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March 21, 2013


Hill: Unified House Republicans poised to pass Ryan budget blueprint
WSJ: Ryan Budget Poised to Win Converts
Politico: Conservative House budget fails
Hill: Dems force GOP to vote down RSC budget
Hill: House rejects budget from Senate Democrats
National Review: A House GOP Win

WSJ: Senate Passes Bill to Fund Operations
Bloomberg: Senate Passes Legislation to Avoid U.S. Government Shutdown
Examiner: Senate passes stopgap bill to avoid government shutdown
NatJ: Senate Reaches Deal on Bill to Fund Government Through End of Fiscal Year
Politico: Senate reaches deal on continuing resolution
Hill: Senate avoids shutdown, looks to wrap up budget soon
WaPo: Senate passes government funding measure; House to vote Thursday
WTimes: Senate votes to keep White House closed, slaughterhouses open
NYT: As Senate Passes Spending Measure, Stark Budget Views Are on Display in House
WTimes: Reduced regulations a ‘silver lining’ from sequester slashing

WSJ: OpEd: The Sequester Is an Overhaul Opportunity
WSJ: OpEd: Rotten Tomatoes for a Billion-Dollar Farm Payout

WSJ: U.S. to Shift Drone Command to Military From CIA
NYT: Current Laws May Offer Little Shield Against Drones, Senators Are Told
WTimes: Many questions, few answers as Capitol Hill weighs drones, privacy

NYT: Resistance and Scant Support Sealed Fate of Push for Assault Weapons Ban
Hill: Vulnerable senators face lose-lose scenario on assault weapon vote

WaPo: Visas for high-skilled workers could double under bipartisan Senate plan
WaPo: Religious conservatives make moral case for immigration reform
WaPo: Seven Democratic senators push to maintain family visas
WaPo: Key Senate chairman worries immigration overhaul pace too slow
Michael Barone: Republicans Must Show Support for Hispanic Dreams
Weekly Standard: Immigration Hawks Turn Their Lonely Eyes to Bobby Jindal

WTimes: DHS tells Congress it still can’t measure border security

WTimes: Rep. Chaffetz bill would require firing for ‘seriously tax delinquent’ feds
Fox: House committee votes to fire federal workers who owe back taxes

WSJ: Democrat Seeks Panel on Bolstering Social Security

Human Events: Penny Pritzker: A Chicago Fat Cat for Commerce Secretary?

George Will: DOMA is an abuse of federalism

Roll Call: NRCC Raises $14.4 Million at Annual March Dinner

Roll Call: What Happened to the Tea Party Caucus?

American Thinker: Karl Rove and Republican Decline

NYT: Rising Stars in G.O.P. Compete for the Spotlight
Politico: It's the Rubio and Rand Party, now
Politico: Marco Rubio spends big on consultants
Human Events: Rand Paul’s Life at Conception Act
Nate Silver: FiveThirtyEight: How Viable Is Rand Paul for 2016?
WaPo: Can Ted Cruz run for president? And should he?
Examiner: Paul Ryan: I might run for president
NYT: Neurosurgeon’s Speeches Have Conservatives Dreaming of 2016
Rush Limbaugh: Dr. Ben Carson Responds to Me

NatJ: Will Martin O’Malley Be the Howard Dean of 2016?

Politico: Where is today's Jack Kemp?


Roll Call: Wisconsin: Ryan’s Former Democratic Foe Explores Rematch


Star Tribune: Dayton takes his tax and spending proposals on the road


Politico: Mike Rounds braces for Republican primary in South Dakota


Politico: Claire McCaskill writing book on Todd Akin race


WSJ: Firearms Curbed in Colorado

Denver Post: Hickenlooper hints at veto of lawmakers' death-penalty repeal bill


WSJ: Fundraising Poses Ethics Issue for Senator Harkin


NYT: New York Governor Favors Easing Newly Passed Gun Law
Albany TU: Budget kumbaya, but lots of hard details still not settled
NYT: Republican Council Members Endorse Lhota


Dallas MN: GOP stalwart Tom Pauken to run for governor


WTimes: Sanford makes it into two-person runoff for House seat
WaPo: Mark Sanford’s 1st-place finish doesn’t guarantee a runoff win, history shows
Politico: Mark Sanford faces family-values contrast in runoff
Hill: Mark Sanford’s South Carolina success stirs national Republican anxiety
Ann Coulter: Where's Luca Brasi when you need him?


National Review: Can Paul Broun Win?
AJC: John Barrow cracks the door on a U.S. Senate run


Politico: Dick Durbin: Lisa Madigan could clear Ill. gov field


WaPo: Tom Cotton squarely on the radar as conservative groups target Pryor’s seat
Weekly Standard: Arkansas Senate Poll: Cotton 43, Pryor 35


NatJ: Have Democrats Found Another Manchin in West Virginia?


Politico: Chris Christie mum on ‘gay conversion’ bill


Hill: Massachusetts Senate race flooded with outside cash despite 'Peoples' Pledge'


Roll Call: Hawaii: Hanabusa to Announce Plans in Next Several Weeks



March 20, 2013


Examiner: Sen. Rand Paul calls for legal status for illegal immigrants
WTimes: Congress closer to agreement on illegals
NYT: G.O.P. Opposition to Immigration Law Is Falling Away
WSJ: Text of Rand Paul’s Immigration Speech
NYT: Paul Spells Out His Plan for Immigration Overhaul
Dana Milbank: Standing with Rand, nervously
Rush Limbaugh: The Limbaugh Amnesty Plan
NatJ: Why Rand Paul's Hispanic Pitch Is Doomed
Hill: Emerging immigration deal receives House leaders’ bipartisan backing
Examiner: Key GOP senators seek immigration reform slowdown
NatJ: Seeking a Bigger Audience, Tea-Party Hero Embraces Immigration Reform
Politico: No, wait -- could Rand Paul really win?

Fox: GOP lawmakers slam Obama administration's sequester prep
WTimes: House GOP accuses agencies of failing to prepare for sequester cuts

Hill: Senate Dems: Vote on budget this week
NYT: Finance Bill, Nearing Senate Passage, Would Protect Some Favored Programs
WSJ: Angry Over Airport Cuts, Senator Stalls Budget Vote

Hill: Dems ready to slam GOP on Ryan budget

WSJ: Rep. Camp Zeros In on State, Local Tax Deductions

Gallup: Americans Widely Back Government Job Creation Proposals

WaPo: Assault weapons ban dropped from gun bill
Examiner: Democrats throw in towel on assault weapons ban
Hill: Reid guts Senate gun control bill
WTimes: Sen. Dianne Feinstein to introduce gun, magazine bans as separate measures
NYT: Senator Is Angry Over Bill’s Exclusion of Assault Gun Ban
WSJ: Reid: Senate to Take Up Gun Bills After Spring Break
Rush Limbaugh: DiFi's Assault Weapons Ban Fails

Main Justice: Senate Panel Backs White for SEC
NYT: Dismissing Concerns, Panel Backs White’s S.E.C. Nomination
LA Times: Senate panel approves Obama nominees to head SEC, consumer bureau

Columbus Disp: Cordray advances in Senate, but big fight likely ahead over confirmation

WaPo: Editorial: Congress drags its feet on halting Saturday mail delivery

Weekly Standard: Plan B for Obamacare
Dick Morris: ObamaCare backlash

Hill: Obama honeymoon may be over

Michael Solon: The Revenue Deficit From Progressive Tax Rates

WSJ: House Ethics Committee Investigates 2 Lawmakers
WSJ: Two House Members' Spending Is Probed

WaPo: In copyright case, Supreme Court rules that goods made overseas can be resold here

Tom Friedman: Democrats, Dragons or Drones?

National Review: Four Things the RNC Report Got Right
American Spectator: Navel Gazing for the GOP
American Thinker: Priebus's GOP Autopsy Misses the Point
NYT: Editorial: For the G.O.P., It’s Not Just the Message

Charlie Cook: The GOP Faces 2 Stark Choices: Change or Go Over the Cliff
Newt Gingrich: The Reince Republican Revolution
David Limbaugh: Trouble Brewing in GOP

Human Events: How do you start fixing the GOP? Open source the platform

Hill: Gay marriage fraught with danger for 2016 Republican presidential field


Politico: Fla. poll: Crist crushes Gov. Scott

Orlando Sentinel: Ethics reforms begin to take shape in House

Sarasota HT: Scott to write check to reimburse donations connected to gambling scandal


WSJ: Philadelphia Tax Plan Vexes Homeowners
National Review: Nuts to Nutter
James Taranto: Nuts to Nutter: Yes, we can talk about race


WaPo: Editorial: Ken Cuccinelli’s airbrushed policies


WTimes: Colo. governor’s defining moment: Gun issue seen impacting Hickenlooper’s future
Human Events: Colorado sheriffs rebel against new gun-control laws


WSJ: Rand Paul to Headline Iowa’s Lincoln Day Dinner


NYT: Albany Deal Would Extend Higher Taxes on Top Earners

NY Post: Andy barely beats Chris – in NY!

Albany TU: New Q poll finds ‘clear margin’ against fracking


WaPo: Rick Perry likely to announce presidential intentions in late 2013


State: Sanford advances to GOP runoff in SC House race
WSJ: Sanford Moves Step Closer to Regaining Public Office
Roll Call: South Carolina: Sanford Heads to Runoff, but GOP Opponent Unknown
Fox: Sanford advances to runoff in South Carolina GOP House race
NYT: Former Governor Advances in South Carolina Race
WaPo: Sanford advances to runoff, Colbert Busch wins Dem nomination in South Carolina
Roll Call: South Carolina: Elizabeth Colbert Busch Wins Democratic Primary


Politico: Jack Kingston moves toward Senate run
AJC: Jack Kingston begins to assemble staff for U.S. Senate run


Weekly Standard: Dems Looking for Alternative to Judd?
Politico: In Kentucky, prominent Dems wooing Alison Lundergan Grimes, not Ashley Judd


Roll Call: Arkansas: Republican Poll Shows Pryor Vulnerability


Politico: Robert Menendez donor courted President Obama, Harry Reid


Rush Limbaugh: Elizabeth Warren's Minimum Wage Fallacy



March 19, 2013


Politico: Immigration: Rand Paul to back path to citizenship
WaPo: Rand Paul backs path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, with conditions
LA Times: Rand Paul to support path to citizenship for illegal immigrants
RedState: The true “path to citizenship”
WTimes: Push toward immigration reform? Not in the states
Roll Call: Paul Goes A Step Further Than RNC on Immigration

Daily Caller: Group claims ‘sea change’ in favor of legalization among evangelical voters
Hill: Senate’s Gang of 8: We’ll have Immigration bill in April

WSJ: GOP Says Party Needs Overhaul
WTimes: GOP road map: Immigration reform, fewer debates, $10M for minority outreach
Roll Call: RNC Immigration Push Has Its Skeptics
Examiner: GOP vows to reach out to gays, minorities, women
NYT: Blunt Report Says G.O.P. Needs to Regroup for ’16
WaPo: Struggling Republican Party announces plan to rebuild itself
Detroit News: Members denounce GOP roadmap
Politico: Right blasts RNC 'autopsy' as power grab
Hill: Tea Party groups warns grassroots activism at risk in RNC proposals
Daily Caller: Republicans desire new outside opposition research group to track Democrats
WSJ: Q&A on GOP’s 2012 ‘Autopsy’ Report
NatJ: 5 Ways Reince Priebus Is Channeling George W. Bush and Bill Clinton
Roll Call: Three Takeaways From the RNC’s Autopsy Report for 2014
NatJ: What's Missing From the GOP's Technology Strategy
NatJ: How to Shrink the Dangerous Republican Empathy Gap
WSJ: The Full RNC Report (.pdf)

National Review: Editorial: CSI: GOP
Rush Limbaugh: The GOP's Real Problem is Simple
Mona Charen: Self-Flagellation, Republican Style
Byron York: Immigration reform, gay marriage could divide GOP
Chris Cillizza: 10 things you need to know from the “Growth and Opportunity Project” report
Dana Milbank: Big tent, with an asterisk
Eugene Robinson: Some signs of life in the GOP?
Rush Limbaugh: Can the GOP Exist with Me?

Politico: Reince Priebus defends ex-chief of staff on money

Rep. Paul Broun: Paul Ryan’s Ax Isn’t Sharp Enough
Politico: Paul Broun op-ed: Ryan budget ‘fails’
WSJ: House GOP Group Would End Deficit in 4 Years
Daily Caller: Conservative House Republicans propose balancing budget in four years

Fox: Senate Dems' budget accused of double-counting spending cuts
Hill: House Dem budget includes $1.2T in taxes, $200B new stimulus
Hill: Leaders stop budget defections
WTimes: Obama, Senate Republicans fail to produce federal budget plans

Hill: House Republicans rebound after disastrous start, find new leverage

Politico: Senate continuing resolution advances

Hill: Hagel orders review of military strategy to cope with sequester cuts
WaPo: Budget cutting forces Pentagon to review strategy
Fox: Hagel orders review of US defense strategy
Politico: DOD to begin sending furlough notices Thursday

WSJ: Fannie Sees a Way to Repay Billions

WSJ: Workers Saving Too Little to Retire

Michael Gerson: Obama’s foreign policy and the risks of retreat

James Taranto: Don't Even THINK of Building That
David Brooks: The Progressive Shift

WSJ: Labor Pick Assailed for Housing-Bias Deal
WSJ: How Obama's Labor nominee muscled a city to drop a Supreme Court case
Fox: Obama Courts Controversy With Perez Pick
Roll Call: The GOP's Risky Fight Over Perez
WTimes: Vitter pledges to block Perez nomination
Rush Limbaugh: Cyprus and Perez Should Be Big News
American Spectator: The Labor Nominee’s Other Lies

WTimes: Sen. Blunt to block Obama EPA nominee over Mo. levee project

Politico: Rebecca Blank to leave Commerce Dept. for University of Wisconsin

Hill: Obama court appointee likely to decide contempt battle between Issa, Holder

WSJ: High Court Weighs Voter ID Law
NYT: Justices Appear Divided on Arizona Voting Law
Robert Barnes: Justices appear divided on Arizona voting law
NYT: Editorial: Arizona’s Barrier to the Right to Vote

NYT: One Person One Vote (or Was That One Voter One Vote?)

WSJ: 'Drone Court' Idea Called Into Question
WSJ: Sen. King Turns to Federalist Papers for Guidance on Drone Oversight

WSJ: Hillary Clinton Supports Gay Marriage
NYT: Hillary Clinton Endorses Same-Sex Marriage
WTimes: Eyeing the W.H. in 2016? Hillary Clinton announces: I support gay marriage
WaPo: Support for same-sex marriage reaches all-time high, poll finds
Rush Limbaugh: Gay Marriage and Freedom

Charles Lane: Why should food stamps pay for junk food?

Hill: Obama group Organizing for Action courts unions as cash grab accelerates
Politico: Obama underwater in new poll

Sabato & Kondik: The Early Line on the 2014 Midterms
Stu Rothenberg: Is the House in Play? A District-by-District Assessment
Politico: What Republicans needs to win Senate in 2014


Politico: Report: Voting cyberattack in Florida


Detroit FP: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder: State is loaded with talent

Joe Nocera: The Senate’s Muckraker (Sen. Carl Levin)


WTimes: Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell assailed on transportation


Milwaukee JS: Scott Walker Medicaid decision could cost Wisconsin employers $36 million


Roll Call: Bachmann Seeks Redemption at Home


Fox: North Dakota looks at more abortion restrictions


Fox: Colorado governor to sign gun controls into law


NYT: State Leaders Reach Deal to Raise Minimum Wage
NY Post: Deal near to boost NY’s min wage to $9
Buffalo News: State lawmakers edge closer to deal on budget, minimum wage

NYT: Allon Exits Race for New York Mayor


LA Times: California unemployment rate holds at 9.8%, highest in U.S.


Dallas MN: Rick Perry says conservative can win WH in 2016, but will he be their candidate


Hill: Sanford faces first test in S.C. comeback
Roll Call: South Carolina: Sanford Is Front-Runner in 1st District Primary
Politico: 5 things to watch in South Carolina House primary
American Spectator: On Second Chances


Chicago Tribune: Senate GOP pushes back on pension reform

Chicago ST: U.S. attorney candidate Zach Fardon: Good looks, killer legal chops

Chicago Tribune: Illinois infrastructure fails to make the grade


NatJ: Why Are Republicans Raising Money for a Scandal-Plagued Congressman?


WSJ: W.Va. Lawmakers Decry Labor Spending Cuts


NYDN: State Senator Barbara Buono finds the 'courage' to take on Chris Christie in gov race

Politico: Menendez aide: New story proof of smear campaign


Fox: Massachusetts Senate candidate strikes political chord opposing TSA knives policy



March 18, 2013


WSJ: Corker: Deal Possible on Taxes, Entitlements
WaPo: GOP Sen. Corker opens the door to new tax revenue
WTimes: Sen. Bob Corker: ‘Grand bargain’ fiscal deal ‘possible’
Politico: Corker sees a chance for deal
Fox: Corker: Congress can reach a grand bargain, but only if Obama gets 'serious'
Chatt: Corker: We’ll Know Obama Is Serious When He Tells The Truth About Medicare

Fox: Boehner: No US debt crisis right now, but it's on the horizon
NYDN: Speaker Boehner says 'hope springs eternal'
Hill: Boehner: I ‘absolutely’ trust President Obama
Pittsburgh TR: Obama, Boehner agree: Debt crisis not immediate
WTimes: House Speaker John Boehner: Talk of tax increases is ‘over’
Roll Call: Boehner Discusses Divide on Budget Ahead of Floor Debates
NYT: G.O.P. Leaders Unswayed by Obama’s ‘Charm Offensive’
NYT: Republicans Act With Air, if Not a Vote, of Confidence
Politico: Poll warns Republicans of focus on deficit

Politico: Shutdown, budget bills on floor this week
WaPo: Furloughs for federal workers still likely in new stopgap budget
WaPo: Five myths about a government shutdown
WaPo: No-bid U.S. government contracts jump 9 percent, despite push for competition

Hill: Ryan: House budget only a ‘down payment’ on looming debt crisis

Judd Gregg: Debt deal we need is in reach
Larry Kudlow: Optimism in the Air

WSJ: Easy-Money Era a Long Game for Fed

NYT: White House Urged to Fire a Housing Regulator

WSJ: Saturday Postal Pullback in Limbo

WaPo: Senate panel close to Obama plan on path to citizenship for illegal immigrants
NYT: A Senate Plan Alters Waiting Periods for Immigration

Fox: Graham digs in to ban mentally ill from guns, as Dems focus on assault weapons
NYT: Ruled a Threat to Family, but Allowed to Keep Guns

WSJ: Obama to Tap Perez for Labor Secretary
NYT: President to Nominate Justice Aide for Labor Post

WTimes: GOP lawmakers: Obama administration blocking access to Benghazi survivors

WaPo: High court reflects diversity of modern marriage

WSJ: GOP Taps Tech Allies To Narrow Digital Gap
Byron York: In defense of GOP consultants: It’s the candidates’ fault

WSJ: GOP Chairman Calls for Shorter Primary, Earlier Convention
WaPo: Priebus wants to move Republican National Convention to June or July

WTimes: GOP has $10M for outreach to minority communities nationwide
Fox: Republicans to spend millions to reach minorities
Roll Call: Priebus Announces Minority Outreach Initiative at RNC
Weekly Standard: Republicans Announce 'National Marketing and Branding Campaign'
Politico: RNC: Voters see GOP as ‘scary’ and ‘out of touch'
Hill: Hill Poll: Voters prefer Republican budget ideas, but dislike GOP
LA Times: GOP study calls for changes to halt presidential losing streak

WTimes: CPAC 2013: Rubio, Paul get a boost as conservatives endorse new generation
Joe Curl: Young bucks rut on old GOP timbers
Examiner: GOP wrestles with generational change as it plots its own future

Salena Zito: Obama aims for ‘powerful’ legacy
EJ Dionne: Conservatives’ contradictions on American power
Paul Krugman: Marches of Folly

WSJ: OpEd: My Unrecognizable Democratic Party


DCall: Detroit protesters vow ‘civil disobedience’ in opposition to city’s emergency manager
Detroit News: Detroit emergency manager says public safety, police 'crucial issues'


Examiner: Ken Cuccinelli targets Terry McAuliffe's union support
WaPo: Cuccinelli misleads Virginians on transportation


Star Tribune: Sen. Al Franken may benefit from deep GOP divisions
Hill: Klobuchar: Grand bargain on deficit still within reach


Politico: Colo. sheriff refuses to enforce gun-control bills


National Review: Back in the Saddle: Texas Congressman Steve Stockman


Roll Call: Palmetto State Showdown: Sanford Vs. ?
Politico: South Carolina Republicans vie for spot after Sanford
NatJ: The Five Candidates Most Likely to Take On Mark Sanford
State: Polls: Former SC gov. Mark Sanford leading
Rel&Pol: South Carolina: A Reporter Trails Nikki Haley and Mark Sanford

Politico: Possible foe seeks Lindsey Graham apology


Fox: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal uninjured after SUV crash


Chicago Tribune: Sources: Ex-prosecutor in lead to become new U.S. attorney here
Chicago ST: Zachary Fardon likely Chicago’s next U.S. attorney; Lightfoot is out


Hill: MIT denies possible McConnell challenger’s claimed ties to school
Politico: Quiz: Do you know Ashley Judd?


Politico: Ed Markey goes after TSA’s relaxed rule on knives


WaPo: In AZ, border security in spotlight amid immigration-reform efforts, sequester cuts
Fox: Supreme Court to weigh Arizona voter registration case

Hill: Rep. Matt Salmon swims against currents of the Republican establishment



March 17, 2013


WSJ: Sarah Palin Tosses Out Zingers at Conservative Confab
WaPo: Palin delights CPAC crowd with string of Obama one-liners
Examiner: Sarah Palin brings down the house at CPAC
WTimes: CPAC 2013: Palin takes aim at Obama, Bloomberg and Rove
NYT: Palin Bolsters Insurgents at Conservative Retreat
Daily Caller: Palin returns to spotlight by launching zingers at Obama, Bloomberg & media
WaPo: Sarah Palin, entertainer
HChron: Palin praises Ted Cruz during surprise CPAC appearance

WTimes: CPAC 2013: Ted Cruz urges conservatives to stand up for the U.S. Constitution
Dallas MN: Sen. Ted Cruz says Sarah Palin drives mainstream media “bat crap crazy”
Hill: Cruz serves red meat to close CPAC

NBC: With eye on '16, Wisconsin governor rouses CPAC crowd
Milwaukee JS: Scott Walker rallies conservatives, addresses presidential ambitions
Politico: Scott Walker opens up about White House ambitions
Tennessean: GOP politicians subtly audition for 2016 election

Politico: Bachmann: First Family lifestyle 'one of excess'
Hill: Bachmann attacks Obamas over 'life of excess' during address at CPAC

Human Ev: Bobby Jindal at CPAC 2013: We must become the party of growth, not austerity

Fox: Dr. Carson hints a White House run, exciting conservatives
Hill: Obama's prayer breakfast critic considers a run for office

WTimes: Rand Paul wins The Washington Times-CPAC 2013 Straw Poll
WSJ: Rand Paul Tops Field in Poll of Conservatives
Politico: Rand Paul edges Rubio to win CPAC straw poll

Politico: Priebus honors Paul and new 'liberty-minded' GOP generation

Fox: Republicans at conservative summit audition for 2016 election
Hill: Amidst CPAC rhetoric, an effort to mend rift

Politico: Coulter blasts Rubio, 'endless Bushes' on immigration

Thomas Friedman: It’s Lose-Lose vs. Win-Win-Win-Win-Win (Carbon tax)

NYT: Editorial: The Real Spending Problem

NYT: OpEd: Does Affirmative Action Do What It Should?

Hill: Obama budget nominee faces crucial week


Politico: Florida House speaker Will Weatherford: No Medicaid expansion

S Fla Times: Former Florida lt gov must testify in taping case


Allentown MC: Pennsylvania early voting an idea whose time has come


WFMJ: Kasich tax plan for Ohio faces legislative hurdles


Detroit News: Party chairman says Mich. Dems have time to find candidates for Levin's seat
Mlive: Leader says Dems have time to find top candidates

Detroit News: Detroit's EM Orr: Stripping City Council pay 'not ... on my agenda'


WCNC: Pope gets McCrory endorsement for NC GOP chairman


Patch: Virginia's Next Governor: Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe or... ?


Wausau DH: Walker signs bill to close 'skills gap' but immediate impact unexpected


St. Cloud Times: Bachmann weights Senate run
Star Tribune: Income inequality shapes Minnesota tax debate


St. Louis PD: Early voting proposal gets bipartisan push in Missouri
News-Leader: 'Leadership PACs' do more than help allies


Fox: Colorado sheriff says new state gun laws won't be enforced


Des Moines Register: Harkin wants $10.10 minimum wage


Las Vegas Sun: Why Nevada falls short on federal funding


Rio Rancho: Gov. Susana Martinez: Legislation will protect taxpayers, property owners


Union Leader: Back in NH, Forbes talks immigration, Romney and 2016
Foster's: How will Hassan deal with existing budget deficit?


Kennebec Journal: Maine may be chosen for missile defense system site


Human Events: Empire State counties revolt against Cuomo gun ban
Buffalo News: New York’s influence hasn’t diminished, it’s been transferred


Dan Walters: Californians will remain dependent on their cars


Dallas MN: Rick Perry's actions inspire bipartisan push to rein in some practices


Tulsa World: Prison growth: Are taxpayers really safe?


WaPo: For Robert Menendez, a senator set apart, closeness to rich donor draws scrutiny


WTimes: Sen. Elizabeth Warren: U.S. success due to government regulation


Roll Call: Utah: Love Hires Top Hatch Strategist for Matheson Rematch



March 16, 2013


WSJ: Talks Open a Window for Deal on Deficit
WaPo: Amid Obama’s ‘charm offensive,’ a quest for common ground
Politico: Mike Lee: President Obama ‘sophomoric’ to GOP
Fox: Ryan warns of financial collapse over debt, urges Congress to avert ‘moral failure’
Hill: Ryan: Democrats' budget puts US on path 'straight into debt crisis'
Politico: Ryan: Murray budget 'blowing smoke'
NYT: Editorial: Senate Democrats Finally Take a Stand
Hill: House conservatives to offer their own four-year balanced budget proposal
Hill: Pelosi in a bind on entitlements

NYT: Economy Rolls Along, Despite Cuts and Taxes

NYT: As Gun Measures Advance, Spotlight Falls on Reid

Fox: Hagel unveils $1B plan to beef up missile defense, eyeing new sites on East Coast

Fox: Sen. Graham claims Benghazi survivors 'told to be quiet' by administration

WaPo: House and Senate groups working on immigration
WSJ: Senators Eye Higher Visa Fees
WaPo: Chamber, labor unions at odds over guest worker program

WSJ: Rep. Watt Floated to Head Regulator of Fannie, Freddie

WSJ: Judge Strikes Down Secretive Surveillance Law
WaPo: FBI survillance tool is ruled unconstitutional
Fox: CIA drone secrecy ruling rejected by federal appeals court
Fox: Judge rules secret FBI national security letters unconstitutional

Human Events: Domino’s founder wins injunction on ObamaCare

WSJ: House Votes to Combine Job-Retraining Programs

WTimes: House defeats minimum wage increase

NYT: Obama Seeks to Use Oil and Gas Money to Develop Alternative Fuel Cars
Hill: Obama doubles down on alternative energy

WTimes: CPAC 2013: Romney urges GOP to look to governors for guidance
WaPo: Romney expresses optimism about GOP’s future in speech to conservatives
AJC: Mitt Romney shows Nathan Deal some love
WSJ: Romney Points Out Agents of Renewal
NatJ: Mitt Romney's CPAC Speech Was As Lackluster As His Campaign
Examiner: Romney Looks To Pass Torch At CPAC
Roll Call: CPAC: Romney Urges Republicans to Learn From His Mistakes
Hill: Romney urges GOP to 'learn from' mistakes he made in 2012 campaign
Daily Caller: Romney appears at conservative confab to thank conservatives

WTimes: CPAC 2013: Donald Trump: Immigration reform is a ‘suicide mission’ for GOP
WSJ: Trump: U.S., GOP ‘In Very Serious Trouble’
Politico: Trump bashes Rove's $400M 'failure'
Hill: Trump criticized by Democrat for ‘bigoted’ immigration message

WTimes: CPAC 2013: ‘We will not be demonized, & we will not be silent,’ NRA’s LaPierre says
Fox: Conservatives confident federal gun measures will be scaled back
Politico: LaPierre slams Biden over guns
Rush Limbaugh: CPAC Red Meat: Perry, Trump, LaPierre

Jeb Bush: The Road to Republican Revival
Tampa Bay Times: Jeb Bush says Republicans need to have larger vision
NatJ: At CPAC, Jeb Bush Delivers Straight Talk to Republicans
Hill: Jeb Bush: GOP can't be 'anti-everything'
Politico: Jeb Bush's center-right vision gets muted CPAC response

NatJ: At CPAC, Conservatives Downplaying the Culture Wars
Politico: Santorum honors memory of his nephew
Roll Call: CPAC: Santorum Unmoved By Portman Gay Marriage Reversal

HE: Paul Ryan at CPAC 2013: “We are the party of equal opportunity.”
Milwaukee JS: Paul Ryan tells conservatives of the need to cut the budget, tackle poverty
NatJ: Paul Ryan's CPAC Speech: Too Busy to Talk 2016
Examiner: Paul Ryan Pushes Budget, Not 2016 Run

Hill: At CPAC, sparring over a path forward

Examiner: Jindal draws subtle contrast with Paul Ryan at CPAC

WSJ: McConnell to CPAC: Enough Agonizing Over 2012

Byron York: At CPAC, conservative activist slams Karl Rove

Politico: Fisher speech to CPAC raises eyebrows

National Review: Bachmann Returns

Politico: Sarah Palin's next act: Candidate or 'Kardashian'?

Andrew McCarthy: Two Sides of Rand Paul
William Kristol: 'The GOP of Old'

Dana Milbank: CPAC: Conservatives’ group-therapy session

WaPo: The Fix’s top 10 Senate races of 2014

NYT: Worldly at 35, and Shaping Obama’s Voice (Benjamin Rhodes)

NYT: How Beer Gave Us Civilization

Stuart Rothenberg: Committee Recruitment, Candidate Programs Are All the Rage

Roll Call: RNC to Revamp GOTV Operations

Rush Limbaugh: Why Did Conservatives Stay Home in '12?

Rush Limbaugh: Caddell Rips the GOP Consultant Class

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Tampa Bay Times: Allen West on Rick Scott


WaPo: Portman’s support of gay marriage puts him at odds with two-thirds of GOP voters
WaPo: Mixed GOP reaction to Portman’s gay marriage shift
Roll Call: Empathy for Portman at CPAC, but Positions Remain Steadfast
Politico: GOP elite embraces Portman gay marriage switch


Examiner: Terry McAuliffe hits Ken Cuccinelli for threatening transportation bill


NatJ: No Joke: Al Franken Is Getting Campaign Help From Conan O'Brien
Politico: Franken raffles off brunch with Conan


WSJ: Strictest Abortion Ban in U.S. Moves Forward
NYT: Bill in North Dakota Bans Abortion After Heartbeat Is Found
WaPo: ND lawmakers approve strict abortion laws, setting up costly battle over Roe v. Wade


Fox: Colorado Legislature OKs expansion of firearms checks
Daily Caller: Colorado’s magazine-limit bill further reaching than opponents imagined


Roll Call: Heller Loses Battle to Keep Office Space


NYT: Cuomo Drafts Communications Director From Attorney General’s Staff
Albany TU: Melissa DeRosa is Cuomo’s new communications chief

Roll Call: New York: Recchia Meets With DCCC Officials to Plot Grimm Challenge

NYT: New York Mayoral Hopeful Forges Ahead, Undetered (John Liu)
NYT: Quinn Leads Democrats in Fund-Raising for 2013 Campaign
NatJ: Weiner Polled for N.Y. Mayoral Bid
Politico: Anthony Weiner spends $50K on polling


George Will: The shaky science behind same-sex marriage


Rush Limbaugh: Senator Cruz Offends Senator DiFi
Gail Collins: The Dread That Is Ted


WaPo: Dardenne won’t challenge Landrieu in Louisiana


NatJ: The Elusive Truth Behind Murder of a Black, Gay Mayoral Candidate in Mississippi
James Taranto: 'Gay Panic'? Journalists jump to conclusions about a Mississippi homicide


WTimes: Democrats step back from Ashley Judd for Senate drive


Roll Call: Senate Conservatives Action Launches Radio Ad Linking Pryor to Obama


Fox: Maryland lawmakers vote to repeal death penalty
NYDN: Maryland lawmakers approve measure abolishing the death penalty
WaPo: Is Maryland’s death penalty repeal politics, principle or a little of both?


Politico: Robert Menendez likely to keep chairmanship


WSJ: The Strange and Dangerous Case of the Lottery and Mr. Cahill


NYT: Arizona Border Quiets After Gains in Security

Roll Call: Arizona: GOP Challenger to Sinema Kicks Off Campaign on Sunday



March 15, 2013


WSJ: Conservatives Warn Lawmakers Against Tax Deals
NYT: Boehner Says Losses in Election Won’t Affect Budget Stance
WSJ: Boehner: 'So Far, So Good' on CR

Hill: In meeting with Senate GOP, president says he's not setting a trap on deficit
LA Times: Obama turns on the charm — for some Republicans

Politico: House Dems optimistic after Obama meeting
Hill: Obama asks House Dems to make concessions for big deficit deal

Hill: Senate Budget panel approves first spending blueprint in four years
WTimes: Sessions questions math in Democrats’ budget
WS: Sessions: Democratic ‘Budget Enriches the Bureaucracy at the Expense of the People’
Examiner: Senate Democrats’ long-awaited budget fizzles
WaPo: Editorial: The Democrats’ complacent budget plan

Michael Gerson: The GOP and the budget boilerplate gap
Grover Norquist: A Conservative Budget for America

Gallup: Majority of Americans Still Can't Judge Impact of Sequester

WSJ: Employers Blast Fees From New Health Law
Hill: Dems press Sebelius to speed up Obama health law implementation

WSJ: Marco Rubio, Rand Paul Light Up CPAC
AJC: Marco Rubio and Rand Paul strike a contrast at CPAC
Roll Call: CPAC: Paul, Rubio Offer GOP Alternate Visions of Uncertain Future
Hill: Rubio, Paul pitch competing visions for Republican future in CPAC showdown
NatJ: Let the 2016 Primaries Begin: Marco Rubio, Rand Paul Duel at CPAC
National Review: The CPAC Spectacle

WTimes: CPAC 2013: Rubio urges conservatives to champion middle class
HE: Rubio: “There is no tax increase in the world that will solve our long-term debt problem”
WaPo: Marco Rubio’s three jokes about water during his CPAC speech
Daily Caller: Rubio dodges immigration controversy at CPAC
Weekly Standard: Rubio's Big Tent Conservatism
Rush Limbaugh: CPAC Highlights: Rubio and West

WT: CPAC 2013: Youth-favorite Rand Paul chastises ‘stale and moss-covered’ GOP
Weekly Standard: Paul: Liberty Must be GOP's 'Backbone'
Fox: Do conservatives stand with Rand? CPAC opening highlights divisions in party
Daily Beast: CPAC Younger Voters: Rand Paul Is So Hot Right Now
Rasmussen: GOP Voters Give Rand Paul Much Higher Marks Than McCain, Graham

WaPo: CPAC panel: No, illegal immigrants don’t need a path to citizenship
WT: CPAC 2013: Conservatives brainstorm immigration fix, seek solution

Dallas MN: At CPAC, Gov. Perry denounces Romney, McCain, Obama & socialized medicine
WaPo: CPAC 2013: Perry says Romney and McCain aren’t conservatives
RCP: Rick Perry Slams McCain, Romney At CPAC, Says They Aren't Conservative

HE: Allen West at CPAC 2013: “Deeds, not words, will paint this country red.”
WS: Allen West: Nothing Liberal Progressive Fears More than a Conservative Black American

WaPo: DeMint slams ‘establishment Republicans’ in CPAC speech
Politico: Mitt Romney gets B-list treatment at CPAC
WSJ: GOP Rallies for a Rebound
WSJ: CPAC Debate: How Will GOP Win Elections?
WSJ: Conservatives Ponder: Are We Fighting Too Many Wars?
NYT: Divisions in G.O.P. Laid Bare on First Day of Conference
NPR: Will CPAC Tell Us Which Way The GOP Is Headed?
WT: Young conservatives looking for leadership, want help spreading the word on campuses
WSJ: Preview: Who's Speaking at CPAC 2013

Hill: Ryan’s speech to CPAC will provide clues to his 2016 plans
Politico: Does Sarah Palin have a second act?

WSJ: OpEd: With Drone Warfare, America Approaches the Robo-Rubicon
Human Events: Droning on about militarization of US skies
Charles Krauthammer: Codify the drone war

Hill: GOP senators demand details on release of illegal detainees

WaPo: Assault weapons ban approved at emotional Senate hearing
NYT: Party-Line Vote in Senate Panel for Ban on Assault Weapons
WTimes: Broadest gun ban in two decades clears Senate committee
Fox: Cruz, Feinstein tangle over 2nd Amendment as panel approves assault-weapons ban
Human Ev: Assault weapons ban clears Judiciary Committee, heads for death in the Senate

WaPo: Senate group considers large reduction in family visas as part of immigration deal

NYT: Republicans Are Divided on Proper Role for U.S. Abroad

WSJ: For Roberts, Gay Rights a Defining Moment

James Taranto: Popes and Dopes
Peggy Noonan: There is a power in the new pope's humility

Paul Krugman: After the Flimflam

WaPo: Scott Prouty, recorder of ‘47 percent’ video: An unlikely political gadfly

Quinnipiac: Pennsylvania Voters Like Clinton, Christie For 2016
Rasmussen: 68% of GOP Voters Have Favorable View of Jeb Bush
Politico: CPAC: 'I hope and pray' Clinton runs, Begala says
Politico: Terry McAuliffe quips about Hillary Clinton 2016 run

Charlie Cook: The GOP Keeps Getting Whiter
NatJ: The Rightward March of the Republicans

Politico: RNC aide: Stop criticizing our digital strategy in press


Fox: Key players in Florida gambling scandal gave $1 million to politicians
Human Events: FL’s Lt. Governor resigns as “callous, despicable” gambling scam is probed


Roll Call: Pennsylvania: Democrat Files to Run For Schwartz Seat


Cincinnati Enquirer: Rob Portman now supports gay marriage
Columbus Dispatch: Rob Portman reverses stance on gay marriage, says son is gay
NYT: G.O.P.’s Portman, Saying Son Is Gay, Now Backs Gay Marriage
CBS: Stunner: Sen. Rob Portman backs same-sex marriage
CNN: One conservative's dramatic reversal on gay marriage


NYT: Bankruptcy Lawyer Is Named to Manage an Ailing Detroit
WaPo: Bankruptcy expert who helped steer Chrysler named Detroit emergency manager
Detroit News: Detroit EM Kevyn Orr prepared to use bankruptcy hammer
Detroit FP: This man offers a realistic hope of getting Detroit on track


WaPo: At CPAC, Cuccinelli bashes McAuliffe, vows to remain a ‘straight shooter’
Examiner: Ken Cuccinelli bashes Democrat Terry McAuliffe while campaigning at CPAC
WTimes: CPAC 2013: Cuccinelli says govt. must speak for those without a voice
WSJ: Virginia Hopeful Cuccinelli Kicks Off CPAC Confab
NatJ: At CPAC, Ken Cuccinelli Moves to the Center
Weekly Standard: Ken Cuccinelli, Compassionate Conservative?

Politico: Ken Cuccinelli may not be done with transpo plan


Milwaukee JS: Scott Walker's budget borrows $1 billion, mostly for roads


Star Tribune: House passes health insurance exchange bill


Denver Post: Death penalty in Colorado to be debated by legislators


Des Moines Register: Branstad taking a gamble with stance on Medicaid


Roll Call: Nevada Democrats Razz Heller About Office Space


NYT: Pataki Endorses Catsimatidis in Race for Mayor


Dallas MN: Perry says lack of true conservative on ticket cost GOP presidency in '08, '12


Weekly Standard: Jindal Unveils Plan to Eliminate Income Taxes


Chicago Tribune: Lawyers: After 1 year in prison, Blagojevich still optimistic
Chicago ST: One year ago Friday, Rod Blagojevich left for prison — and the circus left town
Politico: A year in prison, Rod Blagojevich in good spirits


Examiner: Repeal of Maryland's death penalty a key win for Gov. Martin O'Malley's agenda

WSJ: McCain Pays Mikulski a Compliment


WaPo: Grand jury investigating Sen. Robert Menendez (D), people familiar with probe say
Fox: Report says grand jury investigating New Jersey Sen. Menendez over donor
Daily Caller: FBI sources confirm grand jury investigation of Sen. Bob Menendez
Hill: Report: Federal grand jury in Miami investigating Sen. Menendez


NatJ: SEIU Endorses Markey in Another Setback for Lynch

Boston Globe: Warren waits for her own Senate suite



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