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Politico 2016 Senate rankings

WaPo 10 Senate seats considered most likely to switch parties in 2016



April 14, 2015


NYT Marco Rubio Announces 2016 Presidential Bid
WaPo Marco Rubio launches presidential campaign
NYT Stressing Youth, Marco Rubio Joins 2016 Field
WaPo Rubio launches 2016 bid by dismissing ‘leaders and ideas of the past’
WSJ Marco Rubio Kicks Off 2016 Campaign With Miami Speech
WSJ The Rubio Run: The 43-year-old is strong on foreign policy, less so on taxes.
NatJ Marco Rubio Has a Latino Problem
NYT What Marco Rubio Would Need to Do to Win
WaPo Here’s why Marco Rubio can win the Republican nomination

Daily Caller Here Comes Trouble For Scott Walker

NYT Kelley Paul Has a Task: To Make Her Husband More Approachable

WExam John Kasich 2016?
WSJ In Detroit, John Kasich Sounds Like a Candidate, but Won’t Say When He’ll Decide

WExam Ben Carson to announce 2016 plans May 4

DC Huckabee, Preparing For 2016, Rails Against Illegal Immigration In New Video

Charlie Cook For 2016, the Parties Are Trading Places
Stu Rothenberg The Young and the Restless of 2016
Rush Limbaugh My Advice for the GOP Field

WSJ Clinton Aides Recruit ‘Hillstarters’ in $1 Billion Fundraising Drive
WSJ Clinton on Road Trip to First Events in Iowa
Bret Stephens Hillary and the Liberal Way of Lying
WaPo Hillary Clinton’s image now in Biden territory


NYT From Cybersecurity to Trade Deal, Bills Are Expected to Start Moving

Hill Murray declines to endorse Durbin for whip

NatJ The Three GOP Presidential Candidates Who Could Help Their Party Keep the Senate


NYT Sex, Dementia and a Husband on Trial at Age 78


Roll Call Marco Rubio’s Presidential Bid Creates Open-Seat Scrum

NYT Florida Ex-Senator Pursues Claims of Saudi Ties to Sept. 11 Attacks


WSJ Political Class Debates de Blasio’s Non-Endorsement of Clinton

NYT Sheldon Silver’s Son-in-Law Is Arrested and Charged With Securities Fraud


NYT Oklahoma: Governor Signs Curb on Abortion Procedure


WaPo Carol Moseley Braun endorses Donna Edwards in Md. Senate primary


WSJ Massachusetts Ex-Gov. Patrick to Run New Bain Unit
NYT Ex-Governor Will Lead New Fund at Bain Capital



April 13, 2015


WSJ First Three GOP Presidential Candidates Share Tea-Party Roots

NYT Marco Rubio Builds Political Career on Defying Establishment and Odds
NatJ President. Marco. Rubio.

WSJ Christie Gets Up Close and Personal With Voters

WaPo GOP’s Lindsey Graham sees an opening as antagonist to Rand Paul

WExam Scott Walker: Clinton exemplifies 'Washington-knows-best' mentality

Michael Barone A very fluid race for the Republican nomination

WSJ Hillary Clinton and Democrats Aim to Buck History
NYT Hillary Clinton Starts to Detail Rationale for Run as Campaign Begins
WaPo Clinton strikes populist tone in long-awaited campaign announcement
WSJ The Republicans Are Ready For Hillary — With Ads
WSJ Lincoln Chafee: Hillary Clinton’s 2002 Vote on Iraq War Shows She Lacks Judgment
WSJ The Hillary Machine
Dan Balz Why does Hillary Rodham Clinton want to be president?
John Fund The Dirty Business of the Billary Machine, Again


WSJ Senate Wrangles Over Medicare-Payments Fix


WaPo Wealthy donors on left launch new plan to wrest back control in the states


Fred Dicker New York Democrats unmoved by Hillary’s announcement



April 11-12, 2015


WSJ Republican Hopefuls Make Pitches on Guns, Values at NRA Gathering

Hill Bush bashes Holder to NRA crowd

Hill Scott Walker: Obama 'seems to forget' about Second Amendment

Hill Rubio calls for stronger response to Islamic militants
WExam Rubio cozies up to NRA crowd, but his record on guns is hit-and-miss
NatJ Secret-Money Group Tied to Rubio Super PAC Has Been Researching Presidential Primary Voters

NYT The Best Reason to Take Rand Paul Seriously Has Nothing to Do With His Politics

WExam Ted Cruz's serious --- and seriously underestimated --- fundraising machine
NYT Hedge-Fund Magnate Robert Mercer Emerges as a Generous Backer of Cruz

NatJ Rick Perry Says He’s the Leader America Needs

Politico N.H. poll: Scott Walker leads Jeb Bush, Rand Paul third

WaPo Why the GOP’s 2016 hopefuls are angling for the home-schooler vote

NYT Hillary Clinton to Announce 2016 Run for President on Sunday
WaPo Hillary Clinton begins her entry into the 2016 presidential race
WSJ Clinton Campaign to Make Low-Key Start
NatJ Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign Kickoff Will Look a Lot Like Her 2000 Senate Run
WT Huma Abedin’s job arrangement under Hillary investigated by State Dept. IG
Rush Limbaugh Why Do Republicans Fear This Woman?

WSJ O’Malley Visits Iowa Again, Wooing Democratic Left
WaPo O’Malley, Webb appear before Iowa Democrats as Clinton waits in the wings


Henry Kissinger & George Schultz The Iran Deal and Its Consequences

WaPo Justice Department warns employees against frequenting prostitutes


Roll Call House Democrat Passes on Illinois Senate Race


WaPo Is being a Romney enough to win an election in Utah?



April 10, 2015


WSJ Jeb Bush Leans on His Gun-Rights Bona Fides

NYT 2016 Ambitions Turn Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush Protégé, Into Rival
Politico Marco Rubio tax plan challenges GOP orthodoxy
WaPo FEC reminds Rubio (again) to clean up his campaign finances
WaPo In South Florida, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are forcing locals to pick sides

CSM Why Rand Paul's greatest strength is also a weakness
WSJ Why Rand Paul Is Unwelcome at NRA Gun Rights Convention
NYT In Accepting Bitcoin, Rand Paul Raises Money and Questions
WaPo Paul’s campaign demands stations stop airing ad on Iran
Politico Lindsey Graham's strategy: Take down Rand Paul
Michael Gerson Rand Paul’s grand deception
Ed Rogers Rand Paul has to get better on TV, fast
WExam Quinnipiac: Hillary Clinton falters, Rand Paul gains

KVOR Ted Cruz super PACs: A new era of political fundraising
WSJ Ted Cruz to Hold Washington Fundraiser
Rush Limbaugh Drive-Bys Shocked by Cruz Fundraising, Clinton Collapse in Swing State Poll

WExam Christie to propose entitlement reform
WSJ New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Urges Local GOP To Stay Neutral Until He Decides
Chris Cillizza Why I can’t count out Chris Christie just yet

Hill Ryan: Scott Walker has 'really good chance' to win GOP nomination

WaPo Arthur Laffer has a never-ending supply of supply-side plans for GOP

NYDN Hillary Clinton expected to announce 2016 presidential campaign Sunday: source
WSJ Hillary Clinton to Announce Presidential Run as Soon as This Weekend
WaPo A new campaign slogan for Hillary Rodham Clinton: Think small
WSJ Liberals Try to Push Hillary Clinton Left
Powerline Enter Sid Blumenthal
WSJ Early Poll: Hillary Clinton Would Face Tight Races in Iowa, Colorado
Fox Scandals skewer Hillary in swing states

WSJ Ex-Rhode Island Gov. Chafee Plans to Run for President
NYT Lincoln Chafee Explores Presidential Run as a Democrat
Hill Chafee hits Hillary on donations, Iraq vote
NatJ Why a Political Chameleon From Rhode Island Thinks He Can Beat Hillary Clinton

Hill 'Draft Biden' movement imagines vice president in Corvette


Sen. Jeff Sessions America needs to curb immigration flows


Politico Top GOP negotiators return early to work on budget


Roll Call Democrats Considering Female Comstock Challengers


Roll Call The Yucca 'Albatross'


NYT Booker, Mentored by Menendez, Assumes Role as His Defender During Legal Fight


Hill Pence cancels NRA speech


WaPo Hogan forces small dose of budget frugality in Annapolis

Hill Donna Edwards won't take Wall Street money in Maryland Senate bid


Roll Call Wyden Looks Safe, but Democratic Rift Is Real



April 9, 2015


WSJ Jeb Bush Calls for Privatizing Elements of Veterans Health Care
NYT Explaining Jeb Bush’s ‘Hispanic’ Error

WSJ Rand Paul Faces Foreign-Policy Challenge as He Looks to 2016
WSJ Rand Paul Sprints to $1 Million Fundraising Mark
NYT Rand Paul Gets the TV Spotlight and Turns It on Interviewers in Testy Encounters
WaPo On first official day on the trail, Rand Paul turns in a prickly performance

NYT Network of ‘Super PACs’ Says That It Has Raised $31 Million for Ted Cruz Bid
WaPo Groups backing Ted Cruz raise $31 million in a single week

NYT The G.O.P. Presidential Field Looks Chaotic. It’s Not.

Karl Rove Hillary Needs More Than An Image Makeover


Ann Coulter Can the Left Come Up Wih One True Story?


WSJ Judge Keeps Injunction on Obama’s Immigration Plan
WExam Federal judge slams Obama lawyers in immigration case


NatJ North Carolina Could Jump the Line in the GOP Presidential Primaries


WSJ Former Nevada attorney general to run for Reid's Senate seat
Roll Call Catherine Cortez Masto Running for Harry Reid’s Seat


NYT Indictments May Be Near in George Washington Bridge Scandal


NatJ The Tim Scott Primary


WaPo The real religious freedom fight is about to begin — in Louisiana


Roll Call Moving Parts Complicate Democratic Challenge to McCain



April 8, 2015


WSJ Rand Paul Launches Presidential Campaign
WT Rand Paul enters presidential race, vows to ‘take America back’
WaPo Rand Paul launches 2016 bid as a fresh-faced disrupter in the field
NYT Rand Paul Is Trying an Untested Route to the White House
NYT What Rand Paul Would Need to Do to Win
WSJ Group Seeks to Tie Rand Paul to Barack Obama on Foreign Policy
Politico Rand Paul plans campaign against Hillary Clinton honesty
Hill Paul hints at Clinton Foundation scandal
WSJ Rand Paul Difference: He’s sound on domestic reform, but worrying on national security.
Dick Morris Rand Paul can’t win

WSJ Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Aim for Same Small Donors
WaPo Rand Paul and Ted Cruz secretly gave the same speech

WT Rand Paul challenge to Jeb Bush looms in wide open New Hampshire

WSJ Pasta and Politics: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Debuts on New TV Show
NatJ One New Jersey Voter Is Using Rocky II to Convince Chris Christie to Run for President
WSJ New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Defends Blunt Style

WExam Jeb Bush funnels more dough to GOP elected officials

NatJ Ceding Nothing to Bush, Clinton Lays Groundwork in Florida


WSJ Senate Panel Leaders Agree on Overhaul of No Child Left Behind Law

NatJ Deficit Hawks Plot Senate Fight Over Medicare Reform Bill


Betsy McCaughey The GOP budget tug-of-war


WSJ Judge Keeps Injunction on Obama’s Immigration Plan

WSJ In Federal Courts, the Civil Cases Pile Up


WaPo In an Iowa courtroom, an astonishing case of sex and Alzheimer’s


WSJ Kansas Gov. Brownback Signs Nation’s First Ban on Abortion Procedure
NYT Kansas Bans Common Second Trimester Abortion Procedure


WSJ Of Medicare, Melgen and Menendez


NYT Disparity Is Seen in California Driver’s License Suspensions


WSJ Rahm Emanuel Re-Elected as Chicago Mayor in Runoff
WaPo Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wins second term
NYT Rahm Emanuel Wins Runoff Election to Secure 2nd Term as Chicago Mayor
NYT Chicago Waiting to See if Runoff Truly Has Humbled Rahm Emanuel


Hill McCain announces run for his sixth term
Hill Senate Conservatives Fund targets McCain


WSJ Activists in Blimp, RV Target Sen. Ron Wyden Over Trade Deal



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WaPo Hugh Hewitt will ask questions at a GOP primary debate

Politico Hugh Hewitt to pose questions at GOP presidential debate

WExam Hugh Hewitt to avoid 'Stephanopoulos moment' in GOP 2016 debate

WaPo The remarkable California turnout curve
WaPo RNC names Katie Walsh new chief of staff

Fox Republican National Committee re-elects Chairman Priebus

Hill Priebus gets third term as RNC chairman
WSJ Republicans Release Slimmer Presidential Debate Schedule

WTimes RNC rolls out 2016 presidential debate schedule

NatJ GOP Announces 9 Presidential Debates

WExam GOP ignores most-watched Spanish-language TV network for 2016 primary debates

WaPo RNC set to issue rules to cut, regulate presidential debates

WSJ Republicans Set 2016 Convention for July 18-21

Fox GOP announces 2016 convention dates

NatJ GOP Will Hold Convention Early in 2016

Politico Calendar pols: A guide to 2015’s key dates

WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

Roll Call Ohio Republicans Crusade for Cleveland Convention in 2016

NatJ The day after the midterms at a Republican media-analytics shop

WExam GOP's new turnout machine was in top gear

WSJ Leapfrogging the Democrats' Tech Advantage

WExam RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

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