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John Fund History Shows Dems Face Long Odds in Keeping Senate

NatJ 6 Signs a Republican Senate Takeover Is Within Reach

Politico Democrats: Cede the House to save the Senate

NYT As G.O.P. Tries for Senate, One Issue Is House’s Unpopularity

NatJ Dem Setbacks Grow As They Try To Hold Senate Majority

LA Times Gallup poll: Obama unpopular in states with key 2014 Senate contests

ABC ABC News' '14 For 14': The 2014 Midterm Election Races That Matter

Hill GOP expanding Senate map, McConnell says

NYT 2014 Elections Likely to Keep Capital’s Split

Fox Political forecaster says GOP has good shot at taking Senate in 2014



January 31, 2014


WSJ House Republicans Release 'Standards' on Immigration Overhaul
WTimes House GOP wants legal status but no citizenship for illegal immigrants
Fox House GOP leaders back limited path to legal status for illegal immigrants
WaPo House GOP leaders embrace immigration fix that includes legal status for undocumented
NYT Republicans’ Immigration Blueprint Leaves Party at Odds and Democrats Hopeful
Examiner House immigration reform in eight, bite-sized pieces
DC GOP Chairman pledges to oppose any path to citizenship for illegal immigrants
Hill McCain praises House Republicans' immigration reform principles
WSJ Former Speaker Hastert Calls for Immigration Overhaul
Hill Cruz: GOP immigration plan is 'amnesty'
Byron York On immigration, what do GOP House leaders mean by 'enforcement triggers'?
Rush Limbaugh Why are Republicans Hell-Bent on Destroying Their Party with Amnesty?

WSJ Union Chiefs ‘Bitterly Disappointed’ With Obamacare Efforts

NYT Obama and G.O.P. Facing Opposition to Trade Pacts

WaPo House panel asks to hear from Obama donor involved in IRS investigation
WSJ OpEd: Justice Goes After the GOP
WTimes IRS rules change seen as limiting free speech for nonprofit organizations

Kim Strassel So God Made a Farm Bill

Peggy Noonan Meanwhile, Back in America . . .

Charles Krauthammer How to debunk the ‘war on women’

Michael Gerson Obama’s thin agenda
Politico Obama’s power play


NatJ Mitt Romney Is the 2016 Republican Front-Runner

WSJ A 2016 Surprise? Jeb Bush Thinking About the Race
Politico Jeb Bush discusses 2016 decision
WaPo Why Jeb Bush is the single biggest question mark in the 2016 sweepstakes

Charlie Cook Why We're Already Talking About the 2016 Race


WSJ A Wild Card in the George Washington Bridge Investigation
WaPo How Bridge-gate hurt Christie


WSJ GOP Groups Plan $1.2 Million Ad Campaign in Florida Race


NYT Detroit Plan Is Said to Split Creditors Into 2 Groups


WaPo Why Robert Sarvis is no Virginia Senate race spoiler for Ed Gillespie


WaPo The Scott Walker-Paul Ryan bromance


WaPo Missouri likely to pass new voter ID law


NYT Senator’s Son, 26, Arrested In Colorado on Drug Charge
NYDN Son of Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall arrested on heroin charges


NYT Cuomo’s Talk of a Surplus Leaves Out a Big Caveat

Allysia Finley How the New York mayor is rounding up support for his tax hike


WSJ U.S. Rep. Waxman to Retire
NYT Henry Waxman, Key Democrat and Force for Health Care Law, Is to Retire
Politico Sandra Fluke may seek Henry Waxman House seat


WSJ Texas Candidate's Misstatements Cloud Campaign


Roll Call Republican Considers Switch to Okla. Senate Special
Roll Call Conservative Groups Could Give Up on Okla. Senate Special


WaPo Ga. governor apologizes for snow mess
WSJ Georgia Governor to Order Agency Review After Storm Cripples Atlanta Area


NYT In Landrieu Races, Obama Helps and Hinders

WSJ Corruption Trial Begins for New Orleans Ex-Mayor
WaPo Corruption trial of ex-New Orleans mayor begins
Times-Picayune Ray Nagin back in court after two-day hiatus
NYT Prosecutors Lay Out List of Ex-Mayor’s Schemes


Roll Call Democrat to Challenge Bucshon in Indiana


Roll Call Farm Bill Vote Provides Wedge Issue for Pryor


James Taranto The Accidental Navigator: It takes a lot to get health insurance in Maryland



January 30, 2014


WSJ House Passes 5-Year Farm Bill
NYT House Approves Farm Bill, Ending 2-Year Impasse
ABC House Passes Compromise 5-Year Farm Bill With Modest Food Stamp Cuts
WaPo Editorial: This farm bill deserves a veto

Examiner House leaders to outline immigration principles
Fox House Republicans face challenge on immigration from Senate GOP leaders
Hill Immigration showdown to take center stage at Republican retreat
Ann Coulter GOP Crafts Plan to Wreck the Country, Lose Voters

NatJ Inside House Leadership's Emerging 2014 Obamacare Strategy
George Will Four words in the ACA could spell its doom
Rush Limbaugh GOP Missing Obamacare Opportunity

WTimes Holder won’t rule out criminal charges for employees in IRS scandal
Daily Caller Cruz calls for select committee to investigate IRS scandal

WaPo Republicans make overtures to middle class in effort to counter Obama, Democrats
Dana Milbank Republican lawmakers blindsiding the party’s conservative base

WaPo For 2016, Hillary Clinton has commanding lead over Democrats, GOP race wide open
WaPo 2016: Republican field crowded, Clinton dominates among Democrats
Politico Poll: Mike Huckabee leads 2016 GOP hopefuls
Politico Jeb Bush discusses 2016 decision

James Taranto Party Like It's 1959: Fanciful proposals for a sexual counterrevolution

Karl Rove Channeling Valerie Jarrett

WTimes Christie, Paul, Perry push to legalize pot


NYT For Christie, Politics Team Kept a Focus on Two Races
NYT How Pressure Mounted for Development in Hoboken


Tampa Bay Times Dem poll: Alex Sink 49, David Jolly 45
Sunshine David Jolly and Alex Sink Start Debating About Debates

Quinnipiac Crist Tops Florida's Scott On Almost Every Measure, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds


Politico Libertarian to run for Senate in Va.

WaPo Va. textbook bill on alternative Sea of Japan name heads toward a partisan showdown


Roll Call Hoyer: O’Malley Would Be ‘Excellent’ President


Politico Paul Ryan reboots


Hill Iowa activist leaning toward Senate run


Examiner Tom Foley to run for Connecticut governor again


WSJ Rep. Michael Grimm Apologizes to TV Reporter After State of the Union
Politico Dustup could hurt Michael Grimm’s reelection


NYT Texas Democrat Defends Back Story Under Criticism


Hill Okla. Speaker makes Senate bid official
Fox25 Lankford, Shannon square off for Coburn's vacant Senate seat
Roll Call Bridenstine Won’t Seek Coburn’s Senate Seat


Hill Dem Nunn leads GOP rivals in Georgia poll
Politico Survey: Michelle Nunn leads GOP pols in Georgia



January 29, 2014


WSJ Obama Seeks to Jump-Start Stalled Plans
NYT In State of the Union Address, Obama Vows to Act Alone on the Economy
WaPo In State of the Union, Obama vows to expand opportunity, with or without Congress
WTimes Obama promises a dramatic ‘year of action’ — with or without help of Congress
Fox Obama vows to act without Congress in 2014, amid second-term woes
WSJ Obama Announces New Retirement Accounts
WSJ President's Pitch Is Aimed at November
WSJ Republicans Criticize Obama's Push to Use Executive Power
NYT Executive Order May Be Only Option, but It Comes With Limits
Hill See you in court, says GOP
WaPo Obama prepared to avoid Congress, go it alone on carrying out modest initiatives
WTimes Obama downsizes ambition as agenda slows to a crawl
WSJ Obama Delivers Subtle Messages to Justices
WSJ Full Text of President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address

Fox Rep. McMorris Rodgers champions personal responsibility in GOP response to State of the Union
WaPo McMorris Rodgers comes through for GOP in response to State of the Union
NatJ The Republican Response: A New Wave of Compassionate Conservatism?
Examiner McMorris Rodgers: GOP, not Obama, offers real chance for 'hope and change'
Hill McMorris Rodgers shines in GOP response
NYT Text and Video of the G.O.P. Response to Obama’s Speech
WaPo Americans react to Obama’s address to nation
LA Times After State of the Union, GOP assails Obama while showing disunity

Sen. Ted Cruz The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama
WSJ William Galston: Obama and the Limits of Unilateral Action
Examiner Mike Lee: Obamacare is an 'inequality Godzilla'

Politico GOP ready to surrender on debt ceiling

NYT House Votes to Restrict Payments for Abortions

WSJ Farm Bill's Path Traces Power Shift in House GOP
WSJ A Bipartisan Taxpayer Raid

James Taranto Enemies of Friends of Abe: How the IRS chills freedom of association

Dick Morris Clinton’s Benghazi cover-up

Politico The Case Against Early Voting

Roll Call Reid: Senate Dems Will Invite Obama to Campaign Trail
Politico 2014 Dems plot Obamacare strategy


NYT For Christie, Politics Team Kept a Focus on Two Bids
Newsmax Romney: Christie A Leader Not a Bully


Tampa Bay Times Jolly returns to D.C. to raise money, talk with would-be colleagues
Tampa Bay Times In U.S. House race, Jolly and Sink ads play fast and loose with facts
Hill DCCC poll shows tight race in Florida special


Lebanon Daily News Democrat McGinty first with ad for Pa. governor's race


NatJ The GOP Presidential Contender Everyone’s Overlooking: Gov. John Kasich


WSJ Michael Grimm Clashes With NY1 Reporter
NYT Rep. Michael Grimm Threatens an NY1 Reporter
WaPo Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) reportedly threatens journalist
Politico Michael Grimm clashes with reporter
NYDN NY Rep. Grimm threatens reporter after being asked about fundraising allegations


LA Times Two main GOP rivals of Brown didn't vote in many elections


WSJ Wendy Davis’s Daughters Defend Life Portrait
Politico Wendy Davis strikes back at ‘lying’ critics

Roll Call Cornyn Responds to Stockman’s Absence: ‘Hmm … ‘


Roll Call Tom Cole: Outside Groups Will Waste Money in Okla. Special
Politico Obamacare: Tom Coburn loses cancer doctor


ABC Ill. Labor Unions Sue Over Plan to Cut Pensions


Dorothy Rabinowitz Rand Paul's Revisionism


WaPo McCain calls GOP censure ‘motivation’ to run again



January 28, 2014


WSJ Stephens: Kurt Vonnegut's State of the Union
Fred Barnes Fred Barnes: The Curse of the State-of-the-Union First Responder
Charlie Cook The State of the Union Is (Yawn) Boring

USA Today Lawmakers reach deal on farm bill
NYT Farm Bill Compromise Will Change Programs and Reduce Spending
Fox Bipartisan lawmakers reach deal on farm bill that would cut food stamps by 1 percent
Politico Farm bill agreement heading to floor

NYT Backing in G.O.P. for Legal Status for Immigrants
WaPo How to know whether GOP is serious about immigration reform

WSJ 3 GOP Senators Propose Obamacare Alternative
Fox Senate Republicans pitch ObamaCare alternative on eve of presidential address
WTimes GOP senators offer blueprint to fix Obamacare

Frank Keating Banks Can't Be the Only Backstop for Fraud

Paul Krugman Paranoia of the Plutocrats
James Taranto Tu Quoque ad Hitlerum

WSJ WSJ/NBC Poll: Solid Support for Legal Marijuana

WSJ Hillary Clinton Talks Benghazi, 2016 — and Driving Ban
NYT Clinton Calls Benghazi Her ‘Biggest Regret’ as Secretary
Hill Dems surging toward Hillary
Hill Dems' 2016 endorsement list starts here
Howard Kurtz A Warning Shot for Hillary: Rand Paul plays the Lewinsky card

Politico Rand Paul: ‘50-50’ shot he’ll run for president


WSJ WSJ/NBC Poll: Sharp Reversal on Chris Christie
WaPo Christie road trip is sign of growing confidence in possible 2016 presidential bid
WSJ Panel to Investigate N.J. Lane Closures
Boston Herald NJ Democrats combine traffic jam probes


Fox Rep. Radel resigns, following cocaine charges
WaPo Embattled Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) resigns from Congress
NYT Florida Congressman, Facing Pressure After Cocaine Charge, Resigns
WaPo The four most important things to know about the race to replace Trey Radel
Hill Crowded field forming to succeed Radel
Roll Call Republican Field for Radel’s Seat Expected to Grow


WSJ Sen. Portman Fills Coffers Well Ahead of ’16 Re-Election


Politico Democrats slam Michigan governor in new ad


Richmond TD Lewis win gives Democrats control of state Senate
WaPo Dem wins Virginia Senate recount, giving Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s agenda a crucial boost

NYT Virginia: Ex-Republican Senator Endorses Democrat
Roll Call John Warner Endorses Mark Warner
Politico Ed Gillespie GOP challenger Howie Lind drops out

WaPo No state charges in McDonnell investigation
WTimes Democratic governors in VA also took expensive gifts under lax state law


Politico Poll: Scott Walker leads Democratic challenger
Rush Limbaugh Scott Walker's Unnoticed Revolution


Roll Call Ex-Congressman Hints at Comeback Bid in Kansas


NYT In Albany, de Blasio Seeks Approval for Pre-K Tax Plan
NY Post De Blasio pre-K tax called ‘charade’ for unions
Albany TU De Blasio: Ulster County got its tax increase — why not NYC?


Politico Frank Keating won’t seek Tom Coburn’s seat


Roll Call DesJarlais Primary Challenger Flush With Cash for 2014


Hill Daines tops $1M for Montana Senate bid
Politico Montana Lt. Gov. John Walsh ‘interested’ in Senate appointment


Hill Treadwell continues fundraising struggles



January 27, 2014


WSJ Obama to Assert Unilateral Agenda
Fox Obama set to announce 'practical' agenda focusing on immigration, income equality
WTimes Obama to use State of the Union as opening salvo in 2014 midterms
Hill Obama’s State of the Union address: Banging base drum
NYT Aides Say Obama Is Willing to Work With or Without Congress to Meet Goals
Examiner In State of the Union, Obama expected to make case for bypassing Congress
NYT Some Republicans Departing From Response Script

Fox House Republicans appear poised to unveil broad immigration plan
Byron York Are House Republicans planning to pull a fast one on immigration?

Fox Farm bill could come to vote this week in House
Politico New farm bill readied for final debate

WSJ Earmarks Survive In All but Name

WSJ New Fiscal Showdown Builds Over Debt Limit
NatJ Mitch McConnell Is Setting Up Another Debt-Ceiling Fight
Hill Republicans yet to decide what they want in return for debt-ceiling hike

WTimes Study finds little change in poor to rich mobility over past 25 years
WSJ Mickey Kaus: The Other Kind of Inequality

WSJ States Weigh New Plans for Revenue Windfalls

NatJ Republicans Don't Have a Single Woman Running a Battleground Senate Campaign

Chris Cillizza Does it matter where the GOP decides to hold its 2016 convention?


NJ Sen. Ted Cruz calls scandals surrounding Chris Christie 'unfortunate'


Tampa Trib Medical marijuana ballot called 'plan' to help Crist beat Scott

Hill Dem Sink hits GOP opponent on lobbying work in new ad


NatJ Do Women Have What It Takes to Beat Tom Corbett?


Detroit News Snyder weighs how to pay $350M to help DIA, pension funds


WTimes VA Senate candidate Gillespie vows to oppose welfare expansion, deficit spending


TCOT Senate Challenger Milton Wolf Ties Incumbent Roberts in Straw Poll at Kansas GOP Convention


Albany TU Paladino: Who is New York’s Richard the Lionheart?
Buffalo News Paladino sees ‘good things’ on prospect of Trump candidacy
Fred Dicker GOP plans to use Cuomo’s ‘extreme’ comment against him

NYDN Lovett: George Pataki ally ponders run for attorney general


WSJ On the California Water Front


Breitbart Challenger to John Cornyn Brings NDAA Controversy into Texas Race


AJC Why a reinvigorated Phil Gingrey is good news for Mitch McConnell

Fox Georgia congressman holding drawing for free rifle


Roll Call Kirk's Next Challenge? Re-Election in 2016


WTimes In Kentucky, opposing views on Obamacare success



January 26, 2014


NYT House Republicans to Offer Broad Immigration Plan

NYT Obama Pursuing a Modest Agenda in State of Union
WSJ Targeted Tax, Road Plans Likely Topics in Obama’s Speech
WTimes Sen. Blunt: Obama ‘has a lot of explaining to do’ in State of the Union speech

Hill Paul Ryan lays out anti-poverty agenda

Hill Ryan clears path for Cantor Speakership

Ross Douthat More Imperfect Unions

Fox National Republicans meeting underscored divide between old and new guard

WSJ Sunday Talk Preview: State of the Union, Sochi


WaPo Bob and Maureen McDonnell: Middle-class stress in the governor’s mansion
WaPo Bob and Maureen McDonnell, businessman bonded over financial needs, prosecutors say


Albany TU NY Conservatives gather in Albany


Fox California high court asked to take up high-speed rail


Austin AS Greg Abbott speaks at anti-abortion rally at Capitol
Politico The Most Judged Woman in America
Politico 2014 elections: Wendy Davis on defense


Fox For Republicans, race to replace Coburn in Senate about more than protecting his seat


NYT Rand Paul’s Mixed Inheritance


Fox Arizona GOP group censures McCain over 'liberal' voting record



January 25, 2014


NYT Republicans Vote to Streamline Nominating Process
WaPo Winners and losers from the Republican presidential calendar changes
Fox Krauthammer: RNC plan to shorten primary season will make 'huge difference'
NatJ The Perils of a Speedy 2016 GOP Primary

WaPo Cities give Republicans the hard sell on 2016 convention

NYT House G.O.P. Leaders Aim to Bridge Party’s Divisions to Avoid Debt Limit Face-Off

WSJ House GOP Sets New Push to Overhaul Immigration
WaPo For House Republicans, new momentum on immigration reform
Hill Pro-immigration Republican forces renew efforts for reform

WSJ Lawmakers Hope to Finalize Farm Bill Deal Next Week
Hill $1T farm bill deal could come Monday, House leaders say

WSJ Bolton 2016? There May Be Opportunity for Hawk in GOP Debate

Examiner Republicans betting they'll face Hillary Clinton in 2016 presidential race

Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet


Daily Caller How Chris Christie can re-launch his second term


Tampa Bay Times Father of slain Florida girl defends Jolly's lobbying


Politico DGA ads to target Rick Snyder

AP RNC chair calls on Michigan GOP official to resign
Detroit News Apologetic Michigan GOP committeeman Agema admits errors but won't resign


Examiner Virginia Senate candidate Ed Gillespie steps out

NYT Ex-Governor of Virginia and Wife Plead Not Guilty to Corruption

Roll Call Democrat Don Beyer Will Run to Replace Jim Moran in Virginia


Rush Limbaugh Gov Walker's WI Earthquake of Conservatism Goes Ignored by Media, GOP


NatJ Scott Brown Takes the Road Less Traveled to N.H.


WSJ Cuomo Raises $600,000 in Two Hours at Event
WSJ Cuomo Finds Solid Support Out of State

James Taranto Why They Wish the Right Left: A social-psychology theory on Cuomo & de Blasio


WTimes Texas Gov. Rick Perry mulls softer punishments for marijuana users

Jonah Goldberg How Do You Solve a Problem Like Wendy?


NatJ Tim Scott's Not Taking the Bait


NYT Old Democratic Name (Nunn) Stakes Bid on Shifting Georgia


Fox Arizona GOP group seeks to censure McCain over 'liberal' voting record



January 24, 2014


WSJ Rep. McMorris Rodgers to Give GOP Response to Obama Address
WaPo GOP taps highest-ranking woman for State of the Union response
WaPo Five things to know about State of the Union responder Cathy McMorris Rodgers
NYT Address May Hint at Compromise on Ways to Fight Inequality
Peggy Noonan The Sleepiness of a Hollow Legend

WSJ GOP Seeks Policy Leverage From Debt-Ceiling Negotiations
WTimes White House warns GOP: Raise the borrowing limit without strings
Politico Senate Budget chair: No negotiations on debt limit

NYT Huckabee Criticizes Required Coverage of Birth Control
Fox Fox News Poll: ObamaCare support hits record low

Examiner Mike Huckabee urges fellow Republicans to stop attacking each other as RINOs

Politico Immigration back on GOP agenda

WTimes Gen. Dempsey’s ‘failures in leadership’ cited in Benghazi disaster

NYT Dinesh D’Souza Is Charged With Using Straw Donors
NatJ Best-Selling Conservative Author Dinesh D'Souza Indicted in Campaign Fraud

WSJ Key Democratic Super PAC Backs Hillary Clinton
NYT Huge ‘Super PAC’ Is Moving Early to Back Clinton

WaPo The tea party and the structure of American government

Human Events CPAC announces big 2014 names

WSJ Google Broadens Outreach to GOP

Politico RNC moves to condense 2016 primaries

Examiner Libertarian wing of GOP gains strength in Congress
NYT Tea Party Donors Exploit Followers, Schumer Says
Roll Call Schumer: Administration, IRS Must ‘Redouble Efforts’ on Campaign Finance Enforcement

Paul Krugman The Populist Imperative


Fox Federal prosecutors subpoena Christie's campaign, NJ GOP committee


Roll Call Clay Aiken Preparing Congressional Bid in North Carolina
Hill 'Idol' star Clay Aiken running for Congress


WaPo McDonnell rejected plea offer to face one felony, spare wife any charges, avoid trial


Rush Limbaugh Scott Walker Stood Firm and Proved Conservatism Works -- in a Liberal State

Politico Paul Ryan doesn’t want to be House speaker


Fox Conservative activist O'Keefe claims Cuomo targeting his group


Daily Caller Wendy Davis supporters mock Greg Abbott’s wheelchair, ignore voter fraud

Fox Senate candidate Stockman virtually out of sight
Examiner Rep. Steve Stockman, the Senate primary candidate in Texas, doesn't vote in primaries


Politico Frank Keating considers running for Tom Coburn’s seat


James Taranto Smearing Tim Scott: A racial slur from an NAACP leader


Politico Bluegrass bravado: Untested Alison Lundergan Grimes takes on Mitch McConnell


NatJ Shelley Moore Capito Doesn't Worry Much About the Tea Party


Fox Arizona's 'Sheriff Joe' mulling possible bid for governor, raising millions



January 23, 2014


WSJ Debt-Ceiling Deadline Put at Late February
NYT Treasury Secretary Sends Warning on Debt Limit

Karl Rove ObamaCare's Missing Uninsured

WSJ Gregory Hicks: Benghazi and the Smearing of Chris Stevens

NYT Leaning Right in Hollywood, Under a Lens

George Will Judicial activism isn’t a bad thing


Fox Fox News Poll: GOP voters sour on Christie
Hill RNC chairman defends Christie against RGA resignation calls
NYT In New Jersey, Claims Elevate Mayor’s Profile


Hill McCain endorses GOP nominee Jolly in Fla. race
Sunshine John McCain and NRCC Help Out David Jolly Over Alex Sink
TBO District 13 hopefuls gain support
WaPo It’s the “lobbyist” vs Obamacare in Florida’s special election

Roll Call In Radel District, Florida Republicans Demand Super PAC Remove Ad


Examiner Tom Corbett announces 2013 fundraising numbers in governor's race


Politico Ohio Dem: Why not John Kasich for 2016?


WSJ Michigan Governor Looks to Immigrant Injection to Aid Detroit
Detroit News Snyder's plan to protect DIA, pensions may be tough sell
Detroit FP Snyder pledges $350M to save Detroit pensions, DIA artwork, but hurdles remain


WaPo Virginia to fight same-sex marriage ban
Pilot Va. to side with same-sex couples in marriage ban fight
Roanoke Mark Herring won't defend Virginia gay marriage ban

NYT When Political Spouse Helps Cause a Downfall
NYT With ‘Virginia Way,’ State Thought It Didn’t Need Rules
WTimes McDonnell’s wife at center of federal corruption case
WTimes In a few short years, mighty Republicans have fallen
Howard Kurtz From Christie to Cuomo to McDonnell, the media’s selective standards
WaPo Experts: McDonnell’s corruption trial will test line between political favors, official action
Rush Limbaugh Bipartisanship Didn't Help Bob McDonnell

Roll Call Va. GOP Losses May Help Gillespie’s Convention Fight
Hill Dems attack Gillespie on McDonnell ties


Politico Gov. LePage's creative history


NYT Cuomo Sweetens Pre-K Deal: ‘Whatever’ Mayor Needs
NY Post De Blasio admits botched Upper East Side plow job
Rush Limbaugh Plowgate: De Blasio Punishes the People


Daily Mail UK Texas Democrat darling puts pink-sneaker-in-mouth slamming paraplegic opponent who hasn't 'walked a day in my shoes,' as her manicured life story unravels
Ann Coulter The Heroism of Wendy Davis
Rich Lowry Wendy Davis Has a Problem With the Truth
James Taranto These Boots Are Made for Harvard: Feminist mythology & the Wendy Davis tale


Roll Call Lankford to Conservative Groups: ‘I’m Not Their Enemy’
WaPo In Oklahoma Senate race, establishment Republicans battling far-right conservatives


WaPo South Carolina’s governor is getting expanded powers


Hill Cochran's Tea Party challenger raises $500K in 10 weeks


Roll Call McConnell Releases First Two TV Ads of 2014
Politico ‘The guerrilla’: Mitch McConnell’s long-shot challenger


Politico Poll: Martha Coakley beating challengers


WaPo Watch Alaska’s House speaker welcome back lawmakers with a cow bell joke



January 22, 2014


Politico Donald Trump hints at 2016 White House bid
Hill Rubio: 2016 decision will come in 2015

Atlantic Can Anyone Stop Hillary? Absolutely
Dick Morris The Nixon in Hillary

Examiner Obama's polls fall as middle class gets his number
Human Events Obama blames low approval numbers on racism

Rush Limbaugh In Defense of the Working Rich

WSJ Heritage Action Plans Own Retreat After GOP Huddle


WSJ Ex-Virginia Governor, Wife Indicted on Corruption Charges
WTimes McDonnell, wife indicted on federal corruption charges
NYT Former Virginia Governor and His Wife Are Indicted
WaPo Former Va. Gov. McDonnell and wife charged in gifts case
WSJ Highlights From the McDonnell Indictment
Politico The tragedy of Bob McDonnell

WaPo Dems win state Senate seat in Northern Virginia — and perhaps control of the chamber
Richmond TD Democrat Wexton wins AG Herring’s Senate seat


WSJ Amid Scandal, Christie Sworn In for Second Term
WTimes Amid scandals, N.J. Gov. Christie touts bipartisanship and compromise
Rush Limbaugh Christie Calls for Bipartisanship as Democrats Pack Panel to Bring Him Down
WSJ Poll Shows Sharp Slide for Christie
Fox Cuccinelli calls on Christie to step down from Republican Governors Association
Examiner Ken Cuccinelli: Chris Christie should resign as RGA chair


Politico NRCC to launch major Florida ad campaign
Roll Call House GOP Reserves $725,000 in TV Time for Florida Special

PPP PPP finds Crist leading Scott by 2 in Fla.


WSJ Governor, Legislators to Announce Detroit Aid Plan


Politico 2014 elections: Scott Walker: Reelection fight top target


DC Meet the conservative college president running for the US Senate in Nebraska


WTimes Harry Reid on the hot seat: Ethics probe demanded by watchdog group


Fox NY GOP chairman calls on Cuomo to apologize for 'divisive' remarks on conservatives
WTimes Sean Hannity leaving New York over Gov. Cuomo slam of pro-lifers

NYT Cuomo’s Pre-K Plans Set Up Tax Conflict With de Blasio
NY Post De Blasio ‘getting back at us’ by not plowing: UES residents


Fox Head of bank bailout runs for Calif. governor
WSJ Former Head of Bank-Rescue Program Running for California Governor
LAT Neel Kashkari, ex-Treasury official, running for California governor
SJ Merc News Republican Neel Kashkari announces run for California governor


Fox Texas gov candidate Wendy Davis under fire for fuzzy details in life story
NatJ Dems Campaigning on Abortion Rights Are Ignoring the Reality of GOP Statehouses


Hill Oklahoma House Speaker moving toward Senate bid
Hill GOP’s internal battle brews in Oklahoma


WTimes NAACP chapter president blasts Sen. Tim Scott as the GOP’s ‘dummy’


Hill Handel rips Gingrey, Kingston on earmarks


WSJ Sen. Vitter to Run for Louisiana Governor
WTimes Sen. David Vitter to run for Louisiana governor in 2015
NatJ Sen. David Vitter Makes His 2015 Run for Governor Official


YouTube McConnell releases first ’14 bio spot


James Taranto In Defense of West Virginia


WaPo More than a third of Republicans in Oregon’s House are leaving, says report


Roll Call How Murkowski’s Voting Record Could Help Begich in Alaska



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Hill RNC moves toward 2016 changes despite conservative outrage

WSJ RNC Moves to Shorten Primary Season

Denver Post Denver competes with KC, Las Vegas, Phoenix for 2016 RNC bid

NYT Putting New Spin on Sin City, Las Vegas Woos G.O.P. for 2016 Convention

NatJ GOP Cracking Down on 2016 Primary Calendar (and, Florida, This Means You)

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