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WaPo Congressional Retirements



April 7, 2014


WSJ More Obfuscation on Benghazi

WSJ Second Climate Thoughts

NYT Cities Are Fighting Income Inequality

Judd Gregg Facts show faults of health law

NYT More Deportations Follow Minor Crimes, Records Show

Robert Samuelson In politics, money is speech


Politico GOP confident about Paul Ryan’s budget
Fox House GOP breaks from repeal effort, gets change in ObamaCare


PowerLine Can the Democrats Run Against The Koch Brothers?
WSJ This November, the Economy May Give Neither Party a Lift
Hill AP poll points to GOP edge ahead of midterms


Tampa Trib Jeb Bush, Jindal appear in ad to rebrand Republican Party

WSJ Jeb Bush to Decide on 2016 Bid This Year
NYT Jeb Bush Talks Approach If He Runs for President
WTimes Jeb Bush: Illegal immigration is an ‘act of love’ — it’s ‘not a felony’
Fox Jeb Bush says illegal immigration can be 'act of love'
WaPo Bush family, friends convene in Texas to celebrate H.W.

WaPo In the ‘credentials caucus,’ GOP’s 2016 hopefuls study policy and seek advisers

WSJ Hillary Clinton's Phantom Presence in 2016 Campaign Freezes Other Democrats
NatJ How Hillary Clinton Escapes the 2014 Trap

Mercury News Pace of presidential prep picks up

WSJ Marijuana Debate Scrambles Political Spectrum as 2016 Looms


NatJ Cory Gardner Helps Colorado Set GOP Stage for 2016 and Beyond


Hill Ricketts group boosting Scott Brown on O-Care with new ad


Albany TU Astorino knocks ‘Cuomo’s New York’ as corrupt, cites report that ends in 2010

NYT Comptroller to Opt Out of Public Financing System


Politico California Republicans seek new blood


Examiner Louisiana Senate candidate Bill Cassidy raises $1.2 million in first quarter


Chicago Tribune In Rauner ad, wife says she's a Democrat

Chicago Tribune Jesse Jackson, Jr. transferred to Alabama prison
Hill Jesse Jackson Jr. could get out of prison sooner than thought


DC Mitch McConnell and his challenger Matt Bevin attack each other on immigration reform


Politico Report: Ted Kennedy Jr. to declare


Daily Caller Meet the former Cold Stone CEO who wants to be Arizona’s next governor

WTimes ACLU uses profiling charges against police to target Arizona’s illegal immigrant law


WaPo With Oregon’s influence rising on the Hill, annual state bash draws new crowd


April 6, 2014


NYT Note to Republicans: Channel Jack Kemp

Ross Douthat Health Care Without End

NYT Despite Support in Party, Democratic Governors Resist Legalizing Marijuana


WTimes Obama casts GOP’s balanced-budget plan as ‘massive tax cuts’ for millionaires
Hill Dems shift attack lines on Ryan budget

Fox Retirements drain Congress of leaders amid frustration over gridlock, dysfunction

Hill GOP leaders targeted over centrist retreat

NatJ The Republican War Over Earmarks


Fox Axelrod admits Dems have 'major hurdles,' after new poll

NYT To Strike at Kochs, Democrats Revive Tactic That Hurt Romney


Fox Romney's return to public life stokes speculation about potential 2016 run

WaPo Bobby Jindal wants to be the ‘ideas’ candidate in 2016. But will that be enough?

WaPo Sarah Palin’s remarkable staying power

WSJ Sunday Talk Preview: Fort Hood, Big Money in Politics


NY Post Grand jury to probe Christie’s role in Bridgegate
NYDN Christie aide Michael Drewniak gives testimony to grand jury in Bridgegate probe
Star-Ledger Federal bridge scandal probe threatens Chris Christie's comeback
NJ Rendell: Chris Christie 'not a factor' in 2016 presidential race


Miami Herald At session midpoint, Legislature boosts Gov. Rick Scott in election year
TB Times The plane truth: Florida Gov. Rick Scott travels in wealth, stealth


Politico Ron Johnson was asked to keep silent in ex-aide’s alleged assault


USA Today Kansas lawmakers OK bill to void local gun rules


NYDN Christie spokesman leaving New Jersey Governor for Scott Brown's campaign


WaPo Maryland Senate approves increasing minimum wage to $10.10 by July 2018
Baltimore Sun Bill to increase minimum wage clears Maryland Senate
CBS Baltimore Maryland Senate Approves Minimum Wage Increase



April 5, 2014


WaPo 91% of the time the better-financed candidate wins
NYT Ruling Spurs Rush for Cash in Both Parties

WSJ Health-Care Law Helps Add 3 Million to Medicaid
Fox Inmates getting coverage under ObamaCare, as states shift cost to feds

Examiner Darrell Issa wants Elijah Cummings to disclose talks with Lois Lerner's attorney

WSJ The Decline of Work
NYT Hiring Rises, but Number of Jobless Stays High

NYT Personality and Change Inflamed Mozilla Crisis
James Taranto Justice Thomas Was Right
Rush Leftist Fascists Force Out Mozilla CEO for Holding Same Opinion Obama Held in 2008

Kathleen Parker Democrats try to make the Koch brothers the new face of the GOP


NYT Immigration Bill Splitting House G.O.P.
WaPo GOP push for immigration reform thwarted

Politico Buck McKeon: Immigration won’t go in defense bill


NYT Tea Party Aims at Incumbents, but Falls Short
NYT G.O.P. Incumbents on the Ballot
Rush Limbaugh NPR Poll Predicts GOP Wave


WSJ George W. Bush Unveils Paintings of World Leaders
WaPo Bush family’s return to the spotlight may benefit Jeb
NYT An Ex-President, Brush in Hand, Captures His Fellow Leaders
WSJ Reviews of George Bush’s Paintings: ‘Really Good’ or ‘Forrest Gump’?

Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ D.C. Voting Spotlights Divide Among Democrats


NYT Grand Jury Questions Christie Aide in an Inquiry


WaPo Federal judge will require Ohio to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages


Roll Call Pelosi, Hoyer Recruit Michigan Candidate


Fox Missouri House passes bill aimed at nullifying federal gun control laws


Fox Colorado lawmakers weigh ban on red-light, speeding traffic cameras


Hill Brown names former communications director as campaign manager


Albany TU State workers raises are worth $188.5 million


WaPo California campaign watchdog gets new powers


WaPo How David Perdue’s ‘high school’ dig hurt him in the Georgia Senate race


Politico Lamar Alexander's primary foe: 'We're friends'


Fox Ky. GOP Senate candidate draws ire after speaking at pro-cockfighting rally


Examiner Arizona is on the cutting edge of key national issues
Examiner Joe Arpaio does it his way as the controversial sheriff of Arizona's Maricopa County



April 4, 2014


WSJ Republicans See Opening to Ask Court to Void More Campaign Limits
NYT Ruling’s Breadth Hints That More Campaign Finance Dominoes May Fall
James Taranto Justice Breyer turns the First Amendment on its head

WTimes House GOP sets first vote to hold Lois Lerner in contempt over IRS targeting

Fox Ex-CIA boss Morell gives unorthodox reasons for omitting key Benghazi details

Byron York Democrats squawk as cracks form in immigration coalition

WSJ Mark Cuban and Thomas Melsheimer: How the Feds Rig Their Prosecutions

NYT Agreement on Interstate Repair Needs, but Not on How to Pay for Them

Kim Strassel Trial Lawyers Mobilize for Democrats

WSJ OpEd: 'Global' Internet Governance Invites Censorship

Rush Limbaugh Charles Koch Pushes Back in Op-Ed


WaPo House votes to change health-care law’s definition of full-time work
WTimes House passes bill to change Obamacare’s workweek from 30 hours to 40
WSJ Health-Law Tweak Redefining Full-Time Worker Gains Bipartisan Traction
Peggy Noonan ObamaCare: A Catastrophe Like No Other


Hill Senate GOP maps out its majority plan
Michael Gerson Our dysfunctional Senate
Politico Democrats pray for economic spring


Charlie Cook My Republican Bracket

NYDN Sen. Elizabeth Warren is 'hottest' U.S. politician: poll

Politico Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal to join forces in ad
NYT Bush 41 Reunion Looks to Burnish His Legacy


Politico John Boehner airs first TV ad in 4 years
Hill Boehner up with first TV ad since 2010


Hill Sasse outraises Osborn in Nebraska Senate race


NYT California Democrats Await Fallout After 3 Are Caught Up in Scandals


WSJ Michelle Nunn Features George H.W. Bush in Campaign Ad
Roll Call Westmoreland: Perdue ‘High School Graduate’ Comments ‘Stupid’


Hill Miss. Gov. signs controversial religious freedom bill


Byron York Louisiana Senate race a battle of pork, policies and political legacies


WSJ Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam Runs Against Some Colorful Rivals


NYT Ex-Connecticut Governor Goes Off Air Amid Campaign-Finance Inquiry


Fox Utah governor signs bill giving fathers new rights in adoption cases



April 3, 2014


WaPo Supreme Court strikes down limits on federal campaign donations
WSJ Supreme Court Ends Overall Limit on Political Donations
NYT Supreme Court Strikes Down Overall Political Donation Cap
WTimes Free-for-all: Supreme Court strikes down overall limit on campaign giving
Examiner The Supreme Court campaign finance decision for dummies
Rush Limbaugh Supreme Court Ruling on Free Speech to Produce Liberal Conniption Fits

NYT Health Enrollment Numbers Lift Democratic Hopes
James Taranto Is it mission accomplished for ObamaCare?
Rush Limbaugh The Democrats are Deluding Themselves

WSJ Former CIA Official Disputes Political Motives in Benghazi
WTimes Ex-CIA official gives stunning account on Benghazi
David Ignatius Former CIA deputy director rebuts Republican charges on Benghazi

NatJ Republicans Fear Obama Will Let Russia Seize Internet Power

Ann Coulter Millionaires Need Your Help!

Charles Koch I'm Fighting to Restore a Free Society


WSJ House GOP Whip Expects Paul Ryan’s Budget to Pass
Hill GOP lawmakers say Ryan plan will pass
WSJ Why Democrats Like Ryan’s Budget
WaPo Ryan budget plan in Democrats’ crosshairs
Politico Paul Ryan budget faces bumps amid GOP dissent


Karl Rove Why the Senate Races Will Soon Get Ugly
Hill Senate GOP maps out its majority plan


National Review Jeb Bush’s Challenge
George Will The GOP faithful should give Jeb Bush a hearing

WSJ Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Proposes Alternative to Affordable Care Act
Examiner Bobby Jindal: Conservatives 'absolutely' can't give up fight to repeal Obamacare
Hill With eyes on 2016, Jindal releases healthcare plan

WSJ Rubio Says He’ll Decide in a Year on Re-election or Presidential Bid
Hot Air Rubio: If I run for president in 2016, I won’t run for Senate reelection in Florida


Politico Poll: 51 percent approve of Chris Christie
WaPo Jerseyans don’t think Christie is being honest about Bridgegate. And they don’t care.


NYT In Florida, Bid to Cut Voter Rolls Is Set Back


Detroit News Camp, Rogers break D.C.'s iron grip
Roll Call Two Democrats Interested in Mike Rogers’ Seat in Michigan


NY Post Edwards barred from Bunny Mellon’s funeral

Fox Hundreds of cases of potential voter fraud uncovered in North Carolina
National Review N.C. State Board Finds More than 35K Incidents of ‘Double Voting’ in 2012


WTimes It’s official: Scott Brown launches N.H. Senate bid to replace Shaheen


Albany TU Albany anti-NY SAFE Act rally draws Trump, Astorino, Paladino

NYT Cuomo Drops Plan to Use State Money to Pay for College Classes for Inmates
NYT Cuomo Put His Weight Behind Charter School Protections


WP Federal appeals court overrules judge who ordered Texas to name supplier of lethal drug


Hill Georgia Democrat touts Bush ties in first ad
Politico Michelle Nunn to respond to GOP attacks


CSM Election 2014: Mississippi Senate race is tea party’s best shot at victory


Louisville CJ Matt Bevin attended cockfighting rally


Arizona Republic How Sen. John McCain picked Charlie Keating's pocket



April 2, 2014


WSJ Ryan Sees Budget Balancing: House 10-Year Plan Would Cut Spending by $5.1 Trillion
WaPo Ryan’s last budget proposal would slash $5 trillion over next decade
NYT Ryan Budget Would Cut Food Stamps and Medicaid Deeply
WSJ House GOP Budget Retains Medicare Cuts Republicans Have Attacked
Hill Ryan’s $5 trillion cuts set midterm debate
WSJ New House Budget Doesn’t Back Rep. Camp’s Tax Reform Plan
NatJ Ryan's Budget Spells Out a GOP Manifesto
Jen Rubin GOP reclaims strong on defense mantle
NYT Editorial: Mr. Ryan’s Faith-Based Budget
Dick Morris Reject the Ryan budget
Politico Sarah Palin: Paul Ryan budget plan a ‘joke’

NYT Obama Claims Victory in Push for Insurance
WSJ More Than Seven Million Sign Up for Health Coverage, Obama Says
WaPo More than 7 million have enrolled under Affordable Care Act, White House says​
Examiner Paul Ryan calls 7 million signups a 'Pyrrhic victory' for Obamacare

NatJ The Newer, Softer Iteration of American Crossroads
WTimes The Steyer Brothers: GOP finds Koch rivals who finance Democrats

Rasmussen Obama’s Job Approval Rating Drops Two Points in March


Kathleen Parker Anticipating November, Democrats act desperately
Examiner With Senate majority on the line, Reid is embracing Obamacare tweaks


WaPo Rick Santorum, in movie exec mode, considers his options for 2016
Dana Milbank GOP candidates kiss up to billionaire Sheldon Adelson
Ed Rogers Chris Christie drives Democrats crazy

NYT Charles Keating, Key Figure in the 1980s Savings and Loan Crisis, Dies at 90


WaPo Councilwoman Bowser defeats incumbent Gray in D.C. mayoral primary
WaPo Muriel Bowser, now the Dem nominee for mayor, is a woman apart in D.C. politics
WTimes Muriel Bowser’s D.C. mayoral victory caps speedy rise to political prominence
Wiki Muriel Bowser bio


NatJ Michigan Braces for New, Less Powerful Era
Hill The race begins for Dave Camp's seat


Exam Chuck Grassley sounds off on Iowa politics, campaign lessons and Joni Ernst's hogs ad


Hill Scott Brown stops by Senate lunch


WTimes Georgia split highlights discord in ranks of pro-life movement


Roll Call Thad Cochran’s Fourth TV Ad Touts Record, Endorsements


Politico Joe Manchin: I was duped into mine film



April 1, 2014


WSJ New Technical Woes Hobble Health-Insurance Sign-Ups at Zero Hour
NYT Health Website Failures Impede Signup Surge as Deadline Nears
WaPo stumbles on deadline day as consumers race to sign up for insurance
WSJ Obama Sees Health-Care Sign-Ups Nearing 7 Million
James Taranto Laboratories of What? The clichés of ObamaCare coverage
Rush Limbaugh The March 31st Obamacare Deadline is BS

WTimes Obama administration skirts congressional review
NYT ‘Imperial Presidency’ Becomes a Rallying Cry for Republicans

WTimes CIA officer confirmed no protests before misleading Benghazi account given

Ex Darrell Issa: Reprimand of 'Fast and Furious' official justifies Eric Holder contempt lawsuit

Rahn Emanuel Both parties need to grow up in discussing early education

Politico The Republican Who Saved Civil Rights


WSJ Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan: Five Things to Watch
Hill Final budget day for Rep. Ryan

NYT Chairman of Tax Panel Won’t Run This Year
Fox Rep. Camp, chairman of powerful tax-writing committee, will not seek re-election
WaPo Dave Camp to retire after his current term
Roll Call Dave Camp Retirement Pushes House Past Average Number of Retirements


NYT Democrats Scramble to Stave Off Midterm Disaster
Examiner DNC worried about midterm turnout because 'lower turnout means that we'll lose'


WSJ GOP's 2016 Hopefuls Begin to Take Their Lanes
Fox Pick 3: Christie names top potential 2016 GOP candidates
Slate Why a Jeb Bush presidential run would be hard on the GOP
Daily Caller Christie says he could campaign for Rand Paul
Hot Air Hawkish GOP donors to Time mag: We’ll stop Rand Paul in the primaries


WSJ Battle Looms Over George Washington Bridge Documents


WSJ Michigan Rep. Dave Camp Won't Seek Re-election in 2014
Detroit FP Rep. Dave Camp of Midland won't run for re-election
Politico Dave Camp won’t seek reelection

NYT Detroit’s Revised Debt Plan May Cut Pensions Deeper


WaPo Americans for Prosperity has already spent $7 million on ads against Kay Haga


NatJ Wisconsin May Expel a State Lawmaker for the First Time in Almost 100 Years


WSJ Iowa Senate Race: Will Rep. Bruce Braley’s ‘Farmer’ Gaffe Matter?


WTimes New Mexico’s immigrant ruling to bolster gun rights cases


NYT Cuomo’s Push to End Moreland Commission Draws Backlash


WSJ Conservative Group Targets Michelle Nunn in Georgia


Rasmussen Mississippi Senate: Cochran (R) 48%, Childers (D) 31%


NYT Judge Won’t Block Rules on Abortion Drug in Arizona


Fox Obama backs Schatz over Hanabusa in Senate race in Hawaii
NatJ The Crazy Intense Hawaii Senate Primary Race



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