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Politico 2014 Senate Ratings



July 31, 2014


WSJ House Votes to Authorize Boehner to Sue Obama
NYT House Votes Along Party Lines to Sue Obama
WaPo House clears way for lawsuit against Obama
WTimes House Republicans authorize lawsuit against Obama for presidential overreach
WSJ The Case for Suing the President
WaPo The case for (and against) congressional standing to sue the president
Rivkin & Foley Federal courts need to stop Obama from flouting the Constitution
WSJ So Sue Him: Forget impeachment. The House lawsuit is the real threat to Obama
NYT Why Impeachment Talk Is a Wedge Driving the G.O.P. Apart
Karl Rove Democrats Try The Impeachment Ploy

WSJ GOP Says Lerner Emails Show Bias Against Conservatives
NYT In Emails, I.R.S. Official Referred to G.O.P. ‘Crazies’

NYT House Approves Bill to Expand Veterans’ Access to Care
WTimes House overwhelmingly approves $16 billion cash infusion for VA overhaul

WaPo New House Republican package aims to turn ‘war on women’ into ‘war for women’

NatJ McCarthy, Scalise Fill Out Leadership Staff Rosters

Roll Call Roger Williams Makes Play for NRCC Chairman

NatJ Facing First Whip Test, Scalise Gets Good Marks So Far on Border Bill
WExam House GOP still short of votes on border bill
WaPo Tea party opposition puts fate of House Republican border bill up in the air
NatJ House GOP Nears Consensus on Border Bill; Senate Agreement Looks Unlikely
Byron York House readies bill to stop Obama's immigration order -- in advance


NYT Senate Opens Debate on Bill to Halt Surge of Migrants
WSJ What Happens If the Border Funding Bill Fails?
Ann Coulter The Loophole Is Obama

WSJ House, Senate Scramble to End Impasse Over Highway Bill

NatJ State Parties Gone Wild


WSJ Eric Holder Takes Voting Rights Battle to Ohio, Wisconsin


WTimes Chris Christie sidesteps Bridgegate, again tops Republican presidential field
WSJ Christie's Young Ally in New Hampshire GOP

WSJ Paul Ryan on Immigration, Inversions, Impeachment and 2016


WSJ Ohio Gov. John Kasich Keeps Wide Lead in Re-Election Race


WExam Michigan Democratic Senate candidate backed company that outsourced


WaPo Businessman who gave gifts takes stand in McDonnell trial
NYT Businessman Says Former Virginia Governor’s Wife Sought Money
WTimes Star witness in Bob McDonnell corruption trial refutes ‘crush’ defense


NatJ Chamber of Commerce to Endorse Al Franken's Challenger


WaPo How the Republican Governors Association chose sides in Colorado’s primary


WSJ Braley's Obama Problem


WTimes John Bolton endorses Scott Brown, the newest ‘national security candidate’


NYT U.S. Attorney Warns Cuomo on Ethics Case


Neel Kashkari Brother, Can You Spare a Job?


WTimes GOP seizes on Ky. Senate candidate’s odd ‘Iron Dome’ comments



July 30, 2014


WaPo House Republicans propose plan to deal with border crisis
WTimes House Republicans unveil bill to speed deportations of border children
NYT House G.O.P. Plan on Migrants Falls Short of Obama’s Goal
WExam Four reasons Congress may not fix the border bill before recess
WExam House and Senate are $2 billion apart on the border crisis
WTimes Obama mum on where illegal immigrant children are sheltered

WSJ Boehner: GOP Has No Plans to Impeach President Obama
NYT Impeachment, on G.O.P. Lips, Animates Democrats’ Base
WaPo President Obama’s impeachment is a fantasy — for both parties
Roll Call Obama Lawsuit, Impeachment Threats Raise Cash for House Democrats

WSJ GOP Report Floats IRS Changes on Tax-Exempt Group Oversight

Hill New GOP whip hires retail lobbyist for leadership office

WSJ Sea Change: Is a November Wave Forming?


WSJ Senate Passes $8.1 Billion Measure to Replenish Highway, Bridge Repair Fund

WSJ Senate unanimously confirms Robert McDonald as VA secretary
NYT V.A. Chief Spent Career Seeking Out Tough Tasks
WaPo 9 things the new VA secretary promised for his first 90 days
Wikipedia Robert McDonald bio


Dick Morris O-care cases may tip balance


Politico Chris Christie joins top GOP donors in N.J.
WSJ Christie Makes Amends With Mentor
Politico Dead man walking or comeback kid?

WaPo Hillary Clinton still hasn’t found a good answer to questions about her wealth


WaPo Justice Department sues PA for discriminating against women in state police hiring


WSJ McDonnell Corruption Trial Focuses on Broken Marriage
WTimes Bob McDonnell’s defense: Lonely wife developed ‘crush’ on CEO
NYT Ex-First Couple’s Defense in Virginia: The State of Their Union
WaPo Defense attorney: McDonnell marriage had ‘broken down’


Politico Pat Roberts’ foe begins to close the gap in Kansas
Roll Call In Kansas, Conservatives Suffer From Mississippi Hangover

WaPo In Kansas, Gov. Brownback’s reelection race is case study in Republican Party shift
WaPo Sam Brownback’s running mate helped him avoid an embarrassing fundraising report

WSJ Club for Growth Attacks Todd Tiahrt After Giving Him 100% Score in 2010


NYT Gov. Cuomo’s Latest Excuses


Politico The Michelle Nunn memos: 10 key passages


WaPo In Tennessee, consensus politics makes a last stand

Hill Wamp runs center-right to reclaim father’s seat in Tennessee



July 29, 2014


Michael Gerson The GOP as the party of reform
Byron York GOP internal debate: Is party repeating mistakes of 1998?

NYT Spending Big to Fight Big Donors in Campaigns

WTimes Border surge puts Obama legacy on immigration at stake

Fox Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro sworn in as new housing secretary


NYT Deal Allots $17 Billion for Overhaul of V.A. Health Care System
WExam Eight things in the Veterans Affairs reform deal

WExam House GOP leaders expect border bill to pass Thursday

NatJ Cathy McMorris Rodgers Expects Export-Import Bank to Be Reauthorized


Charlie Cook Crystal-Ball Gazing on the Senate Races


NYT Appeals Panel Rejects Virginia Gay-Marriage Ban

WaPo Jury chosen in McDonnell corruption case


NatJ Braley's Missteps Have Democrats Worried in Iowa


NYT Defiant, Cuomo Denies Interfering With Ethics Commission

WaPo Two thousand miles from the border, Syracuse finds itself in immigration debate


WSJ California Gov. Brown: Relationship With Rep. McCarthy ‘Needs Further Development’


National Review Michelle Nunn’s Campaign Plan
NYT Georgia Democrat’s Senate Campaign Plan, Not Meant for Public Eyes, Is Published


NatJ The 6 Most Important Takeaways in the Mitch McConnell-Alison Lundergan Grimes Poll


WSJ Sen. Joe Manchin Sued by Brother Over Loan



July 28, 2014


WSJ Prospects Brighten for Republicans to Reclaim a Senate Majority
NYT Republicans’ Senate Chances Rise Slightly to 60 Percent, Data Show
NYT Outside Money Drives a Deluge of Political Ads


WSJ Congress Reaches Deal to Help Fix VA
NYT Lawmakers Reach Deal on a Fix for V.A.’s Health Care System
WaPo House, Senate negotiators reach deal on veterans bill
Fox Congress reaches tentative deal to help fix troubled Department of Veterans Affairs
WaPo For VA nominee Robert McDonald, it’s all hearts and flowers

WSJ Recess Nears With Lawmakers Having Yet to Agree on Border-Crisis Fix, Spending
Fox New House Whip vows to stay in Washington until Congress has immigration plan

WSJ Border Surge Complicates GOP Pitch to Hispanics


WSJ Secrecy Over Executions Faces Challenges

WTimes GOP 2014: Republican governors cite their economic stewardship


WaPo For Chris Christie, New Jersey pension battle presents a test for 2016

Salena Zito 'Ready for Hillary' in Northeast Pa.


WTimes McDonnell trial to test definitions of political corruption
NYT In Politics, the ‘Virginia Way’ No Longer Reflects Its Genial Southern Roots


NYT Grandson Proudly Squirms in Carter’s Footsteps


Roll Call Senator Gets Outside Help for Final Days of Hawaii Primary (Video)



July 25-27, 2014


WSJ Resolution to OK Boehner Suit Against Obama Advances in House

WSJ Ryan Proposes Consolidated Antipoverty Effort
NYT G.O.P. Congressman’s Plan to Fight Poverty Shifts Efforts to States
WSJ Ryan Blueprint Hits Hard on Higher Ed
WTimes Paul Ryan offers to repair U.S. economic safety net with a single grant stream
WaPo Paul Ryan’s anti-poverty plan so bipartisan it doesn’t sound like he’s running in 2016

WTimes House federal records plan would prevent repeat of IRS email scandal
WSJ Democrats Release More from IRS Analyst’s Testimony on Missing Emails

WTimes House GOP ready to move border bill

WTimes House Democrats suggest Obama impeachment is imminent to raise cash


Fox House, Senate talks over VA fix in chaos as recess looms

Charlie Cook Blocking the Vote
Dan Balz Everyone says turnout is key. So why does it keep going down?


WSJ GOP Governors Knock Obama on Child-Immigrant Influx
WTimes Central American leaders blame U.S. for border crisis
WSJ State-by-State Map: Where Migrant Children Are Placed

James Taranto Gruber vs. Gruber

Charles Krauthammer The vacant presidency

NYT Conservatives Hone Script to Light a Fire Over Abortion


WaPo Rand Paul lays out his ‘third way’ proposals to attract minorities to the GOP


Roll Call Quirky Ex-Senator Stomps on Democrats’ S.D. Hopes


WSJ GOP Hopefuls Support Run by Astorino Against Cuomo


WaPo Candidates trade barbs in first Virginia senatorial debate

WaPo Robert McDonnell trial to cast unflinching light on Virginia couple’s friends, marriage


Paul Krugman Left Coast Rising


NYT National Guard in Texas Could Get Arrest Power


WTimes Hank Aaron steps to fundraising plate for Democrat Michelle Nunn


WSJ U.S. Army War College to Review Sen. Walsh’s Academic Work
NYT Army War College Starts Plagiarism Inquiry of Senator John Walsh’s Thesis
Jason Riley Big Sky Boost for GOP



July 24, 2014


Ann Coulter Eyes on the Prize
Karl Rove McConnell's Campaign Lesson For The GOP
NYT Control of Senate May Hinge on Georgia Race
WaPo Senate headed for record number of former House members in its lineup

WSJ Senate Sets Vote for Highway Funds as Clock Ticks

NYT Dole, Slumped but Sharp, Returns to Senate to Push Disabilities Treaty


NYT G.O.P. Plan on Migrants Calls for Less Cash Than Democrats and Obama Seek
WSJ Boehner to Obama: Keep Democrats in Line on Deportation Policy
WSJ Deepening Congressional Divide Threatens Border Funding

NatJ Here Are the Four Things House GOP Leadership Wants to Get Done Before Recess


NYT Court Ruling on Health Care Subsidies Risks Loss of Coverage
EJ Dionne A conservative judiciary run amok


Fox FEC chairman warns book publishers at risk of regulation at heated meeting


WSJ GOP 2016 Hopefuls Stake Out Anti-Poverty Positions

Fox Gov. Christie visits Colorado for fundraiser

Jason Riley Perry's Immigration Pose

WSJ Rubio Makes Case Against Gay Marriage

WaPo Elizabeth Warren could end the presidential speculation today. She has chosen not to.
NatJ What's the Point of the Draft Elizabeth Warren Movement?


WSJ Little-Known Libertarian Could Decide Florida Governor’s Race


WaPo Scott Walker is tied with his challenger in a new poll


WSJ John Hickenlooper in Fight for Re-Election as Colorado Governor


NatJ Republicans Keeping Their Faith in Scott Brown


NYT Cuomo’s Office Hobbled Ethics Inquiries by Moreland Commission
NYT Gov. Cuomo’s Broken Promises


George Will Neel Kashkari could be California’s Goldwater


WSJ The Surprise in Jack Kingston’s Loss in the Georgia Runoff
WSJ Georgia Runoff Shows Just How Unusual Mississippi’s Was
Jason Riley Georgia GOP Has a Senate Candidate
WaPo This is the ad that won David Perdue the Georgia Senate nomination


WaPo Chris McDaniel should either show evidence or concede in Mississippi’s GOP primary


WTimes Lamar Alexander’s secret weapons


NYT Montana Democrat’s Thesis Presented Others’ Work as His Own
WSJ Montana Sen. Walsh Acknowledges ‘Mistake’ in Plagiarism Row
WExam Sen. John Walsh mired in plagiarism scandal
Stu Rothenberg Montana Senate: A Real Race or Simply Manufactured Buzz?



July 23, 2014


WSJ Appeals Courts Issue Conflicting Rulings on Health-Law Subsidies
NYT New Questions on Health Law as Rulings on Subsidies Differ
WaPo Federal appeals courts issue contradictory rulings on health-law subsidies
Fox Federal courts issue conflicting rulings on legality of ObamaCare subsidies


WTimes House task force to recommend National Guard on border, faster deportations

WaPo Paul Ryan to unveil anti-poverty plan
WSJ Paul Ryan’s New Anti-Poverty Plan Includes Six Pillars

Politico House GOP makes digital push


WSJ Senate Democrats Ready $2.7 Billion Border Plan
NatJ Senate Dems Set to Slash Obama's Border-Crisis Request
WaPo House and Senate poised to offer competing border security plans

NatJ The Odds of a GOP Wave Are Increasing


WaPo Seeking redemption in 2016, Rick Perry finds power in immigration standoff
Dick Morris Perry in Obama's face

Hill Clinton message taking shape


AJC David Perdue wins Republican Senate nomination
WSJ David Perdue Edges Out Jack Kingston in GOP Senate Runoff in Georgia
NYT Georgia Republicans Choose David Perdue as Their Senate Candidate
Fox Perdue defeats Rep. Jack Kingston in runoff to win Georgia GOP Senate nomination
WTimes David Perdue defeats Jack Kingston in Georgia GOP Senate primary runoff
AJC 5 reasons David Perdue shocked Georgia’s political world to win GOP Senate nod
Wikipedia David Perdue bio
NatJ Can A Democrat Win in Georgia?
Politico Can Democrats take back Georgia in 2014?

AJC Loudermilk, Hice win GOP primary runoffs for Congress
Fox Former Georgia congressman Bob Barr defeated in GOP House runoff
WaPo Former congressman Bob Barr loses in Georgia runoff
Roll Call Georgia Runoff Results for House Races: Ex-Congressman Bob Barr Loses


Roll Call Freedom Partners Dives Into North Carolina Senate Race


Politico In final stretch, Roberts seems at home in Kansas


NYT Cuomo’s Office Hobbled State Ethics Inquiries


Politico GOP asks: What if Mitch McConnell loses?



July 22, 2014


WSJ GOP Presses on Border; Perry to Send Troops
WaPo Gov. Perry to send National Guard troops to Mexican border amid migrant crisis
NYT Texas Governor Bolsters Border, and His Profile
Charlie Cook Rick Perry Revisited

Fox Sen. Ted Cruz Moves Front And Center In GOP Response To Border Crisis

WSJ New Information Deepens the Mystery of the Missing IRS Emails

Sen. Rob Portman Heading Off the Entitlement Meltdown


NatJ Incoming Whip Scalise Cashing In With Big Donors


NYT Goodbye to the Republican Wave?

Sen. Charles Schumer End Partisan Primaries, Save America

WSJ Payback: Republicans Paint ‘Millionaire’ Democrats as Out of Touch


Byron York While Hillary Clinton offers a resume, Elizabeth Warren offers a plan


Fox Detroit city workers, retirees vote in favor of pension cuts in bankruptcy plan


WSJ Oil and Gas Cash Abandons Udall in Colorado
WTimes Rep. Jared Polis’ anti-fracking crusade riles Colorado


WSJ Georgia GOP Rivals Tussle for Senate
NatJ Jack Kingston's Insider Advantage
Roll Call Georgia Runoff: Republicans Pick Senate and House Nominees Tuesday



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