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NatJ: Hotline's Inaugural 2014 Senate Rankings

WaPo: The demographics of every congressional district, in one interactive chart



September 7-8, 2013


NYT: House Republicans Say Voters Oppose Intervention

WSJ: House Plans Vote on Short-Term Funding
Politico: House GOP to advance stopgap spending bill

Bob Woodward: The inside story of how Obama and Boehner negotiate

WaPo: Unemployment dips to 7.3 percent, but only 63% of Americans are in labor force

WSJ: Immigration Politics, Policy Prove Tricky for Democrats

Hill: Barrasso warns of ObamaCare 'sticker shock' in GOP address
LA Times: As healthcare law rolls out, its effects will depend on your state

Bradley Smith: The Supreme Court and Ed Corsi's Life of Political Crime

George Will: Clinton. Christie. Cringe.

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Politico: Jim DeMint: Immigration ‘hurt’ Marco Rubio


NYT: Texas: Split Ruling Over Political Maps


WSJ: Obama Loses Senate Democrat on Syria Vote


NYT: Insurance Rolls to Rise in State Fighting Plan


Dana Milbank: Adam Kinzinger, bucking the RINO charge


WSJ: Franken Leaning Toward Supporting Syria Resolution


NYT: Anticorruption Panel Tells State Legislators to Disclose Outside Work and Clients


NYT: Booker to End Association With Start-Up He Founded
Politico: Cory Booker reveals 15 years of tax returns



September 6, 2013


Examiner: Senate on Friday will advance Syria resolution in deeply divided Congress
WSJ: Push Intensifies for House Backing on Strikes
NYT: House Republicans Say Constituents Are Strongly Opposed to a Syria Strike
NYT: White House Looks to Syria Vote as Rudder for Rest of Term
WTimes: In U.S. and around world, doubts grow over attack on Syria
Telegraph UK: Obama faces growing opposition to airstrikes as he arrives for G20
Guardian UK: 'We have our plans': Vladimir Putin warns US against Syria military action

Peggy Noonan: Why America Is Saying 'No': Syria and Obama
Charles Krauthammer: Unless he’s serious, vote no
James Taranto: Quagmire at Home: Did Obama even have a war plan for Capitol Hill?
Lieberman & Kyl: Inaction on Syria Threatens U.S. Security
Rush Limbaugh: Everyone in This Syria Play is a Liar

NYT: Syria Debate Is Crowding Other Issues on Calendar

WSJ: Navigating ObamaCare Outrage
NYT: Editorial: Selling Health Care Reform
WTimes: Republicans question cost of Obamacare price break for unions

WaPo: Solid economic data point to strong jobs report

WSJ: Summers Faces Key 'No' Votes if Fed Pick
NYT: Opponents of Summers Must Overcome His Bond With Obama

Politico: Mike Huckabee ‘chatting’ about 2016 bid


HE: Poll: Half of GOP voters in Boehner’s district welcome primary challenge to speaker


WaPo: Legislative session will matter in race for Hagan’s Senate seat

WaPo: McCrory’s bumpy first year comes at Republican hands


Politico: RGA, DGA spend big on Virginia governor’s race


NYT: New Inquiry for Bachmann on Her Presidential Race



September 5, 2013


WSJ: Senate Panel Backs Force Against Syria
NYT: Split Senate Panel Approves Giving Obama Limited Authority on Syria
WTimes: Syria war plan advances in Senate, pushes Obama to help rebels
WSJ: Senate Panel’s Syria Vote: Who Voted For and Against
WSJ: McCain Opposes Senate Panel’s Syria Resolution
WSJ: GOP Hawks Skeptical on Obama’s Syria Plan
WSJ: Liberal House Democrats Turn Up Heat on Syria Vote
NYT: Obama Faces a Barrier in His Own Party on Syria
Daily Beast: Syria War Resolution Will Require 60 Votes in Senate
Fox: Pew: Most Americans against bombing Syria
NYT: Rockets in Syrian Attack Carried Large Payload of Gas, Experts Say
UPI: Text of Senate Foreign Relations resolution on Syria

John Fund: Democrats Dragooned into Line on Syria
James Taranto: The Buck Stops Here
Karl Rove: How Not to Persuade Congress on Syria
Ann Coulter: Community Organizer Goes To War
Rush Limbaugh: This is Not How a Great Power Operates
Andrew McCarthy: On Syria, I Respectfully Dissent
NYT: Editorial: The Stakes in Congress

WSJ: Another Snag for House Immigration Bill

NYT: Clinton Urges Americans to Sign Up for Health Care Exchanges
Examiner: Syria push distracts from Obamacare --- and Dems don't mind

NatJ: Everyone's a Hypocrite on Voter IDs

Dan Balz: Will Hillary Clinton’s position on a Syria military strike affect the 2016 pres. race?


Politico: Marco Rubio to Ken Cuccinelli fundraiser
WaPo: Editorial: Ken Cuccinelli’s ‘personhood’ travails


Roll Call: Son of Former Congressman to Challenge Tim Walz in Minnesota


WTimes: Coloradans can vote early, vote often in recall election on gun opponents


Politico: Poll: Scott Stringer slight lead over Eliot Spitzer
NYT: Final Face-Off in Comptroller Race; Poll Says It’s Tight

Hill: Weiner berates New York voter in bakery blowup after being called 'deviant'


LA Times: Republicans in California: Terminal, or showing signs of life?


WTimes: McConnell’s silence on Syria creates an opening for Bevin


WSJ: R.I. Gov. Chafee Won’t Seek Re-Election
WaPo: Why Lincoln Chafee's decision not to run for reelection is more good news for Dems


WSJ: Liz Cheney Says She Wouldn’t Back Syria Strike



September 4, 2013


WSJ: Support Builds in Congress for U.S. Strike Against Syria
WTimes: Senators agree on Syria resolution granting Obama strike authority
NYT: House Leaders Express Their Support for Syria Strike
Examiner: John Boehner backs Obama, will support strikes on Syria
NatJ: Boehner Stands With Obama On Syria, But Not Too Close
WSJ: GOP Leader Rallies for Obama Plan
WSJ: Water's Edge Republicans: On Syria, Boehner and Cantor rise above partisanship
Hill: Votes on Syria could have huge ramifications on 2016 contenders
Dick Morris: Say no on Syria
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Can't Lose on Syria Vote

WSJ: House GOP Puts Immigration on Back Burner
NYT: Bushes Focus on Immigration Debate to Reclaim Their Influence

Stephen Moore: Obama's Economy Hits His Voters Hardest

NYT: Budget Battles Keep Agencies Guessing

WTimes: Lawmakers demand Capitol Hill not be shielded from Obamacare

NYT: Business Losing Clout in a G.O.P. Moving Right


Fox: Rubio blasts $9M ObamaCare advertising campaign


WaPo: North Carolina GOP split on immigration


WaPo: Jackson keeps GOP establishment at arm’s length in Va. lieutenant gov campaign


NYT: De Blasio Could Avoid Democratic Runoff, New Poll Suggests
NYT: With Little Time Left, Mayoral Candidates Pounce on de Blasio


Roll Call: DeMaio Won’t Run for Mayor of San Diego


Allysia Finley: Ted Cruz Republicans


WaPo: The most important moment of Rand Paul's young career
NatJ: The Politics: Will Syria Give Paul a Leg Up on Rubio
NatJ: Rand Paul: 'Best Chance' to Stop Syria Measure Is In House

WaPo: Why Mitch McConnell’s not John Boehner on Syria
Hill: Dems’ Kentucky ‘closer’ jabs in the early rounds


WSJ: Christie Adds to His Lead in Fundraising
Politico: Chris Christie doesn’t take Syria stand

Roll Call: Rand Paul to Stump for Republican in New Jersey Special


Roll Call: Montana Senate Field Now Cleared for Daines



September 3, 2013


WSJ: McCain, Graham Express New Optimism on Syria Strike
NYT: President Gains McCain’s Backing on Syria Attack
WTimes: McCain: Rejection of Syria war resolution would be ‘catastrophic’
WTimes: Congress takes steps toward strike on Syria; recess cut short for hearings

WSJ: Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Marines Website

WSJ: The Stakes on the Syria Vote
NYT: Editorial: Debating the Case for Force
Kim Strassel: The Politics of the Obama Delay on Syria

NYT: Vote on Syria Sets Up Foreign Policy Clash Between 2 Wings of G.O.P.
Examiner: Distrust of Obama motivating GOP opposition to Syria resolution
Byron York: Why many Republicans won't support Obama on Syria attack
Bret Stephens: The Robert Taft Republicans Return

WaPo: Editorial: Republicans should get out of the way of Obamacare

WSJ: Greenhouse-Gas Fight Escalates
WSJ: Electric Losers, Round Two

WTimes: Jim DeMint still able to pull some weight among Senate Republicans


Fox: North Carolina law prohibits police from destroying guns


WaPo: Ad in Va. governor’s race spotlights Cuccinelli fight to clear wrongly convicted man


NYT: National Gun Debate Hits Close to Home in Colorado Recall Vote


WSJ: New York's Next Mayor Faces Union Showdown
NYT: Catsimatidis Campaigns With Heart, Tongue and Checkbook Unfettered


WSJ: Can Illegal Immigrants Practice Law?


NatJ: Who Really Wants McConnell to Win His Primary? Democrats


Daily Caller: Sources: Christie invited to join Rand Paul at campaign event



September 2, 2013


WSJ: Obama’s Syria Plan Gets Cool Reception From GOP Lawmakers
WSJ: White House Girds for Battle With Congress
WSJ: Congress Will Seek to Limit Syria Authorization
WSJ: Obama's Syria Plan Faces Skeptical Public
NYT: Obama Starts Lobbying Blitz for Support of Strike on Syria
WSJ: Kerry's Syria Campaign Likely to Define His Legacy
WaPo: In Syria delay, Kerry may prove himself a team player
WTimes: Assad loses U.S. friends as Kerry, Hagel and Biden take Bush’s stance on Syria
Daily Caller: Bolton: Obama weakest president since Buchanan, Kerry should resign
NYT: History Aside, Obama Bets on Congress
WaPo: Syria resolution will be ‘a very tough sell’ in Congress, lawmakers say
WaPo: The 5 ways that Congress is splitting on Syria
WSJ: How War Powers, Congressional Action Have Intersected Over Time
WSJ: Leading From Behind Congress
WTimes: McCain and Graham invited to White House to talk Syria
WTimes: Rep. Mike Rogers: Congress will back Obama on Syria
Roll Call: Syria War Resolution Will Be Narrowed, Lawmakers Say
Joe Curl: Obama’s 2014 calculation: Let’s have a war
Dan Balz: Obama’s call for Congress vote on Syria puts GOP’s 2016 hopefuls to the test
Examiner: Ted Cruz: ‘Abstract norms’ should not lead US to war
Daily Caller: Rand Paul: 50/50 chance Congress will authorize Syria strike
Daily Caller: Ron Paul: ‘Reckless and immoral’ for U.S. to intervene in Syria
WTimes: Are Ted Cruz and Rand Paul right, wrong or uninformed on Syria?
NatJ: On the Verge of Appeasement in Syria

Robert Samuelson: The scared worker
Paul Krugman: Love for Labor Lost
EJ Dionne: A comeback for labor

PhillyBurbs: In Obamacare defunding fight, GOP needs strategy

Boston Globe: Impasse over immigration turns on path to citizenship

NYT: Surprising Friend of Gay Rights in a High Place (Justice Kennedy)


TB Times: Top Florida Senate aide gets $400,000 as moonlighting political consultant


Pittsburgh PG: Race for Pennsylvania governor starting early


Examiner: Jobs report argues Kasich's 'Ohio miracle' more like 'Ohio mirage'

Cleveland PD: How Ohio slipped through Romney's fingers in 2012


Lansing SJ: Medicaid debate turns to when expansion occurs


HuffPost: Virginia Governor's Race Shifts Into High Gear
WaPo: In Virginia governor’s race, it’s about motivating the base
Cavalier Daily: Gubernatorial campaigns court students
Virginian-Pilot: Third-party candidate for governor vies for visibility

Daily Press: With lawmakers running for higher office, who will control the State Senate?


Star Tribune: Spending on Minnesota legislative races has doubled in 10 years


Daily Beast: A Battle Over Gun Control in Colorado


Omaha WH: Steve King not on 2016 presidential trail yet, but not ruling it out


Seacoast: N.H. voters, get ready for 2014, and 2016


WLBZ: LePage: Maine seeing new jobs, economic growth


NYDN: After Being Attacked Himself, Ed Cox Calls On GOP Mayoral Candidates To Play Nice
AP: Giuliani is scarce in NYC mayor’s race
Trib: Former Mayor Giuliani's campaign role in New York City 'informal'
Yeshiva: NY Daily News backs Lhota in GOP mayoral primary
NYT: Quinn Reversal, Meant to Help Her, Now Hurts


Politico: Carl DeMaio to run for San Diego mayor, not House
San Diego UT: DeMaio still mulling despite Poltico report

Santa Monica Mirror: GOP Not Finding Solid Candidate To Oppose Governor Jerry Brown


WTimes: Perry touts ‘Texas miracle’ to coax businesses to move to his state

Hill: Conservatives to Cruz: 'Run, Ted, run'
WND: Cruz showered with praise at conservative event
Salon: The Ted Cruz effect: How one man destabilized the government

Corpus Christi Caller: A look at the likely prominent candidates for Texas governor
Texas Tribune: Spotlight on Davis, the Democrats' Big Hope


Politico: Inhofe charges 'president clearly has retreated'


State: SC gov. rejects gov’t shutdown to stop Obamacare


AJC: A Democrat to challenge a suddenly targeted Nathan Deal
WMGT: Democrat Stokes To Challenge Deal For Ga. Governor


DJ: Alabama Republican Party chairman worried about Democratic invaders in '14 elections


ST: Courting tea party support: Carr, Tracy make bids to move to US Congress


NatJ: How to Beat the Senate Minority Leader


AP: GOP path to retake Senate begins in Arkansas


ABC2: Race remains a factor in Maryland politics
Baltimore Sun: GOP in 2014?
WaPo: An opening for Maryland Republicans?


Wheeling Intelligencer: Turning Tide in the U.S. Senate


Record: As Christie courts Democrats, Buono looks to raise profile
Bloomberg: Christie seeks blowout lead


WSJ: Candidates Find Boston Mayor a Tough Act to Follow


Roll Call: Liz Cheney Accuses NRSC of Push Poll Against Her



September 1, 2013


WSJ: Obama to Seek Congressional Vote on Syria Strike
NYT: Obama Seeks Approval by Congress for Strike in Syria
WaPo: Obama says U.S. will take military action against Syria, pending Congress’s approval
WTimes: In reversal, Obama to seek congressional OK for Syria strike
WTimes: Congress in no rush to return for Syria decision
Hill: Boehner: House to consider Syrian action week of Sept. 9
WSJ: Obama Faces Bipartisan Opposition on Syria in Congress
Politico: Bush vets split on Syria
Commentary/John Gordon: The Me, Myself, and I President

Hill: ObamaCare marketplaces to open for business in a month

WTimes: Court: White House visitor logs for Obama and most of his staff are confidential

Fox: GOP activists cheered by state successes

NatJ: Pelosi: I Don't Want to Be Speaker Again

Charlie Cook: The GOP Shouldn’t Run a Fool’s Errand

WSJ: Sunday Talk Preview: Syria in the Spotlight
Hill: Kerry to appear on all five Sunday shows


HuffPost: Rick Scott Accused Of Not Enforcing Environment Protection Standards

Fox: Rubio rallies crowd over 'defund ObamaCare' push, skirts immigration debate
Hill: Rubio heckled over immigration reform at conservative summit in Florida

Hill: Nelson urges immediate strike on Syria


WSJ: North Carolina's Film Tax Credits Head for Cutting-Room Floor


WaPo: Gov. McDonnell described as aware of gifts from Virginia businessman


WSJ: Obamacare, but by Any Other Name


Examiner: Peter King: Obama 'abdicating his responsibility' on Syria

NYT: Advocate’s Post Gave de Blasio Platform for Political Ambitions


WaPo: Ted Cruz enjoys edge among tea party activists at Americans for Prosperity summit


WTimes: GOP lawmakers bring lawsuit to block gay marriage licenses in New Mexico


NYT: Democrats Go for a Senate Gain as G.O.P. Rivals Vie in Georgia
HuffPost: Georgia 2014 Senate Race: Big Scramble Seen For Open Seat


WTimes: Sen. Rand Paul: Obama interested in ‘saving face’ on Syria
Daily Caller: Rand Paul: Boehner speakership in jeopardy over immigration reform
NatJ: Rand Paul's Next Crusade


WaPo: Mary Cheney says Liz Cheney is ‘dead wrong’ on gay marriage


Politico: Sarah Palin: ‘Let Allah sort it out’



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Byron York: Republicans look to change structure of campaign debates

WaPo/Dan Balz: How the Obama campaign won the race for voter data

NatJ: Why Democrats Are Laughing at Republicans' Digital Strategy - And Why They Shouldn't Be

WaPo: GOP’s new tech strategy leads to Silicon Valley in quest to ‘leapfrog’ Democrats

Roll Call: Walden Pledges Improvement for GOP Online Fundraising

Politico: NRCC chief Greg Walden vows to fix polling flaws

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