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Stu Rothenberg First Look: Can Democrats Win the Senate in 2016?

Roll Call 2016 Race Ratings

NatJ Democrats' 2016 Senate Hopes Turn on Three Candidates

Hill 10 possible Senate retirements

NatJ 7 Senate Races To Watch In 2016



February 14, 2015


WaPo Jeb Bush blows away the GOP competition in 2016 fundraising
WSJ Jeb Bush Makes Strategic Donations to GOP Lawmakers, State Parties
WaPo Jeb Bush says he won’t ‘relitigate’ his brother’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

WSJ Scott Walker’s Background Raises Question: Does a College Degree Matter
WT Scott Walker on leaving college early: ‘Graduate degree in taking on special interests’
NYT Conservative Politicians Abroad Seem More Accepting of Evolution
Gail Collins Scott Walker Needs an Eraser

WaPo Ted Cruz is the most underrated candidate in the 2016 field

Fox Rubio returns to Iowa to launch book tour, nearing 2016 decision

WSJ Will Philadelphia in 2016 Be Another Memorable Democratic Convention?
NYT Democrats’ Convention Choice for 2016 Reflects a Philadelphia Resurgence


WSJ GOP at Impasse Over Bill Aimed at Blocking Obama Immigration Move
WaPo McConnell, after his no-shutdowns pledge, quickly finds himself boxed in
WaPo House Republican at odds with Senate GOP over rules in DHS debate
Hill Republicans: We will get blamed for DHS shutdown


Roll Call NRCC Announces 12 Members in Patriot Program


NYT States Consider Increasing Taxes for the Poor and Cutting Them for the Affluent


Hill Rep. Ryan won’t run for Ohio Senate


NYT De Blasio Chief of Staff to Leave City Hall for U.N. Job


Fox Pa. governor imposes moratorium on death penalty


WSJ Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber Resigns Amid Ethics Probe
Oregon Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber resigns amid criminal investigation, growing scandal
LA Times Federal subpoena seeks Oregon state records concerning Gov. John Kitzhaber
NYT Gov. John Kitzhaber of Oregon Resigns Amid Crisis
WaPo Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber announces resignation
James Taranto Tough Love

WaPo Oregon’s new governor helped usher Kitzhaber out
NYT Who Is Kate Brown, Oregon’s Next Governor?
Hill Oregon's Kate Brown to become first openly bisexual governor
Wikipedia Kate Brown bio


Hill Labrador won't run for Senate



February 13, 2015


Politico The war on Jeb Bush
Atlantic Is Jeb Bush Buying the Nomination?
Tallahassee Jeb Bush raises money, talks education and immigration in Tallahassee
Dan Balz Six 2016 hopefuls, including Jeb Bush, to speak at Club for Growth meeting
State Jeb Bush ramping up for N.H. primary
Union Leader Jeb Bush hires Rich Killion as NH strategist
Boston Globe Jeb Bush hires Rich Killion to guide N.H. campaign
Miami Herald They lean Democratic, but one union likes Jeb Bush
PBS What’s behind Jeb Bush’s orchestrated rollout

WSJ GOP Contender Walker Draws Wall Street Cash
James Taranto The Hazing of Scott Walker
Byron York Scott Walker's bumpy evolution education
WExam Scott Walker's evolution punt shows media's love for 'scientific' gotchas
WaPo Scott Walker, dropout president?
WExam Democrats blow dog whistle on Scott Walker's college career
DC The Miseducation Of Scott Walker

WaPo Marco Rubio on Jeb Bush: ‘I never worked for him’

WSJ Rand Paul Asks Ky. GOP to Help Him Run for Senate and President
WaPo Rand Paul’s claim — twice in one day — that he has a biology degree
NatJ Rand Paul’s Risky Bet on Climate Change

WExam Guess who's on Jindal's reading list for 2016 bid

NatJ Hillary Clinton's Play for Pennsylvania
WSJ Biden Says 2016 Democrats Should Run on Obama-Biden Record
WaPo Hillary Clinton should jump in now

NYT Democrats Pick Philadelphia for 2016 Convention
WSJ Philadelphia to Host 2016 Democratic Convention


WaPo McConnell, after his no-shutdowns pledge, quickly finds himself boxed in
WExam Republicans turn up pressure on Democrats in DHS funding fight
DC GOP Senate Leaders Take A Dive On Amnesty Fight

WSJ Senate Confirms Ashton Carter as Defense Secretary
NYT Ashton Carter Wins Senate Approval as Defense Secretary
WaPo Senate confirms Ashton B. Carter as secretary of defense
WT Senate approves Ashton Carter as new defense secretary in 93-5 vote

WSJ Republican Senators Back Resolution Welcoming Netanyahu

Bob Packwood A four-step plan to successful tax reform


WSJ Boehner Gives No Assurances on Avoiding Homeland Security Shutdown
NatJ John Boehner Is Not Budging on His DHS Funding Plan
NatJ House Republicans’ Silent War Over Immigration Funding
NatJ House Republicans Call on McConnell to Change Senate Rules to Block Obama's Immigration Move

Roll Call DCCC Announces 14 Incumbents in Frontline Program


WSJ Distorting Christian History to Defend Islam
Charles Krauthammer Crusaders and appeasers

NYT Political Consultant Pleads Guilty in Coordination Case
WSJ Republican Campaign Operative Pleads Guilty in Super PAC Case


Fox Dems urge Oregon governor to resign, top official reveals ‘strange’ behavior
WaPo The latest ‘surreal day’ in the life of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber
Oregon Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber's options fade as allies abandon him



February 12, 2015


WSJ Scott Walker Demurs on Foreign Policy — And Evolution
NYT To Understand Scott Walker’s Strength, Look at His Donors
WaPo As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, questions linger over college exit
WaPo Scott Walker decides to (sort of) weigh in on evolution after all
WaPo Wisconsin Gov. Walker takes trip to London but stays mum on many subjects

BBC Jeb Bush redacts correspondents' leaked information
WaPo The weird, new political and online moment that devoured Ethan Czahor

WaPo What Professor Marco Rubio gets right about running for president

WSJ Policy Training Complete, Rick Perry Awaits Next Mission

George Will Why Indiana’s Mike Pence deserves the trust of conservatives

Cal Thomas Bobby Jindal for president?

Carly Fiorina Cheaper Gas? Politicians Want a Tax Fill-Up

Hill The new presidential debates?

WSJ Unease Grows as Hillary Clinton Stays on Sidelines
WExam Shock poll: Warren leads Clinton in Iowa, N.H.
WaPo This terrible poll shows Elizabeth Warren beating Hillary Clinton
Rush Limbaugh Shock Poll: Fauxcahontas Leads Mrs. Inevitable in Iowa, New Hampshire


WaPo Top Republicans disagree on how to fund Department of Homeland Security
NatJ Amid DHS Fight, 2016 Hopefuls Avoid the Front Lines

Politico Loretta Lynch faces delayed vote over confirmation


NYT Funding Is Still Elusive for Homeland Security

WSJ House Passes Keystone XL Bill; Obama Veto Expected
NYT House Passes Keystone Bill Despite Obama’s Opposition

WSJ GOP Eyes Changes to Food Stamps

Hill Pelosi on the spot as new war debate begins in Congress


WSJ Obama Seeks Authorization to Fight Islamic State
NYT Obama Asks Congress to Authorize Three-Year ISIS Fight
WaPo Obama to seek congressional authorization to fight Islamic State
WT Obama confounds Congress with vague Islamic State war powers request
Hill Obama's war request runs into a brick wall
NYT Obama’s Dual View of War Power Seeks Limits and Leeway
NYT Threading Needle in Wording of a Military Proposal
WSJ The War Irresolution: Obama wants Congress to endorse his hesitant anti-ISIS strategy
WaPo One reason Congress will authorize force against Islamic State, & one reason it won’t
Fox Poll: 73 percent say Obama doesn’t have a clear strategy to defeat ISIS

Karl Rove The Dangers of Make-Believe Foreign Policy

Dan Henninger Vaccines and Politicized Science

NYT F.B.I. Director to Give Speech Addressing Relations Between Police and Blacks


NYT Education Is Newest Target of Kansas Budget Cuts


WaPo Reid says he will seek sixth term in Senate


NYT For Cuomo and de Blasio, the Tension Comes Easily


WaPo Sen. Vitter slammed for using AG nomination to score points in his governor’s race


Seattle Times Oregon governor says he’s not resigning
Fox Oregon governor reportedly changed his mind about resigning over ethics controversy
NYT Love and Politics Collide as Scandals Plague Oregon’s Fourth-Term Governor
Politico Oregon governor facing calls for resignation, state probe
OR John Kitzhaber lawyer says gov will stay in office as rumors sweep Salem of resignation



February 11, 2015


WSJ Jeb Bush’s Florida Talk on Education Illustrates Strengths, Liabilities
WSJ Jeb Bush’s Foreign Policy Seen Leaning Toward His Father’s
Reuters Jeb Bush talks immigration, education, releases emails as he eyes 2016 bid
Politico Jeb Bush e-book shares gubernatorial emails
Politico Jeb Bush’s eye-popping event: $100k per ticket
NYT Bush’s 2016 Tech Officer Ousted Over Offensive Remarks
WaPo Jeb Bush’s chief technology officer resigns after racially insensitive comments
WaPo Jeb Bush hits a few hitches as he prepares to start campaign

Dick Morris Scott Walker could win
Des Moines Register First 2016 presidential hopeful to open an Iowa office: Scott Walker
Milwaukee JS Scott Walker arrives in London for 4-day Wisconsin trade mission
WaPo Scott Walker’s surge — in two charts

WaPo A quieter Chris Christie emerges in Iowa, hoping to find a path to 2016
NJ In 2016 GOP primary race, Scott Walker is eating Chris Christie's lunch
WaPo Chris Christie’s charmless charm offensive
Des Moines In Iowa, Chris Christie said he now has 'grave concerns' about Common Core
CNN Christie pushes blunt style as strength in Iowa

Louisville CJ Rand Paul places second in N.H. 2016 poll
WTimes Rand Paul to Florida this week for local GOP events
ABC Rand Paul No-Show at Senate Vaccine Hearing In The Wake Of Controversial Comments
Hill Rand Paul misses vaccines hearing for classified Iran briefing
Reason Meet the Anti-Rand-Paul Protest Candidates

NatJ The Bobby Jindal Contradiction
Roll Call Jindal Bets Potential 2016 Run on Common Core Repeal

NYT Emerging Clinton Team Shows Signs of Disquiet


WSJ Congressional Republicans at Odds Over Homeland Security Funding Bill
WExam Senate GOP tosses DHS measure back to House Republicans
NYT Impasse on Funding for Homeland Security Is Looming in Congress
WTimes Feds build bureaucracy to deal with Obama amnesty application onslaught
NatJ House and Senate GOP Play Chicken Over Homeland Security Funding

WExam Senate panel approves Ashton Carter to lead Pentagon

WSJ Two Senators Announce Plans to Skip Netanyahu Speech


NYT Netanyahu Says Speech to Congress Is His Duty


NYT Obama to Seek War Power Bill From Congress, to Fight ISIS
WTimes Republicans back Obama on Islamic State military action, push for broad war powers

Fox Dems on FEC accused of taking partisan turn


Milwaukee JS Ruling is latest blow to probe of Scott Walker's campaign, allies


Roll Call Republicans Fear 2010 Redux in Nevada Senate Race


WExam Tim Scott, the heir to Jim DeMint


Roll Call Chris McDaniel Looks to Play in Mississippi Special Election


News Star Rand Paul endorses David Vitter for Louisiana governor



February 10, 2015


WSJ Jeb Bush Plans a Website on His Tenure as Florida Governor
Fox Eyeing 2016, Jeb Bush urges GOP to court Latinos as he's set to release 1000s of emails
Politico For policy, Jeb Bush shops at Walmart
WaPo Bush aide apologizes for ‘old jokes I made years ago that I no longer find funny or appropriate’

NatJ Scott Walker Is Winning the Rush Limbaugh Primary
Fox Scott Walker in London this week for trade mission

WSJ In Iowa, Rand Paul Returns to His Roots

WaPo Rick Perry on his Texas jobs record
Human Events Rick Perry: ‘A congressional majority is a terrible thing to waste’

NYT Rubio, Eye on 2016, Hires a Coveted Former Aide to Romney

WSJ Bobby Jindal: RNC Cut Debate Calendar to Shut Out Conservatives

Stu Rothenberg Is Ben Carson Really a Viable Presidential Candidate?

Roll Call How Republicans Could Risk a Senate Seat to Win the White House

WSJ GOP White House Hopefuls Spread Their Wealth in Iowa, New Hampshire
WaPo In Iowa, Republican field wide open as moderates stake their caucus claims

WSJ Jim Webb to Speak at Iowa Awards Dinner in April
WaPo Democrats suffering from Clinton fatigue say they’re ready for Warren
Fox Dem operative, Media Matters founder Brock resigns from pro-Clinton super PAC
WaPo David Brock angrily breaks ties with Priorities USA super PAC
WaPo Activist David Brock considers rejoining pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA

Charlie Cook A Tough Path to the Presidency


WSJ Second Hill Panel Probes Events Leading to FCC’s Net Neutrality Plan

Politico At stake in immigration debate: Billions of dollars
Politico Senate GOP low on Homeland Security options
Hill GOP struggles with DHS strategy

WSJ President Obama Calls for Elimination of ‘Routine Use’ of Filibuster

Fox Senate approves ex-Mass. official Botticelli as US drug czar


WSJ Medicare and Social Security Costs? Out of Sight, Out of Mind

WaPo Netanyahu’s ready to talk to Congress, even if some lawmakers aren’t ready to listen
NYT Obama and Netanyahu Clash From Afar Over Israeli’s Planned Speech
Hill WHIP LIST: Dems skipping Netanyahu speech

WaPo Republicans seem to have missed some lessons of the 2013 shutdown

Hill Paul Ryan rolls up his sleeves


Hill Feds won’t release IRS targeting documents


Hill Florida Senate race draws a crowded field


Hill Targeted GOP senator: ‘I’ll never vote my reelection mind’


NYDN At least 16 state lawmakers targets of ethics reform regarding income disclosure
Fred Dicker Insiders say Cuomo is rattled by Silver corruption case

Albany TU Fahey, Stein confirmed for Court of Appeals


WaPo Judicial defiance in Alabama: Same-sex marriages begin, but most counties refuse
NYT Supreme Court Undercuts AL Chief Justice’s Argument to Delay Same-Sex Marriages
NYT Justice Thomas’s Dissent Hints of Supreme Court’s Intentions on Same-Sex Marriage


NYT Illinois Governor Acts to Curb Power of Public Sector Unions


Roll Call Congressman ‘Leaning Against’ John McCain Primary


WaPo Oregon governor dodges growing questions over first lady’s consulting work



February 9, 2015


WExam Jeb Bush leads GOP field in NH poll

NYT Rand Paul Seeks Middle (Sorry, Dad)

WaPo In Iowa, Republican field wide open as moderates stake their caucus claims

WaPo Cruz looking at 2016 ‘very seriously’
Fox Cruz pushes for US to arm Ukraine, as European leaders push for cease-fire

Fox Carson getting 'personnel, rationale' in place for possible 2016 White House run

WaPo Is Hillary Clinton ‘likable enough’? And does it even matter?
WExam 11 Democrats who could help themselves by challenging Hillary
NYT Working Families Party Calls on Elizabeth Warren to Run for President


WSJ Homeland Security Chief Urges Congress to Extend Funding
WSJ Cruz Says Fate of Homeland Security in GOP Leadership’s Hands


WSJ Coming Budget Poses Test for GOP

NYT Paul Ryan Finds New, Unlikely Role as Gatekeeper of Obama’s Agenda


NYT Judge Defies Gay Marriage Law
Fox Alabama chief justice tells probate judges not to issue gay marriage licenses


February 8, 2015


NYDN Is Scott Walker our next President?

WaPo Paul looks for an opening in Iowa
WSJ Sen. Paul Criticizes Libya Intervention as ‘Hillary’s War’
NatJ How Rand Paul Is Getting Around the Senate's Social-Media Rules

WExam Jindal to release national education plan on Monday

Hill Governors, senators set for 2016 GOP presidential primary brawl
Todd Gillman Gillman: What’ll it be, GOP: a governor or a senator?

Atlantic Jeb Bush's Energy Policy Wasn't Built in a Day
Ledger Early Preparation Paying Off for Jeb
NY Post Republicans and Jeb gain financiers’ support
PPG Bush vs. Bush vs. Bush
Radio Iowa Jeb Bush’s first Iowa campaign splash down is one month away

Longview Huckabee brings God, guns, grits, gravy message to Tyler

Newsmax Trump's Brand Gives Him 2016 Mojo

WaPo Santorums’ new book reveals how faith and love are tested by a daughter’s disability

NYT Economic Plan Is a Quandary for Hillary Clinton’s Campaign
Dan Balz Clinton builds a different campaign for 2016. Will she be different, too?
Cheat Sheet Here’s Why Clinton Needs Elizabeth Warren if She Runs for President


NYT Paul Ryan Finds New, Unlikely Role as Gatekeeper of Obama’s Agenda


Ross Douthat Obama the Theologian

WTimes Obama admin. issues 5.5M work permits to non-citizens
Fox Obama issues 5.5M work permits to non-citizens; critics call it 'shadow' immigration system

Salena Zito Extreme-left Dems pushing Middle America away

Hill Sunday Shows preview: John Kerry, Tim Kaine, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum


Columbus Dispatch Kasich just threw newbie lawmakers a curveball


Detroit FP GOP still has hopes to win Michigan in 2016


WTimes Colorado GOP tries to ban ‘welfare for weed’ against Democrats’ wishes


Salena Zito Moderate Dem Manchin has decision to make


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Charles Schott

Withering Heights...or governing successfully from the high ground?

WaPo The remarkable California turnout curve
WaPo RNC names Katie Walsh new chief of staff

Fox Republican National Committee re-elects Chairman Priebus

Hill Priebus gets third term as RNC chairman
WSJ Republicans Release Slimmer Presidential Debate Schedule

WTimes RNC rolls out 2016 presidential debate schedule

NatJ GOP Announces 9 Presidential Debates

WExam GOP ignores most-watched Spanish-language TV network for 2016 primary debates

WaPo RNC set to issue rules to cut, regulate presidential debates

WSJ Republicans Set 2016 Convention for July 18-21

Fox GOP announces 2016 convention dates

NatJ GOP Will Hold Convention Early in 2016

Politico Calendar pols: A guide to 2015’s key dates

WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

Roll Call Ohio Republicans Crusade for Cleveland Convention in 2016

NatJ The day after the midterms at a Republican media-analytics shop

WExam GOP's new turnout machine was in top gear

WSJ Leapfrogging the Democrats' Tech Advantage

WExam RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

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