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WSJ Republican Governors Win Key Races



November 14, 2014


WSJ White House Considers Timing of Executive Action on Immigration
NYT Obama Plan May Allow Millions of Immigrants to Stay and Work in U.S.
Fox Obama’s immigration plan: 10 executive actions being weighed by the president
WaPo GOP debates its immigration strategy as Obama prepares executive action
LA Times Obama weighs ambitious list of immigration rule changes
WaPo Obama vows to move forward with plans for U.S. immigration system
WaPo Boehner weighs expanding suit over Obama executive powers to cover immigration
WSJ Boehner Pledges Immigration Fight, But No Shutdown Threat
WTimes McConnell rules out government shutdown to block Obama immigration moves
Roll Call As Obama Weighs Executive Action on Immigration, Is Govt Shutdown Possible?
WExam Conservatives push short-term spending bill as way to defund 'amnesty'
Politico GOP considers bill to block President Obama on immigration
WaPo Obama is going to sign an order on immigration. Cue massive political explosion.
NYT Obama, Down but Not Out, Presses Ahead
NYT Editorial: Big and Bold on Immigration
Michael Gerson A gathering storm on immigration
Rush Limbaugh Amnesty is Irreversible

WSJ How Health Law’s Medicaid Enrollees Strain the System
WSJ Who Gets Medicaid Under the Affordable Care Act
WSJ Low-Key Rollout Set for Second Year of Health Law
Charles Krauthammer The Gruber Confession

WSJ FCC Chief Squeezed by Obama, Republicans

WSJ Americans’ Cellphones Targeted in Secret U.S. Spy Program


Fox Republicans tap Boehner for third term as speaker
WExam House Republicans keep leadership team intact
NatJ It's Official: Boehner and Top Lieutenants All Keeping Their Posts
NatJ For Returning GOP Leaders, New Governing Challenges

Roll Call NRCC Chairman Reveals Top Targets for 2016

NatJ Dems Deny Duckworth a Proxy Vote in Democratic Leader Elections

Hill House Dems' silver-lining wins


WExam Mitch McConnell elected next Senate Majority Leader
Fox McConnell chosen as next Senate majority leader

WSJ Senate Democrats Wrestle With Direction of Party
NYT Frustrated Democratic Senators Vent, but Re-Elect Reid to Be Their Leader
WaPo Sen. Harry M. Reid sees dissent but holds onto Democratic leadership role
NatJ After Calls for His Ouster, Reid Adds New Leaders to Mend Fences
WExam Democrats re-elect same old regime, with a twist of Elizabeth Warren
WTimes Elizabeth Warren continues meteoric rise, secures Senate leadership position
Politico How Harry Reid kept his job

Hill Wicker will lead Senate Republican campaign committee
NatJ Tester Named to Chair DSCC

WSJ Mary Landrieu’s Keystone Lifeline: Harry Reid’s gambit to deny GOP a 54th Senate seat
WExam Senate Keystone XL backers shy two votes
Hill Senate nears 60 on Keystone

WSJ Democrats Try for Quick Confirmation of NLRB Nominee

WSJ Questions for EEOC Nominees

Roll Call Club for Growth Endorses 6 Senators for 2016
DC These Republican Senators Could Face Conservative Challengers In 2016


Kim Strassel Scott Walker’s 2016 Challenge

Politico Chris Christie’s temperament spooks Wall Street

Politico Ted Cruz’s Greatest Weakness

WSJ Axelrod Sees Hillary Clinton as Contrast to Obama
WSJ David Axelrod: Democrats Need a Coherent Economic Message

Politico Elizabeth Warren gets rock-star reception at liberal donors confab

Peggy Noonan The Loneliest President Since Nixon


NatJ Florida Dems Already Eyeing Rubio's Senate Seat Ahead of His Presidential Decision


WaPo In wake of Cantor loss, top Va. Republican faces primary challenge next year


WaPo CA GOP might come a few hundred votes shy of unseating its first Dem since 1994


WTimes With her epic fail, Wendy Davis painted Texas redder


Roll Call How David Perdue Knew He Would Win


Howard Kurtz Even the liberal media say Mary Landrieu is toast
Hill Cassidy leads Landrieu in internal poll


WTimes Arkansas’ Democratic governor to pardon own son for felony drug conviction
NYT Arkansas Governor to Pardon Son in 2003 Drug Offense
WaPo Outgoing Arkansas Gov. Beebe to pardon son over marijuana conviction


NYT Gov.-Elect Larry Hogan, a Republican, Stands Tall in Democratic Maryland
Allysia Finley A Blue State Model for the GOP


WSJ Axelrod Calls Martha Coakley ‘A Demonstrably Bad Candidate’


WSJ Arizona Congressional Race Likely Headed for Recount
Roll Call Martha McSally Declares Victory as Race Heads to Recount

NYT Arizona: Senator’s Son Pleads Not Guilty in Deaths of 21 Dogs



November 13, 2014


Karl Rove The President Defies The Voters

Fox Source: Obama to announce 10-point immigration plan via exec action as early as next week
WSJ New GOP Push to Block Immigration Action by Obama
WSJ GOP-Led Senate Budget Committee Could Sidestep Key Decisions
WTimes Republican pressure builds to block Obama’s unilateral immigration order
Hill GOP prepares to thwart Obama on immigration
Rush Limbaugh Be Prepared for Unconstitutional Chaos

WSJ Obama Faces Obstacles to Emissions Deal With China
NYT In Climate Deal With China, Obama May Set 2016 Theme
NYT Climate Accord Relies on Environmental Policies Now in Place
WaPo GOP congressional leaders denounce U.S.-China deal on climate change
WTimes Obama climate change deal with China a stretch, analysts say
Rush Limbaugh Obama's Climate Deal with China is Suicidal

WSJ Surprises Lurk for People Re-Enrolling on
WaPo GOP’s anti-Obamacare push gains new momentum in wake of Gruber video
Fox Media blackout shields ObamaCare architect who bet on public stupidity
Rush Stunning: Obamacare Architect Admits Lie to the American People -- and It Doesn't Make News

Dan Henninger The Democrats’ policies have been pillaging their own political base
Ann Coulter The Voters Are Giving You One More Chance, GOP

George Will A potential fresh start for U.S. foreign policy

WSJ Who’s Running: Lawmakers Select Party Leaders
NatJ Whatever Happened to Leadership Races?
Hill Democrats fault leaders for brushing off 2014 midterm losses

NYT Congress Returns After 6 Weeks Away, but Immediate Actions Are Few
WaPo Parties head back to Capitol to begin carving up spoils, remains from midterms

WaPo House, Senate to vote on Keystone XL pipeline


NYT After Victory Laps, Settling In as Rookies


WExam Senate to take up Keystone XL bill Tuesday

WSJ How Will Senate Republicans Use ‘Reconciliation’?

WaPo The outside money spent in the 11 closest Senate races, in 1 chart

NatJ Heller vs. Wicker: Battle for NRSC Chair Goes Down to Wire

Boston Globe Warren reportedly in line for Senate leadership post
Politico Harry Reid wants Warren in Senate leadership

NatJ Losing Democrats Already Preparing for 2016 Comebacks
Roll Call No Guarantee Democrats Rebound in 2016


WSJ Supreme Court Considers Voting-Rights Case
NYT Justices Hear Challenge to Alabama Redistricting


WSJ Rand Paul Re-Election Bid Highlights Hurdle in Kentucky Law

WaPo Mike Huckabee rebuilds political team with eye on another presidential run

Politico The Rudy Giuliani guide to beating Hillary Clinton


NYT Marge Roukema, Congresswoman from New Jersey, Dies at 85


NYT Attorney General Pam Bondi of Florida Defends Free Trips


Allysia Finley Setback for Pennsylvania Democrats


Allysia Finley Modest Gains for California GOP


WaPo Wendy Davis’s campaign was even worse than you thought


WSJ Rival Louisiana Lawmakers Push Keystone Pipeline Bills
WaPo Keystone XL is now a rallying point to save Mary Landrieu’s career


Fox Arkansas governor plans to pardon son for 2003 marijuana conviction


WaPo Mia Love is black, Mormon, Republican and blowing people’s minds


NYT Dan Sullivan, G.O.P. Senate Challenger in Alaska, Wins Senate Race
Roll Call Alaska Senate Race Called for Dan Sullivan



November 12, 2014


WSJ GOP adds another Senate seat as Sullivan wins Alaska
WaPo Alaska win gives GOP another US Senate seat
WTimes Dan Sullivan’s Alaska win gives GOP another U.S. Senate seat
Hill Sullivan defeats Begich in Alaska

WSJ McConnell Talks a Good Senate Game
NatJ Rise of the Republican Pragmatists
WSJ As Senate Shifts, Reid Remains Power Player
WSJ Four Reasons Democrats Are Unlikely to Replace Reid and Pelosi

Hill Congress returns to Capitol Hill for post-election battle
NYT Lame-Duck Session Is First Crucial Test of Breaking Gridlock
NYT In Control, Republicans See Budget as Way to Push Agenda
WaPo Parties head back to Capitol to begin carving up spoils, remains, from midterms

Hill What a Republican Senate means for the environment

Dick Morris Political dynasties defeated
Thomas Edsall The Demise of the White Democratic Voter
Roll Call The Best Congressional Campaigns of 2014


WSJ Overall House Vote Tally: GOP 52%, Dems 45%

Hill Committee chairmanships are up for grabs

WTimes Lame Duck Nancy? Dems privately preparing for Pelosi departure in 2 years


Hill Obama 'looking forward' to immigration order
NatJ Can Obama Split the Difference on Immigration?
WSJ Obama’s Immigration Temptation: His executive order would make durable reform harder to pass

NYT Obama’s Call for Net Neutrality Sets Up Fight Over Rules
WaPo The FCC weighs breaking with Obama over the future of the Internet

WSJ How to Distort Income Inequality

NYT Bush (43) Shares Spotlight With Bush (41) as Tribute Book Is Published


WSJ Racial Gerrymandering Switcheroo

James Taranto ObamaCare Opportunity


Salena Zito Wisconsin becomes 2016's Ohio

Fox Rand Paul plays party healer after midterms, with eyes on 2016
WSJ Rand Paul’s 2016 Plans May Not Feature Famous Father

WaPo Mike Huckabee rebuilds political team with eye on another presidential run

Dallas ‘You’ll see me again,’ outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry tells South Carolina audience

WaPo The tricky Obama-Clinton handoff begins
Howard Kurtz Hanging it all on Hillary: Why the Democrats have no bench

NYT Why the Voters of 2016 Are Likely to Be Younger and More Diverse


Jacksonville Trips and friendships place Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on defense


WaPo Gary Peters is a Democrat who stands alone
Detroit FP Five new Michigan members of Congress to learn ropes


WaPo Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to drug test welfare recipients


WSJ Kansas Gov. Brownback Now Faces the Hard Part

NatJ Poised to Chair Senate Ag Committee, Roberts Pledges Not to Reopen Farm Bill


WSJ Still Counting Votes in Colorado

NYT Colorado Ousts Pro-Gun Republicans, Showing Effect of Turnout


Michael Goodwin The choke’s on us


WExam Bipartisan group of lawyers call for dismissal of Rick Perry's felony charges

Austin AS Greg Abbott names Mexican-born county judge secretary of state
Austin AS Did Greg Abbott’s madrina win him a larger share of the Hispanic vote


Hill Report: Dems considering Keystone vote for Landrieu
Fox Senate Dems considering bringing Keystone to a vote to help boost Landrieu
NatJ How Far Will Senate Democrats Go to Help Save Mary Landrieu?


Hill Tea Party challenger tries to unseat Tenn. GOP chairman


Boston Globe Democrat Jay Ash is Baker’s first cabinet pick


Hill Ariz. House race likely headed for recount


NYT Republican Dan Sullivan Wins Senate Race in Alaska



November 11, 2014


WTimes Obamacare may not have enough enrollees to stay solvent
WSJ Health-Law Enrollment in 2015 Won’t Meet Forecast
NYT Estimate of Health Coverage Enrollment Leaves Room to Grow
WaPo Obama administration predicts significantly lower health-care enrollment
Hill Five new obstacles for ObamaCare
Dana Milbank Why Obamacare risks falling into a ‘death spiral’
Rush Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber: We Lied & Counted on the Stupidity of American Voter

WSJ Obama Calls on FCC to Issue Rules Protecting ‘Net Neutrality’
NYT Obama Asks F.C.C. to Adopt Tough Net Neutrality Rules
Fox Obama calls for more regulation of Internet providers, industry fires back
WSJ Obama lobbies the FCC to regulate the Web as if it were telephone service in the 1930s.
WaPo State legislator group disagrees with Obama on net neutrality
Hill Obama thrills left with Web fight

Fox VA secretary pushes major overhaul, firings at agency

WExam GOP looks to extend tax breaks during lame duck

Byron York Obama prepares to defy voters' will -- again

WSJ Lynch: Civil Actions Against Police Agencies Can Spur ‘Systemic Change’
Hill Dems unlikely to ram through Obama’s attorney general pick
Politico The GOP plan for Lynch: It's all about immigration
Michael Goodwin Playing racial games

WSJ At Last, a Chance to Get to the Bottom of the IRS Mess

NYT Republicans Vow to Fight E.P.A. and Approve Keystone Pipeline

NYT The Great Wage Slowdown, Looming Over Politics

WaPo Republicans make inroads with women voters
WaPo Nearly half of Americans will now live in states under total GOP control
WaPo The remarkable recent decline of split-ticket voting
WaPo Mitt Romney filling post-midterm role as key behind-the-scenes player in GOP
WSJ Democrats Find Themselves Short of Fresh New Faces
Rush Limbaugh Obama Has Destroyed His Party
WSJ Still Counting: Many Races Remain Too Close to Call
Charlie Cook Bad Decisions Came Back to Haunt Democrats in Midterms

WTimes Rush Limbaugh threatens to sue Democrats for defamation
WExam Limbaugh threatens to sue over DCCC emails
Hill Rush Limbaugh threatens to sue House Democratic campaign arm


NYT The Enduring Republican Grip on the House


Fox Supreme Court could weigh in on same sex marriage bans by next June
Fox Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor blocks Kansas gay marriage

NYT Supreme Court Weighs Case Over Cuts to Retirees’ Health Benefits


WSJ For Republicans Considering a 2016 Run, Some Same-State Blues
WExam 2016 contenders ramp up campaign activity

Politico Jeb Bush’s Greatest Weakness: It's not his politics. It's his family.

Michael Gerson From Ohio, a different sort of Republicanism

WTimes Rand Paul hints Hillary Clinton may be too old to run for president
Richard Cohen Hillary Clinton is the Democrats’ only hope

Hill 'Ready for Warren' adds Obama alum


WaPo The best candidate of the 2014 election


Fred Dicker Cuomo had a secret re-election ‘pact’ with Republicans


Allysia Finley California Greens Eye Fracking Ban


Roll Call Georgia Senator to Seek Re-Election


WaPo This is why Mary Landrieu is in serious trouble
Byron York Abandoned by party, is Landrieu dead woman walking? Or is GOP overconfident?



November 10, 2014


WTimes Obama vows to use executive action on immigration before new GOP Congress is sworn in

Fox Congress returns for brief, post-election session with Islamic State funding among top issues
NatJ As Lame-Duck Session Begins, Congress to Focus on Approps, Ebola, and Islamic State
Hill This week: Welcome to the lame-duck session

Wkly Std President, VP May Differ on Immigration Strategy: 'Obama Angrily Cut Biden Off'
WSJ Republicans Urge Democrats Not to Push AG, Immigration in Lame Duck
WSJ Loretta Lynch To Face Tough Questioning by Lawmakers
WTimes Obama’s delay for AG nominee likely to send Lynch confirmation to GOP Senate

WSJ GOP Weighs How to Flex New Muscle
WSJ Obama Takes Blame for Party’s Midterm Rout
NYT Post-Election, Obama Says The Blame Is on Him
WSJ Midterm Elections Saw Fewer Donors, but They Wrote Bigger Checks
WaPo Left struggled to move voters with Koch attacks and other big-money messages

WaPo Obama officials work on health site contingency plans as enrollment nears
WaPo Consumers now able to window-shop for insurance on
Hill McConnell pressed to repeal ObamaCare with budget move

Hill VA secretary readies major overhaul


WSJ Tight California Races Could Add to GOP Tally
Roll Call Review: 6 Races Both Parties Viewed Completely Differently

Politico Joaquin Castro, Joe Kennedy considered to run Democratic comeback campaign


Fox Incoming GOP senators set sights on Keystone, immigration, ObamaCare, EPA regs
WaPo An incoming Senate committee chairman’s views are sure to rile the federal workforce
Hugh Hewitt GOP Senate class of 2014 is broad and deep

WaPo Can Republicans hold on to Senate majority in 2016? There’s reason for doubt.


Jen Rubin Will Chief Justice Roberts get a do-over?
Paul Krugman Death by Typo: The Latest Frivolous Attack on Obamacare


WSJ Christie’s Contacts Deliver: Governor’s Star Rises After His New Jersey Donors Help GOP

Milw JS Scott Walker says 'governors make much better presidents,' leaves door open
WaPo Scott Walker sounds a lot like a guy who wants to run for president
WExam Walker: Hillary Clinton is biggest loser of the election

Politico Rand’s grand plan: An inside look at the senator's presidential rollout

Fox Perry begins six-stop New Hampshire swing, talks national issues

Fox George W. Bush gives 50-50 odds Jeb will run in 2016
WSJ Will Jeb Bush Run? George W. Bush Says It’s a ‘Toss-Up’
NYT Jeb Bush May Run for President, George W. Bush Says

NYT G.O.P. Is Making Progress Toward Presidency but Is Still Playing Catch-Up


WExam School choice backer Scott sees rise in black support in Florida

NYT Link Shows How Lobby Firm Cultivates Influence


Richmond TD Close Senate race could have aftershocks in Virginia politics


WExam Gardner: GOP must convince Obama not to act on immigration


Fox Mormon bishop apologizes for writing Harry Reid unworthy to enter temples


Fox Openly gay GOP candidate Carl DeMaio concedes defeat in California congressional race


Austin AS How Battleground Texas hobbled the Wendy Davis campaign


WaPo Mary Landrieu’s very tough new ad in the Louisiana Senate race
WaPo Campaign 2014: Mary Landrieu 'Whoa'


Fox Former Illinois congressman Phil Crane dies at 84
NYT Philip M. Crane, Former Illinois Congressman and Conservative Leader, Dies at 84
WaPo Former Illinois congressman Phil Crane dies at 84


WExam How Larry Hogan used tax data to turn Maryland red


November 9, 2014


WSJ Sunday Talk Preview: Obama, Bush and Newly Elected Lawmakers
Hill GOP takeover will top Sunday shows

NYT Loretta Lynch, a Nominee for Attorney General, Is Praised for Substance, Not Flash
NYT Lynch Portrayed as Tough, Fair and Apolitical
WaPo Attorney general nominee Lynch called ‘the soul of grace under pressure’
NatJ In Loretta Lynch, Obama Hopes to Find a Less Polarizing Attorney General
Politico Lame duck looms over Lynch confirmation

Fox Elections bring in group of trailblazing lawmakers with potential to reach new heights
WaPo Two midterm elections have hollowed out the Democratic Party

NYT With Fear of Being Sidelined, Tea Party Sees the Republican Rise as New Threat

Michael Barone The Striking Consistency of U.S. Politics


Politico Animal House?


NYT McCain Poised to Press Obama, and Pentagon, at Armed Services Helm

WExam McConnell warns Senate Dems on lame-duck nominees

Hill Five new senators could be deal-brokers


John Yoo Four Reasons the Supreme Court Is Likely to Rule against Obama in Burwell


Hill '14 wins could propel Christie in '16
WaPo GOP presidential hopefuls jockey for position in a crowded 2016 field
Ross Douthat The Fight Republicans Need Now


WaPo Gillespie’s strong showing in Senate race boost’s Virginia GOP’s confidence
WExam Did GOP let a big one get away in Virginia?


Fox Mormon bishop critical of Democrat Harry Reid's stances on abortion, gay marriage


LAT Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein shouldn't run again, majority of voters say


Fox Priebus: RNC's Louisiana ground game for runoff is on steroids
Fox Democrats’ Last Stand? Party foothold in Deep South at stake in Landrieu run-off
Politico Maness, La. GOPers get behind Cassidy
Hill Ex-GOP rivals join forces for Louisiana runoff
Hill Tony Perkins shifts endorsement to Cassidy in Senate runoff


NatJ Manchin Quits No Labels Amid Democrats' Anger at Group


NYT Arizona Law on Immigrant Smuggling Is Struck Down


November 8, 2014


WSJ Obama, Republican Leaders Spar Over Immigration at Lunch
NYT Obama and Congressional Leaders Discuss How to Move on Immigration
WaPo White House: Obama will act on immigration despite GOP warnings to hold off
WTimes Obama makes nice with Republican leaders, pledges action

WSJ President Obama to Nominate Loretta Lynch as Attorney General
NYT Loretta Lynch, Federal Prosecutor, Will Be Nominated for Attorney General
WaPo Loretta Lynch, U.S. attorney for N.Y., to be nominated to be attorney general

WSJ Obama Authorizes Up to 1,500 More Troops to Deploy to Iraq
WaPo Obama plans to double U.S. force in Iraq

WSJ It’s Shocking How Little Was Spent on the Midterms
NYT Chastened Republicans Beat Democrats at Their Own Ground Game
NYT Democrats Say Economic Message Was Lacking

Peggy Noonan A Message Sent to a Grudging President

WTimes Fresh off election win, Priebus signals he’ll seek third term as GOP boss


Politico Kevin McCarthy announces run for majority leader

Hill The nine House races yet to be decided
Roll Call 10 Uncalled Races Remain as Democrats Pick Up California Seat

Politico Frustration with Nancy Pelosi simmers among Democrats


WSJ Charles Schumer Readies for Role in Senate Minority

WaPo Why Republicans’ Senate majority could be very short-lived


WSJ Supreme Court to Hear Case on Health-Care Law Subsidies
NYT Justices to Hear New Challenge to Health Law
WaPo Supreme Court will hear newest challenge to Affordable Care Act
WSJ ObamaCare Goes to Rewrite
NatJ The Supreme Court Really Might Destroy Obamacare This Time


WaPo McConnell: Rand Paul can ‘count on me’ if he runs for president
NatJ Mitch McConnell Backs Rand Paul in 2016
WTimes Mitch McConnell A-OK with Rand Paul for president

WExam Marco Rubio to decide on 2016 within weeks

WExam Before he runs for president, will Cruz make nice with a GOP Senate?

Politico Rob Portman looks at presidential run
Hill Portman ‘taking a look’ at 2016 run

George Will Time to rethink Hillary Clinton 2016
James Rosen For Hillary Clinton, an uncertain return to the campaign trail

Elizabeth Warren It’s time to work on America’s agenda


WSJ GOP’s Gillespie Concedes Defeat in Va. Senate Race Against Warner
NYT Republican Beats Expectations but Concedes Virginia Senate Race
Politico Ed Gillespie: No plan to run for Virginia governor


WSJ How Scott Walker Keeps Winning


WSJ Guns, Turnout and Fracking Hurt Cuomo in Election


Politico Rep. Scott Peters beats Carl DeMaio for San Diego seat

Hill Khanna concedes to Honda in California


NatJ In the Last Race of 2014, Landrieu Goes Local


Allysia Finley Rauner’s Tax Challenge


Politico Joe Manchin quits centrist No Labels



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NatJ The day after the midterms at a Republican media-analytics shop

WExam GOP's new turnout machine was in top gear

WSJ Leapfrogging the Democrats' Tech Advantage

WExam RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

Roll Call Ohio Republicans Crusade for Cleveland Convention in 2016

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