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Gone to Africa and Asia. Back on Feb. 20

January 18, 2013


WSJ: GOP Weighs Short Debt-Limit Rise
WaPo: House Republicans weighing short-term debt limit increase
NYT: Republicans May Offer Short-Term Extension of Borrowing Limit
Hill: Ryan: House GOP discussing short-term hike to debt ceiling
WTimes: At retreat, GOP advances debt-limit strategies
WaPo: House Republicans using retreat as chance for self-reflection
Fox: House Republican Inertia Leads to Irrelevancy
NYT: Difficult Choices on Debt if the U.S. Hits the Ceiling
NatJ: House GOP Seeing Sequester, Not Debt Ceiling, As Fight to Pick
Human Events: GOP moves for comprehensive tax reform
Roll Call: GOP Centrists Eye Central Role in a Divided House
Politico: Paul Ryan gives GOP leaders advice on battling Obama
NatJ: 7 Hopeful Signs for Republicans
Charles Krauthammer: A new strategy for the GOP

Fox: 'There is no plan': Looming defense cuts already have contractors shedding jobs
WSJ: Poll: Washington Affects Economic Outlook
WaPo: Why Republicans have no incentive to compromise

Paul Krugman: The Dwindling Deficit

NYT: Democrats Are Split Over How to Shape Approach to Gun Bills
WaPo: Marco Rubio: Obama ‘doesn’t have the guts’ to admit he opposes 2nd Amendment
Rush Limbaugh: Rubio is Right
Rich Lowry: An Infantile Spectacle
WaPo: The long (and sometimes turbulent) history of the NRA and the GOP
Examiner: Republican opposition to Obama's use of executive powers limited
Politico: Ted Cruz: Gun push has 2014 political price

WTimes: After long wait, Kerry finally gets chance to head State
WaPo: Kerry cruise to confirmation expected to begin with Thursday hearing
Politico: Kerry hearing Jan. 24

NatJ: Second-Term Exodus Leaves Zero Hispanics in Cabinet, Few on Dems' Bench

WaPo: Editorial: Sen. Rubio steps up on immigration

WT: Environmentalists versus workers: Keystone pipeline decision will shape Obama’s legacy

WTimes: ‘Obamacare’ contraception mandate hits legal hurdles

Fox: Expert panel's report questions US food stamp program's effectiveness

WTimes: Democrats press vote reforms: Measures unlikely to gain traction in House

WSJ: Hillary Clinton Exits With 69% Approval Rating

Kim Strassel: Harry Reid's Great Disappearing Act

Hill: McConnell seeks fresh start with president
Hill: Poll: Voters pessimistic as Obama prepares for second inauguration
Fox: Obama re-election team to form group to support second-term agenda, source says
David Brooks: The Next Four Years

Politico: The looming Democratic divide

WaPo: Don’t look now but the 2016 race is already underway

Roll Call: NRCC’s Walden Says GOP Must Focus on Minority Outreach, Communication
Hill: GOP pledges outreach to minorities, women

Daily Caller: Drama in RNC election as Ron Paul supporter makes run for chairman


WSJ: Florida Rethinks Early-Voting Law
NYT: Florida Governor Backs Voting Changes


WaPo: Editorial: GOP blocks path to easier voting


Weekly Std: In 2008 Debate, Franken Tried to Be As Pro-Gun As His Republican Opponent

Roll Call: Minnesota GOP Faces Rocky Path to Recovery in 2014


Politico: Heidi Heitkamp never far from roots

James Taranto: Too Many Men?


Roll Call: Maine: Collins Looks Safe, From Both Left and Right


NYT: Thompson Says He Wouldn’t Raise Taxes if Elected Mayor


NatJ: Iconoclastic Jerry Brown Goes Back to Square One


Politico: Anti-establishment Ted Cruz brings fresh perspective

Human Events: Once more, with feeling


Hill: NRCC chairman refuses to back Mark Sanford for House


Chicago ST: Quinn to name ex-U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald as a U. of I. trustee


Michael Gerson: Mitch Daniels, the one who got away


NYT: Christie Forms Panel on Firearms and School Safety


Boston Globe: More tax hikes in Patrick’s blueprint


Politico: Paul forces vie for Alaska GOP control



January 17, 2013


WSJ: Militants Grab U.S. Hostages
WaPo: Americans among 20 hostages seized in Algeria

WTimes: Viewed as out of touch, GOP gathers forces to plot rebirth
Politico: House GOP seeks to make friends
Hill: House GOP heads to retreat seeking unity

WaPo: House to consider extending federal pay freeze
WaPo: GOP wants quick vote on bill to extend freeze on basic federal pay rates
Hill: Experts skeptical of GOP plan to avoid default by prioritizing federal payments
WSJ: OpEd: How to Wage the Debt-Ceiling Fight
WS: Tom Cole: I Won't Vote for Debt Limit Hike Without Serious Spending Cuts
Rep. Tim Huelskamp: A budget plan that actually works
Hill: Republicans worry they’ll lose House if they botch debt talks
Nate Silver: What Is Driving Growth in Government Spending?

WSJ: Obama's Gun Curbs Face a Slog in Congress
Fox: Obama gun plan meets resistance from Republicans on Capitol Hill
WaPo: Obama’s far-reaching gun-proposals face uncertain fate in divided Congress
NYT: Obama to ‘Put Everything I’ve Got’ Into Gun Control
Examiner: Reid, red-state Democrats may stop Obama's firearms initiative
Hill: Obama push on gun control puts Reid in tough political spot
Roll Call: Baucus, Manchin Find Obama's Gun Proposals Wanting
WaPo: NRA’s lobbying bags big legislative wins in states over the past two decades
Human Events: Police chiefs weigh in on gun control battle
WSJ: List: Obama’s 23 Executive Actions on Gun Violence
NatJ: What Are Obama's Gun Control Proposals? An Easy Guide
WTimes: Obama: U.S. will be ‘judged’ on guns
Politico: Gun control passion fuels 2016 hopefuls

Ann Coulter: Guns Don't Kill People, The Mentally Ill Do
James Taranto: The NRA accuses Obama of hypocrisy. He proceeds to prove their point
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Provokes the American People
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Deputizes Gun-Snitch Doctors
Rush: Democrats Exploit Tragedy to Implement Their Utopian Agenda of Behavioral Control

Dan Henninger: Where Is the GOP's Jay Carney?

Boston Globe: Senate panel schedules Kerry’s confirmation hearing

George Will: Some questions for Hagel
American Spectator: The Hagel Case
Fox: Senate panel sets Hagel hearing for January 31

Reuters: Housing Secretary to Stay On

Fox: Ken Salazar: Interior Secretary Resigns
WTimes: Interior’s Salazar helps empty Obama’s Cabinet

NYT: Obama Plans to Name Close Aide on National Security as Chief of Staff
Politico: President Obama to name Denis McDonough chief of staff

WaPo: Obama’s nomination of ATF director signals battle to strengthen agency
NYT: Obama Tells Senate That It’s Time to Confirm A.T.F. Director

Hill: Rep. Paul Ryan maneuvers for position ahead of immigration-reform fight

WTimes: House leaders save ethics unit
Roll Call: House Leaders Make Appointments to Keep Independent Ethics Board Running

WTimes: Top Senate Democrat warns against police use of drones

WaPo: As manufacturing bounces back from recession, unions are left behind

Robert Samuelson: In health, we’re not No. 1

Roll Call: NRCC Announces Top Targets for 2014


Miami Herald: Scott supports review of state gun laws: ‘I want people to feel safe’

Hill: Allen West rules out 2014 comeback


Detroit News: Snyder makes passionate call for $1.2B in road fixes
DFP: Snyder calls for $1.2B in higher car registration fees, gas tax change to fix roads


Milwaukee JS: Republicans unveil mining bill with some 'less stringent' regulations


Star Tribune: Minnesotan in line as the president's chief of staff


Fox: Kansas governor wants to get rid of popular mortgage deduction


NYT: Big Donors Dominate Cuomo’s Fund-Raising, Analysis Finds


NYT: Ex-Governor, Disgraced in Scandal, Eyes Congress
Hill: Sanford checked with ex-wife before entering race for S.C. House seat


AJC: Gun proposal reactions vary among Georgia congressmen

Roll Call: Georgia: Broun Dings Chambliss on Taxes, Spending; Senator Hits Back


Roll Call: Rand Paul Seeks to Undo Obama's Executive Actions on Guns
Roll Call: Is Paul Getting an Early Start on 2016 White House Race?

Politico: Kentucky lawmaker earns name for himself by voting ‘no’


Roll Call: Pascrell: Booker Doesn’t Scare Lautenberg

Politico: Sandy lesson: Don't mess with Jersey


Boston Globe: Patrick pushes for income tax hike



January 16, 2013


NYT: House Approves $50.7 Billion in Emergency Aid for Storm Victims
Fox: House approves $50.7B Sandy aid bill
Politico: House passes $50B Sandy aid bill
Hill: $50 billion Sandy bill splits Republicans but clears the House
Human Events: GOP splits over pork funding in Sandy aid
WaPo: House approves Hurricane Sandy relief package
Examiner: Sandy relief package passes with extra spending intact
WTimes: Sandy funding passes House; GOP is denied cost offsets
Rep. Jeb Hensarling: Government to use Sandy ‘relief’ as cover for … more spending
WSJ: House Approves Sandy Aid Package

Hill: House GOP to decide debt-ceiling strategy at its annual retreat
National Review: Who’s Afraid of Sequestration?
NYT: In Debt Game, an Early Move From Obama
WSJ: Republicans Split on Debt-Ceiling Approach
WSJ: Some in GOP: Don't Pay All Bills Now
WaPo: TSP used for debt ceiling relief
Fox: US taps pension fund to avoid passing debt limit
Nasdaq: Fitch Lists Reasons for Possible U.S. Downgrade
National Review: Brinking Games
Las Vegas RJ: Editorial: Where is plan to cut spending?
Human Events: Trump: If GOP doesn’t hold firm ‘country will go to hell’

Sen. Mitch McConnell: Don’t Borrow More Without Spending Less
Jen Rubin: Mapping out a GOP debt strategy
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Doesn't Have the Will to Stand Up to Obama on the Debt Limit
Rush Limbaugh: Who Thought Obama Would Negotiate?
Thomas Friedman: Obama’s 1-2 Punch?
Fred Barnes: Small Business Hates Obama's Washington

WaPo: Hagel’s nomination as defense secretary gains momentum
Fox: Hagel walks back host of controversial positions in quest for Defense post
NYT: Schumer Says He’s Satisfied With Hagel on Mideast
Roll Call: Inhofe Comes Out Against Hagel After Endorsements By Schumer, Boxer
Hill: Inhofe flip-flops on Hagel endorsement
WSJ: Hagel Wins Backing of Key Senator
Jen Rubin: Schumer rustled up to stop the bleeding

Fox: Report says Interior Secretary Ken Salazar planning to resign
Hill: Interior Secretary Salazar to step down

Politico: Ray LaHood’s status: ‘Nothing to report’

WaPo: Obama to announce most expansive gun-control agenda in generations
NYT: Obama Gun Proposal to Look Beyond Mass Shootings
Politico: House shows little appetite for gun reform
WSJ: Gun Plan to Test Lawmakers
WSJ: Spotty Records Weaken Background Checks
WSJ: OpEd: A Gun Ban That Misfired
NYT: Editorial: New York Leads on Gun Control
WaPo: Why passing an assault weapons ban in Congress will be difficult
Rush: With Kids as Human Shields, Obama Will Unveil Left's Long-Held Plan to Grab Guns

WaPo: Citing Rubio’s ideas on immigration reform, WH sees hope for bipartisan deal
Politico: Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan buddy up on immigration

NYT: Record Taxpayer Cost Is Seen for Crop Insurance

WTimes: States struggling over Obama’s health care law

WSJ: Pension Funding Gap Widens for Big Cities

WSJ: OpEd: The Wages of Unemployment

James Taranto: There's a good reason Social Security favors married couples

NYT: For ‘Party of Business,’ Allegiances Are Shifting
Dana Milbank: Now just one of the gang
Jonah Goldberg: The Myth of an Impure GOP

Hill: Conservatives shift focus away from Senate Republican incumbents

NatJ: GOP Targets Seven House Democrats It Calls Vulnerable

Human Events: Priebus denies electoral vote overhaul

Dick Morris: 2014: The sixth-year curse


Politico: Rick Scott returned shelter dog Reagan


Detroit FP: New poll suggests Snyder's popularity not hurt by right-to-work legislation


NatJ: McAuliffe Raises More Than $1 Million in First Month of Campaign
Politico: Ken Cuccinelli book could be Virginia campaign factor


Denver Post: Colorado GOP gun bill puts onus on businesses that restrict carry


NYT: Sweeping Limits on Guns Become Law in New York
Albany TU: New gun law offers reply to mass killings
WSJ: Cuomo Signs Gun Laws

NYT: Cuomo Raises $22.5 Million for Re-election Bid

NatJ: Poll: Lhota Starts NYC Mayor Bid as Heavy Underdog Against Quinn, Dems


WSJ: OpEd: California Could Be the Next Shale Boom State


NYT: White House Rejects Petitions to Secede, but Texans Fight On


WaPo: Mark Sanford is running for Congress
Fox: Ex-South Carolina Gov. Sanford to announce run for Congress


NatJ: Another Democrat Passes On McConnell Challenge
AP: Conway serious about governor's race


WSJ: Death-Penalty Ban Pushed in Maryland


Fox: Federal agents ordered delay in Senate intern's arrest, documents show


Boston Globe: Patrick expected to seek increased income tax

WaPo: Rep. Capuano won’t run for Kerry’s seat



January 15, 2013


Examiner: Boehner slams door: No debt increase without spending cuts
WTimes: Rhetoric heats up on debt ceiling
WaPo: Budget chief to agencies: Prepare for across-the-board spending cuts
WaPo: Debt ceiling debate: Default ‘a choice’ says Heritage Foundation
Politico: Debt debate: No easy path to avoid chaos
WSJ: Obama Escalates Debt Fight
NYT: Obama and G.O.P. Issue Challenges on the Debt Limit
WaPo: Obama: No negotiations with GOP over debt ceiling
US News: President Obama: No Negotiations on Debt Ceiling
WSJ: President Blames Partisanship for Comity Deficit
National Review: Averting Default, Achieving Restraint
National Review: The Overrated Debt Ceiling

Charlie Cook: Next Fiscal Fight Shifts Focus to Spending Cuts
Michael Gerson: Politics as usual
Todd Gillman: Obama, House GOP are trapped in a bad relationship
Joe Scarborough: The Republican Party's time to choose
Pat Buchanan: Is Obama shaping a new majority?
Rush Limbaugh: Obama and Moderate Republicans See Conservatives as Common Enemy
Rush Limbaugh: Obama: Republicans are Deadbeats

Hill: White House tells Paul Ryan it won’t meet budget deadline

Rush Limbaugh: Americans Shocked by Smaller Paychecks
WSJ: The Next Tax Increase

WaPo: 401(k) breaches undermining retirement security for millions

Politico: House GOP opens path for Sandy bill
Hill: House panel blocks most GOP attempts to trim Sandy relief bill

WSJ: Three Chances for Obama to Craft 2nd-Term Legacy

Bret Stephens: Colin Powell's Double Standard

Peggy Noonan: Jack Lew’s Signature

WaPo: Janet Napolitano and Tom Vilsack say they’re staying in Obama’s Cabinet
Fox: Napolitano to stay for second term as Homeland Security secretary
Fox: Obama's education secretary staying
Fox: Vilsack to stay on as agriculture secretary

NYT: Obama Willing to Use Executive Orders on Guns
Politico: Biden: W.H. eying 19 executive actions on guns
DC: GOP congressman threatens impeachment if Obama uses executive action gun control
Politico: Rep. Stockman threatens Obama impeachment over guns

Yahoo: Clinton to testify on Benghazi Jan. 23

NYT: Rubio Pushes His Party on Immigration Changes
NatJ: Rubio Tries to Outduel Obama on Immigration

NYT: Justice Clarence Thomas Breaks His Silence
WaPo: Clarence Thomas breaks long silence during Supreme Court oral arguments

AFP: 'Very happy' Bush the elder leaves hospital

WaPo: Whither Jon Huntsman?

NatJ: 4 GOP Freshmen Who Are Already Making Moves

Human Events: CPAC 2013 releases invited speaker list

Roll Call: Cornyn Raises Profile in First Weeks as GOP Whip
Roll Call: Family Names May Sustain Southern Senate Democrats

Roll Call: Five Races to Watch in 2013


WTimes: Scott Walker adopting lower profile


NYT: New York Has Gun Deal, With Focus on Mental Ills
Albany TU: Gun control bill advances
NY Post: State Senate OKs assault weapon crackdown
WSJ: New York Nears Gun Limits


WaPo: Jenny Sanford won’t make congressional bid


Hill: No primary battle for McConnell could create room for deficit deal


Roll Call: West Virginia: Democrats Game Out Senate Primary


Weekly Standard: Massachusetts Labor Leader on Ed Markey: 'He's a Weak Candidate'



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