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WaPo: The Fix’s top 10 Senate races of 2014

Hill: Weak state parties weigh down Senate Democrats in South

Hill: Female Senate candidates press Dems’ gender advantage

Politico: Democrats turn to vets to run in 2014

Examiner: Polls shows likely GOP senate takeover in 2014

Roll Call: The Shrinking House Map: A Regional Breakdown

Roll Call: The Cheap Seats: Senate Majority Determined in Inexpensive States

NatJ: Hotline's Inaugural 2014 Senate Rankings

WaPo: The demographics of every congressional district, in one interactive chart



October 14, 2013


Politico: Senate remains at an impasse
Hill: Senate talks on shutdown, debt stalled
WSJ: Senate Democrats Press New Front in Budget Battle
NYT: Spending Dispute Leaves a Senate Deal Elusive
WaPo: Senate leaders’ talks on shutdown, debt limit stall as sides await market’s reaction
NatJ: Senate Talks Hit Snag, but Reid Sounds Optimistic

Politico: Government shutdown: House GOP ponders own short-term debt bill

WTimes: Lots of talk, little action on debt deal in Congress
Fox: Fiscal deals now focus on sequester, amid little Capitol Hill optimism about quick fix
Examiner: Default looming, Day 14 of shutdown, no solution
WaPo: Debt-ceiling breach would push economy into free fall, without a govt safety net

WSJ: Some in Tea Party Stand Firm on Health-Law Stance
WSJ: McConnell Rejoins the Budget Fray
WaPo: Some say bitter rift between McConnell and Reid could endanger a deal
WTimes: Rand Paul: GOP can’t accept Democrats’ attempts to undo sequesters
WTimes: Sen. Lindsey Graham: Can’t support a Senate deal the House will reject
John Fund: Graham Joins Vitter in Fight over Hill’s Carve-Out
Examiner: Portman, Durbin predict a short-term debt deal by Thursday
Politico: Klobuchar and Collins see a deal by Thursday
WSJ: Sidelined, Collins Vows to Continue Seeking Budget Compromise
Robert Costa: Divided and Uneasy

Robert Samuelson: The shutdown heralds a new economic norm
Paul Krugman: The Dixiecrat Solution
Lawrence Summers: In shutdown debate, focus should be on growth instead of deficit

WSJ: ObamaCare's Serious Complications
Bill Keller: Obamacare: The Rest of the Story

WSJ: ‘Clean Coal’ Costs Are on Display at Mississippi Plant


NYT: Editorial: False Equality in Michigan


WTimes: Virginia Democrats fight purge of voter rolls ordered weeks before election


WTimes: In Colorado, Hudak recall is on again


Politico: Report: New York GOP wants Gov. Donald Trump


Fox: With voting just days away in NJ Senate race, Tea Party arrives to lend support


October 13, 2013


WaPo: Senate leaders take over government shutdown talks
NYT: With Debt Ceiling Looming, Focus Shifts to Senate
WSJ: Reid, McConnell Meet in Bid to End Impasse
Fox: Senate to try again Sunday to end fiscal crisis, after nixing Collins' plan
WSJ: Senate Bill to Extend Borrowing Limit Through 2014 Fails Test
WaPo: Government shutdown debate grates on Congress members’ moods

NYT: From the Start, Signs of Trouble at Health Portal

NYT: G.O.P.’s Hopes to Take Senate Are Dimming
WaPo: Obama and Democrats, united by shutdown, looking for gains beyond it

Dan Balz: Shutdown means damage to the system, but greater risk for Republicans
Ross Douthat: The Kurtz Republicans
Maureen Dowd: A Mad Tea Party
Judson Phillips: The last days of the Republican Party
Salena Zito: Much bodes well for GOP in 2014
Clarice Feldman: Government 404 Error

WTimes: Cruz crushes field in presidential straw poll at Values Voters Summit
Fox: Cruz wins Values Voter Summit's 2016 straw poll
Roll Call: Ted Cruz to House: ‘Stand Firm’ on Obamacare, ‘Republicans Will Win’

WSJ: Sunday Talk Preview: Budget Impasse


Richmond TD: Gubernatorial candidates on the issues
Richmond TD: Of all Republicans, it’s Cuccinelli who’s losing the base
Hill: Ron Paul endorses Cuccinelli in VA race
Global Dispatch: Ken Cuccinelli gets the Ron Paul endorsement in Virginia governor’s race


AP: Missouri gov. halts 1st US execution by propofol


WaPo: Brown nixes Democrats-friendly initiative reform measure


NYT: Palin Endorses Lonegan in New Jersey Senate Race
NJ: Steve Lonegan and Sarah Palin rev up conservatives at speedway rally
Patch: Sarah Palin, Tea Party rally for Lonegan in New Egypt
NJ: No confusing Lonegan and Booker: They agree on almost nothing



October 12, 2013


WSJ: Boehner: Debt Talks at Impasse
WaPo: Boehner tells House GOP: Negotiations have ended
NYT: Impasse Grinds On as House Says Its Offer Was Rejected

WSJ: Obama Weighs Competing GOP Plans to End Standoff
NYT: Divide Narrows as Talks to Resolve Fiscal Crisis Go On
WaPo: Congressional Republicans rush to develop plan to reopen government
WTimes: House GOP says it’s ready to end shutdown
Fox: Hill leaders push dueling budget plans, seek 'sweet spot' to break impasse
WTimes: Reid says House debt offer won’t work
NYT: G.O.P. Senators See Outline for Debt Deal After Obama Meeting
WaPo: Obama, Republicans in debt talks on two fronts
Star Tribune: Republicans say Obama might deal on medical device tax
Politico: D.C. moving toward fiscal deal despite bumps
WTimes: House GOP says it’s ready to end shutdown
BBC: US budget battle: Five key players
Hill: Confusion spreads in GOP: ‘There’s plates spinning everywhere’

Boston Globe: Senator Cruz urges House GOP to stand strong in fight over Obamacare
WSJ: Cruz, Lee Stand by Their Defund Obamacare Quest
NBC: Cruz scoffs at NBC/WSJ poll: 'That's not reflective of where this country is'
CBS: Ted Cruz: Leader of the Republican Party?
Freep: Conservative summit loves/hates Ted Cruz
Dana Milbank: Cruzification of the GOP

Rush Limbaugh: NBC/WSJ Poll: The Agony and the Ecstasy
Rush Limbaugh: The AP Poll Results You're Not Hearing About
Rush Limbaugh: Nate Silver to Dems: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Nate Silver: The Six Big Takeaways From the Government Shutdown
Ross Douthat: The Costs of Fantasy Politics
Marc Ambinder: The Republican Revolution of 2013
James Taranto: Closed, but No Cigar: The good news is Ted Cruz was wrong
Stephen Moore: Michael Needham: The Strategist Behind the Shutdown
Kathleen Parker: Giving Up on God

MSNBC: Dems pin 2014 hopes on shutdown blowback

Politico: House-Senate farm bill talks OK'd

Examiner: GOP governors launch campaign to rebrand the party

NYT: 2 States Plan 2-Tier System for Balloting

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Tampa Bay Times: Scramble begins for Rep. C.W. Bill Young's congressional seat
Sunshine: Charlie Crist Says he Won't Run for Bill Young's Seat, Either
AP: With eye on 2014, Florida Republicans raise $5.1M to Dems' $1.4M in third quarter


WFMJ: Drilling industry wades into Pa. governor's race


AP: Ohio governor John Kasich to seek Medicaid expansion through panel
Toledo Blade: Ohio Senate GOP releases Medicaid plan


AP: Rep. Gary Peters raises $1M for U.S. Senate race
Detroit News: Peters raises another $1M in bid for Michigan's Senate seat
Freep: Congressman Gary Peters adds $1 million more to 2014 Senate campaign
Roll Call: Gary Peters Posts Second Million-Dollar Quarter for Senate
Hill: Peters tops $1M for for Senate race

WSJ: Republican Challenges Tea Party Star Amash

Reuters: Key Michigan official in Detroit bankruptcy resigns
Mlive: Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon resigns, citing messy divorce and media scrutiny

Detroit News: 28-year sentence for Kilpatrick prompts strong reactions


News & Observer: Rep. 'Skip' Stam endorses NC House Speaker Thom Tillis for Senate

News & Observer: Jones becomes first NC Republican to call for House vote on CR


WSJ: Cuccinelli Releases Tough Ad in Virginia Race
NPR: Shutdown Takes A Toll On GOP In Virginia Governor's Race
Reuters: As Virginia governor's race turns ugly, outside funds flow in
WaPo: Stark contrast for voters in Virginia governor’s race
Delmarva: Quinnipiac Poll shows McAuliffe has lead on Cuccinelli
AP: TV's Duggar family to campaign for Cuccinelli


Fox: Wisconsin Gov. Walker proposes $100 million property tax cut

Politico: Paul Ryan raises $832k in third quarter


Roll Call: Franken Challenger Posts $700K Fundraising Quarter

Star Tribune: Minnesota's new online voter registration system challenged
Pioneer Press: Minnesota's online voter registration raises questions from GOP legislators


CBS St. Louis: Blunt Splits With House GOP on Shutdown, Debt Ceiling


USA Today: Colo., Utah pay to reopen national parks during shutdown


Iowa Republican: Ernst Raises Over $250,000 in Third Quarter


Roll Call: Nevada Candidate Raised $250K in Her First Quarter


AP: Democratic candidates criticize GOP Gov. Martinez over use of state helicopter


Hill: Conservative activist enters NH Senate race


Kennebec Journal: Collins, colleagues express optimism after White House meeting


Bloomberg: King Says Tea Party Has Lost Shutdown Battle


SF Chron: Brown vetoes bill banning semi-automatic rifles
LAT: Gov. Brown bans lead ammo in hunting, vetoes other gun control bills


Dallas MN: Sen. John Cornyn on Obama: “another predictable lecture”

Dallas MN: GOP lieutenant governor hopefuls fire away
HChron: Patterson challenges Patrick to divulge tax, bankruptcy records


Charleston CP: Haley turns against Republicans in D.C. over shutdown
Charlotte Observer: Haley says SC will continue to fight against federal mandates
DC: Gowdy to National Park Service: Why block out vets and not ‘Occupy’ protestors?


Newsmax: GOP Sen. Isakson: Government Shutdown a 'Dumb Idea'
CNN: GOP senator: Government shutdown was 'a dumb idea'

AP: Gingrey to report $2.5M in cash for Ga. Senate bid
AJC: Phil Gingrey takes in about $290k for Senate haul

AP: Perdue invests $1 million in Ga. Senate bid
Roll Call: Georgia Republican Invests $1M in Senate Campaign
Hill: Georgia businessman posts $1.8M for Senate race


AP: 4 running as Republicans for Alabama House seat


Roll Call: Louisiana Special: Riser Is Sitting Pretty, but Who Will He Face in Runoff?


PostGame: Ditka: 'I Regret Not Running Against Obama'


Bloomberg: Corker Says Congress to Raise Debt-Limit by Oct. 17
Daily Caller: Corker: Budget battle will be resolved by Wednesday, if not sooner


Courier-Journal: Sen. Mitch McConnell raises $17.7 million for reelection
WKMS: Senator Mitch McConnell Hauls in $2.3 Million for Re-Election in Past 3 Months
Hill: Mitch McConnell reports $2.27M fundraising haul, biggest to date
Roll Call: McConnell Raised $2.3M in 3rd Quarter
WYMT: McConnell runs radio ad blaming Dems for shutdown


Examiner: Air wars already raging in Arkansas senate race


Hill: Lonegan aide slams Booker’s 'strange behavior' in NJ Senate race
USA Today: Palin to campaign for N.J. Senate candidate Lonegan

ABC27: Christie: Both parties to blame for fed shutdown

AP: NJ Supreme Court agrees to hear gay marriage case, request to delay lower-court order


AP: Potential GOP Candidates Close In Gubernatorial Race Fund-Raising

Politico: William Petit, Connecticut invasion survivor, considers Congress run
Patch: GOP Woos Petit to Run for 5th District Seat


Patriot Ledger: Poll shows Baker well behind Coakley, Grossman for governor


WTimes: EPA facing fire for armed raid on mine in Chicken, Alaska: Population, 7



October 11, 2013


WSJ: Obama, GOP Open Talks Over Temporary Debt Fix
NYT: No Quick Deal, but Offer by G.O.P. on Debt Shifts the Tone
WaPo: Obama, Republicans in debt talks on two fronts
WTimes: GOP relents, offers to raise debt limit; White House mulling proposal
Fox: Deal or no deal? GOP back to drawing board on debt plan after Obama meeting
Examiner: John Boehner shifts strategies on debt ceiling, government shutdown
Hill: White House, GOP fail to reach deal, but agree to keep talking
NYT: Ryan Is Again in the Forefront for the G.O.P.

NBC/WSJ: NBC/WSJ poll: Shutdown debate damages GOP
Hill: Poll: GOP approval sinks to 24 percent
Hill: White House sees GOP on ropes
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's 37% Approval Means Something!

Peggy Noonan: Now Is the Time to Delay ObamaCare
James Taranto: ObamaCare's technical troubles call the mandate into question
WSJ: OpEd: ObamaCare and the Part-Time Economy
NYT: Kochs and Other Conservatives Split Over Strategy on Health Law

Kim Strassel: A Crisis of the President's Own Making
Charles Krauthammer: The way out
Alan Blinder: The GOP's Flirtation With Disaster
Paul Krugman: Dealing With Default
Allysia Finley: A Cruz Miss: Can the GOP hold the House next year?

Charlie Cook: How Democrats Can Get to Yes


WaPo: Why Rep. Bill Young’s retirement is a gift for Democrats


WSJ: Virginia’s McAuliffe Was Investor With Convicted Estate Planner
Politico: Libertarian excluded from Va. gov debate


NYT: Lhota Continues to Trail de Blasio by Wide Margin, Poll Finds


NYT: The Quashing of a Case Against a Christie Ally



October 10, 2013


WSJ: Shutdown Standoff Shows Signs of a Thaw
Fox: House Republicans eye short-term debt ceiling fix, ahead of White House meeting
Examiner: GOP shifts focus from Obamacare defunding to winning spending reforms
Examiner: New GOP strategy: Offer deal on debt limit, but keep shutdown fight going
NYT: House Republicans Argue for Delay in Health Law Penalties
NYT: As Pressure Mounts, House G.O.P. Weighs Short-Term Debt Deal
WaPo: Key Republicans signal willingness to back down on effort to defund health-care law
Reuters: House Republicans to meet Obama on Thursday at White House
Politico: GOP to send small group to Obama meeting
WTimes: Obama’s national debt rate on track to double
BBC: Obama: I’m not budging but here's a hint
NYT: Business Groups See Loss of Sway Over House G.O.P.
Politico: Mitch McConnell, Senate GOP search for way out
Hill: Ryan steps up to shape a deal
Hill: Ryan sells conservatives on plan to end shutdown, debt standoff
NYT: Republicans Using Shutdown to Stake Positions for Potential 2016 Bids

Examiner: Poll: Republican Party's favorability sinks to record low
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Approval Down to 37% and Republicans Still Think They're Losing?

Karl Rove: The Public Weighs In on the Shutdown
David Malpass: The Bigger Battle Behind the Shutdown
Tony James: A Federal Default Invites Catastrophe
Ann Coulter: Democrats to America: We Own The Government!
James Taranto: Let's Get Cynical: Why should we trust the government--especially now?
EJ Dionne: Obama can’t cave, even a little, in the face of GOP extremism
Dana Milbank: The shutdown’s enforcer-in-chief
George Will: When liberals became scolds

WSJ: The Yellen Difference: The Tobin Keynesians are back in charge at the Federal Reserve
NYT: Yellen’s Path From Liberal Theorist to Fed Voice for Jobs

WaPo: Some say health-care site’s problems highlight flawed federal IT policies

Bradley Smith: Fantasyland at the Supreme Court


NYT: Florida Defends New Effort to Clean Up Voter Rolls

Fox: Florida Congressman Young to retire after 22 terms
Roll Call: Bill Young Announces Retirement From Congress


WTimes: Kenneth Cuccinelli says Terry McAuliffe’s priorities would cost Virginia $14 billion
Politico: Poll: Terry McAuliffe increases his lead over Ken Cuccinelli in VA governor election


NYT: Rod Grams, Minnesota Anchorman Turned Senator, Is Dead at 65
Pioneer Press: Rod Grams dies; Minnesota congressman, senator, TV anchor was 65


Fox: New California law allows some nurses, midwives perform abortions


Fox: Texas refuses to give back lethal drugs, plans to proceed with execution


Politico: GOP legal elite to raise cash for Tom Cotton


NBC Philly: Booker, Lonegan Divisive and Angry in Final Debate
Politico: Steve Lonegan blasts Cory Booker's city: 'Big black hole'
Politico: Sarah Palin to campaign with Steve Lonegan
Fox: Democrat darling Cory Booker facing battle as NJ Senate race tightens
Stephen Moore: Can Lonegan Win?



October 9, 2013


WaPo: Lawmakers trying to reopen government piece by piece
WSJ: Tensions Ratchet Up in Debt Battle
NYT: Lift ‘Threats,’ Obama Insists, Spurning Talks
Hill: Boehner rejects Obama's offer
Hill: President, Dems split on strategy
WSJ: Sen. Reid Orders Attendance For Shutdown Speech
Hill: Reid wants $1T debt hike to end of 2014 (Video)
NYT: Many in G.O.P. Offer Theory: Default Wouldn’t Be That Bad
Politico: Back in force: Debt limit deniers
WTimes: Debt-limit holiday, supercommittee proposed to end shutdown impasse
NatJ: How the Shutdown Crisis Will Be Resolved
WaPo: As debt-limit deadline nears, investors show growing concern about a U.S. default
Politico: GOP unity frays, frustration builds
Politico: John Boehner’s endgame

Rep. Eric Cantor: Divided government requires bipartisan negotiation
Rep. Paul Ryan: Here's How We Can End This Stalemate
James Taranto: Obama's 'Fever' Pitch
Rush Limbaugh: The Most Dishonest President Ever?
Rush Limbaugh: Drive-Bys Begin to Crack on Shutdown?

WaPo: Many remain locked out of federal health-care Web site

Dick Morris: Suit in Oklahoma could knock out ObamaCare

WSJ: Yellen Is Obama's Choice as Fed Chief
NYT: Obama to Pick Yellen as Leader of Fed, Officials Say
WaPo: Obama to name Yellen as Federal Reserve chairman on Wednesday

NYT: 8 Lawmakers Arrested at Immigration Protest
CSM: House Democrats arrested: 8 House members arrested at immigration rally

NYT: Supreme Court Again Weighs Spending Limits in Campaigns
WaPo: Supreme Court skeptical of limits on federal campaign contributions


WTimes: Pennsylvania cites Supreme Court ruling, argues for right to prohibit gay marriage


Politico: GOP rival announces Justin Amash primary


Examiner: With 28 days left, Terry McAuliffe's lead grows to 9 percent over Ken Cuccinelli
Daily Caller: Emails show McAuliffe pressured officials to allow Greentech funding


Gov. Scott Walker: What Wisconsin can teach Washington


NYDN: Joe Lhota slams Bill de Blasio's views on crime, police as 'naive and reckless'


USA Today: GOP congressman Nunez says Cruz misled Republicans


Politico: John Cornyn avoids tea party challenge


Politico: Jim Inhofe has emergency heart surgery
Fox: Inhofe had heart surgery, expected back to Washington in a few weeks


Politico: Distant Obama cousin to challenge Pat Roberts


Roll Call: Michelle Nunn Raises $1.7 Million for Georgia Senate Race


Politico: Bobby Jindal SOS: Take back GOP from D.C.

Roll Call: Louisiana Republicans Report Special Election Fundraising


NYT: In New Jersey Debate, a State Senator Tries to Deflate a Confident Christie
WaPo: Chris Christie on 2016 and 10 more memorable lines from the NJ governor's debate
Politico: Chris Christie makes point on Obamacare


WaPo: Ex-senator William ‘Mo’ Cowan to return to his old law firm



October 8, 2013


WSJ: Polls: Republicans Draw More Fire on Shutdown
WTimes: Obama demands quick House vote on shutdown
NYT: Default Threat Generates Fear Around Globe
Politico: Democratic cracks open in debt limit fight
Hill: House GOP to do 'foxhole' strategy check
Weekly Standard: 8 Reasons the Shutdown Won’t Hurt Republicans
NYT: Senate Leaders Mull Raising Debt Ceiling in Challenge to House
WaPo: Govt shutdown unlikely to damage economy, but debt limit could be catastrophe
WTimes: Congress flies blind during shutdown with deficit of budget reports
Hill: Who’ll blink first, Obama or Boehner?
Hill: Shutdown — ‘A pox on everybody’s house’
WTimes: Cruz control: Inside GOP’s great divide on Obamacare
LAT: Emboldened Republicans defy Washington's norms
Hill: Poll: GOP disapproval rating hits 70 percent
Hill: Halloween is deadline on debt deal

Rush Limbaugh: Republicans are Winning the Shutdown
Rush Limbaugh: Obama: I Never Said I Wouldn't Negotiate
Dan Balz: Shutdown shines spotlight on rift in Republican Party
Charles Lane: We need a debt-limit do-over
Thomas Sowell: Inarticulate Republicans

Hill: ObamaCare crash not just traffic
National Review: Obamacare Snake Oil

Rush Limbaugh: New York Times: Rich People Care Less

James Taranto: The New Face of Prejudice

WSJ: Tense Negotiations Inside the Fed Produced Muddled Signals to Markets

WSJ: Eric Holder's 2014 Racial Politics

WaPo: Supreme Court returns to work, hears case on R. Allen Stanford’s Ponzi scheme
WTimes: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg predicts another Democrat in 2016

New Republic: Take Back the House? Democrats Aren't Even Ahead on Friendly Turf In 2014
Michael Barone: Why Democrats aren't likely to take the House in 2014
Charlie Cook: Republicans Could Be Weakening Their Party’s Future


SunSentinel: Obamacare launches in Florida
Miami Herald: RNC names new Hispanic outreach staffers


NYT: A G.O.P. Moderate in the Middle ... of a Jam


Roll Call: Michigan Republican Posts $2 Million for Senate Campaign


Politico: Poll: Government shutdown backlash boosts Terry McAuliffe
Politico: Poll: Plurality of Virginians favors EPA climate rule


Politico: Democrat Mary Burke launches bid vs. Scott Walker
Hill: Scott Walker gets Democratic opponent

NatJ: Why Is Paul Ryan So Quiet on Showdown?


Fox: Colorado gun-rights advocates plan another recall effort

WaPo: Colorado, still reeling from fires and floods, hard hit by furloughs


NYT: Cuomo’s Office Is Said to Rein In Ethics Board He Created

NYT: For a Skilled Fund-Raiser, Lhota Looks No Further Than Home


Allysia Finley: Shutdown Politics in California

LAT: Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes measure allowing noncitizens on juries
NYT: Veto Halts Bill for Jury Duty by Noncitizens in California

NYT: Garcetti, New Los Angeles Mayor, Reflects Changing City


Roll Call: John Cornyn Airs First Re-Election Campaign Spot

Houston Chronicle: Texas on track to be among world’s largest oil producers


Politico: Mark Sanford on the hot seat over government shutdown


Politico: Senate contender Jack Kingston raises $800k


Ex: Tom Cotton targets Pryor's vote on government funding in his first ad of AR Senate race


Examiner: Senate report finds massive fraud in West Virginia Social Security office


Boston Herald: Elizabeth Warren poses a tough choice for 2016



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