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March 14, 2013


Speaker John Boehner: Obama’s outreach is nice, but where’s the leadership?

WSJ: Obama Visit Leaves GOP House Members Skeptical
Hill: House GOP peppers Obama with questions on budget, Keystone
Roll Call: House GOP Q&A With Obama
WTimes: Obama: Meeting with House GOP was ‘useful’
Fox: Obama meets with House Republicans, downplays 'immediate' debt crisis
Roll Call: Obama Parries With House GOP on Budget, Immigration
NYT: U.S. Budget Deal in Doubt; Obama’s Trip to Hill Reveals Split
WaPo: Democrats challenge Obama on Medicare and Social Security cuts
WSJ: Obama Treads Carefully on Deficit
Human Events: In Reality, Debt Matters. It Matters a Lot

Fox: Senate Democrats release first budget in four years, includes $1 trillion in tax increases
Weekly Standard: Dem Budget Includes $1.5 Trillion in Tax Hikes
DC: Democrats’ budget plan seeks $1.5 trillion tax hike, plus 10-year spending boost
WSJ: Democrats' Budget Equally Lifts Taxes, Cuts Spending
Examiner: Senate Dem jokes about making history by proposing budget for 1st time in 4yrs
Politico: White House endorses Senate Dem budget
Politico: Patty Murray plan doesn't balance budget
Roll Call: 10 Things to Know About the Senate Democrats' Budget

Hill: House Budget panel approves Ryan plan in 22-17 party-line vote
Hill: Whip Count: House and Senate budgets
LA Times: Stark choice in dueling budget plans

NYT: Obama Rallies Supporters and Donors to Keep His Campaign Agenda Alive
WaPo: Obama asks Organizing for Action to help him pass his policy agenda
Fox: Obama tells Organizing for Action group they can play powerful role helping his agenda
NatJ: Dropping in the Polls, Obama Seeks to Rally the Grassroots
Examiner: Obama draws criticism for headlining fundraiser for advocacy group
Hill: Obama: Organizing for Action a way to correct first-term mistake

NYT: Clamor to Be Spared the Pain as Budget Cuts Descend
WSJ: Vote on Continuing Resolution Due This Week

WaPo: Editorial: Reopen the White House doors to tourists
WTimes: White House: Secret Service’s call to cancel tours
Fox: Obama blames Secret Service for tour cancellation, met with skepticism by GOP reps
Hill: White House tour move backfires on Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Denies Responsibility for White House Tour Cancellation

Fox: Lawmakers question risky $5B loan for high-speed Vegas train amid sequester cutbacks
Fox: Feds offering high-paid internships despite sequester

Dan Henninger: Escape From Spending Hell
Karl Rove: Political Fissures on Both Sides of the Aisle
Stuart Rothenberg: GOP Doubles Down on Ryan to Change the Narrative

WaPo: The best number for Republicans in the Washington Post-ABC poll

Fox: Senate rejects Republican effort to repeal ObamaCare
Hill: Republicans grapple over how to deal with healthcare reform
WaPo: Obama turns on charm for GOP House, Senate GOP tries to defund health-care act
Dana Milbank: Republicans go after Obamacare. Again.
Rush Limbaugh: Media Reveals the Obamacare Monstrosity

Hill: House votes 246-181 to block Obama's welfare-work waiver rule

Hill: GOP lawmakers threaten to subpoena Benghazi survivors

Fox: Senate committee poised to approve assault weapons ban
NYT: Congressional Committees Make Some Gun-Rights Provisions Permanent
National Review: Schumer’s Transfer Tyranny

NYT: Obama Appoints Church-State Law Expert to Head Faith-Based Office

WSJ: House Revives Welfare-to-Work Fight

WTimes: Grassley: Why were ‘racist’ acts tolerated at Justice Department?

Hill: U.S. Chamber Sets Immigration Push
NYT: U.S. Citizens Join Illegal Immigrants in Pressing Lawmakers for Change

WSJ: Preview: Who’s Speaking at CPAC 2013
Fox: GOP's most prominent voices to speak out at conservative gathering
WTimes: CPAC 2013: Bush’s legacy lingers over new GOP stars
WTimes: CPAC 2013: After 40 years, conservative event still tackles tough issues
Politico: Republican rock stars of 2009 won’t be onstage at CPAC
Hill: CPAC organizers confront critics over vision of ‘mainstream’ conservatism

American Spectator: Senator Rand Paul Comes of Age

NYT: Club for Growth Leads Conservative Charge, Sometimes at Republicans

Daily Caller: Republicans silent on future relationship with Romney digital consultants

James Taranto: Can This Non-Marriage Be Saved? (civil unions)

WaPo: Scott Prouty reveals himself as man who shot ’47 percent’ video
Daily Mail UK: Revealed: The 'blue collar' bartender who secretly filmed Romney

WaPo: The states with the highest and lowest turnout in 2012, in 2 charts


CSM: Florida Lt. Governor resigns amid Internet gambling probe
NYT: Florida’s Lieutenant Governor Resigns Amid Inquiry Into Sweepstakes Firm
CNN: Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll resigns amid probe of company she consulted for
WSJ: Florida Official Resigns in Wake of Gambling Probe
Fox: Nearly 60 charged in Florida gambling scandal as lieutenant governor quits amid probe


Politico: Ronna Romney McDaniel mulls 2014 Senate bid
NatJ: The Romneys, The Family That Just Can’t Quit Politics

Detroit News: Snyder expected to name Kevin Orr Detroit EM
Detroit News: EM likely first step to bankruptcy for Detroit


Politico: Ken Cuccinelli won’t sign no-tax oath
Examiner: Three former GOP lawmakers back Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor


WSJ: Colorado School Names Conservative-Studies Professor


NatJ: Why the GOP Won't Be Run Out of New England


Ann Coulter: Trouble in the Nanny State


Roll Call: Gingrey Puts Together Team for Likely Ga. Senate Bid


Fox: Illinois governor wants appeal of concealed carry ruling


Roll Call: Kentucky: McConnell Wife Elaine Chao Stars in His Campaign Ad


Roll Call: West Virginia: Snuffer Mulls Another Campaign for Rahall Seat


Politico: Poll: Cory Booker's runaway lead
Roll Call: Poll Shows Booker Boosted After Lautenberg Retirement Announcement
NYT: Senate Race May Be Last Chance for Cautious Congressman to Fulfill Dream


NYT: Ted Kennedy Jr. Is (Finally) Ready for the Family Business



March 13, 2013


WTimes: Paul Ryan introduces GOP budget, sees balance in decade
WSJ: GOP Budget Establishes Contrast With Democrats
WaPo: Ryan sets stage for a budget duel, targets health-care law
NatJ: What Paul Ryan's New Budget Means for Health Care
Milwaukee JS: Paul Ryan's House budget echoes Republican vision from 2012
WSJ: Ryan Sees Caps on Defense Spending
WSJ: A Ryan Reboot: The budget will never balance without faster economic growth
NYT: 2 Parties’ Budgets Show Big Rift as G.O.P. Renews 2012 Proposals
Roll Call: Debt Ceiling Looms Beyond Spending Fight
Rush Limbaugh: Paul Ryan Presents a New Budget
National Review: Editorial: Ryan’s New Vision
NYT: Editorial: The Worst of the Ryan Budgets
WaPo: Editorial: Paul Ryan’s budget: The good, the bad and the unrealistic
Dana Milbank: Paul Ryan’s magical budget

Roll Call: Senate Faces Expanding Complications, Slowdown Over Continuing Resolution
Politico: John McCain, Tom Coburn stall continuing resolution temporarily
Hill: McCain, Coburn stall Senate spending bill

WSJ: Senate Lawmakers Unveil Government Funding Bill
Hill: On Capitol Hill, budget vs. budget
WSJ: Democrats' Budget Mixes Tax Increases, Spending Cuts
WSJ: Obama, Democrats Discuss Safety-Net Programs
Politico: Paul Ryan, Patty Murray unveil dueling energy deficit plans

Roll Call: Obama Focuses on Elusive Grand Bargain in Hill Outreach
Hill: Obama stands firm on entitlement reform in talk with Senate Dems
WSJ: Van Hollen: Grand Bargain on Deficit Still Possible
Politico: Missed chance: Obama’s tax problem
NYT: Dispute Over a Balanced Budget Is Philosophical as Much as Fiscal
WaPo: Obama’s approval drops as Americans take a dimmer view of his economic policies
WaPo: Obama’s reelection honeymoon ends

Politico: Fiscal squeeze hits air controllers
Fox: Sequester cuts hit tuition for soldiers, aid for homeless veterans
Daily Caller: Feds pay for study on why lesbians are fat
Human Events: Austerity! Feds Spend $1.5 million to Study Obese Lesbians
Rush Limbaugh: Government Spends $1.5 Million to Study Fat Lesbians

CBS Miami: Obamacare May Bite You At The Vet’s Office

WTimes: Justice Dept.: Racial disputes abound in voting section, but no partisan slant
WSJ: Report Criticizes Justice Unit
NYT: Report Finds Political Splits and Unprofessionalism in Voting Agency

Hill: Battle brewing over likely Labor pick
Jen Rubin: Is Thomas Perez worse than Chuck Hagel?

WSJ: Expanded Checks on Gun Buyers Advance in Senate
Politico: Judiciary approves gun background checks

NYT: Recess Appointments Ruling to Be Appealed
WSJ: President to Appeal Ruling on Recess
WTimes: Obama to appeal recess appointment ruling to Supreme Court
Fox: Labor board to appeal recess case to Supreme Court

WSJ: No Sign of Movement on Cordray Nomination

NYT: The Man Behind the ‘47 Percent’ Video Comes Forward
Politico: '47 percent' videomaker on why he did it

Politico: Boehner, Paul Ryan, Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch headline closed-door retreat

National Review: Rand Paul’s Big Fight
Jonah Goldberg: What Rand Paul Got Right

Politico: Eric Cantor's move to the middle rankles leaders

American Thinker: Cruz, Haley, Jindal, Rubio: Flight 2016 Cleared for Takeoff

Dick Morris: Latinos could be GOP allies


Politico: Poll: Tom Corbett losing to 5 Democratic hopefuls


Roll Call: Michigan: Granholm, Romney Top Senate Field in New GOP Poll
Roll Call: Michigan: Scott Romney Not Running for Senate Source Says

Detroit News: Likely Detroit emergency manager has legal, financial skills

Detroit News: Experts: Kilpatrick's history may mean longer jail term
Detroit FP: Kwame Kilpatrick locked up but still on hook for restitution to Detroit


Examiner: Bolling's exit opens governor's race for GOP Ken Cuccinelli & Dem Terry McAuliffe
Politico: Bill Bolling rejects run as independent in Virginia governor's race

WaPo: Editorial: Tinkering could kill Virginia’s transportation bill


NYT: Colorado Legalizes Civil Unions for Same-Sex Couples
WaPo: Civil unions bill passes in Colorado legislature
NYDN: Colorado bill legalizing gay civil unions heads to governor’s desk
Denver Post: Colorado House passes civil unions, but fans note marriage is equality


Hill: Ayotte in middle of Paul-McCain fight


James Taranto: The Limits of Moral Suasion


WSJ: George P. Bush Runs for Office in Texas
Fox: George P. Bush running for Texas land commissioner
Politico: George P. Bush running for Texas land commissioner


Fox: Oklahoma House approves bill to allow armed teachers in schools


Fox: Mississippi bill would ban local governments from enacting restrictions on portion sizes


Roll Call: Kentucky: McConnell to Launch Six-Figure Ad Buy Thursday
NatJ: Ashley Judd Is a 30-Second Ad Waiting to Happen


NYT: Senate Debate Introduces 3 Republicans to Massachusetts Voters



March 12, 2013


Paul Ryan: The GOP Plan to Balance the Budget by 2023
WSJ: In Bid to Balance Budget, Ryan Deepens Cuts
Examiner: House GOP would cancel health care reforms, trim $5t in spending
Politico: Ryan budget targets Obamacare, oil drilling
Hill: Ryan to rally GOP on 10-year plan
WSJ: Ryan Plan Revives '12 Election Issues
NatJ: Paul Ryan's Obamacare Repeal Fantasy
Rep. Steny Hoyer: Paul Ryan budget plan is same old trickery
Politico: Priebus touts Ryan's 'lemon law'
National Review: Ryan’s Conservative Budget

Hill: Mikulski, Shelby reach deal on funding bill
Fox: Senate Democrats unveil bipartisan-backed government funding bill
WaPo: Senate Democrats prepare to roll out budget blueprint
WTimes: Spending bill gives GOP opening to kill health law
Byron York: Ted Cruz pushes for vote to stop funding for Obamacare
NYT: House and Senate Work Simultaneously to Create Budgets, a Rarity
Politico: Senate takes its own path on CR

Roll Call: Interview With Speaker Boehner: The Sequester Is Here to Stay (Part II)
Politico: Republicans push Boehner on 'Hastert Rule'
Hill: GOP members vow opposition if leaders ignore ‘Hastert Rule’

NYT: Obama’s G.O.P. Outreach Hits Barriers
WSJ: Obama's Capitol Hill Foray Seeking a 'Grand Bargain' on Deficit
Charlie Cook: Does History Offer Insights Into Obama’s Second Term?
Hill: Second term U-turn takes Obama to lawmakers’ own home turf
Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s Non-Triangulation
Weekly Standard: For Obama, It's All About 2014

Politico: Cabinet's quandary: Explaining sequester cuts
Fox: Dozens of WH senior staffers making six-figure salaries amid sequester woes
WTimes: Scientists subject to effects of sequesters as research decisions get fresh scrutiny
Politico: Donald Trump willing to fund White House tours

WTimes: Lingering vacancies burden justice system; nominations lag, cases grow
WSJ: Obama's Judicial Payback: Republicans adopt filibuster tactics that Dems pioneered

WSJ: Lawmakers Press Napolitano Over Released Immigrants
WT: Backlash grows over release of immigrants; GOP wants to know who gave final approval
Daily Caller: Senate Democrats eye immigration blitz after recess
Politico: Gang of 8 No pathway agreement, yet

James Taranto: The Otter Way of Stopping (Keystone XL pipeline)

WaPo: Fed shifts focus to jobs

NatJ: What to Know About Thomas Perez, Civil-Rights Lawyer and Obama's Likely Labor Pick
American Spectator: Thomas Perez Should Be Blocked

WSJ: GOP Lawmaker Shows How to Woo Latinos
WSJ: Democrats Target Potential GOP Senate Candidates
Roll Call: DSCC Attacks House Republicans Eyeing the Senate in ’14

Michael Gerson: Rand Paul masks his true worldview
Dorothy Rabinowitz: The Rand Paul Siren Song
Daily Caller: Online poll: Rand Paul the conservative pick for president in 2016

WSJ: Combat Veterans, Senators Fight New Drone Pilot Medal

WTimes: Winning Senate seat on $14,000 a day

Politico: Report: Which state had top turnout?


NYT: Medicaid Expansion Is Rejected in Florida
Examiner: Florida Senate axes Rick Scott’s Medicaid expansion

WTimes: Charlie Crist ‘thinking about’ Democratic run for Florida governor


Politico: Next ‘war on women’ front: Pennsylvania governor race?


Fox: Cincinnati poll worker charged with voting half dozen times in November


Stuart Rothenberg: Why I Rate Michigan's Senate Seat As 'Safe' for Democrats

NYT: Former Mayor of Detroit Guilty in Corruption Case
Detroit News: Kwame Kilpatrick's rise and fall filled with drama
Detroit FP: Time to take stock, move on from Kwame Kilpatrick saga
Human Events: The fall of Kwame Kilpatrick

Detroit News: Lawyer emerges as top EM pick
Detroit FP: Snyder's top pick for Detroit emergency financial manager a turnaround expert


Politico: Kay Hagan to tap campaign manager


Politico: Sen. Ron Johnson pounds Obamacare

Milwaukee JS: Gov. Scott Walker signs iron mining legislation


Star Tribune: Minnesota House, Senate committees to vote on gay marriage bill


Roll Call: South Dakota Senate Race Ripe for Republican Primary


WSJ: Judge Cans Soda Ban
NYT: Judge Blocks New York City’s Limits on Big Sugary Drinks
NYT: Judge in Soda Ruling Is Wary of Government’s Power
NYT: Cheering a Setback to the City’s Drink Limits
WTimes: Bloomberg vows to fight reversal of NYC soda ban

NYT: Republican State Senators Indicate New Openness to Raising Minimum Wage

Albany TU: Siena: Cuomo still soars, but at lower altitude


Dallas MN: George P. Bush playing it safe by offering few clues on political plans


WSJ: Head of Gay Group Considers Challenging Sen. Graham
Hill: Conservatives threaten run against incumbent Sen. Lindsey Graham

Daily Caller: A guide to the South Carolina special election Republican primary


AJC: Karl Rove booked for Georgia GOP convention
AJC: Phil Gingrey rejects gun clip limits, changes course on Todd Akin


WaPo: Read Bobby Jindal’s Gridiron Dinner speech


NYT: Illinois Is Accused of Fraud by S.E.C.
AP: SEC, Illinois settle pension charge
Reuters: Illinois settles SEC charges over pensions
ABC: Illinois Settles Muni Bond Fraud Charges
WSJ: SEC Says Illinois Hid Pension Troubles


WaPo: DSCC not committing to Ashley Judd yet
Politico: DSCC not ready to embrace Ashley Judd
NatJ: Ashley Judd Is Making Kentucky Democrats Nervous
Daily Caller: In 2010, Ashley Judd accused Apple customers of ‘financing mass rape’
Roll Call: Eastern Kentucky Coal Clouds Potential Judd Senate Bid
DC: From jaunts to Scotland to crying at trees, Judd’s memoir provides fodder for critics


NYT: Arkansas’s Abortion Ban and One Man’s Strong Will
Fox: Anti-abortion law makes Arkansas ground zero in intensifying national debate


Roll Call: West Virginia: Ex-Maryland GOP Chairman Alex Mooney Eyes Capito Seat


WaPo: Scott Brown joins Nixon Peabody law firm

Roll Call: Massachusetts: LCV Launches Six-Figure Field Program for Markey
Hill: Lynch meets setbacks in Mass. Senate bid



March 11, 2013


WSJ: Paul Ryan Previews Budget Plan
Fox: Ryan: New House Republican budget includes ObamaCare repeal
Hill: Rep. Paul Ryan: House budget will assume the repeal of ‘ObamaCare’
WaPo: Ryan calls for both Obamacare repeal and finding ‘common ground’ in budget fight
Milwaukee JS: Paul Ryan says compromise on U.S. budget deal is possible
WSJ: Opening Budget Bids Set Parties' Battle Lines
NatJ: Dueling Budget Plans Help Define Both Parties
Hill: Senate Dems strain to get budget over finish line by Easter recess
NatJ: Why the Senate Democrats' Budget Will Be Vague
Hill: McCarthy won’t rule out passage of bills lacking majority GOP support

NYT: Cuts Give Obama Path to Create Leaner Military
WaPo: Yellowstone gets real about budget cuts
Hill: Poll: Voters see economy getting worse after sequester cuts

NYT: In Search of Debt Deal, Obama Walks a Narrow Path
Examiner: Obama's goal in courting GOP: A deal on Medicare reform
Fox: As budget battles resume, Republicans hope Obama 'sincere' in compromise efforts
WTimes: Buds of skepticism on Obama’s olive branch
Politico: GOP senators stick by their leaders
WaPo: Republicans reserve judgment on Obama’s charm offensive
WSJ: A New Obama? The Republican response should be don't trust but verify

Roll Call: Interview With Speaker Boehner: ‘We Need to Do a Better Job’ (Part I)

WaPo: Research ties economic inequality to gap in life expectancy

Robert Samuelson: The market strikes back
Paul Krugman: Dwindling Deficit Disorder
Fred Hiatt: Obama could get things done by governing today
EJ Dionne: Is Congress seeing a break in the partisan ice?
Byron York: House conservatives: GOP leadership killed measure to defund Obamacare
Judd Gregg: Too much talk of taxing

WSJ: Lawmakers Demand Docs Over ‘Too Big To Jail’ Banks
WSJ: OpEd: How to Shrink the 'Too-Big-to-Fail' Banks

NYT: Editorial: Confirmation Questions for Mary Jo White

WSJ: OpEd: Green Cars Have a Dirty Little Secret
NYT: Editorial: Say No to the Keystone XL oil pipeline

WTimes: Gay marriage ruling may rival Roe v. Wade in turmoil

WSJ: Jokes Abound at Gridiron Dinner
NYT: For One Night, Sequester Becomes a Punch Line
WaPo: Read President Obama’s remarks at the Gridiron Dinner

Politico: Some Democrats seek distance from Obama
NYT: Smaller States Find Outsize Clout Growing in Senate

Roll Call: A Step Back, a Look in the Mirror, a Team Realignment for the GOP Conference
Roll Call: Can House Democrats Improve on ’12 Recruiting Flops?

WTimes: Jeb Bush: ‘Not much daylight’ between immigration plans
Fox: Jeb Bush: I'm 'in sync' with Senate Republicans on immigration reform
WSJ: Jeb Bush: Several Paths on Immigration Overhaul
NYT: In Talk Show Tour, Jeb Bush Promotes Book on Immigration and Replies to Critics

WaPo: Jeb Bush: Obama won reelection by ‘dividing the country’
Politico: Jeb Bush sees no family 'baggage'
Hill: Jeb Bush says there’s no ‘Bush baggage,’ leaves door open to run
NYDN: Jeb Bush weighs 2016 run, says famous last name wouldn't be 'baggage'
WSJ: Jeb Bush Says Media an ‘Addict’ on 2016 Talk

Stu Rothenberg: Looking to 2016: Is It Still Either Bush or Rubio?
Hill: Republican White House hopefuls see CPAC as springboard to credibility

WTimes: Rand Paul filibuster is music to many ears; senator raises profile for 2016
Politico: McCarthy: Critics of Paul 'were wrong'
Jen Rubin: Time for hawks to wake up
Joe Curl: 13 hours that changed the Republican Party
Juan Williams: In taking drone stand, Paul showed use, abuse of filibuster
John Fund: President Paul: Rand Rising?


Detroit FP: Detroit City Council ready to fight emergency financial manager decision
Detroit News: Watson emerging as leader on Detroit's emergency manager appeal


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin's partisan chasm: A case of divided voters or divisive politicians?


Star Tribune: Pay hikes recommended for Minn. government leaders


Weekly Standard: Colorado Poll: Gun Control Politically Dangerous for Democrats


Roll Call: Senator Squatter? Heller Won't Give Up Office Space


Politico: President Obama’s numbers plummet in New York

NY Post: Gov. Cuomo's favorability rating drops to all-time low: poll

NYT: With a Tour of the City, Quinn Declares Her Candidacy for Mayor
Mike Lupica: Quinn has to go beyond the history-making ballyhoo to articulate a vision


Examiner: Spokesman: ‘Senator Cruz is a U.S. citizen by birth’


Daily Caller: Mark Sanford on career-politician charge: ‘I don’t think anybody would describe Thomas Jefferson as a career politician’


Hill: Possible McConnell challenger denies any role in trading scandal at former firm


NYT: G.O.P. in Arizona Is Pushed to Expand Medicaid
Clint Bolick: Arizona's Immigration Shift



March 10, 2013


Hill: House GOP leaders blindsided by defections on spending vote

WaPo: F-35’s ability to evade budget cuts illustrates challenge of paring defense spending
Michael Barone: Obama flails as Republicans stand firm on sequester

WaPo: Why Paul Ryan and President Obama lunched this week, and why it matters
Examiner: President Obama's increasingly late budget gives GOP ammunition
Politico: Obama hearts Congress
Fred Barnes: Who Will End Up with Heartburn?

Politico: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul want drone language in CR
Ross Douthat: What Hath Rand Paul Wrought?

Thomas Friedman: No to Keystone. Yes to Crazy.

Boston Globe: As Obama, Senate collide, courts caught short

WaPo: Obama to nominate Thomas Perez as labor secretary
Fox: Obama poised to select Perez for labor secretary, AP source says
Hill: Reports: Obama picks civil rights lawyer for Labor secretary

WaPo: Susan Rice as national security adviser? U.N. ambassador said to be front-runner
Hill: Rice said to be at top of the list for national security adviser

Fox: Senators hush-hush as they craft immigration bill

Hill: Republicans: Postal Service has green light to end Saturday mail delivery

WaPo: As momentum builds toward tax reform, lobbyists prepare for a fight

Byron York: Bid to defund Obamacare gains momentum in Senate GOP

Fox: Obama tosses barbs at joke-filled, annual Gridiron dinner
WaPo: President Obama at elite Gridiron Club jokes about sequester, Biden, Rubio

WaPo: How the demographic shift could hurt Democrats, too

Fox: Democrats face challenging Senate landscape
Boston Globe: Democrats face rough Senate terrain
NatJ: Budget Cuts Keep Freshman Senators in the 'Swing Suites'
Politico: John McCain, Shepard Smith spar on future of GOP

Politico: GOP embarks on polling reboot

Salena Zito: Signs point to 2000 redux in 2016


Orlando Sentinel: After Greer's mess, state GOP is restoring supporters' trust


Times Herald: Harper Poll: Joe Sestak would lead Democrats in run for governor


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich's tax plan: Sales-tax increase raising concerns
ClevePD: Kasich targeted by critics on left and right, but unlikely to face challenge for power


Fox: Roger, Camp and perhaps another Romney interested in Sen. Levin's Michigan seat
Politico: Michigan Republican Pete Lund eyes Carl Levin’s seat

Politico: Amash: Who's a 'wacko bird?'


News & Observer: Dome: GOP delegation says U.S. Capitol still open, y’all come


McClatchy: How right is too right for GOP? Virginia is next battleground


Hill: Sen. Johnson tells 'kitchen cabinet' he will run for reelection in 2016


Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: Majority supports raising state minumum wage


SE Missourian: GOP looks to future at Lincoln Day event


NYT: After Rancorous Debate, Colorado Senate Advances Strict New Measures on Gun Control
WTimes: Colo. Democrats pass most gun-control bills but drop two after rape outcry


Des Moines Register: GOP leaders say the base is not enough


RCP: Nevada, Arizona Take Aim at 2016 Primary Calendar


NYT: Giuliani Tells Donors Lhota Would Keep City From Slipping Backward

Fox: NY congressman Peter King boxes against former champ


NYT: Los Angeles Frets After Low Turnout to Elect Mayor


SA Express: George P. Bush takes stage at GOP fundraiser
KWTX: George P. Bush Takes Stage At GOP Fundraiser In Texas


NewsOK: Public-assistance bills put Oklahoma GOP members in a tough spot


AJC: The tea party member of the Ted Turner clan


Hill: Rep. Cassidy's Senate waiting game may boost Landrieu's fortunes in Louisiana


Chicago ST: Pat Brady still Illinois’ Republican chairman, after pols lobby to keep him

Fox: Illinois lawmaker seeks to ban sale of lion meat


Fox: Democrats and Republicans both appear eager for Judd to enter Kentucky Senate race



March 9, 2013


WSJ: GOP Aim to Turn Sequester Ax Into Scalpel
WaPo: With canceled tours, White House teaching how democracy works
WaPo: White House estimates of state-by-state impacts of sequestration
WaPo: Editorial: Propping up small-town airports with $200 million

Examiner: Ryan prepares to unveil balanced budget
Hill: Obama budget delayed until April

Sen. Rand Paul: My filibuster was just the beginning
Sen. Rand Paul: Rising in defense of the Constitution
WTimes: Rand Paul says he’s ‘seriously’ mulling White House run in 2016
CNN: Rand Paul: McCain doesn't always respect me
NYT: Visions of Drones Swarming U.S. Skies Hit Bipartisan Nerve
NYT: OpEd: The Drone Question Obama Hasn’t Answered
David Ignatius: Drones: A weapon that needs a holster
Rush Limbaugh: Rand's Stand Shakes Up Washington
Andrew McCarthy: What Rand Paul Misses

WSJ: Obama Is Considering Latino for Labor Post

NYT: Blocked Bids to Fill Judgeships Stir New Fight on Filibuster
NYT: Democrats Cry Foul Over Wednesday’s Other Filibuster

WSJ: McConnell Blasts Obama Decision on Al Qaeda Suspect
WTimes: Republicans denounce NYC terror trial for bin Laden son-in-law

WTimes: GOP lawmaker rips Napolitano for releasing detainees
Hill: McCain presses Napolitano for answers on detainee release

WSJ: Companies Challenge Labor Rulings

WTimes: Nancy Pelosi demands $10.10 per hour minimum wage

WaPo: From a skeptical beginning, Obama has set a global round of trade talks in motion

WTimes: Records show anti-lobbyist Obama took millions from lobbyists

Politico: Frustrated GOP health staffers jump ship

WaPo: Activist who shot hidden camera video settles with community group worker for $100K
Politico: James O’Keefe agrees to pay $100,000 settlement

James Taranto: The Belle Curve

Charles Blow: A Dangerous ‘New Normal’ in College Debt

Chris Cillizza: If not Hillary, who?

WaPo: George W. Bush’s painting teacher on his artistic potential

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Roll Call: Michigan: Scott Romney Considering Senate Bid
Detroit FP: Mitt Romney's older brother interested in Levin seat
Politico: Michigan Republican Pete Lund eyes Carl Levin’s seat
Roll Call: Michigan: Anuzis Mulling Senate Bid as More Republicans Opt Out
Detroit News: Fight for Carl Levin's Senate seat to be costly
Detroit FP: Politicians quick to bow out of a run for Carl Levin's Senate seat
WaPo: Several Republicans opt against Michigan Senate race
WaPo: Rep. Gary Peters to seriously consider Michigan Senate race

Detroit News: Snyder: Expect fast EM decision if Detroit's appeal falls short


Examiner: Dems ask Ken Cuccinelli if he'll repeal Virginia transportation tax hikes
Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli: Keeping my promise to Virginia


WSJ: South Dakota Law to Allow Teachers to Be Armed
Fox: South Dakota governor signs bill allowing armed teachers in the classroom


St. Louis PD: Friday roundup of Missouri politics


Denver Post: Colorado gun bills: Marathon session stirs strong emotions
NYT: Colorado Takes Up Gun Limits in Senate
Human Events: Colorado ban on campus concealed weapons defeated

Fox: Lower tuition for illegal immigrant students passes Colorado House


NYT: Cuomo Voices Mixed Optimism for Chances of Campaign Finance Proposals


LA Times: Public-employee unions push back with lawsuits over pension cuts
Human Events: California GOP needs ideas, not just money


Roll Call: South Carolina: Sanford, Colbert Busch Raise More Than $300,000


AJC: How many illegal immigrants released in Ga.? House Republicans demand
Politico: Georgia town mandates gun ownership


Chicago Tribune: Durbin telling top Democrats he'll seek re-election in 2014

Daily Caller: Ill. GOP chair may be removed for gay marriage support
Chicago Tribune: State GOP leader may be ousted over his support for same-sex marriage


WTimes: Insider says Ashley Judd will fight Mitch McConnell for Senate
WaPo: An Ashley Judd candidacy? Women voters may be the key


WSJ: Connecticut Gun Backers Roll Out Ads


Politico: Republican mayor Scott Smith rises in Arizona



March 8, 2013


WaPo: Turning on the charm, Obama tries to end gridlock
NYT: Hopes, Maybe Misguided, That Food Will Breed Productivity in Capital
WSJ: Republicans Warm To Obama's Efforts
Fox: Republicans Wonder if Obama Outreach is Just About “Optics”
LA Times: Obama charm offensive sows goodwill
WSJ: Toomey: Obama Dinner was ‘a Beginning’
Roll Call: Obama Gives GOP Reason to Hope for New Grand Bargain
Hill: Obama sets end-of-July goal for bipartisan agreement on deficit
NatJ: Obama's Dinner Out With Senators Didn't Solve the Budget Mess, It Did Ease Tensions
American Spectator: Keeping His Enemies Closer

WaPo: Obama has ‘constructive’ lunch with Paul Ryan
Hill: White House upbeat after 'good exchange' with Ryan on deficit

Hill: Senate Dems unveil changes to House bill funding government
WSJ: Boehner Continues to Link Debt-Ceiling Increase to Cuts
Politico: John Boehner warns Senate Democrats on continuing resolution
NYT: A Budget Delayed, to Little G.O.P. Sympathy
NatJ: In the Budget Debate, Even the Definition of Spending Is Up for Grabs
WaPo: Feds would lose a raise, have pay freeze extended and suffer pay losses under bill
WTimes: Feds' $205B deficit in February dwarfs $85B in sequester cuts

Peggy Noonan: The Anti-Confidence Man
Kim Strassel: Jumping the Sequester
Charlie Cook: At the White House, As Goes the Budget, So Goes the Polls
Sen. Tom Coburn: The Drama Over, Time For Smart Budget Cuts
Paul Krugman: The Market Speaks
Scarborough & Sachs: Deficits do matter
Charles Krauthammer: Why we give foreign aid

WaPo: Brennan confirmed as CIA director, but filibuster brings scrutiny of drone program
WSJ: CIA Head Faces Squeeze Play
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Brennan’s Excuse

WTimes: Rand Paul’s filibuster highlights split in GOP ranks; defense hawks not amused
Politico: Rand Paul filibuster blasted by John McCain, Lindsey Graham
Hill: Sens. McCain and Graham lambast 'ridiculous' drone filibuster by Paul
Human Events: Rand Paul’s Republican critics
NatJ: John McCain's Awkward #StandWithRand Moment
Politico: Newt Gingrich: John McCain attacks on Rand Paul ‘sad’
American Spectator: Rand’s Band of Brothers
American Thinker: Rand Paul Shifts Political Orbit
Fox: Sen. Paul declares victory after Holder offers assurance on drones
Examiner: Rand Paul filibuster energizes Tea Party against GOP establishment
NYT: A Senator’s Stand on Drones Scrambles Partisan Lines
Rasmussen: 67% Favor Limits on Drone Use
Politico: Obama's drone muddle
Politico: Priebus: Paul 'completely awesome'
Politico: Rand Paul: ‘Seriously’ weighing 2016 bid
Hill: Rand Paul joins 2016 presidential conversation with talking filibuster
WaPo: Physical limits can cut short a filibuster, including Rand Paul’s against drones
WaPo: The 7 best moments of Rand Paul’s filibuster
Hill: Senators expect more 'talking filibusters' after Rand Paul marathon
WaPo: Editorial: More oversight and disclosure on drones
NatJ: Why Rand Paul's Case Against the White House Matters

James Taranto: Rand Standing: A half day of droning becomes compelling political theater
Eugene Robinson: Rand Paul makes the right call with filibuster
Rush: While the Old Bulls Went Out to Dinner, the New Kids in Town Threw a Filibuster Party
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Ruling Class on the Brink
Rush Limbaugh: Rand Paul Declares Victory
Rush Limbaugh: Senator Rand Paul Calls the Show

NYT: Interior Dept. Nominee Is Questioned on Public Land Use
WaPo: Sally Jewell pledges to take a balanced approach on energy & climate issues
Politico: GOP respectful but skeptical of Sally Jewell

Daily Caller: Obama Energy nominee will be hit with green energy loan questions

WaPo: Obama meets privately with Jewish leaders
Fox: Obama tells US Jewish leaders there will be no 'grand peace plan' during Israel trip

WaPo: Obama signs a strengthened Violence Against Women Act

WTimes: New gun-buying restrictions pass Senate panel
WaPo: Senate panel approves gun-trafficking bill
NYT: ‘Straw Purchases’ Gun Law Is Approved by Senate Panel
Hill: Judiciary panel approves bill to crack down on illegal firearms trafficking
Politico: Is new Senate gun bill a setback?
NatJ: Gun-Control Groups Take Pragmatic Approach, Focus on Background Checks

WTimes: Rebellion in states to block broader Medicaid; governors face party opposition

Fox: Capitol gridlock shifts focus to growing power of Supreme Court to uphold, nix laws
NatJ: Here Come Culture Wars: Court Hears Cases on Affirmative Action and Gay Marriage

NYT: Latinos Gain Political Muscle, and Fund-Raisers Show How

NatJ: How Colleges Are Making Income Inequality Worse

WSJ: Electability Seen as Virtue in GOP Senate Bid
NatJ: In Making Play for the House, President Obama Could Lose the Senate

Stuart Rothenberg: Governorships a Big Opportunity for Democrats in 2014

Politico: Boehner: Ney a 'disgraced congressman' trying to sell books

Michael Gerson: Jeb Bush’s line on immigration
Politico: The GOP’s best choices for 2016


Miami Herald: Rick Scott promised big ethics reform, but nothing has happened


Columbus Dispatch: Neither Kasich, Yost backing down over JobsOhio audit

Fox: Traffic law 'turning point'? Ohio judge rules speed cameras violate rights


Detroit News: Levin vacancy may draw high-profile people from both parties
Detroit FP: Who will fill Levin's seat? Rare Senate opening to draw frenzied field
Examiner: Sen. Carl Levin’s retirement creates pick-up opportunity for GOP
WaPo: Thin benches in Michigan mean many question marks in race to replace Levin
Detroit News: Levin won't seek re-election after 6 terms in U.S. Senate
Detroit FP: Professor Levin loved Senate, hated the partisanship
Mlive: U.S. Sen. Carl Levin says he won't seek re-election in 2014
NBC: Michigan Sen. Levin won't seek re-election in 2014
NYT: Democrat Says He Won’t Run for Re-election to the Senate
WaPo: Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) won’t seek reelection in 2014
Hill: Levin retirement leaves Dems defending fourth open seat in 2014 cycle

Detroit News: Lansing may give Detroit aid if EM gets OK


Examiner: Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe in attack mode in Virginia governor's race


Milwaukee JS: Assembly approves mining bill, sends it to Walker for expected signature


Star Tribune: Former U.S. Sen. Coleman passes on any 2014 run


Denver Post: Colorado gun debate shines national spotlight on state
WTimes: Colorado lawmakers base anti-gun laws on bogus stats


NYT: Opposition Emerges to Cuomo’s Plan to Cut $120 Million for the Disabled


WSJ: Cruz Puts Twitter in Spotlight on Senate Floor

Dallas MN: Former legislators kicking off new careers as Texas lobbyists

Gallup: Texas Uninsured Rate Drifts Further From Other States


Roll Call: Cole Pushes Against GOP Right Flank


NatJ: Why Lindsey Graham Isn't Acting Like a Worried Man

Politico: Elizabeth Colbert Busch pushes jobs in first ad


WTimes: Ga. backs relaxing gun laws for mentally ill


Fox: Alabama judge blocks governor from signing school choice bill


Politico: Lisa Madigan moves toward run in Illinois


Fox: Arkansas House overrides veto of bill that would ban abortions after 12th week
NYT: Editorial: Arkansas’s Attack on Abortion


Daily Caller: Bob Menendez and the ladies of the evening: What we know


Boston Globe: Lynch’s health care vote at issue in Senate campaign



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WaPo: Book review: ‘Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution’ by Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick

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