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WaPo Top 15 gubernatorial races of 2014

WaPo Top 10 Senate races of 2014

Roll Call 10 Most Vulnerable House Members Revealed

Charlie Cook 2014 Midterms Could Decide Senate Majority for Years to Come



November 21, 2013


Fox Second wave of health plan cancellations looms
Hill Cancellations are coming for millions more
WaPo Insurers restricting choice of doctors and hospitals to keep costs down
NatJ Love It or Hate It, Obamacare Redistributes Americans' Wealth
NatJ Obamacare Delays May Create Election Bomb for Democrats
NYT G.O.P. Maps Out Waves of Attacks Over Health Law
Hill GOP on ObamaCare: Let it self-destruct
NatJ Poll: Most Americans Want Obamacare Changed So People Can Keep Current Plans

Dan Henninger Worse Than ObamaCare
Karl Rove House Democrats Get The Yips
Rush Limbaugh The Democrats are Terrified
Rush Limbaugh Obama Got to 37% Approval All on His Own
James Taranto They're Desperate Now: ObamaCare supporters crank up the racial rhetoric

WSJ Democrats Expected to Curb Filibuster Rules Soon
NYT Senate Democrats Poised to Block Filibusters of Presidential Picks
WaPo Senate Democrats threaten to change filibuster rules on a party-line vote

WSJ Budget Talks Inch Toward Progress
Politico Tea partiers debate new shutdown
WSJ CBO: U.S. May Hit Debt Limit Between March and June
WaPo Editorial: The obstacles to sound fiscal policy are purely political

Examiner Defense bill stalls over Democratic, Republican divide
Politico Republicans stall defense bill again

WSJ Democrats Begin Push to Extend Unemployment Benefits

NYT Illegal Immigrants Are Divided Over Importance of Citizenship

WSJ Support of Republican Corker Eases Yellen’s Path to Fed Chief

George P. Schultz The Gipper's Guide to Negotiating

Ann Coulter Alec Baldwin vs. Liberal Bullies

Roll Call Conservative Group Launches Ads Against House, Senate Dems

WT Walker, Christie: The tale of 2 very different GOP governors & a quest for the presidency


Politico Florida poll: Charlie Crist leads Rick Scott

NYT Florida Congressman in Cocaine Case Will Take a Leave of Absence
WSJ Rep. Trey Radel Takes Leave After Drug Plea
WaPo Rep. Trey Radel of Florida to take leave of absence after guilty plea to cocaine charge
Roll Call Radel in Possible Primary Peril


Fox Ohio lawmakers advance broad 'stand your ground' bill


Politico Scott Walker treads own path on ACA


WaPo Work on sexual assault in military signals Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s evolution

NYT De Blasio Talks With 3 Candidates for Police Commissioner


Politico Sen. Tim Scott: Lindsey Graham is on his own


Fox Illinois governor signs bill allowing same-sex marriages


Examiner Chris Christie takes over GOP governors association, moves to national stage



November 20, 2013


WSJ Ryan: House Won't Get 'Jammed' With Senate Immigration Bill
WSJ Obama Backs Piecemeal Immigration Overhaul

WSJ McConnell to GOP: Hold Sequester Line
NYT Senate Democrats Consider Move to Curb Filibusters
WaPo Harry Reid is set to go nuclear

James Taranto Snake Eyes: ObamaCare was a losing ideological bet
Holman Jenkins How the GOP Should Fix ObamaCare
Dick Morris ObamaCare is disappearing
Rush Limbaugh A Massive Shift Away from Liberalism
NatJ Poll: Americans Think Obamacare Will Help the Poor, Not the Country
NYT For Lawmakers, a Gold-Plated Insurance Exchange

NatJ Partisans Clash Over Strategy on Budget Talks
Politico Hopes growing for budget deal

Examiner Congress will investigate report of faked pre-election jobs data
Examiner Darrell Issa sends letter to Census demanding info on alleged fake jobless data
HE Census Bureau accused of falsifying unemployment numbers

NYT Senate Majority Leader Backs Gillibrand on Military Assault Measure

WSJ Supreme Court Lets Texas Abortion Law Take Effect
NYT Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Block Texas Abortion Law

Robert Samuelson Here comes the spoils society

Michael Gerson Saving the tea party

WSJ GOP Governors' Policies Up for 2014 Review

Fox George W. Bush says brother Jeb should run for president 'if he wants to'


WaPo Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) charged with cocaine possession
Tampa Bay Times Rep. Trey Radel arrested on cocaine charges

Roll Call Republicans Face Primary in Florida Special Election

CNN Husband of Katherine Harris kills himself, police say
Tampa Bay Times Katherine Harris' husband found dead in apparent suicide
Miami H Husband of Katherine Harris, of Fla. recount fame, found dead in apparent suicide


Detroit News Detroit mayor-elect Duggan unsure when he'll take over


WSJ Virginia Lawmaker Injured in Attack
NYT Virginia Political Figure Stabbed by Son, Authorities Say
WT Creigh Deeds’ tragedy in Virginia: Son turned away in state short on mental health care


Hill Gov. Scott Walker says Republicans must shed ‘party of no’ reputation


Politico Colorado governor race 2014 poll: Trouble for John Hickenlooper

DC Colorado Dem ousted over gun control forms new group to support gun control


NYDN Paladino warms up to idea of Astorino for governor
NYDN Carl Paladino Warms To Rob Astorino For NY Gov, But Still Wants Big GOP Changes
NYDN Paladino Expects Cuomo Victory If GOP-Conservatives Split Ticket--But Doesn't Care
CapitalNY Warning party leaders, Paladino threatens to run again


Fox Runoff needed in San Diego mayoral race


Fox George P. Bush files to run for Texas land commissioner


AJC Phil Gingrey hires new Indiana-based campaign consultant
Roll Call Major Staff Turnover on Gingrey’s Senate Campaign
AJC What the Phil Gingrey staff shake-up means

Roll Call Republican Seeks to Succeed Paul Broun in Georgia


Roll Call 8 Things to Know About Rep.-Elect Vance McAllister

Daily Caller GOP wins one for blue-collar parents in Louisiana


Examiner Two college students raise eyebrows with Ready For Christie PAC


WTimes Abortion ban defeated in groundbreaking Albuquerque referendum


Politico Montana Senate race 2014 poll: Steve Daines in driver’s seat


Fox Oregon residents demand answers over failure of state's ObamaCare website



November 19, 2013


WaPo Obama’s ratings tumble after health-care flaws
WSJ White House Weighs Key Concession to Health Insurers
NYT Administration Open to Direct Insurance Company Signups
NYT Officials Were Warned About Health Site Woes
WaPo Private consultants warned of risks before’s Oct. 1 launch
WSJ Obama to Huddle With Supporters Amid Health Setback
Hill Rebellion brews over O-Care fix
Hill Citing overreach, Republicans ponder new checks on executive powers
Gallup Majority in U.S. Say Healthcare Not Gov't Responsibility
ABC Obama Job Disapproval Reaches a Career High

Sen. Marco Rubio No Bailouts for ObamaCare
James Taranto Katrina and ObamaCare
Rush Limbaugh Just Wait Until the Employer-Provided Health Insurance Cancellations Kick In
Bret Stephens From 'Four Score' to 'Yes We Can!'
Grover Norquist Tax hikes remain toxic

WSJ House Appropriators Clamor for a Budget Deal
NYT Dirty Secret Lurks in the Struggle Over a ‘Grand Bargain’

Examiner House GOP to hit Obama energy agenda with trio of bills

NYT Congress and Courts Weigh Restraints on N.S.A. Spying

WaPo Duncan tries to quell uproar over Common Core comments
Hill Duncan sorry for 'white moms' remark

USA Today GOP Blocks Appeals Court Nominee
NYT Obama Pick for Court Is 3rd in a Row Blocked by Republicans

WTimes Immigration staffers pressured to rush visas for wealthy investors

WaPo Cheney family clash over gay marriage reflects broader divide within GOP

Michael Gerson Saving the Republican party
WaPo President Romney? Yes, if the election were held today

Roll Call Coal Fires Up Two Key Senate Races in 2014


Politico Republican Kathleen Peters eyes run for Bill Young’s seat
Roll Call Republican Gets Top Florida Team for Special Election
Roll Call Pelosi, Democrats to Fundraise for Alex Sink in Washington


Roll Call Michigan Senate Seat No Longer Safe for Democrats

NYT Prosecutor in Racially Charged Shooting Case Near Detroit Is No Stranger to Spotlight


News & Observer John Edwards is starting a new Raleigh law firm
NYT John Edwards Revisits His Past, Hanging Law Shingle Again

Roll Call Phil Berger Jr. to Announce Congressional Bid in North Carolina


WTimes McAuliffe makes first top-level appointments
Fox House GOP leader warns McAuliffe over executive orders


Politico Scott Walker takes shot at Mitt Romney

WaPo Paul Ryan, GOP’s budget architect, sets his sights on fighting poverty and winning minds


Fox Governor says Minnesota won't extend insurance coverage despite Obama 'fix'


NatJ On Colorado's Front Range, Fracking Questions Loom Large


Stuart Rothenberg The Most Divided House District in New York

Albany TU Paladino: Bring me the heads of Skelos and Kolb


LA Times California health exchange is hesitant to extend canceled policies

Examiner Donor fatigue? Tickets to Obama fundraiser in California now 50 percent off


Roll Call Top staffers resign from Gingrey Senate campaign


NYT Alabama Judges Retain the Right to Override Juries in Capital Sentencing


NatJ: Landrieu: The Art of Backing Away


WaPo Chicago’s mind-blowing $33 billion debt and pension obligations


Fox Sen. Paul: 'I think I'm new enough here to still be perceived as an outsider'


WSJ Christie Says GOP Must Reach Out


WaPo Cheney parents defend Liz Cheney in gay marriage feud with sister
Politico Cheney spat falls flat in Wyoming
HE Poll: Mike Enzi up 53 points on Liz Cheney
Charlie Cook Why Is Cheney Running for Enzi's Wyoming Senate Seat?


Roll Call Mitt Romney Endorses in House GOP Primary in Idaho



November 18, 2013


NYT Lesson Is Seen in Failure of 1989 Law on Medicare
WaPo Sunday show roundup: Democrats, Republicans spar over Obamacare
Dem Govs Inslee, Beshear & Malloy How we got Obamacare to work

WSJ U.S. Military Eyes Cut to Pay, Benefits

WaPo Capital gains: Spending on contracts & lobbying propels a wave of new wealth in DC

WaPo Sheldon Adelson, top 2012 donor & casino magnate, to fight Internet gambling

WaPo In many states, the recovery is making the income gap worse
Paul Krugman A Permanent Slump?
Robert Samuelson Global warming pragmatism

Examiner Senate Democrats rake in $1m more than GOP in October
Politico GOP’s third shot at Senate: Charm or bust?

Examiner Scott Walker: Ideal 2016 GOP nominee would be governor, 'outsider'


Fox Duck Dynasty'-backed candidate wins Louisiana congressional election


NYT Dispute Over Gay Marriage Erupts in Cheney Family
WaPo Cheney sisters trade barbs over same-sex marriage
Politico Liz Cheney criticized by sister
Hill Gay marriage splits Cheney sisters



November 17, 2013


NYT In Fracas on Health Coverage, Some Democrats Feel Exposed
WaPo Health-care law has changed game for Democrats looking to 2014 election
WaPo goal is for 80% of users to be able to enroll for insurance
Ross Douthat The Three Burials of Obamacare

Fox AG Holder asks for appeal in Fast and Furious case holding him in contempt
Politico Holder seeks Fast and Furious appeal

Hill 'Safety net' hinders farm bill talks

Politico Business worries play quiet role in delay of Camp tax plan

Dan Balz Democrats lay groundwork for Clinton 2016

Examiner Paul Ryan in Iowa, Martin O'Malley in NH with all eyes on 2016


Chicago Tribune Florida minority influx pushes swing state away from Republicans
Tallahassee Rubio to anti-gay group: Nation's morality at risk
Tampa Bay Times Poll: GOP even more bullish on Scott after Obamacare troubles


Tribune-Review Pennsylvania GOP playing 'safe politics' in Harrisburg
Salena Zito Defending their way of life


Cleveland Is a stealth Right to Work effort brewing in Columbus?
Trib-Chron A tight race for governor


WaPo In Iowa, Ryan blasts health law rollout, hints at a campaign message to come


Buffalo News GOP looking for a strategy to outflank Paladino’s Conservative threat


NYT Looking Ahead, Perry Turns to the Middle


Fox Louisiana voters elect political newcomer to fill open congressional seat
Roll Call Newcomer McAllister Wins Special Election in Louisiana
Politico Vance McAllister upsets Neil Riser in Louisiana House runoff


NYT Tennessee Governor Hesitates on Medicaid Expansion, Frustrating Many


HE Poll: Voters say Christie will quit to run for pres in 2016



November 16, 2013


WSJ House Passes Bill to Reinstate Insurance Policies
NYT House Approves Bill That Allows Policy Renewals
WaPo House approves plan to let some keep their health plans
Rush Limbaugh Why Obama Will Veto Upton Bill

WSJ Democrats Defect on Health Rules
LA Times Dozens of House Democrats back Republican healthcare bill
Byron York 27 Democratic senators who promised you could keep your health coverage
WSJ ObamaCare and Echoes of 2010

WaPo Obama’s health-law fix sends insurers, officials scrambling
NYT After Obama Meeting, Insurers Question Plan’s Workability
WSJ Obama's Fix for a Political Problem Stirs Legal Question
Rush Limbaugh The Debate Over Obama's Legal Authority
Andrew McCarthy The Lawlessness of the ‘Fix’

Examiner Conservative groups warn of new wave of insurance cancellations
Hill Sen. Ron Johnson accuses Dems of 'political fraud'

Kim Strassel The President's ObamaCare Backpedal
Kathleen Parker The sinking ship of Obamacare
Fred Barnes Obama on the Ropes

WaPo Health-care Web site’s lead contractor employs executives from troubled IT company

Fox CIA personnel asked to sign additional non-disclosure form after Benghazi attack

Ex FEC may exempt Tea Party group from donor disclosure citing harassment, intimidation

George Will Bored with Hillary Clinton, looking to Elizabeth Warren

Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet


Daily Caller Florida GOP leader talking up Jeb and Rubio for 2016

Florida Current Crist's big haul dwarfed by Scott's

Roll Call NRCC Chairman Promises Competitive Special Election in Florida
Roll Call Will Republicans Have a Primary to Replace C.W. Bill Young?


Toledo Blade U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown comes to Toledo to endorse FitzGerald for governor


Freep Some MI health care consumers skeptical they can get canceled policies back now


News & Observer Biden touts Hagan at Chapel Hill fundraiser
News & Observer Hagan raises money with VP as GOP criticism rises


WSJ Wisconsin Political Speech Raid


NatJ Colorado Fracking Rules to Target Methane


Daily Caller Republican candidate for governor gives Heimlich maneuver at dinner


WaPo How John Cornyn has avoided a tough primary challenge


9NJ Christie Half-Way To Weight Goal



November 15, 2013


WSJ White House to Allow Insurers to Continue Canceled Health Plans
NYT Obama Moves to Avert Cancellation of Insurance
WaPo Obama announces change to address health insurance cancellations
WTimes Obama admits he ‘fumbled,’ says Americans can keep their health care
WSJ Health Insurers Express Worries Over Obama Shift on Policy Cancellations
WaPo Health-care law’s problems test loyalty of Democrats in Congress
Examiner Obamacare fix does not satisfy jittery Democrats
WSJ Democratic Lawmakers Running for Cover
NYT Health Law Rollout’s Stumbles Draw Parallels to Bush’s Hurricane Response

Hill Health vote puts Dems in pickle
Politico Democrats not likely to back House GOP Obamacare bill
Hill White House threatens veto of Upton bill
Rush Limbaugh Analysis of the Landrieu and Upton Bills

Peggy Noonan ObamaCare Disaster Recovery
Charles Krauthammer Why liberals are panicked about Obamacare
Rush Bullied Republicans Must Insist on Repeal, Resist Pitfall of Becoming Part of Phony Fix

Charlie Cook Voters Don't Want to See Anyone Win

Examiner Senate set to open debate on defense authorization bill

WaPo Got bitcoin? FEC may let candidates, PACs accept the digital currency

Michael Gerson The entrepreneurs of outrage

Politico Kevin McCarthy: Governor for 2016 pick

WSJ Karl Rove-Backed Groups Raised $325 Million in 2012 Cycle


Politico Michele Bachmann: I lost my insurance


Michael Barone Colorado a microcosm for American politics


Roll Call GOP Front-Runner Emerges in Targeted Open House Seat in Maine


Roll Call Ex-NRCC Chairman to Raise Money for Democrat in New York
Buffalo News Gioia hosting a big fundraiser for a Democrat – Higgins


WSJ Landrieu Welcomes Obama Action on Health Law, Remains Open to Pushing Legislation


Examiner Christie at odds with GOP hardliners on gun control, immigration



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