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Michael Barone: Democrats in 2014 will have a hard time retaking the House

WaPo: The Fix’s top 5 races of 2013

NYT: As Incumbents Head for Senate Exit, Few Step Up to Run for the Seats

Karl Rove: The GOP Sets Its Sights on the Senate in 2014

Fox: GOP faces Senate recruitment woes in key states

WSJ: Who’s Who: Growing List of Departing Democratic Senators

NYT: Donations From Colleagues Identify Vulnerable House Incumbents

WSJ: Obama’s Nominations: How the Senate Has Voted

Stuart Rothenberg: The Most Vulnerable House Incumbent(s) of 2014

WaPo: The Fix’s top 15 gubernatorial races

Charlie Cook: The Republican Advantage (in the House)



May 7, 2013


NYT: G.O.P. Opponents Plan Immigration Bill Attack
WSJ: Immigration-Cost Claim Splits GOP
HIll: Report widens GOP immigration rift
WaPo: On immigration legislation, fissures emerge within conservative ranks
Jim DeMint & Robert Rector: What amnesty for illegal immigrants will cost America
Fox: Study pegs cost of immigration bill’s mass legalization at $6.3 trillion
WTimes: Report: Legalizing illegal immigrants to cost $6.3 trillion
Daily Caller: Rector: $6.3T net cost of legalizing illegal immigrants ‘very, very low estimate’
Examiner: GOP split by report that immigration reform would cost trillions
WaPo: Editorial: Heritage report distorts the immigration debate
National Review: Editorial: Calculating the Cost of Amnesty
NatJ: Marco Rubio: A Successful Salesman for Immigration Reform?
LA Times: Marco Rubio's task: selling immigration reform to GOP faithful
NatJ: How Democrats Could Blow Immigration
NYT: Workers Claim Race Bias as Farms Rely on Immigrants
David Brooks: Beyond the Fence
Dana Milbank: No poor and huddled need apply
Rush Limbaugh: James Carville Correctly Explains the "Limbaugh-ian" View on Amnesty

Hill: 10 people to watch in debt showdown

Fox: Senate Passes Online Sales Tax Bill
Huff: Online Sales Tax Bill Passes Senate
NYT: Senate Passes Bill to Widen Tax Collection on the Web
Forbes: Senate Passes Online Sales Tax 69-27 But You Can Avoid It For Now
WTimes: Internet sales tax faces a tougher sell in the House after passing Senate
Examiner: House Hits Brakes on Internet Tax Passed by Senate
WSJ: Backroom Internet Tax Ambush

WTimes: U.S. could have halted Benghazi attack with fly-over: Diplomat
Hill: Whistle-blower: Special forces could have saved Americans in Benghazi
Fox: Benghazi witness: US military response could have ‘scared’ off attackers
Human Events: Benghazi “stand down” order confirmed by new testimony
WTimes: White House tries to deflect criticism from Benghazi whistle-blowers
Politico: Jason Chaffetz: Hillary Clinton ‘gall’ on Benghazi
NatJ: What to Expect at Wednesday’s Benghazi Hearing
Human Events: Hints of explosive testimony in new Benghazi hearings
Rick Moran: Special forces in Tripoli told 'you can't go' to Benghazi
Marc Thiessen: A Benghazi bombshell
Frank Gaffney: Moment of truth on Benghazi
Rush Limbaugh: Benghazi Blows Up on Bob Schieffer
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Will Protect Hillary at All Costs
Politico: Huckabee: Benghazi will drive Obama from office

Ted Nugent: NRA’S 142nd annual freedom party a huge success
Politico: Gun control ads have Democrats worrying

NYT: New Worries for Democrats on Health Law
WTimes: Pediatric PR: Sebelius tells pediatricians to promote ‘Obamacare’
NYT: Slowdown in Health Costs’ Rise May Last as Economy Revives
Ezekiel Emanuel: Health-Care Exchanges Will Need the Young Invincibles

WaPo: House committee set to grill labor nominee Perez before Senate confirmation vote

NYT: Editorial: Mr. Watt, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Rep. Scott Garrett: Mel Watt Not Fit To Run Fed Housing Finance Agency

Hill: Rep. Mike Rogers pushed for FBI chief

WSJ: Obama Plays Golf With Two GOP Senators
Fox: Republican Chambliss gets hole-in-one during golf match against Obama
Examiner: Aided by hole-in-one, Chambliss/Corker best Obama/Udall

Examiner: Bush 4.0: George P. making rounds in D.C.

WaPo: How ‘political intelligence’ can come from Congress itself
WaPo: Greenberg Traurig law firm at the center of ‘political intelligence’ case

David Horowitz: How Obama Betrayed America

WSJ: Public Housing Agencies Push to Impose Time Limits, Work Requirements

Taranto: The Big Chill: Frozen eggs and the paradox of reproductive-choice feminism

Michael Barone: Democrats in 2014 will have a hard time retaking the House

Politico: Rand Paul, Marco Rubio face 2016 bind


WSJ: GOP legislators say no to Rick Scott and refuse to join new Medicaid
Miami Herald: Democrats urge Gov. Rick Scott to call special session on Medicaid
WT: Fla. Sen. Nelson seeks state legislative session to expand Medicaid under 'Obamacare'
Sun: Sen. Bill Nelson Puts the Screws on Rick Scott to Call Medicaid Expansion Special Session


WaPo: FBI Agents Association endorses Rep. Mike Rogers to be bureau’s new leader


Daily Caller: On the campaign trail with Ken Cuccinelli

WaPo: Virginia voters love Bob McDonnell right now. But does it matter?
WaPo: Virginia governor popular with voters, Post poll finds


Star Tribune: Minnesota same-sex marriage vote nears the finish line


Daily Caller: Colorado’s new gun law drives four recall efforts


WaPo: Steve King is out. The next phase of the Iowa Senate race starts now
Roll Call: With Steve King Out, Who Will Win the GOP Crown?
Des Moines Register: Former U.S. Attorney Matt Whitaker pursues open Senate seat


Albany TU: FBI: Senator embezzled, lied
Albany TU: Indictment: Sampson embezzled $440K since 1998
NY Post: State Sen. John Sampson indicted on embezzlement charges, faces 120 years
NYT: Senator in Corruption Case Spoke of Silencing Witnesses, Prosecutors Say
NYT: Editorial: Corruption in Albany

NYT: Candidate With a Store Chain Around His Neck


WaPo: A nation comes around to noticing Ted Cruz
WTimes: Bill Richardson: Ted Cruz is not a real Hispanic
Politico: Ted Cruz skips ‘mudslinging’ Bill Richardson


State: Colbert Busch, Sanford, make last vote pitches
NatJ: South Carolina District 1 Special Election Preview
Hill: Sanford reaches for comeback
National Review: Sanford’s Last Stand
Daily Caller: Sanford and Colbert Busch head into election day neck and neck
State: Poll: Sanford holds slim lead in congressional race
Roll Call: Mark Sanford Could Win on Tuesday
WTimes: Sanford’s late surge in South Carolina gives GOP hope
State: 1st District could hold key to 2014 for SC Democrats
Charlie Cook: South Carolina Special Election Won’t Tell Much About 2014

WaPo: Why don’t South Carolina conservatives like Lindsey Graham?


AJC: Johnny Isakson: Background check bill would need reworking to get his support
AJC: Saxby Chambliss plays "delightful" round of golf with Obama, shoots hole-in-one


Chicago Tribune: Brady resigns as Illinois GOP chairman amid gay marriage controversy
Chicago ST: State Republican Party chairman Pat Brady is stepping down


National Review: Governor Pence’s Indiana-Tax Win


National Review: Rand Paul’s Iowa Dreams


Charles Lane: A Baltimore jail scandal aided by union politics


Fox: New Jersey Gov. Christie reportedly underwent stomach surgery to lose weight
Politico: N.Y. Post: Chris Christie had lap-band surgery
NY Post: Christie reveals secret stomach surgery to lose weight
Politico: Chris Christie rakes in $6.2 million


Hill: Outside groups weigh value of aiding Mass. GOP candidate


Roll Call: EMILY’s List Endorses Colleen Hanabusa



May 6, 2013


WTimes: ‘Fiscal cliff’ debt truce nears its end with no solution in sight
Politico: House GOP ties debt cap hike to tax reform
Politico: House and Senate can’t agree on budget process
NYT: Stories of Struggle and Creativity as Sequestration Cuts Hit Home
Politico/Speaker John Boehner: Republicans are doing more with less to fix the budget

Hill: Immigration reform faces Senate gauntlet, uncertain House outlook
WTimes: Jim DeMint: Immigration reform will cost Americans trillions
Politico: DeMint: Immigration reform will cost trillions
Politico: Players to watch on immigration reform
Politico: Gang of Eight plots path to Senate supermajority
Hill: Durbin: Immigration bill fixes flaws exploited by Marathon suspect
WSJ: Immigration Debate to Touch on Same-Sex Rights
American Thinker: A Facts First Approach to Immigration Reform
National Review: The Rubio Amnesty
Robert Samuelson: Employers lack confidence, not skilled labor

WTimes: Revealing testimony expected in oversight hearing on Benghazi attack
Fox: Democrats now critical of Rice's Benghazi explanation, amid more damaging evidence
Fox: Benghazi witness: We knew it was a terrorist attack 'from the get go'
Fox: Clinton sought end-run around counterterrorism bureau on night of Benghazi attack
Examiner: How the Benghazi talking points were changed
Daily Caller: Issa reveals testimony contradicting White House on Benghazi
Jed Babbin: Benghazi Bullchips

WSJ: Pritzker's Progress: An agenda for the new Commerce Secretary
NYT: In Commerce Pick’s ’08 Answers on Finances, Possible Hints at Road Ahead

Hill: Republicans want comprehensive housing plan along with new FHFA chief
Daily Caller: Housing nominee Mel Watt helped create the subprime crisis

Politico: The NRA's no-compromise strategy
Politico: Durbin: 'Change in political sentiment' needed for gun legislation

WSJ: A Tale of Two Oil States: While the shale boom lifts TX, CA sits on vast resources
NatJ: What People Close to Obama Think About the Keystone XL Pipeline
WaPo: European carbon market in trouble

WSJ: Web Sales-Tax Bill Set to Face Bumps

Joe Curl: Senate Democrats fleeing ‘Obamacare’

Oliver North: Being presidential

Paul Krugman: The Chutzpah Caucus

WaPo: Bill Richardson: Biden would run against Hillary Clinton

Examiner: Tea Party Troika rivals GOP leadership in Senate

WaPo: Sunday show roundup: Syria in the spotlight


WaPo: Virginia governor popular with voters, Post poll finds
Examiner: With FBI probe, Gov. Bob McDonnell loses squeaky clean image


WTimes: Colorado’s new gun laws push HiViz firearms business to Wyoming


National Review: The Ayotte Delusion


WSJ: Ad Blitz Plan Backs Cuomo
NYT: Corruption Charge Expected for Senator
WSJ: Former Senator Huntley Wore Wire While in Office


Hill: Rep. David Valadao is proof that the GOP can appeal to Hispanic voters
LA Times: Pérez vows fiscal discipline from Democrats


Hill: Republicans ride on Cruz control
Hill: Obama's new jobs tour starting in Texas
Fox: Obama to travel to Texas, other states to tout economic plans


Politico: James Inhofe fires back at David Letterman


State: Poll: Sanford holds slim lead in congressional race
Politico: Poll: Mark Sanford 47, Elizabeth Colbert Busch 46
WSJ: Colbert Busch, Sanford Race Is Down to the Wire
State: Sanford needs big turnout to win 1st District race
Politico: Mark Sanford races for redemption in squeaker
Chris Cillizza: Mark Sanford just might win South Carolina seat
American Spectator: The Busch Doctrine: Tilting For Windmills

DC: Democrat who vowed to send Nikki Haley ‘back to wherever the hell she came from’ a major Obama fundraiser
Politico: Democratic South Carolina chair defends Nikki Haley barb


NatJ: The Cajun Comeback


Fox: Southern Illinois braces for oil rush as 'fracking' regulations considered by lawmakers


WSJ: Weighing IDs For Illegal Immigrants



May 5, 2013


Milwaukee JS: U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan defends softened approach to immigration
NYT: Latest Product From Tech Firms: An Immigration Bill
Fox: Bill allows for $150M in grants to sign up illegal immigrants to become citizens
Hill: Visas set aside for Iraqis, Afghans in Senate immigration bill
Byron York: With one click, key part of immigration bill becomes ten times more costly

WSJ: New NRA President Vows to Take Gun-Control Fight Into Next Election
NYT: N.R.A. Leadership Rallies Members for 2014 Elections
WaPo: LaPierre: NRA members will never surrender guns
Fox: NRA leaders say gun rights fight far from over
Politico: The NRA's no-compromise strategy
Hill: NRA president: 'We have turned the tide' on gun control

Fox: BENGHAZI: Names of ‘whistleblower’ witnesses revealed
Hill: Three State Department 'whistleblowers' to testify next week on Benghazi

Fox: States: 'Blindsided' by plan to shift costs of 'uninsurables' to them under ObamaCare
Human Events: Study finds Medicaid expenses bring minimal improvement to health
Ross Douthat: What Health Insurance Doesn’t Do

Hill: Carbon tax backers quietly forge ahead

Jonah Goldberg: Automatic tax withholding

Salena Zito: Thriving D.C.’s bubble will burst

Clarice Feldman: Dancing with Obama

Hill: Senate Democrats embrace farm bill in battle to retain their majority

Hill: For trio of rising Republican stars, a race to define themselves
Hill: Rubio makes his move on education
Des Moines Register: Ron Paul or Rand Paul? A look at their differing views
Des Moines Register: What you might not know about Rand Paul

WSJ: Sunday Talk Lineup: Buffett, Rogers


WaPo: Poll: Cuccinelli has early lead over McAuliffe in Virginia governor’s race
WaPo: McAuliffe has 69% of blacks’ support, but it might not be enough


MilwJS: Scott Walker pitches voucher expansion, food stamp restrictions at GOP convention


Des Moines Register: GOP's next tier weighs Senate run
NatJ: Steve King Won't Run for Senate, Leaving Iowa Republicans Empty-Handed

Des Moines Register: Iowa GOP intrigued, wary about Rand Paul, the next generation


NYDN: Charges expected against Brooklyn state Sen. John Sampson: sources
Albany TU: 1947 law focus of anti-corruption debate


Dan Walters: California's workforce takes a dive


WTimes: Rick Perry says Obama wants to ‘disarm the American public’
Fox: Texas House passes 12 bills to soften firearms laws on 'gun day'


WaPo: GOP rifts exposed in South Carolina
Politico: Democratic South Carolina chair defends Nikki Haley barb


AJC: The impact Mark Sanford's fate may have in Georgia


Fox: Ethics questions follow Menendez as he plays key roles in Hill foreign, domestic policy


Fox: Polls show Gomez closing on Markey days after Massachusetts Senate primary
Hill: Second poll shows slim Markey lead


WTimes: Sen. Sarah Palin?



May 4, 2013


WSJ: White House Sees Room To Maneuver on Budget Cuts
WaPo: Furlough Days: Where do things stand?
Fox: White House recalculates $5 billion in spending cuts, Hill sources say
Hill: Sens. want Hagel to detail sequester cuts
Hill: GOP bill could delay debt showdown

WSJ: Job Gains Calm Slump Worries
NYT: Jobs Data Ease Fears of Economic Slowdown in U.S.
WaPo: Stocks rise on April’s 7.5 percent jobless rate, lowest in more than four years
HE: April jobs report: Surprising strength, consistent with a slowdown
NYT: OpEd: Where Have All the Jobs Gone?
NatJ: Forget the Unemployment Rate: The Alarming Stat Is the Number of 'Missing Workers'
CNS: 9.5 Million People Have Left the Workforce Under Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Obamaville: A Nation of Part-Timers

Hill: Obama predicts House will pass immigration bill with citizenship path
Examiner: Obama predicts immigration reform will get done ‘this year’
WSJ: U.S. Immigration Overhaul Tests Mexican Partnership
LA Times: Obama's sunny speech in Mexico raises eyebrows
Roll Call: Budget GOP Wonders About Sessions' Priority
Mark Steyn: The Immigration Transformation

Hill: State Department: Investigation process review not tied to Benghazi probe
PowerLine: The Benghazi talking points

Sen. Rand Paul: Stemming the flow of wasted foreign aid

Andrew McCarthy: The Art of Death:The moderate Muslim majority is a myth

Hill: Cantor promises House vote to repeal ObamaCare soon
Politico: Eric Cantor pledges another Obamacare repeal vote
Hill: Schumer: ObamaCare could raise premiums

WSJ: Q&A: What Watt Would Do as Fannie Mae's Regulator
Fox: 'No use for them': Racial comments resurface from Obama housing pick

Politico: Grassley hits Pritzker on offshore cash; Gave Paulson a pass

WSJ: Bitcoin vs. Ben Bernanke

George Will: Muzzling free speech about taxes

James Taranto: The Excuse Factory: How--and why--the liberal media have coddled Obama
Dan Balz Obama has problems, but what has the GOP done since November?

Rush Limbaugh: The Hispanic Vote Isn't Why Romney Lost

NYT: As Incumbents Head for Senate Exit, Few Step Up to Run for the Seats

WSJ: NRA Gathering Stars Cruz, Palin, Santorum

WaPo: Ted Cruz speech in South Carolina fuels buzz about presidential campaign
WTimes: ‘President Cruz’ poses constitutional conundrum
Hill: Cruz challenges Biden to crime debate
Daily Caller: Ted Cruz delivers keynote speech in early presidential primary state
Politico: 2016ers pledge to NRA: We'll stand firm
Politico: Sarah Palin gets standing O from NRA crowd

WaPo: Biden says he knows South Carolina visit will spark buzz about a presidential bid
NatJ: 5 Reasons Not To Take Joe Biden's Presidential Ambitions Seriously

NatJ: Abortion Rights Activists Looking to Hillary Clinton As 2016 Champion

WaPo: The Fix’s top 5 races of 2013

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Politico: NPR show in plea for GOP guests


Politico: Fla. nixes early presidential primary


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich rips Ohio Chamber for its portrayal of tax plan
NatJ: Tea Party Groups Clash With Kasich in Ohio

Cleveland PD: Sequester reduces jobless benefits in Ohio by more than 16%


Hill: NC governor: Washington lacks 'executive leadership'


Daily Caller: Five times Terry McAuliffe admits he ditched his wife for politics


Milwaukee JS: Scott Walker says presidential talk won't hurt re-election bid


Politico: Wealthy exec poised to take on Al Franken

Star Tribune: Minnesota House votes to raise minimum wage


Roll Call: Mike Huckabee Endorses Rounds in GOP Primary


Hill: Holder v. Brownback? DOJ and Kan. on collision course on guns


Des Moines Register: Steve King decides against running in Senate race
WaPo: Steve King not running for Senate in Iowa
Fox: Iowa's Steve King rules out GOP bid for Senate in 2014
Roll Call: Steve King Will Not Run for Senate
Hill: King decides against Iowa Senate race


NYT: Second Albany Legislator Secretly Taped Colleagues
NY Post: Feds hot-wired crooked pol


SacBee: Maldonado's long-shot bid for California governor may help GOP -- even if he loses

WSJ: California Outlines Cuts to Cut Prison Population
SacBee: Prisons plan likely doomed


Post & Courier: Jenny Sanford files to prohibit cameras from trespassing court hearing
Daily Caller: SC Dem Party chair promises to send Mark Sanford ‘back to the plantation’
Politico: How Elizabeth Colbert Busch flipped the script on Mark Sanford

State: Cruz: DeMint’s legacy ‘transformed the Senate’


AJC: Jack Kingston promises no 'laugh lines for Jay Leno'


Chicago ST: Jesse Jackson Jr. likely to use illness in plea to cut sentence

Chicago Tribune: Illinois pension overhaul aims to stop outsider access


National Review: Christie’s Choice


Daily Caller: Gomez, Markey in tight race for Massachusetts Senate
WSJ: Poll: Markey Holds Slim Lead in Mass. Senate Race
Politico: Ed Markey up by only 4 over Gabriel Gomez in Massachusetts
WaPo: Progressive Ed Markey gears up for a tough Senate race


WaPo: Inouye’s widow endorses Hanabusa against Schatz
Politico: Daniel Inouye's widow endorses Colleen Hanabusa over Brian Schatz



May 3, 2013


WSJ/Sen. Marco Rubio: The Immigration Reform Opportunity
Hill: McCain sees support among House Republicans for immigration bill
WTimes: CBO to issue estimates more favorable to immigration-reform bill
Fox: Boston Bombings May Doom Immigration Deal
Rush Limbaugh: Peter King Rips Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

WaPo/Sen. Roy Blunt: President Obama’s sequester sleight of hand
Hill: Conservative groups: Balanced budget plan is price for debt hike

RCP/Sen. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Guilty Of "Dereliction Of Duty" On Benghazi
Fox: State Department's Benghazi review panel under investigation, Fox News confirms
WTimes: Benghazi investigations included CIA activities; secret base in Libyan city
Hill: State's IG to review department's Benghazi audit process
Human Events: State Dept. investigation of Benghazi under investigation
Politico/Thomas Bossert: Benghazi deserves a select committee probe

WSJ: Renewed Gitmo Push Faces Test in Congress

WSJ: Probe Into Medicare Tips Grows

NYT: Proposal for Changes in Food Aid Sets Off Infighting in Congress

Fox: Commerce nominee tangled in massive bank collapse that cost depositors millions
NYT: Obama Picks Nominees for Commerce Dept. and Trade Representative
WaPo: More Obama appointments: Pritzker at Commerce; Froman for trade representative
Roll Call: Obama Nominates Pritzker for Commerce Secretary, Froman for Top Trade Post
WSJ: Campaign Insiders Often Lead Commerce Dept.

NYT: Politics and Vetting Leave Key U.S. Posts Long Unfilled

Peggy Noonan: Is Obama a Lame Duck Already?
Charles Krauthammer: Obama: The fall
American Spectator: A President Loses His Power

Kim Strassel: About Those Conservative 'Squishes'

WaPo: Editorial: Fannie, Freddie need a permanent fix

Paul Krugman: Not Enough Inflation

James Taranto: 'Hate Crime' Hoaxes

Hill: Reid: ObamaCare just needs more money
Limbaugh: Dingy Harry: Obamacare Will Be a Train Wreck Unless We Spend More Money

Hill: Tea Party looks to ObamaCare for new life in 2014 election cycle

Hill: Paul chief of staff moves to campaign role ahead of possible White House bid
National Review: The Rand Machine Ramps Up

WSJ: Hillary Clinton Gets Another 2016 Nudge
Politico: Poll: Hillary Clinton runs away with White House
NY Post: ’16 Dem poll: It’s all Hill
WaPo: Biden ponders a 2016 bid, but a promotion to the top job seems to be a long shot

Charlie Cook: The Fight for Millennials

Politico: RNC tech officer finalists from Facebook, Google, Twitter


WSJ: GOP Clashes Stymie Medicaid Expansion
WaPo: In several states, Medicaid expansion remains in limbo as time runs short
Politico: Medicaid expansion stalls in red states


Roll Call: Detroit Democrats Expected to Flood Peters House Seat #MI14 | The Field


WSJ: Cuccinelli, McAuliffe and Taxes
Examiner: Ken Cuccinelli allowed to recuse himself from executive mansion chef case
WaPo: Terry McAuliffe partied (and argued about health care) while his wife gave birth


Denver Post: Colorado Senate OKs mail-ballot voting, as GOP maintains fraud concern


Roll Call: Bill Northey Passes on Iowa Race
Politico: GOP prospects pass on Iowa Senate run


WSJ: Guilty Verdicts in Liu Trial
NYT: Two Former Liu Associates Are Found Guilty in Campaign-Finance Scheme


LA Times: California tax revenue yields multibillion-dollar surplus


Dallas MN: Immigrant driving permit bill in Legislature raises tough issue for GOP


WTimes: GOP warming to Sanford in South Carolina House race
Stuart Rothenberg: Parties Prepare to Spin Colbert Busch Win
AJC: Nikki Haley stands up -- silently -- for Mark Sanford

NatJ: Why Lindsey Graham's Support for Immigration Reform Isn't Popular in South Carolina


WSJ: Illinois House Backs Overhaul of State Pensions
Chicago Tribune: Madigan pension reforms pass House


WaPo: RI becomes 10th state to allow gay marriage after Gov. Chafee signs bill into law


Roll Call: EMILY’s List President Considering Senate Campaign in Montana


Roll Call: Hanabusa Makes Senate Bid Official
Hill: Primary showdown set in Hawaii



May 2, 2013


Fox: FBI posts images of individuals wanted for questioning on Benghazi
Examiner: House panel to hear from eyewitnesses on Benghazi attack
WTimes: White House denies any Benghazi muzzling; hearings planned to probe cover-up
Human Events: Obama spokesman: “Benghazi happened a long time ago.”

NYT: Failure of Gun Bill Casts Shadow on Immigration Reform
WaPo: Obama prods liberals to give-and-take on Senate immigration bill

WSJ: Treasury Declines to Provide Debt-Limit Estimate

Hill: Report: Obama to tap Pritzker for Commerce, Froman for trade office
WaPo: Obama taps telecom lobbyist for FCC, Rep. Watt to head housing finance agency
Politico: Mel Watt nomination faces long odds

Dan Henninger: Presidential Followership
James Taranto: Too Weak to Surrender

Michael Mukasey: Defining 'Rights' in a Terror Case

Ann Coulter: America's Most Feared Economist

Hill: Justice Dept. to appeal Plan B court ruling

Hill: Paul Ryan says he supports 'concept' of Internet sales tax

WSJ: Governors, GOP Allies Clash Over Tax Cuts

WSJ: Ted Cruz Responds to ‘Wild Speculation’ on 2016
NatJ: Is Canadian-Born Ted Cruz Eligible to Run for President?

Karl Rove: The GOP Sets Its Sights on the Senate in 2014

Roll Call: GOP Launches iPhone-Like, High-Tech Data Operation
Politico: Karl Rove-linked company gets GOP data deal


NYT: Florida Runs Out of Time on Medicaid

Fox: Florida Gov. Scott vetoes bill that would end permanent alimony in state


Roll Call: Peters Looking Forward to Defending Health Care Vote in Senate Race

Detroit FP: Detroit spending millions on consultants in turnaround effort


Politico: Terry McAuliffe launches first TV ad


NatJ: The Democratic Comeback To Voter ID


State: GOP establishment solidifies behind Sanford
American Spectator: In Defense of Mark Sanford
Roll Call: Lindsey Graham Backs Mark Sanford
Roll Call: Tim Scott, More Republicans Come to Mark Sanford’s Aid
Dana Milbank: Mark Sanford’s comedy of errors
Gail Collins: The Luv Guv’s Last Stand
Rush Limbaugh: Larry Flynt Endorses Mark Sanford (Who Could've Used Some Tetracycline)


National Review: Rand Paul Embraces Israel


WSJ: Senate Hopeful Plays Up His Youth
Politico: Six ways the GOP can make the Massachusetts Senate race competitive



May 1, 2013


WTimes: Republicans cite attacks in Benghazi, Boston as Obama security failures
WSJ: The al Qaeda Franchise Threat
WSJ: Obama to Renew Fight to Close Guantanamo
NYT: Amid Hunger Strike, Obama Renews Push to Close Cuba Prison
NYT: Poll Shows Isolationist Streak in Americans
Rush Limbaugh: Real Courage: The Benghazi Whistleblower

NYT: Obama Considers Expanding Support for Syrian Rebels
WaPo: Obama moving toward sending lethal arms to Syrian rebels, officials say
WTimes: Obama further amends ‘red line’ words on Syria chemical attacks
WSJ: U.S. Sets Hurdles to Intervention in Syria

WSJ: Ricin Found at Suspect's Firm
WaPo: Ricin suspect’s dust mask tests positive for toxin
Fox: Affidavit links ricin-tinged dust mask, other items to Mississippi suspect

Hill: GOP plan to tie tax reform to nation’s debt ceiling stirs Democratic tensions

Politico: Marco Rubio: Gang of Eight’s immigration bill can’t pass the House
WSJ: Conservatives' Ads Pressure GOP on Immigration
Hill: Advocates dig in for immigration fight
NYT: Push to Include Gay Couples in Immigration Bill
Politico: Gay rights push threatens immigration deal
WTimes: Senators file amended immigration bill to keep E-Verify running
Examiner: Critics say immigration reform will run up welfare costs
Jen Rubin: Put up or hush up on immigration reform
Betsy McCaughey: Senators in Charge of Asylum
Rush Limbaugh: On Naivety and Marco Rubio

WSJ: Obama Sees 'Bumps' for Health Law
LA Times: Obama seeks to allay healthcare law concerns
Hill: Botched ObamaCare rollout tops Democratic fears for 2014 election
NYT: Health Care Law Is ‘Working Fine,’ Obama Says in Addressing Criticism
Huff: Obama Cites Challenges Of Health Care Reform Implementation
WSJ: OpEd: States Can Save Taxpayers $609 Billion By refusing to expand Medicaid

WTimes: FDA approves sale of morning-after pill without a prescription to 15-year-olds

Examiner: Obama defends relevancy, blames Congress for political gridlock
Dana Milbank: A presidential bystander
Dick Morris: Obama losing power

WSJ: Obama to Name Wheeler to Head FCC
NYT: Obama Ally Likely Pick for F.C.C.
NatJ: 6 Revealing Quotes From Obama's Potential New FCC Nominee, Tom Wheeler

WaPo: Anthony Foxx hoping for a smoother political ride at DOT

James Taranto: Baby, It's Warm Outside

NYT: Koch Brothers Plan More Political Involvement for Their Conservative Network

Politico: A House in chaos

WaPo: Romney dispenses life advice

Politico: Poll: Democratic edge for 2014

Politico: GOP 2016 poll: Marco Rubio slightly ahead

Examiner: Ted Cruz 2016?
National Review: Cruz 2016
Politico: Ted Cruz to speak at New York GOP dinner


Miami Herald: Sen. Marco Rubio talks immigration at Pasco Republican gathering


Philly: A dark horse emerges as a potential GOP mayoral candidate


WaPo: Cuccinelli’s test: Winning centrists without losing conservatives

Examiner: Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell says firm in FBI probe got no special deals
WaPo: Editorial: Virginia’s deepening scandal
NatJ: Virginia Governor's Race Overshadowed By Scandal


Star Tribune: Iowa senator is at core of Michele Bachmann's legal dilemma


Denver Post: Colorado couples celebrate midnight civil-unions ceremony


NYT: A Senator Finds Her Vote on Gun Bill Is Hot Topic
WaPo: Sen. Kelly Ayotte becomes focus of gun-control groups
Fox: Newtown victim's daughter confronts Sen. Ayotte over gun control bill vote
Politico: Kelly Ayotte on defense over gun vote


NYT: Cuomo Asks Con Ed to Freeze Bonuses for Top Executives
NYT: Ethics Panel, Upset by Delay, Vows to Release Report on Lopez
NYT: With Democratic Mayoral Field in Flux, de Blasio Assails Quinn


Hill: Sen. Boxer to probe Texas plant explosion

Fox: Texas Senate approves bill allowing guns in locked cars on college campuses


State: Tuesday a day of highs and lows on 1st Dist. campaign trail
WaPo: Sanford and Colbert Busch: Is the debate enough to turn a Republican to the left?
NatJ: Elizabeth Colbert Busch to Mark Sanford: 'You Didn't Tell the Truth'
Hill: Democrats open wallets against Sanford in South Carolina House race


AJC: Nathan Deal on the inmates in his midst


Fox: Alabama lawmakers vote to ignore new federal gun control laws


Chicago Tribune: Madigan offers his pension fix
Chicago Tribune: Editorial: Madigan takes charge


NatJ: N.J.'s Christie Poised to Launch First T.V. Ad
Politico: Chris Christie's first ad touts bipartisanship


Boston Globe: Newcomer Gomez vs. veteran Markey
WSJ: Markey and Gomez Will Face Off for Kerry's Seat
NYT: Senior Congressman and Newcomer Win Senate Nods in Massachusetts
WaPo: Markey, Gomez advance to Mass. special election showdown
NatJ: 5 Things You Need to Know About Gabriel Gomez


Fox: Arizona returning to gold rush roots with bill making gold legal tender



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Charles Schott: Aftermath!
.....and the challenges ahead

Politico: RNC tech officer finalists from Facebook, Google, Twitter

Roll Call: GOP Launches iPhone-Like, High-Tech Data Operation

Politico: Karl Rove, Koch brothers lead charge to control Republican data

Nate Silver: In State Governments, Signs of a Healthier G.O.P.

Daily Caller: Republicans hire veteran political consultants to modernize digital strategy

WaPo: Book review: ‘Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution’ by Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick

Rush Limbaugh: Left in Uproar Over Chafets Book on Ailes

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