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March 28, 2013


WSJ: Obama Orders Up Another GOP Dinner
Roll Call: Obama's Dinner With the GOP, Part 2
AJC: Johnny Isakson organizing GOP dinner with Obama
Karl Rove: Obama's Incredible Shrinking Clout

WTimes: Pentagon reconsidering civilian furloughs in light of new funding
Examin: Pentagon looks to avoid furloughs after Congress provided flexibility on sequester

WaPo: The (86,000) budget-cutting ideas that got away
Fox: What to Cut: Red tape stalls firing of ineffective federal workers
Hill: Baucus to IRS: How did the 'Star Trek' video happen? Who's responsible?

Hill: Grassley: Iowans think Egypt aid 'stupid'
Hill: President to travel to Mexico, Costa Rica

WSJ: Food Stamp Use Swells as Economy Improves

Laffer & Moore: The Red-State Path to Prosperity

WTimes: Gun control efforts persist but public support dims
Stuart Rothenberg: The Fat Lady Sings on Gun Control, 2013 Edition
Politico: Charles Grassley writing alternative Senate gun bill
Ann Coulter: The Left's Continuing War On Women

Human Events: Don’t give up on Obamacare yet, Republicans
Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare Schadenfreude

WSJ: Business, Unions Talking Again on Guest Workers
WTimes: Immigration agreement ‘very close’ in Congress; guest workers still a hurdle
Hill: Schumer: Senate group ‘90 percent’ finished on immigration reform bill
Roll Call: 'Nobody Is Going to Be Totally Happy' With Immigration Bill, McCain Says
Fox: Obama 'confident' immigration bill could pass by summer
Hill: Obama finding ways to wield power without executive orders

WSJ: Justices Show Reluctance for Broad Marriage Ruling
NYT: Justices Cast Doubt on U.S. Law Defining Marriage
WTimes: Supreme Court justices question DOMA’s range, consider effect act has in states
WaPo: Majority of Supreme Ct justices question constitutionality of Defense of Marriage Act
WSJ: How Much Power Do Gays and Lesbians Have?
WSJ: 'Til the Supreme Court Do Us Part
WaPo: Shifting political winds blow Senate Democrats into same-sex marriage camp
Hill: Seven senators who have embraced same-sex marriage in 2013
Examiner: Republicans face generational divide over same-sex marriage
Hill: Huckabee: 'Evangelicals will take a walk' if GOP supports gay marriage
Hill: Conservatives wary of Chief Justice Roberts in same-sex marriage cases
Dana Milbank: The swing vote is in (so stop kissing up)
Rich Lowry: Jurisprudence by the polls
Hill: Obama’s gay marriage legacy
Rush L: SCOTUS Questions on Gay Marriage Would've Been a Sanity Test in Earlier Eras
Rush Limbaugh: How Will GOP Deal with Gay Marriage?
National Review: Coming Out Ahead
Rush Limbaugh: Left's Next Step: Sue Churches for Bigotry
American Spectator: Hillary: Polygamy, Polyamory a Civil Right
Weekly Standard: High Noon for Marriage

James Taranto: This Space for Rent: An economics lesson for the guys at ProPublica

George Will: A bipartisan abdication

Daily Beast: Newt Gingrich: Republicans Can’t Win Just By Beating Up Hillary Clinton

WTimes: Dr. Ben Carson fights back against ‘Uncle Tom’ attack
Rush Limbaugh: Despicable Fool Smears Dr. Ben Carson


Fox: Former Florida GOP-Chair sentenced to 1 1/2 years for stealing


Detroit News: Federal suit challenges new EM law


Roll Call: Hagan Latest 2014 Democrat to Come Out for Gay Marriage

Politico: Cate Edwards ‘devastated’ by father’s affair


Examiner: Terry McAuliffe faces uphill climb against Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia governor's race
Examiner: Virginia governor's candidates embrace popular Gov. Bob McDonnell


WSJ: The GOP's South Dakota Opportunity


WTimes: Colorado gun bills spark state hunting boycott; visitors pledge to head elsewhere


Albany TU: How the Senate voted on budget bills

NY Post: GOP candidate Lhota: I’ll be a crime-fighting mayor
NYT: For Mayoral Hopeful Who Lost Fight to Remove Art, No Regrets


WTimes: Gov. Perry: Texas wants its gold back from the Federal Reserve


Daily Caller: SC primary: Bostic gets big endorsements, Sanford holds big lead in runoff
Politico: Rick Santorum stumps for Curtis Bostic in South Carolina


AJC: Phil Gingrey joins 2014 contest for U.S. Senate
WSJ: Rep. Gingrey Enters Ga. Senate Race
Roll Call: Georgia: Gingrey Enters Senate Race


WTimes: Rahmbo redux: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, teachers in another ugly battle


Huff Post: Tennessee Medicaid Expansion On Hold, Governor Says


Daily Caller: Rand Paul endorses McConnell in Senate race, won’t back tea party challenge
Politico: Mitch McConnell's scorched-earth strategy

WSJ: Ashley Judd: I’m Not Running for Senate
WTimes: Ashley Judd turns down Senate run, will not challenge McConnell
NYT: Ashley Judd Passes on Senate Bid in Kentucky
WaPo: Ashley Judd is not running for Senate
Politico: Ashley Judd says she won't run for Senate
Roll Call: Kentucky: Judd Passes on McConnell Challenge
NatJ: Ashley Judd Is Out, but McConnell Still Needs to Worry
Examiner: Liberal activists disappointed Ashley Judd won’t challenge McConnell
Politico: Pundits poke fun at Ashley Judd's pass on Senate run


Fox: Arkansas Senate overrides veto of voter ID bill


American Spectator: Stan Evans, Richard Nixon, and Chris Christie
Fox: Christie calls for investigation of New Jersey agency's response to boy-with-gun photo


Hill: Markey, Lynch spar on healthcare, bailout at Massachusetts debate

Boston Globe: Menino won’t run, officials say
NYT: Menino to End Long Run as Boston Mayor, Reports Say
Fox: Ailing Boston Mayor Menino won't seek re-election to 6th term


NYT: Immigration in Spotlight as Senators Tour Arizona
Fox: Woman tries to hop border fence with four senators watching


Salon: Jon Tester backs gay marriage


Roll Call: Hawaii: LCV Action Fund Endorses Schatz



March 27, 2013


Fox: Obama signs bill to avoid government shutdown
Hill: Obama signs funding bill, avoiding shutdown
Fox: What to Cut: Excess federal property costing taxpayers billions
Politico: Shatner slams IRS for 'Star Trek' spoof: "utter waste of U.S. tax dollars"
Gallup: Gov't Budget, Healthcare Join Economy as Top U.S. Concerns
Hill: K St. winners and losers in budget votes
Hill: Reid faces dilemma over Dem defections after close budget vote
Hill: Top tax-writer Baucus shows his hand with Senate budget vote

WSJ: Court Weighs Gay Marriage
WaPo: On the second day, Supreme Court considers DOMA
Hill: Court weighs challenge to federal law in second gay marriage review
WaPo: Supreme Court justices conflicted on same-sex marriage case
WTimes: Gay-marriage questions offer few clues to Supreme Court’s direction
NYT: Justices Say Time May Be Wrong for Gay Marriage Case
NatJ: Justices Signal They Want to Move Slowly on Same-Sex Marriage
WSJ: Prop 8 Debate: What About the Children?
WSJ: Dellinger: Justices May Want Limited Ruling on Gay Marriage
WaPo: Full transcript of Supreme Court oral arguments on CA Prop. 8 gay marriage case
WSJ: Full Audio: Tuesday’s Supreme Court Hearing on Gay Marriage
WSJ: OpEd: A Social Experiment Without Science Behind It
NYT: Editorial: The California Marriage Case
James Taranto: I Can't Drive 55
Nate Silver: How Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage Is Changing, and What It Means
Dan Balz: Parties scramble to come to terms with opinion shift on same-sex marriage
Dana Milbank: Same-sex marriage can’t be stopped by courts
Rush: Profoundly Confused by Analysis of the SCOTUS Oral Arguments on Gay Marriage
Rush Limbaugh: Why Draw the Line at Couples?

NYT: Justices, Citing Ban on Unreasonable Searches, Limit Use of Drug-Sniffing Dogs
WaPo: Court says drug dog’s sniff at front door is unconstitutional search

Fox: GOP leaders voice 'grave misgivings' to Obama over key terror trial in civilian court

WSJ: Sebelius: Some Could See Insurance Premiums Rise
Daily Caller: Study: Obamacare to raise individual claim costs by 32 percent

WSJ: The Keystone Converts: 17 Senate Democrats vote for the pipeline. Mr. Obama?

Human Events: Is the student loan bubble about to pop?

WTimes: ‘Too big to fail’ fears rise as banks bulk up; lessons from past forgotten?

Hill: White House warns GOP against filibuster on gun control bill
Juan Williams: Race and the Gun Debate
NatJ: Is Michael Bloomberg the Right Person to Lead the Gun-Control Fight?

Examiner: Border security in exchange for immigration reform? Napolitano says no deal.
Roll Call: Leahy Warns Sessions to Play Nice on Immigration
Dick Morris: Own immigration reform

Fox: Unions rally against Postal Service move to end Saturday delivery

WaPo: EPA report: More than half nation’s rivers in poor shape

WSJ: Woman to Direct Secret Service
NYT: First Woman Is Chosen to Lead Secret Service

WaPo: David Petraeus apologizes for affair with biographer

WTimes: GOP looks to match Democrats on cybercampaigns, avoid mistakes of ‘12
WSJ: An Insider’s Look at the GOP-Democrats Tech Race

Roll Call: Gingrich Forms Committee to Retire Campaign Debt, Help Candidates

DC: Carville: Pressure for prohibitive front-runner Hillary 2016 presidential run ‘unimaginable’

WaPo: The country’s voter ID laws, in 1 map

Hill: GOP confidence in Senate takeover grows as challenges mount for Dems


Politico: Big banks' nightmare: Chairman Brown


Fox: Detroit emergency manager poised to make deep cuts, amid protests


WTimes: McDonnell signs Virginia bill mandating photo ID to vote
Fox: Virginia Gov. McDonnell signs bill mandating photo ID to vote
WTimes: Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell controls GOP fire
Examiner: Gov. Bob McDonnell saves controversial bills for last

WaPo: 2 Va. communities miles apart on budget standoff, politics


WTimes: North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple approves 6-week abortion ban
NYT: New Laws Ban Most Abortions in North Dakota
WaPo: ND lawmakers approve strict abortion laws, setting up costly battle over Roe v. Wade


NYT: South Dakota Senator Won’t Run Again
WTimes: S.D. Sen. Johnson retires for family, health reasons
Roll Call: Johnson Retirement Gives Senate GOP Another Opportunity
Daily Caller: Hyper-competitive Senate season kicks off in South Dakota
Politico: With Tim Johnson retiring, Democrats face new challenge


WTimes: Colorado legislature snuffs bill to repeal death penalty
WTimes: Colorado recall effort takes aim at Democrats after gun bills


Politico: Dean Heller's extreme makeover


NYT: Legislature Set to Pass Budget and Extend On-Time Streak to 3rd Year


Daily Caller: California Democrats try to stop fracking in the state


Politico: Ted Cruz flip-flopped on guns, Democrats say


Jen Rubin: Santorum vs. Sanford
Politico: Poll: Mark Sanford, Elizabeth Colbert Busch neck and neck


IndyStar: Indiana Supreme Court upholds school vouchers
Reuters: Indiana court upholds broadest school voucher program
ST: School voucher supporters say IN Supreme Court ruling could help them in other states


Daily Caller: Why is Ashley Judd campaigning everywhere but Kentucky?


Arkansas DG: Beebe vetoes Senate-proposed voter ID bill


Politico: Delaware Senate approves repeal of death penalty


WSJ: Christie's Big Lead
Politico: New Jersey poll: Chris Christie weight not an issue

Politico: Poll: Robert Menendez bouncing back


Roll Call: Massachusetts: Markey Leads in Another Special Election Poll


Examiner: McCain: I won’t stop saying ‘illegal’ immigrant
Roll Call: Napolitano Predicts Arizona Will Become Democratic Stronghold



March 26, 2013


Fox: What to Cut: As Congress treats crises with new programs, government grows
Hill: Murray, Ryan face new mission impossible on the budget
WaPo: As sequester furloughs loom, federal workers turn to local union leaders
WSJ: Spotlight on Purported White House Perks
WTimes: Biden’s weekend flights home to Delaware cost taxpayers plenty
Fox: Government spent nearly $3.7M on ex-presidents in 2012
Charlie Cook: Sequestration Means Congress Needs Reforms

Politico: Richard Shelby sacks six Appropriations aides

WSJ: Nearly Half of Workers Didn’t Notice Higher Tax in 2013
Mort Zuckerman: The Great Recession Has Been Followed by the Grand Illusion

Fox: Supreme Court tackles gay marriage, as advocates line up for historic argument
WaPo: A historic moment as same-sex marriage arrives before Supreme Court
WTimes: Not all arguments will be inside as Supreme Court weighs gay marriage
NYT: Q. and A.: A Decisive Moment on Gay Marriage
NYT: A Sea Change in Less Than 50 Years as Gay Rights Gained Momentum
Weekly Standard: The ‘Science’ of Same-Sex Marriage
WSJ: The Other Lawyer in Gay-Marriage Case
Austin Nimocks: The Marriage Debate: Let Democracy Work . . .
NYT: OpEd: Deciding Not to Decide Gay Marriage
Theodore Olson & David Boies: . . . Gays Deserve Equal Rights
NYT: Now in Defense of Gay Marriage, Bill Clinton
WTimes: Chief Justice John Roberts’ lesbian cousin to attend Supreme Court case
NatJ: Gay Rights Cases May Force Anthony Kennedy to Choose Between 2 Great Legal Loves
Politico: Can gay marriage survive SCOTUS loss?
Rush L: The Left Needs the SCt to Rule in Favor of Gay Marriage Because the People Won't
Rich Lowry: Gay Marriage by Fiat?

Michael Gerson: An America that is losing faith with religion

James Taranto: If government may dictate soda size, why not sexual behavior?
Rush Limbaugh: Mayor Doomberg Reveals Himself

F: GOP senators threaten to filibuster gun control legislation after Reid vows to forge ahead
Politico: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz threaten filibuster on guns
Fox: Gun Laws Highlight Deepening Democratic Disarray
Hill: Obama plans road trip to prod Senate to move on gun-control legislation
WTimes: Background checks for gun transactions shoot up; all 50 states report increases
David Brooks: The Killing Chain

Daily Caller: Draft Obamacare application asks about voter registration
WTimes: Republican lawmaker: Health care application improperly prompts voter registration
Hill: GOP lawmaker wary of voter registration questions in Obama health law forms

WSJ: Justices Weigh Race in College Admissions
NYT: Supreme Court Takes New Case on Affirmative Action, From Michigan
Fox: Supreme Court adds Michigan higher education case to affirmative action review

Fox: Obama calls for April debate on immigration bill
Hill: After taking hit in the polls, Obama pivots back to immigration reform
Hill: Obama: 'The time has come' to move immigration reform in Congress
NatJ: Why the Fight Over Work Visas Won't Doom the Immigration Bill
Human Events: Is the border secure? This administration has no idea

WSJ: GOP Lawmakers Press SEC on Legal Costs

WTimes: GOP sees path to White House from state capital; which governor has best shot?
Richard Cohen: Iowa and New Hampshire, the GOP’s primary problem
Stuart Rothenberg: About That Terrible GOP Brand …
Weekly Standard: Grand Old Opportunity

Hill: New conservative group rips RNC report

NYT: With Speech, Petraeus Returns to Public Life, ‘Keenly Aware’ of Altered Reputation

Politico: Kelsey Grammer: I could run for office


WT: Sen. Casey reveals substantial shift on gun laws after deadly Newtown school shooting
Politico: Bob Casey: Hundreds could have been killed at Newtown


Politico: Poll: Ohio reverses on gay marriage


Detroit FP: Michigan affirmative action ban back in national spotlight

Detroit FP: Sheriff Benny Napoleon to announce run for mayor of Detroit


Examiner: McDonnell wants exemptions for drone ban


Star Tribune: Michele Bachmann under congressional ethics investigation
Roll Call: Attorneys for Bachmann, Consultant Say Ethics Allegations Unfounded
WaPo: Michele Bachmann faces congressional ethics probe
WTimes: Michele Bachmann faces congressional ethics investigation


WaPo: Sen. Tim Johnson won’t seek reelection
WTimes: S.D.’s Johnson not expected to run again in 2014
WaPo: Johnson’s retirement turns attention to son and Herseth Sandlin
Atlantic: Tim Johnson's Retirement Pushes Democrats' 2014 Fears Close to Brink
Hot Air: Pickup opportunity: Dem Senator Tim Johnson reportedly to retire
Hill: Sen. Tim Johnson to retire, lifting GOP hopes in battle for Senate


WTimes: Colo. governor irks gun-rights backers for publicizing prayer
Daily Caller: Colo. governor angered by questions about ties to father of murder suspect


NYT: As Holy Days Dot Calendar, State Budget Must Wait
NY Post: Gov’s budget taxes bizmen’s patience
Albany TU: Deficit reduction furloughs are ending
NYT: Assembly Panel to Review Deal on Luxury Suite
NYT: Attorney General Picks Ex-Bloomberg Aide to Be Chief of Staff

NYT: Offstage, a Proudly Brash Quinn Isn’t Afraid to Let Her Fury Fly


WSJ: A Call to Outsource California State Parks


National Review: The Cruz Birthers


American Spectator: South Carolina Showdown
Politico: South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney: Mark Sanford surprises
Roll Call: South Carolina: 2016 Courtship Boosts Colbert Busch in Special Election


AJC: Anti-gun violence ads target Chambliss, Isakson

AJC: Senate approves ban on abortion in state employee insurance plans


WaPo: Vitter’s efforts in the Senate outlast the shadow of his scandal


Chicago Tribune: Local governments unhappy with state plan for sharing income taxes


Frank Bruni: Rand Paul’s Loopy Ascent


Politico: Pryor: 'I don't take gun advice from the Mayor of New York City'


Examiner: Maryland House approves medical marijuana


Hill: Connecticut senators blast NRA robocalls to Newtown residents


Hill: Keystone pipeline foes hint at challenges to Dems in 2014 primaries



March 25, 2013


WSJ: Congress Set to Alter Focus After Passing Two Budgets
WSJ: Government Payrolls Are Facing New Pressures
RCP: Dems, GOP Engage in Fairy-Tale Budgeting
WaPo: As Obama signs sequestration cuts, his economic goals are at risk
WTimes: Attorney General Eric Holder averts furloughs of prison staff

WSJ/George P. Schultz, et al.: A Better Strategy for Faster Growth
Fred Barnes: The Lost Era of Economic Growth: Republicans have neglected their best issue
Robert Samuelson: U.S. economy shows signs of strengthening

Fox: NRA chief says Bloomberg can't 'buy America' amid $12M gun control ad blitz
NYT: N.R.A. Chief Says He Will Counter Bloomberg’s Gun Control Campaign
WaPo: Sunday show roundup: LaPierre vs. Bloomberg
WTimes: N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg rolls out $12 million ad campaign for gun legislation
WT: Senate becomes ground zero in costly gun debate — with both sides predicting victory
Roll Call: Bloomberg, NRA Prepare for Senate Showdown
Hill: McCain emerges as key senator in expanding background checks
Hill: Rove: Dems must ‘stop scaring’ gun owners

Examiner: Congress 'for first time' is close to crafting immigration plan
NYT: Pro-Obama Group Enters Immigration Fray
NYT: Editorial: Time to Strengthen Family Immigration
Michael Barone: Immigration: who wants to immigrate to the USA?

Daily Caller: Senate votes down amendment preventing illegals from receiving Obamacare
John Fund: Unhappy Birthday for Obamacare

Hill: Senate votes highlight Dem divisions over Keystone pipeline, carbon taxes

Fox: Supreme Court tackles gay marriage, as advocates line up for historic argument
Hill: High court takes up gay marriage at key moment in rights debate
WSJ: Editorial: Marriage and the Supreme Court
Chris Cillizza: Political debate on same-sex marriage is arguably over
Robert Barnes: In gay marriage cases, Supreme Court may choose caution over boldness
AP: U.S. Supreme Court has menu of options in gay marriage case
Chicago Tribune: Chief justice's lesbian cousin will attend Prop. 8 hearing

American Spectator: Judging ‘Drones’ From Afar
Gallup: In U.S., 65% Support Drone Attacks on Terrorists Abroad

WT: Justice attorneys wary of Perez’s nomination for Labor, cite most devastating indictment

WaPo: Black Caucus, Marcia Fudge press White House on high-level appointments

WaPo: Appeals court to hear arguments against lethal-injection drug

WSJ: States Build Cash Reserves, Raising Rainy-Day Debate
Bill Keller: States Gone Wild
Paul Krugman: Hot Money Blues

Joe Curl: No go for Joe Biden in 2016

Fox: Rand 2016? Sen. Paul signals interest in presidential run
Politico: Paul makes case for libertarian Republican approach
National Review: Paul: Congress ‘Ten Years Behind the American Public’
Hill: Rand Paul: My border security plan ‘only way’ to pass immigration bill
WaPo: Rand Paul: Don’t send kids to jail for drug crimes
Hill: Sen. Paul: Obama, Bush ‘lucky’ they weren’t arrested for smoking pot as kids

Politico: Paul Ryan’s disappearing act


Tampa Bay Times: Poll shows Rubio lagging in popularity around state


Toledo Blade: Governor’s flip-flop


Detroit News: Detroit emergency manager Orr faces hostility, high hopes first day on job
Reuters: Detroit's new czar faces deep decay of city's neighborhoods
Fox: Attorney tasked with fixing Detroit's finances facing vocal opposition on first day


Examiner: McDonnell facing deadline to act on road funding bill


Milwaukee JS: Polls, trends point to tough re-election fight for Sen. Ron Johnson


Gawker: Senator Claire McCaskill Announces Support of Gay Marriage


WTimes: Colorado governor stuck in ‘nightmare’ ahead of gun bill signing
Hill: Dem Gov. Hickenlooper concedes assault weapons ban ‘tough sell’


National Review: Cuomo’s Shameful SAFE Act

Buffalo News: State GOP chairman's dilemma

NYT: Thompson Names 2 Aides for Mayoral Bid
NY Post: Bill de Blasio campaign aid apologizes for offensive tweets


Fox: Large California city (Stockton) heads to bankruptcy court
NYT: Pension Funds Wary as Bankrupt City Goes to Trial


Hill: Tight-knit Georgia Republican delegation starts to fray over Senate race


Fox: Miss. lawmaker found dead in apparent suicide, reportedly at home of ex-lawmaker


WSJ: Medicaid-Expansion Puzzle
NYT: In Tennessee, Busy Signals and Waits for Medicaid


NYT: After Other States’ Moves, Connecticut Is Still Working on Stricter Gun Law


Fox: Washington state weighs first-in-the-nation abortion insurance mandate



March 24, 2013


Fox: Long-awaited vote on Senate budget exposes cracks among Democrats
Hill: Dems say Democratic budget isn't balanced
NY Post: Dem budget targets rich
Denver Post: Analysis: Democrats, GOP have deep differences in budget approach

NYT: Automatic Cuts Are Felt at Nation’s Air Shows
Milwaukee JS: $3 billion in airport improvements exempt from federal budget cuts
WTimes: IRS apologizes for wasting taxpayer cash on $60,000 ‘Star Trek’ parody video
Hill: IRS: 'Star Trek' and 'Gilligan' training videos were a mistake
Fox: Obama ends Mideast trip with tour of Petra
Weekly Standard: Biden's One-Night Paris Hotel Tab: $585,000.50

Nate Silver: Obama Has Lost Advantage Over G.O.P. on Economy

Roll Call: Immigration Vote Splits Gang of 8

Hill: NRA gains upper hand on Obama

Fox: States eye gas tax hikes to cover cash shortfalls, transportation projects

Examiner: Watchdog: Vets Affairs chairman Miller calls for top VA official's ouster

Hill: Obama healthcare law faces big challenges on third anniversary
NatJ: How Democrats Could Finally Win the 'Obamacare' Debate
NYT: Editorial: Report Card on Health Care Reform

Hill: High-stakes decision on net neutrality looms for next FCC chairman

NYT: Shadow of Roe v. Wade Looms Over Ruling on Gay Marriage
Frank Bruni: Marriage and the Supremes

PowerLine: Torture — the new “racism”

Ross Douthat: The Obama Era, Brought to You by the Iraq War

Clarice Feldman: The Wine, Women and Song Foundation

Salena Zito: Underdogs & elitism

Miami Herald: Marco Rubio brings GOP hope with Hispanics but challenges remain

NYDN: Going rouge: Sarah Palin proudly wears a red Chick-fil-A shirt to Phoenix Suns game


Politico: Charlie Crist: The luckiest pol in America


Detroit News: Tax issue rough start for Detroit's emergency manager Kevyn Orr
DFP: New Detroit emergency financial manager Kevyn Orr takes on challenge of a lifetime


WaPo: Northern VA officials worry secret CIA facility could scuttle hopes for landing FBI HQ


Albany TU: No new budget bills; final voting pushed to Thursday
NYDN: Republicans rip upcoming N.Y. state budget for putting Jimmy Fallon above disabled


Dan Walters: California's economic challenge in a nutshell


Dallas MN: Analysis: Texan Ted Cruz shaking up the Senate, but has he gone too far?

Dallas MN: Scott Walker tells local GOP to be optimistic, courageous


AJC: Zeroing in on ethics reform in the Legislature


Roll Call: Landrieu Angrily Confronts Cruz Over Abortion Amendment


Fox: Dem senator says impostor asking Arkansas families about their guns
Hill: Pryor tweet: Impostors asking about guns in Arkansas homes


WaPo: Muriel Bowser launches bid for D.C. mayor


Politico: NRA, Joe Manchin in talks on background checks


Hill: Despite ties to Sandy Hook, potential Senate hopeful rejects more gun control



March 23, 2013


NYT: Senate Passes $3.7 Trillion Budget, Its First in 4 Years
Hill: Senate passes its first budget in four years on 50 to 49 vote
WaPo: Senate passes first budget in four years
WSJ: Senate Budget Lays Out Democrats' Fiscal Vision
NYT: Senate Democrats Offer a Budget, Then the Amendments Fly

WaPo: FAA will close 149 airport towers on heels of sequester
WTimes: Sequester leads FAA to close 149 air traffic sites
WTimes: Despite sequester, Obama to designate five national monuments
Weekly Standard: Biden's $459,388.65 Hotel Bill
WaPo: The losers of the latest budget deal: the FBI, the rural poor, the environment
WTimes: Rand Paul maps quick path to balanced budget

NYT: Tight Deadlines and Lagging Funds Bedevil Obama Health Care Law
WSJ: Medical-Device Tax Repeal Faces Uphill Climb in Senate
WSJ: The Senate repeals one ObamaCare tax among many, 79 to 20
NatJ: Obamacare Is a Prescription for a Democratic Headache in 2014

WSJ: Immigration Reform Roadblock
LA Times: Senators' immigration talks stall
Politico: Immigration deal in limbo as business, labor clash
NYT: Young Immigrants, Seeking Reprieve, Find Surprise Path
Rasmussen: 64% of Immigration Reform Supporters Put Border Control First

National Review: Perez Group Gave Immigrants ‘Don’t Snitch’ Advice for Raids

Fox: 'Fast and Furious' report finds DHS missed warning signs, Napolitano in the dark
Hill: Top House lawmakers slam ICE division on 'Fast and Furious'

WaPo: White House withdraws Caitlin Halligan nomination
WSJ: Obama Withdraws Nominee That GOP Blocked
NYT: Obama Withdraws Judicial Nomination After Second G.O.P. Filibuster
NatJ: Halligan's Withdrawal Is a Victory for GOP and Gridlock

Hill: Senate endorses Keystone XL in budget amendment vote
Hill: Keystone XL picks up Senate backing
Politico: Keystone wins big in Senate
Daily Caller: Al Gore says now is the time for a carbon tax

WSJ: Bipartisan Duo Shapes Contours of Tax Deal

NYT: Backer of an Open Internet Steps Down as F.C.C. Chief

Hill: Senate votes 53-46 to stop US from joining UN Arms Trade Treaty

WTimes: Senate weighs support for taxing Internet sales
Hill: Senate overwhelmingly endorses states' collection of online sales taxes

Hill: Obama presses Congress to vote on gun-control measures
NYT: Editorial: Keep Guns Out of Criminal Hands

WTimes: Ted Cruz’s ‘Big Gulp Amendment’ latest mockery of Bloomberg soda ban

James Taranto: Revenge of the Nerds

NYT: Gay Marriage: However Justices Rule, Issues Remain

WSJ: Some on Right See Red Flags In GOP Report
National Review: Priebus: Huckabee a ‘Model’ for GOP
George Will: The Republican ‘reformation’
Dan Balz: Republicans today can learn lessons from the Democrats’ past. But will they?
Andrew Kohut: The numbers prove it: The GOP is estranged from America
Charles Blow: The G.O.P.’s Bachmann Problem
WaPo: Jay Leno envisions a transition from GOP to ‘Brand New Party’ (VIDEO)

AJC: The Gingrich-Santorum ticket that almost was

Jen Rubin: Hillary Clinton’s puny legacy
Kathleen Parker: For Hillary Clinton, the time may finally be right

Hill: Obama prayer breakfast critic would 'seriously consider' White House run
Rush: Dr. Benjamin Carson's "What Do You Think of Rush Limbaugh?" Tour Continues

WaPo: The Fix’s top 15 gov races

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


TBT: Rick Scott and Weatherford clash again, this time on House campaign finance bill
TBT: Florida House votes to ban Internet cafes


Fox: Republicans push to privatize Pennsylvania's liquor stores after decades of state control


Roll Call: Ohio: Former Rep. Betty Sutton Not Running For Governor
Columbus Dispatch: Sutton won’t run for governor, leaving FitzGerald in clear
Mansfield NJ: Kasich agenda creating GOP rift


Roll Call: Michigan: Granholm Won’t Run for Open Senate Seat
Politico: Jennifer Granholm: No run for Carl Levin’s seat

DFP: Jesse Jackson calls for mass protest against Detroit's emergency financial manager


Charlotte Observer: N.C. is moving away from being competitive


Examiner: Ken Cuccinelli says transportation, Medicaid deals unconstitutional


Fox: ND lawmakers define life as starting at conception, in bid to outlaw abortions


Fox: New York offers $500 reward for reporting illegal gun owners

Albany TU: Get your pension smoothing details here


NYT: Los Angeles Mayor Leaving Without Car, or Regrets


Dallas MN: WI Gov. Scott Walker in town Saturday for Dallas County GOP Reagan Day Dinner


Roll Call: Coburn Sounds Off on Guns, Immigration


NYT: Tower at O’Hare May Be a Victim of Federal Cuts

Chicago Tribune: Can Legislature take next step on pensions?

Human Events: Can a Republican replace Jesse Jackson Jr.?


Roll Call: Kentucky: Judd Makes Rare Reference to Senate Race in Speech


Stuart Rothenberg: Mixing Apples and Oranges in West Virginia


WaPo: Dominican official links Daily Caller to alleged lies about Menendez
DC: Lawyer behind Menendez prostitution allegations recants, fabricates media conspiracy
Politico: Daily Caller lashes out at Washington Post on Menendez saga

Hill: Christie opposes 'conversion therapy'


WTimes: Bucking green pressure, Mass. Senate hopeful backs Keystone pipeline
Boston Globe: So far, Senate special election race lacks pizazz
Boston Globe: Senate race reopens old organized labor wounds


NYT: State Defends Immigrant License Limits


Politico: Mead Treadwell eyes Mark Begich seat



March 22, 2013


WaPo: House approves resolution to keep government running; bill heads to White House
WTimes: Congress passes bill to avoid government shutdown

NYT: House Passes Money Bill and Budget Blueprint
Examiner: House OKs budget plan, set for showdown with Senate
WSJ: Boehner: Budget Process ‘Might Be Best Opportunity’ to Fix Fiscal Jam
Fox: House passes GOP budget plan promising deep cuts, but Senate votes plan down
Hill: Ryan's budget rejected in Senate on 40-59 vote
WSJ: Democrats Plot Strategy for Budget ‘Vote-a-Rama’
Hill: Senate poised to pass budget
WTimes: Debate over budget balance less than balanced
Charles Krauthammer: The 50 percent solution
American Spectator: Right Is Wrong to Rip Ryan

WSJ: Pentagon Delays Civilian Furloughs
Fox: Defense Department says it will delay furlough notices for civilian employees
NYT: Spending Cuts Put Damper on Trips by Lawmakers

NYT: States Urged to Expand Medicaid With Private Insurance
Fox: Bipartisan push to repeal medical device tax gains traction in Senate
Examiner: Senate Dems and GOP set to repeal Obamacare tax

Fox: Senate Gang of 8 finalizing immigration deal
WaPo: Schumer says immigration deal is nearly ready in the Senate
NYT: Path to Citizenship for Immigrants Draws Support Across Party Lines, Survey Finds
NYT: Officials Still Seek Ways to Assess Border Security
WaPo: Editorial: Republican rank-and-file still struggle with immigration
NatJ: Haley Barbour: Immigration Bill Isn't Going to Change Many Hispanic Voters' Minds

NYT: As New Drone Policy Is Weighed, Few Practical Effects Are Seen
NYT: OpEd: Obama’s Nixonian Precedent

Fox: GOP congressional leaders meet on Libya, vow coordinated inquiry into terror attack

NYT: Senate Panel Approves Obama’s Choice for Interior Dept.
WaPo: Jewell nomination clears first Senate hurdle

WaPo: Senate to take up gun control after break
Hill: Reid to bring gun bill to floor with expanded background checks
WTimes: Stage set for Senate gun control debate; background checks are sticking point

NYT: Post Office Rebuffed Again on 5-Day Service
WaPo: Saturday mail still in question under Congress’s funding plan

WSJ: Senators Plan Symbolic Vote on Internet Sales Tax
Hill: Senators warn against online tax vote

Hill: FCC's Genachowski to step down
Politico: Sources: Julius Genachowski to step down from top FCC post

NYT: Once Few, Women Hold More Power in Senate

Roll Call: CBC Lukewarm on Watt Trial Balloon: 'Not That Sexy'

Weekly Standard: Pew: Obama Job Approval Drops 8 Points

Peggy Noonan: Can the Republican Party Recover From Iraq?
Michael Gerson: The Republican Party’s shortcomings
Charlie Cook: Rebuilding the GOP
Rich Lowry: Where Is Today’s Jack Kemp?

NatJ: A Republican Divide in Sharp Relief
Human Events: Here’s why black voters might be the GOP’s secret weapon

WaPo: America Rising: Mitt Romney staffer starting opposition research group
Roll Call: Republicans Launch Opposition Research Firm

Roll Call: NRSC Hires Press Secretary and Western Regional Political Director

Politico: Why Republicans still run K Street

WSJ: OpEd: The Constitution and Same-Sex Marriage: No Jurisdiction
J Taranto: Boys Hardest Hit: But the decline of marriage is no bargain for women either
Jonah Goldberg: Abortion and Gay Marriage: Separate Issues
Fox: Fox News Poll: 49 Percent Favor Gay Marriage, up from 32 Percent in 2003
Gallup: Americans OK Benefits for Federal Worker Same-Sex Spouses

WaPo: Hillary Clinton leads Bush, Rubio in Florida poll
NatJ: Insiders Agree Democrats Will Nominate Clinton in 2016

Rush Limbaugh: Why Dr. Benjamin Carson Scares the Left


Sarasota HT: Alternative Medicaid expansion pitch set


Politico: In Ohio, John Kasich backs civil unions, briefly

Columbus Dispatch: Ohio conservatives feel unwanted in GOP


Politico: Michele Bachmann pushes for highway project, but steers clear of ‘earmark’ label

Star Tribune: Minnesota lawmakers call for deep cuts to health, human services budget


Denver Post: Colorado civil unions bill signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper
Fox: Colorado governor signs civil unions into law


Fox: NRA joins lawsuit challenging New York's gun control law

NYT: Deal Will Give Cuomo Administration 12-Seat Suite at the Bills’ Stadium


LA Times: L.A.'s mayoral rivals walk fine line in dealing with labor


Dallas MN: Former Texas GOP chairman Tom Pauken to run for governor
NatJ: The Man Who Could Turn Texas Blue: Rick Perry


Weekly Standard: Handel Inching Closer to Senate Run?
Politico: GOP leaders not so peachy on Paul Broun votes


Fox: Judge rejects Louisiana law barring felons from owning guns


Politico: Sean Hannity urges Ashley Judd to challenge Mitch McConnell

Human Events: Senator Paul clarifies his pro-life position


WTimes: Federal appeals court restores Maryland’s concealed carry law


Fox: First city in Arizona set to legalize civil unions



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Charles Schott: Aftermath!
.....and the challenges ahead

WTimes: GOP looks to match Democrats on cybercampaigns, avoid mistakes of ‘12

WSJ: An Insider’s Look at the GOP-Democrats Tech Race

George Will: The Republican ‘reformation’

Andrew Kohut: The numbers prove it: The GOP is estranged from America

Dan Balz: Republicans today can learn lessons from the Democrats’ past. But will they?

Peggy Noonan: Can the Republican Party Recover From Iraq?

Michael Gerson: The Republican Party’s shortcomings

Charlie Cook: Rebuilding the GOP

Rich Lowry: Where Is Today’s Jack Kemp?

Karl Rove: Closing the GOP's Election Data Deficit

Nate Silver: Retirements Contributing to Largest Senate Turnover in Decades

WaPo: The country’s voter ID laws, in 1 map

WaPo: The Fix’s top 15 gov races

Sabato & Kondik: The Early Line on the 2014 Midterms

Stu Rothenberg: Is the House in Play? A District-by-District Assessment

Politico: What Republicans needs to win Senate in 2014

Roll Call: 5 Races to Watch in 2013

WaPo: The Fix’s
Top 10 Senate races of 2014

NatJ: Sorting the Senate by Ideology

WaPo: The states with the highest and lowest turnout in 2012, 2 charts

WaPo: Book review: ‘Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution’ by Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick

Rush Limbaugh: Left in Uproar Over Chafets Book on Ailes

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