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WaPo Top 10 primaries of 2014



May 14, 2014


WSJ U.S. Backs Off Tight Mortgage Rules
WSJ Fannie, Freddie Regulator Signals Broad Shift in Housing Policy
WaPo Housing regulator signals shift in policy on Fannie, Freddie
WSJ Six Takeaways From Mel Watt’s Speech on Housing
WSJ Watt's New Plan Leaves Fannie's and Freddie's Investors Out
WSJ Don’t Restore Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Says Their Former Regulator
WaPo This time the left scuttles a viable alternative to Fannie and Freddie

WSJ Drop in Food Stamp Enrollment Picks Up Steam


WTimes Trey Gowdy brings reputation of legal skills, bipartisan praise to Benghazi panel

WaPo A 2015 rebellion against John Boehner would be unprecedented


NYT In a Shift From Deficit Concerns, the Senate Will Take Up Tax Breaks

Examiner Mitch McConnell: Harry Reid's 'embarrassing' behavior is leading Senate to ruin

WSJ Why Democrats Are Courting Women Voters


WSJ Rove Comment Puts Spotlight on Hillary Clinton’s Health
WaPo Rove on Hillary Clinton: ‘Of course she doesn’t have brain damage’
WaPo Will Hillary Clinton’s health and age be an issue in 2016?
Rush Limbaugh What Difference Does It Make If Hillary Has Brain Damage?
Dana Milbank Birth of a scandal blaming Hillary Clinton for Nigerian kidnappings

Dick Morris Did Clinton OK surveillance?

WaPo Rubio acknowledges climate change but doubts current legislation can fix problem

WSJ What Rand Paul Gets Right About Republicans and Voter ID

James Taranto Bore More Years: Let's hear it for voter apathy!


WSJ Tea-Party-Backed Ben Sasse Wins Nebraska GOP Senate Primary
Fox Tea Party-backed candidate Sasse wins GOP Senate primary in Nebraska
WaPo Tea party-backed Ben Sasse wins Nebraska primary for U.S. Senate
Omaha Sasse's dominant victory in Senate race affirms Tea Party influence in Nebraska
NYT Conservative Wins G.O.P. Senate Nomination in Nebraska
WSJ Nebraska Senate Hopeful Ben Sasse Backs McConnell
WaPo Five counties to watch in the Nebraska Senate race
Wikipedia Ben Sasse bio

Omaha Governor's race: Persistence pays off for Pete Ricketts in close GOP win
ABC Bruning Concedes Neb. GOP Governor Primary to Ricketts
Wikipedia J. Peter Ricketts bio


Hill Capito, Tennant easily win nods in W.Va
Fox Mooney wins crowded GOP House primary; Capito, Tennant to face off for W.Va. Senate
WaPo West Virginia has never elected a woman to the Senate. That will change in November
NatJ With Outside Help, Mooney Wins GOP Nod for West Virginia House Seat


NJ Christie spokesman testifies he had no 'knowledge or involvement' in bridge scandal
WaPo Christie's Press Secretary Testifies
NYT Lane Closings Were ‘Idiotic,’ Christie Aide Testifies

NYT Newark’s Voters Choose New Mayor and New Path


WSJ In Florida, Blow to Democrats’ House Hopes


Fox Rep. John Conyers, longtime congressman, doesn't qualify for primary ballot
WaPo County clerk rules Rep. John Conyers ineligible to appear on ballot
NYT Misstep in Re-election Filings May Fell Veteran Congressman From Michigan


CBS Clay Aiken wins N.C. Democratic congressional primary


WaPo Eric Cantor’s tea party opponent in Va. primary may be picking up momentum


Examiner Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst promises to 'unload' on Obamacare


WSJ Brown's Budget Boosts Spending in California


LA Times Texas execution halted, new appeal granted in unanimous court ruling


NYT Georgia Senate Race Becoming Less of a Long Shot for Democrats


WSJ Endangered Senate Democrats Tout Political Roots


NYT Girding for a Fight, McConnell Enlists His Wife


Examiner As public polls show growing gap in Arkansas Senate race, Tom Cotton campaign poll shows closer contest with Mark Pryor


WaPo Democrats lock down late television time in Alaska



May 13, 2014


WSJ U.S. Government Budget Deficit Sharply Lower over Last 7 Months

NYT Tea Party Activists See Own Groups Among Washington Adversaries

Timothy Geithner The Paradox of Financial Crises
Fox Geithner, in memoir, suggests White House asked him to bend truth on deficit
Rush Limbaugh Little Timmy: Regime Asked Me to Lie


WTimes Speaker John Boehner: ‘As long as I’m here, no earmarks’
WaPo The earmark end-around? Pork-barrel is out, reviews of military ladder options are in.
DC Jeb Hensarling Refuses To Rule Out Run For Speaker Against Boehner
Politico John Boehner’s Brendan Buck joins AHIP as vice president

Rush Limbaugh Dems Won't Really Sit Out Benghazi Hearings

James Taranto Not only Republicans have called for an IRS special prosecutor


WaPo Senate expected to deadlock on energy bill, ending chances of a vote on Keystone
NYT Amid Pipeline and Climate Debate, Energy-Efficiency Bill Is Derailed
WTimes GOP filibuster blocks energy efficiency bill

WaPo Shinseki set to testify about alleged secret list hiding VA treatment delays

WaPo This chart should scare Democrats

Gallup Voter Enthusiasm Down Sharply From 2010

Charlie Cook Our Fragile Economy Still Needs Time to Gather Its Strength


Examiner John Boehner says he is encouraging Jeb Bush to run for president
Politico John Boehner ‘nudging’ Jeb Bush to run in 2016
Politico Jeb 2016: The Bush battle within
Politico The inner circle: Sally Bradshaw, Mike Murphy
Politico Jeb Bush wins praise in New York

WaPo Bobby Jindal, raised Hindu, uses Christian conversion to woo GOP base for 2016 run

Howard Kurtz Rand Paul, the ACLU & media’s fascination with an unorthodox Republican

WSJ Chamber’s Chief: Without Immigration Bill, GOP Should Skip ’16 Presidential Race

Politico Karl Rove: Hillary Clinton might have brain injury
NY Post Karl Rove: Hillary Clinton may have brain damage


NYT Christie Vetoes Bill to Improve Storm Recovery Effort; Big Mistake, Top Senator Says
Star-Ledger Christie conditionally vetoes Sandy 'Bill of Rights'
Star-Ledger Bridge scandal committee set to hear from Christie's chief spokesman


Florida TU Florida Gov. Rick Scott approves 3 sales tax holidays


WSJ Pennsylvania's Democratic Race for Governor Gets Testy
PhillyMag Surprising Winners and Losers in the Pennsylvania Governor’s Race So Far
Philly Pennsylvania's expansion of Medicaid to require 723 new workers

Roll Call Pennsylvania Primary: Margolies Comeback Bid Faltering


Cleveland In his own words: John Kasich 5.0 (video)


Battle Creek Snyder discloses gifts received since taking office
WZZM Gov. Snyder accepts over 1,100 gifts since 2011

Daily Tribune Peters, Land ramp up ads in Michigan U.S. Senate race

Detroit News ACLU: Mich. law that bars Conyers from ballot unconstitutional

NYT Detroit Pension Ballot Poses Tough Choices


NewsMax Rasmussen Poll: Thom Tillis in Dead Heat With Kay Hagan

Reuters 'American Idol' runner-up Clay Aiken's key Democratic opponent dies
Richmond Clay Aiken's opponent in Dem primary dies in home accident
LAT Sudden death in North Carolina race likely clears way for Clay Aiken
NYT North Carolina: House Candidate in Close Primary Race Dies in Fall


WaPo Gov. McAuliffe calls for review of abortion clinic regulations in Virginia


Stu Rothenberg The New World of Election Coverage and Analysis: A Case Study


WSJ Nebraska's GOP Senate Primary Is a McConnell Test
DC Going down in flames: Shane Osborn decides to lose ugly in Nebraska
Roll Call Is Sid Dinsdale the Next Deb Fischer in Nebraska?
Hill Tea Party hopes for Neb. revival


WSJ New Hampshire GOP Eyes 2016 Hopefuls for Cash


NY Post Smith kept pols ‘on the payroll’ before ballot bribes: feds


NYT Facing Challenge to Execution, Texas Calls Its Process the Gold Standard


WSJ Is Pryor Pulling Away in Arkansas?
Examiner Polling shows Dem Sen. Mark Pryor widening lead over Tom Cotton in Arkansas


WSJ How to Win a House Seat With Just 10,000 Votes
Roll Call Capito Leaves Vacuum in Race to Replace Her

WTimes The coal-state Democrat may be climate casualty


WSJ Club for Growth Cuts Spending in Idaho GOP Primary
Roll Call Tea Party Candidate Hammers Boehner Ally on ‘Amnesty’



May 12, 2014


NYT Legal Alliance Gains Host of Court Victories for Conservative Christian Movement

Robert Samuelson Climate change: We have no solution yet
Paul Krugman Crazy Climate Economics

Michael Barone Demographics may be destiny --- but not one political direction

Hill GOP goes quiet on ObamaCare


WSJ Benghazi Panel Shows House GOP Flexing Power of the Probe
NYT Democrats Look Dubiously at Joining Benghazi Panel
WTimes Boehner picks fact-finders for Benghazi committee who appeal to big constituencies
Fox Gowdy vows Benghazi select committee will not be Republicans vs. Democrats


WaPo In midterm elections, Democrats can have some hope of retaining control of Senate
Politico 2014 poll: Voter enthusiasm sinks

WTimes Democrats still divided over Keystone pipeline
NatJ Energy Bill Fizzles as Senate Begins Debate on Tax Extenders


WSJ Rubio Has Blunt Words on Climate Change, Hillary Clinton
NYT Rubio on a Presidential Bid, and Climate Change
Fox Rubio says 'I do' about having enough experience to become president

WaPo As Jeb Bush eyes 2016, key question is how a campaign would affect his family

Howard Kurtz Press says Mike Pence may run in 2016. At this point, who isn’t running?

Fox Hillary Clinton sees an airing of her political past as she mulls 2016 presidential run
WTimes Hillary Clinton taking heat from GOP — and Democrats
Politico Hillary and Me: The 2008 campaign was a nightmare. Will 2016 be as bad?


WaPo Challenge to Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage creates an uneasy alliance


NatJ 2016 Contenders Flock to Nebraska’s Open Governor’s Race

Politico Nebraska's rough-and-tumble Senate primary


WaPo How Joni Ernst’s ad about ‘castrating hogs’ transformed Iowa’s U.S. Senate race
NatJ When Hog Castration Salvages a Senate Campaign


WSJ Cuomo's Girlfriend Got State Help With Permits
NYT Cuomo Works to Mend Fences With Liberals

Albany TU Petition deadlines are extended


Roll Call Attack of the Babies in Georgia Republican Senate Primary (Video)


WTimes Louisiana’s first lady, ‘Duck Dynasty’ star rappel down 24-story building


WSJ Rahm Emanuel Faces New Test With Chicago Pension Crisis


Hill McConnell picks up key endorsement


Boston Globe Fisher’s ballot fight exposes GOP haplessness


DC Did This Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Embellish Her Military And Legal Experience?



May 11, 2014


Fox Democrats propose Internet voting in 2016, making Republicans also consider the idea

NYT Brothers Battle Climate Change on Two Fronts
Salena Zito Climate gravest threat only in D.C.


Examiner Is the Senate doomed to fail on energy policy?


Hill Cruz, Paul, Rubio fight for 2016


NYT Pennsylvania Governor Faces an Uphill Battle for a Second Term


Fox Troubled election board in Ohio under microscope


Detroit News Tea party activist opposing Michigan lieutenant governor has chance


NYT A Health Care Showdown in Virginia

WaPo Cantor faces tea party fury in his back yard


WTimes Black GOP delegate in Wisconsin confronts Dem gubernatorial candidate on racism


Daily Caller Amnesty Issue Hits GOP Race In Nebraska


LA Times Cutbacks in California court system produce long lines, short tempers


Hill Nunn leads all Republicans in Georgia
AJC AJC poll finds tight races for governor, Senate


WaPo Arkansas plans to appeal same-sex marriage ruling


Examiner Mike Lee's agenda could make 2014 elections about crony capitalism



May 10, 2014


NYT Boehner Appoints 7 Republicans to Benghazi Panel
WaPo Who are the members of the new House Benghazi committee?
NatJ Here Are the Republicans Serving on the Benghazi Select Committee
Fox Boehner names GOP members to Benghazi committee, Dems participation still unknown
WaPo Democrats haven’t decided about joining Benghazi probe
WTimes Pelosi rejects Boehner’s latest Benghazi committee offer
Exam GOP will start Benghazi probe without Dems after Nancy Pelosi rejects committee rules
Charles Krauthammer Benghazi: How to do the hearings right
Politico Karl Rove: Trey Gowdy panel not ‘showhorses’

WTimes Rep. Jim Jordan: Justice Dept. won’t say who will lead IRS probe
Hill One year later, Republicans put IRS probe on the backburner

WaPo Is a drive to impeach Barack Obama on its way?


WaPo Obama warns Democrats that midterms could imperil his agenda — and America
WaPo Liberal groups launch campaigns to boost turnout based on Obamacare support


NYT Paul Diverges From His Party Over Voter ID
WaPo In North Carolina, Rand Paul touts tea party diversity
Politico GOP leaders reconsider Rand Paul

Examiner Jeb Bush weighs running for president, but little has changed since 2012

Examiner Indiana Gov. Mike Pence stakes out a presidential position

Dana Milbank Ted Cruz, the reckless accuser

WTimes GOP vs. GOP: Fight over official stance on gays, abortion roiling Republicans

James Taranto Schindler's List, and Hillary's
NYT Forget Benghazi. Clinton’s Real Problem Is Obama Fatigue.
Politico Hillary Clinton's no good, very bad week


LA Times Romney calls for minimum-wage increase in split with business groups
WaPo Split appears in GOP as more call for raising federal minimum wage

WaPo Liberal groups launch campaigns to boost turnout based on Obamacare support

WSJ Activists Turn Up Heat on Democrats Over Deportations

WaPo Bill to dismantle Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac appears stalled in Senate committee

WSJ Was Snowden's Heist a Foreign Espionage Operation?

NYT Post Office Says It Lost $1.9 Billion in Quarter

Politico Sunday talk show tip sheet


WaPo Charlie Crist’s epic Cuba flip-flop


NYT Signatures on Petitions for Conyers Fall Short
Fox Rep. John Conyers petition worker is fugitive


George Will Wis. prosecutors abuse the law for partisan ends


WSJ Dark Horse Threatens Front-Runners in Nebraska GOP Senate Primary
Roll Call Sasse Launches Closing Argument TV Ad


Daily Caller Rep. Michael Grimm Is Banned From Entering Two New York FBI Offices


NYT Hardship Makes a New Home in the California Suburbs


NYT Arkansas: Judge Strikes Down State’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban
WaPo Arkansas judge strikes down gay marriage ban


WSJ Massachusetts High Court Backs Pledge of Allegiance in Schools


NYT Taking a Spin: A Senate Survivor in Alaska



May 9, 2014


WaPo House votes to start new Benghazi investigation
WSJ House Votes to Create Special Benghazi Panel
NYT House Votes to Create New Benghazi Investigation
Tom DeLay Benghazi select committee may get to the heart of what ‘matters’
Peggy Noonan Benghazi Isn't Iran-Contra
Rich Lowry The Benghazi Deniers
Charlie Cook What Questions About Benghazi Say About Today's Political Climate

NYT V.A. Officials Subpoenaed for Inquiry Into Wait List

NYT House Panel Advances Bill on N.S.A. Collection of Phone Data

WTimes Issa threatens EPA with contempt proceedings over records

WSJ Lois Lerner’s Contempt for Congress


WTimes Burwell grilled, but unscathed, in confirmation hearing
WSJ HHS Nominee's First Hearing Focuses on Health Law
NYT Pick to Replace Sebelius Draws Senators’ Praise at Confirmation Hearing

Politico Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity plans $125 million spending spree


NYT The Big Reason Republicans Should Hope Jeb Bush Runs
Politico Son: Jeb Bush raising in 'key' states

WaPo GOP woos Mike Pence for 2016, and Indiana governor says he’s ‘listening’
Hill Ind. Gov. Pence weighing presidential run

Joe Curl Hillary Clinton should be worried as Benghazi mess builds at her feet
Fox Clinton's State Department resisted labeling Boko Haram as terror group

WSJ Monica Lewinsky: At 40, I Still Can’t Escape Clintons’ Shadow
WaPo Monica Lewinsky: Feminists failed me
Kurtz Monica Goes Viral: Lewinsky revives her Clinton calamity for the social media age


WaPo Have American politics killed the impartial Supreme Court?

Hill Obama flexing executive muscle on immigration

James Taranto Federal Editorial Commission?

NYT Election Commission Votes to Allow Bitcoin Donations


Politico Chris Christie’s latest misery: N.J.’s finances

NYT Newark Mayoral Race Seen as Referendum on Booker


WTimes Marco Rubio on Charlie Crist: He’s ‘absolutely’ a big phony


WTimes Corbett says he won’t appeal voter ID law decision


WSJ Hagen Uses Burwell Hearing to Criticize N.C. GOP on Health Law
WSJ Good Signs for GOP’s Senate Hopes in North Carolina Result
WSJ N.C. Senate Candidates Come Out Swinging

Rush Limbaugh The Tea Party is Far from Dead -- in North Carolina or Anywhere Else


WSJ In Nebraska, Attack Ads Aren’t Welcome
WTimes Cornhusker clash: Nebraska sees nasty fight in GOP Senate primary
Examiner Negative ads in Nebraska GOP Senate primary spark Sid Dinsdale surge
Roll Call Outside Groups Target Dinsdale Ahead of Nebraska Primary


NYT Cuomo and Panel He Shut Differ on Its Independence

Albany TU Duffy: Traveling the state took its toll

NYT De Blasio’s Budget Raises Spending Without Big Cuts


Politico Graham plans push on abortion bill


Politico Mary Landrieu paints target on Republicans after Keystone vote failure
Hill Poll: Landrieu at new lows for reelection

Politico Sarah Palin backs Rob Maness in Louisiana


Roll Call Alison Lundergan Grimes Launches First TV Ad


Roll Call Simpson Gets More Air Support in Competitive Primary



May 8, 2014


WSJ Obama Climate-Change Push Faces a Lukewarm Public
Jon Huntsman The G.O.P. Can’t Ignore Climate Change
Rush Limbaugh Obama Promises Gullible Meteorologists That He Can Control the Weather with Higher Taxes and Regulations

James Taranto Obama vs. the World
WSJ Obama Unleashes the Left

NYT American Legion, Citing Problems, Calls for Veterans Secretary to Resign
WTimes Latest insult to U.S. veterans: Wait times for medical care
Karl Rove Injuries Can't Keep These Warriors Down

Ann Coulter Lockett and Load: What Clayton Lockett did to deserve the death penalty

WP Adelson’s political beneficiaries adopt casino magnate’s cause to ban Internet gambling


Fox House votes to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress
WSJ House Votes to Hold Former IRS Official Lois Lerner in Contempt
WaPo House votes to hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress
WTimes House votes to find IRS’s Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress
NYT House Vote on Former I.R.S. Official Signals Element of G.O.P. Election Strategy

WTimes House Republicans find 10% of tea party donors audited by IRS

WSJ Democrats and the House Benghazi Probe
NatJ Democrats Think the Benghazi Committee Is a Sideshow. Will They Join It Anyway?
WSJ Trey Gowdy Unhappy With Benghazi Fundraising Letter
Howard Kurtz Gowdy committee: Get ready for months of partisan brawling over Benghazi
Dana Milbank Meet the chief prosecutor in the GOP’s Benghazi show trial

WSJ House Panel Approves Ban on NSA Bulk Data Gathering


WSJ Senate Squabble on Energy Policy Looks Likely to Stop Pipeline Vote

Dan Balz Senate race in N.C. sets the stage for 2016 presidential competition

WSJ Tea Party Impact Still Looms Large
Michael Barone GOP primary voters seem determined to nominate candidates who can win


Jason Riley Rand Paul's Bad Night

NYT Christie, Visiting Maine, Aids a Colleague’s Re-election Bid

WaPo Jon Huntsman for president? Come on, man.

WSJ Hillary Clinton: No Reason for New Benghazi Probe


Fox Florida Governor Rick Scott Intensifies Effort To Court Latino Voters
NYDN Ex-Florida Gov. Charlie Crist says racism is reason he left Republican Party
Tampa Bay Times Charlie Christ exploring visit to Cuba this summer

NYT Florida Finds Itself in the Eye of the Storm on Climate Change


Roll Call Before Hagan, Tillis First Must Weather General Assembly Session

News&Observer The counting continues in Aiken, Crisco race
WaPo Clay Aiken clings to slim lead in N.C. primary, but opponent doesn’t give up
News&Observer US Congress: Aiken, Crisco go down to wire
Time ‘American Idol’ Star Clay Aiken May Have Won a North Carolina Primary


Fox Scott Walker's big win delayed by federal appeals court
WSJ Judge Blocks Investigation Into Recall Elections in Wisconsin
NYT Conflicting Rulings Cloud Wisconsin Campaign Finance Inquiry


WSJ In Rare Ad, GOP Lawmaker Is Praised as ‘a Leader’ on Immigration Reform


Roll Call GOP Plots Convention Strategies in Iowa


Allysia Finley California Crank Mars State GOP


WaPo Tea party faces uphill climb in crowded Republican Senate primary in Georgia
Roll Call New Senate TV Ad Pokes Fun At Crying Babies


Hill McConnell crushing rebel Fund


NPR Surgeon, Mom, Republican — But Conservative Enough?



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The 2014 Senate Races Come Into Focus.....Surf's Up!

Joe Curl GOP finally wises up about nomination process

Fox GOP moves to limit 2016 presidential debates after complaints of media bias, high number in 2012 season

WSJ Republican Party Seeks More Control of Debate Process

NYT Republicans Tighten Grip on Debates in 2016 Race

WSJ Newt Gingrich Says Limiting 2016 GOP Debates ‘Absurd’

WTimes Republicans’ secret debate about debates: RNC panel huddles to devise rules, penalties

Politico RNC clamps down on 2016 primary debates

Examiner GOP taking another step toward regulating presidential debates

Examiner RNC rolling out permanent grassroots operation at spring meeting

WTimes RNC set to join landmark suit taking on campaign limits

Hugh Hewitt Why Not an Open Convention?

Gnomes Hugh Hewitt Floats an Open GOP Convention

WSJ Republicans Set to Roll Out ‘.GOP’ Web Addresses

Republicans win approval for '.gop,' in potential boon for online organizing

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