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WaPo Top 10 Senate races of 2014

Roll Call 10 Most Vulnerable House Members Revealed

Charlie Cook 2014 Midterms Could Decide Senate Majority for Years to Come

Politico Battle lines for 2014 midterms are drawn

Roll Call The 7 Republican Senators Most Vulnerable to a Primary



November 14, 2013


WSJ Obama Open to Health-Law Change
NYT With Enrollment Slow, Some Democrats Back Change in Health Law
Hill Vulnerable Dems scramble to keep distance from ObamaCare
WTimes White House releases disappointing Obamacare enrollment total: 106,000
NYT Health Law Enrollment Figures Far Lower Than Initial Estimates
NYT Senator Manchin Takes On Democratic Party Leaders in Pursuit of a Middle Ground
WSJ A Conservative Alternative to ObamaCare
WSJ Escape From ObamaCare

Karl Rove Voters May Cancel Democratic Coverage in 2014
Ann Coulter To Speak To A Nigerian Prince About Your Health Care, Press "1" Now
James Taranto A Noble Lie?
Rich Lowry The Obamacare Lie That Can't Be Fixed
Ezra Klein Obamacare is in much more trouble than it was one week ago
Rush Limbaugh Obamacare Will Get Much, Much Worse
Rush Limbaugh Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Warned You
Rush Regime Sells Obamacare to Millennials with Promise of Sex Without Consequences

WSJ Budget Battle Breeds Dysfunctional Spending
WaPo Few signs of progress from budget negotiators seeking to avoid another shutdown
Politico Scant progress on budget negotiating panel

WSJ Obama Pushing Immigration as New Doubts Emerge in House
WTimes Boehner: House won’t negotiate with Senate on immigration bill
WaPo Boehner closes door on House-Senate immigration panel

NYT Fair-Housing Case Is Settled Before It Reaches Supreme Court

WTimes Republicans mount shock comeback, erase Democrats’ edge in eyes of Americans
Politico GOP: The War Within


Florida Today Nelson still considering bid for governor
Sarasota HT Sen. Nelson considering bid for governor?

Tampa Bay Times Will Gov. Rick Scott ride Florida's lower jobless rate to re-election?
Space Coast Jeb Bush Endorses Rick Scott for Governor
HE Florida poll: Crist beats Scott 46% to 36%; Clinton tops Rubio 49% to 45% for president
Sunshine Another Obama-ite to lead team Charlie Crist
WaPo De Blasio strategist signs on to Charlie Crist campaign


Go Erie Corbett makes pitch in Erie for a second term
Patriot-News Pa.'s rock star Republicans stand up for Corbett re-election


Cleveland PD Ohio Dems tout poll as showing race for governor is even


Rush Limbaugh Kay Hagan: Poster Child for Panicking Dems


MyFox Va. candidates for attorney general dig in
WTimes Arlington bar codes examined for vote problems in Virginia
WaPo Editorial: Ballots, not courts should decide winner in Virginia’s attorney general race


InForum GOP U.S. Senate contest underway in Minnesota
GFH GOP challenger to Franken to visit East Grand Forks


ABC7 Colorado GOP to bid for 2016 Republican National Convention

Durango Herald Would-be GOP governors face off


DMR Grassley looks at reforms, not repeal, of health care law

Sunshine Iowa Draws Republicans Already Eyeing 2016


Allysia Finley Who'll Challenge Jerry Brown?

NYT Marianne Williamson, New-Age Guru, Seeks Congressional Seat


Iowa Republican Rick Perry 2.0?


Roll Call ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Cuts Ad for Louisiana House Hopeful


Politico Get Mitch


Roll Call Democrats' Mission in N.M.: Breaking Steve Pearce


Politico Commissioned poll: Mike Enzi up 53 on Liz Cheney


WTimes Hawaii governor signs gay marriage bill



November 13, 2013


NYT Health Law Rollout Provides Rich Target for Oversight Chief Rep. Darrell Issa
Hill Issa’s next to take a swing at botched ObamaCare rollout

WTimes Bill Clinton to Obama: Do the right thing, honor health insurance promise
WTimes Bill Clinton, other Democrats distance themselves from Obamacare
Human Events Bill Clinton throws Obama under the bus
Politico Dick Cheney: I agree with Bill Clinton
Rush Limbaugh Clinton Lectures Obama: Keep Your Word
Rush Limbaugh Will Democrats Try to Repeal Obamacare?

NYT Obama in Bind Trying to Keep Health Law Vow
CBS More Than 1M Californians Having Insurance Cancelled Due To ACA
NYT Fighting to Stop an Entitlement Before It Takes Hold, and Expands
Politico The making of an Obamacare management failure
HE ObamaCare navigators caught on tape encouraging applicants to commit fraud
WSJ Trust in Obama Plunges in New Poll
Hill Obama approval sinks to 39 percent
James Taranto The Carter Administration

George Pataki An escape hatch from ObamaCare
Rush Limbaugh George Pataki's Self-Insurance Solution

Rush Limbaugh No Reprieve for the Obamacare Dozen

NatJ Partisan Conflict Shadows Budget Conference

WSJ Senate Republicans Block Appeals-Court Nominee
NYT Republicans Again Reject Obama Pick For Judiciary

Examiner Benghazi survivors could testify this week
WTimes Paul: Benghazi should disqualify Clinton from holding higher office again

Dick Morris Time for triangulation

Charles Hurt It’s the Democrats, not the GOP, facing a looming civil war


Politico Michigan Senate race 2014: A Land-ing pad for Senate Republicans
Wikipedia Terri Lynn Land bio


Politico Dem poll: Kay Hagan lead vanishes
Hill Poll: Hagan's lead vanishes in NC


WTimes Democrat Herring declares victory in Virginia attorney general race


Fox Wisconsin Gov. Walker reveals violence, death threats in upcoming autobiography


Roll Call Iowa’s GOP Senate Field Grows Again


Albany TU Almost 50,000 get insurance from NY’s Obamacare site

NYT Weisbrod Brings Long Résumé to Advise the Mayor-Elect


NYT Don’t Call Her a First Lady; Brown’s Wife Is His Top Aide


Human Events Ted Cruz on Leno

Hill Perry struggles to get any traction for 2016

CNN Texas voter ID law didn't suppress vote

Roll Call A Former Congressman’s Under-the-Radar Comeback Bid


WSJ Supreme Court Rejects Oklahoma Abortion-Ultrasound Law


Roll Call Gingrey Vows to Repeal Obamacare in First Term or ‘Go Home’


Politico A GOP split over Obamacare in Louisiana race


Roll Call Cochran to Reveal Future Plans by End of the Month


NYT A Senator Lays Out His Positions on the Military, Very Carefully

Roll Call Alison Lundergan Grimes Reports Her Financial Worth
Politico Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes tied in Democratic poll


Week Chris Christie's provincial problem: Can he win outside the Northeast?

NYT Most Federal Storm Aid Still Undistributed in New Jersey


WSJ Ariz. Governor Race Gets More Crowded


NatJ Do Montana Democrats Have a Senate Primary Fight on Their Hands?
Roll Call Schweitzer Not Helping Senate Democrats With Montana Primary


Fox Hawaii Senate passes same-sex marriage bill
WaPo Hawaii is 15th state to legalize gay marriage



November 12, 2013


WSJ Enrollment Falls Far Short of Target
WaPo About 40,000 Americans are said to have signed up for plans on
NYT Insurers Press for Way Around
John Fund The Truth about Navigators
James Taranto The Pettiest Victim

WaPo CBS News and reporter Lara Logan face brutal criticism on flawed Benghazi report
Columbia Journalism Review On the 60 Minutes/Benghazi debacle

Fox Republicans seek files on omission of Benghazi suspects from State Dept. tipline

WSJ Job Gap Widens in Uneven Recovery
WSJ The Biggest Fiscal Losers
WSJ Andrew Huszar: Confessions of a Quantitative Easer

WTimes Fracking foes pump out votes in Colorado and Ohio where wells are dry

Hill How immigration died — Part 1
Michael Barone Immigration reform should focus on attracting high-skill workers

WaPo Why Elizabeth Warren should scare Hillary Clinton
NYDN Democrats quietly throwing presidential support behind Elizabeth Warren: report
NR Hillary's Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren
NYT ‘Super PAC’ Gets Early Start on Pushing for a 2016 Clinton Campaign

NYT A New Firm Sets Out to Secure Women’s Votes for a Vulnerable G.O.P.

Charlie Cook Wide-Open Race in 2016 Offers Ocean of Possibilities
Hill Left wants challenger for Hillary
Rasmussen 2016? Clinton 43%, Christie 41%
Politico Poll: Hillary Clinton 44, Chris Christie 34


Politico Natural gas lights up the race for Pennsylvania governor


Roll Call McCotter Claims Aide Was Bribed to ‘Sabotage’ His Career


Politico Kay Hagan seeks ‘complete’ Obamacare probe
National Review Kay Hagan on the Ropes


WaPo Virginia attorney general race: Herring takes lead, with a recount appearing likely
WKTR Difference of 117 votes in VA AG race: recount appears likely
NYT Back and Forth in Undecided Virginia Attorney General Race


Fox Wisconsin Supreme Court hears arguments on union plan
NYT Wisconsin Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Collective Bargaining Law


Roll Call Conservative Groups Divided in Nebraska Senate Race


NatJ Is Colorado Turning Away From Democrats?
Examiner New Colorado? Rural voters stand behind secession idea
Daily Caller Outside group ignores Colorado guv’s plea to butt out of recall fight


Albany TU Paladino says he’d consider Conservative run


LA Times Poll shows Republicans losing ethnicity, age battle in California


Fox White Republican wins Houston election with campaign that implied he's black


Fox Plane crash kills son of Oklahoma Sen. Inhofe
Daily Caller Inhofe still blames Christie for Obama’s re-election


Examiner Senate Conservatives Fund spooks La. GOP, but unlikely to alter Senate race


Politico Group slams Mark Pryor for judicial votes


Richard Cohen Christie’s tea-party problem


Politico Wall Street’s nightmare: President Elizabeth Warren


Politico Mark Begich declines health insurance subsidy



November 11, 2013


WSJ GOP Vows to Make Health Law an Issue in 2014
WSJ Health-Law Rollout Weighs on Obama's Ratings, Agenda
Hill In shift, GOP wants ObamaCare fix
NYT Talk of Penalty Is Missing in Ads for Health Care
Lawrence Summers Immediate lessons from health-care reform
Bill Keller Salvaging Obama

NYT ‘60 Minutes’ Airs Apology on Benghazi
CBS Lara Logan on Benghazi report
Chicago Tribune '60 Minutes' apologizes for Benghazi error, but does not explain it
Marvin Kalb '60 Minutes' must do more than apologize
Fox Graham keeps up pressure to interview Benghazi witnesses, still vows to stall nominees

WSJ Patty Murray, Democrats' Budget Leader, Faces a New Test
Examiner Automatic spending cuts would bite more in 2014

NYT Texas and 5 Other States Resist Processing Benefits for Gay Couples

Robert Barnes Sometimes, you don’t want your case to make it to the Supreme Court

Chris Cillizza Elections embolden both GOP establishment and the tea party
NYT For 2014, G.O.P.’s Challenges Stem From Within
Hill 'Stiffen our spines,' Palin tells conservatives


Miami Herald Charlie Crist is back, but he doesn’t deserve free pass

Sarasota HT Tea Party targets Buchanan


Salena Zito Fundraising a hard slog as large field swarms Corbett in governor race


Columbus Dispatch Governor's race in Virginia might carry hint for Ohio
Examiner ODP/PPP poll: John Kasich, Ed FitzGerald tied in 2014 Ohio gov race
Cleveland PD Why Ohio GOP is making it harder for third parties to get on the ballot


ThinkProgress GOP Donors Seek To Oust Michigan Tea Party Congressmen Over Shutdown


News & Record Coble will conclude long service in Congress


Time Conservatives Rip Virginia GOP Effort, But Kept Their Wallets Stowed
Politico Inside a green billionaire's Virginia crusade

WTimes Obenshain’s attorney general lead cut to 55


Boulder Weekly Democrats' Rocky Mountain high takes a tumble in Colorado


DMR In Iowa, Mike Lee says Republicans must develop an agenda


Las Vegas Sun Republican Hamilton Challenging Gov. Sandoval In June 2014 GOP Primary


Concord Monitor Scott Brown speculation heats up, but is it fantasy or reality


NYDN De Blasio and Cuomo's tight bond to be tested
NYT Many Black New Yorkers Are Seeing de Blasio’s Victory as Their Own
Buffalo News WNY voters delivered a rebuke to Cuomo
NYDN State Republican Chairman Ed Cox could tap himself to face Gov. Mario Cuomo
Buffalo News Paladino-style conservatism nettles GOP


Politico Clash of Texas political titans looms
Dallas MN Perry faces tough opponent in possible presidential run: himself


AP Oklahoma Sen. Coburn has recurrence of cancer


State SC governor’s race off to a fast pace, a year before the election


Albany Herald Carter, Nunn largely untested but give Democrats hope
Athens Battle lines being drawn in Georgia politics


Shreveport Times Gov. Bobby Jindal out of state more than 2 months this year


Hill Illinois Republican eyes return to Congress


Tennesseean Political messes unlikely to sway TN voters in 2014
Clarksville LC Monied tea party groups watching Alexander challenger


Hill Ky. race fractures conservatives


RCP Christie Charging Ahead in N.J. and Beyond
WSJ Christie's Headwinds
Hill Christie: Obama apology 'not enough'
NYT Conservative Republicans Recoil at the Notion That Christie Is the Party’s Savior
Joe Curl Be wary of Christie, the mainstream media’s new favorite Republican
NatJ Christie's Rollout Models Clinton, Bush and Obama
Politico How Chris Christie stacks up to Rudy Giuliani
Hill Dems: Christie can be beaten
Hill Christie hedges on full term
Ross Douthat Dear Governor Christie



November 10, 2013


NYT Con Men Prey on Confusion Over Health Care Act

Guardian UK Hillary Clinton is the most formidable presidential frontrunner in modern era
LAT In L.A., supporters of a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign are ready to get on board early

NYT As Washington Keeps Sinking, Governors Rise
WaPo Narrow tea party losses are a wake-up call for establishment Republicans

WSJ Sunday Talk Preview: Christie and 2016


NYT Bill de Blasio’s Circle of Power


November 9, 2013


WSJ Off-Year Election Offers Clues to 2014 and Beyond
WaPo Top 10 Senate races of 2014

WTimes GOP preps ‘Keep Your Plan’ bill after Obama health care apology
WSJ The ObamaCare Dozen: Dems who voted for the debacle are now scrambling for cover
NYT A White House in Crisis Mode, but Some Allies Prod for More Action
Fox DC ObamaCare numbers show 5 people signed up for exchange

James Taranto Obama probably can't undo the damage of the ObamaCare swindle
Rush Limbaugh Obama: I'm Sorry You Believed Me
Andrew McCarthy Obama’s Massive Fraud
Kathleen Parker What Obama forgot to apologize for

Hill Insurers told to treat mental illness equally
NYT Editorial: Equal Coverage for the Mentally Ill

WSJ Court Blocks Health Law's Contraception Requirement

WTimes Issa to subpoena Treasury Secretary Lew over tea party targeting

WTimes Cruz bill offers $5M reward for Benghazi info
Fox Rep. Nunes: Answers needed on Benghazi attack

George Will The enigma of Janet Yellen as Fed chair

Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet


Roll Call Ayotte: Scott Brown Would Be ‘Very Strong Candidate’ for Senate in N.H.


Examiner In Florida, Obama blames GOP for blocking immigration bill


Roll Call Runyan Retirement Sparks Rare Open N.J. Seat


NatJ The Latest Conservative Attack Against Mark Pryor


Freep Duggan readies transition team, awaits Orr's decision on responsibilities


Politico Virginia Attorney General: ‘Anyone’s race’

Rush Limbaugh Cuccinelli Won the Wholesome in Droves


Politico Rick Perry heading to South Carolina
Rush Limbaugh Rick Perry Quotes El Rushbo


Roll Call For Business, Bigger Primary Challenges Follow Alabama Race


Daily Caller Maness looks to shake up Louisiana Senate race


Politico Kentucky Senate race: Alison Lundergan Grimes to Mitch McConnell: ‘Shoot with me’



November 8, 2013


Rush Limbaugh Obamacare: A National Joke
WSJ Obama Apologizes for Insurance Cancellations
NYT Obama Apologizes to Americans Dropped by Insurers
Fox ObamaCare website could only handle 1,100 users a day before launch, docs show
Fox Ten GOP senators urge Obama to 'relieve' Sebelius over ObamaCare site woes
Charles Krauthammer ObamaCare Website: Rhetoric vs. reality
NatJ Why Obama's Approval Rating Is Down
Gallup Most Uninsured Americans Ignoring Health Exchange Sites

NYT Rules to Require Equal Coverage for Mental Ills

WSJ Shift on Defense Gives GOP Budget Leverage
Hill McConnell forms secret group to come up with budget alternative
Olympia Snowe & Karen Hughes Breaking the budget logjam

WSJ OMB: U.S. Paid $2 Billion to Workers Furloughed During Shutdown

WTimes Fannie, Freddie close to paying off taxpayer bailout bill

WSJ Senate Passes Gay-Rights Bill
Examiner Obama hails Senate passage of ENDA, urges House vote
NYT Senate Bill on Bias Against Gays Finds Support in Mormons
Ari Fleischer Why the House must pass ENDA

Hill Rep. Issa jolts probe of IRS targeting with new subpoena

Michael Gerson Understanding evangelicals and immigration reform

WSJ Reid Sets Up New Showdown Over Judicial Nominee

NYT $10 Minimum Wage Proposal Has Growing Support From White House

Politico FEC poised to allow Bitcoin campaign donations

Andrew Kohut The GOP Is in Better Shape Than You Think
Michael Barone Lessons for both parties in Virginia and New Jersey elections
Charlie Cook The GOP Still Hasn't Figured Out How to Get On With the Tea Party

Kim Strassel How to Beat the 'War on Women'

Fred Siegel Fracking, Poverty and the New Liberal Gentry

Paul Krugman The Mutilated Economy

NYT Hollywood’s Ready to Cast Clinton in Top Role


Peggy Noonan Mitch McConnell on the shutdown's failure, ObamaCare's future, and his own primary challenge


WSJ Christie Coy About 2016 Run
WSJ GOP Rivals Take on Christie
Star-Ledger Looking to 2016, Time puts victorious Chris Christie on its cover
WTimes Time magazine calls out the 'elephant in the room': Chris Christie's weight
Fox Democrats take their shots as Christie presidential talk heats up
WaPo Democrats begin effort to negatively define Chris Christie before 2016 campaign
NPR Why Chris Christie's Popularity May Tear His Party Apart
Hill Christie's big win with women built on personality, not policy
WTimes Kay Bailey Hutchison urges Chris Christie to take hard line against Obamacare
Politico Rick Perry cites GOP governors but not Chris Christie
Exam Grassley: Christie welcome candidate in Iowa in 2016 once state blunts Tea Party clout
Politico Chris Christie to tour Sunday shows

Roll Call Democrat to Announce Campaign for Runyan’s Seat


Fox Cruz legislation offers $5M reward in Benghazi case
Politico Texas poll: Ted Cruz leads in 2016

Hill Cornyn primary threat waning

National Review Wendy Davis’s Thin Skin
Weekly Standard If Wendy Davis Is ‘Pro-Life,’ I Am ‘Pro-Choice’
NYT Wendy Davis, Texas Legislator, to Write Memoir


NYT A Carter Grandson Seeks to Lead Georgia
Fox Jason Carter to run for Ga. governor
Wikipedia: Jason Carter


NYT Virginia G.O.P. Assesses Loss to Rival It Saw as Weak
Wesley Pruden What do Virginia’s losses say about next year and 2016?


NYT For Detroit’s New Mayor, Power, With Conditions


Fox Wisconsin Democrat promises 'all out hell' on state abortion bills


Fox US Rep. Coble announces he won't seek re-election
Roll Call Howard Coble Announces Retirement

NYDN John Edwards grabs casual dinner with new gal Danielle King


Roll Call Club for Growth Makes Endorsement in Nebraska GOP Primary


Daily Caller Tea Party activist Niger Innis considering congressional run



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