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WSJ Republican Governors Win Key Races



December 7, 2014


Hill GOP Senate majority grows as Cassidy crushes Landrieu

WExam Half of the Senators who voted for Obamacare won't be part of new Senate


WExam House GOP on course to pass funding bill with strong majority of caucus


NYT Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General


WaPo Is Jeb Bush really prepared to lose in order to win?


WSJ Dem Sen. Mary Landrieu Ousted in Louisiana Election by Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy
NOLA Bill Cassidy defeats Mary Landrieu to become Louisiana's next senator
NOA Bill Cassidy wins U.S. Senate; Mary Landrieu concedes
NYT Mary Landrieu Is Defeated by Bill Cassidy in Louisiana Senate Runoff
WaPo Sen. Mary Landrieu loses runoff in Louisiana to Rep. Bill Cassidy
Fox Landrieu loses reelection bid in Louisiana to Republican challenger Cassidy
NatJ White Flight From Southern Democrats Doomed Landrieu
WExam Cassidy trounces Landrieu in La. Senate runoff
WExam In tough Senate race, pork couldn't buy Landrieu victory
Roll Call Louisiana Runoff Results: Mary Landrieu Loses
Hill Five reasons Mary Landrieu lost


Detroit News Mich. GOP eyes plan for cracking 'blue wall'


WaPo West Virginia’s Saira Blair is learning to balance college life, state politics



December 6, 2014


NYT U.S. to Continue Racial, Ethnic Profiling in Border Policy
WaPo Racial profiling will still be allowed at airports, along border despite new policy

NYT In Ashton Carter, Nominee for Defense Secretary, a Change in Direction

WSJ In Ranking Presidents by Job Creation, Obama Still Lags

NYT Brighter Economy Raises Odds of Action in Congress

Fox Whistleblower alleges agency cover-up over $300M ‘boondoggle’ to protect Obama nominee

WExam All-GOP controlled states outnumber all-Democratic states 24-7

AP Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows


Hill Conservatives: GOP leaders ramming through spending bill
WSJ How the GOP Gains From Focusing on Spending Now and Immigration Later
WSJ Democrats Aren’t Showing Their Cards Yet in Spending Bill Strategy
Hill Pelosi warns GOP not to take Dem budget votes for granted
WExam Pelosi: Democrats will compromise to avoid shutdown
Hill White House 'waiting to see details' on government-funding bill

WaPo What would happen if the government shut down — and never reopened?

WSJ Obama and Paul Ryan Start Corporate Tax Dance

Roll Call Gowdy Hammers Administration Over Immigration Action


NYT Experts See Legal Hazards in States’ Immigration Suit

WSJ Supreme Court to Hear Free-Speech Case on Specialty License Plates
WaPo Supreme Court to hear Confederate-flag license plate case from Texas
NYT Supreme Court to Hear Cases on License Plates and Mentally Disabled Death Row Inmates

Politico The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Taboo


WSJ Jeb Bush’s Pledge to Tax Hawks: No New Pledges

NatJ New Report Finds No Evidence Chris Christie Knew About Bridgegate Scandal
NYT Christie Worried About Bridge Scandal, Report Finds
WaPo Reports of Chris Christie’s political demise have been *greatly* exaggerated

WExam Rick Perry speech to headline conservative gala

Fox Asked about marijuana, Rand Paul says 'I made mistakes'

WaPo The ‘Why not me?’ race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016

WSJ Iran Talks Likely to Figure in Any Hillary Clinton 2016 Bid
NYT Hillary Clinton’s History as First Lady: Powerful, but Not Always Deft


WSJ Gov. Snyder: Look to Governors, Not Congress, for Leadership


NYT Wisconsin: G.O.P. Will Target Union Dues


Allysia Finley California’s Revenue Roller Coaster


Fox Landrieu battles stiff headwinds ahead of weekend's Senate runoff
WTimes Exit stage left? Landrieu faces long odds Saturday in Louisiana Senate runoff
Hill Democrats angry Landrieu left out to dry in Louisiana runoff
James Taranto Fail Mary: Election 2014, the encore
WExam GOP uses La. Senate runoff to test systems for 2016



December 5, 2014


Peggy Noonan
Can the GOP Find Unity and Purpose?
Charles Krauthammer The real fight is among the Democrats

NYT Demise of the Southern Democrat Is Now Nearly Complete

NYT New Twist in Lynch’s Confirmation After New York Grand Jury Decision

Fox DHS on hiring spree to carry out Obama immigration orders, opening ‘operational center’


WSJ GOP Takes Smoother Patch to Fund Government
Hill Boehner expects Dems to support GOP plan for government funding
WSJ White House Threatens Veto of House Bill to Undo Immigration Executive Actions
WSJ Ground Air Force One? GOP Proposals to Stop Obama on Immigration
WSJ An Immigration Game Plan for the New Congress
WaPo House Republicans repudiate Obama’s immigration actions
Fox House rebukes Obama over immigration actions, spending fight looms

NYT On War and Immigration, Obama Faces Tests of Authority From Congress

Hill House passes $585B defense bill


WTimes Congress fast-tracks bills loaded with special interest projects in year-end rush

Hill Reid faces challenges as Senate Dems transition to minority
Hill Reid indicates Senate might not pass House tax extender bill


Business Insider Romney's Inner Circle Is Convinced He's Running

WSJ Inquiry Finds ‘No Conclusive Evidence’ Christie Knew of Lane Closures
NYT Report Cites Gaps Between Records and Christie’s Comments on Bridge Lane Closings
NYDN Gov. Christie not ruled out of Bridgegate scandal in New Jersey legislative report
NYT Chris Christie Stumps for Energy, if Not for 2016, in Canada
Hill Christie won't 'second guess' NY decision

Rush Limbaugh Jeb Bush Falls for Old Trick


WSJ Mary Landrieu Battles Shifting Tide
NYT In Louisiana Runoff Election, Senator Landrieu Tries to Revive Her Base
Roll Call 3 Things To Know About the Louisiana Runoff


WaPo Is Mark Begich considering running for mayor?



December 4, 2014


WSJ GOP Leaders Push Spending Plan Over Concerns From Right
NYT House on Brink of Spending Deal to Avoid Another Government Shutdown
WaPo House Republicans scramble to avoid a shutdown ahead of a Dec. 11 deadline
Politico Deal to avert a shutdown?
Rush Limbaugh The Government Shutdown Myth

Fox Boehner faces conservative ire over plan to delay immigration fight
Fox House set to rebuff Obama's executive actions on immigration
WSJ Taking Obama’s Immigration Bait
WTimes Homeland Security already hiring 1,000 employees to carry out Obama amnesty
WaPo Editorial: President Obama’s unilateral action on immigration has no precedent
DC Boehner Plans Amnesty Sellout To Pelosi
Rush Limbaugh Face It: Republicans Want Amnesty

WSJ House Approves Temporary Tax Breaks

Fox House moving to pass defense bill

WSJ Leading House Republican Promises Border Security Bill

NatJ Boehner Kills Online Sales-Tax Bill—for Now

Fox GOP lawmakers, Benghazi survivors fume over House report

Roll Call NRCC Names New Executive Director for 2016


WSJ Obama Meets With McConnell Ahead of Budget Deadline
NatJ Reid vs. White House Tensions Cloud Majority's Final Days
WSJ The Two Faces of Chuck Schumer
James Taranto Doubting Thomas: Another senator repudiates ObamaCare
Rush Limbaugh Harkin and Schumer: Obamacare Was a Mistake

WSJ Cruz Joins House Conservatives on Defunding Immigration Policy

WExam Blame Reid's 'nuclear option' for unqualified ambassadors


WaPo Obama, looking to mend fences with Congress, is reaching out. To Democrats.
WaPo Obama says he willing to defy Democrats on his support of Trans-Pacific Partnership
WTimes Only 2 of 15 original Obama Cabinet secretaries remain

George Will Another case for term limits


WSJ States Sue Over Obama Immigration Plan
NYT 17 States Suing on Immigration
Fox Texas leads coalition of states in lawsuit against Obama immigration action

WSJ Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Workplace Pregnancy-Rights Case


Karl Rove Who’s Winning the GOP’s Invisible Primaries?

WaPo Christie vetoed N.J. pigs bill to charm Iowa ahead of 2016, critics say

AB Stoddard Jeb stalling in neutral

NatJ Ted Cruz's Secret Weapon in 2016: Steve King

Ann Coulter Black People The Media Hate (And Rand Paul Isn't Wild About)

WExam Clinton's stock declining in futures market
Politico Hillary Clinton has met with potential campaign managers
Hill Four Republicans who worry Hillary Clinton

Politico #Hillary, #TedCruz rule social media

WSJ Elizabeth Warren, Wall Street, and the Mangled Nomination Process

NatJ This State Is 'Ground Zero' for the 2016 Election


Roll Call Pennsylvania Democrats Hesitate on Sestak Senate Bid


Roll Call Congressman Considering Rob Portman Challenge in 2016


Hill Round 2 for Johnson vs. Feingold?

WExam Walker's reforms bleed Wisconsin unions


Hill Iowa GOP won't take sides in caucuses


Hill Grimm backs grand jury in Garner decision


WExam Cassidy crushing Landrieu by 24 points
WExam Sabato lowers the boom: Louisiana Sen. Landrieu 'doomed'
WaPo Mary Landrieu, Deep South’s last Senate Democrat, must fend for herself



December 3, 2014


NYT Republicans Ready Plan to Avoid a Shutdown
Hill Reid backs Boehner on deal to avoid government shutdown
WSJ Defense Bill Would Block Some Cost Cuts
NYT Uncertainty in Washington Poses Long List of Economic Perils
Rush Limbaugh Fox News to GOP: Don't Shut It Down!

WaPo Ashton Carter to be nominated as next defense secretary
WSJ Ashton Carter, Ex-Pentagon No. 2, Emerges as Obama Favorite for Defense Secretary
NYT Obama Is Said to Pick Ashton Carter, Physicist and Ex-Deputy, as Defense Secretary
WaPo Ashton Carter has a long history with military technology
WaPo New defense secretary would inherit old tensions

WSJ Attorney-General Nominee Loretta Lynch Woos Senators
NYT Past Remarks by Loretta Lynch, Attorney General Nominee, Offer Insight on Race Issues

Dick Morris Midterms killed Iran deal


WExam House will vote on short-term tax cut deal Wednesday
WSJ Congress Poised to Reinstate Some Tax Breaks
WaPo Long-term tax-break plan fizzles, along with hopes of some bipartisanship in Congress

WSJ Budget Plan Pitched to House Republicans

Fox Boehner moves to push off immigration fight to 2015
WExam House Republicans likely to punt on immigration until early 2015
NYT House Republicans and White House Clash on Obama Immigration Plan
WaPo GOP readies Obama immigration response: No shutdown, but a nod to conservatives
WTimes House Republicans divided over strategy to counter Obama amnesty order
WTimes Obama immigration flip-flops prove problematic for Jeh Johnson

WSJ Paul Ryan to Pursue Business Tax Overhaul in 2015


WSJ Democrats, It’s Time to Move On

Hill Mitch McConnell already running the show for the GOP
WSJ Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan Chart GOP Agenda

NatJ What Congress's Immigration Response Will Mean for the Senate's 2016 Contenders


WSJ Mitt Romney, Ben Carson Lead GOP Pack in 2016 Poll
WaPo Clinton and Romney lead 2016 tickets in new poll

Hill Jeb girds for battle with base
Rush Limbaugh Jeb Bush: To Win the Presidency, You Have to Run Against the Base

WSJ Sen. Rand Paul Says Foreign Policy Stance Puts Him in Mainstream
WaPo Rand Paul is running for reelection. He will also run for president. Here’s how that’s possible.

WaPo Another not-so-subtle hint at Sen. Rubio’s 2016 plans
NatJ Why Marco Rubio Should Be the GOP's Presidential Front-Runner

Politico Hillary should stop dithering

WSJ Elizabeth Warren Still a Longshot in Possible 2016 Matchup
Boston Globe Critics assail Warren’s bid to block nominee for Treasury


Roll Call Portman Will Seek Re-Election Instead of Running for President


NYT Gillibrand Seeks Another Vote on Military’s Handling of Sexual Assault Cases


Allysia Finley Landrieu Struggles in Senate Run-off
James Varney Mary Landrieu's political twilight
WaPo Mary Landrieu has a serious early voting problem
Daily Beast Democrats Leave Senator Landrieu for Dead
Fox Moderator to Landrieu: You'd Be 'Laughed Out the Room' in Private Sector for Your Flight Bills



December 2, 2014


Fox House GOP working to avoid gov’t shutdown, hit Obama on immigration
NYT Republicans Try to Balance Immigration Action While Avoiding a Shutdown
NatJ Border Hawks Set to Huddle on Immigration Response Before Meeting with Boehner
DC Krauthammer To GOP: ‘See A Psychiatrist’ For ‘Rage’ Over Exec Amnesty, Don’t Vote For Shutdown

WSJ Lawmakers Divided over Renewing Tax Breaks
Fox House nearing vote on 1-year package of tax breaks

WSJ The GOP needs reformers to run CBO and the Joint Tax Committee
WSJ Congress’s Budget Office Needs Better Numbers
NYT G.O.P. Split Over Congressional Budget Office Head

WSJ Republican Aide Who Criticized Obama Daughters Resigns
WaPo Hill staffer quits after comments about first daughters
WaPo Hill staffer Elizabeth Lauten resigns after remarks about Obama daughters
NYT G.O.P. Aide Quits After Ridiculing Obama’s Daughters, Sasha and Malia
Fox GOP aide resigns after online digs at Obama daughters


Charlie Cook Democrats Paved the Way for Their Own Decline

Fox Obama’s bumbling bundler ambassador nominees face Senate votes
WExam Senate poised to approve big Obama donors as ambassadors


WSJ Supreme Court Weighs When Social-Media Threats Become Criminal Acts


Fox Lawsuit claims ICE mounted campaign to ‘purge’ senior officials amid immigration changes
WSJ Homeland Chief Jeh Johnson Backs Immigration Action as ‘Simple Common Sense’

WExam Obama to issue executive order on military weapons for cops

WaPo With Hagel sacked, nobody on the bench?
WaPo McCain tells White House he wants Lieberman for defense secretary

WSJ Obama Puts Climate on the 2016 Ballot

Stu Rothenberg Rothenberg’s End of the Year Awards for 2014


WSJ Jeb Bush Details Political Vision
Fox Jeb Bush nearing decision whether to run for president in 2016

NatJ Inside Rand Paul's Plan to Run for Senate and President at the Same Time

WaPo Ohio Sen. Rob Portman rules out presidential run in 2016
Fox Ohio Sen. Rob Portman will not run for president in 2016

WaPo Clinton’s noncommittal stance on environment creates political dilemma
James Taranto Van Hillary: Mrs. Clinton demands the rock-star treatment

WTimes 2016 hopefuls sidestep Ferguson furor, leave policy limelight to Obama


WaPo Florida Democrats want to change an election law they created to help them win again


WSJ Cuomo Spent Big in Final Stretch
Albany TU Cuomo spent almost $8M in final stretch

NYT Governor Cuomo Tries to Do Something About the Weather


WSJ Texas Gov. Perry Gets Extension for Border Surge


Fox Landrieu's title as 'comeback kid' in jeopardy as she trails in Saturday's runoff
NatJ Early-Voting Stats Look Bad for Mary Landrieu
ABC Landrieu and Cassidy Sling Mud About Respective Scandals in Final Debate
Reveille Cassidy, Landrieu face off in final debate for U.S. Senate seat
Advertiser Landrieu, Cassidy don't pull punches
CNN Landrieu, Cassidy spar in final Senate debate
KPLC Watch: The Landrieu-Cassidy Debate
KPLC Debate Recap: Landrieu vs. Cassidy
WSJ Landrieu Tries to Paint Louisiana Challenger as ‘Dr. Double Dip’
WaPo Landrieu ad claims GOP will impeach Obama if Cassidy wins
Chris Cillizza What the heck happened to Mary Landrieu?
AP Landrieu, Cassidy Get Testy in Final Senate Debate
NBC Landrieu's Last-Ditch Effort Culminates in Final Debate


Fox Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul to announce re-election campaign


WTimes Republican Gov.-elect Hogan promises hope and bipartisan change in Maryland



December 1, 2014


WSJ Funding Deadline Tops Congress’s Agenda
Fox Congress returns with budget, immigration, ISIS topping to-do list
NatJ Spending, Immigration, and Tax Fights Will Dominate Final Days of Session
Roll Call The Week Ahead: Cybercrime, Telecommunications Law and the Internet of Things

NYT Boehner Faces the First Days of New Power in Congress

Fox Incoming senators talk compromise on jobs, immigration but partisan divide still an issue
DC New GOP Senator Tom Cotton Says Immigration Must Help Americans
Hill Republicans huddle to counter Obama on immigration

WExam Democratic takeover of Senate in 2016 possible but not a slam dunk


NYT Suit on Health Law Puts Focus on Funding Powers

NYT Case Seeking Job Protections for Pregnant Women Heads to Supreme Court


nyt G.O.P. Gains by Tapping Democrats’ Base for State Candidates

WSJ A Federal Guarantee Is Sure to Go Broke

WSJ Russian Firms Hire Lobbyists to Fight Senate Sanctions

NYT Russian Money Suspected Behind Fracking Protests


WSJ Open GOP Field Draws Long-Shot Bids

NatJ Can Clinton Win Back the White Working Class?
WExam Far Left seeks alternative to Hillary

Fox Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick rules out White House bid

NatJ Here's How to Decide When to Start Running for President


NOLA Republican early voting increases before Louisiana's Dec. 6 runoff
Shreveport Times Landrieu 'needs to call in cavalry,' supporters say
Bayou Buzz Desperate Landrieu tactic about Cassidy's LSUHC's stipend is new Hail Mary
Bloomberg Landrieu Attacks as Early Voting Reveals Good News for Cassidy
WExam Outside groups pour money into Louisiana's Senate runoff
Bloomberg PACs Shift Support from Landrieu to Cassidy in Louisiana Senate Runoff



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Charles Schott

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NatJ The day after the midterms at a Republican media-analytics shop

WExam GOP's new turnout machine was in top gear

WSJ Leapfrogging the Democrats' Tech Advantage

WExam RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

Roll Call Ohio Republicans Crusade for Cleveland Convention in 2016

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