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NatJ: Why Republicans Think They've Got the Math for a Senate Majority

Roll Call: The Senate Majority Fight in Post-Schweitzer World

Charlie Cook: Long Odds for House Democrats



July 21, 2013


WaPo: Boehner: ‘Judge us by how many laws we repeal,’ not how many new laws created

Fox: Obama taps top fundraisers, bundlers for ambassadorships

NYT: Editorial: Justice Sequestered

WSJ: Sunday Talk Preview: Detroit Bankruptcy


WTimes: First Va. gubernatorial debate gets sharp and personal between Cuccinelli, McAuliffe
Examiner: Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe both on the attack in first Va. gubernatorial debate
WaPo: Cuccinelli, McAuliffe spar at Va. gubernatorial debate
NYT: First Debate in Virginia Governor’s Race Adds Some Drama


Fox: Wives of Spitzer, Weiner scrutinized in NYC races


Ross Douthat: The Texas Abortion Experiment



July 20, 2013


NYT: House Votes to Shift ‘No Child Left Behind’ Oversight to States
WaPo: House GOP passes education bill to reverse No Child Left Behind

NYT: Immigration Bill’s Supporters Call on Business Groups to Pressure G.O.P.

WSJ: Food Stamps Hamstring Agriculture Talks

WSJ: Senate Democrats Face Long-Term Challenges

WSJ: American Sovereignty and Its Enemies

WaPo: If not Hillary, then who? Maybe another woman.


WSJ: Poll: Uphill Battle for Liz Cheney in Wyoming
NewsMax: Poll: Enzi Leads Cheney in Wyoming Senate Race
Roll Call: Enzi Clobbers Cheney in First Public Poll of Primary


Examiner: White House: No bailout coming for Detroit

NatJ: Michigan’s Amash Quietly Tries to Build a National Brand


WTimes: Cuccinelli and McAuliffe face off in first VA debate for governor
WaPo: Five things to watch in the first debate of Va. governor’s race


WaPo: Rand Paul, Ted Cruz encourage Christian conservatives to engage in politics


NYT: California Republicans, All but Endangered, See Hope in Local Race


Fox: Chicago whistle-blower implicates top state Democrat


WTimes: Delaware officials admit tax snooping; won’t identify Christine O’Donnell as target



July 19, 2013


NYT: Senate Confirms Nominees as G.O.P. Discontent Rises
WSJ: Senate Confirms McCarthy as Head of EPA
WSJ: Senate Confirms Perez as Labor Secretary
WSJ: Will Confirmation Détente Help Mel Watt?
WaPo: McCain threatens to hold up vote on Dempsey renomination
WSJ: Judicial Picks Loom as Next Battle

NYT: Speaking Out for Health Care Act, Obama Says Millions Will Get Rebates
WSJ: ObamaCare's Eroding Support
Ron Rotunda: On the health-care mandate, Obama reaches beyond the law
Sen. Rand Paul: A union cloud over Obamacare

WSJ: Immigration-Overhaul Backers Press Conservative Groups for Help

Fox: IRS official testifies that political appointee's office involved in Tea Party screening
WSJ: IRS Workers Say Lack of Guidance Hindered Tea-Party Cases
Peggy Noonan: A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal: A higher office is implicated

WTimes: Rep. Issa blasts Justice inaction on tax snooping, sees dangers in health care law

Fox: Military communities brace for 'hardship' as defense furloughs take effect
NYT: Discussing Furlough Concerns at Military Bases, Hagel Has ‘No Good News’
WTimes: Obama’s administration finds flexibility in sequesters; budget warnings overblown


NatJ: Will George Zimmerman Bring Down a Governor?


WSJ: Record Bankruptcy for Detroit


WSJ: Polls Show Tight Race for Virginia Governor
WTimes: Ethics playing field balanced in Virginia; McAuliffe can swipe Cuccinelli
NatJ: Three Out of Four Dollars to Terry McAuliffe Come From Outside Virginia


Ex: What redemption looks like: After an apology tour, Mark Sanford settles in to Congress


Michael Gerson: Rand Paul can never be a mainstream Republican

Roll Call: Grimes Is Key to Kentucky Democrats' Posterity



July 18, 2013


NatJ: Republicans, White House in Talks Toward Big Fiscal Deal

WSJ: Filibuster Truce Won't End Other Fights, GOP Says
NYT: Filibuster Deal Heralds Stirrings of Compromise
Examiner: Senate narrowly ends debate on Obama nominee for Labor secretary
WaPo: How Obama’s NLRB nominees became central to Senate filibuster deal
James Taranto: No Nukes: Why the Senate holds on to the filibuster

WSJ: House Votes to Delay Health-Law Mandates
WTimes: House votes for delays on Obamacare; some Democrats give support to GOP move
NYT: House Votes to Delay Two Requirements of the Health Care Overhaul
WaPo: Inside the White House plan to sell Obamacare to the public
Karl Rove: ObamaCare's Coalition Begins to Fracture

WSJ: Deal to Lower Student-Loan Rates Near
Fox: Bipartisan group of senators reaches deal on student loan interest rates

Ann Coulter: To Avoid Looking Like A Criminal, Don't Commit A Crime

NYT: Challenges to Policies on Terror Are Halted

WaPo: IRS chief counsel involved in targeting controversy
WTimes: Former GOP candidate Christine O’Donnell told her tax records were breached
Fox: How high did it go? Republicans to step up pressure on IRS at scandal hearing

Roll Call: Low Fundraising Hauls Hint at House Retirements


WaPo: Liz Cheney's biggest challenge: The carpetbagger label
Roll Call: Senators Pick Up Fundraising Pace — Except Enzi


Hill: GOP struggles for traction in pivotal North Carolina Senate race


NYT: In TV Ad, Cuomo Vows to Clean Up Corruption



July 17, 2013


WSJ: Filibuster Deal Pulls Senate From Brink
WSJ: Democrats end the 60-vote Senate rule for presidential nominees
NYT: Senators Reach Agreement to Avert Fight Over Filibuster
NYT: Editorial: The Senate Clings to the Filibuster
WTimes: Senate Democrats win votes on four nominees in ‘nuclear option’ showdown
WaPo: John McCain helps avert Senate showdown
NatJ: The Senate Deal Doesn’t Help Obama on Judges, And That’s What Matters Most

WSJ: Consumer Bureau's Director Confirmed After Long Delay
NYT: Cordray Confirmed as Head of Financial Watchdog, After Long Wait
WaPo: Which Republicans voted for cloture on Cordray?

Examiner: Obama taps two new appointees to NLRB

Fox: Markey sworn in as newest member of Senate

WSJ: Immigration Overhaul Would Help Big States Most
Dick Morris: Dems fear Cornyn plan

WSJ: Pentagon Faces 20% Cut in Headquarters Operations
WaPo: Hagel orders 20 percent cut in Pentagon top brass, senior civilians

WaPo: Holder condemns ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws
WTimes: Eric Holder tells NAACP he will examine states’ ‘stand your ground’ laws

Fox: GOP-controlled House to vote Wednesday on delaying key parts of ObamaCare


Fox: Liz Cheney to challenge US Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming
NYT: Liz Cheney to Challenge Senator Michael Enzi of Wyoming
Politico: Why Liz Cheney is no sure thing


NatJ: Pennsylvania Republicans Looking to Push Out Their Governor


Fox: Spitzer petition count challenged by GOP strategist
NYT: As Spitzer Pursues a Comeback, His Wife Chooses to Stay Offstage


WaPo: Not paying attention to the Georgia Senate race? You should.


Roll Call: DesJarlais’ Paltry Fundraising Raises Doubts About Re-Election



July 16, 2013


WSJ: No Breakthrough on Filibuster
NYT: Senate’s Leader Sets Showdown Over Changes to Filibuster
Fox: Senate heads for showdown as Reid demands GOP approve nominees -- or else
WaPo: As Senate nears filibuster showdown, Reid says Republicans can still avoid fight
WSJ: Robert Dove: Beware the Filibuster 'Nuclear Option'
NYT: Editorial: A Step to Majority Rule in the Senate

NYT: Vacancies and Partisan Fighting Put Labor Relations Agency in Legal Limbo

NYT: In Second Term, Obama Is Seen as Using ‘Hidden Hand’ Approach


NatJ: Rubio Turns Away From Immigration As Bill’s Prospects Flounder


NYT: Pennsylvania Defends Law on ID for Voters
Fox: Pennsylvania court hears arguments over controversial voter ID law


NYT: Virginia’s Attorney General Faces Scrutiny for Ties to Executive


Daily Caller: Republican Greg Brophy enters Colorado governor’s race as Dems slip


WSJ: Madigan Scraps Run for Illinois Governor


Roll Call: Special Election Scheduled for Markey’s House Seat



July 15, 2013


WSJ: Closed-Door Showdown on Filibuster Fight
WaPo: Reid-McConnell clash latest evidence that genteel Senate has turned into a fight club
WTimes: Reid prepares to light fuse of ‘nuclear option’ in Senate
Examiner: Byron York: Senate GOP braces for nuclear option

WSJ: Republicans Say Bill Needs Tough Border Security
WSJ: Immigration Security Push Chafes Border Lawmakers
Fox: Republicans press new immigration tactic: Obama won't enforce border security

WaPo: Who will replace Janet Napolitano as head of Homeland Security?
WTimes: Rep. Michael McCaul: Right Napolitano replacement could help immigration reform

Fox: House GOP to vote on ObamaCare, say Obama’s delay of employer mandate unfair
WSJ/Rivkin & Casey: Why the President's ObamaCare Maneuver May Backfire

WSJ: OpEd: The 2016 Disability Insurance Time Bomb

WaPo: FEC engulfed in power struggle over staff independence

WaPo: Billionaire Koch brothers use Web to take on media reports they dispute


NatJ: The Myth of Marco Rubio’s Immigration Problem


NYDN: Trial will test whether photo requirement of PA voter ID law is constitutional


WSJ: Gifts to Virginia's Governor McDonnell Cloud the Race to Succeed Him


NYT: With Trademark Bombast, Paladino Returns on a Smaller Stage

NYT: Courting Jewish Voters, Weiner Faces a Challenge


Fox: Texas AG Abbott kicks off gubernatorial run


Daily Caller: Durbin gets a Republican challenger in Doug Truax


NatJ: A Challenge Back Home Could Push Mitch McConnell Toward the Center

Jen Rubin: Rand Paul digs deeper


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Charles Schott: Aftermath!
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Roll Call: Walden Pledges Improvement for GOP Online Fundraising

Politico: NRCC chief Greg Walden vows to fix polling flaws

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