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WaPo: The Fix’s top 10 Senate races of 2014

Hill: Weak state parties weigh down Senate Democrats in South

Hill: Female Senate candidates press Dems’ gender advantage

Politico: Democrats turn to vets to run in 2014

Examiner: Polls shows likely GOP senate takeover in 2014

Roll Call: The Shrinking House Map: A Regional Breakdown

Roll Call: The Cheap Seats: Senate Majority Determined in Inexpensive States

NatJ: Hotline's Inaugural 2014 Senate Rankings

WaPo: The demographics of every congressional district, in one interactive chart



October 7, 2013


WSJ: Boehner Ties Deal to Talks on Debt
WTimes: Debt fight to escalate shutdown showdown; Boehner attaches Obamacare strings
Fox: Slimdown standoff enters second week, as upcoming debt-limit looms larger
NYT: Boehner Hews to Hard Line in Demanding Concessions From Obama
WaPo: Boehner, White House harden stances as shutdown continues, potential default nears
WSJ: Prospect of Long Shutdown Stokes Concern
WaPo: Sunday show roundup: The standoffs continue
Hill: Smash-mouth Reid
Examiner: Lew warns debt ceiling could hold up Social Security, Medicare payments

Examiner: Ted Cruz defends tactics on government shutdown, debt ceiling
NYT: Cruz’s 21-Hour Speech Fueled a Ratings Jump at C-Span2
WTimes: Love him or hate him, Sen. Ted Cruz stirs up political passion
NatJ: Ted Cruz is a 'False Prophet,' Says a GOP Presidential Candidate
Politico: Peter King’s lonely fight vs. ‘Ted Cruz wing’

WaPo: Some tea party congressmen find signs of political backlash at home
NatJ: Why Obama Must Talk to the GOP
NatJ: Ghosts of Fiscal Fights Past Say Don’t Surrender
WTimes: Miley Cyrus takes on the GOP in ‘SNL’ skit

Peggy Noonan: Now Obama Rescues the GOP
Byron York: GOP congressman: We stumbled into war over Obamacare
Judd Gregg: The GOP is adrift, floundering
Paul Krugman: The Boehner Bunglers
Robert Samuelson: Ideology is what has won in the shutdown debate
Steven D. King: When Wealth Disappears
EJ Dionne: Shutdown: The tea party’s last stand

WSJ: Software, Design Defects Cripple Health-Care Website

NYT: Supreme Court Has Deep Docket in Its New Term
LAT: Controversy again on docket for Supreme Court
Examiner: Campaign finance, union cases highlight new Supreme Court term
Robert Barnes: The question facing Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Stay or go?

Politico: Harry Reid talks tough, ramps up for 2016
Politico: 2014 poll: GOP could lose the House


Sarasota HT: For Florida GOP, 2014 is a pivotal year


NewsObserver: NC lawmakers wooed by groups pushing immigration overhaul


WTimes: Cuccinelli banks war on Obamacare will buoy struggling campaign
WaPo: The Virginia ad wars — in 1 chart
NatJ: Democrats Read Virginia As A War-on-Women Winner
Daily Beast: Ken Cuccinelli’s Incredibly Lackluster Campaign
KGW: Texas Sen. Cruz joining Cuccinelli at Va. gala


NYT: New York Today: Mr. Lhota’s Neighborhood


WaPo: Brown signs California immigration bills, wins activists’ kudos in pressing for reform

Stuart Rothenberg: Race Ratings Change: GOP Chances Improve in California’s 57th


Greenville News: South Carolina lawmakers don't see quick end to shutdown


NYT: Anxious Allies Aiding Booker in Senate Bid
NYDN: Mayor Bloomberg backs Corey Booker's New Jersey Senate bid
PolitickerNJ: Booker grabs Ledger, Inky, Courier Post and APP endorsements
Philadelphia Inquirer: Editorial: For Senate, Booker is better

Hill: Christie looks to run up the score


NatJ: Warren Uses Star Power to Push Tough-on-Wall-Street Agenda



October 6, 2013


WSJ: House Votes to Give Back Pay to Federal Workers
WaPo: House votes to approve back pay for furloughed workers
Roll Call: House Votes 407-0 to Provide Back Pay to Furloughed Workers
WTimes: House approves retroactive pay for furloughed government workers
NYT: Some in G.O.P. Try to Pick and Choose Amid Spending Fight
Fox: Democrats say House vote for back pay shows GOP wants government to stay closed

WSJ: Pentagon Recalls Civilian Workers As Shutdown Persists
WaPo: Pentagon will order almost all furloughed civilian employees back to work
NYT: Hagel Recalls Most Defense Department Workers
Fox: Administration lawyers OK return of furloughed civilian Pentagon workers

Examiner: Obama admin allows government union reps to work during shutdown

WSJ: Obama Bets on Congress Voting to Avoid Default, Puts Blame on Boehner
NYT: A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning
Examiner: Zogby Report Card: Shutdown politics favor Obama, but he hasn't taken control
NatJ: Poll: Shutdown Hurting Republicans in Battleground Districts
Sen. Rand Paul: Obama’s response to shutdown is just ‘shut up’
Dan Balz: Shutdown’s roots lie in deeply embedded divisions in America’s politics
Maureen Dowd: Welcome to Ted Cruz’s Thunderdome

NYT: Thousands Rally Nationwide in Support of an Immigration Overhaul

WSJ: Obama Suggests Redskins Consider Name Change
NYT: Obama Points to ‘Legitimate Concerns’ Over Redskins’ Name
WaPo: President Obama says, ‘I’d think about changing’ name of Washington Redskins

WSJ: Sunday Talk Preview: Shutdown, Jack Lew


Detroit News: Mayor's race? What mayor's race?
Freep: The high cost of corruption: How Kwame Kilpatrick's crimes deepened Detroit's crisis


WaPo: Cuccinelli needs to close the gap with women voters in Virginia
Politico: Cuccinelli shuns Cruz limelight


Daily Caller: Complaint: Colo. governor violated gifts ban


AP: Tea party hopes to energize California GOP


NYT: Conservative Georgia District Urges G.O.P. to Keep Up the Fight


Roll Call: Hollywood Produces Dollars for Cory Booker
Politico: Cory Booker's lackluster campaign


October 5, 2013


Hill: GOP finds its shutdown message
WaPo: So far on Capitol Hill, no end in sight over shutdown
NYT: Boehner Urges G.O.P. Unity in ‘Epic Battle’
Examiner: Day 4: House GOP stands firm, demands Dems negotiate end of govt shutdown
WSJ: Congressional Benefits Cloud Health Fight
WSJ: OpEd: The Shutdown Is a Sideshow. Debt Is the Threat
NYT: Shutdown’s Pinch Leaves Governors With Tough Calls
WaPo: Shutdown could diminish GOP hopes of winning Senate
WaPo: Editorial: Is Mr. Boehner offering a chance for a ‘grand bargain’?
Hill: GOP senator Cornyn presses Dem budget talks
Rush Limbaugh: Did the GOP Just Discover They're Winning?

Hill: House to vote on back pay for furloughed government workers
WTimes: Obama backs part of House shutdown strategy
Fox: Republicans press Obama to back FEMA funding bill as storm nears

Hill: GOP thwarts Dem move to force vote on ‘clean’ spending bill

Roll Call: Democratic Super PAC Slams GOP in Shutdown Ads
Hill: Obama's approval drops to 41 percent, lowest in two years, poll finds

Fox: Healthy young, key to Obamacare, aren’t buying it

WTimes: The long line of conservatives targeted by the IRS

WaPo: Hillary will start thinking about 2016 ‘sometime next year’

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Tampa Tribune: Florida GOP leaders backing Cruz
Miami Herald: Fla. Republicans blast Democrats, ex-Gov. Crist
Sunshine State News: GOP has a Chance to Expand Florida House Majority in 2014
Herald Trib: GOP aims to hold advantage


USA Today: Pa. governor compares gay marriage to incest


ABC13: Ohio governor urges resolution to shutdown


Telegraph: North Carolina’s GOP lawmakers urge unity in showdown


Politico: Virginia governor race 2013: Shutdown roils contest
WaPo: Editorial: Ted Cruz’s visit to Virginia puts Cuccinelli in a tough spot
WTimes: Ted Cruz wades into Virginia race as battle of VIP surrogates rises


Fox: Wisconsin Gov. Walker defies order to close federally-funded parks
Hill: Walker defies DC order to close down federally funded parks in Wisconsin


St. Louis Beacon: Kinder forms exploratory committee for possible 2014 bid for U.S. House


Daily Caller: Democrats cling to Colo. senate majority after recalls


NYT: In Rural Iowa, Spending, Not the Shutdown, Raises Worry


RGJ: Sue Lowden announces bid for lieutenant governor


Concord Monitor: N.H. ended fiscal 2013 with stronger-than-expected surplus of $76.1m


Morning Sentinel: Republican leader seeks to end Maine sales tax increase a year early


NYT: De Blasio Focuses on Inequality as He Courts Business Elite
NYT: Fund-Raising for de Blasio Soars, Aided by Big Lead in Polls


SF Chronicle: California GOP meets amid federal shutdown worries
Appeal Democrat: State GOP searches for new direction


SF: Perry on difference between TX & CA: We don’t judge success by no. of welfare cases


WaPo: Tom Coburn headed to New Hampshire in November


WIS: SC congressmen give no timetable on end to shutdown


Atlanta Biz: Georgia poll: Shutdown Dems' fault


AP: Ala. Rep. Spencer Bachus won’t seek re-election


Bayou Buzz: Landrieu digs in to defend ACA


Chicago ST: Illinois Dems dodge GOP shutdown vote trap


AP: Prominent Indiana Republicans back down from shutdown comments


Dana Milbank: Mitch McConnell’s vanishing act


Baltimore Sun: Candidates for governor pledge tax cuts for business


Politico: Cory Booker, Steve Lonegan scrap in midday debate



October 4, 2013


WSJ: GOP Begins Search for Broad Deal on Budget
WSJ: White House's Hard Line on Shutdown, Debt Ceiling Has Risks Attached
WSJ: GOP Group Urges Detente on Health Law
NYT: G.O.P. Elders See Liabilities in Shutdown

Peggy Noonan: To Lead Is to Negotiate
Michael Gerson: The GOP should speed Obamacare’s demise. Right now, it’s not
Charlie Cook: Why Republicans Will Never Have an Electoral Incentive to Compromise
WSJ: OpEd: Obama Rewrites Debt-Limit History
WTimes: Reince Priebus: Obamacare 'isn’t ready for primetime'
James Taranto: Could Republicans Be Winning?

NYT: Boehner Pledges to Avoid Default, Republicans Say
WaPo: GOP aides: Boehner tells colleagues he will avoid a default on federal debt
NYT: Experts See Potential Ways Out for Obama in Debt Ceiling Maze

WaPo: Supreme Court case could give wealthy donors more latitude in elections

WTimes: Dr. Ben Carson is latest on list of conservatives targeted by IRS

WT: Indebted Dems compete with Obama for donors; GOP has $13M start for midterms

Examiner: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are not as similar as they look


Roll Call: Bill Shuster Stomps Tea Party Challenger in Early GOP Poll


NYT: Poll Says Voters Back de Blasio, if Not His Plans


WSJ: Democrat Davis Kicks Off Campaign for Texas Governor
HChron: Wendy Davis announces run for governor of Texas
WaPo: Wendy Davis announces run for Texas governor
NYT: Wendy Davis Enters Race for Texas Governor With a Shorter Speech
LAT: Wendy Davis opens Texas governor bid with slap at Republican leaders
WaPo: Wendy Davis faces very long odds in the Texas governors race. Here’s why.


NatJ: Kentucky Governor's Obamacare Advocacy Could Help Mitch McConnell


Roll Call: Arizona Speaker Enters Race Against Ann Kirkpatrick


Roll Call: Democrats Land Montana Senate Recruit



October 3, 2013


WSJ: No Movement in Shutdown Standoff
Fox: High drama on Capitol Hill as tempers flare, leaders fail to reach deal
WaPo: Focus shifts to looming debt-ceiling deadline as shutdown talks at WH go nowhere
NYT: Obama Sets Conditions for Talks: Pass Funding and Raise Debt Ceiling
Roll Call: House Passes First 3 Mini-CRs, Daring Senate to Act

WSJ: Reid Sets Tone for Democrats in Shutdown Fight
NYT: In Showdown With G.O.P., a Scrappy Reid Plays Hardball

WTimes: No go: Boehner says Obama still won’t negotiate on government funding
WSJ: Centrist Republicans Lobby Boehner to End Shutdown
WaPo: John Boehner, between a rock and a hard place on shutdown and debt limit

WSJ: Government Shutdown Pinches Low-Income Aid Programs
WTimes: Shutdown has not shut off money tap for members of Congress
WaPo: Tea party lawmakers see the culmination of years of effort in shutdown
NYT: Editorial: The Cost of the Shutdown

WSJ: Both Parties Dread Looming, Bigger Cuts
WSJ: Dancing With Default: Obama opposes the House GOP's offer to pay debts first

Karl Rove: The Treacherous Politics of the Fiscal Showdown
Dan Henninger: Obama and Ted Cruz preside over a dangerous political spectacle
Byron York: Out of ideas, House GOP considers Hail Mary
RLimbaugh: Shutdown: Drive-By Media Misinforms Low-Information Voters, Emboldens Dems
Eric Erickson: Ted Cruz & Mike Lee: Commanders of the Conservative Army
Eric Erickson: Hold Your Ground and Shut John Cornyn Up
George Will: For GOP in 2016, some medicine

James Taranto: Brendan Mahoney Saves ObamaCare
NYT: Millions of Poor Are Left Uncovered by Health Law
WSJ: OpEd: How ObamaCare Wrecks the Work Ethic


WTimes: McAuliffe blasts flying of Confederate flag; issue is politically tricky


NYT: Cuomo Enlists Pataki and McCall to Help With Tax-Cut Plans

NYT: In TV Ad, Lhota Cites Common Ground, and Differences, With de Blasio


Fox: Montana Lt. Gov. John Walsh to seek Senate seat in 2014



October 2, 2013


WSJ: Capital Digs In for Long Haul
WaPo: Washington braces for prolonged government shutdown
WSJ: Behind Standoff, a Broken Process in Need of a Broker
WaPo: This time, it’s different: Negotiations have no place in latest fiscal crisis
WSJ: Biggest Economic Threat: Debt Ceiling, Not Shutdown
WSJ: A GOP Shutdown Strategy
NYT: House G.O.P. Stands Firm on Shutdown, but Dissent Grows

Hill: House votes down GOP's piecemeal spending bills
Mail UK: Democrats BLOCK House Republicans' attempt to keep key govt depts open
Hill: House GOP to try piecemeal funding; Obama threatens veto
NYT: House G.O.P. Pushes Piecemeal Approach as Democrats Stand Firm
LAT: House GOP's new strategy: Reopen popular parts of government
WTimes: House rejects restoration of funds during shutdown for veterans, parks
Hill: Reid rejects GOP proposal as 'cherry-picking' funding
LAT House Democrats reject GOP plan to reopen some parts of government
NYT: Ryan Links Budget Impasse to Debt Ceiling Fight
Hill: Republicans following Cruz’s playbook as crisis unfolds

Fox: Waiting Game: Lawmakers, Obama dig in amid partial gov't suspension
WTimes: Obama slams House GOP on shutdown’s first day
WaPo: Defiant Obama blames government shutdown on GOP ‘ideological crusade’
NYT: Committed Group of Conservatives Outflanks House Leadership
WaPo: Why Boehner doesn’t just ditch the hard right
NatJ: Can Reid’s Shutdown Strategy Hold?

Fox: ObamaCare opens to widespread delays, more Capitol Hill wrangling
WaPo: Obamacare site goes live, with some glitches
NYT: Opening Rush to Insurance Markets Runs Into Snags
WTimes: Obama now says Obamacare will bring months of ‘glitches’

NYT: Why the Health Care Law Scares the G.O.P.

Fred Barnes: The President's Shutdown
Dick Morris: Shutdown bad for Dems too
James Taranto: May ObamaCare fail quickly and spectacularly
Rush Limbaugh: Senate Votes to Keep Obamacare Subsidy
Rush: Media Obsesses on Shutdown, But the Real Story is the Obamacare Launch Disaster
Byron York: On Capitol Hill, the Obamacare fight is no longer about Obamacare
NYT: Editorial: John Boehner’s Shutdown
Thomas Friedman: Our Democracy Is at Stake

Holman Jenkins: Behind the Noise, Entitlement Reform

NatJ: How Harry Reid and Grover Norquist Paralyzed Congress
NatJ: The Long Arm (And Hidden Hand) of Jim DeMint

NYT: Justices to Weigh Key Limit on Political Donors
NYT: OpEd: It’s Not Citizens United

NYT: Hollywood Advancing Hillary Clinton Film

Politico: Poll: Hillary Clinton tops Chris Christie, others


Sunshine: Bill Nelson Staying Out Helps Rick Scott, Charlie Crist and Nan Rich


WaPo: McAuliffe says for first time that he supports EPA rules on coal-fired plants
WTimes: McAuliffe makes risky run to left with limits for coal plants
Politico: Republicans bash McAuliffe’s support for EPA climate rule


Roll Call: Lt. Governor Explores House Primary Challenge in Missouri | #MO08


Roll Call: First-Time GOP Senate Candidate Posts Knock-Out Fundraising Quarter


NYT: Editorial: Tax Cuts in the Mayor’s Race


NYT: Texas Governor’s Trips to Lure Jobs Stir Skepticism Over Motive


Hill: Booker’s star fades in NJ Senate race
Roll Call: Cory Booker Airs Negative Shutdown Ad Against GOP Rival


Roll Call: Campaign Poll: Democrat Widens Lead in Massachusetts Special Primary


October 1, 2013


WSJ: Government Shuts Down as Congress Misses Deadline
WTimes: Government shutdown begins as gridlocked Congress gives up
NYT: Government Shutting Down in Impasse
Fox: Congress misses deadline, sending government into partial shutdown
WaPo: Shutdown begins: Stalemate forces first U.S. government closure in 17 years
WSJ: Government Shutdown Is Defining Moment for Boehner
NYT: The Conservative Cause: ‘We’re Right’
DC: As government shuts down, Democrats party it up at Hillary Clinton's DC house

Roll Call: House Sends CR Hot Potato Back to Senate for Third Time

WSJ: In Final Vote, House Passes Motion on Budget Negotiators
Roll Call: Last-Ditch CR Effort by House Faces Certain Senate Rejection
Hill: Reid rejects House Republicans' offer to appoint funding conferees

Roll Call: Dems Mull Divulging Emails With Boehner Staff as Shutdown Fight Gets Personal

WSJ: Senate Rejects House Spending Measure as Shutdown Looms
Politico: Government shutdown: Red-state Senate Dems stick with their party
NYT: House Schedules Next Vote on Stopgap Measure
NYT: Obama Criticizes G.O.P. as Senate Rejects House’s Terms on Budget
WTimes: Obama: Shutdown would hamper economy, but Obamacare can’t be stopped
Fox: House weighs new ObamaCare delay, Obama hopes for '11th-hour' solution
WSJ: Sequester Likely to Survive Budget Battle
Roll Call: Shutdown Looks Inevitable Unless Boehner Changes His Mind

Peggy Noonan: Delay ObamaCare for a Year
RedState: The Path Forward
Rush Limbaugh: Shutdown Kicks Off '14 Democrat Campaign
Rush Limbaugh: Media Malpractice on Shutdown Politics
Rush Limbaugh: What Should Republicans Do Next?
James Taranto: Law of the Land: What ObamaCare and the debt limit have in common
Dan Balz: Shutdown stalemate shows larger GOP dilemma: How to be a governing party
Marc Thiessen: The GOP flunks Hostage Taking 101

Examiner: Obama approves military pay during shutdown
Fox: Obama signs bill guaranteeing active duty military pay in event of shutdown

WSJ: GOP to Get More Shutdown Blame, Polls Find
Rasmussen: Support for Government Shutdown Drops from 53% to 45%
NatJ: Poll: Voters Sided With Democrats in Runup to Shutdown

WSJ: OpEd: ObamaCare's Technology Mess
Guardian UK: US employers slashing worker hours to avoid Obamacare insurance mandate

WSJ: Fiscal Monkey Business: Congress pulls stunt to break sequester spending caps

WSJ: Climate of Uncertainty: A U.N. report can't explain the hiatus in global warming

Stuart Rothenberg: Republican Senate Hopefuls Vary in Quality, Approach

Rasmussen: 57% of Republicans View Ted Cruz Favorably

Hill: Ron Paul’s legacy looms over son’s White House ambitions

NYT: CNN and NBC Scrap Projects on Hillary Clinton
Time: CNN Nixes Hillary Clinton Documentary
Gawker: Filmmaker Gives Up On Hillary Clinton Documentary, Blames Hillary
Fox: Director nixes Hillary documentary for CNN after pressure from Clinton aides
Guardian UK: CNN's Hillary Clinton film scrapped as director blames lack of co-operation
Hollywood Reporter: NBC Scraps Hillary Clinton Miniseries


Politico: Public Policy Polling: Crist Leads Scott, 50 to 38 percent


NYT: North Carolina Governor Assails Suit on Voting Laws
NYT: The Dishonesty of Voter ID Laws


Politico: 3rd bid in governor’s race could cost Cuccinelli

Politico: McDonnell admonishes GOP over shutdown


HE: From Michele Bachmann, a persuasive case for why many in GOP don’t fear a shutdown


NYT: Bill de Blasio Addresses Ailing Father’s Suicide in ’70s


AL: Rep. Spencer Bachus won't seek re-election in 2014
Roll Call: Spencer Bachus Will Not Seek Re-Election in 2014


NYT: Christie Wants State’s Top Court to Block Gay Marriage Ruling

American Spectator: Steve Lonegan’s Bold Colors



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