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Roll Call 2016 Race Ratings

NatJ Democrats' 2016 Senate Hopes Turn on Three Candidates

Hill 10 possible Senate retirements

NatJ 7 Senate Races To Watch In 2016



January 21, 2015


WSJ Republicans Reject Obama’s Main Economic Proposals
Fox Republican response: GOP Congress ready to champion middle class

WSJ For Ernst’s Rebuttal, Tough Talk on Spending Doesn’t Cut It
WaPo Sen. Joni Ernst delivers personal, populist Republican response to State of the Union
NatJ Joni Ernst's State of the Union Response Gives the GOP a Fresh Face
Hill Joni Ernst goes folksy in GOP response
WaPo Ernst delivers GOP response to the State of the Union (Video)
WaPo Transcript: Sen. Joni Ernst’s post-State of the Union address, as prepared for delivery
Roll Call Joni Ernst’s Next Move

NYT Republicans Have One Word for President’s Proposals and Veto Threats: ‘No’
WaPo McConnell: Obama ‘doesn’t set the agenda’

NatJ How the Tea Party's State of the Union Rebuttal Turned Mainstream

WSJ In State of the Union, Obama Makes Middle-Class Pitch
NYT In State of the Union Speech, Obama Defiantly Sets an Ambitious Agenda
NYT Bold Call to Action in Obama’s State of the Union, Even if No Action Is Likely
Fox Obama pushes tax plan, wields veto pen in defiant State of the Union address

WSJ Transcript of President Obama’s State of the Union Speech
NYT Analysis of Obama’s State of the Union Address
WaPo State of the Union: What Obama said — and what he meant

WSJ The Gaslight Presidency


WExam Jeb Bush lays out plans for 60 fundraisers for 2016 bid

Mary Kissel The ‘Compelling Case’ for Romney
WTimes GOP abuzz over Mitt Romney’s liberal lexicon on poverty, foreign policy
WaPo Romney’s speaking fee at public university is $50,000, far less than Clinton’s

NYT ‘Koch Primary’ Tests Hopefuls In the G.O.P.

WSJ Rand Paul on the State of the Union: ‘Adrift’
NatJ Rand Paul Says Government Should 'Do No Harm'

NatJ Ted Cruz Has Too Many Takes on the State of the Union

WExam Chris Christie will travel to the United Kingdom

WSJ From Jeb Bush to Jim Webb: How Potential 2016 Candidates Responded to the State of the Union
Roll Call GOP Presidential Hopefuls Offer Similar SOTU Criticism

Stu Rothenberg Why Hillary Clinton Should Fear Elizabeth Warren

Dick Morris Obama’s left-wing trap


NYT McConnell’s Allies Establish Fund to Keep Senate in G.O.P. Hands


NYT For Freshman Members of Congress, State of the Union Address Is a Rite of Passage

WExam House GOP launches secure-borders bill

Hill Boehner’s revenge may be served cold


WSJ Texas Housing Case Tests Civil-Rights Doctrine


Detroit News Snyder wants to create 'river of opportunity' for poor


NYT Cuomo’s Education Agenda Sets Battle Lines With Teachers’ Unions


NYT Texas’ New Governor Echoes the Plans of Perry


Roll Call Cheri Bustos Keeps Door Open to Senate Run
Hill Can Duckworth clear Illinois field?



January 20, 2015


WSJ Obama Plan Reignites Tax Fight
WSJ Obama Tax Plan Likely to Stir Up Long-Simmering Debate
NYT In State of the Union Address, Obama to Move Past Hardship and Reset Goals
WaPo Obama will give State of Union address against backdrop of deep partisan divide
WTimes Obama to gloat over resurgent U.S. economy in State of the Union address
Michael Gerson Obama can’t wish away terrorism

NYT Shifting Politics of Net Neutrality Debate Ahead of F.C.C. Vote


WSJ Boehner’s Speech Guests Include Cuban Resistance Leader


WExam Marco Rubio invites Cuban dissident to State of the Union

WSJ Tax Overhaul Gets Senate Point Man


WSJ Republicans Like Romney More Than Jeb Bush — WSJ/NBC Poll

Fox Romney says he'll communicate better in potential 2016 White House run
Hill Romney seeks to make people forget ‘47 percent’ comment
Rush Limbaugh Mitt's Plan: Fight Poverty with "Family Formation" in the Private Sector

WaPo Jeb Bush kept key roles in Florida firm amid signs of trouble
NatJ Jeb Bush Is Driving the Squeeze for Establishment 2016 Support

WExan Ted Cruz builds his White House team

WExam Ben Carson to decide on presidential bid by May

NYT Rick Perry Puts Off Talk of 2016 as Tenure Ends

Politico 4 GOP hopefuls expected to attend Koch event

Hill Priebus: Hopefuls must hit ‘thresholds’ to join Republican debates

WSJ Defending the Middle Class Takes Central Role in 2016 Race

WaPo Supporters say Clinton developing smarter, more relevant campaign for 2016


Hill GOP’s Ohio seat a ’16 prize


Detroit News Snyder to pitch sales tax increase


WaPo Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe hospitalized after he was thrown from horse in Africa


NYT Cuomo Plans Panel on Legislative Pay and Restricting Outside Income


WTimes All-Democrat California Senate race could expose intraparty rifts, drain funds


Roll Call Tammy Duckworth: I’m ‘Taking a Real Serious Look’ at Senate Run



January 19, 2015


CBS Is Mitt Romney actually the early GOP frontrunner for 2016?
Chicago ST Majority of Republicans want Mitt Romney to run
Politico Poll: Run Hillary. Run Mitt.
Exam CBS poll declares Romney GOP 2016 frontrunner Bush has no chance against Clinton
Charlotte Observer Romney, Clinton offer signs '16 will be about economy
AP Romney shows softer side in 2016 campaign preview

WaPo Can Scott Walker’s unflashy style break through in the 2016 presidential race?
NYT Gay Marriage Case Offers G.O.P. Political Cover

NYT South Carolina’s Graham Considers Presidential Run
NBC Lindsey Graham 'Testing the Waters' for Presidential Run
WTimes Lindsey Graham eyes 2016 White House bid, sets up committee

Cherry Hill CP Christie’s path to the White House has troubles

AP GOP race needs true conservative, Cruz tells Tea Party crowd
Charleston PC Tea party faithful gather in Myrtle Beach
Fox Ted Cruz says 'Democrats will win again' if GOP picks moderate candidate in 2016
Bayou Buzz Cruz: Democrats Will Win If Romney Is Nominee
Myrtle Beach S.C. Tea Party convention sees record turnout

Politico Who wants Carly Fiorina?

WExam And they're off


WaPo Democrats see map and math working to their advantage in 2016 Senate races


WTimes Republicans doubt Obama willing to negotiate, brace for bitter confrontations


NYT Supreme Court to Review Bans on Solicitations in Judge Races


NYT Obama’s Tax Proposal May Help in Setting a Framework for 2016
Hill Obama plays Robin Hood
Politico 5 things about Barack Obama’s Robin Hood tax plan
Fox GOP says Obama plan to tax highest US earners to benefit middle class is not serious, non-starter


WSJ New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Wants to Raise Minimum Wage
NYT Cuomo to Propose 2 New Minimum Wages, for New York City and State
Albany TU Cuomo: Raise the minimum wage to $10.50

NYT Down Two Judges, New York’s Court of Appeals Carries On


Hill Path to Senate runs through Silicon Valley


NatJ New Democratic Contender Emerges for Pennsylvania Senate Seat

Philly Races shape up in two area congressional districts


WaPo Plunging oil prices force Alaska look for ways to address budget woes


January 18, 2015


WaPo Obama’s budget proposal will take aim at the wealthy
WSJ Obama to Propose Tax Increases on Investments, Inherited Property
NYT Obama Will Seek to Raise Taxes on Wealthy to Finance Cuts for Middle Class
WaPo Obama’s budget proposal will take aim at the wealthy
Fox Obama to call for new tax increases in State of the Union address
WTimes Obama’s State of the Union speech to include $320B tax hike proposal
AP Obama plans to increase taxes on couples making more than $500k to 28% to 'help middle class'
CNN Obama tax plan: Middle-class credits, increases for rich
WaPo Obama goes after a big, high-end loophole & uses revenues to help middle class
WExam Obama to use State of the Union to call for hundreds of billions in tax increases
NYT Driving the Obama Tax Plan: The Great Wage Slowdown
Roll Call Obama Would End Death Tax Break for Wealthy to Fund Middle Class Tax Breaks
WaPo Obama’s new tax plan would go straight after Mitt Romney’s money

WaPo Obama’s State of the Union policy success rate dropped dramatically after his reelection

Hill GOP pounces on Obama's tax plan

NYT Chicago No Longer Seems a Lock to Host Obama’s Library, and Many Are Alarmed

WaPo The remarkable California turnout curve


Ross Douthat Mitt the Insurgent
Dan Balz Romney strikes new tone as he looks to 2016
Chris Cillizza Mitt Romney is going to have a hard time selling his new ‘poverty’ message
WExam Conservative media pummel Romney for 2016 consideration
Politico Mitt Romney's 2016 pitch: I'm a foreign policy prophet
WaPo Five myths about Mitt Romney

Fox Romney, Bush work House for support, pick up several early endorsements

NYT The Bushes, as Distinct and Alike as Brothers Can Be
Hill Will Common Core sink Bush?

WExam Rick Perry on 2016: 'I'm ready'
Politico Rick Perry's oil hazard

NYT Republicans Like Their 2016 Options, Assuming They Avoid Chaos

WExam GOP rein in 2016 presidential primaries with 9 debates, compared to 20 in 2012

Salena Zito Palmetto State no lock for any 2016 GOP hopeful

Fox Clinton clearing primary field for potential 2016 run could leave her vulnerable

WaPo Elizabeth Warren keeps pressure on Hillary Clinton and Democrats ahead of 2016
Hill 5 reasons the left doesn’t believe Warren


Hill Ernst: New GOP power player


Fox Chaffetz removes Issa portrait & signals new direction for high-profile Oversight panel


Albany TU Cuomo headed to Cuba
WSJ New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Planning Trade Mission to Cuba

NYT Cuomo to Offer Plan to Cut College Graduates’ Debt

NYT Ex-Speaker of New York Council Becomes an Adviser to Cuomo


Politico Menendez spends big on legal defense


Hill Illinois Dem clears up personal life before mulling Senate



January 17, 2015


WSJ Mitt Romney Lays Out Platform For Potential Run For President
NYT Romney Signals Interest in 2016 Run for President
WaPo Romney, moving toward 2016 run, outlines vision to eradicate poverty
Fox Romney mum on 2016 plans in comments at RNC meeting
Boston Globe Mitt Romney makes case for possible third run
NatJ Romney Offers Slimmed-Down Agenda for 2016, But Won't Say If He'll Run
Politico Is Mitt Romney for real?
NYT No, No, No, No’ Becomes Maybe for Ann Romney
WaPo Late-night laughs: Romney’s running — again?

Hill Jeb Bush planning trip to NH

WSJ Perry Stakes Out Nuanced Immigration Stance Ahead of 2016
WSJ Q&A: Rick Perry on Immigration, Economic Growth, Obama and 2016

Hill Iowa Tea Party leader joins Ben Carson's campaign

WaPo The 2016 race is turning into a fight between veterans and newcomers
WExam A policy guide to the 2016 GOP presidential candidates --- all 16 of them
Hill WH hopefuls scramble for GOP endorsements from lawmakers

WSJ RNC Chairman Priebus: ‘We’re Ready for Hillary’

WSJ New Hampshire Liberals: We Still Want Elizabeth Warren


WaPo Here’s how Democrats win back the Senate in 2016. And it’s surprisingly simple.


Fox Republicans start small on ObamaCare, cross fingers for court intervention

WTimes Trey Gowdy: ‘It’s about damn time’ we use power of purse to rein in Obama

WSJ Abortion Bill Fuels Debate Among House Republicans

NatJ Boehner Foes Get Gavels, Not Punishment


WaPo Supreme Court agrees to hear gay marriage issue
WSJ Supreme Court to Decide Whether States Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriage
NYT Supreme Court to Decide Marriage Rights for Gay Couples Nationwide
Fox Supreme Court to hear gay marriage cases in April
WSJ In Same-Sex Cases, Justice Kennedy Likely to Cast Swing Vote
WSJ How the High Court Gay Marriage Battle Could Play Out


WSJ State of the Union: What We Know So Far
Hill Obama's sneak peak at guests for SOTU


WSJ Kansas Governor’s Budget Proposes Higher Taxes, Bond Sale
NYT Pressed by Budget Squeeze, Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas Pulls Back on Tax Cuts


Allysia Finley Run, Tom, Run


WSJ Arizona Gov. Ducey Moves to Balance Fiscal 2016 Budget
Arizona Republic Governor unveils budget cuts, limits school suit costs



January 16, 2015


Milwaukee JS Scott Walker makes case for 'fresh face' in Washington
Dan Balz Wisconsin’s Walker makes case for presidential candidacy in 2016
Time Scott Walker Moves Toward Presidential Run as ‘New, Fresh Leader
RCP Scott Walker--Sleeper in 2016 GOP Presidential Race?
LA Times GOP's Scott Walker proposes 2016 nominee like Scott Walker
Hot Air Yeah, that Scott Walker ‘shows promise’ if he runs in 2016
WExam Scott Walker headed to CPAC
AP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker tests anti-Washington message as he considers a 2016 campaign

WSJ Chris Christie Sees ‘Options on the Table’ for 2016
WSJ Eyeing 2016, Langone Organizes Dinner for Chris Christie
ABC 7 Things Chris Christie Just Revealed About 2016
CNN Could Chris Christie be bullied out of 2016?
Politico Chris Christie, odd man out?

David Brooks Rating the Republicans
Cleveland 3 other governors, including Ohio's John Kasich, who may be waiting to make their White House move
Cleveland Does John Kasich tilt to the left of the Republican presidential field?

WSJ Romney to Face Scrutiny at GOP Winter Meeting
Boston Globe GOP guarded over possible Romney run
NatJ Four Reasons Why Romney Is a 2016 Long-Shot
Politico Rupert Murdoch weighs in on 2016, calls Romney 'a terrible candidate'
BBC Romney 2016: The 'definition of insanity'?
Politico Mitt Romney backlash intensifies
Peggy Noonan Don’t Do It, Mr. Romney

Fox Presidential prospect Ben Carson makes questionable comparison
WSJ Ben Carson: My Words Are Twisted to Fit a ‘Craziness Narrative’
NatJ Ben Carson to the GOP Establishment: I'm Not 'Crazy'
WaPo Ben Carson holds up Islamic State for willingness to die for convictions

WSJ A Conservative Contender: Indiana Governor Mike Pence
IndyStar Pence in 2016? State of the State leaves door open

NYT Perry Exits Texas Stage Making a Case for His Past, and His Future

NYT 2016 Hopefuls Skirt Leaders of the G.O.P.

WaPo Conservatives shrug off Bush and Romney, remain confident in base-friendly hopefuls
WExam Conservatives shouldn't bank on a Jeb vs. Mitt bloodbath

WaPo Republican leaders look to protect party’s White House hopes from Hill reality

WSJ Carole King, Hillary Clinton, Live. Top Tickets: $100,000


WSJ Sen. Joni Ernst to Give GOP Response to State of the Union
Atlantic From Castrating Hogs to the Capitol Spotlight
Newsweek Why Joni Ernst’s a Smart Pick for GOP Response to State of the Union

Fox McConnell plans to move ahead with vote on DHS funding bill
NatJ McConnell: Senate Will 'Try to Pass' House Immigration Bill


WSJ How Democratic, GOP Districts Are Separated by 50 Years


WSJ Opting Out of Unions Gets Boost in States

WSJ States Stand Pat Ahead of Health-Law Ruling
WSJ Burwell Lists Likely Common Ground With GOP, But Not the Health Law

NYT Republicans Resist Obama’s Move to Dismantle Apparatus of Deportation


Roll Call First Democrat Jumps Into Targeted Iowa Race


NYT Governor of Michigan Vetoes Bill on Guns


Roll Call Kay Hagan Heads to Harvard


NYT Cuomo Selects Another Democrat for New York’s Highest Court

NatJ Why Staten Island Democrats Aren't Talking About Eric Garner


NatJ Tom Steyer Met With the Internet as He Mulls a Senate Bid



January 15, 2015


WSJ House Votes to Block Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration
NYT House Measure Defies Obama on Immigrants
WT House GOP votes to cancel Obama amnesty; John Boehner slams executive overreach
NatJ Conservative Agenda Push Begins With Immigration
Roll Call Boehner Quotes Obama 22 Times on Immigration Action
Rush Limbaugh The Speaker's Speech: Show or Turning Point?

NYT House Passes Measure to Ease Some Dodd-Frank Rules

WaPo Congress is off to a fast start! At least after one bill.

WSJ Four Steps on the Road to a Balanced Budget

Roll Call GOP Heads to Joint Retreat With Coordination, Realism on Agenda



WSJ White House Wants Bipartisan Support for War Authorization Against Islamic State

WSJ Four Top Secret Service Officials to be Removed From Posts
NYT Four Demoted at Secret Service in Wake of Scandals
WaPo Four top Secret Service executives told to leave their posts in agency shake-up

NYT Obama Plans to Push Paid Family and Sick Leave for Workers
WaPo Obama to propose seven days paid sick leave for workers

WExam Obama set to unveil new Cuba regs

WaPo How Barack Obama is avoiding becoming George W. Bush

Stu Rothenberg Why Democrats Can’t Count on Voters Blaming a ‘Republican Congress’

George Will The Keystone catechism

Ann Coulter As Long As Obama Brought Up the Cost of College...


WSJ Exurbs Emerge as Early Test for Jeb Bush
WExam Jeb's fundraising host ripped GOP's 'fixation' with Christian agenda

NatJ Romney 2016 Just Picked Up an Early Endorsement

WSJ Rand Paul Begins Making His Case for 2016
Boston Globe Rand Paul tests, and roils, the political waters in N.H.
Fox Rand Paul warns of 'same old, same old' with another Romney run

NYT As 2016 Race Gains Steam, Christie Sees No Need to Rush

WaPo Marco Rubio might be the odd man out in 2016

WaPo GOP donor Foster Friess launches new effort to boost Rick Santorum

DC Lindsey Graham On Potential 2016 Run: ‘I’m Doing It To Change The Country’

WaPo Conservatives shrug off Bush and Romney, remain confident in base-friendly hopefuls

WaPo No, Hillary Clinton does not equal Mitt Romney when it comes to 2016

WaPo A 2012 phenomenon could be a 2016 norm: Candidates hanging around thanks to super PAC spending

Karl Rove Handicapping The 2016 GOP Primaries


WaPo McDonnell asks higher court to let him stay out of prison while appeal is pending


WSJ Cuomo Proposes Tax Reductions for Homeowners, Renters


NatJ Without Warren, the California Senate Race Appears Progressives' Best Hope for 2016
NatJ Elizabeth Warren Is Backing Kamala Harris for California's Senate Seat
Roll Call Why California Members May Think Twice About Running for Senate



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Charles Schott

Withering Heights...or governing successfully from the high ground?

WaPo The remarkable California turnout curve
Fox Republican National Committee re-elects Chairman Priebus

Hill Priebus gets third term as RNC chairman
WSJ Republicans Release Slimmer Presidential Debate Schedule

WTimes RNC rolls out 2016 presidential debate schedule

NatJ GOP Announces 9 Presidential Debates

WExam GOP ignores most-watched Spanish-language TV network for 2016 primary debates

WaPo RNC set to issue rules to cut, regulate presidential debates

WSJ Republicans Set 2016 Convention for July 18-21

Fox GOP announces 2016 convention dates

NatJ GOP Will Hold Convention Early in 2016

Politico Calendar pols: A guide to 2015’s key dates

WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

Roll Call Ohio Republicans Crusade for Cleveland Convention in 2016

NatJ The day after the midterms at a Republican media-analytics shop

WExam GOP's new turnout machine was in top gear

WSJ Leapfrogging the Democrats' Tech Advantage

WExam RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

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