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NatJ Democrats' 2016 Senate Hopes Turn on Three Candidates

Hill 10 possible Senate retirements

NatJ 7 Senate Races To Watch In 2016



January 7, 2015


Fox Boehner elected to 3rd term as House speaker, as GOP takes control of Congress
WSJ Challenges Await Speaker Boehner After Election to Third Term
NYT Boehner Fends Off Dissent as G.O.P. Takes the Reins
WaPo Boehner survives leadership challenge from conservative members
WExam Boehner retaliates against the Right
Politico Boehner takes revenge
WSJ Who Else Got Votes for House Speaker?
WSJ The Challenge to Boehner Suggests Gridlock in the New Congress
Dan Balz The opposition to John Boehner and the coming GOP nomination contest
Dana Milbank Conservative pests swarm John Boehner on Congress’s first day

TBO Congress’ newest class: 58 freshmen in House, 13 in Senate

NYT As Power in Congress Shifts to G.O.P., Lives of Freshmen in Transition

NYT House Republicans Change Rules on Calculating Economic Impact of Bills

Jason Riley The Scalise Distraction


WSJ As New Congress Arrives, the Capitol Is Comity Central

WSJ Sen. McConnell’s Top Prospects Across the Aisle
Hill McConnell finds his go-to Dems

WSJ Injured Harry Reid to Work From Home as Congress Convenes


WSJ Obama Threatens to Veto Keystone Pipeline Approval
NYT With Veto Threat, Obama and Congress Head for Collision Over Keystone Pipeline
WSJ As GOP Congress Begins, White House Strikes Aggressive Tone
WTimes Obama, Democrats clash with new GOP majority as 114th Congress convenes

Fox White House facing questions over murky status of 53 prisoners Cuba agreed to free

NYT Obama Nears Goal for Guantánamo With Faster Pace of Releases


WSJ Jeb Bush Moves Quickly to Build Policy and Fundraising Arms
NYT Jeb Bush Begins Wooing Donors for a 2016 Bid
NYT With New PAC, Jeb Bush Steps Closer to a Run
WSJ Jeb Bush Registers ‘Right to Rise PAC’
WaPo Jeb Bush education foundation played leading role in mixing politics, policy
WaPo Jeb Bush’s early 2016 moves force other GOP contenders to speed up timetable
Dick Morris Jeb can’t fight Hillary

NYT Forget the Cowboys. This Is Why Chris Christie Needs Texas.

WSJ Huckabee needs a broader message than he had in 2008

Politico Republican 2016 hopefuls face unexpected resistance from their own statehouses

NYT Iowa and New Hampshire Have Already Seen Cash From 2016 Contenders


WSJ New Hampshire GOP Locked in Power Struggle


NatJ Why Ohio Democrats Might Turn to a 30-Year-Old Senate Candidate


WSJ Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell Sentenced to 2 Years for Corruption
NYT Bob McDonnell, Ex-Governor of Virginia, Is Sentenced to 2 Years for Corruption
WaPo Robert F. McDonnell sentenced to two years in prison
WaPo McDonnells’ strained family relationships put in spotlight at ex-governor’s sentencing


Boston Globe For Maine’s governor, a harsh past forges steely presence


Politico Kirsten Gillibrand gears up for another round

NYT At Funeral for Mario Cuomo, Praise for a Leader’s Role as a Humanist


NYT Delaware: Election Agency Sues Ex-Candidate Christine O’Donnell
WaPo Remember Christine O’Donnell? She’s getting sued by the FEC



January 6, 2015


Detroit News New Congress to be sworn in Tuesday
AP Here come the freshmen: Congress’ newest class
Hill New Members Guide 2015
Fox Outspoken, diverse freshman class joins Congress -- sets sights on economy, jobs

WSJ Risks, Rewards for Boehner in Rebellion by GOP Right
NYT Boehner Facing Dissent and Defections in Vote to Remain Speaker of House
NYT As Congress Returns, Boehner Faces Dissent in Vote to Remain Speaker
Mansfield News Journal GOP revolt against Boehner likely to fail
NatJ Anti-Boehner Bloc Looks for Allies Ahead of Speaker Vote
WExam Here are the House Republicans on record against voting for Boehner
Politico Boehner likely to survive another squeaker for speaker
Hill Speaker seeks to squash rebellion
WSJ Rundown: Conservatives Voting Against Boehner for Speaker
Hill Boehner's new magic number
WaPo The ‘Boehner for speaker’ whip count
WaPo Boehner detractors likely to add drama to House speaker vote

WSJ House Plans to Vote on Keystone XL Bill Friday
Fox GOP lawmakers filing Keystone bills on Tuesday, White House mum on veto plans

WTimes Obamacare vote to test Democrats’ resolve under Republican majority

NatJ House Republicans Are About to Change the Budget Rules
WExam These new rules will change the House of Representatives


Hill McConnell grabs the wheel in the Senate
WTimes Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell equipped to succeed in tough job
Chicago Tribune McConnell must please Republicans without losing majority

WSJ Crop of Young Outsiders Remakes the Face of Congress

WSJ New Congress Grapples With Energy Issues

WSJ A Better Congress
WSJ A 12-Step Program for Recovering Democrats
WSJ There Are No Magic Republican Bullets


Stu Rothenberg Can Jeb Bush Win the GOP Nomination?
NatJ Jeb Bush Mirrors the GOP's Complicated History With Immigration
Hot Air Jeb Bush on gay marriage: The states should decide
Politico Jeb Bush's burden

Milwaukee JS Will Chris Christie visit Lambeau with Jerry Jones? 'I hope to'
WSJ Chris Christie’s Football Jones
Hill Christie defends hug at Cowboys game
Rush Limbaugh The Christie Hug and the Botched Call
AP Christie to attend inaugurations for Ohio's Kasich, Florida's Scott and other GOP governors
APP Why Chris Christie is waiting to run for president

WSJ Huckabee’s Second Chance
Hill Taming the Tea Party

WSAU Tommy Thompson: Gov. Walker better run for President sooner rather than later

Hill Bolton could be next to leave Fox News for presidential run

NWI Democrat wants Pence answer on presidential run

Fox Potential GOP hopefuls seek help running for White House, re-election at once

WSJ Will Voters Choose the ‘Nixon’ Candidate in 2016?

NYT Sneak Peek at the G.O.P. 2016 Field

Michael Gerson Are Democrats stuck in 1979?

Charlie Cook Will 2016 Bring a Generational Shift in U.S. Leadership?

WaPo Jim Webb and the Democrats’ white-man problem


WTimes White House vowing more executive actions with new GOP Congress

NatJ The Seven Surprise Republicans to Watch If You Care About Climate Change


Ocala Challenges facing Scott as second term dawns


Townhall Ohio governor gives Jekyll and Hyde speech to chamber

Lima GOP-controlled Ohio Legislature opens 2-year session


WaPo What to expect at former Virginia governor Robert McDonnell’s sentencing


Milwaukee JS Scott Walker sworn in for new term, recommits to his agenda
NYT Scott Walker, Starting Second Term as Wisconsin Governor, Resists New Union Battle


Politico New York Rep. Chris Gibson won’t run for reelection
Hill Source: NY rep won't seek reelection
Roll Call Sources: Chris Gibson Will Announce Retirement
Wikipedia Chris Gibson bio

Buffalo News Sharp differences on agenda as Albany new year begins


Desert Sun California Gov. Brown sworn for historic fourth term


Dallas MN Ken Paxton sworn in as attorney general

HChron Three Texans join freshman class in Congress


Daily Herald Can new GOP Illinois governor deliver on the hype?


NRO Indiana Introduces Bill to Let Pence Run for President and Governor in 2016



January 5, 2015


WSJ Christie Keeps High Profile Outside N.J.
Politico Blitz: Chris Christie’s brother mocks governor’s football foes
Politico Chris Christie to hit string of inaugurations

WSJ Huckabee 2016 Presidential Bid Would Boost Pressure in Race
WaPo Huckabee’s challenge in 2016: Growing a national campaign from the grass roots
WaPo Why Mike Huckabee matters — a lot
WTimes Mike Huckabee wants to raise $25M by February before deciding on 2016 bid

NatJ Double Dip: How Rand Paul Can Legally Tap His Biggest Donors Twice

WaPo Republican contest for 2016 race is heating up quickly
NatJ Hotline's GOP Presidential Power Rankings: Bush and Rubio Have Early Lead

WSJ Top Iowa Democrats Slow to Rally Around Hillary Clinton
Politico Why Republicans Are Ready for Hillary


WSJ Top GOP Senators Signal Willingness to Compromise With Obama
Hill Incoming Senate majority leader: Jobs, Keystone and regulations top agenda
NYT Republicans Say They’ll Act Fast to Push Agenda
WaPo New Senate majority leader’s main goal for GOP: Don’t be scary
WExam Here comes the GOP
Fred Barnes The Obama-McConnell Dance Begins

WSJ Republicans Lay Plans to Fight FCC’s Net-Neutrality Rules
WSJ GOP Opts for Middle Ground on Legislation
WSJ Democrats to Push Clean Energy, Export Limits in Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

WExam John Thune: Republicans won't shut down Homeland Security

WSJ The Elizabeth Warren Veto: Progressives want no financial experience at Treasury
WTimes Flank attack: Elizabeth Warren, liberals challenge Obama on treasury nominee

Roll Call NRSC Names Senior Staffers


WSJ Conservative Rep. Louie Gohmert Plans Speaker Bid
Hill Texas Republican announces challenge to Boehner for Speaker in new Congress
WTimes Ted Yoho joins Louie Gohmert in challenge of John Boehner’s House leadership
Fox More conservative Republicans say they won't back Boehner for Speaker
Hill The Republicans who will vote against Boehner
Joe Curl Palace intrigue: Minimutiny mounting against John Boehner

WSJ Scalise’s Black Colleagues Rally Behind Him
NYT Allies Say Willingness to Talk to Anyone, Nearly His Undoing, Defines Scalise
WExam Mia Love supports Steve Scalise: 'He should stay in leadership'


Politico Jewish Republicans gird for a fight


WExam Will the Iowa Straw Poll survive?


Detroit News Stabenow steady amid GOP surge


Roll Call Which Coffman Runs for Colorado Senate in 2016?


Fred Dicker Cuomo faces difficult term after death of his father



January 4, 2015


WSJ Huckabee to Mull a Presidential Run
NYT Huckabee Leaves Fox News Show to Consider 2016 Run
WaPo Huckabee to depart Fox News to consider 2016 presidential run
WTimes Huckabee gives up Fox News show to test 2016 presidential bid
NatJ Huckabee Quits Fox News to Explore White House Run
WExam Mike Huckabee to end TV show, explore presidential bid

Hill Is Perry eying White House?

Dan Balz Clinton, Clinton; Cuomo, Warren. Could 2015 be like 1991 all over again?

Salena Zito Distrust fuels populist movement


WSJ Obama to Push Plans Ahead of State of the Union Speech
Fox Obama to travel across US to announce executive actions, preview State of the Union

WaPo Republicans have big plans for state governments

WSJ Sunday Talk Preview: The New Congress
Hill GOP Congress to dominate Sunday shows


NYT G.O.P. Turns to the Courts to Aid Agenda

Politico Fighting red maps in purple states


Fox New GOP Congress sets sights on Keystone, immigration and jobs

WExam Second House Republican comes out against Boehner for Speaker
DC GOP Lawmaker Becomes Second To Publicly Oppose Boehner


WaPo Republicans taking control of Congress eager to reshape policy and strike deals

Hill GOP prepares Keystone blitz


WaPo As sentencing approaches, McDonnell leans on his friends and faith


Fox Grimm's open House seat brings out potential high-profile candidates, no clear frontrunner


NYT Edward W. Brooke III, 95, Senate Pioneer, Is Dead
Boston Herald Pioneering senator Brooke dead at 95
WaPo Edward W. Brooke, first African American popularly elected to U.S. Senate, dies at 95
Boston Globe Edward W. Brooke, who broke down barriers, dies at 95

Boston Globe Deval Patrick leaves a complex legacy


January 3, 2015


George Will Why Bob Corker is the senator to watch in 2015

WExam Senate Dems warn GOP against appointing 'ideologue' as CBO chief

NYT Departing Lawmakers Bemoan the Decline of Compromise

Fox Reid suffers broken ribs, facial bones in exercising accident


NYT Fight on Guns Is Being Taken to State Ballots
WaPo Republicans in state governments plan juggernaut of conservative legislation


NYT Jeb Bush, and Two Myths About Shifting to the Right
WExam A tricky problem for Jeb Bush

Hill Cruz to keynote SC Tea Party event

Hill Fiorina staffs up for potential 2016 bid

WTimes White House front-runners, sleepers jostle for position in growing GOP field
Fox Long-shot Republican candidates weigh spicing up 2016 race

Politico Jim Webb hires journalist Crawford as communications director


Detroit FP Two candidates in race for Michigan GOP chair


Fox Wisconsin's Walker facing opposition in own party

Roll Call 10 Races to Watch in 2016: Wisconsin Senate


Hill Giuliani, GOP officials push Garner prosecutor to run for House

WSJ Youngest Woman Elected to Congress Seeks Middle Ground

NYT One Last Confluence for Mario and Andrew Cuomo, Proud Rivals

NYT Albany Lawmakers and Their Secret Incomes


WSJ George P. Bush Sworn In to Texas Post


WSJ Gov. Chris Christie to Attend Maryland Governor’s Inauguration



January 2, 2015


WSJ Jeb Bush’s Conservative Immigration Agenda
NYT Jeb Bush Resigns From Board Seats, Possibly Edging Closer to Presidential Run
Hill Jeb Bush donates $10K to fund for families of slain NYPD officers
Boston Globe Is New Hampshire (Jeb) Bush Country?
George Will Jeb Bush’s hurdles


NYT Government Spending, Edging Up, Is a Stimulus

WSJ Obama Pivots to Lawmakers

WSJ Health Law Creates Trickier Tax Season
WaPo Conservative GOP legislators thwart governors’ bids to expand Medicaid

Politico The plot to overhaul No Child Left Behind


WExam Why Dem attacks misfired in Scalise controversy


Hill GOP’s New Year's resolutions

WSJ How Coburn Made a Difference


Fox Judge allows Libertarians' court challenge in New Hampshire to procee


Detroit News Snyder faces tax fight with GOP peers in second term


WSJ Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo Has Died at 82
NYDN Mario Cuomo, former New York governor, dead at 82
NYT Mario Cuomo, New York Governor and Liberal Beacon, Dies at 82
WaPo Mario Cuomo, 3-term New York governor, dies

NYDN Andrew Cuomo faces significant political challenges moving into second term

WExam DA in Eric Garner case could replace Rep. Grimm
Roll Call Welcome to New York’s Sixth Special Election in Six Years


Jason Riley Texas Admissions Scandal


Boston Globe For Baker, 6 tips to a successful inauguration speech


January 1, 2015


WSJ Jeb Bush Resigns From Remaining Board Memberships
WaPo With eye on 2016, Jeb Bush resigns from all boards
Fox Jeb Bush resigns from remaining board memberships with eye on 2016
Fox Jeb Bush faces conservative scrutiny after dipping toe in 2016 waters
Politico Jeb Bush donates $10,000 for slain NYPD officers
Hill Bush won't attend Steve King summit
NYT Jeb Bush Won’t Attend Immigration Critic’s Event in Iowa


Hill Budget war looms for Obama, new Republican Congress


WSJ Senators Raise Concerns About Justice Department Scanning Cellphones

WTimes Congress poised in 2015 to order audit of Federal Reserve long sought by Ron Paul


Dan Balz 2014: A reminder of the lasting power of racial politics in America


Roll Call 10 Races to Watch in 2016: Virginia’s 10th District


WExam Ethics board denies it acted improperly in Scott Walker probe


Hill Is Heitkamp eyeing a run for governor?
WaPo North Dakota will consider election law changes as Heitkamp-for-governor rumors swirl


NY Post Thruway Authority executives forced out amid agency investigation

NYT Cuomo’s Second Inaugural Address Is Expected to Strike National Tone
Albany TU Cuomo says he’ll speak to ‘the times’ with inaugural speeches
NYDN Cuomo’s credibility chasm
NY Post Cuomo’s second chance

WSJ Assembly Speaker Silver Was Scrutinized by Moreland Commission
NY Post Sheldon Silver money man dons Soviet hammer-sickle cap

NY Post De Blasio reappoints judge who freed men who threatened cops


WExam Wendy Davis only supported open-carry to get elected
DC Wendy Davis Says She Regrets Campaign Stance On Guns, Which She Took To Win Votes


NYT Much of David Duke’s ’91 Campaign Is Now in Louisiana Mainstream


WExam Bill would allow Gov. Pence to run for re-election and president


Boston Globe Baker inauguration gala to cost $1.6 million


NYT Arizona Supreme Court Allows Challenge to State’s Medicaid Expansion
Fox Arizona Supreme Court allows lawsuit against Brewer Medicaid expansion



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WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

Roll Call Ohio Republicans Crusade for Cleveland Convention in 2016

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