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WaPo Top 10 primaries of 2014

Politico 2014 Senate rankings: Map favors GOP

LA Times The Senate races to watch in Republican bid to seize control

WaPo Top 10 GOP Presidential Candidates



July 13-14, 2014


NYT G.O.P. Replays 2010 Strategy at State Level

WaPo Border crisis scrambling the politics of immigration policy
Fox Neb. gov, IL senator say WH sending illegal immigrant children to states without notice
Fox McCain wants ankle bracelets for those awaiting deportation hearings


Politico Chris Christie dings Obama, won’t rule out 2016

Politico Rick Perry rips Rand Paul on foreign policy

Salena Zito Democrats have their own problems

Maureen Dowd Isn’t It Rich? (Clinton)

Clarice Feldman Ignorance is Strength, War is Peace

WSJ Sunday Talk Preview: Mideast Violence, Border Crisis
Hill Sunday shows: Immigration, Gaza to lead


Fox GOP keeps House edge in Democratic-leaning states


WaPo Va. GOP not behind Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife for President bumper sticker


WSJ Governor Vexed With Secrecy in Sending Illegal Immigrants to Nebraska


WaPo John Hickenlooper: The man who hates negative ads


WTimes GOP Senate candidate Ernst blasts ‘liberals,’ then deploys for National Guard duty


NYT Once Targeted by Limbaugh, Lawyer Seeks California Seat


NYT Alabama Ruling Hobbles Ban on Guns in the Open at Polls


Hill McDaniel accuses Mississippi’s secretary of State of 'misleading' clerks


WaPo Oregon may have a better way to fund highway projects



July 12, 2014


WSJ 2014 Voter Turnout: GOP Has Advantage, But It’s Not 2010

WSJ Judging the IRS: A pair of court orders seek answers about the vanishing emails


WSJ House Leaders Seek Alternate to Obama Migrant Plan
WTimes White House urges GOP to act urgently on $3.7 billion request for illegal immigrants
Fox House chairman: $3.7 billion request 'too much'
Hill Immigration reform hopes fade
Rush We Could Close Everything During the Gov't Shutdown, But We Can't Close the Border?
Rush Yes, the Mexican Government is Facilitating the Immigrant Influx from Central America

WaPo Why suing Obama is a good move for John Boehner
Fox Huge stakes for GOP’s Obama court challenges

NatJ Darrell Issa Subpoenas Top Obama Political Aide

WaPo McMorris Rodgers tests GOP response to ‘war on women’ charge

NYT Republican Jews Alarmed at the Prospect of a Void in the House and Senate
JVL Jewish Members of U.S. Congress: 113th Congress 2013-2015


NYT As Senate Spotlight Is Given to Vulnerable Democrats, G.O.P. Finds a Dimmer

WExam Environment bogs down spending bills


Gov. Rick Perry Isolationist policies make the threat of terrorism even greater

Hill Rubio: I can beat Hillary

Carl Cameron Will Romney run? The 2016 rumor that won’t go away

WSJ This Week in Would-Be 2016 Candidates: Rob Portman and Joe Manchin

WaPo Obama, long mistaken for a Muslim, has huge following among U.S. Muslims
WExam Double Down: Sarah Palin again calls for Obama's impeachment

Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet


NatJ LeBron's Decision Has Become a Campaign Issue in Florida's Governor Race

NYT Ruling That Rejects 2 Florida Districts’ Borders Casts Haze Over Coming Elections
WaPo A Florida judge just voided the state’s congressional districts


Fred Barnes A Republican Victory on the Front Lines of ObamaCare


NYT Ex-Governor, Jesse Ventura, Matches Outsize Image in Court


NatJ The Todd Akin of 2014 Is … Todd Akin
Politico Democrats love to hate Akin's book


Politico Colorado's marijuana message to U.S.


Hill Ernst lays out GOP policy roadmap


WSJ New York Gov. Cuomo Presses to Avoid Commuter Railroad Strike


Allysia Finley Some Good News for California's GOP


WaPo As vote-buying allegations are reeled back, Chris McDaniel is running out of options


NYT Legal Woes Pose Hurdles for Attorney General Tom Horne of Arizona in Campaign



July 11, 2014


Human Events GOP still favored for 2014
WaPo What’s the value of early Senate polls?

Fox Senate Judiciary Committee suggests constitutional amendment on campaign finance

WSJ Senate Confirms Donovan as Next White House Budget Director


Fox Boehner announces Obama lawsuit will focus on health care law delay
WSJ House Republicans Lay Out Legislation for Lawsuit Against Obama
NYT Suit Against Obama to Focus on Health Law, Boehner Says
WTimes GOP to sue Obama first over health care employer mandate

NYT House Republicans Resume Efforts to Reduce Fed’s Power

WSJ For GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, It's House to Home

NatJ The Next House Leadership Race Is Already Starting

Politico Pay up: House GOP cash woes prompt dues crackdown


WSJ Few Children Are Deported
NYT G.O.P. Pushes Back on Approving Border Funds
WTimes Obama seeks brisk passage of border children funding bill
Fox Congress at odds over Obama’s border crisis package
Hill Obama, Senate Democrats clash over how to handle border crisis
Hill DOJ moves to appoint temp immigration judges
Peggy Noonan The Crisis on the Border
Charles Krauthammer The immigration no-brainer
Rush Limbaugh Illegal Aliens Arriving in Obama Shoes
WaPo Editorial: Obama needs to push for a law change to address crisis on the border

WSJ U.S. Judge Orders IRS to Explain Lost Emails
Fox Federal judge orders IRS to explain lost Lerner emails ‘under oath’
NYT Judge Gives I.R.S. a Month to Explain Lost Emails
Hill Rep. Stockman calls for Lerner's arrest
WTimes IRS worker suspended for pro-Obama activities

NYT House and Senate Committees Offer Competing Rescue Plans for Highway Fund

WaPo How many state legislative seats are up for election in 2014?

Paul Krugman Who Wants a Depression?

Michael Gerson The tea party risks scaring away voters


Fox Krauthammer: Gov. Perry demonstrating he could be a 'major candidate' in 2016
Hill Gov. Perry: The face of GOP opposition

NYT A Provocateur’s Book on Hillary Clinton Overtakes Her Memoir in Sales
Fox Chelsea Clinton speaking fees can reach $75,000

Politico New Hampshire 2016 poll: Hillary Clinton lead shrinks


NYT Judge Rules G.O.P. Illegally Redrew Florida Districts
Roll Call Judge Tosses Two House Districts in Florida Redistricting Trial


WSJ Cleveland’s Cheerleaders Take GOP Convention Victory Lap


NYT The Post-Post-Apocalyptic Detroit


WaPo From voting battles to coal ash spills, what’s up with North Carolina?


Politico GOP to Todd Akin: Shut up


Politico The money war hits Colorado


WExam Super PAC commits to spend $2 million against embattled Maine governor


WSJ Betting Big on Cuomo's Memoir with 200k copies

WSJ New York City Municipal ID Card Faces Hurdles


Hill Georgia GOP Senate candidates running neck and neck in fundraising


Roll Call Club for Growth Gets Second Chance in Alabama Race


Charlie Cook Post-Katrina Politics in New Orleans


WaPo Kentucky Senate race: Battle of the Medicare ads


Hill Warren wades into W.Va. Senate to bash Wall St.

Roll Call West Virginia Newcomer Battles Carpetbagger Label



July 10, 2014


WSJ GOP Pushing Quicker Deportations
WSJ Rick Perry Welcomes Obama to Texas — With Handshake
NYT Obama Presses Perry to Rally Support for Border Funds
Dallas After meeting, Gov. Perry says Obama ‘needs to commit the resources necessary’
WaPo Obama defends not visiting Texas border, saying he’s ‘not interested in photo ops’
WaPo Before border crisis peaked, Texas governor warned Obama administration
Jen Rubin Immigration polling tells Congress to act

WSJ Emails Point to IRS Officials Using Instant Messages
WaPo Lois Lerner’s attorney now says former IRS official saved ‘some e-mails’
NYT Republicans Say Ex-I.R.S. Official May Have Circumvented Email
WTimes GOP: Lerner warned IRS employees to hide information from Congress

WSJ U.S. Senate Confirms Julián Castro as HUD Secretary
NYT Senate Confirms Obama's Pick for Housing Secretary
NatJ Obama Upends Politics in Yet Another State by Taking Julian Castro

WSJ Primary Fights Drain GOP Super PACs

WSJ Priebus's Big Tent Choice: Why the GOP chose Cleveland over Dallas

Karl Rove The Fundraiser In Chief

Ann Coulter Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

Joe Curl Obama turning millennials into Republicans


WaPo Boehner disagrees with Palin on impeaching Obama
WaPo Despite poll findings, there is still a big audience that isn’t tired of Sarah Palin
WSJ The Impeachment Delusion
Ed Rogers The GOP shouldn’t try to impeach Obama

Politico Rob Woodall elected the Republican Study Committee chair
Wikipedia Rob Woodall bio

Politico Persistence helped Kelly Dixon move up in GOP ranks


NatJ New AFP Ads Target Landrieu, Pryor


WSJ Christie Bolsters GOP Standing With Cash Haul for Governors


NatJ Can Charlie Crist Ride Out Rick Scott’s Media Storm?


Politico Todd Akin returns to national stage


WSJ Nebraska Court’s Keystone Plan Could Bring October Surprise


James Taranto Senator Slippery Slope: Mark Udall's war on logic


WSJ New York GOP Energized for Midterm Elections


NYT Voting Totals Reveal Crucial Boost From Blacks in Thad Cochran’s Victor


WSJ Former New Orleans Mayor Nagin Sentenced to 10 Years for Corruption
NYT Ray Nagin, Former New Orleans Mayor, Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison
WaPo Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years in prison


Roll Call Shelley Moore Capito Campaigns Amid Father’s Complicated Legacy


Roll Call Martha McSally Places Fall TV Reservation for Top Race


Fox Utah to take appeal of gay marriage ruling straight to Supreme Court


NatJ Meet the Republican Who Could Take Hawaii Away From Democrats

WExam What the Hawaii Senate race tells us about the Democratic Party
Hill Deathbed wish not enough in Hawaii



July 9, 2014


WSJ White House Seeks Emergency Funds to Counter Border Surge
NYT Obama Asks for $3.7 Billion to Aid Border
WaPo White House requests $3.7 billion in emergency funds for border crisis
WTimes Obama wants $3.7 billion more to tend to illegals
NatJ How the White House Wants to Spend $3.7 Billion on the Border Crisis
NatJ The Problem With Asking Congress for Money for the Border
NYT U.S. Adjusts Court Flow to Meet Rise in Migrants
Fox Making of an immigration crisis: Obama slammed for missing border mess

Dick Morris Obama facing avalanche
James Taranto Executive Sour: The comic stylings of Barack Obama
Rush Limbaugh Are the Young Poised to Turn Right?

WTimes Sarah Palin calls for Obama impeachment
Howard Kurtz Sarah Palin seizes the media spotlight by playing the impeachment card


NYT House Committee Takes Step Toward Renewing Highway Trust Fund
WSJ Highway Bill Gets Bogged Down in New Fight

Politico Sarah Palin mocks John Boehner’s lawsuit


Hill Reid backs away from money votes

WSJ Democrats Line Up Challenge to Supreme Court's Contraception Ruling
NYT Democrats Push Bill to Reverse Supreme Court Ruling on Contraceptives
WTimes Senate Democrats seeking to reimpose Obamacare birth-control mandate

WTimes Rove-founded group funds attack ads against Dem senators in Colo., Ark.

Hill Untamed Cruz refuses to play nice with GOP campaign arm

NatJ Democrats Running Out of States to Flip


WSJ Republicans Pick Cleveland for 2016 Presidential Convention
NYT Republicans Pick Cleveland Over Dallas for Convention
WaPo Republicans choose Cleveland for 2016 convention
WTimes Cleveland chosen to host 2016 GOP convention
WSJ GOP Convention in Cleveland Means Little About Who Will Win Ohio
WaPo Cleveland’s winning bid to host the GOP convention highlights Portman’s influence
Politico What Republicans Need to Know
Hill Republicans go all in on Ohio
Rush Limbaugh GOP Thinks Presidency Hinges on Ohio

WaPo Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees are a drop in the Clinton Foundation’s bucket
WTimes Hillary Clinton must distance herself from Bill, Obama in 2016
NatJ What Hillary Clinton Gets Wrong About Political Dynasties
NatJ If Hillary Clinton Doesn't Run, Who Would Lead the Democratic Field for President?

WTimes Rand Paul hires veteran New Hampshire operative for PAC

Politico Chris Christie headed to New Hampshire again


WaPo Chris Christie’s veto strategy


WSJ Charlie Crist Tries a New Embrace of Obama


WaPo Dave Brat replaces campaign manager in early stages of campaign for House


NYT Ex-Governor, Suing Over Book, Is Back in Minnesota’s Spotlight


WaPo Missouri GOP head seeks party probe of Mississippi ads alleging racism


WTimes Obama gets ditched by Colorado Democrats
Fox Obama getting cold shoulder in Colorado


Fox Iowa Dem candidate, attorney slammed for appearing to claim he’s a farmer


Albany TU Astorino announces push for new ballot line


WSJ White House to Rick Perry: OK, Let’s Meet

WSJ University of Texas at Austin Board Asks President to Resign


WSJ McConnell, Senate Republicans Welcome Cochran as Victor


James Carville Four good reasons to watch Louisiana race this season


Roll Call ‘Nicky Joe’ Bets Political Survival on His Local Brand


WTimes Arizona Gov. Brewer blasts ‘imperial’ Obama for failing to secure border


WaPo Buyers line up as pot shops open in Washington state



July 8, 2014


WaPo Most children illegally crossing the border alone will be deported, White House signals

WSJ Some Still Lack Coverage Under Health Law
Fox Thousands still face coverage delays months after ObamaCare enrollment deadline
Rush Limbaugh Democrats Run Away from Obamacare

WSJ Westchester USA: A case of racial engineering that Obama wants to take nationwide

WaPo Which federal agencies have gained and lost the most employees?

WSJ About 10% of Americans Don’t Pay Attention to Politics; Who Are They?
WaPo Who doesn’t care about politics? People who would otherwise vote for Democrats
NYT How Birth Year Influences Political Views
NYT Why Teenagers Today May Grow Up Conservative


WTimes Fight over missing IRS emails goes from Congress to court
WSJ Where's Jim Comey? The FBI director didn't tell Congress about the missing emails


WaPo Reelection bids and a Senate rivalry threaten to derail spending bills
WaPo The 7 states where Libertarians could swing control of the Senate
WaPo Democrats can win with populism — if they play it right
Charlie Cook Playing in Traffic Is Not Safe Politics

WSJ Senate Democrats Invoke Specter of ‘Shutdown’ in Highway Funding Fight
WExam For Capitol Hill Democrats, 'shutdown' is the new 'bailout'

WSJ Senate Democrats Split on Procedural Hunting-Bill Vote

WTimes Harry’s rules: Reid dominates crippled Congress


James Taranto Without Reason or Empathy: An exegesis of a Sotomayor dissent

Hill Dems plot legislative offensive on high court’s birth control decision

Hill Left frets on Ginsburg’s next steps


WSJ Republicans Turn to Mitt Romney and George W. Bush to Raise Money
Politico Jason Chaffetz: Mitt Romney will run —and win

NYT Wall Street Offers Clinton a Thorny Embrace (to Hillary)
NYT Clinton Defends Her Handling of a Rape Case in 1975
Politico Clinton Foundation disclosures sought

NatJ The Media's Made-Up Catfight Between Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren
Rush Limbaugh Ed Klein: Obama Favors Warren Over Hillary

Politico Poll: Hillary Clinton ahead, Rand Paul leads GOP


WaPo Sen. Robert Menendez seeks probe of alleged Cuban plot to smear him


Allysia Finley Only Himself to Blame (Tom Corbett)
WaPo Pennsylvania mulls last-minute budget details ahead of deadline


DetNews Chairman of Duggan's mayoral campaign owes Detroit nearly 2 years in back taxes


WaPo Justice Department sues North Carolina over voter ID law
NYT Mistrust in North Carolina Over Plan to Reduce Precincts


DC Cantor’s Campaign Forced To Ask For Help Repaying Donors After Shocking Loss


WSJ Al Franken’s Likely GOP Rival Kicks Off Ad Campaign
Roll Call Déjà Vu in Minnesota Senate Race?


Politico Obama cousin, tea party take toll on Pat Roberts


WExam Jeanne Shaheen keeps pace with Scott Brown in New Hampshire fundraising


Albany TU Cuomo on idea he’s keeping Hochul under wraps: ‘absurd … silly’
Buffalo News Where in New York State is Kathy Hochul?


Fox California governor signs bill replacing words 'husband' and 'wife' in state law


Politico Rick Perry to President Obama: No handshake
Hill Perry wants more than handshake with Obama during Texas visit


WSJ Challenge Likely as Cochran Certified Mississippi Winner
Roll Call Chris McDaniel Campaign Wants Runoff Redo
Fox McDaniel campaign vows challenge as Mississippi GOP certifies Cochran victory
WSJ Mississippi Senate Results to Be Certified Monday


WTimes Tennessee long shot Joe Carr is tea party’s best hope


Hill Pryor hits Cotton for questioning his faith


Roll Call Senate Hopefuls Work Parade Route in West Virginia


NYT Court Blocks Arizona Policy of Denying Driver’s Licenses to Some Immigrants



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