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WaPo: The Fix’s top 10 Senate races of 2014

Hill: Weak state parties weigh down Senate Democrats in South

Hill: Female Senate candidates press Dems’ gender advantage

Politico: Democrats turn to vets to run in 2014

Examiner: Polls shows likely GOP senate takeover in 2014

Roll Call: The Shrinking House Map: A Regional Breakdown

Roll Call: The Cheap Seats: Senate Majority Determined in Inexpensive States

NatJ: Hotline's Inaugural 2014 Senate Rankings

WaPo: The demographics of every congressional district, in one interactive chart



September 30, 2013


WSJ: Government Heads Toward Shutdown
NYT: Senate Action on Health Law Moves to Brink of Shutdown
WT: House, Senate swap stopgap spending bills in race to avert blame for govt shutdown
WSJ: An Obama-Cruz Shutdown: The President is refusing to compromise on anything
WSJ: Boehner Attacks Senate ‘Arrogance’ as Deadline Approaches
Fox: With shutdown just hours away, Republicans say Democrat-led Senate a no-show
WaPo: On verge of a government shutdown, all is quiet on Sunday at the Capitol
Exam: Government shutdown looms; parties look to dodge blame with no deal in sight
NatJ: Shutdown Looks Likely As Congress Hits Final Hours
NatJ: What One GOP Leader Thinks Will Happen If the Senate Kills the House Budget Plan

WSJ: Cruz Blames Reid, Democrats for Looming Shutdown

Hill: Collins rebukes House Republicans
WTimes: Sen. Susan Collins breaks from GOP's Obamacare strategy

WSJ: Obama and Ryan Stay on Sidelines on Budget

WT: Sen. Tim Kaine: Senate Dems likely to approve House bill to keep funding military

WSJ: Ex-Sen. Simpson Says Shutdown Bodes ‘Chaos’ for Debt-Ceiling Fight

WSJ: Health Law Hits Late Snags as Rollout Approaches
WSJ: ObamaCare Arrives: Higher costs & fewer choices: GOP will have a chance to replace it
WTimes: Ready or not, major health care entitlement is coming

NYT: Justice Department Poised to File Lawsuit Over Voter ID Law

Bradley Smith: The Next Battle in the Fight for Free Speech

WaPo: Looking to 2016, Rubio and Paul rush to join Cruz
WTimes: Conservatives fear another split Republican vote, with path for Christie win
Bend Bulletin: Health law separates potential GOP 2016 contenders
Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll: A new face in 2016? Sure, Democrats say
NYT: Populist Left Makes Warren Its Hot Ticket


Tampa Trib: Florida Dems will battle recent run of ‘bad luck, bad timing’ in 2014
CBS Miami: Florida Among States Looking To Tighten Voting Rules
SunSentinel: Charlie Crist, Nan Rich compete for attention at Democratic dinner


Patch: Torn Between Two Senators: PA Voters Stuck in Middle of Obamacare Debate


Mlive: What Michigan lawmakers have to say about looming threat of government shutdown


WSJ: Voter ID Targeted in North Carolina
Bloomberg: U.S. Said to Plan Lawsuit Over North Carolina Voting Law
AP: Federal government to sue North Carolina over voting rules, claims racial discrimination

WRAL: Where NC Congress members stand on government shutdown


NewsLeader: Boost to Cuccinelli: McDonnell probe unlikely to be resolved before election
WaPo: Editorial: Virginia’s GOP lieutenant governor candidate, E.W. Jackson, is too extreme
Politico: Government shutdown could affect Virginia race


WI Rapids Tribune: WI lawmaker votes move government toward shutdown


Star Tribune: GOP fundraiser could be the first MN victim of Obamacare shutdown showdown


Quincy Journal: How is Gov. Nixon doing in 2013? Grades are in


Daily Caller: What’s the most surprising outcome of the Colorado recall?


Des Moines Register: Iowa congressmen on their budget votes


Nevada Appeal: McDonald wins re-election as Nevada GOP chairman


Las Cruces News: Gov was no fan of Obamacare, but has accepted it as law of the land
ABQ Journal: N.M. House delegation comments on shutdown vote


Bangor DN: From LePage camp, faux outrage over Michaud’s jobs claim


Metro: Joe Lhota, Republican candidate, releases jobs plan in mayor’s race


HChron: Wendy Davis favors driver licenses for immigrants here illegally
Fox: Texas’ Davis calls for more spending, ahead of expected gubernatorial run


NewsOK: Oklahoma's House Republicans continue to support showdown over Obamacare


AP: SC Sen. Graham in toughest re-election of career
United Liberty: Poll: Lindsey Graham vulnerable to primary challengers


Savannah MN: Firm owned by Deal relative finds success, critics


AL: As congressional race heads to second round, both candidates lay out victory scenarios


Town Talk: Landrieu affirms support of ACA


Crain's: The Koch of conservative politics in Illinois: Uihlein


Newsmax: Rand Paul: Obama to Blame for Government Shutdown


Star Ledger: Christie: 'Let the people decide' on same-sex marriage


NatJ: Democrats Are Done With Max Baucus



September 29, 2013


Fox: House votes to keep government open, delay ObamaCare by 1 year
WTimes: House passes bill to delay Obamacare, keep government funded
WSJ: U.S. Nears Shutdown as House Votes To Delay Health Law
NYT: U.S. Shutdown Nears as House Votes to Delay Health Law
WaPo: House pushes U.S. to the edge of a shutdown
Hill: House sends stopgap back to Senate 48 hours before shutdown
NatJ: House Republicans Pass Obamacare Delay; One Step Closer to Shutdown
Hill: Dems say shutdown is inevitable

WSJ: From House Republicans: One Proposal Not Offered

Politico: Government shutdown: Blue State Republicans on hot seat

WSJ: Why Boehner Is Pressing Health-Law Fight and What It Means
WSJ: No Budget Talks, but Aides Spar on Social Media
WaPo: On cusp of shutdown, House conservatives excited, say they are doing the right thing
NYT: Federal Agencies Lay Out Contingency Plans for Possible Shutdown
Hill: Federal workers demanding back pay if government closes

NYT: Last Shutdown a Lesson Lost on Capitol Hill

WSJ: A Guide to the Health-Law Rollout
NYT: On the Threshold of Obamacare, Warily
WSJ: What You Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act
WSJ: Health Law: What’s Delayed and What Isn’t
NYT: Editorial: Dawn of a Revolution in Health Care
Daily Caller: Ten states where Obamacare wipes out existing health care plans

NatJ: On Anti-Obamacare Efforts, All Eyes Are On Cruz

WP: Congress fights over the budget, agencies go on their use it or lose it shopping sprees

WSJ: Sunday Talk Preview: Budget Showdown, Iran
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Freep: Spending in race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Carl Levin could top $30 million


WaPo: National stakes in Virginia’s gubernatorial race


Fox: Colorado counties vie to become federal drone zones


NYT: Vote Count Completed for Primary in New York


Examiner: Texas Gov. Rick Perry defends job-luring tour


WaPo: Rep. Tom Cole embracing a path he tried to avoid


WaPo: Rep. Tom Graves leading the GOP charge against Obamacare


WaPo: ‘Get over it’: Kentucky governor says health-care reform can’t wait


WTimes: House eliminates payout to wealthy senator’s widow

WTimes: Gov. Christie to appeal N.J. judge’s gay marriage ruling to a higher court


WaPo: Former U.S. senator Alan Simpson says Lynne Cheney told him to ‘shut up’



September 28, 2013


Politico: Hill prediction: Headed for shutdown
Hill: Shutdown grows more likely as House GOP plots next move

WSJ: House Republicans Hunt for Plan in Budget Battle
NYT: House G.O.P. to Plan Next Step as Budget Clock Runs Down
Examiner: House GOP to meet Saturday to resolve internal differences on budget bill
Politico: Government shutdown: Shutdown fight heads back to House

WSJ: Senate Passes Funding Bill in Party-Line Vote
RCP: Senate Passes Short-Term Spending Bill
WTimes: Senate defeats Cruz filibuster, passes bill that funds Obamacare
Fox: What Now? Budget bill heads to House after Senate restores ObamaCare $$
NYT: Senate Passes Budget Bill as House Weighs Options
Roll Call: Senate Adjourns Until Monday

WaPo: For Boehner, an arduous weekend caught between implacable friends, unbending foes
New Yorker: Where the G.O.P.'s Suicide Caucus Lives
Politico: Tom Coburn: GOP will ‘fold like hotcakes’ on Obamacare

WaPo: Obama chides Republicans as shutdown looms
Hill: Obama to Republicans: 'I will not negotiate'
WTimes: Obama: Health law can’t be stopped by govt. shutdown
WSJ: If Congress Fails to Pass a Funding Bill, Can Obama Defy a Shutdown?

WaPo: Reports of problems precede launch of Obamacare

Kathleen Parker: The GOP’s lose-lose proposition
David Ignatius: No following this leader
Rand Paul: Why must American people suffer when so many Dems don’t want Obamacare?

SFGate: Federal Housing Administration to Take $1.7 Billion Subsidy

George Will: The Fed has become a creature of politics

Rush Limbaugh: Last Gasp of the Climate Change Cult

WTimes: Is the Republican Party really a conservative organization?
Atlantic: The Fall of the Heritage Foundation and the Death of Republican Ideas

WaPo: Obamacare fight reenergizes tea party movement

WTimes: Ted Cruz now leads GOP presidential pack: poll
Politico: Poll: Ted Cruz leads 2016 GOP primary
NatJ: How to Explain the Rise of Ted Cruz
WaPo: The Senate can help Republicans choose their presidential nominee

Roll Call: House GOP Women Play in Primaries to Increase Ranks


Tampa Bay Times: Foster gets help from Republican Party of Florida
Tampa Trib: GOP aiding St. Pete mayor Foster in heated re-election campaign


Roll Call: Tillis Sets $12M Goal for Senate Race (Video)


WaPo: NRA wading into Va. governor’s race with $500K ad campaign against McAuliffe
Examiner: Cuccinelli asks debate organizers to raise bar for third-party candidates


CT: The Current State of the Republican Party of Iowa


NYT: In Proposals, Lhota Aims to Promote Job Growth


Politico: Ted Cruz again refuses to back John Cornyn


AJC: Tom Graves rallying conservatives behind one-year Obamacare delay
WSJ: Unbending Lawmaker Personifies GOP Anti-Obamacare Insurgency
Wikipedia: Rep. Tom Graves bio


Roll Call: Super PAC Hits McConnell With New Ad


WTimes: Lawsuit filed to block new Maryland gun laws


NYT: Judge Orders New Jersey to Allow Gay Marriage
USA Today: N.J. judge: State must allow gays to marry
NJ: Judge legalizes same-sex marriage in New Jersey; Christie vows to appeal
Politico: Chris Christie in tough spot after gay marriage ruling



September 27, 2013


WSJ: No Clear Path to Avoid Shutdown as House GOP Stands Firm
WaPo: Shutdown grows more likely as House GOP leaders dig in
WaPo: Republican hard-liners block strategy to avoid federal government shutdown
Hill: Boehner: House unlikely to accept clean funding bill from Senate
NYT: Republicans Facing a Test of Unity
NYT: House G.O.P. Raises Stakes in Debt-Ceiling Fight
WTimes: Boehner rejects Senate stopgap spending bill
WaPo: John Boehner, back under pressure
Exam: Health care subsidies for Congress a tempting target for Republicans in funding fight
Hill: Senate to vote on funding bill, leaving Boehner tough choices

NYT: Senate Is Expected to Approve Budget Bill
Hill: Reid sets final votes for Friday on stopgap bill funding government
Hill: Reid: I’m not talking to Boehner
WTimes: Republican infighting over health care flares in Senate as shutdown looms
Fox: GOP tension grows as Tea Party senators push off ObamaCare vote
Hill: Corker takes on Cruz as GOP feuding moves to the Senate floor

NYT: Obama Scorns G.O.P. ‘Blackmail’ on Health Law
WaPo: Obama’s line in the sand is on the debt ceiling
WTimes: White House compares GOP to terrorists as government shutdown nears
NatJ: Why Democrats Aren't Falling for the GOP's Obamacare Pitch
NYT: Editorial: A Republican Ransom Note

Hill: House Republicans lack votes to move plan to raise debt ceiling

WSJ: Tea Party Support Slips, Poll Shows
Gallup: Tea Party Support Dwindles to Near-Record Low

Michael Gerson: A compromised reputation among the GOP
Pete DuPont: Beltway Stalemate: Dems & GOP have never had such a conflict of visions
Frank Beckmann: For GOP, defunding Obamacare not a lost cause
Rush Limbaugh: Examining the "Let It Collapse" Theory
John Fund: Giving Cruz His Due
Stephen Hayes: What Cruz Wrought

Paul Krugman: Plutocrats Feeling Persecuted

Peggy Noonan: A Small President on the World Stage

WTimes: Obama energy nominee becomes climate change battleground
Hill: White House said to seek replacement for faltering energy nominee Ron Binz
NYT: Climate Panel Says Upper Limit on Emissions Is Nearing
Michael Barone: The Great Global-Warming Disappointment

Exam: Running for the Right: Jim Ryun boosts 'fellow conservative patriots' like Ted Cruz


WTimes: Allen West: If Rubio runs for president, I will run for Senate


WaPo: In John Boehner’s district, little fretting over looming government shutdown


WSJ: Michigan GOP Governor to Washington: Work It Out
WSJ: Top Obama Aides Head to Detroit to Explore Ways to Help City
NYT: $300 Million in Detroit Aid, but No Bailout


Rasmussen: Virginia Governor: McAuliffe (D) 44%, Cuccinelli (R) 38%


Albany TU: Joe Bruno undergoes cancer surgery


Fox: Texas state senator known for abortion bill filibuster to run for governor
NYT: Texas’ Davis Is Expected to Enter Race for Governor

Fred Barnes: Rick Perry’s Second Act: The Texas governor’s new national campaign

NatJ: How to Explain the Rise of Ted Cruz


NYT: Judge Orders Pay for Illinois Lawmakers
Reuters: Illinois judge overrules governor, says lawmakers must be paid
Chicago Tribune: Thwarting Quinn, judge orders legislators paid -- with interest


Gov. Steve Beshear: My State Needs Obamacare. Now.


WTimes: Senate Democrat Joe Manchin breaks with White House on Obamacare delay
Politico: Manchin OK with Obamacare individual mandate delay


Politico: Chris Christie pushes against shutdown


NatJ: Liz Cheney: Why My Father Won't Campaign for Me



September 26, 2013


WaPo: House Republicans explore strategy to avoid federal government shutdown
UPI: House GOP has plan to avoid government shutdown
ABC: House GOP Considers Options on Possible Shutdown
NatJ: House Republicans Ready to Retreat, Easing Shutdown Fears
NatJ: Chambers May ‘Ping-Pong’ Bill to Avoid a Shutdown
CNN: Analysis: Why a government shutdown (probably) won't happen
Hill: Congress down to one-week CR
Gerald Seib: How to Understand House Republicans

WSJ: Senate Clears Hurdle on Spending Bill
WaPo: Senate votes to proceed with funding bill
Fox: Senate advances ObamaCare, budget bill after marathon Cruz speech
NYT: After 21-Hour Cruz Speech, Senate Votes to Take Up Budget
WTimes: He got by with a little help from his friends: Colleagues helped Ted Cruz hold floor

Chris Cillizza: What Ted Cruz’s speech accomplished
Rush Limbaugh: Ted Cruz is Fighting for Freedom
Ann Coulter: Cruz Control Should Be Standard On GOP Models
NYT: Editorial: Lasting Damage From the Budget Fight

WSJ: Daniel Henninger: Let ObamaCare Collapse
James Taranto: ObamaCare may work, provided no one responds to its incentives
George Will: On Obamacare, Republicans get in their own way
NatJ: Americans Sharply Divided Over Repealing Obamacare

WSJ: Treasury's Lew Issues Debt-Ceiling Warning
Exam: Republicans ask Obama administration what kind of debt ceiling hike it is seeking

WSJ: Saving the Sequester

WTimes: Fannie, Freddie leave $4.6 billion in collectible foreclosures

WSJ: Greater Coal Use Raises Stakes for Obama Climate Rules

Karl Rove: The President's Politics of Demonization
NYT: Obama’s Approval Rating Matches Two-Year Low, Poll Shows

WSJ: Hillary Clinton Advisers Rebooting for Possible 2016 run

NatJ: Supreme Court’s Ruling on McCutcheon v. FEC Could Create Political Wild West


NYT: Detroit Spent Billions Extra on Pensions


WTimes: Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe trade blows in second debate
Fox: Virginia candidates for governor square off in prime-time debate
DC: McAuliffe on the defense: Cuccinelli zings Dem hopeful’s stereotype as an ‘operator’
WaPo: McAuliffe, Cuccinelli take their bitter battle to the airwaves
WaPo: The five biggest takeaways from the Cuccinelli-McAuliffe debate
NatJ: Virginia Isn't the Place Ken Cuccinelli Thinks It Is


Fox: Former President George H.W. Bush witness at Maine same-sex wedding


WSJ: Texas Gov. Perry to Front Low-Tax Advocacy Group


Roll Call: Mississippi Republicans Wait for Cochran's Decision


Fox: Pay more, get less: Introducing ObamaCare in Illinois


NYMag: Cory Booker Sent Flirty Messages to a Portland Stripper
NYT: Now Revealed by Stripper: Booker’s Twitter Messages
NYDN: Cory Booker dabbles in online flirtation with 'stripper model weirdo' from Oregon
OregonLive: New Jersey mayor Cory Booker, Portland stripper flirt on Twitter

Politico: Poll: Chris Christie coasting to victory


Deseret News: Sen. Mike Lee taking his stand against health care law to Iowa, may be eyeing White House



September 25, 2013


Fox: Cruz delivers all-night floor speech against ObamaCare as vote looms
WaPo: Sen. Cruz continues night-long attack on Obamacare
NYT: Senator Persists Battling Health Law, Irking Even Many in His Own Party
Hill: Within Senate GOP, frustration with Cruz
Chris Cillizza: Ted Cruz’s indictment of the Republican Party
WSJ: Cruz's Defiant Stand Is Also a Lonely One
WSJ: Cruz Vows to Speak Until 'No Longer Able to Stand'
Politico: Ted Cruz’s speech: 10 colorful quotes
Politico: Ted Cruz is on a path to the White House
NYT: In Funding Fight, Senate Republicans Back Away From Cruz
NatJ: Why the GOP Is on Cruz Control
WaPo: Where Ted Cruz’s marathon speech stands in history
LA Times: Tea party Republicans: No compromise on government shutdown
Politico: Rand Paul backs Ted Cruz on Obamacare
Politico: Sarah Palin pushes 3rd party of ‘good guys’
NYT: Republicans See Keystone Pipeline as a Card to Play in Last-Minute Fiscal Talks
NatJ: David Koch Seeded Major Tea-Party Group, Private Donor List Reveals
NatJ: Conservative group seeks to capitalize on Senate GOP rift
WSJ: GOP Economist Warns Party on Shutdown Risks
WaPo: Haley Barbour blasts Senate Conservatives Fund and Club for Growth
WSJ: Hillary Clinton Says Shutdown ‘Bad Politics’ for GOP
NYT: Editorial: The Embarrassment of Senator Ted Cruz
WaPo: Democrats see GOP shutdown threat as opening for 2014 election gains
Dana Milbank: Texas senator is Cruz-ing for a bruising
Dick Morris: Say no to GOP suicide

WSJ: McConnell Turns Obamacare Spotlight on Red-State Dems

NYT: Officials Detail Premium Costs of Health Plan
WSJ: Shutdown Unlikely to Hit Health Law's Rollout
Holman Jenkins: The ObamaCare Wars Are Just Starting

WSJ: Senate Democrats to Advance Shorter Budget Measure
Politico: House GOP may attach Obamacare delay to CR

WSJ: Resurgent Liberals Put Heat on Obama

James Taranto: Global warmism and the antiscientific method

WTimes: Do Christian conservatives have a future in the Republican Party?


Keystone: PAGov: Rob McCord Calls Out the Republican Party's Job Creation Record


Politico: The questions Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe don't want to answer


Hill: Conservatives eye challengers to former Gov. Mike Rounds in SD Senate race


Denver Post: Sen. Greg Brophy: Republican Party has to embrace grassroots
Wikipedia: Greg Brophy bio


Des Moines Register: Polk Republicans call for state party's two top officials to resign


Politico: A Texas-size divide between John Cornyn, Ted Cruz


Politico: Bradley Byrne, Dean Young head to Alabama runoff


Politico: Radio ad buy targets Mitch McConnell


NYT: In Corner of Arkansas, Frustration but No Panic Over Possible Shutdown


WSJ: N.J. Senate Seat Race Tightens, Poll Shows
Roll Call: Poll: Booker Up 12 in New Jersey Senate Special


NECN: Walsh, Connolly to face off in Nov. election in Boston mayoral race


September 24, 2013


WSJ: With No Talks on Debt Ceiling, Risks Mount
NYT: Senate Democratic Leader Sets Stage for Budget Showdown

Sen. Ted Cruz: The Path to Victory
WSJ: The Cruz Campaign Against ObamaCare
WSJ: Cruz Sets Confrontational Tone as Senate Debate Begins
WTimes: Sen. Ted Cruz fights for his own victory with threat of government shutdown
Hill: Cruz filibuster could leave House little time for response to Senate
Weekly Standard: How does Senator Ted Cruz tick off liberals? Let us count the ways
Roll Call: Cruz’s Title at NRSC Highlights Conflict With Colleagues

Sarah Palin: Bombs Away on Obamacare; Cruz Is over the Target
James Taranto: The Palin Tell: She admits the ObamaCare defunding effort is futile

WSJ: McConnell Won't Back Cruz on Health-Law Strategy
Hill: McConnell splits with Cruz on ObamaCare defunding tactic
Politico: Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn won’t back Ted Cruz Obamacare tactic
Breitbart: Source: McConnell, Cornyn Whipping Votes Against Ted Cruz
Roll Call: Senate GOP Prepares to Shoot Down Cruz’s Obamacare Strategy
DC: Karl Rove: Ted Cruz ‘should not be surprised’ by pushback from his fellow Republicans
NYT: McConnell’s Deal-Making Yields to Politicking

Politico: Poll: Who's to blame for a shutdown?
WaPo: Unlike 1995, Americans say they would blame GOP, Democrats equally for shutdown
NatJ: Americans Oppose House GOP's Obamacare Strategy

LA Times: Shutdown threat reveals split in Republican Party
Stuart Rothenberg: How Bad Is the GOP Rift? Worse Than Democrats in the 1980s
IBD: Defunding Strategy Could Spell GOP Victories In 2014
Fox: Guide to the Capitol Hill stand-off over defunding ObamaCare
WaPo: The people to watch in the shutdown showdown

Weekly Standard: Will Congress heed the warning on their Obamacare exemptions?
WSJ: Bennett & Beach: The Hypocrisy Of Congress's Gold-Plated Health Care
Politico: David Vitter pushing ban on subsidies

WTimes: Sequester doesn’t cut agencies’ year-end spending sprees

Hill: Lobbyists cheer plan to jam Dems by linking debt hike to tax reform

WSJ: Lois Lerner, at Center of IRS Investigation, Retires
Fox: Lois Lerner, key player in Tea Party targeting scandal, retiring
WTimes: Lois Lerner, IRS official in tea party scandal, forced out for ‘neglect of duties’
WSJ: Lois Lerner resigns, but she still won't talk to Congress about political targeting

WSJ: Number Caught Entering U.S. Illegally Rises Again

CPI: Federal Election Commission gets new blood

WaPo: The 3 biggest problems facing Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy

Roll Call: Cracks in GOP Wall Stem From Civil Liberties, Spending Issues

Charlie Cook: Democrats Need to Keep an Eye on Republican-Tilting Independent Voters

Bloomberg: Governors in 9 states implementing tax cuts near start of re-election campaign


NYT: Rubio Withdraws Support for Gay Black Judge’s Nomination to the Federal Bench
WCTV: Florida Democrats Discuss Leadership Change


PoliticsPA: Sen. Toomey Calls for Full Obamacare Repeal
Newsmax: Sen. Toomey: GOP Can 'Unilaterally' Win With Obamacare Delay
WTimes: Sen. Patrick Toomey: GOP should take 'realistic' approach to ending Obamacare

DJ: State Treasurer McCord appears ready to enter Dems' race to challenge Corbett in 2014


Cleveland PD: The backroom politics of Medicaid expansion in Ohio


WKAR: Michigan GOP sidesteps Tea Party showdown on Mackinac


Charlotte Observer: NC Senate leader Phil Berger won’t challenge for Kay Hagan’s seat
N&R: Berger ducks out, leaves Tillis as GOP's main man for Senate

FayObs: N.C. declines to implement healthcare law


WTimes: Virginia voters still looking for substance in Terry McAuliffe
DC: McAuliffe attacked for abortion record
CBS: With Business Elite, Va. Gubernatorial Debate Has Huge ‘Oops’ Factor
WaPo: A wide-open race in Virginia
Politico: Polls: Terry McAuliffe has the edge in Virginia


Wisconsin Gazette: Paul Ryan to make 1st NH trip since 2012 campaign


MinnPost: The strengths and weaknesses of the current GOP candidates for governor


PoliticMO: As he mulls Smith primary challange, Kinder re-enters health care debate


Denver Post: Former Colorado Gov. John Vanderhoof dead at 91


Des Moines Register: Under pressure, Iowa GOP retraces its steps


Roll Call: Ex-Congressman Launches Rematch Bid With Bipartisan Tone


NatJ: Another Independent Tries To Upset Establishment In Maine


NYT: Obama Endorses de Blasio for NYC Mayor
NYDN: Obama endorses fellow Democrat Bill de Blasio for NYC mayor

Albany TU: Cuomo defends Moreland panel, assails Wandering Dago
Albany TU: Is there room for Cuomo if Hillary runs?


Roll Call: Lindsey Graham Challenger Dismisses Financial Disadvantage


WTimes: GOP’s Rand Paul carving out his own campaign path


Politico: Poll: Cory Booker lead shrinks

My9NJ: Property tax burden up 13 pct under Christie


Roll Call: Begich Challenger Hopes to Carry On Ted Stevens Legacy



September 23, 2013


WSJ: Clock Ticks as Senate Begins Budget Work
Examiner: Fight over government spending, Obamacare moves to Senate this week
NYT: Lawmakers Point Fingers Over Budget Deadlock
WaPo: Shutdown countdown: What the next 8 days could bring
WaPo: As shutdown and default loom, crisis mode becomes Washington’s new normal
WTimes: Blame game heats up as start of shutdown looms
Hill: Strained relationships increase likelihood of fiscal calamity
Fox: Scrutiny mounts for Cruz's Senate filibuster plan as shutdown deadline nears
WaPo: The most important week of Ted Cruz’s (short) career
WTimes: Bill Clinton on budget impasse: GOP waging a good war
Michael Medved: Countdown to GOP Self-Destruction
Judd Gregg: Defunders are playing Russian roulette with GOP, writes ex-senator
Dan Balz: Fight over spending, debt and health law has risks for Republicans and Obama

WSJ: Health-Law Implementation to Vary by State
NYT: Ad Campaigns Compete as Health Law Rollout Looms
NYT: Lower Health Insurance Premiums to Come at Cost of Fewer Choices

WaPo: House Republicans say they’ll act on immigration reform this year

WSJ: Obama, at Memorial, Calls for Changes in Gun Laws

Paul Krugman: Free to Be Hungry

WTimes: High-profile cases show a pattern of misuse of prosecutorial powers

Jen Rubin: Who is helping the GOP in the Senate?

Fox: Clinton 'pragmatic and realistic' about possible 2016 run


Daily Caller: Rand Paul wins 2016 presidential straw poll, trounces Chris Christie


WaPo: Groups flush with out-of-state cash flock to Virginia governor’s race as testing ground
WaPo: McAuliffe’s claim that Cuccinelli wanted to make it harder for moms to get divorces
Politico: Ads to hit Terry McAuliffe on abortion, business


Roll Call: Iowa Senate Hopeful Prepares for All Scenarios
Roll Call: Grassley Planning to Run Again in 2016


Politico: Rick Perry’s bid to stay relevant for 2016


NYT: Alabama Primary Puts a Wide Spectrum of Republican Views on Display


Fox: Top Ky. Dem. challenging McConnell: 'deeply' disappointed about Obama's coal regs

Politico: Rand Paul touts Michigan poll win



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