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WaPo: The Fix’s top 10 Senate races of 2014

Hill: Weak state parties weigh down Senate Democrats in South

Hill: Female Senate candidates press Dems’ gender advantage

Politico: Democrats turn to vets to run in 2014

Examiner: Polls shows likely GOP senate takeover in 2014

Roll Call: The Shrinking House Map: A Regional Breakdown

Roll Call: The Cheap Seats: Senate Majority Determined in Inexpensive States

NatJ: Hotline's Inaugural 2014 Senate Rankings

WaPo: The demographics of every congressional district, in one interactive chart



September 21, 2013


WSJ: Health Law Thrust Into Fiscal Fights
WTimes: House passes spending bill to defund Obamacare
WSJ: House Passes Funding Bill Tied to Health Law
WaPo: House passes GOP spending plan that defunds Obamacare
NYT: House Bill Links Health Care Law and Budget Plan
Examiner: Cruz: House should to start funding only critical govt programs
Hill: Senate conservatives urge filibuster of bill defunding ObamaCare
Politico: Ted Cruz’s block-the-vote strategy
Hill: Democrats push Reid to get aggressive in shutdown fight
WTimes: Obama blasts GOP over spending vote
WTimes: Obama struggles with debt talk at Ford plant
Hill: Obama calls Boehner, says he won't negotiate on debt ceiling
WaPo: Republicans ‘trying to mess with me,’ Obama tells crowd at Missouri auto plant
WSJ: The Republican Who Voted ‘No’
Daily Caller: These two Democrats just voted to defund Obamacare
Politico: Shutdown would delay military pay
WSJ: Carve-outs for Congress
Time: The Master Plan: How Hill Tea Partiers See the Budget Fight Unfolding
NYT: Zeal That Threatens Both Parties
Gail Collins: Knowing When to Worry
Steve LaTourette: Don’t blame Boehner for House dysfunction
Kathleen Parker: Waiting for Obamacare
Howard Kurtz: Castigating Cruz: The GOP’s anonymous civil war over ObamaCare

Jen Rubin: Fundraising off of political suicide

WTimes: The truth about the House $39 billiion food stamp cuts

NYT: Administration to Press Ahead With Carbon Limits
Politico: White House 'war on coal' no slam dunk for GOP '14

NYT: Tea Party Zeal Holds Dangers for Democrats and Republicans

James Taranto: Rich Man, Poor Woman?

NY Post: ‘Addicted’ Biden niece blames veep pressure for woes

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Fox: Sink won't run for Florida governor


Detroit News: Snyder rolls out online campaign, resists re-election announcement


WaPo: Berger will announce N.C. Senate decision Monday


Human Events: 200 teens hit campaign trail


Hill: Nevada governor pushes GOP ideals to avoid shutdown


NYT: De Blasio Has Early Advantage in Fund-Raising


NYT: California Gives Expanded Rights to Noncitizens

WaPo: Calif. campaigns must report paying bloggers

WTimes: State’s sweeping gun control bills target firearms, ammo — and hunting


WTimes: Senate hopeful Alison Lundergan Grimes bashed in KY over links to Harry Reid

Sen. Rand Paul: The devastating collateral damage of an insidious drug-war weapon


Politico: Shelley Moore Capito: Natalie Tennant roll-out ‘vindictive’



September 20, 2013


Fox: House to vote on plan to defund ObamaCare as shutdown looms
Hill: House poised to pass spending bill defunding ObamaCare
Examiner: House GOP to pass defunding resolution Friday, setting up Senate fight
WaPo: Lawmakers scale back ambitions as government shutdown looms
Reuters: House Republicans ignore Obama veto threat on spending bill
NYT: Conservatives Take Turns Standing Up to the Speaker
Examiner: Can John Boehner tame the House GOP?
WaPo: Republican divisions over government funding bill deepen
NatJ: Inside Boehner's Plan To Avoid Shutdown (And Wound Obamacare)
NatJ: The Republicans Who Fear a Shutdown
WTimes: House Republicans pass test vote to defund Obamacare; shutdown edges closer
WSJ: Spending Battle Set for the Senate
Hill: Senate sees way forward on funding bill
WSJ: Obama Issues Veto Threat on GOP Budget Bill
Hill: Obama takes shutdown fight to heartland
WaPo: A step-by-step guide to what’s next in the government shutdown showdown
Human Events: What happens during a government “shutdown”?
LA Times: Government shutdown is no idle threat
WaPo: Unions launch offensive against potential government shutdown
Paul Krugman: The Crazy Party
Charlie Cook: The GOP's Reckless Bet
Fox: Lowry on move to defund ObamaCare:‘We’re going to end up in the same place’
Rush: Ted Cruz Did Exactly What He Promised to Do -- and the House Leadership Listened

Fox: Groups wage grassroots battle ahead of ObamaCare launch
WSJ: Pricing Glitch Afflicts Rollout of Online Health Exchanges

Rush Limbaugh: Ben Bernanke is Single-Handedly Propping Up the Obama Administration

WSJ: House Passes Bill to Cut Food-Stamp Spending
NYT: House Republicans Pass Deep Cuts in Food Stamps
WaPo: House passes GOP plan to slash food stamp funding
WaPo: Who voted for and against the food stamp bill?

WSJ: High Court Asked To Hear Health-Law Challenge

WTimes: Benghazi investigators gave Hillary Clinton heads-up on findings

James Taranto: The Press and the IRS

NYT: Administration Presses Ahead With Limits on Emissions From Power Plants
WaPo: EPA moves to limit emissions of future coal- and gas-fired power plants
WTimes: EPA’s new rules for coal accelerate Obama’s agenda on climate change

Politico: Bob Goodlatte backs ‘earned’ citizenship for DREAMers

AP: Senate Approves Bill to Avert Helium Shortage

Peggy Noonan: Noonan: A New Kind of 'Credibility' Gap

Roll Call: House Republicans Raise $3 Million for Vulnerable Members

Politico: 2016 far away, but Hillary keeps running


Houston Chron: DeLay conviction overturned; DA promises appeal
WSJ: Texas Appeals Court Reverses Tom DeLay's 2010 Conviction
WTimes: Tom DeLay’s money-laundering conviction overturned by Texas appeals court
NYT: Texas Court Overturns Conviction of DeLay
WaPo: Tom DeLay’s conviction is overturned by Texas appeals court panel
NatJ: Tom DeLay Was Praying When Acquittal Came Through
Hill: 'The Hammer' makes triumphant return to House floor after his acquittal
WTimes: Gov. Rick Perry: Texas Democrats misuse prosecutor power to punish Republicans
Rush Limbaugh: Tom DeLay Exonerated After Smear

Austin AS: Forget about Abbott v. Davis. How about Cruz v. Perry?


Detroit News: Tea party targets Michigan GOP leaders


NatJ: Where the GOP’s Wonderland Is Real


WSJ: McAuliffe, Cuccinelli Tied in Va. Governor’s Race, Poll Finds
Kim Strassel: Taking the Fight to the Democrats


WaPo: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon steps forward


Roll Call: Recalls Haven’t Changed Colorado Senate Picture — Yet


NYT: Lhota, Behind in Another Poll, Wants More Debates With de Blasio


WSJ: McConnell Fires Up Case Against EPA Coal Rules



September 19, 2013


WaPo: House Republicans plan Friday vote on defunding Obamacare
Examiner: GOP to vote Friday on short-term deal to fund govt, defund health care law
WTimes: House Republicans will link health care funding to budget, raise risk of shutdown
NYT: Pressed From His Right, Speaker Yields on a Budget Showdown
NatJ: Boehner Serves Red Meat, and Republicans Eat It Up
Fox: Obama administration starts preparing for shutdown
Karl Rove: The GOP's Self-Defeating 'Defunding' Strategy
Daily Caller: Jeb Bush says GOP should know its limits in Obamacare fight
Hill: GOP fight spreads to the Senate
HuffPost: Ted Cruz Infuriates House GOP By Conceding Defeat On Obamacare Repeal
Examiner: House GOP: Sen. Ted Cruz surrendered without a fight over Obamacare
Fox: House Republicans accuse Senate colleagues of caving on push to de-fund ObamaCare
WSJ: House-Senate GOP War of Words on Obamacare Bill
Rush Limbaugh: Making Sense of the GOP's Obamacare Plan
National Review: The New Cantor Plan: It will give the GOP its chance at a fight
National Review: Congressman on Obamacare Exemption: Go Home and Talk to Your Wife
Politico: Karl Rove: Shutdown 'rescue' for Barack Obama
Politico: Senate GOP mum on House CR plan
NYT: Editorial: The March to Anarchy
Politico: Forget shutdown, debt hike is real problem
Hill: House cancels recess, returning Sept. 25

Examiner: House expected to approve food stamp cuts, setting up showdown with Senate
Reuters: White House vows to veto Republican bill to cut food stamps
WaPo: House to vote on deep cuts to food-stamp program

NYT: Mental Health Again an Issue in Gun Debate
James Taranto: Tired Guns: This time the "debate" is desultory and meta
Ann Coulter: Crazier Than Liberals

NYT: Republicans Say State Dept. Meted Out No Discipline Over Benghazi Attack

WSJ: Zuckerberg to Press Boehner on Immigration

WSJ: New Breakdown of Groups Targeted by IRS
Politico: Tea party wants socialist treatment

Hill: GOP plans 'one man, one woman' law to thwart same-sex marriage ruling

Politico: Liberals take on Wall Street Democrats — and win


Miami Herald: Sen. Marco Rubio can still raise cash even as he irks some conservatives


WTimes: McAuliffe vows to use mysterious ‘guidance opinion’ to help Va. abortion clinics
WTimes: Virginia Libertarian Sarvis could shake up the election for governor


WT: Scott Walker’s 2016 dilemmas: Paul Ryan and re-election vs. a chance for presidency


Politico: New Hampshire 2016 poll: Rand Paul, Chris Christie dead heat


NYT: Clintons, in Statement, Back de Blasio for Mayor


WaPo: Wendy Davis e-mail hints at run for Texas governor
WaPo: What Wendy Davis needs to do


Politico: Avoiding Todd Akin 2.0 in Georgia Senate race
AJC: Phil Gingrey: "I’m stuck here making $172,000 a year"


Daily Caller: Fred Barnes cuts campaign ad for Republican candidate


Fox: Jeb Bush joins Jindal in demanding feds drop lawsuit against La. over school vouchers


WSJ: Maryland Gov. O’Malley Plans Trip to New Hampshire


Politico: Joe Manchin's break on FERC nominee could sink Obama’s pick


Vogue: Could Republican Senator Rand Paul Win the White House?


WaPo: Chris Christie for president? New Jerseyans are convinced he wants to run


Politico: Can Martha Coakley put 2010 Senate fiasco behind her?



September 18, 2013


WaPo: Government shutdown moves closer to reality
National Review: House to Vote on Defunding Obamacare
Hill: House GOP weighs more aggressive ObamaCare push
WSJ: GOP Reworks Budget Terms: Health Cuts Likely to Be Paired With Government Funding
Examiner: House GOP may tie short-term spending bill with defunding health care law
WaPo: Meet the House Republicans who support ‘Delay Obamacare’ bill
LA Times: Despite shrinking U.S. deficit, House GOP eyes government shutdown
DC: Obama’s group attacks GOP ‘govt shutdown’ as 70 Repubs sponsor bill to avoid shutdown
NYT: As Budget Fight Looms, Obama Sees Defiance in His Own Party
NYT: Budget Office Warns That Deficits Will Rise Again Because Cuts Are Misdirected
WSJ: Health-Law Navigators Blasted in Republican Report
WTimes: The idiot's guide to de-funding Obamacare
Politico: House GOP doubles down on bad hand
Weekly Standard: The Play Should Be Delay
Jim Angle: New GOP strategy looks at delaying ObamaCare
Dick Morris: Is Obama a lame duck?
Hill: Obama distress signal: President seeks help from first-term A-Team

NYT: Ex-Officials Are Reaping Profit After Assisting on Health Law

Examiner: A 'taper' would be the first step toward the Fed winding down stimulus

WaPo: FBI hinting at 10-day shutdown if sequester continues

WSJ: Labor Department Adds Protections for Home-Health-Care Workers
NYT: U.S. to Include Home Care Aides in Wage and Overtime Law

WTimes: IRS aware of Obama’s stance on tea party; Congress finds no evidence of orders

WSJ: Internet Sales Tax Debate Gets Rebooted in House

NYT: Household Incomes Remain Flat Despite Improving Economy

WaPo: Obama, on Telemundo, rules out freezing deportations of most illegal immigrants

Fox: House panel investigating Benghazi attack could recall senior witnesses, chairman says

NatJ: American Crossroads, At a Crossroads

Rush Limbaugh: The GOP Wants to Trade In Its Base


NYT: Florida Among States Undercutting Health Care Enrollment

Hill: Rubio makes first 2014 endorsement


NatJ: Justin Amash Will Not Run For Michigan Senate
Wikipedia: Justin Amash bio


WTimes: Cuccinelli camp disavows Jewish joke at rally


Denver Post: Scott Gessler cites track record as he enters race for governor
Wikipedia: Scott Gessler bio


WSJ: De Blasio Far Ahead of Lhota: Poll
NYT: De Blasio Has Huge Lead Over Lhota, Poll Finds
NYDN: Joe Lhota seeks support outside Republican Party, tries to woo Al Sharpton


WSJ: Electric car subsidies for the rich are now a drain on California's budget


WaPo: Wendy Davis prepares to launch Texas gubernatorial bid next month
Wikipedia: Wendy Davis bio


Politico: Democrat Paul Davis to run vs. Sam Brownback


AJC: Jack Kingston backs Obamacare delay in spending bill


Roll Call: Vitter’s Push to Nix Benefits Roils Senate


WSJ: Illinois Governor's Race Narrows
NYT: A Run of Luck in Illinois for Its Embattled Governor
WaPo: How Pat Quinn is surviving against the odds in Illinois

National Review: Illinois’s Medicaid Scandal


Hill: McConnell punts on shutdown solution

Daily Caller: GOP blames EPA regulations for layoff of 525 coal miners


Politico: WV Senate race 2014: Natalie Tennant seeks distance from Obama, coal policy



September 17, 2013


WSJ: The Power of 218: If House GOP can't hold together, they have no leverage at all
NYT: Amid Revolt Over Fiscal ‘Gimmicks,’ Options Dwindle for G.O.P.
NYT: 5 Years After Financial Collapse, Obama Says House G.O.P. Could Reverse Gains
WaPo: Obama: I will not negotiate on the debt ceiling
WTimes: Obama lays down markers in coming budget battles with GOP
NatJ: Obama Dares Republicans to Defy Tea Party on Obamacare, Shutdown Deal
Daily Caller: Priebus: Obama is orchestrating a government shutdown
Michael Gerson: A state of paralysis as budget, debt loom
Michael Barone: Republicans need future-looking policies, not
Rush Limbaugh: The Opposition in DC is Under Intensifying Pressure from the Ruling Class

Hill: GOP divided on when to battle ObamaCare
WTimes: Health law foes ready Alamo-style stand
Human Events: How House can defund Obamacare
Hill: Franchise owners plead for ObamaCare relief
James Taranto: For ObamaCare, it's only the end of the beginning

Politico: House GOP seeks cuts in food stamps

Dana Milbank: Benghazi, as seen from the grassy knoll

Byron York: Global warming report could backfire on environmentalists

WaPo: The state pension situation is improving, but most plan funding is still low


WTimes: Pa. Gov. Corbett open to Medicaid expansion, but reforms must come first
Politico: Pennsylvania to take Medicaid funds, with a catch


Examiner: McAuliffe tops Cuccinelli in Virginia fundraising heading into final 50 days
WaPo: Virginia’s next governor will determine whether most abortion clinics close
Politico: Virginia governor race 2013: Marco Rubio stumps for Ken Cuccinelli
National Review: The Big Guy and the Little Guy in Virginia


Daily Caller: Colorado recall groups now aiming for repeal of new gun laws


Hill: Republicans look to shake up race for Iowa Senate nomination
WaPo: Iowa sees rapidly aging population


Fox: Runner-up concedes NYC Democratic mayoral primary to de Blasio
WaPo: New York heads toward divisive mayoral race


David Limbaugh: David Brooks’ lame trashing of Sen. Cruz


Stuart Rothenberg: Is South Carolina’s Nikki Haley in Trouble?


Politico: Barbara Boxer-David Vitter feud draws blood


Fox: Former White House chief of staff Daley ends Illinois governor run
NYT: Primary Field Clears Abruptly for Illinois Governor’s Bid


Roll Call: Is the 2014 Senate Race Recruitment Season Over?


Newsmax: CNN Poll: Few Conservative Republicans Support Christie for 2016


WaPo: Three reasons you shouldn’t underestimate Martha Coakley



September 16, 2013


NYT: White House Warns Against Threats of Debt Default
NYT: Newcomers Challenge Leadership in the House
WaPo: Obama and Boehner both enter upcoming domestic debates with a weakened hand
Hill: Angry House Republicans demand better communication from leaders (Video)
WTimes: GOP will have wiggle room on spending, but not on debt, in budget fight
NatJ: Government Shutdown? Not This Time
Hill: Conservatives: Obama will blink
Stephen Moore: Will the GOP Raise Taxes?

WSJ: House GOP Bill Seeks Deeper Food-Stamp Cuts
WaPo: GOP to vote on $40 billion in food-stamp cuts
Examiner: House will move on food stamp bill this week while negotiating deal to fund govt

Hill: House GOP takes step forward on Internet sales tax legislation

WSJ: Summers Withdraws Name for Fed Chairmanship
NYT: Summers Pulls Name From Consideration for Fed Chief
WaPo: Larry Summers withdraws name from Fed consideration
Howard Kurtz: Fumbling the Fed job: How Larry Summers lost the media war
Paul Krugman: Give Jobs a Chance
Robert Samuelson: Five years on, the financial crisis still confounds

WSJ: Health Law Faces Skepticism

WaPo: House committee to renew focus on Benghazi
Hill: House panel accuses State Dept. of obstructionism in Benghazi investigation
Fox: State Department’s Benghazi review let senior officials off the hook, report finds

NYT: In Gun Debate, Divide Grows as Both Sides Dig In for Battle

Politico: Top GOP Hill aides head to exits

WSJ: Hillary Clinton's 2008 Team Queried in Election-Finance Probe
Daily Caller: Why a Hillary Clinton victory in 2016 may be far from inevitable

WSJ: Biden Draws the Spotlight in Iowa
WaPo: At Iowa steak fry, Biden defends Obama, stokes speculation about 2016 candidacy

Chris Cillizza: Don’t underestimate Rand Paul as a 2016 presidential contender


Detroit News: Snyder's push to up road repair funds idles in Michigan Legislature


WaPo: Cuccinelli’s strong stands against illegal immigration could become problematic in Va.
WaPo: McAuliffe camp erupts over business PAC’s choice of Cuccinelli for Virginia governor
NatJ: Terrible Candidates, Awful Campaign Take Virginia From Bellwether to Sideshow
Politico: Why Ken Cuccinelli is losing the Virginia governor's race


Roll Call: Bachmann’s Cautionary Tale: Sweat the Small Stuff, or Pay the Price


WTimes: Hickenlooper: No national message in Colorado gun-control recalls


NY Post: De Blasio is NYC’s Obama — and he won’t get result either


Fox: Maryland counties join movement to secede from largely Democrat-run state


Fox: Democrat Coakley to run for Mass. governor in 2014


Anchorage DN: Begich says 'bring it on' to the GOP



September 15, 2013


WP: Club for Growth takes aim at Obamacare as it continues to take on GOP from the right
Fox: Obama to warn GOP in economy speech ahead of debt ceiling, shutdown battles
Hill: Citing poll, right argues it's winning ObamaCare defunding fight
Daily Caller: David Brooks warns of ‘the rise of Ted Cruz-ism,’ takeover of Republican Party
Hill: Confident Democrats want separate showdowns on shutdown and debt limit
NYT: Editorial: The Annual Republican Crisis

Hill: Conservative group launches campaign to 'fire Boehner' over Benghazi response

Politico: Momentum against Larry Summers builds in the Senate

Clarice Feldman: Hillary! Because What Difference Does it Make

Politico: Joe Biden’s Iowa fan club


Salena Zito: Jobs, not Syria, target outside Beltway


WaPo: Northern Virginia Technology Council endorses Cuccinelli but delays announcement


Fox: Wisconsin teachers union decertified in latest blow to labor under Walker law


Fox: Gun control advocates say Colorado recall stifling effort in Congress


WaPo: Calif. Gov. Brown expected to sign immigrant measure


Hill: W.Va. Senate race gets interesting


Boston Globe: No clear leader in mayoral race, Globe poll shows


WaPo: Arizona election reform bill likely to be on 2014 ballot



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