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Roll Call 10 Most Vulnerable House Members Revealed

Charlie Cook 2014 Midterms Could Decide Senate Majority for Years to Come

Politico Battle lines for 2014 midterms are drawn

Roll Call The 7 Republican Senators Most Vulnerable to a Primary



November 7, 2013


Karl Rove Lessons For 2014 From A Virginia Defeat
WSJ Five Big Takeaways From Election Results
Rush Limbaugh Establishment in Both Parties Want a Repudiation of the Tea Party
Rush Limbaugh Cruz vs. Christie Could be Epic

Examiner Democrats give president an earful at Obamacare meeting
WaPo Jon Stewart of ‘The Daily Show’ calls Obama somewhat dishonest
WTimes How Obamacare contractor bungled Canada’s gun registry
Ann Coulter Health Care for the Pushy

WSJ Ads Aim to Pressure GOP Over Immigration

Ed Rogers Republicans are not as wounded as Democrats would have you believe

Examiner 2014 candidates target EPA in energy-dependent states


Star Ledger Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio downplay Chris Christie's victory
Atlantic Chris Christie Does Not Have a Likability Problem
Huff Post Chris Christie Wisely Opted Against Campaigning With Ken Cuccinelli
Politicker Rand Paul labels Chris Christie a moderate
WaPo Book raises questions about N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s past
LA Times Chris Christie faces a minefield of issues on national stage
Rush Limbaugh No Phone Call: Obama Snubs Christie

USA Today GOP Rep. Runyan, ex-football player, won't run again
Fox Rep. Jon Runyan won't seek reelection in 2014, citing family
Star Ledger Jon Runyan won't seek re-election to Congress in 2014
Courier-Post After 2 terms, Runyan won't seek re-election to Congress


WaPo In Richmond, Gov.-elect McAuliffe announces bipartisan transition team
Daily Beast Ken Cuccinelli Loses Narrowly to Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor
Huff Post Here's The Medieval-Sounding Sodomy Law That Helped Ken Cuccinelli Lose In VA
WaPo 6 reasons the Virginia governor’s race was so close
WTimes Terry McAuliffe’s vague campaign promises face cold realities in Virginia
Politico How Terry McAuliffe mapped his Virginia win
Politico Virginia triggers GOP circular firing squad
Rush Limbaugh How the DemocRats Went After Cuccinelli


WaPo After landslide win in mayor’s race, de Blasio begins transition, meets with Bloomberg
NYT New de Blasio Reality: Deficit, Union Raises and Frisk Issue
Rush Limbaugh NYC Elects a Communist Mayor


Tallahassee Dem Florida House to vote on 'stand your ground' repeal

Tampa Bay Times Ehrlich quits congressional race, clearing way for Sink


Mercury Gov. Corbett hits Pa. campaign trail to seek 2nd term


Bucyrus Ohio's third parties face higher hurdles


Mlive Dems claim Michigan GOP 'hijacking the Court of Claims'

Detroit News Orr seeks Duggan's help with Detroit


News & Observer The Hill judges NC Senate race as favoring Democrats

Charlotte Observer Can Charlotte Republicans regain mayor’s office?


Fox Rand Paul flunks the media


Fox Biden congratulates wrong Martin Walsh on Boston mayoral victory


Fox Murray beats McGinn in Seattle mayor's race
Wikipedia Ed Murray


Politico Scott Walker to New York Meeting



November 6, 2013


WSJ The Economy Is Top Issue for Electorate
CBS Exit polls: The economy is top issue for N.J., Va., voters
WSJ The Portents of Election 2013
WaPo How the tea party lost on Tuesday night
Daily Caller McAuliffe, De Blasio and Christie victory a ‘conservative nightmare’
Michael Barone Some reflections on the Virginia and New Jersey elections
Dan Balz Virginia, New Jersey results highlight Republican Party’s divisions, problems

WSJ Health Insurers Urged to Extend Policies Beyond Year-End
James Taranto Who Sabotaged ObamaCare?
Dana Milbank Obama is bubble-wrapped
Dick Morris Expect ObamaCare change

WSJ Parties Hunt for Revenue Streams
NYT New Chance for a Budget Compromise

WSJ Obama Wants to Make Immigration Bill ‘Easy’ for House GOP


WSJ Christie Sets Himself Up for Run in 2016
NYT Chris Christie Coasts to 2nd Term as Governor of New Jersey
Daily Caller Chris Christie on election day: I’m a conservative
Examiner After big win, Chris Christie pivots to presidential run
Politico Chris Christie’s next big move toward 2016
Hill Christie starts down 2016 path


Time Democrat Terry McAuliffe Wins Virginia Governor’s Race
Fox McAuliffe narrowly defeats Cuccinelli in Virginia, ObamaCare troubles loom over vote
NYT Terry McAuliffe, Democrat, Is Elected Governor of Virginia in Tight Race
NatJ Off-Year Races Really Don't Matter, Except When It's McAuliffe and Clinton
Examiner Terry McAuliffe elected governor of Virginia, defeats conservative Ken Cuccinelli
Politico Why Terry McAuliffe barely won

Politico Election results: AG race close; Northam tops E.W. Jackson


NYT Byrne Wins Republican Runoff in Alabama House Race
Montgomery Advertiser: Bryne wins GOP runoff for 1st Congressional District seat
WaPo Byrne wins Alabama runoff, in victory for GOP business wing
Roll Call Byrne and Business Prevail in Alabama Special
Wikipedia Bradley Byrne


Atlantic Bill de Blasio and New York City's Liberal Comeback
NYDN De Blasio's past speaks of his trajectory to the role of mayor of New York
WTimes Bill de Blasio elected mayor of New York; first Democrat to win since the 1980s
Wikipedia Bill de Blasio

NYT Plan to Raise Judges’ Retirement Age Is Rejected
Buffalo News Empire State voters embrace expansion of casino gambling


HChron Parker re-elected; Dome gets kiss of death


Boston State representative Martin J. Walsh, champion of unions, wins Boston mayoral race
WTimes Martin Walsh wins Boston mayoral race, defeats fellow Democrat
Boston Globe Walsh claims victory in first open mayoral race in generation


WSJ Colorado Education-Tax Measure Fails
Gazette Education tax soundly beaten; voters strongly support pot taxes
Denver Post Voters reject big tax hike, school finance measure Amendment 66


WaPo Illinois lawmakers vote to allow same-sex marriage; governor pledges to sign bill


Detroit News It's Mike Duggan for Detroit mayor


WSJ Sen. Paul Aide on Plagiarism Allegations: Mistakes Were Made


Politico Steve Daines to announce Senate bid



November 5, 2013


WSJ Young Avoid New Health Plans
NYT For Uninsured, Clearing a Way to Enrollment
NYT Strategic Move Exempts Health Law From Broader U.S. Statute
Politico Democrats offer David Vitter a vote on Obamacare amendment
NatJ Hispanics' Love for Obamacare Waning as Site Troubles Persist
Charlie Cook Will ACA Problems Hurt Democrats as Much as the Shutdown Hurt the GOP?
James Taranto How Low Can They Go? The White House attacks a cancer patient

WSJ Obama Aide Stakes Out Budget Stance

WSJ Gay-Rights Job Bill Clears Key Senate Hurdle
NYT Bill Advances to Outlaw Discrimination Against Gays
Examiner Handful of Senate Republicans help advance LGBT workers rights bill
Roll Call 7 Republicans Lift ENDA Past Filibuster

Sen. Ted Cruz The Supreme Court can use a soap-opera case to stop federal overreach

Frank Bruni Hillary in 2016? Not So Fast

Michael Gerson The GOP’s new reality

WSJ Election Day 2013: Six Races to Watch


NBC6 Charlie Crist Kicks Off Run for Florida Governor as a Democrat
WaPo Charlie Crist running for Florida governor — with Democrats’ blessing
NYT Crist, Former Florida Governor, Tosses Hat in Ring Again

WTimes Supreme Court won’t hear challenge to Fla. political donor law


Detroit News Man elected Detroit mayor must forge relationship with emergency manager


WSJ Democrat Grabs Center in Virginia
Politico Election Day 2013: What to watch in Virginia
AP McAuliffe, Cuccinelli seek votes in Va gov race
WaPo Polls open across Virginia in hotly contested governor race
Hill 'Enormous' gender gap costs Cuccinelli, Republicans in Virginia
WT A side of Cuccinelli voters don’t get to see; reluctant politician fan of ‘Rapper’s Delight’
Ken Cuccinelli Decision time for Virginians
Terry McAuliffe Why I'm running for governor
Rush Limbaugh Obama, National Joke, is Telling Virginians Who to Make Their Governor?


Fox Colorado voters to decide on pot proposals, fracking restrictions


WSJ Sen. Heller Backs Gay-Rights Bill, Likely 60th Vote
WaPo Heller becomes 60th vote in favor of ENDA


NYT Maine Governor Candidate Says He Is Gay


NYT De Blasio, Far Ahead in NY Mayoral Polls, Talks of Mandate; Lhota Hopes for Upset


WSJ Supreme Court Snubs Oklahoma Abortion Case


Fox Gov. Haley: ObamaCare has been ‘anything but affordable’ for SC residents


WaPo In Alabama election, a showdown between the GOP establishment and the tea party
Roll Call Alabama Special Election Is Proxy Battle for National GOP


Roll Call Potential Senate Opponent Instead Backs Cassidy in Louisiana


NYT Senator Rand Paul Faces New Charges of Plagiarism

Politico Kentucky ad links Obamacare, Grimes


Roll Call How Can 2014's Most Endangered Senator Win?


WTimes A Christie victory could transform national Republican Party
NBC Centrist or a conservative? Christie faces fork in the road for 2016
NYT Christie Hopes to Show G.O.P. He Has Diverse Support
Hill Poised for big re-election victory, Christie draws national attention
NYT Big Money Flows in New Jersey Races to Thwart Christie Agenda
Fox Christie win could send strong message to GOP about 2016 presidential bid
Politico A potential tax dilemma for Chris Christie looking to 2016
NYDN Romney campaign passed on Christie as VP because of his weight, tardiness: book


Boston Globe Decision day in historic Boston mayoral battle



November 4, 2013


NYT Under Health Care Act, Millions Eligible for Free Policies
WaPo For consumers whose health premiums will go up, sticker shock leads to anger
WSJ You Also Can't Keep Your Doctor
WT Romney: Dishonesty in selling Obamacare is ‘rotting’ base of president’s 2nd term
Hill NRCC chairman: ObamaCare will doom Dems

WSJ Obama Shifts Focus in Bid for Momentum

WSJ Yellen Confirmation to Test GOP Unity
WSJ Graham Cites Benghazi in Yellen Nomination
Examiner Lindsey Graham vows to block nominations over Benghazi

NYT Senate Vote on Workplace Bias Against Gays Poses a Test for the G.O.P.
Hill Obama pitches ENDA: US at 'turning point'

NatJ How an Earmark-Dependent House Committee Is Reinventing Itself

Robert Samuelson We need to stop coddling the elderly

MSNBC Election night 2013 cheat sheet

Chris Cillizza Ranking the GOP presidential contenders for 2016
Hill Romney: Christie atop GOP list
WTimes Sen. Rand Paul: No decision yet on 2016 presidential run
Examiner Rand Paul says he won't disparage Ted Cruz despite New York Times report

Roll Call House Democrats Pull Pages From the Rahm Playbook


Politico Rick Scott ad spot uses Dems to hit Charlie Crist


Fox VA governors' race remains tight, closely watched as window into midterm, 2016 contests
WaPo Biden, Rubio lend political star power to final day of race for Virginia governor
WSJ Obama Stumps for McAuliffe in Virginia
WT Obama: McAuliffe ‘a man who knows how to work’; Va. governor’s race winds down
NYT Both Sides Invoke Obama in Climax of Virginia Governor’s Race
Examiner Big Labor pours nearly $3 million into McAuliffe campaign
Roanoke Times: Cuccinelli makes Roanoke appearance
WSJ The Clinton Show Returns: Terry McAuliffe's GreenTech fiasco recalls the 1990s' scandals
Politico Ken Cuccinelli fights off stench of doom


WSJ Colorado Tax-Hike Initiative Would Boost Funding for Education
NYT Colorado Is Asking Taxpayers for $1 Billion to Help Schools

WSJ Four Colorado Towns Vote on Fracking Ban


NYT Koch Group Has Ambitions in Small Races


WSJ New York Liberal Leads in Poll


Politico Texas tea party seeks Ted Cruz 2.0: David Barton


Politico GOP establishment frets over Alabama contender


Politico Bill Cassidy tries to unite Louisiana conservatives


WaPo Chris Christie looks to send a message to GOP with his reelection campaign
WSJ Romney Says Christie Could ‘Save’ GOP
NYT Romney Sees Christie as Potential G.O.P. Savior in ’16
Jen Rubin What the GOP can learn from Chris Christie


NYT Outside Money at Issue in Boston Mayor’s Race as Labor Unions Weigh In



November 3, 2013


WaPo How political fear was pitted against technical needs
Fox Surging Medicaid enrollments threaten to derail ObamaCare
Clarice Feldman The Silence of the Left
Salena Zito ObamaCare widening disconnect

WTimes Obama shifts focus from health care website woes, toward budget

Breitbart House Republican Circulating Petition to Push Immigration Reform

Hill Angry Dems beef up fight for Watt

Ross Douthat Pot and Jackpots

NYT GOP Pursues Hispanic Votes With Abortion Stance

WSJ Schumer Endorses an Undeclared Clinton for President

WSJ Sunday Talk Preview: Romney, Feinstein, Rand Paul


Politico Rick Scott ad spot uses Dems to hit Charlie Crist
Hill GOP ad uses Dems to knock Crist


Commentary GOP Needs a Primary in Pennsylvania


NYT In Detroit, Mayor’s Race Is One Piece of a Puzzle


WTimes Cuccinelli casts Virginia election as referendum on Obamacare
Examiner RNC Chair Priebus and WI Gov. Scott Walker join Cuccinelli on campaign trail
NYT I.O.U.’s Give the Democrat an Edge in Virginia
Examiner Terry McAuliffe keeps up the pressure in Virginia gov's race
WaPo Republican Ken Cuccinelli, running hard, has been hobbled in race for Virginia governor
Breitbart La Raza, Pro-amnesty Groups Push for McAuliffe Win in VA


Politico Koch group, unions battle over Colorado schools race
Daily Caller Colorado election is all about pot, taxes and possible secession


NYT Schumer Endorses Clinton for President in Iowa Speech


Politico Scott Brown PAC gives $10K to N.H. GOP


NYT New York Mayor’s Mansion Seeks a Missing Item (the Mayor)


NYT Hopefuls in New York and New Jersey Pack Their Final Weekend
Politico N.J. poll: 59 percent back Chris Christie



November 2, 2013


WSJ Republicans Give Health Law Room to Stumble
WSJ Aides Debated Obama Health-Care Coverage Promise
WSJ Outspoken Group Bears Brunt of Canceled Health-Insurance Policies
WT Key House committee threatens Obama admin. with subpoena over health care data
James Taranto When Fraud Is Legal
Rush Limbaugh Richard Nixon Resigned Over a Lie Nowhere Near as Big as Obamacare

LA Times Food stamp cuts kick in, affecting about 47 million
Rush Limbaugh Food Stamp Outrage is Not That We're Giving Away $36 Less a Month
Larry Kudlow Liberal entitlement-state dream is crumbling
Andrew McCarthy The Social Security Fable

NYT 2 Democrats Split on Tactics to Fight Military Sex Assaults

Fox Obama signs order to create climate change task force
WTimes Obama orders government to prepare for impact of global warming
Examiner Poll: Republicans divided on climate change

WSJ Filibuster Dare: Senate Dems may set a precedent for future GOP judicial nominees
Charles Blow Court Fight

WaPo Congress promises multiple investigations of possible wrongdoing at charities

Examiner White House eyes 2014 midterms in push for immigration reform

Robert Barnes Supreme Court to hear new case on religion in public life

NYT Republican Rivalry Simmers as Paths and Styles Diverge
WSJ The Tea Party Battles to Come
Politico Poll: 21% say Ted Cruz is GOP leader
Dana Milbank When the tea party jumped the shark

Examiner Republicans declare war on the Senate Conservatives Fund

WaPo Book details search for GOP ‘white knight’ to step in amid Romney-Santorum fight

Mother Jones New Poll Shows Democratic Incumbents in Big Trouble

NYT Why Attractive Candidates Win

Kathleen Parker Stop demonizing Hillary Clinton

Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet


PNJ Crist enters governor race as Democrat
NYT Ex-Governor of Florida Seeks Old Job in New Party


Fox Legislative ‘pork’ takes on new meaning in Ohio


Human Events Big-name boosts for Cuccinelli
Breitbart Poll: McAuliffe Lead Shrinks to Two Points
WTimes The Republican case against Virginia's Ken Cuccinelli
WaPo Editorial: Mr. Cuccinelli uses misdirection in his quest to be Virginia’s governor
Politico Virginia blame game begins
Politico Cuccinelli: Fundraising gap ‘counts’


NYT Despite Stance, de Blasio, if Elected, Could Find a Police Monitor Intrusive
NYT Lhota’s Strengths and Weaknesses, Exposed on 9/11
NYDN Giuliani: de Blasio Should Apologize To NYPD For "Libelous" Racial Profiling Accusations


Hill Perry may defy Guard same-sex benefits

National Review Yes, Abortion Is a Losing Issue for Wendy Davis


NatJ The Next Tea Party Upset?


Boston Globe Outside groups fueling Boston’s mayoral race



November 1, 2013


NYT Troubled Start for Health Law Has Democrats Feeling Anxious
NatJ Administration Memo Shows Six Enrollments Through on Day One
Hill O-Care docs: 248 joined in first two days
Charles Krauthammer Obamacare laid bare
Charlie Cook Obama's Credibility Is At Risk
Rush Limbaugh Obama Sinks to New Low in NBC/WSJ Poll

Fox Deep cuts to country's food stamp program kick in as Congress debates more

NYT Senate Republicans Block 2 Obama Nominees
WaPo Senate GOP filibusters two Obama nominees
WSJ Why Republicans Don’t Want Mel Watt to Oversee Fannie, Freddie

NYT Book Details Consideration of Replacing Biden on 2012 Ticket

WSJ Tentative Deal Reached in Civil-Rights Case Headed for Supreme Court

WaPo: Republicans target minor parties after election losses

Michael Barone Americans keep moving to states with low taxes and housing costs

Paul Krugman A War on the Poor

WaPo In the Clintons’ talk of brokering compromise, an implicit rebuke of Obama years
WTimes Hillary Clinton on White House: ‘I’m minded to do it’


Politico Tom Corbett’s rating sinks further
Stuart Rothenberg The Most Vulnerable Governor in the Country


Roll Call Uncertainty Reigns in Race for Watt’s House Seat


WTimes Terry McAuliffe goes AWOL for Virginia students and media
WTimes Terry McAuliffe up 7 points in Virginia governor’s race: poll
Examiner Virginia Republicans face difficult rebuilding process


NatJ Paul Ryan Wanted to Change Washington—But Washington Changed Him


NatJ Colorado Is America, Writ Small


Roll Call New Hampshire Braces for Ayotte Race in 2016


NYT Court Blocks Stop-and-Frisk Changes for New York Police
Reuters Court halts NYC stop-and-frisk ruling, removes judge


Fox Sen. Cornyn: ObamaCare 'carve-out' for Congress is 'so egregious'

Fox Federal appeals court reinstates most of Texas' abortion restrictions


NYT In Alabama Race, a Test of Business Efforts to Derail Tea Party
Roll Call Business Strikes Back in Special Election


WSJ As New Jersey's Christie Campaigns, a 2016 Strategy Emerges
Peggy Noonan Politics Is a Feeling
Hill Book: Christie’s VP dossier littered with 'potential land mines' in 2012

Reuters Former Newark Mayor Cory Booker sworn in as U.S. senator

WSJ Record Spent on New Jersey Campaigns



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