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WaPo The top 12 governor’s races of 2014



September 20-21, 2014


WSJ Leapfrogging the Democrats' Tech Advantage

WaPo The top 12 governor’s races of 2014

James Taranto Great Job, GOP! Democrats are now almost as unpopular
Politico Democrats turn on Debbie Wasserman Schultz


WSJ Republicans Shift Attack Ads to National Security
WSJ 'Dangerous' Democrats

NYT Republicans Switch Firm Handling Obama Suit
Politico House GOP replaces law firm in Obama lawsuit

NatJ Possible Rules Change Could Punish Boehner Dissidents

Roll Call NRCC Chairman Aspires to Historic Majority in Midterms
Hill House GOP campaign chairman: 'Big uptick in security issues' on trail


Charlie Cook Razor-Thin Lead for the GOP
NYT Democrats Pin Senate Hopes on a Kansan
WTimes Democrats drop off tickets to help Harry Reid keep Senate control
NYT In Senate Battle, the Wild Cards Become Alaska and Kansas

Hill Terror politics return to campaign trail ahead of midterm elections

WExam Women voters not keen on GOP women


Hill Biden's rocky start to 2016

AP Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows


Fox ‘Bridge-gate’ probe reportedly finding no evidence of Christie involvement


NYT A Florida Race Strains Wallets and Loyalties


Roll Call New Terri Lynn Land Ad Knocks Washington


NYT Democrats Reprise 'War on Women' Case Against Republicans


WaPo Virginia Republicans reject any and all suggestions to expand health coverage


WSJ How Wisconsin Prosecutors Became Campaign Partisans
Byron York For GOP, importance of Scott Walker race equals any Senate matchup


WSJ Playing Politics Over the Kansas Senate Ballot?
WaPo Some senators up for re-election may not be hustling home just yet
WaPo Campaign 2014: Orman for Senate: 'Who will Greg caucus with?'
Roll Call Kansas Ballots Will Be Mailed Without Democratic Senate Nominee
Politico Will Dems go all-out to beat Sen. Pat Roberts now?


Hill Rep. Gardner: Dems have damaged economy


Hill Chuck Grassley: The Iowa GOP's savior?


NYT Astorino Forces Encounter With Cuomo as They Court Business Leaders


Dan Balz Texas has become epicenter of conservative movement


Fox Voter registration fraud probe looms over tight Georgia Senate race


WSJ A Cassidy Lead in Louisiana


NYT Rowland, Ex-Connecticut Governor, Is Convicted in Campaign Finance Case
Fox Former Connecticut governor convicted of new crimes



September 19, 2014


WSJ How Big Money Is Saving Senate Democrats
WaPo A bunch of new Senate polls look good for Republicans. Be cautious.
Fox Another avalanche of bad polls for Senate Dems
National Review Bob Beckel Warns of ‘October Surprise’ from Dems

NYT Senate Approves ISIS Bill, Avoiding Bigger War Debate
NatJ Senate Approves Spending Bill and Syria Measure, Heads for Exits
WExam Senate passes Syria resolution, clearing it for Obama's signature

WTimes Dems block Cruz bill to strip U.S. citizenship from Islamic State defectors

WSJ Obama’s Strategy for Midterm Campaigning


WSJ Boehner Addresses GOP Priorities Ahead of Midterm Elections
WaPo One year after the shutdown, Republicans rally around Boehner
WExam Boehner stresses tax reform, school choice in GOP agenda

NYT House GOP Repackages Election-Year Bills

WaPo Trey Gowdy’s unexpected Benghazi twist

WaPo Gingrich holds ’94 election reunion, calls current GOP politics ‘pathetic’


WSJ Isolationists vs. Interventionists: The Latest GOP Split

WSJ Study: How Liberals, Conservatives Split on Religion and Tolerance

NYT Health Care Act Still Covers 7.3 Million

WaPo The biggest difference between liberal and conservative parents

George Will Obama is defying the Constitution on war

WSJ GOP Pushes Early Voting


NatJ Chris Christie Isn't Just Focused on Governors' Races as RGA Chairman
NYT With Eye on 2016, Christie Resists Climate Change Plan

WSJ Rand Paul Adjusts Foreign Policy Stance

WSJ Hillary Clinton Turns Attention to Women Voters
NYT Clinton Shifts to Domestic Issues, With a Focus on Women
WTimes Dick Morris: ‘Benghazi problem’ due to hit Hillary Clinton hard


WaPo ‘American Idol’ made Clay Aiken a star. But he knows it won’t make him a congressman


WaPo Ex-Va. governor Robert McDonnell asks for acquittal of public corruption charges


Fox Battle-tested Walker fights to keep job in Wisconsin


NYT Kansas Democrat’s Withdrawal From Senate Race Is Upheld
WaPo Court orders Democrat Chad Taylor off Kansas ballot, dealing blow to GOP


Denver Post Poll: Cory Gardner leads Mark Udall by 8 points — outlier or GOP wave?
WTimes Udall flood ad sparks outrage in tight Colorado Senate race


WaPo Gov. Jerry Brown signs $330 million California film tax incentive bill


NYT In Georgia, Politics Moves Past Just Black and White


NYT Federal Judge Accused of Assaulting Wife Is Urged to Resign



September 18, 2014


Karl Rove Why a GOP Senate Majority Is Still in Doubt
Ann Coulter Your 'To Do' List To Save America
Larry Sabato Senate Ratings Changes: North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Minnesota
Hill GOP peaked too soon

WSJ The Democrats' Student-Loan Weapon

NatJ Senate Ready for CR Vote, as Larger Syria Debate Awaits

Politico NRA goes big in key Senate, governor's races


Hill House approves $1T spending bill
WSJ Spending Bill's Passage Spotlights Boehner's Stronger Hand

NYT House Votes to Authorize Aid to Syrian Rebels in ISIS Fight
WaPo House approves Obama’s Iraq-Syria military strategy amid skepticism

WSJ Benghazi Panel Sets a Cooperative Tone
WTimes Bipartisan House Benghazi panel kicks off without bickering
NYT In Debut, Benghazi Panel Leaves Sparring to Others
NatJ Welcome to the New, Surprisingly Civil GOP Approach to Benghazi

NYT House Proposal Would Require Think Tanks to Disclose Foreign Funding

WTimes Candidates from both parties packing heat in campaign ads
Roll Call House Democrats, DNC Pledge Millions for Midterms


NYT G.O.P. Gains Strength and Obama Gets Low Marks, Poll Finds

WExam Obama's chances to wind down Fannie and Freddie before November slipping away


Hugh Hewitt Resurgence of GOP hawkishness is boosting Romney 2016 prospects

Hill Left blasts Clinton in secret emails


WExam Sabato's 'Crystal Ball': North Carolina Senate race favors Democrats


WSJ Wisconsin Republicans File Suit Over Ballot Redesign
Fox Wisconsin Republicans sue state election overseer over 'confusing’ ballot


Fox Kansas Senate race tightens after Dem drops out, other battlegrounds remain close
WSJ The Press vs. Pat Roberts
NatJ The Man Who Can Save Pat Roberts


Fox Poll: Hickenlooper trails Beauprez by 10 points
WSJ Trouble for Democrats in Colorado
USA Today Poll: In Colorado, Obama is a drag on Democrats

Hill Poll: Colorado Senate race a dead heat


Politico Poll: Ernst leads Braley in Iowa


NYT Cuomo Twists Astorino’s Positions
NYT Ad Duel in Governor’s Race Turns Toward the Trivial

Albany TU Cahill campaign releases select poll questions to Board of Elections

Hill Not so grim for Grimm after all

Buffalo News Challenge is posed to Zellner’s rule as Democratic chairman


WaPo And now, Neil Bush twists the knife in David Perdue


Roll Call Cotton’s Softer Side Displayed in Senate Race (Video)


Hill Alaska Republican features X Games star in new ad, Begich fires back
Politico Mark Begich frosty over snow machine ad



September 17, 2014


WaPo Democrats now have a 51 percent chance of holding the Senate
WSJ A Pair of Independents Could Decide Which Party Controls the Senate
WaPo Top Harry Reid advisers build big-money firewall to protect Senate Democrats
NYT World Events Muffle Democrats’ Economic Rallying Cry
WaPo Republicans are headed toward a big turnout edge in the midterms
Hill Will the South rise up for GOP?
WTimes Democrats seek to reignite enthusiasm, reassemble coalition ahead of midterms
NatJ For a Senate Wave, Republicans Need to Halt Dems' Momentum in Swing States
Hill Reid sidesteps questions about future
NatJ Will Reid Remain Leader if Democrats Lose the Senate? He Won't Say.
NatJ Republicans Will Need to Sweep to Hold Onto Senate Majority in 2016

WaPo Republicans gallop toward ground war in Syria and Iraq
NatJ On Syria, Senate's Vulnerable Democrats Are All Over the Map

NatJ Believe It Or Not, 2014’s Political Ads Have Been More Negative Than Ever

WSJ GOP Senators Propose Changes to Labor Board


WaPo From outside voice to inside player: Rise of Steve Scalise reflects changing House GOP

Fox House passes 3 bills to impose reform on IRS after targeting of conservative groups

WExam House energy votes double as post-election GOP wish list


WSJ Health Law's Election Impact Is Dimming
Politico Obamacare: From game-changer to background noise

WSJ Hispanic Caucus Backs Off Thanksgiving Deadline on Immigration
Rush Limbaugh Inside-the-Beltway Experts Struggle to Explain O's Behavior on Amnesty


WSJ Christie Takes on Skeptics in South Carolina
Byron York Another small sign the 2016 GOP race is insanely wide open

Dick Morris Clinton’s dilemma
Jason Riley Why Hillary Was in Iowa

WSJ Amy Klobuchar Lands Coveted Iowa Keynote

NatJ Bernie Sanders Is Cautiously Making His Case for a 2016 Presidential Run


WTimes Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker pushes drug testing for welfare recipients


Politico Poll: Greg Orman leads Pat Roberts in Kansas
Fox Kansas judges question why Democrat kept on ballot in Senate race
Politico Kansas court mulls Democrat Chad Taylor's withdrawal

WExam Davis expands lead over Brownback in election for Kansas governor


WaPo In Iowa, attacks on Republican Ernst change dynamics of tight Senate race
Roll Call NRSC Ad Hits Bruce Braley on Congressional Attendance (Video)


Roll Call Scott Brown’s Path Back to D.C. Widens
Jason Riley The Scott Brown Surge


WSJ Ex-Bloomberg Aides Strike Back Against de Blasio
NYT At de Blasio City Hall, Scorn (and Quiet Affirmation) for Bloomberg Years

WSJ U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm Holds Narrow Lead in Poll
NatJ Don't Understand How Michael Grimm Can Pull Off Reelection? Visit Staten Island.


Roll Call Democrats Sound the Alarm on Southern California Race


Fox Carter grandson keeps distance from family legacy in tight race for Georgia governor


WaPo Mitch McConnell responds to Alison Lundergan Grimes’ gun ad in devastating fashion
WaPo Campaign 2014: Mitch McConnell 'Convince'
WaPo Rove-affiliated group attacks Grimes for stance on immigration bill
NYT In Kentucky, Health Law Helps Voters but Saps Votes


Roll Call Giffords Group Airs Tough Ad Against Martha McSally



September 16, 2014


Charlie Cook What Could Go Wrong for GOP?
Stu Rothenberg The Republican Brand’s Recovery Tour — Sort Of

WaPo Here are the 12 most competitive Senate races in the country
Roll Call Democrats Have a Plan to Overcome Obama in Red States
NYT Turning Tables, Democrats Use Cultural Issues as a Cudgel

WaPo 20 insane rules the Senate has for its members


Hill House Republican leaders pitch Syria aid with checks on Obama
WExam Syria resolution will be part of government funding bill
NYT Don’t Hide the Syrian Aid Vote

WSJ House to Vote on Insurance-Industry Change to Dodd-Frank

Politico Good election year for bad boys of Congress


NatJ How Senate Races Are Undercutting House Republicans

WSJ Some Republicans Back State Minimum-Wage Increases

WSJ Prominent Washington Lobbyist Thomas Boggs Dies at 73
NYT Thomas Hale Boggs Jr., 73, Lobbying Giant, Is Dead
WaPo Lobbyist, lawyer Thomas H. Boggs Jr. dead at 73

WSJ A Republican War on Poverty

Hill ISIS strategy splits Rubio, Paul, Cruz


NatJ Mike Huckabee Hints at 2016
Hill Huckabee inching closer to 2016 run
Byron York Mike Huckabee gears up for 2016 run

WSJ Jindal Aspires to Be 'Ideas Guy' in GOP 2016 Field

WaPo A long-shot bid in 2016 may suit Martin O’Malley


WExam Christie to stump for Thom Tillis

NatJ Rumors Aside, Burr Says He'll Run Again


NYT Electoral Chaos in Wisconsin


Roll Call NRSC Ad Hits Bruce Braley on Congressional Attendance (Video)
Human Events Should GOP be nervous about Iowa seat?


WSJ Shaheen, Brown Tied in New Hampshire U.S. Senate Race – Poll
WaPo Scott Brown and Jeanne Shaheen are tied in a new poll. Here’s why that’s weird.


NYT Astorino Laments the State of the State
Albany TU Astorino: Cuomo campaign ‘erased’ my son, Stalin-style
Fred Dicker Insiders say de Blasio could beat Cuomo for governor in 4 years

Roll Call Polls Show Two Democrats Trailing in New York


WSJ California's ObamaCare Fight


Politico David Perdue flies to Maine, gets Bush 41 nod
WaPo George H.W. Bush twists final knife in Michelle Nunn

NatJ Ethics Committee Investigating Paul Broun


WSJ Quinn Has Big Lead in New Poll


NatJ Alison Lundergan Grimes Shows Mitch McConnell How to Hold a Gun in a New Ad
WaPo Campaign 2014: Alison Lundergan Grimes 'Skeet Shooting'


NYT Arizona Republican Official Resigns After Remarks About Medicaid Recipients



September 15, 2014


Politico Poll: GOP has edge on immigration in midterms


Hill 50 days left until midterms, and Republicans keeping troops in line

Fox Benghazi panel begins hearings with questions on US diplomats' safety


WaPo Here are the 12 most competitive Senate races in the country
Politico Would a GOP Senate be king of the world?

Judd Gregg A positive agenda for a GOP Congress


WSJ As Hillary Clinton Returns to Iowa, a Debate Stirs in Her Party
NYT At a Steak Fry in Iowa, the Clintons Sell Their Brand of Sizzle
WaPo In Iowa, Hillary Clinton issues populist call to action ahead of midterm elections
WTimes Hillary Clinton returns to Iowa, teases about 2016 White House ambitions
NatJ Is Hillary Clinton Too Hawkish for Iowa Democrats?
Politico Hillary Clinton goes back to the state that haunts
Hill Hillary: 'Hello Iowa — I'm back!'
Roger Simon Why Hillary hates Iowa

WaPo Shifting his views, Rand Paul seeks broader appeal — but may risk his outsider image

WaPo Rick Perry’s immigration record: A hard line at the border, a softer touch in Austin


Daily Caller Al Franken Opponent: ‘He’s Been Invisible As A Senator’


NYT Conservative Experiment Faces Revolt in Reliably Red Kansas

WExam Greg Orman --- canny in Kansas


Politico Senate showdown: GOP frets over Harkin seat
LA Times Race for Iowa Senate seat is 'uncomfortably close'


NatJ How a Republican Stays Afloat in a Hispanic-Majority Border District


Byron York Mark Sanford's sorry saga


Boston Globe Where the gubernatorial candidates stand on taxes


WaPo Palin source: She was in ‘full mama grizzly’ mode during brawl



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WSJ Leapfrogging the Democrats' Tech Advantage

WExam RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

Roll Call Ohio Republicans Crusade for Cleveland Convention in 2016

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