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WSJ Republican Governors Win Key Races



December 20-21, 2014


Fox Bush's 2016 remarks kick other potential GOP candidates into higher gears

WaPo Getting Chris Christie’s goat: Activists try to rile up governor, pile up some YouTube hits

NatJ The Courtship: How Rand Paul Became a 'Chamber Republican'
WaPo In Paul-Rubio feud over Cuba, a preview of GOP’s 2016 foreign policy debate

NatJ Ted Cruz Quietly Seeks Peace With GOP's Big Spenders

WaPo Hillary Clinton *drops* to a 49-point lead for the Democrats’ 2016 nomination
NYT Role for Warren: To Push, if Not Supplant, Clinton
WExam Top House Dem says Elizabeth Warren could beat Hillary Clinton in 2016
Boston Globe Clinton faces headwinds from liberals as Warren rises
NYT A Vermont Senator Asks, Why Not a Socialist President?

Fox Iowa ‘firing up’ for flood of presidential hopefuls


WSJ Obama to Give State of the Union Speech Jan. 20

WaPo Obama gives federal workers a 2015 pay raise


WaPo Why white evangelicals rule the midterms


WSJ Senators Call on FHA to Lower Mortgage Costs


NYT Florida Same-Sex Marriages Are Set to Proceed


December 19, 2014


WT Jeh Johnson pleads for Homeland funding as Obama defends amnesty amid lawsuits
WSJ Obama’s New Path: Plowing Ahead Solo
Hill Obama seeks to prolong power

William Bratton The Assault on ‘Broken Windows’ Policing

Charles Krauthammer How to fight the lone wolf


WSJ How Congress Could Stymie Obama’s Cuba Plan


Roll Call Harvard Conservatives Take Over the Senate
Kim Strassel A GOP Strategy Begins to Emerge
Politico GOP goes on K Street hiring spree

WExam Dismal: Harry Reid's Senate took 657 votes, but passed just 25 laws


WSJ Jeb Bush Briefs Loyalists as He Weighs 2016 White House Bid
WExam Jeb does Hanukkah, noshes on jelly donut, spins the driedel
WaPo Don’t assume Jeb Bush will be the Republican nominee in 2016

WTimes Mitt Romney tells Sony to release ‘The Interview’ for free online views
Byron York Future uncertain, Romney sits atop GOP polls

NatJ GOP Governors Eyeing the White House Have Plenty to Lose at Home

NatJ Cuba Provides a Stark Contrast Between Rand Paul and the 2016 GOP Field

NatJ Carly Fiorina Hiring for Presidential Campaign

WSJ Amid Warren’s Rise, a Democratic Split Becomes Apparent
WSJ Elizabeth Warren Pins Wall Street Ills on Citigroup

NYT As 2016 Nears, Clinton Keeps in Mind Mistakes of 2008 Campaign

WSJ Cuba Move Shakes Up White House Race
WSJ Rand Paul Backs Obama on Cuba, Highlighting GOP Split
Peggy Noonan Noonan: The Cuban Regime Is a Defeated Foe


NYT In a Political Gamble, Marco Rubio Sticks to His Tough Line on Cuba


NYT Contesting Traffic Fines, Missouri Sues 13 Suburbs of St. Louis


WTimes Oklahoma, Nebraska ask Supreme Court to overturn Colorado marijuana law
WaPo Oklahoma and Nebraska are suing Colorado over legalizing marijuana


WSJ Cuomo Bans Fracking

NYT New York Voters Oppose Raise for State Legislators, Poll Finds


NYT Ex-Governor of Alabama Is Denied Release From Prison in Bribery Case


NYT Illinois: Governor and Republicans Spar Over Replacing Dead Comptroller


WT Alison Lundergan Grimes threatens to take Rand Paul to court if he tries to run for 2 offices
Hill Grimes girds for legal fight with Paul



December 18, 2014


WSJ U.S. Restores Cuba Ties in Historic Deal
NYT U.S. to Restore Full Relations With Cuba, Erasing a Last Trace of Cold War Hostility
WaPo Obama moves to normalize relations with Cuba as American is released by Havana
Fox Congressional critics ready to block Obama push to normalize Cuban relations
Fox Congress stands little chance of stopping Cuba policy
Politico How Republicans could stop Obama's Cuba play
WExam With Cuba power play, Obama puts Republicans on notice
Dana Milbank Marco Rubio’s fury over the Cuba shift

WSJ Fed Sets Stage for Rate Hikes in 2015

WSJ Poll: Obama’s Standing Rebounds With Hispanics

Karl Rove Don’t Scoff: Bipartisanship Is Possible in 2015

Ann Coulter One In Five People Who Write For Rolling Stone Are Morons


WSJ Enzi to Take Senate Budget Committee Gavel Over Sessions
WaPo Jeff Sessions drops bid to lead Senate Budget Committee

WSJ The Handful of Super-Wealthy Donors Affected by Raised Contribution Limits

WaPo Was the lame duck session reason for hope or preview of horrors to come?

Robert Samuelson The budget stalemate continues


WSJ Final 2014 House Race Settled After Recount
Fox Arizona's McSally wins House race in recount, adds to GOP's historic majority

Hill Boehner's new magic number


NYT Justices Support Licenses for Immigrants in Arizona


WSJ Jeb Bush Puts Pressure on Chris Christie for 2016
NYT Jeb Bush and the Base: Persona Trumps Policies
WaPo For Iowa Republicans, another Bush to consider
Politico Can Jeb Bush win Iowa?
WExam Jeb Bush is a tax-cutter, but won't pledge to it
Fox Can Jeb avoid being the Fred Thompson of 2016?
Hill Does Jeb Bush have a Mitt Romney problem?
NatJ Jeb Bush's 2016 Move Fuels Democratic Debate
Howard Kurtz Jeb Bush, praised by liberals, already drawing flak from the GOP
Dan Balz Jeb Bush: Front-runner, underdog or both?
Rush Limbaugh The GOP Donor Class Wants Jeb

NatJ Return of the Kingmaker: Jim DeMint Is Getting Back in the Game

NYT Can Liberal Zionists Count On Hillary Clinton?

WSJ Second Liberal Group Urges Elizabeth Warren to Run
WExam Liberal group to spend $250,000 to draft Warren in 2016
WaPo Elizabeth Warren, other Democrats raise concerns about free-trade pact with Asia


NYT New Jersey Paying Fees to a Financial Firm That Employs Christie’s Wife


NYT Change in Policy, Like Shift in Demographics, Could Alter Florida’s Political Map
NatJ How Normalizing Relations With Cuba Could Reshape Florida Politics


NYT Pat McCrory and Mark Sanford Fire Back at Article About Stock Payouts


Roll Call Will Russ Feingold Be Haunted by Campaign Problems Past?


WSJ New York Moves to Ban Fracking
NYT Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State, Citing Health Risks
Albany TU Read Health Department’s fracking review

WSJ Cuomo: Pass Ethics Bill or No Raises


George Will Texas takes aim at the First Amendment


NYT Judge Rejects Plea Deal for South Carolina Sheriff


Politico Alison Lundergan Grimes: Rand Paul can’t run for president and Senate


NYT Martha McSally, Republican Challenger, Wins in Arizona Midterm Race



December 17, 2014


WSJ Jeb Bush to ‘Actively Explore’ Run for President
NYT Jeb Bush Takes a Step Toward a Presidential Run
NYT Jeb Bush to ‘Actively Explore’ a 2016 Run for President
Fox Jeb Bush announces he will 'actively explore' run for president
WaPo Jeb Bush forms PAC to explore presidential run
Hill Bush fires starting pistol for 2016
WaPo Jeb Bush’s decision to explore presidential bid scrambles the 2016 GOP field
Boston Globe 2016 landscape shifts as Jeb Bush eyes run for president
WTimes Jeb Bush may follow Mitt Romney script to 2016 Republican nomination
WTimes Bush announcement puts pressure on donors, other GOP establishment candidates
NatJ Scrambled: Jeb Bush's Early Foray Into 2016 Upends Race
NatJ Jeb Bush Is Dismissing the GOP Base at His Own Peril
Politico On immigration, promise and peril for Bush
Politico Jeb Bush's policy minefields
Politico Money men cheer Bush news
Politico Hill Republicans not lining up behind Jeb Bush
WSJ Jeb Bush and the Right
WaPo Bush, Clinton and the mixed appeal of political dynasties
Rush Limbaugh Establishment Looks to Jeb to Stop Tea Party

WaPo Why the trickle of Hillary Clinton endorsements is bad for Hillary Clinton
Dick Morris Hillary fears Warren-ted
Rush Limbaugh Millennials Shocked to Learn Hillary's Age

Fox Fox News Poll: Romney, Clinton lead potential 2016 presidential pack

Fox Graham thinking about presidential bid

NatJ Marco Rubio Won't Back Down to Jeb Bush

NatJ If Elizabeth Warren Says No, What Is Progressives' Backup Plan?


WSJ Obama Quietly Signs $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill

Hill GOP feels immigration heat

WSJ Lawsuit Alleges Gender Discrimination by Congressman’s Office
WaPo Rep. Farenthold office sued by former staffer for ‘hostile work environment,’ ‘gender discrimination’


WSJ Senate Votes to Extend Temporary Tax Breaks to End of 2014
WTimes Senate clears $81B tax-break package, confirms several Obama nominees

WSJ Senate Confirms Saldaña as Top Immigration Official
Fox U.S. Senate confirms Saldaña as first Latina to head ICE
Hill Senate confirms official who will lead Obama’s immigration program
WaPo Cornyn was for immigration enforcement nominee before he was against her

WSJ Antony Blinken Confirmed as Deputy Secretary of State

Fox Obama’s nominee to lead Social Security agency left dangling

NYT With the Way Eased, Two More Obama Nominees Win Approval From the Senate

WSJ Terrorism Insurance Program Set to Expire
NYT Terrorism Insurance Is Rejected in the Senate

NatJ Mitch McConnell: Approving Keystone XL Is First Order of Business Next Year

WExam Hatch to push pension reform for public employees

WSJ Ted Cruz Makes Apology of Sorts to Republicans
Fox Cruz apologizes to fellow senators for inconvenience of weekend vote
Hill Leaders gain from Cruz ploy

WaPo Elizabeth Warren is not the left’s Ted Cruz. She is the left’s Jim DeMint.


WSJ A Judge Calls Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration Unconstitutional
NYT Federal Judge Calls Obama’s Immigration Actions Unlawful
WTimes Federal judge rules Obama amnesty order unconstitutional power grab
Fox Federal judge: Obama immigration actions 'unconstitutional'


WSJ The CIA Interrogations Followed the Law

NYT Obama Indefinitely Bans Drilling in Alaskan Bay
WaPo Obama bans drilling in Alaska’s Bristol Bay, citing risk to salmon fishery
WTimes Obama makes Alaska’s Bristol Bay exempt from energy exploration

USA Today Obama issues 'executive orders by another name'

NYT Ecuador Family Wins Favors After Donations to Democrats


WaPo Expulsion of convicted Va. lawmaker from House would be first since Reconstruction


WaPo South Dakota Gov. Daugaard won by the biggest margin in state history


Roll Call N.H. Democrats Prep Kelly Ayotte Challenge


NYT Democrats in New York Assembly Say They Support Ethics Reform


Kathleen Parker A wildfire of corruption


Politico Mike Pence's 2.0 Problem



December 16, 2014


WSJ Jeb Bush to Grads: ‘Dream Big and Shake Things Up’
WaPo Jeb Bush gives University of South Carolina commencement address
WTimes Jeb Bush to South Carolina grads: Dream big, don’t be afraid to change, have fun
WSJ Will Bush Run? He Leaves Few Clues
WaPo As Jeb Bush gears up for 2016, South Carolina is a case study in GOP’s shift right
Politico Carolina on Jeb's mind: South Carolina may be a firewall
WaPo The Bush brand: Not so bad anymore
Hill For Jeb, Bush name not such a burden
Howard Kurtz Leaking his 2016 plans: How Jeb Bush is working the media refs

WaPo On a cold day in Christie’s home state, Obama recalls the pair’s warmer moments

Hill Clinton quiet as Warren rises
Hill Poll: Dems want Hillary primary challenge
WSJ Video: Elizabeth Warren, and How to Not Commit to Not Running for President
WSJ Elizabeth Warren (Again): ‘I Am Not Running for President’
Boston Globe Warren’s office says she stands by pledge to serve out term
WaPo Why Elizabeth Warren is smart not to totally rule out running for president
Fox Warren's present-tense denial adds to speculation she will run in 2016
Fox Press, left swoon for Warren
Hill 110,000 sign Warren petition
David Brooks Warren Can Win


WSJ Senate Confirms Vivek Murthy as U.S. Surgeon General
NYT Obama’s Nominee for Surgeon General Wins Confirmation
NYT Senate, Ending Long Battle, Confirms Nominee for Surgeon General
WaPo Surgeon general nominee Vivek Murthy, opposed by gun lobby, confirmed
Hill Senate confirms surgeon general despite opposition of National Rifle Association
Hill Manchin sides with NRA against Obama's surgeon general nominee

Fox Senate still has key votes on presidential nominees, tax extenders, terror insurance
Fox Senate could confirm up to 88 judges
Hill Four nominees Dems are pushing through

WSJ Congress Set to Get Lonelier in the Middle

Roll Call House Democratic Losses Deplete Bench of 2016 Senate Recruits

NatJ Ted Cruz Quietly Seeks Peace With GOP's Big Spenders

WTimes Schumer emerges over Warren as GOP’s preferred dealmaker

WSJ The Elizabeth Warren Right

Phil Gramm & Michael Solon The Reagan-Clinton Template for Success

Michael Gerson It’s time for a politics of repair


Hill Poll: Majority says CIA methods justified
Bret Stephens I Am Not Sorry the CIA Waterboarded
NYT Backing C.I.A., Cheney Revisits Torture Debate From Bush Era

WSJ Republican Governors Push to Reshape Welfare Programs

WaPo Obama braces for immigration battle with GOP

Stu Rothenberg Jury Duty in Today’s America


Fox Dem lawmaker may commute to work from jail


Albany TU Astorino: Republicans can win statewide office, but they need money, time

NY Post De Blasio quietly filed untaxed cig suit the week of Garner decision


Allysia Finley King de Leon


WSJ Tennessee Moves to Expand Medicaid
WSJ With Hospitals Under Stress, Tennessee’s Governor Pursues Medicaid Expansion


Boston Globe Charlie Baker campaign manager to join administration



December 15, 2014


WSJ A Rare Bipartisan Success for Congress

WSJ Pension Change Seen as Setting a Precedent

WSJ Senate Weekend Work Sped a Slew of Nominations, Including Vivek Murthy
Hot Air Did the Cruz/Lee plan to stop executive amnesty in the Senate backfire?
WTimes Spending bill battle exposes intraparty rifts among Democrats, Republicans
WaPo With nominations, Harry Reid lands a late punch before bowing out as majority leader

NYT In Final Spending Bill, Salty Food and Belching Cows Are Winners

NYT G.O.P. Angst Over 2016 Led to Provision on Funding

Hugh Hewitt New GOP Senate should put the brakes on Obama judges
Grover Norquist Republicans control the Senate: Now what?


WSJ Former VP Cheney Defends CIA Interrogation Techniques
NYT Backing C.I.A. Tactics, Cheney Ramps Up Criticism of Senate Torture Report
WaPo A defiant Dick Cheney defends CIA’s brutal interrogation program


WSJ Jeb Bush Prepares to Release Emails, Hinting at 2016 Presidential Bid
WaPo Jeb Bush’s move to release book, e-mails stokes expectations of White House bid
Fox Jeb Bush says he hopes he would be a good 2016 GOP candidate
NatJ Why Jeb Bush Is No Mitt Romney

Hill Kasich dips toes into 2016 waters

Hill Sen. Thune: Not closing door on 2016 run

Boston Globe Hillary Clinton edges closer to a 2016 run for president

WaPo Elizabeth Warren was told to stay quiet, but she didn’t – and it’s paying off
Hill What does Warren want?
WaPo Amid Warren buzz, Clinton might do well not to wait too long to announce 2016 bid
WaPo Democrats divided on their path to 2016
Fred Dicker Hillary faces progressive uprising around Warren


Sun-Sentinel Palm Beach County Republicans have new chairman


Politico John Kasich's crusade


NYT Brownback’s Tax Cuts Not Set in Stone as Kansas Faces Budget Shortfall


WaPo Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Boehner friend and critic of CIA report, retiring after 20 years


Roll Call Congressman Mum on Illinois Senate Race


NatJ The Courtship: How Rand Paul Became a 'Chamber Republican'



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WExam GOP's new turnout machine was in top gear

WSJ Leapfrogging the Democrats' Tech Advantage

WExam RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

Roll Call Ohio Republicans Crusade for Cleveland Convention in 2016

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