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WSJ Republican Governors Win Key Races



November 29-30, 2014


NYT Obama Pushed ‘Fullest Extent’ of His Powers on Immigration Plan
George Will A case for self-restraint

Hill Dark days ahead for ObamaCare

WSJ Updated List: Who Will Replace Chuck Hagel?

WExam Tax credit fight gives the GOP an opportunity for populism

James Taranto The Disunited Party: For a change, it’s not Republicans


WaPo Groups funded by secret donors buffeted two dozen House races in 2014

Fox House Intelligence report fails to address key facts, questions in Benghazi scandal


WaPo Republicans closing in on ninth Senate pickup in Louisiana

Hill 2016 retirements could complicate Dems' comeback plans

Hill Senate Democrats add Mark Warner to leadership team


WSJ Gov. Chris Christie Vetoes Pig-Crate Ban
Fox Chris Christie vetoes politically charged pig crate bill

WExam Rick Perry tries to rebuild his brand for 2016
Politico Rick Perry ramps up

Hill 13 Republicans most likely to win WH

WSJ Cuban Embargo Punctuates Florida’s Presidential Politics

Politico Portman for (vice) president


DC Landrieu Chief-Of-Staff Admits She’ll Vote With Obama 97 Percent Of The Time
Hill Landrieu demands Cassidy produce disputed LSU timesheets


WExam Wyoming's GOP governor recommends Medicaid expansion



November 28, 2014


WSJ Highway to the Danger Ozone
Paul Krugman Pollution and Politics

NYT Editorial: The New G.O.P. Showdown Threat


WSJ The Revival of the GOP Internationalists

WSJ Democratic Rifts Surface in Wake of Midterm Election Defeat


NYT Justice Ginsburg Leaves Hospital
Fox Ginsburg released from hospital after heart procedure, expected back at work Monday


Fox Ready for Hillary faces legal minefield
WTimes Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton increasingly walking away from Obama

WTimes Jim Webb, a maverick with a message


NYT Court Rejects Incumbent’s Bid on Ballot Count


November 27, 2014


NYT E.P.A. Ozone Rules Divide Industry and Environmentalists
NYT Obama Builds Environmental Legacy With 1970 Law
Politico ‘Emboldened’ Obama faces promising odds on ozone

Fox Military reviewing Bergdahl report including recommendations on whether punishment applies

WTimes IRS paying millions in bonuses to employees who are tax scofflaws

NYT In First Week, More Than a Million Apply for Health Insurance on Federal Website
NatJ Nearly Half a Million People Enrolled in Obamacare Coverage in the First Week

NYT Studies Back Up That Few Elections Are Swung by Voter ID Laws

NatJ The Koch Brothers' Next Frontier

James Taranto Compare and Contrast: Ferguson, Tucson and the media
Ann Coulter Liberals Willing to Fight to the Last Drop of Black Blood


Detroit News GOP views shift on importance of immigration reform
WExam Report: Congress can block Obama's immigration mandate
Hill Analysis: Lawmakers can defund Obama immigration action

WSJ How a Deal on Tax Extenders Would Add to the Debt
Politico How immigration killed the tax deal


WaPo In chairman fight, Jeff Sessions is battling his perception on immigration debate


Fox Justice Ginsburg has surgery for coronary blockage
NYT Justice Ginsburg Is Recovering After Heart Surgery to Place a Stent
WaPo Justice Ginsburg has cardiac stent implanted, expected to be in hospital 2 days


WSJ Mike Huckabee Defies Assumptions About GOP 2016 Field

WaPo Plans for UCLA visit give rare glimpse into Hillary Clinton’s paid speaking career


Fox House ethics panel delays probe of Rep. Michael Grimm
Hill House Ethics Committee delays review of Rep. Grimm


WSJ Jerry Brown’s Real Legacy


Hill Republican wins La. runoff money race
Hill Landrieu, Cassidy spar over past LSU medical payments


Hill Incoming GOP lawmaker thanks troops for 'peace, security'



November 26, 2014


WSJ GOP Considers New Plan to Push Back Against Obama’s Executive Actions
Politico GOP leaders uniting around plan to avoid shutdown
Reuters Democrats vow to thwart emerging Republican budget plan
NYT After Obama’s Immigration Action, a Blast of Energy for the Tea Party

WaPo Illegal immigrants could receive Social Security, Medicare under Obama action
WT Obamacare offers firms $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born workers
WSJ The Law Is With Obama on Immigration
ABC Legal Scholars: Obama's Immigration Actions Lawful
Jonah Goldberg Obama's immigration goal: enrage Republicans
Dick Morris Why amnesty will force layoffs

WSJ Top Contender for Defense Secretary Takes Herself out of Contention
NYT Former Under Secretary of Defense Withdraws Her Name for Pentagon’s Top Post
WaPo Michčle Flournoy takes herself out of the running to lead Pentagon

WSJ EPA to Propose Limit to Ozone Air Pollution
NatJ With Proposed New Ozone Rule, Obama Tees Up Next Environmental Fight
Politico ‘The most expensive regulation ever’

WSJ Fannie, Freddie Give Some Relief to Foreclosed Homeowners

Robert Samuelson Our giant welfare state


WSJ Congressional Talks On Tax Breaks Stall As White House Threatens Veto
NYT Obama Threatens to Veto $440 Billion Tax Deal
Hill Veto threat derails Reid tax deal
WaPo Congressional plans to extend tax breaks hits snags
Hill Tax break negotiations stall on Capitol Hill
NatJ White House Warns It Would Veto Deal on Tax Extenders

WSJ Why the GOP Is Better Off Passing an Omnibus Spending Bill


WSJ Schumer: Health Law Took Democrats Off Course
NYT Schumer Criticizes Timing of Affordable Care Act
WSJ Schumer’s ObamaCare Mea Culpa


WSJ Supreme Court to Review EPA Rule on Power Plant Emissions
NYT Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Rules on Mercury From Power Plants
WExam Supreme Court to rule on Obama's mercury emissions rule


Fox These potential presidential candidates have books coming out next year

WaPo Carly Fiorina actively explores 2016 presidential run but faces GOP critics

NatJ The Curious Case of Jim Webb


Fox GOP works on voter interest in Louisiana Senate race
Roll Call Bill Cassidy Utilizes Weekly GOP Address, Again


NYT Cuomo’s Response to Buffalo-Area Snow: Praised, With Exceptions



November 25, 2014


WTimes Ferguson erupts: Officer Darren Wilson cleared in Michael Brown shooting death
WSJ Ferguson Police Officer Not Charged in Black Teen’s Shooting
WaPo Ferguson police officer won’t be charged in fatal shooting
WaPo Why Darren Wilson said he killed Michael Brown
NYDN Bombshell evidence, testimony laid out in fatal shooting of Michael Brown
WSJ Why Ferguson Officer Wasn’t Charged: A Look at ‘Use of Force’ Doctrine
NYT Witnesses Told Grand Jury That Michael Brown Charged at Darren Wilson, Prosecutor Says
NYT Protests Flare After Ferguson Officer Is Not Indicted

WSJ Chuck Hagel Steps Down as Defense Secretary
NYT Hagel Resigns Under Pressure as Global Crises Test Pentagon
WaPo Defense Secretary Hagel, under pressure, submits resignation
Fox Ugly ouster: 'Frustrated' Hagel faces unfair sniping on way out, says McCain
WTimes Michele Flournoy emerges as front-runner to replace Chuck Hagel
WSJ Who Will Succeed Hagel? Potential Replacements as Defense Secretary
NYT A Look at Possible Contenders for Defense Secretary
Fox Sen. Reed, ex-Defense official Michele Flournoy surface as possible Hagel replacements
Atlantic Who Will Replace Chuck Hagel?
WSJ Ground Up Chuck
NYT A Problem Beyond Mr. Hagel
WaPo White House seeks a stronger hand at Pentagon to manage crises
Fox Ugly ouster: 'Frustrated' Hagel faces unfair sniping on way out, says McCain
Jed Babbin Dumping Hagel at Defense
Rush Limbaugh Hagel Out at Pentagon as Obama Prepares Legacy Push
Piers Morgan Obama roasted hero Hagel for Thanksgiving but pardoned the real turkey of America's defense - himself

WSJ Obama’s Immigration Enablers
Charlie Cook Swing Voters Hold Key to Immigration Debate
Michael Gerson Obama’s executive order redefines the immigration debate
Marc Thiessen Obama’s cynical immigration ploy
Rush Limbaugh Common Misconception: Democrats Are Looking for a Solution to This Illegal Colonization on Our Southern Border

NYT Health Care Delays Lead to Ouster of Veterans Hospital Director in Phoenix


WaPo With other Benghazi investigations completed, final probe ramping up
Fox Boehner reappoints Gowdy as head of House Select Committee on Benghazi
WExam Gowdy told to keep digging on Benghazi

Politico Ryan promotes staffers to Ways and Means


WaPo Mitch McConnell plans to get the Senate working on Fridays again

Bob Livingston Restoring regular order on Capitol Hill

Stu Rothenberg What Did — and Didn’t — Surprise Me This Cycle

NYT Charles E. Schumer to Urge Democrats to ‘Embrace Government’


NYT In Same-Sex Marriage Calculation, Justices May See Golden Ratio


WExam Romney, Clinton lead early 2016 poll in New Hampshire

WSJ Six GOP Governors on Running for President in 2016
WTimes 2016 GOP hopefuls struggle to appease base on amnesty without angering Hispanics

WaPo Ted Cruz suggests Joe Lieberman to replace Hagel

NYT Rand Paul Calls for a Formal Declaration of War Against ISIS

Hill Jeb Bush headed to South Carolina

Hill Trump stokes 2016 speculation

Fox Could Jim Webb give Hillary Clinton a run for her money in 2016?

Politico Why is Elizabeth Warren in Israel?

WSJ Democrats Pick 3 Finalists for 2016 Convention Host City
NYT D.N.C. Picks New York City as a Finalist for Its 2016 Convention


Politico Terry McAuliffe is unhappy – with Democrats


NYT Nevada Lawmaker, Ira Hansen, Is Forced From Leadership Post Over Remarks on Minorities


WaPo What do Rick Santorum and Andrew Cuomo have in common?

Fred Dicker Talks under way to give NY legislators a pay raise


NYT Bill Walker, Next Governor for Alaska, Traversed Unlikely Path



November 24, 2014


WSJ Republicans Resist Obama Plan for Undocumented Immigrants
NYT Obama Defends His Use of Executive Authority on Immigration
WaPo Obama ramps up defense of immigration action; conservatives urge tough response
Fox GOP, Democrats spar over legality of executive orders, as lawsuits begin
LA Times Obama defends legal reasoning behind his new immigration plan
WSJ For President Obama, Going it Alone Has Its Risks
Newsmax GOP Will Shut Down Obama, Not the Government, Over Immigration
NatJ Ted Cruz: Republicans Shouldn't Fear a Government Shutdown Over Immigration
Jason Riley The GOP’s Limited Options

NYT In Partisan Washington, Health Law Faces Grave Legal Technicalities
WExam Obamacare traps await new CBO boss

WaPo Giuliani: ‘White police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other.’

WSJ More Redistribution, Less Income

WSJ Next Budget Battle Has Big Implications for the GOP

WTimes Republicans make steady gains with Asian-Americans


Hill House Republican leaders learn lessons from shutdown fight


CBS Lindsey Graham: House Benghazi report "full of crap"

Hugh Hewitt Message to Senate GOP: Don't surrender by restoring judicial filibuster

Roll Call Roger Wicker Looks for Fast Start at NRSC
Politico Mitch McConnell preps for 2016 battle


WaPo Supreme Court case tests the limits of free speech on Facebook & other social media


WSJ Fight With Unions May Benefit Jeb Bush

Milwaukee JS Gov. Scott Walker and the presidency
Townhall Scott Walker 2016? Announcement To Be Made…By Summer 2015

WExam IG report may be a big stumbling block for Kasich's possible 2016 presidential run

WSJ Obama Is Damaging Hillary’s Chances
Bloomberg Democrats Need a Hillary Backup


Toledo Blade Stung, state Democrats take stock of recent electoral routs
Columbus Dispatch After election, lawmakers sneak in pay-raise bill


Lansing SJ Rep. Andy Schor: Don’t let GOP meddle with electoral college

NYT Debbie Dingell Ready for Spotlight as Her Husband, the ‘Dean’ of Congress, Steps Aside


Staunton NL Puckett undid McAuliffe’s secret Medicaid plan


NatJ The Evolution of Ron Johnson


Politico Steve Kingmaker


KENS5 Abbott promises lawsuit over immigration action
El Paso Times Abbott - Obama's order violates Constitution
NY Post Texas politicians plotting immigration retaliation against Obama


Shreveport Times Jindal seen as liability for GOP candidate Cassidy
Monroe News Star Cassidy wields immigration order as weapon in Senate runoff


Chicago ST Gov. Quinn could collect healthy pension on way out the door


Boston Globe Charlie Baker taps Kristen Lepore for budget chief



November 23, 2014


WSJ Sunday Talk Preview: Immigration, Ferguson


Dallas News Newly emboldened GOP targets illegal immigration
Fox Republicans plan first shot at immigration order with Dec. 3 hearing
WaPo Conservative expert on immigration law to pursue suit against executive action
SF Gate A way for GOP to defuse immigration issue?
Journal Times Analysis: Veto gives Obama edge on immigration
Ross Douthat The Making of an Imperial President

NYT G.O.P.-Led Benghazi Panel Bolsters Administration


WExam David Vitter: End birthright citizenship

Hill Republicans renew push for drilling in Alaska wildlife refuge


Fox GOP governors' meeting an early 'dress rehearsal' for potential 2016 candidates
NYT A Deep 2016 Republican Presidential Field Reflects Party Divisions
Politico Rise of the Rust Belt Republicans
Politico Money can’t buy Christie love
Hill For potential White House contenders, NSA vote has 2016 implications

APP Christie’s victory lap coming to an end

Pb Kasich Continues Cagey ‘Stealth Campaign’ For President At FL GOP Governors Gaggle

WaPo For Dems, Hillary Clinton just has to say ‘Go.’ For voters, she’ll have to say much more

Salena Zito Reflecting frustration, Webb eyes presidency


WExam Ron Johnson to run for re-election in 2016


Fox Failed Md. Dem gov nominee borrowed $500G from union, missed payment deadline
Baltimore Sun Brown failed to repay $500,000 loan on time


Arkansas News Cotton readying for life in Senate


Marshall Abbott: Obama's order violates constitution


Denver Post Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner look ahead for Colorado, their careers


NYT Turmoil Over Immigration Status? California Has Lived It for Decades



November 22, 2014


WSJ GOP Charts Course Against Obama Immigration Move
NYT Amid Attacks, Obama Presses Congress to Move on Immigration
Fox Boehner says Obama’s sweeping immigration overhaul damages presidency
WTimes Boehner predicts new surge of illegal immigration
Dana Milbank How the GOP can poke back against Obama’s immigration order
Rush Limbaugh The Limbaugh Immigration Bill

WSJ IRS Finds Missing Emails of Former Top Official Lerner in Targeting Probe
WaPo IRS inspector general finds up to 30,000 of Lois Lerner’s e-mails

WSJ Loretta Lynch’s Money Pot

WSJ Norquist Wants CBO’s Elmendorf to Exit


WSJ House GOP Files Lawsuit Over Health Law
NYT House G.O.P. Files Lawsuit In Battling Health Law
WaPo Republicans challenge Obama’s executive actions, file lawsuit over Obamacare
Sen. Ron Johnson & Jonathan Turley Restoring balance among the branches of govt

WSJ House Committee Calls Gruber to Testify at Obamacare Hearing
WaPo Rep. Issa calls on Jonathan Gruber and health official to explain Obamacare ‘deceptions’

WSJ House Report Finds No Attempt to Mislead Public Over Benghazi
NYT House Intel Panel Debunks Many Benghazi Theories
WaPo House panel finds no intelligence failure in Benghazi attacks
WTimes CIA acted properly in Benghazi but slow to spot terrorism: Bipartisan report

Hill Four Republicans land coveted Ways and Means slots


WSJ GOP’s Enzi Seeks Budget Committee Gavel In Senate Power Play
DC GOP Senator Says He — Not Jeff Sessions — Is Next In Line To Lead Budget Committee

NYT Reid Is Unapologetic As Aide Steps on Toes, Even the President’s


WaPo At the RGA, early screening for presidential prospects

WSJ Hillary Clinton Supporters See an Especially Tight Race in 2016
WaPo Clinton advisers strategize without her
WaPo Hillary’s 2008 lead was never as big as her 2016 one is


WSJ New Jersey Democrats Line Up to Succeed Christie


NYT Judge Rejects Overhaul of Illinois’s Beleaguered State Pension System



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WExam GOP's new turnout machine was in top gear

WSJ Leapfrogging the Democrats' Tech Advantage

WExam RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

Roll Call Ohio Republicans Crusade for Cleveland Convention in 2016

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