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Politico 2014 Senate rankings: Map favors GOP

LA Times The Senate races to watch in Republican bid to seize control

WaPo Top 10 GOP Presidential Candidates



July 7, 2014


Speaker John Boehner Why we must now sue the President

WSJ Political Battle Over Export Bank Heats Up
NatJ Senate Dems Try to Win Big Business by Exploiting the GOP Split on the Ex-Im Bank

WTimes Issa to DOJ: Time to move on IRS case

NatJ Speaker Defends Planned Lawsuit Against President

WSJ House Centrists in Both Parties Are Under Attack


WTimes Democrats microtarget blacks in South in effort to keep Senate
Politico 2014 Senate rankings: Map favors GOP


WSJ Homeland Security Secretary: Administration Looking at ‘Options’ for Children on Border
WTimes Homeland Security Secretary vows to ‘stem the tide’ at the border
Fox Secretary gives no clear answers on whether illegal immigrant children will be deported
WExam Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson dodges deportation question
WTimes Republicans: Obama ignored brewing border crisis
WExam Rick Perry: Obama administration 'either are inept or don't care' about border crisis

Politico Obamacare's next threat: A September surprise
Politico Why liberals are abandoning the Obamacare employer mandate

Larry Summers The United States’ global leadership has eroded

Paul Krugman Beliefs, Facts and Money

Joe Curl In Obama White House, echoes of Nixon presidency


WSJ Hillary Clinton Begins to Move Away From Obama Ahead of 2016
WSJ John McCain, Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Republican, Says He’d Work With Her
Politico Searching for Hillary Clinton’s big idea

WTimes Elizabeth Warren’s rumored run gets serious


Detroit News Tea party fights to hang on to gains in Michigan

NYT Mayor Mike Duggan’s Pledges Echo in Detroit’s North End


WTimes Fight over North Carolina voter ID law heads to court

WaPo Meet Sean Haugh, the Libertarian pizza guy who may deliver a Senate seat in N.C.


Boston Globe Paul LePage toes hard line on drug crisis


Fred Dicker Cuomo allegedly ordered Kathy Hochul to stay ‘under wraps’

NYT Staten Island’s Tough-Guy Congressman Faces Somebody His Own Size


NY Post Cory Booker’s scary big lead


NYT Still-Divided Washington Readies for Start of Recreational Marijuana Sales



July 6, 2014


NJ Christie, guns and 2016: Why his veto matters
Philly Christie should add Hamiltonian vision to presidential bid
Philly Democrats still scrutinizing Christie on bridge scandal

Hill Mitt Romney's 2014 renaissance

Fox Like father, not like son? Sen. Paul amplifies pro-Israel message
Hill Rand Paul’s 2016 evolution

WTimes Hillary says steep university speaking fees go to charity — the Clinton Foundation
WaPo Hillary Clinton says her college speaking feeds went to the Clinton Foundation
WaPo Who had the worst week in Washington? Hillary Clinton.

NY Post This means Warren: Obama backs challenger to Hillary


Dan Balz What’s left of the political center?
Ross Douthat A Company Liberals Could Love
Salena Zito Century after WW I's start, U.S. still on brink of change

NYT Editorial: The Real Internal Revenue Scandal

Politico What Politicos Are Reading This Summer


WEx Which way will Chuck Schumer jump after the midterms: Senate Banking or leadership?
WExam Senate majority could rest on the sage grouse

WSJ Sunday Talk Preview: Immigration, Mideast
Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill Immigration discussion front and center Sunday


WExam Democrats' Florida push calls for US shift on Cuba


CBS Philly Budget On His Desk, Gov. Corbett Has A Lot To Consider
Pittsburgh PG Gov. Corbett should opt for Medicaid expansion


Cleveland Kasich and challenger FitzGerald hit the holiday weekend campaign trail


Mlive Gov. Rick Snyder, challenger Mark Schauer neck-and-neck in new statewide poll


NYT Students Joining Battle to Upend Laws on Voter ID


Richmond TD Gillespie says Warner supports Majority Leader Reid "down the line"


Wisconsin SJ Social issues spill into the governor's race


Bloomberg Republicans Turn to Lazard Banker to Topple Al Franken


Politico Milton Wolf hits Pat Roberts residency misstep


Denver Post Colorado Senate: path to power lies with handful of races


WaPo Harry Reid’s land sale to gold mine is boon for him and opportunity for Searchlight


Concord Monitor Scott Brown raises $2 million between April 1 and June 30


NY Post Teachout: I have petition signatures to run against Cuomo


Breitbart Neel Kashkari angling to become a radio host?


HChron Abbott considers suing feds over immigrant children


AJC Jack Kingston’s harsh new ad attacking David Perdue ruled ‘deceptive’


Politico Chris McDaniel condemns race comments


Boston Globe Baker, Coakley try to redefine candidacies



July 5, 2014


NYT Obama Weighs Steps to Cover Contraception


WSJ Christian School's Relief on Contraception Coverage Could Embolden Others
WaPo High court’s college birth-control ruling may further outrage Democrats, mobilize them

Hill High court is right’s backstop

George Will The Supreme Court reins in government bullies


Hill Boehner lawsuit likely to miss mark with focus on Obama's domestic actions

Hill 'House of Scandal' haunts GOP

WTimes Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee greets illegal immigrant children with candy


Slate Republicans Can Win the Senate Without Flipping Any Blue States
Dana Milbank For Obama, loss of the Senate could be freeing


NYT Shut Out of White House, G.O.P. Looks to Democrats of 1992

WaPo With Democrats split on inequality issues, Obama shifts talk away from income gap

A closer look at who identifies as Democrat and Republican

Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet


Atlantic City Republican U.S. Senate candidate opposes expanded Internet gambling


Penn House Republican leaders to Corbett: Sign the budget


KC Star Who’s the real conservative: Missouri’s Dem governor or Kansas’ GOP governor?


Denver Post Republican stereotypes won't fit Beauprez running mate Jill Repella

Coloradoan Colorado attorney general sues over gay marriage


WaPo How Republican Sen. Susan Collins keeps winning


LA Times Kashkari plays up Republican loyalty on talk radio


NYT In a Republican’s Ethics Issue, Democrats See an Opening


Hill McDaniel balks at 'racist comments'
NYT Unease in G.O.P. Over Mississippi Tea Party Anger
Clarion Ledger Bryant on mending the rip in the state Republican Party


Hill GOP senator moves toward run for McAllister's House seat

Raw LA Senate hopeful Republican Bill Cassidy says teenage daughter pregnant: report


Capital Gazette Republican nominee Hogan begins push to raise statewide profile


Boston Herald So far, no sign of the angry Republican



July 4, 2014


WTimes Texas Gov. Rick Perry says U.S. border less secure now
Fox Texas rep says military bases ‘turning into refugee camps,’ appeals for help on border
NYT Amid Influx of Migrants, Obama to Skip Border Visit on Texas Trip
WaPo DHS chief Jeh Johson takes cool approach to hot-button issue of immigration
NYT Editorial: Mr. Obama, Go Big on Immigration
Rush Limbaugh Obama's Border Patrol: Taxpayer-Funded Coyotes

WSJ U.S. Adds 288,000 Jobs; Unemployment Rate at 6.1%
NYT Democrats Are Hopeful Improving Job Numbers Will Sway Voters in Fall

WSJ More Republicans Line Up With Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy Views

WSJ Even With Sanctions, U.S. Sales to Russia Hit New High

NYT Obama’s Blueprint for Fighting Terrorism Collides With Reality in Iraq

Politico Poll: Obama worst president since WWII

Tom DeLay From King George III to King Obama I

Paul Krugman Build We Won’t

Michael Gerson Declaring equality and living equality are two different things

Robert Samuelson America: An empire of contention

WSJ Mellon Heir, Newspaper Publisher Richard Mellon Scaife Dies at 82


WaPo Supreme Court sides with Christian college in birth control case
NYT Birth Control Order Deepens Divide Among Justices
WSJ High Court Female Justices Dissent From Wheaton Contraception Order


Hill Kirk to co-sponsor Manchin Ex-Im bill

NYT Tea Party Favorites Find That Losing Only Widens Their Reach


Detroit News Snyder, Miller split on housing of refugees in Michigan


Hill Kansas senator's slip of tongue spurs new residency questions


Fox McDaniel takes step to challenge Mississippi election
Daily Caller McDaniel Team: Getting Close To Runoff Replay Number
Politico McDaniel fundraising to challenge Miss. runoff
Politico Chris McDaniel offers $1K for fraud proof
Hill McDaniel offers $1K rewards for evidence of Mississippi Senate voter fraud
Fox Family of Tea Party leader arrested in Senate race scandal plans lawsuit after suicide


Politico GOP hopeful Cassidy’s 17-year-old daughter pregnant


WExam Dispute over religious faith sparks spat in Arkansas Senate race



July 3, 2014


Karl Rove The Democrats' Top Leaders Wilt in the Polls

WTimes Tea party still has election hopes as chances dwindle
Hill GOP sectarian civil wars

WSJ Collapse of Immigration Overhaul Highlights a Tension Within GOP
WaPo Rick Perry to testify about surge of unattended minors at U.S.-Mexico border
Hill Perry endorses boycott amid Texas border surge
Fox Protesters turn back busloads of illegal immigrants, as border stations overwhelmed
Fox Oklahoma congressman denied access to facility housing illegal immigrant children
Fox Obama likely to delay deportations, say experts
WT Ad campaign denying legalization aimed at parents of children surging across border
Rush Limbaugh Refugee Children at the Border are Not "Migrants"

WTimes Technology problems at IRS goes far beyond loss of Lois Lerner’s email

WTimes Religious leaders want exemption from hiring LGBT people after Hobby Lobby ruling
James Taranto Hobby Lobby Makes Them Dotty

Ann Coulter Soccer: Part Deux


WSJ A Legal Preview of House v. Obama
WSJ Boehner Lawsuit Against Obama Administration Has Hurdles to Clear
WaPo Obama’s annoyance with Congress boils over
WaPo ‘So sue me’: Obama, the House, and executive power

WSJ Why the House Disclosure Change Isn’t a Scandal


WSJ Manchin Seeks to Split the Difference on Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization

NYT To Hold Senate, Democrats Rely on Single Women

Roll Call Ted Cruz Doesn’t Disavow SCF Call to Defund NRSC


George Will Unanimous Supreme Court comes at a cost
Charles Lane The high court highlights the problem of the middleman
EJ Dionne Supreme Court reveals its class bias
WExam Supreme Court not as unified as it looks

WaPo Up next for the Supreme Court: Pregnant workers’ rights


WSJ Poll Suggests a Reprieve for Romney
Politico The Case for Mitt Romney in 2016

WaPo At time of austerity, 8 universities spent top dollar on Hillary Rodham Clinton speeches
NatJ 5 Democrats Who Should Run Against Hillary Clinton
Jen Rubin Hillary Clinton’s woes continue

WExam Is Julian Castro on the fast track to the Democratic ticket?

NYT Cheney’s Back, Blitzing Rivals and Drawing Scorn


Courier Post Cory Booker off to early lead


Fox Sides square off in court battle on Florida gay marriage ban


NatJ Can a Democrat Win in Kansas?


WTimes Colorado GOP governor hopeful made ‘47 percent’ comments


NYT Brown Looks to Romney, an Old Mentor, for Boost in New Hampshire
NYT Aid From Massachusetts in New Hampshire Race
Hill Brown rakes in $2M with Romney's help


NYT Insurers on New York State’s Health Exchange Seek Significant Rate Increases

Rochester D&C Speaker Silver’s salary soars at law firm
Buffalo News Sheldon Silver reports hefty earnings with Manhattan law firm
NYT Outside Legal Work Proves Fruitful for New York’s Top Legislators

NYDN Former Majority Leader Joseph Bruno wants $2.4M from state to pay his legal fees


NYT When the Texas Governor Drops the Official State Footwear


NYT Immigration Case Ensnares a Get-Tough Sheriff in South Carolina


Reuters Mississippi U.S. Senate candidate vows to fight defeat
WaPo Chris McDaniel isn’t giving up. Again.
WSJ McDaniel: Cochran ‘Stole’ Runoff Election
Clarion Ledger McDaniel, Cochran campaigns trade fire
Human Events A mess in Mississippi
NatJ Chaos Consumes Cochran Campaign Conference Call
Roll Call Thad Cochran Conference Call Descends Into Chaos
Hill Cochran campaign accused of 'harvesting black votes' on hijacked conference call


NOLA Louisiana's 2014 Senate race now has a contract
Week Poll: Louisiana Senate race could go down to the wire — in December

WExam Money problems could also hurt kissing congressman's re-election bid


Tennessean Alexander releases TV ad, says he has $3.4 million
Roll Call Lamar Alexander Argues With Obama Over Obamacare in New Ad


Politico Mark Begich: Claire McCaskill doesn’t understand


BIN Schatz and Hanabusa Clash on Kauai; Hilo Debate Tonight



July 2, 2014


WSJ Chief Justice's Maneuvering Draws In Liberal Bloc
NYT Compromise at the Supreme Court Veils Its Rifts
WaPo For these Supreme Court justices, unanimous doesn’t mean unity
WSJ Why the Hobby Lobby Ruling Won’t Help Democrats in November
WSJ Politics Counts: Hobby Lobby Shoppers Heavily Republican

WSJ Judge Sets Hearing on Group's Push to Investigate Lost IRS Emails
WExam Another federal judge tells IRS to explain itself on lost emails


WSJ Setbacks Cast Cloud Over Obama's Second Term
WaPo Male-female pay gap remains entrenched at White House

NYT Can the G.O.P. Be a Party of Ideas?


NYT Deadlock in Congress Appears to Worsen as Midterms Loom
Dana Milbank Congress is* in session

NatJ The 10 Most and Least Googled U.S. House Members


Roll Call Senate GOP Bets on Jeff Larson to Help Ride to Majority in 2014

Roll Call 3 Ways Hobby Lobby Ruling Could Impact 2014


WSJ The Bill and Hillary Clinton Money Machine Taps Corporate Cash
Dick Morris Goldman Sachs gold mine

Mediaite Chris Christie’s Opinion on SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby Ruling: ‘Who Knows?’


WSJ How Colorado’s Gubernatorial Primary Could Affect Its Senate Race


Fox Scott Brown Senate campaign brings Mitt Romney back to New Hampshire


NYT G.O.P. Power Broker in Albany Is Charged With Lying to F.B.I.


WTimes Chris McDaniel, True the Vote challenge Mississippi primary vote


WaPo Federal judge strikes down Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriage



July 1, 2014


WSJ Obama Plans Executive Action to Bolster Border Security
NYT Obama Says He’ll Order Action to Aid Immigrants
WaPo Obama pledges to redirect immigration enforcement, conceding Congress won’t act
WTimes Obama: I will bypass Congress to fix immigration
Fox Obama pursuing executive actions on immigration, after House effort stalls
WExam Five things Obama could do on immigration without Congress
Byron York Obama has wrong prescription for border crisis

Michael Gerson Obama’s smaller vision of U.S. interests flunks its first test in Iraq


WSJ Supreme Court Makes Religious Exception to Health-Care Law
NYT Supreme Court Rejects Contraceptives Mandate for Some Corporations
WaPo Supreme Court sides with employers over birth control mandate
WSJ Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Ruling Ignites Debate Over Religious-Freedom Law
WSJ Obama, Congress Likely Face Tough Decision on Contraceptive Coverage
NYT How Hobby Lobby Ruling Could Limit Access to Birth Control
WSJ Yet Another Supreme Court Setback for President Obama
NatJ The Next Threat to Obamacare's Contraception Mandate
NatJ Meet Samuel Alito, the Most Important Conservative in America Today
Supreme Court Burwell v. Hobby Lobby
James Taranto The Corporate Conscience
Rush Limbaugh The Court Defended Religious Liberty in Case; It Didn't Ban Birth Control

WSJ Justices Rule Certain Workers Can't Be Forced to Pay Union Fees
NYT Supreme Court Ruling Allows Some Public Workers to Opt Out of Union Fees
WaPo Supreme Court: Home health-care workers can’t be required to pay union fees
Rush Limbaugh What the Supreme Court's Union Dues Ruling Means

NYT Supreme Court Declines Case Contesting Ban on Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’

WSJ The Big Cases: How the Supreme Court Ruled
WTimes Obama racking up judicial losses as Supreme Ct rules on Obamacare, union dues


Politico Darrell Issa, Lois Lerner lawyer escalate IRS conflict


NatJ Senate Politics Leave 28 Countries With No U.S. Ambassador


WSJ Hillary Clinton: Hobby Lobby Ruling ‘Deeply Disturbing’
NYT How Hillary Clinton Is Like John McCain
Fox Hillary’s vulnerability? A wealthy pragmatist vs. Elizabeth Warren-style populism

WaPo Rand Paul — the doctor, not the senator — prepares for an atypical summer trip


NYT Christie Vetoes 2015 Pension-Paying Budget


Detroit News Sparring between McMillin, Bishop heating up in race for Rogers' seat


Politico The Dick and Liz Cheney recovery tour


Politico Rand Paul hires former Iowa GOP head Steve Grubbs


Roll Call Environmental Group Backs Senate Republican Susan Collins in 2014


Allysia Finley The New Cuomo

NYT New York Towns Can Prohibit Fracking, State’s Top Court Rules
Albany TU Read Court of Appeals decision upholding fracking bans


Roll Call Rick Santorum Endorses in Georgia Race


Fox McDaniel unveils strategy to seek another runoff against Sen. Cochran


WaPo Embattled Rep. Vance McAllister is running for reelection
Politico 'Kissing congressman' Vance McAllister heavy in debt



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