary Senate Seat
WaPo: Barney Frank says he’s interested in being interim senator to replace John Kerry
NatJ: Don't Bet on Barney Frank for Senate

Human Events: Keith Ablow speculates run for Kerry’s Senate seat


WaPo: Sen. Mike Crapo pleads guilty to drunken driving
Fox: Idaho Sen. Crapo pleads guilty in Va. to DWI charge
Politico: Mike Crapo launches apology tour


Politico: Schatz gets Energy, Commerce assignments



January 4, 2013


WaPo: John Boehner reelected as House speaker
NBC: Boehner re-elected as Speaker of the House after some GOP dissent
NYT: Boehner Retains Speaker’s Post, but Dissidents Nip at His Heels
Fox: Boehner starts second speaker term vowing end to one-on-one meetings with Obama
Examiner: Re-elected Boehner pledges to get tough with Obama
NYT: Liked but Not Feared, Boehner Keeps a Job Some Might Ask Why He Wants
LA Times: Boehner remains speaker – barely – as new Congress convenes
Guardian UK: John Boehner re-elected as Speaker of the House - as it happened
WTimes: Boehner returns as speaker by three votes
Hill: Boehner reelected as Speaker; nine Republicans defect in vote
Hill: Pelosi consolidates support among House Democrats in Speaker vote
WaPo: Who voted against Boehner for speaker and why?
Politico: Conservatives rebel against John Boehner
Hill: Failed coup effort against Boehner highlights House GOP divisions
WSJ: New Congress Faces Same Partisan Divisions
NYT: Day of Records and Firsts as 113th Congress Opens
WaPo: The 113th Congress is the most diverse in history
WTimes: Senate welcomes new members

NYT: Fiscal Deal Fails to Allay Doubts on U.S. Global Power
WaPo: Editorial: A government by extension: No way to run a country
WaPo: Hastert: When you break my rule, ‘you’re not in power anymore’
WTimes: Boehner has mixed House rules record
WTimes: Norquist gives Republicans a break on taxes
WTimes: Orszag: Obama lost leverage for fiscal fights ahead

Michael Gerson: Easing pain, not problems
Larry Kudlow: One cheer for the cliff deal
Rich Lowry: Take the Hostage
Peggy Noonan: There's No 'I' in 'Kumbaya'
Charles Krauthammer: Return of the real Obama
Pat Buchanan: The Republicans — after Dunkirk
Rush Limbaugh: Cliff Deal Left Asset Wealthy Untouched

Weekly Standard: Avoiding the Defense Cliff

WaPo: House GOP may try again to extend federal pay freeze

NYT: Obama Disputes Limits on Detainee Transfers Imposed in Defense Bill

Kim Strassel: The Debt-Ceiling Fight Will Be Dirty
Paul Krugman: Battles of the Budget

Hill: Cochran ousts Roberts as top Republican on Senate's Ag Committee

James Taranto: The left's racially charged attack on Sen. Tim Scott

WTimes: Clinton open to testifying on Benghazi attack
Hill: Clinton plans to return to work next week

WTimes: Kerry starts prepping for State confirmation hearing

WTimes: Obama nominates 33 judicial picks, urges Senate to act


WaPo: Tim Geithner to leave Treasury by end of month
Bloomberg: Geithner Said to Plan Departure Before Debt Ceiling Deal
Chicago Tribune: Analysis: Geithner's planned departure puts Obama in tough spot

WaPo: White House pushes forward on immigration ahead of bigger reform fight

WaPo: Plans for health insurance exchanges approved by White House for 7 more states

Sen. Ted Cruz: What the GOP should stand for: Opportunity

Politico: GOP scrambles to fix its primary problem

NatJ: Races to Watch in 2013


Miami Herald: Requests for gun permits spikes in Florida


NatJ: Why is Pennsylvania's Governor Suing the NCAA?


Detroit FP: Michigan crime victims get more notice under new law


Examiner: Gov. Bob McDonnell pushing Teach for America in Va. schools


NatJ: Kinder, Steelman Join Field Vying To Replace Emerson


NYT: Experts Advise Cuomo on Disaster Measures

NYT: Bans and Rules Muddy Prospects for Gas Drilling

NY Post: Feds launch probe into former NY state Senate Majority Leader John Sampson


LA Times: California's freshman class in the U.S. House is large and diverse

SacBee: California lawmaker proposes 'homeless bill of rights'


DMN: Cruz begins Senate career pledging to hold to conservative lines on spending, guns
CBS Houston: Cruz Sworn In As Texas’ First Hispanic US Senator

Dallas MN: Rep. Louie Gohmert votes against Boehner; Steve Stockman votes “present”


Human Events: Inhofe: Today I’m McConnell’s biggest fan


Roll Call: Sanford Likely Front-Runner in S.C. Special Election


AJC: Governor says he can’t suspend Clayton County sheriff


WaPo: Mark Kirk makes dramatic return to Capitol Hill
WTimes: Nearly a year after stroke, Kirk returns to Senate

Chicago ST: Seven candidates file petitions to run for Jackson’s old congressional seat

Fox: Senate committee approves same-sex marriage bill in Illinois

Human Events: Illinois pushes for gun ban
Fox: Illinois Dems advance ban on most modern firearms


NYT: Christie Takes a Swing at His Party, Possibly Hurting His Political Future
NatJ: Chris Christie May Be the Smartest Man in Politics

Politico: Frank Pallone joins Cory Booker in eyeing New Jersey Senate seat


WaPo: Why Ed Markey’s residency could be an issue in bid to replace Kerry

Boston Globe: Warren and Kennedy sworn in as 113th Congress convenes


NatJ: Carmona Considering Ariz. Governor Run



January 3, 2013


WSJ: GOP Leaders Take Political Risk With Deal
WTimes: ‘Cliff’ vote could haunt Republicans
Politico: Why 85 House Republicans said ‘yes’ to taxes
NYT: Ryan, Rubio and Paul Place Their Bets
Fox: Boehner could face rocky vote for speakership amid Republican angst
Politico: Why John Boehner, Eric Cantor split on Sandy, cliff
WTimes: Grumbling on Boehner’s speakership not a mutiny
Hill: Boehner tells GOP he’s through negotiating one-on-one with Obama
NatJ: John Boehner on Track to be Reelected, Despite Rumors of a Tea Party Coup
Hill: Boehner, Pelosi facing defections as House votes for Speaker
Daily Caller: Satire: Four possibilities to replace John Boehner
Politico: Dems dream of 2014 gains after cliff follies

Hill: Portrait of the 113th Congress

NYT: Tax Deal Shows Possible Path Around House G.O.P. in Fiscal Fights to Come
WSJ: How Deal Was Made, Unmade, Then Saved

Politico: Harry Reid delays call on filibuster overhaul
Hill: Reid will postpone filibuster reform
Politico: Filibustering the filibuster

Hill: McConnell suggests early February deadline for passage of debt-ceiling bill

WSJ: Fresh Budget Fights Brewing
Fox: Fiscal crisis deal leaves other battles ahead on debt, spending
Politico: Obama's debt problem
NatJ: Several ‘Cliff’ Battles Still Lie Ahead in 2013
NYT: Lawmakers Gird for Next Fiscal Clash, on the Debt Ceiling
WTimes: Angry GOP: Hill has to ‘get serious about cutting spending’
CNN: Fiscal fights threaten US policy goals
WSJ: Deal Fails to Satisfy Liberal Democrats
WTimes: Tax hike deal: Obama’s first or GOP’s last?

NYT: For Obama, a Victory That Also Holds Risks
Fred Barnes: The President Who Wants It All
Daily Caller: How Congress, Wall Street & media traded America’s future for short term fix
American Spectator: The Triumph of Tax-and-Spend Liberalism
National Review: Editorial: Limiting the Damage

CNN: Obama signs fiscal cliff bill into law
Fox: Obama signs fiscal crisis deal and defense bill from Hawaii with autopen

Fox: Obama signs $633 billion defense bill after threatening to veto it

WTimes: Stocks surge with ‘fiscal cliff’ averted

NYT: Piecing Together a Tax Plan’s Effects
Fox: Fiscal deal includes estimated $12.1 billion in tax credits for wind energy industry
WSJ: Deductions Limits Will Affect Many

NatJ: Boehner Agrees to Votes on Sandy Disaster Relief
Hill: Under pressure, Boehner agrees to hold two votes on Sandy relief funding
WTimes: Boehner sets votes on Sandy relief after taking bipartisan criticism
Fox: House leaders pledge to vote on Sandy aid bill amid bipartisan complaints over delay
Weekly Standard: Christie Craving Pork-Filled Sandy Bill


NatJ: Why the Tea Party Lives On

NatJ: What's On Tap In 2013

Karl Rove: The implementation of ObamaCare will be ragged and ugly

James Taranto: McFortress: An antigun newspaper avails itself of the Second Amendment

Roll Call: Republicans Looking to Add Heft to Opposition Research Efforts

Ann Coulter: Bad Inventions

NYT: Clinton Out of Hospital After Treatment for Clot
Fox: Clinton Looking for Clean Getaway on Benghazi


FlaTU: First Coast Tea Party blasts Ander Crenshaw, other Republicans for "fiscal cliff" votes
Politico: Florida's cliff deal fallout


NYT: Governor Sues Over Penalties to Penn State


Detroit News: Fiscal cliff deal splits Michigan's GOP delegation


WTimes: Virginia joins pro-life wave with abortion clinic rules


Roll Call: Minnesota: Paulsen Senate Bid Not So ‘Ridiculous’ After All


Roll Call: Missouri: Kinder Moves Toward Congressional Bid


WTimes: Colorado’s gender-gap reversal defies ‘war on women’


Examiner: House Republicans blast Boehner for delaying Sandy aid
Roll Call: King Tells Members to Withhold Money From NRCC Over Sandy Aid

NYT: Gas Drilling Is Called Safe in New York


Roll Call: South Carolina: Haley Sets 1st District Special Date


Politico: Report: Kirk recalls seeing angels

Fox: Ill. Dems press forward with gun control bills, firearms group warns of 'no exemptions'


Roll Call: Tennessee: State Senator Announces Bid Against DesJarlais


WSJ: Infighting in GOP Follows Scuttling of Storm-Aid Vote
NYT: Stalling of Storm Aid Makes Northeast Republicans Furious

Roll Call: Pallone Makes Preparations for Senate Campaign in N.J.


Fox: Brown hints again at possible run for Kerry's seat, takes a dig at Markey
Politico: Scott Brown prods Ed Markey on Massachusetts residency
NatJ: Brown Jabs at Markey on Hub Radio
Roll Call: Top Dems Try to Clear Senate Field for Markey, but Others Considering the Race
Roll Call: Massachusetts: Lynch Still Weighing Bid for Senate


Roll Call: Turnover Shakes Up Aloha State Delegation



January 2, 2013


WSJ: Congress Passes Cliff Deal
Fox: Congress approves fiscal crisis bill
WaPo: Congress approves ‘fiscal cliff’ measure
NYT: Amid Pressure, House Passes Fiscal Deal
National Review: Done Deal: 257–167
Hill: House approves 'fiscal cliff' deal; bill headed to Obama's desk
WTimes: Congress approves ‘fiscal cliff’ deal in bipartisan vote
Examiner: House moves to avoid tumble over fiscal cliff
Daily Caller: House Republicans pass Senate cliff deal, send it to president for approval
WaPo: The ‘fiscal cliff’: How the House voted
WTimes: Boehner splits with GOP on ‘fiscal cliff’ vote
Politico: Boehner, Cantor take different sides
LA Times: 'Fiscal cliff' plan clears House with GOP divided
Politico: The fiscal cliff deal that almost wasn't

Fox: Details of fiscal crisis bill passed by Congress
NatJ: Here's What's in the Fiscal Cliff Deal
Hill: Timeline of the 'fiscal-cliff' showdown

WSJ: High Earners Facing First Major Tax Increase in Years
WSJ: Lack of Grand Bargain Complicates Obama's Priorities
WSJ: Boehner Shepherds Deal Through House
NYT: Bigger Tax Bite for Most Under Fiscal Pact
WTimes: Maligned loopholes survive ‘fiscal cliff’ deal to the tune of $1 trillion
Politico: Fiscal cliff deal includes farm bill extension
NYT: Impact of the Tax Deal
CNN: Senators with eye on 2016 vote against cliff deal
WaPo: Tea party backers swallow a bitter pill in ‘cliff’ bill
American Spectator: All-Purpose Scapegoats
NYT: On the Left, Seeing Obama Giving Away Too Much, Again

WSJ: Obama's Tax Bill Comes Due
David Malpass: Nothing Is Certain Except More Debt and Taxes
Holman Jenkins: Lost Decade, Revisited
William Kristol: Say Yes to the Mess
Ezra Klein: The lessons of the fiscal cliff

NYT: Lines of Resistance on Fiscal Deal

NYT: Obama Bolts for Hawaii After House Vote

WSJ: House Fails to Take Up Sandy Aid Bill
Fox: House ends current term without voting on Sandy aid bill
NYT: Billions in Aid for Hurricane Victims Appears in Jeopardy
Examiner: NY area lawmakers: House GOP scraps vote Sandy aid
Roll Call: GOP Leaders Delay Sandy Relief, Angering Northeast Lawmakers

WSJ: OpEd: Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense


NYT: Even With Fiscal Agreement, Investors Facing Imminent Obstacles


Palm Beach Post: Florida Democrats: our best weapon is Republicans


Philly: Area Republicans in House back deal


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio didn’t tip election scale, but it carried a lot of weight


Winston-Salem Journal: NC Republicans prepared for expanded power in 2013


Milwaukee JS: Walker has yet to issue pardons or set up pardon board


NYT: From Congress to Halls of State, in New Hampshire, Women Rule


Human Events: Sanfords may run against each other in S.C.-1


NYT: Illinois Governor Seeks Fast Vote on State’s Long-Troubled Pension Systems


Register-Herald: W.Va. GOP to make Voter ID an issue in 2013



January 1, 2013


Fox: Senate approves fiscal crisis deal after missed deadline, bill goes to House
Daily Caller: Senate passes fiscal-cliff fix after midnight; moves to the House
Dallas MN: Senate approves 'fiscal cliff' bill; House may vote today
Human Events: Senate passes tax hikes 89 to 8; fiscal cliff deal moves to House
Hill: Focus turns to the House

NYT: Senate Passes Legislation to Allow Taxes on Affluent to Rise
WaPo: Obama, Senate Republicans reach agreement on ‘fiscal cliff’
Politico: Senate clears fiscal cliff deal 89-8
Hill: Senate approves Biden-McConnell 'fiscal cliff' deal in easy 89-8 vote
Hill: McConnell calls deal on 'fiscal cliff' 'imperfect' but necessary
WSJ: U.S. Budget Compromise Deal Reached
WTimes: Senate votes to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’
Examiner: Senate approves fiscal cliff legislation
Roll Call: After Midnight Deadline, Senate Approves Last-Ditch Cliff Deal

WTimes: Congress to punt political football again rather than tackle problem
NatJ: Fiscal Deal Would Only Sets Stage For a New Year of Mini-Cliffs
Hill: McConnell: Agreement reached to postpone sequester two months
Hill: Deal guarantees spending showdown
WSJ: Details of Tax Law Changes Spelled Out
Fox: Details of tentative deal that would avert fiscal crisis
Politico: Fiscal cliff deal includes farm bill extension

NYT: Grand Deals Give Way to Legislative Quick Fixes
Politico: Democrats win key tax fights in emerging fiscal cliff deal
WSJ: Late Obama Appearance Ruffled Cliff Talks
WSJ: Deal's Likely Impact: More Slow Growth
WSJ: Deal Leaves Lawmakers With Plenty More to Do
WaPo: After a ‘fiscal cliff’ deal, what next?
WSJ: U.S. on Track to Hit Borrowing Limit
NYT: Chief Justice Prods Congress to Resolve Budget Talks and Control National Debt
Politico: Grover Norquist supports Senate cliff plan

David Brooks: Another Fiscal Flop
Chris Cillizza: Winners and losers in the fiscal cliff deal
Robert Samuelson: Obama’s leadership failure
Byron York: Obama's 'messianism' makes economy a secondary concern

Politico: House GOP mulls scaled-back Hurricane Sandy aid
Hill: House might split Sandy aid for votes

National Review: The End of the Senate Filibuster?

NYT: A Year of Market Gains, Despite Turmoil

NYT: Employers Must Offer Family Care, Affordable or Not
Hill: Federal judge halts Obama birth-control policy for Domino's Pizza founder

Ted Nugent: Open letter to Joe Biden on guns

WSJ: Clinton Has Blood Clot Between Brain and Skull
WaPo: Hillary Clinton’s blood clot in her skull, doctors say
NYT: Doctors Expect Clinton to Recover Fully From Blood Clot Near Brain
WTimes: Clinton’s physicians expect ‘full recovery’

Fox: Unions look for benefits from Obama re-election

James Taranto: Long Walks, Short Piers

NYT: Hispanic Pregnancies Fall in U.S. as Women Choose Smaller Families

Fox: Congress bids farewell to influential lawmakers

Thomas Sowell: Republicans Deserved to Lose


Examiner: Cuccinelli campaign for governor names manager


WTimes: Snowe won’t miss partisanship


NYT: Giuliani Ready to Use Muscle to Put His Man in Mayor’s Seat

Albany TU: Senate Dems flesh out leadership team


WTimes: Kirk’s return to Senate called inspirational



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